The Games (IG-RO) - Eiko, Methyas, Tsainetomo


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“The stadium was packed full, brimming with eager, blood-thirsty fans. Antei’s newly refurbished Coliseum bristled with raw emotion. The Independence Games were underway and the audience wanted to see carnage. They wanted to see death. Most of all, they wanted to see victory.

Three combatants entered the arena from the ground-level entrances from different directions. Before them lay the great expanse of the sandy field of battle; already littered with stains of the defeated and departed. Broken weapons, and various traps and obstacles dotted the terrain. The three took their first steps into the Arena; the crash of heavy gates overtook them as their means of escaped vanished. Clad only in minimal leather armor, they would find ancient weapons scattered about the field. Three entered. Only one would leave.

Standing from his ornate throne in the special suite reserved for the Dark Lord alone, the Lion of Tarthos raised his hands signaling for the crowd to grow quite. With a powerful and steady voice he announced, “Dark Citizens, I welcome you! Let the match commence!”

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The First round begins with Eiko. Good luck.


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The roaring sounds of the crowd crashed upon the combatants as the twilight skies gave way to the explosively brightened landscape within the impressive stadium. As Eiko and Tsainetomo cast a skyward glance towards the box containing the Grand Master and his Shadow Hand, the glare of the floodlights caught their eyes before they turned their focus back to the remaining combatant upon the field. It was fairly common knowledge that the Miraluka with them would not have the same issues with the floodlights as they would, however the sheer level of saturation within the Force from the number of Force users in one location would affect his vision. It was obvious that the younger two weren't nearly as comfortable in this pathetic excuse for armour as the Kyataran was, his past experiences within the Brotherhood and at home in events such as this had prepared him for strange moments such as this. The three of them had greater concerns at this point though, their peers and superiors had permitted them this display for their honour on this monumentous occasion providing they could keep the audience entertained.

Without a moment wasted, the figures moved, Eiko and Tsainetomo dashing towards the nearest weapons they could find as Methyas called a Katana to himself from a nearby corpse, an identified weapon from when he entered the battlefield. The blade itself was of excellent craftsmanship, obviously something from the Grand Master's homeworld of Kyataru; it was more than likely Tsainetomo had also taken up on of the blades as well, the Keibatsu renown for their skills with a blade. It hadn't taken long for the group to start acting, Eiko having selected a pair of light-repeating blasters and opening fire upon the two Sadowans. Sai deftly evaded the first salvo of rounds as he cast a glance at his Proconsul, the young Templar swiftly summoning a barrier to block the assault for a moment before seemingly motioning at the Revanite trying to hold his ground.

Another series of rounds found themselves homing in on the Consul's position again, a glare cast in the young Quaestor's direction as he tried to keep a tab on his fellow clanmate. A decision that was well justified as he spotted a series of small daggers from one of the piles of weapons lance through the air at the Eiko, Methyas still not moving from his starting position as he chose to assault his opponents through his grasp of the Force instead of his distinct lack of physical abilities. Eiko smiled slightly as he noticed the pair still anxiously eying each other, at least he assumed as much from the Miraluka as the man stood stoically in the same location. Another series of projectiles flew his way from Methyas as he summoned the Force as deftly as he could to push a few of the blades out of the sky while sidestepping the remaining ones; the projectiles themselves seemingly aimed away from his center of mass and instead to disable him, an odd tactic for another Dark Jedi to use, but an efficient one in this type of combat.

As Eiko's attention was focus on Methyas, Tsainetomo took his chance, arriving at the Knight's side without a moment's notice as the Force gave him an impressive burst of speed. The pommel of the Kyataran's blade slammed into the Revanite's chest causing him to double over for a moment and take a step back, narrowly evading a clean thrust from Sai's blade as the Force screamed out its silent warning. The pair ready to square off as a twin bolts of energy lanced through the air between them from Methyas, one of Naga Sadow's signature talents nearly disintigrating one of Eiko's blasters as the air before the Miraluka's hand seemed to smoke from the intensity of the blasts. Tsainetomo's brows seemed to furrow once more as he cast a glance at Methyas; it was one thing to know where your allies stood, but in a free-for-all like this, whom was truly an ally and whom was another worthy adversary?


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The Consul had been confused at the onset of the contest; one opponent, the leader of what he called the ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’, and the other his trusted second. Still, even as he backed away from Eiko, the Force lending speed to his flight, realization dawned upon him. Sai would have to show these two – and the countless others watching – that in crossing the Consul of Naga Sadow, one would either bow down…

…or be put down.

Eiko had recovered from the loss of one of his blasters, having placed both hands on the remaining weapon and letting loose at both of his Sadowan opponents with a blistering flurry of sizzling hyphens as he moved to ensure they both stayed within his sight line. Methyas, refreshing his halo of daggers by gathering more of the discarded stilettos in his ethereal embrace, also pivoted as he split his focus between the aforementioned Knight and his Consul, who was dodging each blaster bolt just before the moment of impact.

Methyas, who had fought under Sai’s command for some time, had experienced this tactic before. The Korun-Keibatsu, in seeming to have difficulty in evading Eiko’s expert marksmanship, was guiding the Knight into depleting his ammunition. Each bolt got that much closer to landing, and Sai was moving closer and closer to the gunman. Eiko, in Methyas’ mind, was allowing his excitement to get the better of him, and in short order, the Miraluka heard the click-whirr that indicated that Eiko had fired his last bolt from the spent blaster.

Eiko, however, was no addle-brained novice. Discarding the last blaster, he scanned his immediate surroundings. 'Ferran be praised,' Eiko thought as a two-handed broadsword glinted in the arena's lights. Retrieving it, he hefted the sword, his confidence in his Kartranin giving wings to his advance on Sai. Methyas, sensing an opening, diminished his bladed halo by three, the daggers whistling towards where the Force had shown him Sai and Eiko would meet.

The Force, however, serves all, and Sai felt an otherworldly pressure on his senses as Eiko rushed forward, teeth bared. The Consul’s mind tracked the nanoseconds before Methyas’ blades would strike, and did only what he could at that point.

In the face of Eiko’s blade, Sai threw his.

At Methyas.

The sword, caught up in Tsainetomo’s telekinetic thrall, turned into a flat disc of quicksilver as it intercepted two of the three daggers and sped towards the Sadowan Proconsul. If Methyas had eyes, they would have widened to the size of dinner plates. The Miraluka, his focus divided enough already, chose self-preservation over his own telekinetics, arcing backward under Sai’s thrown blade. It passed over him harmlessly even as his rump met the dusty floor, the halo of daggers falling around him as a piercing rain.

Simultaneously, Eiko roared his elation at his facing an unarmed Keibatsu. He swung his blade with surety, seeking to relieve the Consul of his head, when the unthinkable happened.

Tsainetomo had coaxed the Dark Side to propel his body to an impossible speed, and the Exarch ducked under Eiko’s swipe even as he threw his shoulder into the Knight’s midriff, sending them both tumbling. The dust arose even as Methyas did, and the crowd erupted in delight, the cracks of Eiko’s and Sai’s abbreviated blows barely audible above the din.

To his credit, Eiko hadn’t relinquished his grip on his weapon, and rising to his feet, brought it to bear while Sai rolled to a crouch. Flattening himself once again, Sai barely missed being killed as Eiko’s swipe passed overhead; the Revanite quickly recovered as the Consul rolled to the side and scrambled backwards. The Keibatsu’s heel struck something buried in the dirt; something solid. Comforting. His senses caressed the obstruction, and birthed it from the floor in an explosion of sand as Eiko threw another silvery crescent through the dustcloud.

Sai had located a trident; as he gripped it, Eiko’s blade had relieved it of its rusted tri-pointed head. The corroded metal landed with an impotent thud.

Eiko smiled at his good fortune. He moved towards Sai with purpose, stalking him. Sai, for his part, grinned as well. The Consul had taken the newly-made quarterstaff and, with a flourish, brought it down across his knee to halve it.

Now, twirling both batons in his sun-darkened hands, he let the Force amplify his baritone, voicing his one and only warning.

“Both of you. Stand down. NOW.”


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Round 2, Post 1


Tsainetomo cast his tripartite gaze from the Knight to the Templar and then back again, maneuvering so that Eiko would have to move where they both remained in Sai’s sight line, but not too far from one another. Both men’s chests were heaving as their own eyes met his, and Sai would not blink. This was a crucial moment, on many levels.

For Eiko, Sai guessed that, Consul or no, Keibatsu or no, it was singularly imperative that the Knight face him. After all, he had been entrusted with leading the Revanites, and weakness was a sure way to lose one’s head, much less a commission. No, Eiko would not stand down, and his icy stare told the Korun as much.

With a chuckle, the Exarch glanced at the Miraluka. These moments were pivotal for him, as well. Sai, in some eyes, had signed his own death warrant by his appointments. Every single person in power in Clan Naga Sadow was a Pepoi, descendant from the same line as the Fist himself.

All, save Sai. Methyas was literally a sword-stroke away from seizing command of one of the most powerful entities in the Brotherhood. And the Consul had put him there. At his very back.

No, Methyas, too, would refuse to stand down. The opportunity was too near; the chance, too tantalizing.

Tsainetomo would have it no other way. He was a Son of Sadow, groomed for excellence, destined for greatness. He would show Eiko what it was to be a leader, whose name was a veritable rallying cry for those who would serve the same banner.

Methyas, too, would be wiser for this experience. No, Sai would not destroy him; not unless it came to it. Killing one Pepoi was one thing; killing them all, quite another. Difficult, but not impossible. Besides, Sai liked Methyas. He needed him.

But, Methyas, as would the rest of the Pepoi, would learn that whatever they got, they got because a Keibatsu willed it. Not position…not favor…not breath.

A pregnant silence began to fill the arena, the spectator’s anticipation threatening to boil over. Sai had, by his single utterance, taken the onus of the battle’s outcome upon his shoulders. The wisest of combatants presence knew that, by focusing Eiko’s and Methyas’ efforts towards him, Sai had veritably taken control of the conflict. Had brought order from chaos.

It was beautiful.

“No? Very well.” The familiar baritone echoed off the walls, galvanizing the crowd. Their roars filled the air just as the Dark Side filled Sai’s muscles, cording and bunching them within his legs as he sped towards the two young warriors.


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The Korun-Human crossed the arena at blistering inhuman speeds thanks to the Force at his beck and call. While he had managed to spur on the entire audience and gather his opponents together, the two simply cast an understanding glance at each other and rolled in opposite directions away from Sai's direction. The Keibatsu's hungry blade cleaving through the air before him with a violent hiss as it missed its targets. The trio paused, if only for the briefest of moments as Sai turned to get a view of his opponents. Each of them had leapt at the offer the Dark Council had given them, yet each of them each their own reasons for fighting. While it could be true that each of them were here for personal glory within the eyes of the Iron Throne, the disparity between each of their individual skills and powers was shocking. From the top of the totem with the Exarch Consul to his faithful second as the Templar Proconsul, to the bottom run Knight Quaestor. It was that disparity in their power that also drove some of them to fight. As much as Eiko couldn't complete this task entirely on his own, in his eyes, the Consul who stood before him today was that elusive King upon the board waiting for him to topple.

With another burst of speed, Eiko launched himself at Sai once more with another feral roar, the Dark side flowing through him as his broadsword crashed upon the Exarch's defenses. The moment had created a distraction for Sai, an opportunity Methyas was not about to lose out on as he conjured up a whirlwind upon his two opponents. While the wind itself was of no consequence to the two combatants, the sudden sandstorm that erupted from the arena floor was enough to momentarily blind the pair. It was enough of a distraction for the pair to step away from each other to allow the Force to come to their ailing sight's aid, and enough of an opening for another salvo of blasts of the Sadowan's signature ability lancing towards the two. While the pair was easily able to step aside thanks to call of the Force and the salvo's aim as a disabling blow, it had allowed them to reconsider their target. Since the match had begun it had simply been a brawl between the two of them, with the lone Miraluka always lurking on the fringes and attacking the pair. A simple exchange of glance was enough for the two to know what the other was thinking without a single word passing between them verbally or through the Force. The Miralukan Paladin had been a thorn in their side and with the Force at their backs; the pair sprinted towards their new target.

Methyas had known this would happen eventually, he was physically less able both in speed and strength than either of his combatants but what he lacked in his physical attributes he more than made up for with his grasp of the Force. Sai was the first to erupt from the few grains of sand still lazily drifting about the arena, his talents as an Equite giving him an advantage over his temporary ally. Sparks flew as the Exarch's blade crashed against Methyas' waiting katana, the Templar Paladin's muscles nearly screaming at him as he summoned the Force to augment his ailing muscles with the Obelisk's Mettle. The assault came quickly, Sai's skill with a blade apparent, yet each movement was matched through a mimicking Methyas's mastery of Tu'rek or a deflection from the Hapan arts. With a sudden twist and a deflection, Methyas was given an opening, striking the back of Sai's skull with the flat of his blade in a display of the traditional Kartranin techniques. As Sai stumbled forward off kilter thanks to the unexpected assault, Eiko crashed upon a waiting Methyas' defense. The brutal overhead strike from the Knight's mammoth broadsword striking the Miraluka's katana with a deafening clang, the Templar's muscles straining under the weight of the blade and Eiko's strength behind it. With a twist of his wrist, Methyas began to deflect his opponent's assault, the broadsword scraping down the Kyataran katana's face before catching on the guard. Another quick twist and the mammoth blade crashed to the sand floor, the Miralukan Proconsul taking his opportunity to attack before Eiko could lift his blade once more. A swift strike with the flat of his blade saw Eiko's inferior broadsword cleaved in two as Methyas' skill with Kartranin's techniques were seen once more, a look of sheer shock apparent in Eiko's every move as his eyes widened. The moment of shock was enough for Methyas to take his second opening, pivoting on his heel and slamming the flat of his blade across Eiko's face resulting in the Knight's unfortunate tumble backwards unceremoniously upon his rump.

The Force screamed out in alarm for the Sadowan Proconsul, but it was too little too late as his Consul's blade scraped his side. The well crafted Kyataran blade carving through the flimsy leather like hot knife through butter and drawing blood on the Miraluka's side, luckily a glancing blow, but enough to break the Templar's concentration. As Methyas grimaced from the blade's fearsome bite he felt the Force slip from him, his sight flickering as the effects of his Mettle immediately vanished. His muscles suddenly felt heavy and his Force reserves were shot until he could recover, the sudden moment of weakness causing a smile to erupt across Sai's face. The usually unmovable Miraluka had suddenly become an infant compared to his adversaries, Sai swiftly lifting his second from the arena floor and tossing him across it. As Methyas landed in a heap several feet away, Sai turned his attention to a rising Eiko. The Revanite's face was bloodied from Methyas' strike, his nose visibly broken from the strike but enough of an assault not to kill the man, more of a defensive blow than an outright attack. With narrowing eyes, Eiko looked upon Sai with a look of distain, he knew he wouldn't be able to take down the Exarch alone but he wasn't here to go down without a fight. A Disciple of Revan and dedicated member of the Obelisk order, Eiko wasn't about to lie down and wait for his death. No, he was going to run at it headlong and meet Sai on the field of battle. While Sai himself would more than likely be his downfall, he would ensure that Sai would walk away from this battle with plenty of mementos to remember him by.

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The Games - Final Round

These two great leaders within the Brotherhood stood their ground amongst the roar of the bloodthirsty crowd, the Dark side itself permeated the combatants very surroundings. While a third combatant was active within the field, he was out of sight and out of mind following his over zealous usage of the Force itself, his deep breathing allowing him to calm himself to restore his spent pool of energy. Still, Sai would deal with him soon enough but his first challenge would be Eiko himself. The young Revanite had stood against the Sadowan Consul at each turn of this battle, his pride willing him foward as he knew deep within his mind how his House would respond if he defeated these newfounded Clansmen. Raising his blade to challenge the young man before him, Sai's eyes narrowed as he zeroed Eiko in. The Quaestor's heart jumped, the hilt to a broken broadsword in hand useless against the Keibatsu swordsman, the fear would not translate onto his face though. No, he was set in his resolve and this was do or die. Leaning back, the young Assassin's muscles grew tight moments before he hurled the useless weapon towards Sai. It was a last ditch effort as he once more summoned a rather bulky repeating blaster from one of the nearby piles to his hands.

The repeater was easily considered a heavy weapon, and in the young Quaestor's hands it was a much more capable weapon than that of the broadsword he had been carelessly waving about. With another deafening clang, Sai deflected the carelessly tossed weapon and began his slow march towards the Knight before him. Eiko swiftly leveled the repeater at his hip, the sights locked on the Sadowan Consul as he quickly squeezed the trigger unleashing a swift salvo of energy bolts at his opponent. The Keibatsu was swift in his response, summoning a barrier within the Force to take a few bolts before grabbing a handful of sand with the Force and tossing it within the air in a wide arc between the pair. His second had given them a good strategy that could give them a bit of an opening, but now it was time for part two of his plan. Another call upon the Force allowing him to speed through his screen to Eiko's side, his Katana thirsting for blood once more with a swift whistling through the air.

The Quaestor spun quickly, his repeater crashing against the Consul's blade as the Force screamed its warning at him. Unsurprisingly for both of them yet again, the expertly crafted Kyataran blade cleaving through the repeater cleanly. Surprisingly, the blade struck the battery cell causing a surge of electricity to leap across the blade and repeater itself. As the surge leapt across Sai's blade, the wrapped guard saved him from a great deal of pain; Eiko however, could not say the same as his shift in stance had placed a hand upon the barrel of the weapon. As the electricity surged through the Quaestor, Sai stepped back, listening to Eiko's scream of pain as the crowd seemed to grow electric themselves.

Turning to face the Revanite, upon his knees and panting from the massive shock, Sai placed his Katana at the side of the young man's throat as he spoke, his voice booming once more with the blessing of the Force, "Do you concede?"

A chuckle began to errupt from Eiko as he simply spat blood upon the Keibatsu's leather boot, his voice responding through ragged breathes, "I will never concede to you, the Disciples of Revan would rather die than concede."

The expression upon his face never changed, a mixture of justification and regret going through him as he spoke, "So be it..."

Quickly swinging his arm back for the momentum he'd need to cleave the man's head off, Sai felt the Force nearly errupt around him, a strange feeling before he felt the air pushed out of his lungs and his body tumbling through Eiko before stopping sprawled across the arena floor several feet from where he just stood, a familiar voice booming through the air, "Did you forget about me, Sai?!"

Once more the crowd errupted with an electrified energy as Methyas openly taunted his Consul, the Miraluka standing with a small trail of blood down his side, the bleeding having stopped from his time in recovery. The Templar had played his cards right, with Sai distracted with Eiko he hadn't noticed his Proconsul rising to his feet, nor had he been given the chance to respond when the Miraluka surpressed his defenses before striking him with a massive telekinetic pulse. As Sai rose to his feet, he could see Eiko collapsed upon the arena floor between himself and his fellow Clansman, the weight of the Korun-Human in conjunction with the strength of the pulse had been enough to knock the poor man unconscious. The real questions was how long would the man be out?

Another shriek in the Force, Sai sidestepping as another telekinetically launched stilletto whistled past his legs to wake him from his thoughts. Another two directed more towards his center of mass required a little more movement as Sai began to realize his alerts through the Force growing less and less vocal. More surpression from the Proconsul, something Sai was ready to counter when suddenly a searing pain leapt through his left leg causing him to fall to a knee. A slight frown crossing Methyas' face as he slightly closed the distance between the two, not enough for Sai to reach him but enough to give his words more weight, these ones not meant for the audience, "Had I more skill in that technique, I would've broken your leg...not all of the skills they teach us at the Academy are specifically designated to kill. I have no intentions to kill you, my friend." He waited, only for a moment to analyse his Consul's expression, before he continued, "Sadow needs strong leadership and I lack the experience to keep your family and the Sons in line were I to ursurp you. That said, only one of us will be standing when this is all over."

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