Tempest Omega - Team #7


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First Alliance Bank
50th Floor

Internal Audit Division

Evan rubbed at his eyes, checking the time for what appeared to be the hundredth time today.

“Half an hour to go” he muttered under his breath, none of the other workers bothering to acknowledge the sound. There were only a few of his co-workers even in today, most off on assignment or having already gone home for the night. Evan had only been in the Audit division for a few months, and was still getting accustomed to the workload. He was finishing up a preliminary report for his Manager, his eyes glazing over the numbers the floated before him.

It was this unfocused gaze that found a pattern in the number. Evan blinked rapidly, sitting up a bit straighter as he studied the links that had formed for just an instance. His hands reached for pads that littered his desk, calling up previous reports. Hours passed, Evan never bothering to look up as all the others said bye to him on their way out. The lights had been dimmed as night progressed on further. His small desk stood out, the various pads and screens glowing in the dimness. It was sometime after midnight when he called his Manager, rising him from sleep


Dark Hall

Grand Master’s Office

Both men had been conversing for some time, going over all of the latest updates across the Dark Brotherhood. It had only been a few days since Halcyon had been named Deputy Grand Master once more. He ran a hand through his emerald hair, picking up another pad from the ornate desk in front of him. It had been sometime since Sarin had ventured into his own personal mission, and there was much to be caught up on.

“That should be the last of it”, Muz stated from his seat, two black pools peering out from the strands of hair that covered his face.

Halcyon had begun to glance over this final set of information, eyes flashing in surprise as his head shot up to look at the Grand Master.

“Interesting, yes?” Muz grumbled as he pushed back his seat and rose, turning away from his newest Shadow Hand. “This information came in only yesterday, and we’ve verified it. Within the week we should have lost access to all of our funds”.

Nearly a decade ago then Grand Master Jac Cotelin had re-initialized the operation called “Tempest Bravo”. The objective was to procure funds for use by the Brotherhood. Although the main thrust of the operation had ceased, remnants remained, which were then used as the main source of income for the Dark Brotherhood. In recent days all of the accounts stemming from Tempest Bravo had begun to be closed, and all access to these funds denied.

“Have they tied them to us yet?” the veteran Councillor asked.
“No, but they’re quickly going through the various shells. It’s only a matter of time before that information is found out. I have already contacted the Master-at-Arms and the Fist to prepare us should we be found, but I want this handled before we reached that point”.

The Grand Master had turned with those final words, his meaning clearly conveyed to his second-in-command. Halcyon nodded his head as he rose, moving quickly to the exact. Darth Ashen watched as the other Sith Lord made his exit, moving toward his console to put his own actions into motion.


The call had gone out to the Brotherhood, calling on it’s members to perform a mission for the Dark Council. Halcyon now addressed those who had responded, his holographic image flickering before those who had accepted the mission.

You and your team has received the mission details. Although seemingly simple, the mission itself involves the very future of the organization. Fail, and we will see a battle on two fronts; both militarily and financially. Either will ruin us. Both will see we have no chance of success. You have all the assets of the Brotherhood at your disposal. Know that you are not alone in this mission as others will be working to see that our enemies don’t succeed. Others will want this glory to themselves. Only success will see that you achieve it alone.

Contact me regarding what you enquire. Time is of the essence.

The image suddenly winked out, leaving those listening to immediately set their plans in motion


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Jade Sadow rubbed her eyes and put down the data pad. Like every Krath she was increasing her knowledge, though her more recent tastes all revolved around Sith Lore and Alchemy. It had always been a passion of hers but recently it had become more of a calling. Yawning she walked away from the desk. The others should arrive soon. The call for helping the Dark Council on some mission had gone out not long ago and within moments they were going to hear from a member about the mission they have accepted to take part in. A grin creped across her red lips, it was going to be interesting and exciting working with the brave fellow members of Naga Sadow. One was near Knighthood, where two others were almost brand new. They had all proven strong and valuable and she had no doubt they would be able to take on the challenges that would lie before them.

The door chimed indicating visitors. Waving her hand the door opened and to her surprise all three of them stood in the door way.

“Good timing.” Jade nodded and motioned towards the chairs set up around the consol.

“Dragoon was standing outside waiting for us.” Zeak Yurashima smirked as he walked in first and took a seat where the Daughter of Sadow had motioned.

“I was not!” Dragoon mockingly shook his head at Zeak and walked over to him. “Lan wanted me to meet him at the door, you just happened to show up when he did.”

Lan Orsalan just chuckled as he moved to take the other chair, the door sliding closed behind him.

Jade sat down in the mini circle they had around the consol. John Witwalker, also known as Dragoon was the one closest to Knighthood, he would be great in helping Zeak and Lan in the following trials to come. Jade handed each of them a data pad and lit up her own. Each one containing the details of the mission they had volunteered to help out in. Jade herself had been around when Grand Master Jac Cotlein had been the Grand Master, but she had been very young and inexperienced, similar to some of her team mates. Operation Tempest Bravo though had been a big move and was important in helping the Brotherhood gain the funds it needed for its continued operation. Having accounts getting shut down ran the risk of exposing the accounts the Dark Jedi Brotherhood have which posed so many problems. If the DJB were exposed for the tipping of funds they would soon have some very powerful enemies and be forced into war, and war was costly. Without the funds to help procure what they would need to fight, even just supplying the basic needs for its troops the DJB would become sitting ducks. Not to mention the overall everyday effects should they lose access to such funds.

She looked up at each one of them as they continued reading. Zeak and Lan looked like a deer caught in the headlights, wondering for just a moment what they signed up for, but that soon faded as they looked at each other and Dragoon. They were strong willed, and they weren’t about to let anything happen to their new Dark Jedi family.

Before any of them could speak up, a see through blue holoimage of the newly appointed Deputy Grand Master shimmered before them. His voice almost echoed in the room as the reality of the mission set in.
You and your team have received the mission details. Although seemingly simple, the mission itself involves the very future of the organization. Fail, and we will see a battle on two fronts; both militarily and financially. Either will ruin us. Both will see we have no chance of success. You have all the assets of the Brotherhood at your disposal. Know that you are not alone in this mission as others will be working to see that our enemies don’t succeed. Others will want this glory to themselves. Only success will see that you achieve it alone.

Jade let out the breath she had been holding and looked at Zeak, Dragoon and Lan. Everyone was silent as it really sunk in that something, someone, they hadn’t expected was sneaking up to attack the Dark Brotherhood. Standing, she turned around and grabbed another set of data pads handing them out.

“What’s this?” Dragoon took the pad and touched it, lighting up the screen before looking at her again.

“Couldn’t sleep last night, so came up with a purposed plan, taking in your previous ideas, to get things going as quickly as possible.”

“Hmm,” Dragoon scanned the pad along with the others. The first plan to hit his eyes was Operation Wipe Out, the second was Operation Patronus.

Jade sat down and using the data pad she looked at them. “You can see there are two operations, I’m thinking it best we split into two groups of two. The First is called Operation Wipe Out. It involves a hit on bank that was mentioned by the Deputy Grand Master.”

“How exactly do you think that will go down?” Zeak looked at Jade, from what he read the plan sounded interesting and he was debating where this would be the one he wanted to be more a part of.

“Well we have access to everything the DJB holds, and this I would believe would include people as well.”


Jade smirked, her eyes darkening to look almost soulless, reminding Zeak she was actually a vessel of deadly force. “We take members from some of the other Houses with the team involved. We have the basic knowledge of the bank lay out, got to love DJB access. With that the team will go in, take over for a bank robbery. The bank is huge so we need to time it well, have people in each level to keep the people inside occupied and away from getting help. It will have to be a fairly quick operation; we want to be in and out in less than 45 min, so it needs to be well coordinated.”

Dragoon nodded, “Difficult but not impossible.”

“Right. Once in the team will split up so that one set is grabbing all the cash they can get their hands on, including, of course, and the most important, all the accounts for the DJB that we currently have. And thanks to the DGM we have a list of those accounts. Memorize the numbers; we can’t have any of them on us during the operation.”

“We have to memorize?!” Jade chuckled at Lans comment.

“Consider it the most important game of memory you ever played. In fact, consider it life and death.” Jade licked her dry lips and stared him down. Pausing for a moment before she continued. “The other half of the team will be going to the remote server. This server will hold back up systems on all the accounts in the bank in case of a power failure, blow up, or even robbery.”

“Oh great,” Zeak Moaned.

“Which is why it needs to be wiped. We have what looks here to be 15 accounts that still have to be closed, so when the serve is found not only will these 15 need to be wiped clean but we also need to wipe about 3 times that amount, so it looks like an actual robbery and not targeting specific accounts.

“Interesting...” Dragoon rubbed his chin, it was definitely a plan that would be where the action was.

“What about the second Operation?” Zeak looked at Jade.

“While the one team is carrying out Operation Wipe Out, the second team will be setting up for Operation Patronus. This will involve the team in coming up with 3 different companies for the DJB, one dealing in fine metals, one in spices, and one in fuel. When the first group runner comes back with the money the second group will have the businesses already set up and will take the money to buy these items, and then taking the items they buy and selling those items in the outer rim. This way any possibility of marked money or extra paper trails will be taken care of.”

“It’s a start,” Dragoon sat back in his chair. “But we still have to figure out what to do with making sure there is still a higher influx of money, besides profits from the new companies, and still need to make sure there are no ties to the DJB elsewhere.”

“Agreed, but we have to start somewhere, and while the companies are selling their supplies we can cover those other points. So who wants to volunteer for which Operation?” Jade looked at each of her team members.


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Everyone in the room then proceeded to to go over Operation Wipe Out, the one Zeak Volunteered for.
It would be a challenging one; but well worth it. We would have to rob a bank and make it look like a random attack! Doable but not easy in the least bit.

“OK the bank is on Coruscant“ Jades went on to say “so we will obviously need transportation, we can either borrow a Dark Brotherhood transport or we can fly in on a commercial transport.” "

we'll need something to haul the money in” Zeak chimed in, “so I think we should borrow one”.

“OK Zeak, will you take care of arranging that” Jades asked? Zeak Fell about 20 feet below the ground, that would involve talking to the Deputy Grand Master the second highest rank in the entire organization! He was only a lowly Protector.

Jades upon seeing his reaction smiled, remembering when she was his rank. “High ranking officials like Halcyon can sometimes be intimidating but as long as you don't piss him off, he won't chop your head off if that's what your worried about.”


The next order of business would be to figure out what kind of security measures there is and what the layout is. It would be nice to be able to know that stuff before we left but because there isn't a lot of information on this subject the team doing Operation Wipe Out would need to plan on the ground, a logistical nightmare! This was only part of the fun and excitement though, so Zeak at least, was looking forward to this new and difficult challenge.

“The Other thing is, we can't use lightsabers in front of anyone” Dragoon said.

Why Zeak and Lan asked? “It would be an immediate tip off, Jedi would never rob a bank. If anyone saw us using lightsabers they would know we were either Dark Jedi or a rogue group and both would bring very much unwanted attention to us. It would also make for a much more difficult escape. Since instead of just police and security officers we would also have a Jedi team trying to track us” Jades went on to explain.

Ahh OK that makes sense, Zeak and Lan said in unison.

“So we will need to add blasters and explosives to the packing list” Zeak said.

“What else might we need?” Lan asked.

“We might need some help with the job” Zeak said.

“What kind of help” Jades asked?

Mercenaries or guns for hire. “WHAT absolutely not!” Dragoon and Jades yelled in unison.

“Think about it, instead of the two of us, it would be a team of seven or eight, that would help us control everyone. It would also help us do everything quicker, which then means we get out of there faster. We could have a fall group if things go bad, so kind of like an insurance policy. Also once we're out and safe, we can just kill them and turn them in for the bounty, that way we won't need to split the money.

“Yes, but,” Jade countered, “there would be much less loose ends to clean up if we were to use Dark Brotherhood members say from Clan Arcona or House Taldryan. We would not need to kill them, and they won't get greedy and try and take the money. The other thing is they know how to be discrete mercenaries and guns for hire are as loud as a thermal detonator in a canyon. They would have every police officer and security guard in the sector there before we could even finish half of our mission! We will stick to using Fellow members of the Dark Brotherhood” Jades said.

“For Operation Patronus we'll need the transport and a team of negotiators to travel to the outer rim systems and buy the medical supplies along with the precious metals and stones” Jades went on to explain.

“I think that a weapons factory would also be beneficial to the Dark Brotherhood as a whole” Zeak went on to say.

“Why's that” Jades asked?

“Well, once it gets off the ground, it would supply weapons and equipment to us which could prove beneficial to us as a whole, in case of a war or major battle between unwanted attention.”

“however on the other hand it wouldn't be very discrete and for the time table we're on there wouldn't be enough time so I'm going to have to say no, on creating a weapons factory” Jade countered.

“hmm I never though of that” Zeak said.

“Then the only other thing that needs to be worked out is a couple bases of operation then the Dark Brotherhood will take care of the rest” Jades finished explaining. With that everyone nodded and Jades dismissed everyone to pack and prepare.


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Jades office
1800 hrs

Dragoon sit back in the chair as the other bickered on who to use. "I got that covered." Jade looked at John and reliezed what he was about to say. "NO. We are not involving him or those, those pigs!" John sit forward, "They know how to be discreat, they know how to handle themselves and even more so they can handle themselves." Lan and Zeak was looking at Jade and Dragoon.

"John do not call Nekaka. I know you think he's alive, but we are not getting him and his merry band of murders involved." Jade snapped. John Looked at the two journeymen and explained, "I spent time with a faction called the Imperial Directorate. While there i meet a man that spent time with the Impiral Directorate. The same man was in Clan Plaguies, Naga Sadow, and Taldryan. Well awhile back the current Grandmaster had him "killed". Well i ran into a man a few weeks ago who clamied Te Me Nekaka AKA Nekaka was still alive."

"Keep in mind This same man caused so much grief he was kicked out of the brotherhood for it and then taken care of." Jade threw in.

"Point is Jade, if he really is alive and ahead of this Dawn Paradagin group as they call themselves, he has resources that would not stick out if you will." Dragoon raised his left eyebrow. Jade acctually thought about this.

"Anyway i will voluntery for Operation Patronus since i know the perfect ship and I happen to be very good with Computers." Jade nodded.


21-03-2011 14:27:47


Jade nodded to Dragoon who stood with Lan, beside them stood Nekaka. She was still leery of the arrangement they were still sorting out, but it could prove quite useful. If Nekaka decided to go against the brotherhood in the end at least he would have no knowledge of actually account numbers and Jade had made it very clear there was to be no written deals of this arrangement, though Dragoon had assured her he had a way to make sure everything went as planned. She trusted the JH, he had a good head on his shoulders. “Good luck and may the force be with you.” Dragoon nodded as the three left the office they had met in.

“I guess that leaves you and me Jade.” Zeak stood up.

“That it does.” She smiled. “Go grab your pack and meet me at this landing site, “She handed him a note containing coordinates that he knew would have to be decoded as he ran to his quarters to grab his things. “In one hour.”

Zeak nodded, half tempted to do a salute as he ran out the door. Jade followed suit to her quarters. Grabbing a small bag she put in extra ammo and under shield body armour. She palmed her saber in her hand. They wouldn’t be able to use them, it would be too obvious of another plan to the hit, but it made her feel naked to leave it behind. She tossed it into the small bag as she tucked her next favourite weapon into key areas, an obsidian dagger into the inside of her left boot. The stone made the weapon super sharp and easy to sneak past security details. Though the stone itself was known for not being the strongest of weapons, it was great for quick kills and assassinations. Another dagger went into the small of her back, another tucked into the lip of her uniforms’ right hip. A blaster she concealed with an arm band around her left arm and another with a shoulder holster by her right arm. Looking around her quarters she zipped up her bag and headed to the coordinates.

Boarding coordinates
Somewhere on Sepros

Zeak sat on the ramp of the shuttle, Jade smirked. He was egger to get the job done and had managed to get to the coordinates faster then she thought he would. She just hoped he had enough for the battle beforehand.

“So what did you do with the coordinates?”

“Burned them.”

Jade nodded.


“What is it?” Jade walked up to the ramp and stopped beside him, shifting the weight of her bag to her other shoulder.

“It’s just, we have the entire Brotherhood arsenal at our hands…and…”

“Yes?” Jade was doing her best not to burst out laughing; she knew where this was going.

“A shuttle? I mean…its nice and all but, a shuttle?”
Jade laughed. “You think a star Destroyer would be less obvious to take over a bank?”

“Well…no…” Ok so she had a point, he had just powered himself up with having a huge back up.

“Come on.” Jade reached out a hand to him and helped him up. They moved into the shuttle and the ramp closed behind them. Inside were two other members of Naga Sadow.

“That’s my other question.” Jade looked at him as she placed her bag down and moved to the other two. “We need people at each floor or exit, but there are only four of us.”

Jade sat down. “There are two other shuttles heading to Courscant from other Houses who agreed to help us. Splitting us up makes it appear more like business as usual. We will all land at different times…” Jade looked at the indicator of the shuttle. “In fact I believe the shuttle from Taldrydan should be landing soon and conducting business on the top floors.”


Jade looked at the other members of the Naga Sadow she had rounded up. “Don’t worry, we have everything synchronized for time and when it goes down we have 45 min to get in and get out.”

“Have you learned the location of the remote server?” DJK Lulla looked at Zeak then back at Jade.

Jade nodded and pressed a button in the table activating the holo emitter as the shuttle took off. “I have, and it wasn’t easy.” The image zoomed in from the entrance into the heart of the building. “It’s located here and we are going to be the front team. The other Houses members will be taking care of the cash problem while we head in deeper. They each have a runner to take the money to Dragoon.” Zeak nodded.

“Sweet, so we get the real action.” DJK Khan rubbed his hands together while nodded to Zeak.

Jade shook her head. “We are but it won’t be easy. There are guards next to the door of the server, I believe I was told two but I’m expecting at least 4. Along the way it is like a maze, and as soon as the server is tampered with it sends a signal to security for help.”

Zeak ran a hand through his hair, “45 min to get in and out…wow.”

“It’s doable.” Khan leaned back in his chair.


21-03-2011 19:00:06

Upon leaving Jade's office, Zeak ran over to the main frame computer and imputed the coded coordinates , then set it for decode.

There, thought Zeak, it'll take a couple minutes for the computer to decode her little 'test', but in the mean time I can get my pack ready.

With that he left for his quarters. Once there he got out his combat pack. This had served him well over the years from his first battle on Qotile, to his bounty hunting years and even for the Yuuzhan Vong war.

He put his favorite blaster pistol along with plenty of ammo. Over the years he had learned to plan for the absolute worst. When packing for these missions, Zeak would commonly go over the plan and figure out what could go wrong, then think of what could happen if all hell broke loose once he had gotten to this level of severity, he would think of what he would need to get out of that type of situation.

This packing ritual, started after he had lost his leg in his early years of bounty hunting. He was cocky and over sure of himself; he underestimated his quarry and as a consequence lost his leg.

He packed his battle armor even though in all likely hood he wouldn't need it, but he wasn't going to risk leaving without it then finding out he did in fact need it. Right as Zeak was putting
his last piece of equipment in his bag he got a notification that the computer had decoded his coordinates.

Perfect timing thought Zeak.

Zeak zipped up his pack, slung it over his shoulder and closed up his quarters, then made his way to the computer room. Once there he received his coordinates, read them, threw them in a trash can and threw a match in it, then watched them burn to black soot. Once that order of business was taken care of he left for the boarding coordinates.

Landing Coordinates
Somewhere on Coruscant

Once the shuttle landed everyone got out.

“OK the bank is a couple mega blocks away but that shouldn't be a problem since I rented a speeder” Jades said. “This way” and with that everyone one followed Jade to a speeder rental outfit, a couple blocks away.

“What'ya want? I've got high altitude, low altitude, open top, and ultra fast”

“I'm Darla Starburst and I've got a per-arranged rental agreement with you”

“AH yes, right this way please. Now that will be 250 credits”

“250 CREDITS!!! we agreed on half of that!”

“Well that was before the storage fee, the lost revenue fee, the insurance along with a reservation deposit.” With that the vendor gave a wide devious smile, almost to say in you face.

“OK if you want to play it that way”

[MDT] “You're feeling especially generous today, you should give us the speeder for 50 credits and give us half your till for the day.”

“you know what I'm feeling generous today, I'll give you the deal of a life time, you can rent the speeder for 50 credits and I'll give you half the till for today!”

At that point Zeak couldn't help but give a huge smile, desperately trying to keep from laughing in the vendors face.

“Hmm, you are being generous today, I accept.” Jade said to the vendor.

The vendor then went behind his counter and got the money out of his credit drawer and gave them the keys to the speeder.

“WOW that was to easy” Zeak said, “also did you see his face when we were driving away? Priceless!”

“Well now that that is out of the way, time to go to the bank I'm ready for some action ” Khan said.

“Well hopefully there won't be any 'action' Khan.” Zeak said “we want to get in do the job and get away as cleanly as possible!”

First Alliance Bank
Main floor


22-03-2011 00:38:58

Restricted Space
Frigete Eagles pride II
2 hours after mission start

"You want to tell me why we are sitting here in the middle of no where on this damn frigit looking like a damn broking down transport, Dragoon?" Nekaka said as he stood by the window looking out. John walked up and nodded as he looked at all the merch navy crew. As he was walking toward Nekaka wearing his old Trooper armor from the imperial directorate but removed of rank and such so it looked just like a normal set.

"I told you Nekaka, i need you, your crew and your merchs to sit here with me till the others show up and drop off the money so we can set up new accounts. By the way, did you bring...." Nekaka turned around with a smile, "Yeah, he's in enginnereing attempting to hack into it now to look for a paper trail. Dragoon nodded. He had forgot to mention his plan to the others except Lan who was there helping Wetere and Cando.

Nekaka turned around and said, "You still carry that dragon dagger you got from the Acadamy?" John smerked and responded, "You still carry your eagle dagger You got durning the battle of Daltar?" Nekaka chuckled. John could see in Nekaka's mind he was replaying that famous battle on Daltar where the two had meet. John had earned his nickname by saving Nekaka's life.

"Sir, incoming message from a Miss jade?" the Communcations officer said to Te. "Theres your boss John." Witwalker smericked, "Better then the Executor." He said as he walked over to the comms desk. "Whats it say?" The Comms officers said, "It said, be preparied, we have started. And thats it sir." John nodded. Just then Lan entered whereing a simple Merch outfit. "What is it Witwalker?" John looked at Lan and said, "Its started. Gather your weapons, nothing that will distuingish you as a Force user, got it?" Lan nodded and left. Nekaka walked over as lan left.

"He's never done anything like this before has he?" Nekaka stated more then asked. John shook his head, "No, he hasn't. I want you to watch him and ill take the merchs down to the moon when we do the exchange. The last thing i need is for all of us to die if, whoever is responsible for the......Issues, to show up." Nekaka nodded, "You saved my life so we, the Dawn Paradagm, will make sure he returns to Naga sadow space." John nodded and walked out toward the enginnereing.

"Damn it Wetere your looking in the wrong place?" Cando was snapping over Joshes shoulder. "Well Cando where would you look for a paper trail?" Wetere, a formal General and Intell officer of the Directorate snapped.

"I would look at the transactions involving the closed accounts and then checking for Transfers to other accounts." Cando stated. John shook his head and looked out from the shadows and interupted them, "The Brotherhood has already done that and nothing was found." Both turned and smiled to Witwalker showing up.

"Do we have any progress yet?" Witwalker said, "Cando seems to think we should look at the tranfers going IN to the open accounts." Wetere said. John nodded, "Make it so. While your at it, cando, i need 15 false companys for the Brotherhood right off the bat and possible more." Cando nooded.

"Where do you want them located, one bank or seperates?" He responded. John thought, "Make it seperats no more then 3 per a bank. Stay away from New republic banks though." Cando nodded.

John then sent a message to jade stating the intentions and progress......


22-03-2011 13:36:36

First Bank
Ground floor
15 min to activation

Jade looked up at the massive bank as they neared the entrance stairway. Her message to Dragoon and his team had gone through and come back with a confirmation. It was going to be interesting to see what they came up with. “Ok Zeak, you and Lulla go in and head to the left towards the Bank tellers. Beside them is a receptionist to make appointments with the agents, go there and use the pretext that you two are trying to get a mortgage and want to speak to a banker. Give a long story and then have difficulties getting a date and time that work for you. Khan and I will head to the right and hang around in the waiting room where the kids play and people wait for their next appointment. If anyone asks questions we have the cash from the speeder rental to use for a quick excuse.” Khan nodded.

Zeak nodded as they neared the steps and started to climb up, slowly distancing themselves as they got into camera range. “Confirmed.” It was an easy enough word he could say through his nearly closed mouth so that if there were any questions of them being together it would look like Jade was just talking to DJK Khan next to her.

“Remember, when it all goes down the elevators are not going to be reliable. The team from Taly will knock out the cameras 2 min after the activation signal so keep your heads down and meet on the first floor below ground level. We have 2 more flights to go down. Wait for the other team for 2 min, if they don’t arrive continue on to the remote server. They will either catch up or have been detained somehow.”

“Ok.” Lulla spoke softly as they parted further, using the force to communicate more than actual words, so any passer bys wouldn’t pick up on the conversation.

“Good Luck, and remember, wait for my signal then you have 45 min, only, to get to the server and out.”

They all neared the doors and split off in their opposite directions. Jade could hear Zeak and Lulla every now and again yell something in fake frustration. It was good, the bank would want to make sure they had happy customers and it would distract them from anything looking suspicious in making sure the customer was, as always, right. A small glitch in the elevator nearby of it going from floor 49 to show 51 then 49 again was the signal that the upper teams were ready; a drop of a pen like instrument that was picked up and handed back to the person as innocently as an everyday situation was her signal that the ground floor team from Acrona was ready. A heart beat past, then two, she needed the middle team from Revan to be in place. Another heart beat. She couldn’t call the operation to a start without it; it would leave too much venerability. She glanced at Kahn who swallowed, both knowing that Zeak and Lulla could keep up their charade only a few minutes more before it was too over done.

Finally the entrance of a placed executive going back into his office, appeared. It was show time. She held up a toy in her hand and nodded to Kahn as though they were talking about something innocent. “Show time.” The signal was picked up by the ground floor Arcona team and spread like rapid fire throughout the rest of the bank as blasters were drawn and people told to freeze. Jade and her team, among those told to hit the floor as they waited for the Taly team to take out the cameras. This was it. They now had 45 min to get the job done. May the force be with them.


25-03-2011 20:27:28

Zeak and Lulla went over to the bank tellers and flashed some of the money to her.

“we' would like to take out a mortgage”

I'M SORRY! YOU NEED TO WAIT” the lady behind the counter yelled. “I'm in the middle of helping someone!” The lady said with measurable frustration.

“Look we are very important millionaires and thought you guys would be able to handle our money properly I guess we were mistaken!”

“OH NO, no, please I'll have someone come right away! May be the manager?”

“Yes that would be acceptable” Lulla said to the teller.

“Hello my name is Mot and I'm the manager for this fine bank. How may I be of assistance today?

“IT TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH! We are millionaires and want to take out a home loan.”

“I'd be glad to help” said Mot. Step this way to my office Mr. and Mrs.?”

“Oh of course how rude of us I'm Mr. Picard. This is my wife Mrs. Picard. We would like a home loan with 2 percent interest over 10 years. Can you do this?

“2 percent! We haven't had interest rates that low in hundreds of years!”

“Well either you give it to us or we walk and find a bank that can better suit our needs!”

“Please don't do that!” said Mot, “I'm sure we can figure out something”

“Come on JADE! Whats taking so long? We can only do this for so much longer!” Lulla said to Jade through the force.

Then finally the signal. Two teams rushed into the bank and drew blasters and told everyone to get down on the ground. The team from Acrona jumped behind the counters to make sure the tellers weren't doing anything 'stupid' then all of a sudden everyone heard a blaster shot. “WHAT WAS THAT?” Zeak yelled.

“It was me” a member from the Acrona team said “she was trying to press the emergency button.”


Dax fired a couple blaster bolts into the air to get everybody attention and to show even more they meant business. “MOVE!” Dax yelled while firing a couple more shots into the air. Dax then told everyone on his team to secure the place, and if anyone moved without permission to shoot them! He then pointed at Zeak and Lulla and told them to get up they were his hostages.

Then one of the members from the Taly team came running in.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” Dax demanded.

“We're going to have company.”

“What kind of company?” Dax asked. “The kind with lightsabers” he said.

“WHAT!” Dax yelled

“I guess the bank wanted Jedi to try and break into the bank, so they could improve on their defenses, and see where the bank's security was lacking. That's the other reason why we took so long was to eavesdrop on the Jedi and bank communications”

“How long?” Dax asked.

“About twenty minutes” the team leader from team Taly said.
Lulla then used to force to communicate with Jade and Khan who had already slipped away in the confusion. She told them that instead of forty-five minutes they would only have twenty.

“CRAP! OK you guys go warn the lobby crew, and prepare to hold the Jedi off for as long as possible, also tell them that out time is cut in half. We'll go to the servers and try and do this as quickly as possible!

Dax, Zeak and Lulla, then proceeded to run to the server room. They met up with Jade and Khan about half ay there. Zeak then told everyone to stop. He wanted to get his battle armor on before he saw any action!

“Smart idea, Zeak! Anyone who has a lightsaber or battle armor should get it now, since once we start we'll be on the run till we make it to Dragoon.” With that Jade got her lightsaber out and everyone else followed. They proceeded to the server room. Once there they stopped before the corner to server room. Zeak pulled out an adhesive grenade and handed it to Khan “throw this and it'll give us the chance to catch them by surprise”

Khan Threw the grenade at the guards and BOOM adhesive sprayed everywhere. OK 15 seconds until it dissipates. With that everyone in the team launched at the guards and sliced their heads off. Right after their heads dropped to the ground the adhesive went away.

“Good, grab their badges, Khan and Lulla you guys stay guard while me and Zeak try and hack into the mainframe server”

“OK, hack into the account numbers Zeak!”

“I've got the first one, initiating transfer process now. Ok now for number two.”

“Got it” Jade said

“What's taking so long?” Khan demanded.

“Patience” Jade yelled back at him We're only half way done now.

“Well hurry up”


“Last Dark Brotherhood account” Zeak said

“Good now we just need to find a couple random ones to cover our tracks” Jade said back to Zeak.

“OH goodie, they've got a millionaires section if I can hack into this account partition we'll come home with enough revenue to last months!”

“Do it!” Jade said. “Also take some from the main server it'll seem kind of odd that we took Dark Brotherhood accounts and accounts from the millionaires partition.”

“Got them, now I just need to erase my handiwork. DONE” Zeak said after a couple minutes of silence.

“There we're done!” Jade yelled out to Khan and Lulla.

“Now lets get out of here!”

“Agreed Lulla” Jade said.

“This way” yelled Zeak who was standing in the corridor ahead of them.

Then all of a sudden Zeak froze and once Jade got to the corridor, she saw why. There was a Jedi team blocking their path out.

“Mask the force” Jade ordered.

“FREEZE” the Jedi in front, said to the group. “This is a restricted area what are you doing here?”

“Thank goodness, you found us!” Jade said to the Jedi who was obviously in command. “When the mercenaries upstairs burst in, we managed to run down here without them noticing, but we got lost with all these corridors and have been looking for a way out since.“

“I don't think so. The one over there has battle armor on and all of you have blasters.”

“For self defense! Do you not know who I am? I am the Countess, Luxanna of New Alderaan
and I was here, to make a deposit. This is my body guard, my head of security, and my accountant.

“I don't think so. You're all coming with us!”

“When my planet finds out that you kidnapped their countess there will be MAJOR trouble for you!” Jade snapped back.


26-03-2011 00:44:16

"Hey John!" Nekaka cought up with him as he was headed to shuttle for the surface to meet up with the team.

"Whats up Te?" Dragoon asked. "Apperently we have a Jedi Force to deal with." John stopped and spun on his heels and headed toward the Bridge. "What happened?" Nekaka was next to John as they entered the lift. "Not sure, there was a Encripted message from Zeak stating "Jedi here, need help. Brotherhood only." John nodded, "He wants brotherhood forces only, thats not going to happen." John stopped and spun toward Nekaka, "Send a message encripted to Plagueis space requesting a forward to the Fist's office and then a forward to Naga sadow palace to Venator. He'll know what to do." Nekaka nodded.

"Also old friend, i need a favor...." Nekaka held up a hand and smiled slightly, "Cando is already orginizing a Rescue part of 5 men plus himself." John nodded, "Thanks, i want you to come as well." Nekaka nodded, "What about your little friend." John nodded, "Yeah he needs to come, if its jedi im going to need as much help as possible."

6 hours later
above the planet in a shuttle headed to surface

"ok, they've moved em to a Prison nearby but its lightly guarded." John nodded to what Wetere was saying. "Do we know who is behind this yet? Who hired the jedi?" Nekaka looked at john, "Rumor has it, it was Selden." John looked up, "Jeremy Selden as in Field Marshall Selden?" Nekaka nodded, "One and only, but apperently the Bank hired them through Seldens contraction company. Funny thing is, every bank that had a Account from the DB a week prior to losing the accounts has hired Jedi's or Merchs from this same Contracting company."

Dragoon put 2 and 2 together, "So your saying that the accounts were found out by Jedis or merchs that Selden hired on behalf of the Bank?" Nekaka nodded, "But we still don't know who was responsible, the bank or Selden?"

John thought about all the information. "So do we know where in this prison we are looking for them in?" Nekaka looked at Cando. He shook his head meaning not yet.

"In other news Witwalker, all the money that was transfered to the false accounts is accounted for, so even if the team is termineted, Mission accomplished." John shot Wetere a Hard stern, "YEAH RIGHT" look.

Nekaka looked to the men, "Alright SADDLE UP!!!"............


26-03-2011 15:09:55

First Bank
Remote server, 15 min left

Jade looked at her clock as she watch Zeak hack into the accounts. They were about a minute behind in getting to the server, and with news of Jedi around she wasn’t very happy. Either someone had tipped off the banks or there was one hell of a coincidence. The force shivered up her spine as Zeak hacked into the millionaire accounts, erasing them as if they had never been and sending the funds to their awaiting teams collecting the money.

“What’s taking so long?” Khan looked impatient, the force obviously sending signs of something coming to him as well.

“Patience.” So it wasn’t a virtue for the Dark Jedi, and right now her nerves were firing on all cylinders, but she was determined to get the job done.

“Well hurry up.”

Though the DJK hadn’t said it in a way that was demanding she practically snapped. “...you can come back here and do it yourself!” The kid jumped slightly, turning around again to cover their backs.

Finally Zeak said he was done, she looked at the clock, they had 2 min to get out. The rest of the teams would be long gone. The group turned and headed down the corridor when Zeak stopped dead in his tracks. Jade frowned and looked over his shoulder to see a small group of Jedi, easy for her to overcome as an Arch Priestess, but too risky with their situation. Fighting old school would be cumbersome and using the force would be bad. The Jedi would know they weren’t on their side and using the force would signal that something else was up and the bank had been hit for another reason. “Mask the force.” She sent the order through Zeak, Kahn, and Lulla’s minds. She would have to try to get out of this with a story if that didn’t work, then they would have to rely on Dragoon and his team.

“This is a restricted area, what are you doing here?” One of the 3 Jedi stepped forward, his hands on his hips, not yet on the saber there, but close to it.

“Thank goodness, you found us!” Jade said, trying to look as desperate as she could, and using a southern accent. “When the mercenaries upstairs burst in, we managed to run down here without them noticing, but we got lost with all these corridors and have been looking for a way out since.”

“I don't think so.” The one Jedi raised his eyebrows and nodded towards Zeak. “The one over there has battle armour on and all of you have blasters.”

“For self defence!” Jade crossed her arms and tapped a foot on the ground to add in a touch of princess. “Do you not know who I am? I am the Countess, Luxanna of New Alderaan
and I was here, to make a deposit. This is my body guard, my head of security, and my accountant.”

“I don't think so.” The look on the Jedi’s face was one of curiosity, showing he was likely new to his position, maybe even rank, and wasn’t about to take any chances and get in trouble. “You're all coming with us!”

“When my planet finds out that you kidnapped their countess there will be MAJOR trouble for you!” Jade snapped back, her accent still strong as the Jedi surrounded their team. Zeak, Khan and Lulla gave her puzzled expressions of why they weren’t fighting back. Jade just gave them a reassuring small nod as they formed a small group inside the Jedi’s triangle.

Operation Patronus Team
Dragoons shuttle

Lan looked at Dragoon, the accounts had been cleaned, the runners delivering the money in no time flat, as was planned, that was good. But now there was a snag. Jade, Zeak, Khan, and Lulla had been taken by the Jedi. He couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t just fight them. They were all strong, even if they were new like Zeak, surely they could have taken on the Jedi no problem.

“Do you know where in this prison we are looking for them in?” John asked Nekaka who quickly came back with a not yet after looking to one of his people. It was evident that the team had an itch in their trigger fingers now that they got the chance to use their skills and tools. Not only did they get to rescue fellow Sadows and brethren, but they got to teach a little lesson to the jedi who were trying to make a comeback.

Wetere gave a slight shrug, it would suck to lose members but their mission had at least been successful. “All the money that was transferred to the false accounts is accounted for, so even if the team is terminated, mission accomplished.” Dragoon shot him a look. He was not going to be responsible for losing half of the members involved in defending the Brotherhood, especially from his own House.

Nekeka took the look as his next order and turned to the rest of the mercenaries. “Alright, saddle up!!”

The sound of armour sliding across armour and the clicking of guns as they were cocked into place and checked for the upcoming battle filled the shuttle and the small ground crew now preparing for a different mission.

Cando spoke over the rushed silence, “Witwalker, I got it.”

“Got what?” He clipped on a few grenades as she turned to the man.

“The location.” He handed him a data pad. “They must have told them a fairly good story as they aren’t too far into the prison. On the third floor, second row in, Block C, Cells 241 and 245.”

Dragoon smirked as he looked up at Nekaka, “I think it’s time we showed the Jedi how the mercs like to play don’t you?”

A wicked grin crossed Nekaka’s face as he nodded in response.

Jedi Prision
Cell Block C
Cell 241

Kahn looked at Lulla who stomped her foot once before pacing the small cell again. “I can’t believe we are just sitting here like this!”

“Take it easy Lulla.”

“We should be back home now, on Sad..”

Kahn jumped up and placed a hand over her mouth and gave her a look. “I would love to be back home sitting under the shadows of the trees in the court yard again, but we have to wait till the Countess sorts things out with the Jedi.” He gave her a nod as he pulled his hand away.

“What the hell are you talking about?!” Lulla tried to move away from him but Khan grabbed her upper arms and leaned in close to her ear, whispering softly so as not to trigger any possible bugs in the room.

“They could have the cell bugged, trust the Daughter of Sadow, trust the Brotherhood.” Satisfied he had masked any trace amounts of his words with the force he pulled away from her.

Lulla gave him a slight nod as though she just understood but started pacing anyway to keep up her earlier show. “Why can’t these stupid Jedi get it?! I want to go home!!”

Jedi Prison
Cell Block C
Cell 241

Jade looked over to Zeak. He was sitting on the small bench in the cell looking rather ticked that the jedi had taken not only his blaster but his battle armor too, ensuring they would return it to him when things checked out. He knew he would likely never see it again. Either they would have to fight their way out when the doors to the cell opened, or one of the teams he signaled earlier would have to bust them out. Either way he didn’t see easy access to getting back his armor.

“This sucks.” Zeak crossed his arms and put his feet up on the bench.

“No kidding, wonder why they haven’t questioned us further yet.”

“Probably giving us time to see if we want to change our story, or look at the security tapes to see if we had a hand in everything that went down.”

Security tapes...that rang a bell, Jade looked to Zeak. The Jedi hadn’t come in yet because they were watching them from the cell security cameras, likely listening in to their every words. She only hoped Khan and Lulla would keep things up, especially if they decided to separate them singly in the end. “Well they should see that while those mercs took over we were on our stomachs flat on the ground. I won’t be doing business at that bank again, that’s for sure!” The semi puzzled look on Zeaks' face as he looked at her almost made Jade smile. She looked up around the room to show Zeak what she was doing and to address whomever was most likely watching them. “I expect compensation for this!” She stomped her foot. “Even if my planet sends forces to get me out of here before you realize you made a horrible mistake!”

Zeak covered up his mouth with a hand to hide his laughter.

Operation Patronus Team
Near Jedi Prison

“Boys set Nekaka?” Dragoon spoke into his comlink across from the other mans team. They had taken two different points on the building, surrounding it and getting ready to go in.

Lan looked at Dragoon, his blaster ready as john held a grenade in his right hand, no doubt Nekaka holding one as well, ready to throw for distraction.

“Ready,” The radioed voice came back over the link.


29-03-2011 00:47:48

Operation Patronus Team
Near Jedi Prison

John could tell Lan was nervious. He gave a quick little glance to the rest of his team. Nekaka was on the other side with his 10 man team and john had a 4 man team including cando, A seasoned vet. John responded to Nekaka, "Throw on my mark." John looked at lan and held up his armory saber and lan held his blaster ready and nodded to as to say, "Ive got the spares for the others." John put his saber on his belt and grabbed his Katanas that were made out of curtois. He could feel the presence of Jedi's. ~this is going to be fun.~ he smerked to himself.

John hit the button on the thermal detataner and Threw it as he wispered "Mark" into the com. Both Doors blew open. Like they were one both teams rushed in, Lan pointing to Cando and his team to signal to take the Left hall and Nekaka took the right. John went with Lan. Just as they rounded the first corner, john grabbed Lan and pulled him back just as a bolt went where his head was just a second ago. John looked to cando and shouted, "Enemy around the corner, they got Statonarys." Cando nodded and tapped a Merch dressed in the same Imperial Gear as the rest. The Merch dove around the corner and from around it was a Massive explosion. John went to go around the corner but Cando stopped him and said, "Wait." Just as he did there was blaster fire and the Merch that had dove around the corner had come back with a thumbs up but not with out the Blast marks on his armor. John didn't know how he did it but apperently he not only killed the 10 men with one jedi but also took out both Statonary units as well.

"Nekaka, Witwalker. We have incoming ground units 10 mins out." Wetere said from the transport. Nekaka responded with "Standby above facilty." Wetere acknowledged and both teams went on. John looked at Lan and nodded. Lan sent a globel message to all the Merchs, "All hands Commence with operation Patronus part c." That was the signal for Nekakas group to proceed to the evidance lockup and get everything there that showed they were here.

~8 mintues left~ John thought to himself. He turned to Cando, "Your up Master Chief." The old Master Chief warrent Officer stood tall and proud, saluted and said, "Aye Aye Commander Witwalker." He then turned to his men and shouted for all to hear, "FOR DRAGOON!!!" and took off with all behind him in a dead sprint killing anything and everything in there wake while they headed to the Detention block.

John sent a message to Jade through the force ~Were here, where are they?~.................


03-04-2011 13:14:44

Jedi Prision
Cell Block C
Cell 245

The floor of the prison vibrated slightly and Jade looked to Zeak, one of her eyebrows raised. “Did you feel that?”

“Yep, not sure what it was though...maybe earth tremor?” Zeak stood up from the small bench and walked around the room.

Jades nose scrunched up causing little lines along the bridge. “No feels different like....” Jade we’re here...where are they? The voice shimmered across her mind and the familiar energy signature of Dragoon came with them. She smiled at Zeak. “I think the Calvary has arrived.”
We are in one of the cells, I think Khan and Lulla are close but... Jade suddenly felt sick to her stomach, Zeak went down on his knees looking white as a ghost and looked as though he were preparing to re-greet the small meal the Jedi’s had given them earlier.

“What...?” It was the only word Zeak dared to say until he got his stomach under control again.

Jade groaned trying desperately not to let the disconnection overwhelm her, but it had been a long time since she had done such training. “Yissalmari...the Jedi must have them placed around the prisoners when the building is broken into. Keeps the possible search party from locating their rescue and gives them more time to deal with the invasion.” Her head spun for a moment and her natural reaction was to reach out to the force to clam it, but with the connection momentarily severed it only added to more grief. The young member on the floor beside her made her head shake. He was fairly new to the force and the Brotherhood, it would be harder. She wondered how the other two were fairing, while hoping her little message managed to reach Dragoon without him assuming they were dead. Jade sat down next to Zeak and put a hand on his shoulder. “It will pass when we get out of their range.”

Jedi Prision
Cell Block C
Cell 241

Lulla dropped to the floor her head spinning, her vision blurred. Khan came over to her and sat beside her.

“It will be fine Lulla, you felt the vibration right?”

She slowly nodded her head, instantly regretting the motion.

“It’s our help.”

“Why do I feel so...disconnected?”

“I’m not sure...but it won’t last long.” I hope the last words Khan spoke in his mind, not wanting to worry Lulla as she laid on the floor, curled into a small ball.

Operation Patronus Team
Near Jedi Prison

Dragoon felt the surge of power as Jade answered him, we are in one of the cells, I think Kahn and Lulla are near by...But her messaged faded quickly, almost as though she had been shot or killed, what made it worse was he couldn’t feel her through the force anymore. Something had changed, something wasn’t right.

One of the Mercs came around the corner with some dead animal in his hand. Johns heart jumped in his throat, if it was what he thought it was, this was going to be a bit more tricky, but if it wasn’t then it was possible the other team had been killed.


04-04-2011 10:56:34

Operation Patronus Team
Near Jedi Prison

John knew this was too easy. The Merch held the animal in contempt. "Where did you find that trooper." John stated more then asked. The Merch pointed to around the corner, "This way sir." John followed him to a corridor where there was a obvouis trap door. John nodded, ~cleaver jedi~. Just then a Blast happened from above and the ceiling started to cave in. John manged to get out of the way but the trooper was crushed. John shook his head. But he also noticed that the trap door had been blown apart. Lan came around the corner with Cando.

"John, theres no------" Lan stopped dead in his tracks when he seen what everyone else had. On the other side of the wall was a Jedi night and his apprentice, the knigh weilding the customary Light saber. Lan started to reach for his Armory saber but john stopped him and mouthed, "No, they don't know." Lan nodded. The Knight approched and said, "You all are under arrest for attempting a break out." His Saber ignited, John Pulled his curtios Katana from behind his back. "Cando, find the other team. Lan, take the small one." Lan smilled and said, "With pleasure Dragoon."

As John walked toward the Knight his ears had pirked up, "Dragoon? They Dragoon from the Imperial Directorate?" John took up his fighting stance, "What about it?" The Knight laughed, "You killed my family, now i get revenge." And the Knight Lunged at John but missed. John had him where he needed him. As long as he kept getting mad he would have the advantage. John swung but missed the Jedi's head but a millimeter. The Jedi Countered with his saber that was Dark Green. John leaned back but not far enough and the saber took out his armor but left the body glove he was wearing. John was Ferious now.

"ENOUGH OF THIS!" yelled John. He started hacking and swinning. Each time coming closer and closer. Finally the Jedi made a mistake he pulled his left arm across his chest to block with his saber but John pulled his Dragon dagger and sliced causing the mans arm to bleed uncontroble but left intact. Unlike a saber would. He dropped his saber. John picked it up, he held it in his hand. The knight looked at him in horror. "No please, don't....." But John swung and decaptated the Knight. Lan and the other Jedi were going at it. John placed his katana back in its seathe walked up behind the Jedi who spun around just to catch the Light saber John was holding, blade first in the gut, Sliced all the way through in half. Lan just snarred at John, "I had him." John nodded, "I know, but we have work to do." John collected the Lightsabers and handed one to Lan. "Now we can use them, but no Saber forms." Lan nodded. The two ran out the room.

Hallway 2
Team 2

Nekaka and his team had found the armory and Evidance lockup. They had collected the gear from the team and destroyed everything else. Cando had come around the corner just as they were leaving.

"Find anything chief?" Cando shook his head, "Nothing but a bunch of animals we slughtered on the way. Nekaka nodded, "Great. Wheres Dragoon?" Cando recapped the story of seeing the jedi through the trap door. Nekaka pointed and said, "Show me. Ten to one that Trap door leads to the prison cells." Cando nodded and lead the way.

Nekaka was right on his rear when they appeared from around the corner. Witwalker was talking with Jade and Zeak while Lan was attending to the others down the hall.

"CANDO! NEKAKA! We need to get them out, we have about 3 mintues till there re-enforcements arrive." Nekaka nodded and said, "Demo! Blow those hatchs!." John got back as did Lan as two troopers painted in yellow walked up and placed to charges each on the doors. Both ducked around the doors and "popped the locks" as they called it and the 1st time was out. Jade smiled at the sight of the troopers, "Boy am i glade to see you guys." John looked at Jade and said, "We need to go now, Republic troops will be here soon with more Jedi. As they all turned to leave, they were meet by a unfamiler foe by all except John and Nekaka.

"So you finally came to claim your friends huh john." the man chuckled. Jade looked at him and said, "Ok who the frack is this guy, im really tired of surprises john." Nekaka answerd for him, "He WAS Field Marshall Selden, and the man to his right was Lord Orzion. Both former high Command of the Imperial Directorate." John took a step forward, his anger bustling. "It all makes since now. The standard blasters, the Jedi merchs, Your the one behind this." Selden laughed, "Yeah, and it worked, Soon the Brotherhood will be known through out the galaxies, and theres nothing you all can do to stop me." ........


06-04-2011 10:23:10

Jedi Prision
Cell Block C

Another blast rocked the ground and Jade frowned towards Zeak, He stood up shrugging his shoulders as he moved towards the door of their cell.
“What the hell is going on out...” Zeaks question was cut off as a small explosion outside their door shook the one stair he was on, causing him to slip backwards. His hands hit the ground behind him giving him a platform to use his momentum and back flip to land on his feet.

Jade was impressed and knew his master was teaching him well, whoever that was. Just as she moved to him the door slid open. The sound of metal sliding against metal nearly made her teeth grind. They both stood at the ready, in case it was the Jedi, but in walked two mercs followed closely by Dragoon.

John smirked and gave a slight wave. “Hey, what’s up?” Walking between the two Mercs he stood in front of the two. “We were in the neighbourhood and thought we would drop by...This a bad time?”

Jade smirked back as she shook her head. Zeak turned to the Dark Jedi Hunter. “Hell no! Just in time actually.”

“Good, come on.” John took the two out of the cell and into the hallway. Jade and Zeak saw another couple of Mercs coming out from a cell a few doors down and figured they were with Khan and Lulla.

Jade looked at Dragoon. “Thanks.”

That was something John hadn’t expected to hear, well least not then. But before he could answer a couple troopers came around the corner, ready for action until they saw Dragoon. Jade smiled at them, “Boy am I glad to see you guys.”

John turned from the troopers and looked at Jade, “We need to go now, Republic Troops will be here soon with more Jedi.”

Zeak and her nodded as Lan, Khan, and Lulla came up behind them. Lulla looked a bit worse for wear but Lan was doing an excellent job at keeping both the rescues focused.

As they took a couple steps John and Nekaka stopped dead in their tracks. Jade cocked her head to one side and looked over their shoulders.

“So you finally game to claim your friends, huh john?” Whoever the guy speaking was, in Jades eyes he would be expendable.

“Who the frack is this guy?” She looked at John, “You know I’m really tired of surprises...Let’s just say come your next birthday, it’s payback time.”

John smiled for a moment but never took his eyes off the man in front of him. "He WAS Field Marshall Selden, and the man to his right was Lord Orzion. Both former high Command of the Imperial Directorate." John took a step forward, his anger radiating off of him.

Jade sighed and stood beside the two men who looked like not even an assassin could touch them now. “Well big deal for them. It must be so nice living in past glories.” The guy who spoke, Selden if Jade remembered the name introduction properly, looked at her, surprised that she said anything. Jade put her hand on Dragoons shoulder, taping ever so lightly and subtly indicating she would make a distraction. It was obvious these boys wanted to rumble and she figured it would give the Jedi Hunter some fun stories to tell, though she was more than willing to step in if he needed or wanted help in torturing.

Lulla shook a little, her nerves fried, showing she needed much more training. Khan stood closer to her as Lan moved up to Dragoons other side, Zeak just slightly behind him.

“While you are reminiscing about the past, and how it was the best days of your life, blah blah, would you mind stepping to the side and letting us past?” Jade knew what the answer would be and she hated not just taking out a saber and having some fun herself, but their time was short. They could all feel the force telling them reinforcements were along the way.

“Actually I do.” He stood at the ready a blaster in one hand and something that looked like a strange sword.

Zeak smirked. “Oh, it’s play time!” Lan put a hand over Zeaks as Zeak moved into combat position.

“That it is.” Nekaka nodded, looking at Selden and Orzion.


06-04-2011 15:00:15

John knew that the DJB had been compermissed due to the two Frackers in front of him. John figured since they had been found out the only way to keep secret was to kill them all. Then Cando came up beside Jade and took off his helmet. "Sir, should we intated Order 72?" John remembered the order from after the two left the directorate. Jade looked at Dragoon and then at Cando and seen the Master warrent officer with a Crooked grin forming decided it was better not to ask. "Sure Cando, Order 72. Demo John! FIRE!" Just as he ordered a Demo Specilest popped up from behind Cando and fired a Missle launcher at the Ceiling causeing a avalanche which ether knocked the opposing force to the ground or killed them. Lucky for them Selden and Orz was still in one piece.

John smiled and closed his eyes, "Nekaka, Kill them all execpt Selden and Orz they will meet our new fist." Jade shook her head, "No just take them prisoner." John looked at Jade and cocked his head. "Our mission is yet complete we need to know how deep this goes and how far we are compermised." she said. John nodded, "Take Orz." and they all proceeded to head toward the doors.

Selden was on his feet now, "Hows your sister john?" John stopped in his tracks. Jade noticed the anger coming off John. Nekaka spun around and pulled his Eagle dagger that was presented to him by the Executor of the Directorate. "You'll pay for that Selden!" He spouted. "WAIT NEKAKA." John command.

Te stopped and turned to John, "Your going to let him get away talking about your sis like that." Nekaka commanded. stripped all the armor and body glove reveling his assassin uniform with Naga's insigna. "No. But we will hear what he has to say."

Selden chuckled, "Oh i almost forgot. She died fighting next to Nekaka on Daltar. Hmmm i wonder how the Galatic Alliance got through that blockade." he said followed by a Chuckle. Jade turned to John with concern, "Is there something i should know john?" John closed his eyes and lowered his head as he spoke.

"Part of the reason i left the Directorate was cause during the battle of Daltar my sister was killed in battle. She was a Imperial Scout under then First Leutenant Te Me Nekaka. Nekaka and my sister, Trace, were in a Fox hole pinned down. I was on the SSD Outcasts Fury. After the Battle and the Galatic Allance retreated, I was tasked as the XO to help with Evacuating the Injuried and take them to Tian Medical Facilty. Along with the Dead to Takarut for iding. I came across my Sister, in three seperate pieces. Nekaka found me later and told me what happened. She had Saved his life."

Jade looked at Nekaka as he removed his helmet and reveled the Scar that ran down the right side of his face. "I recieved this just moments before a Jedi killed her. He had knocked me out by using his saber hilt. Cando," he pointed to the old man how now held a curtois dagger in his hand. "Had killed that Jedi just as he killed her."

Seldend clapped his hands, "How touching. Are we going to do this john or are we going to sit here and tell old war stories." Jade felt the power before she seen it. John opened his eyes as he used the force to augment his speed and Jambed his Dragon Dagger deep in seldens Body before Selden even know what happened. Seldens Eyes grew big and bright and his expression was Priceless. "Dak nor nad, Da na Tor. For Trace." Selden closed his eyes for the last time and fell to the floor as John turned on his heel and replaced the blood Dagger and headed out the door with the others on his rear, Expressonless.

As they neared the platform John Called Wetere and he landed and picked up the teams. As they started to pull out John looked at Nekaka and nodded. Nekaka opened up a mini comp on his forearm and punched in some numbers, three seconds later the base exploided in sambles. Jade watched with curisty and regreat for the two Battle hardened Vets standing against the bulk head. John looked at Lulla and said, "Medate, it will help young one." She nodded and tried. Jade, looked to John and asked, "Did you complete your mission john?" John nodded, "Yeah, the moneys there, the accounts are set up on other planets away from the New republic. Were good. Mission accomplished, and we have a added bouns for our leaders." he said as he pointed to Orz who was in restrants. Jade nodded.

"Lan also has some suvioners for us." John said and ushered him to give her the Sabers they had comfansacted. Jaded nodded.......