Tempest Omega - Team #3


07-03-2011 13:16:28

First Alliance Bank
50th Floor

Internal Audit Division

Evan rubbed at his eyes, checking the time for what appeared to be the hundredth time today.

“Half an hour to go” he muttered under his breath, none of the other workers bothering to acknowledge the sound. There were only a few of his co-workers even in today, most off on assignment or having already gone home for the night. Evan had only been in the Audit division for a few months, and was still getting accustomed to the workload. He was finishing up a preliminary report for his Manager, his eyes glazing over the numbers the floated before him.

It was this unfocused gaze that found a pattern in the number. Evan blinked rapidly, sitting up a bit straighter as he studied the links that had formed for just an instance. His hands reached for pads that littered his desk, calling up previous reports. Hours passed, Evan never bothering to look up as all the others said bye to him on their way out. The lights had been dimmed as night progressed on further. His small desk stood out, the various pads and screens glowing in the dimness. It was sometime after midnight when he called his Manager, rising him from sleep


Dark Hall

Grand Master’s Office

Both men had been conversing for some time, going over all of the latest updates across the Dark Brotherhood. It had only been a few days since Halcyon had been named Deputy Grand Master once more. He ran a hand through his emerald hair, picking up another pad from the ornate desk in front of him. It had been sometime since Sarin had ventured into his own personal mission, and there was much to be caught up on.

“That should be the last of it”, Muz stated from his seat, two black pools peering out from the strands of hair that covered his face.

Halcyon had begun to glance over this final set of information, eyes flashing in surprise as his head shot up to look at the Grand Master.

“Interesting, yes?” Muz grumbled as he pushed back his seat and rose, turning away from his newest Shadow Hand. “This information came in only yesterday, and we’ve verified it. Within the week we should have lost access to all of our funds”.

Nearly a decade ago then Grand Master Jac Cotelin had re-initialized the operation called “Tempest Bravo”. The objective was to procure funds for use by the Brotherhood. Although the main thrust of the operation had ceased, remnants remained, which were then used as the main source of income for the Dark Brotherhood. In recent days all of the accounts stemming from Tempest Bravo had begun to be closed, and all access to these funds denied.

“Have they tied them to us yet?” the veteran Councillor asked.
“No, but they’re quickly going through the various shells. It’s only a matter of time before that information is found out. I have already contacted the Master-at-Arms and the Fist to prepare us should we be found, but I want this handled before we reached that point”.

The Grand Master had turned with those final words, his meaning clearly conveyed to his second-in-command. Halcyon nodded his head as he rose, moving quickly to the exact. Darth Ashen watched as the other Sith Lord made his exit, moving toward his console to put his own actions into motion.


The call had gone out to the Brotherhood, calling on it’s members to perform a mission for the Dark Council. Halcyon now addressed those who had responded, his holographic image flickering before those who had accepted the mission.

You and your team has received the mission details. Although seemingly simple, the mission itself involves the very future of the organization. Fail, and we will see a battle on two fronts; both militarily and financially. Either will ruin us. Both will see we have no chance of success. You have all the assets of the Brotherhood at your disposal. Know that you are not alone in this mission as others will be working to see that our enemies don’t succeed. Others will want this glory to themselves. Only success will see that you achieve it alone.

Contact me regarding what you enquire. Time is of the essence.

The image suddenly winked out, leaving those listening to immediately set their plans in motion


07-03-2011 21:35:22

Cocytus System

Winds softly blew through the forest as the warm front moved into the area. Soon, the last vestiges of what passed for winter on this planet would dissipate and be replaced by the tropical climate that dominated this world’s weather. Enjoying the cool weather, the old stormtrooper cautiously led his troopers up the steep embankment to the crown of the ridgeline. The landscape before the recon team was tremendous in both beauty and scale with the mountains to their sides and the valley full of insurgents in front of them. The sun was setting in the distance, and the rays of light were casting shadows when they hit the valley below.

A former practitioner of the shadow arts of Arcona, the long time member of Scholae Palatinae still felt the longing to blend into the darkness, but that was a from a long time ago. Shaking it off, Dante and his men completed their reconnaissance sweep of the area and began their movement to the exfiltration point.

Hugging the tops of the trees, the MAAT appeared over the horizon just as the troopers exited the dense forest that surrounded the LZ. After a short spiraled descent, the transport flared and hovered a short distance off the ground.

Running for the open bay, the figures in the matte black armor moved quickly across the open terrain. Leaping aboard just before the hatch closed, Dante gave a thumbs up to the crew chief after counting his men, and the shuttle quickly rose up into the atmosphere in an attempt to keep any AAA that might appear from taking down the ship.

One reason that he had assigned the MAAT’s of Scholae Palatinae to the Special Operations Command was their extra-atmospheric capability that allowed them to break the hold of the atmosphere and reach ships in higher orbits than the basic LAAT/i’s that the other units in the Imperial Scholae Guard used. This quick recon mission was a great example of why the MAAT’s were more than worth the high price tag that the Imperial Scholae Guard had paid for them.

Finding a seat in the rear of the craft, Dante collected his thoughts about the mission that he had volunteered for right before the reconnaissance had begun. Cleaning up a mess on Coruscant was something that he hadn’t done in quite awhile so it should be an interesting trip. He figured that his legitimate cover as the owner of a string of gentlemen’s clubs on a number of planets would come in handy on this mission. He looked up as he felt the presence of one of the air crew coming next to him.

The crew chief nodded a greeting and handed him a datapad. “Sir, this message just came in from the Fist…”

Thanking the sergeant, Dante put in his security encryption code and took a look at the message.


Great... A special mission assigned by Halcyon, and now we’re reporting to the Fist’s office. Although he’d known Fremoc personally for a few years, he still didn’t trust anything that came from the Dark Council simply on the basis that politics were responsible for too many decisions at that level. Dante clicked off the datapad, walked up to the front of the shuttle, and said “Contact Warspite and tell them that I need a shuttle prepped and ready with all of my gear by the time that we land…”


07-03-2011 21:42:44

Dark Hall

Holocron Center of the Brotherhood

You and your team has received the mission details. Although seemingly simple, the mission itself involves the very future of the organization. Fail, and we will see a battle on two fronts; both militarily and financially. Either will ruin us. Both will see we have no chance of success. You have all the assets of the Brotherhood at your disposal. Know that you are not alone in this mission as others will be working to see that our enemies don’t succeed. Others will want this glory to themselves. Only success will see that you achieve it alone.

Contact me regarding what you enquire. Time is of the essence.

As the image of the Sith Lord faded from view, Anubis stood from his chair. The Lorrdian had been inspecting recently acquired information that had yet to be inducted in the Brotherhood databanks; ensuring its authenticity and accuracy from inside his auxiliary office that lied within the Brotherhood archives. Garbed in his traditional Torrent robes, the Sith’s lightsaber and Sapphire blade hung at his sides; two Dissuader KD-30 slugthrowers holstered on either leg. His eyes closed, as a thought slashed its way into his head. His team was probably assembling right now.

The mission details they received had suggested that they all meet up just inside the Dark Hall. His datapad beeped softly. Glancing down at the digital screen, it appeared as if Fremoc Sadow had just sent him a message. After opening the mail and reading through its contents, it became clear that the Fist of the Brotherhood suggested the team meet up within his office. It worked almost perfectly, as he was already on Antei. And then it occurred to him; his team included Xen’Mordin Vismorsus of Scholae Palatinae, Dante Palpatine, also of Scholae Palatinae, and Fremoc Sadow of the Dark Council. He was alone on this endeavor.

Annedu reached up with his free hand, scratching at the stubble on his face as he pondered a solution to the present problem. Moving over to the small holo-projector on the edge of his office, the Sith typed in several access codes; one to permit access to use the equipment, two to permit a transmission outside the Shroud, and one that allowed direct communication with the bridge of the Cotelin-class Star Destroyer Justice; the pride and flagship of the Taldryan fleet. Pressing one final button, he started a transmission.

Several moments passed by, before the transmission was accepted and communication between the Star Destroyer and Tribune’s office established. In front of the Dark Jedi, stood the blue-hued form of Raif Slaxton; commanding officer of the vessel. Upon realizing the person he was speaking to was the Aedile, Slaxton gave a small bow.

“Aedile, what an unexpected surprise.”

“Greetings, Admiral Slaxton. Send for Raiju Kang immediately. I want him on-board a shuttle, and sent him to Antei within the hour. Have him meet me in the office of the Fist of the Brotherhood, on the first level of the Dark Hall.” Anubis set his datapad down, crossing both of his arms over his chest loosely and posture. This would put his plan into motion. “May I ask why?” asked the officer, left eyebrow raised high. A sly grin formed across the face of Dark Jedi, as his mind focused on the future ahead of them. Raiju accompanying him would be one of the best decisions he had made in the recent past; this would allow him to test the resolve of the Rollmaster candidate, and allow the man that had turned his back on the Dark Side to prove his worth to Taldryan once more. Expectations were high. Very high.

"Kang will be assisting me on a personal assignment. Those are all the details relevant to the Justice and its staff." In simpler terms, he had been denying the Admiral's thirst for knowledge. Slaxton turned his head away from the projector on the capital ship, speaking several in-audible words to someone outside the projector's view. The veteran officer nodded, before turning his head back towards the Aedile.

"I will send for him immediately. He will arrive within the Antei System in several hours. Is there anything else you require, sir?" The Sith pondered for a quick moment, before nodding. "...I want this to stay between yourself and the messenger. Quaestor Taldrya is not to be made aware of this. Am I understood, Admiral?" Slaxton raised both eyebrows in surprise. It was rare for the Quaestor to have anything kept from him by his second in command. Rare enough that he almost considered going to the Quaestor; and then the thought of being disemboweled crossed his mind. He nodded his head in acknowledgement, with a simple "Yes, Aedile" before cutting the transmission.

If Shaz'air had also been contacted and accepted a mission from Halcyon, then the actions that had just been undertaken would ensure that their operation did not impede the one the Sith was involved in. Locking the projector, the Warrior moved back to his desk. He set down his datapad on the fine dark glass surface, and closed what he had been working on at the terminal Nodding with approval, he pressed an icon in the lower left corner of the display. Almost instantly, an animation of a vault closing had sprung across the screen; preventing access to the modification abilities that the computer held. Grabbing his datapad as he moved around the desk, Annedu used the miniature computer to dim the lights within the room enough that he could just barely see. The room contained little more then a fine glass desk, small holo-projector in the corner, tapestry with the Brotherhood insignia hanging on the wall behind the desk, and a small bed beside a wall where the Tribune sometimes rested while working.

Leaving the office, Anubis turned and secured the room; locking it with the encrypted password he had been given upon his appointment by Vexxtal. The Lorrdian strolled through halls of the archives on his way towards a cluster of turbo-lifts, still not used to the influence of the Dark Side that this place forced upon him. It was nearly enough to drive him insane, and his office offered the only protection from it. As he approached a lift, he pressed down on the activation switch with telekinesis. The door slid open, permitting entry. Choosing the first floor, the lift doors shut rapidly and the hulk of durasteel flew upwards.

The Sith made his way to the his public office, which was much less extravagant. There, he met with respective members of the Brotherhood, sometimes including those of the Dark Council. His time was divided equally between the Kr'Tal System and Antei, with the latter being split between the archives and his office on the first floor. Inside, a simple crescent shaped wooden desk filled half the room, while a dark leather chair sat inside. Opposite the Tribune's chair, were two black armchairs. After checking to make sure that he had no visitors planned for the day, the Lorrdian cleared his work schedule. Closing his door behind him, his robes flowed with the silhouette of his body as he headed down the hall towards the Fist of the Brotherhood's office. It would take several hours for everyone to gather, but they could discuss their plans in the meantime.


07-03-2011 23:51:49

Cocytus System

A small crowd of attendants followed Xen’Mordin down the halls of the Imperial Palace. The rapid torrent of updates went in one ear and out the other. Where other houses ruled from the shadows, Scholae Palatinae commanded in plain sight. Emperor was quite a heavy title to hold even more so with the pressures of the Dark Council on your shoulders. In truth as much as Xen worried about his home system, the private message he had received from Halcyon had been somewhat of a welcomed diversion.

It was common enough for the Emperor to leave the system, and while the general public and place support staff had no idea why, there were those who understood what serving on the Council meant. There were higher orders of power that needed to be sated over the needs of a system. If something happened to the Brotherhood… Well needless to say, that wouldn’t be good.

Time is of the essence.

The words echoed in Xen’s head as neared the private landing bay of the palace. Another benefit of the office. Xen could head to Antei without any issue.

On board his shuttle, Xen once again went over the message he had received. He felt a slight level of reassurance knowing that Dante was assigned to this task as well. Having someone with whom he had spent so much time working with was a very good thing. At least there was one person with whom he was comfortable dealing with on the team, and he was familiar enough with the others that he didn’t feel too worried about their levels of skill.

There was little else Xen cared about then getting to Antei. The office of the Fist was waiting for his arrival, and he didn’t want to be late.


08-03-2011 00:17:58

Office of the FIST

The Fist of the Brotherhood looked at the imagine and a slow, sadistic grin started to form on his lips. A mission from the Grand Master and his new Deputy. One that could affect the Brotherhood as a whole, and one that meant life or death to it. He could feel his adrenaline already pumping as he switched his datapad on. Immediately he messaged Angelo Dante, his magistrate who had taken some leave to do recon work in the Cocytus System, as well as Anubis Annedu, the Keeper of the Holocrons, and Xen’Mordin Vismorsus, the new Quaestor of Scholae Palatinae, informing them to meet him in his office. The Fist's office was one that was large enough to provide enough space for their planning.

Finally, a mission. Something to get me away from this desk.

He stood and pulled a cigar from his pouch on his belt. The Son of Sadow had picked up the habit from his former Proconsul, Taigikori Dupar. A spark erupted from his finger as he touched the end of the cigar, the end slowly beginning to burn. The Pepoi brought the brown paper roll to his mouth, and in haled slowly. The former commando sat on the edge of his desk as he savored the cigar. He could sense the Keeper of the Holocrons growing closer, and with a motion of Fremoc's hand the door to his office opened. Without missing a step, the Sith stepped through the entrance and stood in the center of the room.

"Anubis." The Fist exhaled gray smoke from his lips. "Let's begin."


08-03-2011 17:03:37

First Alliance Bank
50th Floor
Internal Audit Division

“It is these irregularities…here, that I noticed first.” Evan was quick to underline on his screen for his manager to see over his shoulder. “I don’t know where this money is all going to, but it seems to have several sources.”

“Hmm…” Was the only answer his manager gave as he put on his glasses before pausing over the information.

“And it seems this isn’t small time, personal collection either.” Evan was quick to continue as he spun in his chair and rifled through several folders spread over his desk. When he found it, he continued. “We are talking about credits in the trillions of dollars, something that could support several small governments across the galaxy.”

“And you this its some government here within the Galactic Alliance that is collecting this?” The manager quickly responded, grabbing the folder presented to him.

“No, sir… well I don’t know to tell the truth. I only know that these accounts that I’ve frozen are interconnected in their businesses and if First Alliance Bank is involved it could hurt our public trading options; let alone whatever sanctions the Senate would place on us as penalty.”

“This is true.” The manager paused thinking over the data he had been shown. “I’m going to have to take this to the head of the division to see if they want an official investigation done by the government or if he wants us to handle it internally. Either way, you’ll need to prepare a report and be prepared to hand this all over to an investigation team.”

“Yes sir.” Evan nodded quickly, before turning back to his computer monitor to hide his smirk. This incident should be the next big event to bump him up the pay ladder.


Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle – Courage Two
Destination: Antei
ETA: 1hr 13mins

It was the bang at the door of the refresher that quickly broke the hazed concentration of the creature sprawled out on the floor. Though it had seemed urgent from the force of the knocking, the Nautolan ignored it; fluttering his eye-lids and running his hands through his tentacles before setting back into his hazy trance. From his current state there was no way for the Nautolan to tell how long it took for the second round of knocking to begin at the door, yet when it arrived it was accompanied by a familiar shout.

“Kang! We are approaching the planet and the Major has asked that you be strapped in.”

Only a long painful sigh came as an answer to the shout, yet the Nautolan did attempt to compile. Struggling to his knees and pulling himself to the small sink, he plugged the other nostril this time and snorted the remaining powder line before wiping off the sink and collecting his kit from atop the toilet seat. Checking his self in the mirror after rising to his feet, the paranoia from his first usage in awhile rewarded his efforts as he quickly gathered himself and made himself presentable before opening the refresher’s door.

“You had us worried.” Said the straight-faced Lieutenant as the two came face to face in the open doorway. A toothy grin was all the Nautolan gave in reply as he shouldered passed the Lieutenant, avoiding eye-contact with both him and the two other flight officers that had gathered outside the refresher’s door.

This reaction was typical as of late, since returning from the light side and the ill-experienced stay in Odan-Urr all his past habits that accompanied his dark personas had came flooding back and his addiction seemed even worse. While much of the Taldryan Dark Jedi were comfortable with any resource that would get the Nautolan back on the path of the dark side, it was the soldiers and officers of the fleet and army that took concern as no one wanted to death of an Equite on their hands. So the wobbling and twitching of the Nautolan as he had stepped onto the shuttle had been taken as a warning and each of the flight crew had been keeping an eye on Raiju Kang.

Settling his self down into the seat reserved for him, Raiju watched as the accompanying crew member checked his straps and made his way to the forward cabin; leaving him alone. This whole situation had been awkwardly sudden, though Raiju had been informed as he boarded that it all stemmed from a message from the new deputy grandmaster had sent out to the brotherhood as a whole – though he had missed due to his own priorities with acquiring his drugs – and that had lead to the Taldryan Aedile’s summons. No doubt a test of his dedication, he knew, but concerned him little as the traits of Raiju returned to his mind accompanying the twitchiness of his body.


Office of the FIST

It had been hours since first Anubis and Fremoc had settled in to discussing their mission, and the atmosphere of the office was evident of this. A gray haze had settled into the view of each occupant now from the continuous supply of smoke to the room from their cigars. Progress had come quickly to the team as Anubis and Fremoc hammered out the initial details and had acquired the proper support for their mission. Already a private sector shuttle had been hired and sat waiting for them with a small special forces unit of eight commandos inside. Each was properly dressed in suits and small arms as bodyguards for the mission, but maintained battle gear and arms inside the shuttle incase things got interesting. Now, the pair had sat waiting on the arrival of the rest of the team and slowly as each arrived they were bought up to speed until four sat in the office waiting on the final member.

“You asked Raiju Kang to join us?” Xen chuckled having heard Anubis’ answer to whom they were waiting on.

“What? How is that a problem for us?” Anubis quickly answered with a puzzled look.

“Well, even despite his so called ‘return from the light’; he still is a freaking nut-job.”

“And that’s when he isn’t on drugs.” Dante was quick to pipe up from his spot in the room before chuckling with Xen.

“Nonetheless, he’s here now so let’s meet him in the hanger and go.” Fremoc cut in with a sober tone. “Besides, should one of us need to be left behind; no one is going to believe his ramblings of a new dark jedi organization or the return of the Dark Lord of the Sith.”


10-03-2011 21:51:02

Descending to Coruscant
Lambda-class T-4a shuttle Romeo Five

The thirteen men were strapped into their seats, crash webbing holding them into space. As the shuttle entered the atmosphere of the metropolitan planet, once called the centre of the galaxy, it shook violently. Several unsecured objects rattled loudly, including a mug that had been left out in transit. It had been over twelve hours since they had left Antei; being forced to manually navigate The Shroud. The five Dark Jedi on-board could almost instantly sense the billions of presences that began to surround them, forcing their connections to The Force inwards in an attempt to hide their presence from any Force Sensitive beings. From the cockpit, the pilot called, "Coruscant Air Control is hailing us."

Anubis was the first to his feet, having quickly unsecured himself from the webbing. At the entrance to the cockpit a moment later, he scanned the control room. "Accept the transmission." With a flick of a switch, the voice of a middle aged man filled the cockpit as speakers transmitted the voice.

"Shuttle Romeo Five, please state your business and cargo before proceeding." Glacing at the microphone, the Sith Warrior raised his voice, "This is Romeo Five, here on business in the market district. Transporting produce and goods from Corulag." Several moments passed, with the men inside the shuttle becoming slightly uneasy. The only ones that had remained calm, of course, were the Dark Jedi that also sat in the cabin. If they were to be fired upon, or even asked to dock at a security station, the mission would be severely impeded unless handled with extreme care.

"Romeo Five, you are clear for landing. Good luck, I hear the market sector has been taking a beating lately." With a curt nod from the Lorrdian in the doorway, the pilot cut the transmission. Pulling the flight controls easily to the right, the craft slowly angled itself diagonally towards the market district while descending. A small G-force was felt from the turning motion, but not enough to cause discomfort. Several minutes later, the shuttle's landing struts had made contact with the cold steel of a landing pad adjacent to a towering skyscraper.

The Dark Jedi within the cabin gathered their things, double checking to make sure they had everything. Most were garbed in their own regular clothing or armour; something less eye popping then full robes, and wouldn't draw much attention. All of their weapons, save lightsabers, had been hidden inside duffel bags - with safety switches engaged. Official robes and other garbs, mission gear, and other items they had brought with them were also held inside the duffel bags. Inside Fremoc's, were his two DC-15s side arms and Emerald Dagger. Raiju's contained his Bryar Pistol, a couple cyroban grenades, and a vial of Glitterstim that he had been keeping hidden until he needed a fix. Anubis' duffel held two Dissuader KD-30 Slugthrowers, as well as a Sapphire Blade. Within Xen'Mordin's, lied several bladed weapons - including throwing shurikens. Dante's was packed much more tightly then most; Two Sapphire Blades, two DL-44 pistols, and a single AXM-50 rifle.


The Republic Hotel

98th Floor

With their gear in tow, the group; alongside the eight men that had come here with them, made their way to the designated staging area; a hotel, named The Republic, on the edge of the banking district. Securing transportation through public transit systems, they each split up and took a different route. Using Brotherhood funds that had not been frozen, they rented a villa large enough to act as a small headquarters while they were planet-side. There they stood hunched over a large, round table, with holographic blueprints of the First Alliance Bank displayed before them. Using a console, they were able to view the entire building, or specify a floor and view a more detailed version of the schematics. Raiju went around the room, handing out fake identification to each person present.

"I had a contact in the slums make these up for us. We all have New Republic eye-dee cards. Everything to do with the military, from the Armed Forces to the Navy, all with photos and changed names. These will get us past security. We also have identification cards for First Alliance Bank executives, supplied to me from a friend on the inside. These will come in handy should we run into any problems with the staff during our infiltration. Sure cost us a golden credit, though. Need to dress the part."

Fremoc had already lit a cigar, end glowing as the cherry slowly burned away. "That shouldn't be a problem," stated the Fist of the Brotherhood, as his lips closed around the cigar. Inhaling deeply, heavy smoke filled his lungs. He exhaled several moments later, holding the stick between his fore and middle finger. From the other side of the room, Xen'Mordin peered at the Obelisk warrior, chuckling. "Except for that eye in the middle of your forehead. That'll be sure to draw attention to you." A grin formed on the face of the others, specifically Anubis, who shook his head, "The Mark of the Wanderer can be hidden. It just takes a little innovation. Does everyone remember the game plan?"

With a nod from the room, they got some rest. Tomorrow they'd infiltrate the bank disguised as soldiers, and change into proper attire once they had gotten past security. They would have to eliminate all knowledge of the operations the bank had been conducting on them; even if it included the elimination of employees, high-ranking or not. The First Alliance Bank would not know what hit them. In the end, the operation would appear to be an attack from a faction; but it would not lead to them. Instead, it would point to a splinter group of the Imperial Remnant that did not actually exist.


First Alliance Bank
50th Floor

Internal Audit Division

Like the night before, he sat on the 50th floor almost entirely by himself. Evan sighed quietly, almost relieved that he had finally finished his report. It was crisp, clean, and outlined the dealings that this secret organization had been conducting through the bank. Several credit incomes were frozen, possibly crippling it. It was hard to tell exactly how many sources this group had. While their identities were still a mystery, the facts would help the Galactic Alliance to discover just who these people were, and what their goal was. The head of the Internal Audit Division had opted to start conducting an internal investigation, before going to the Alliance. In this regard, Evan - and the bank - could take credit for exposing whatever organization was brought to light.

It was a perfect situation. He would skyrocket through the payroll. Saving his report on a datapad disconnected from the bank's main server, the Human male opened a drawer to his desk and tucked it safely inside, locking it within the confines of the wood. Standing up, he patted down his clothing and slowly made his way to the turbo-lift. It was home time; time for him to spend with his family. Evan had a big meeting with the head of the division and board of directors, where he would present his report and cover everything it entailed. The auditor saw a big promotion in his near future, and he was absolutely estatic.


12-03-2011 23:41:31

First Alliance Bank
1st Floor

Lobby and Security
“Look boy, do I look like someone who has time for this crap? We are on a schedule here. I don’t bust my balls protecting your sorry skin to be second guessed. After this long time away from home, I want my pension and some punk like you isn’t going to get in my way,” Fremoc hissed with a very serious vigor to the security agent. As the last of the group trying to get through security he was the only one who managed to have an issue with it. As a matter of probability, one of them was bound to have this issue.

The man in front of him, security officer with a name badge that read Kevin stared slightly terrified and muttered something about irregularities before diverting his gaze from the FIST. A short beep sounded and a green light clicked on. Fremoc grunted and walked through.

There was a silent collective sigh from the other Dark Jedi. Hopefully there would be no more issues. It was hard enough to focus on the mission at hand, doubly so when they were all trying their best to suppress their force alignment. The slightest tremble would be enough to alert the Jedi to their presence.

First Alliance Bank
13th Floor

The group changed quickly and silently. They knew they had to move quickly to slide into the roles of Executives, and even faster to find the irregularities and who knew about it, and with great luck at least unfreeze the assets. Their weapons were more securely hidden in their new garb. Soldiers were expected to be armed, Executives not so much.

“Any one else have a bad feeling about this?” Xen’Mordin muttered half to himself and half to the rest of the group. Several sets of dark eyes looked at him, echoing back the same level of anticipation and resolve of his own. With no time to waste and fully dressed for the part the five men returned to the main building and rode the elevator up to the executive floors.


22-03-2011 01:00:48

First Alliance Bank
150th Floor
The Chairman’s Office - Executive Floor

“When I-I-I-I hiiiiired you, I-I-I-I was assured personally by yourrrr sssself that everything would be kepttt underrr contrrrol.” The slow, gasping voice crept around the back of the turned chair towards the man sitting nervously on the other side of the desk. Slowly, a deep gasp was heard before the chair’s occupant turned and continued speaking. “Nowww, becaussse of yourrr incompetence, my clientsss will be coming for a visssit and I-I-I-I promise you they are not the forgivvving type.”

Sweat quickly beaded across the brow of the man who sat nervously in the single chair pulled up to the desk. The threat of the coming clients was definitely troubling to the fat man, who shifted nervously and pawed at the sauce stain on his shirt in a futile bid before returning his attention to the skeleton face of his employer; yet it was the ghoul-like alien that he found much more intimating. The urge to wet himself grew with each gasping breath of the givin chairman across the desk from him, and the human tucked his legs together to squeeze back the urge before he attempted to answer.

“Sir, please…” The man plead, his flubby jaw jiggling with its motions. “It still is possible for us to recover this situation and solve it internally without the government interfering or discovering their identities.”

“Noooo!” The single word was spat out in a forced whisper as the Givin stood from his chair and hammered his bony fist on the beautifully polished desk. “You ssscrew thisss up in passssing thisss on to internal affairs rrratherrr than ending the sssituation at yourrr desk. Yourrr erorrr cost usss dearly and if I wasn’t sssure that they were coming to end yourrr lifffe, I’d do it myssselfff!”

The urge to relieve himself had grown painful, pressing a clenched fist into his crotch as if that would fight the pain he held his breath as the phone on the Givin’s desk buzzed and the receptionist informed the chairman of an important call waiting for him. With a flick of his bony fingers, the givin dismissed the fat man from the room and neither exchanged eye contact again. Shuffling to the door, the fat man was quick to trot past the receptionist’s desk before slapping the turbo lift button to summon it. Within moments the device dinged and when the doors opened the fat man found himself forced back to make room for the elevator to empty.

With no hint of concern for him as they emptied, four men all dressed in fine business attire stepped out of the elevator and headed for the receptionist. Pausing a moment to watch them move by, the fat man sagged forward to step into the elevator before he was force to reel back again as a long drawn out snorting sound emerged followed by a Nautolan also in fine business attire stepped out with a clenched fist rubbing at his nose.

“Going up?!” The alien laughed, flashing a large toothy smile before he moved past the man and fell in behind the four men who stood at the receptionists desk. The urgency to pee quickly triggered the man into motion again as he ignored the arriving party, yet as the doors finally closed with him alone inside he could hear one of the men commanding the receptionist to let them in. Suddenly it was clear that the threat of the givin’s clients was very real, and perhaps protections was needed.

* * *

“You will let us in to see the chairman, and you will hold all calls for him.”

“I will let you in to see the chairman, and I will hold all calls for him.” The frigid woman behind the desk repeated as Dante broke eye contact with her and nodded the group forward into the office. As the doors of the office were pushed open, it was unsurprising to see the Givin turn around in annoyance to face the disturbance. Yet, knowing his place in this confrontation, he was quick to end his call before Raiju closed both doors after following the group in.

“Nisil Lar, I presume.” Fremoc politely said as he stepped out from the group and took the single chair by the front of the desk. While Anubis and Dante fanned either side of him, Xen moved the accompany the wall to the right of the chairman before Raiju hurried to the opposite side. As if the setting wasn’t intiminating enough, Xen was quick to flick his wrist as he moved into position and before anyone had stopped the drapes of the window were quickly thrown close by an invisible hand.

“Yesss, I-I-I am not sssurprised you have came.” The givin’s voice leaked out in a hush.

“Then you are quite aware of the situation your company has placed us in?” Fremoc asked quickly with a raised eyebrow, and continued with the skeleton nodded. “Good, that’ll make this much easier to fix. To begin with, we need to know each and every person who has been made aware of this - starting with the one who discovered our operation.”

The givin never gave a response before he turned to the datapad sitting on the desk. Within moments he popped a chip from the device and slid it onto the table. As Fremoc’s eyes darted between the chip and the givin, the givin was quick to speak up. “His personal information is all on there, including his work station here within the building.”

From over Fremoc’s shoulder, Anubis nodded his head to get his house mate’s attention and it was clear what the Nautolan was being asked to do. An outstretched hand caught the chip as it jumped off the table towards Raiju as he moved to the door with Xen trailing behind and with the chip firmly in hand he slid out and quickly made his way into the turbo lift. Leaving the others behind to handle the givin, the Nautolan pulled out a comlink from his suit and sent a message with the chips information to the commander of the troopers who waited back at the hotel. Knowing the troop would divide and send only four to handle their mission, Raiju waited as the lift brought him and the Scholae Quaestor down to the fiftieth floor and stepped out in pursuit of this ‘Evan’.


09-04-2011 01:28:43

As the two other members of their team went off to find the auditor who had uncovered their business arrangements, the three equites began their discussion with the bank official.

"So..." Dante slowly let out as he took up a location directly behind the fiduciary expert. "It seems that you managed to have our tracks uncovered. What do you think we should do?" the Obelisk posed as a loaded question to the Givan.

"Uh..." was about all that the banker got out before he grunted hard as he received a gauntlet to the face from Fremoc.

"Is this really the time for small talk?" said the Fist as he prepared for more "physical interrogation."

Anubis just shook his head as he tried to probe the official's brain for any information that might help them on their mission.

Suddenly, alarms began going off throughout the building. Instead of a series of simple flashing lights, domestic announcements began being made, and people were giving orders on what to do for a bomb threat.

"A bomb threat?" said Anubis as he glanced over at Dante. "You didn't, did you?"

Smiling, Dante retorted with "No, but it's not that bad of an idea."

Fremoc groaned and said "Let's end this... grab the banker; we're heading for the rendezvous point."

A series of explosions began being heard from the nether regions of the banking complex.

"Xen... are you receiving? This is Dante... come in?"

""Roger that… Xen here... no contact issues in our location. We have the auditor... any ideas?"

Dante looked over to Fremoc who gave the older man a nod. "Roger that... let's pull a snatch and grab and get the hell out of here" as he put the plasticuffs on the banker and began leading him towards the doorway. “Someone call in our ride so we can extract. Everyone meet at Rendezvous point 2…”

Various ways of saying yes could be heard over the tactical net, and Dante decided that he was getting too o old to play the field. Dragging the banker with him, the Dark Paladin of Scholae Palatinae pulled him out of his chair and proceeded to move forward towards the roof of the complex and the waiting transports.

Xen and Raiju were already waiting at the roof with their prisoner as the ship arrived to whisk them out of harm’s way.

The other group busted through the roof door and ran for the transport craft. Almost, as if on cue, the buildings started exploding around the fleeing transport craft, and the headquarters of the bank caved in on itself a few moments later as the Dark Brotherhood craft headed for the jump point..

Sitting back in the jump seat on one of the transports, Dante went over the mission in his head. It seemed liked a quick end to the mission, but they had succeeded in their goals. The bank itself had been destroyed in the explosions, but they had managed to do a snatch and grab on the two main beings involved in the cover work as well as having destroyed all of the physical evidence in the case. Not too bad for a week of hunting thought the older man as he drifted off to sleep with the nagging question being “Who the hades blew up the building?”