Tempest Omega - Team #1


07-03-2011 13:11:45

First Alliance Bank
50th Floor

Internal Audit Division

Evan rubbed at his eyes, checking the time for what appeared to be the hundredth time today.

“Half an hour to go” he muttered under his breath, none of the other workers bothering to acknowledge the sound. There were only a few of his co-workers even in today, most off on assignment or having already gone home for the night. Evan had only been in the Audit division for a few months, and was still getting accustomed to the workload. He was finishing up a preliminary report for his Manager, his eyes glazing over the numbers the floated before him.

It was this unfocused gaze that found a pattern in the number. Evan blinked rapidly, sitting up a bit straighter as he studied the links that had formed for just an instance. His hands reached for pads that littered his desk, calling up previous reports. Hours passed, Evan never bothering to look up as all the others said bye to him on their way out. The lights had been dimmed as night progressed on further. His small desk stood out, the various pads and screens glowing in the dimness. It was sometime after midnight when he called his Manager, rising him from sleep


Dark Hall

Grand Master’s Office

Both men had been conversing for some time, going over all of the latest updates across the Dark Brotherhood. It had only been a few days since Halcyon had been named Deputy Grand Master once more. He ran a hand through his emerald hair, picking up another pad from the ornate desk in front of him. It had been sometime since Sarin had ventured into his own personal mission, and there was much to be caught up on.

“That should be the last of it”, Muz stated from his seat, two black pools peering out from the strands of hair that covered his face.

Halcyon had begun to glance over this final set of information, eyes flashing in surprise as his head shot up to look at the Grand Master.

“Interesting, yes?” Muz grumbled as he pushed back his seat and rose, turning away from his newest Shadow Hand. “This information came in only yesterday, and we’ve verified it. Within the week we should have lost access to all of our funds”.

Nearly a decade ago then Grand Master Jac Cotelin had re-initialized the operation called “Tempest Bravo”. The objective was to procure funds for use by the Brotherhood. Although the main thrust of the operation had ceased, remnants remained, which were then used as the main source of income for the Dark Brotherhood. In recent days all of the accounts stemming from Tempest Bravo had begun to be closed, and all access to these funds denied.

“Have they tied them to us yet?” the veteran Councillor asked.
“No, but they’re quickly going through the various shells. It’s only a matter of time before that information is found out. I have already contacted the Master-at-Arms and the Fist to prepare us should we be found, but I want this handled before we reached that point”.

The Grand Master had turned with those final words, his meaning clearly conveyed to his second-in-command. Halcyon nodded his head as he rose, moving quickly to the exact. Darth Ashen watched as the other Sith Lord made his exit, moving toward his console to put his own actions into motion.


The call had gone out to the Brotherhood, calling on it’s members to perform a mission for the Dark Council. Halcyon now addressed those who had responded, his holographic image flickering before those who had accepted the mission.

You and your team has received the mission details. Although seemingly simple, the mission itself involves the very future of the organization. Fail, and we will see a battle on two fronts; both militarily and financially. Either will ruin us. Both will see we have no chance of success. You have all the assets of the Brotherhood at your disposal. Know that you are not alone in this mission as others will be working to see that our enemies don’t succeed. Others will want this glory to themselves. Only success will see that you achieve it alone.

Contact me regarding what you enquire. Time is of the essence.

The image suddenly winked out, leaving those listening to immediately set their plans in motion


13-03-2011 00:37:18

Taruma, Kr’Tal System
Taldryans Great Hall

The hue of blue light and green light illuminated the attentive personal surrounding the briefing table which stood off kilter from the center of the room. The array of Dark Jedi and Iron Throne Intelligence operatives listened in silence as the holographic image of the newly appointed Deputy Grand Master stood before them.

“Contact me regarding what you enquire. Time is of the essence.”

The intelligence officer nodded towards the surround party as he pressed a button, the holodisplay vanishing in an instant. Mounted lamps amongst the ceiling flickered to a dim, giving the room more light as the Taldrya motioned for all to pay attention to his following words.

“We’ve been given a chance to prove our excellence, gentlemen. I have already begun action on this mission, having deployed Bubbles ahead of our team to the location on Coruscant that the incident first occurred to secure as much information as possible, and to survey any potential threats or allies. I’ve requested strict radio contact between her and our party until we reach the bank sector of Coruscant. We can’t give even the slightest notion that we know what they know, or who we are.”

He finished and then nodded to the captain who stood beside him. “We’ve created false-identities that you are to adopt over the course of our travel to Coruscant. There can be no flaws here whatsoever,. Failure will - as Lord Halcyon stated - ruin the Brotherhood. You are indebted by your allegiance to the Brotherhood to complete this operation with absolute 100% perfection.”

“You each have received an intelligence package. Inside that package are your orders, the identification you will be personifying with proper dress and make up to go with it. Also included are your objectives.” The Officer looked down at his datapad and began to read off what was displayed out loud.

“Alexander Anderson, Rian Aslar and Bubbles Taldrya will be accompanied by Task Sergent Rapitte, who specializes in infiltration. You are Team A. Epis Bubbles and Sergent Rapitte have already been on Coruscant for 2 days, and are awaiting the rest of their party to arrive. Anderson, Aslar, you are to leave immediately following this briefing for the Galatic center. Once there, you will no doubt be briefed on any necessary intel, but be prepared to be separated into smaller groups to accomplish your mission. You are to make sure that Team B has a smooth access and exit transition, and making sure no unneeded attention is brought to either of the parties.”

Stopping for a moment, the Captain motioned his finger over the screen in front of him before continuing.

“Quaestor Shaz’air Taldrya, Rigar Ulrand will be accompanied by Sergent Schiff, one of the Iron Thrones field specialists. You are Team B. You are ordered to follow the intel given by team A on the exact location of your target. Eliminate the suspect and anyone in direct contact, but do not leave any trace as to who you are. Further conditions are clearing the way for team C, the systems operators who have been briefed on disabling any information regarding the Brotherhood or the Iron Throne through the Galatic Data Bases and the data base of the many banks we’ve been receiving these bastardized profits from.”

“Team C is being assigned as we speak, though you will not see anything form them until they are needed. Code sign for friendly personnel is ‘Emerald’, with ‘Crimson’ referring to hostile or unwanted attention. Our communication links will be secure, so speaking freely is not prohibited unless stated otherwise by command. Do not remain silent through this mission. We need to know what is happening at all times.”

The Captain closed the input from the screen before him and motioned the open floor to the Quaestor. Shaz’air issued a curt bow and then spoke. “The Iron Throne has asked of us. We shall hear its call.” He glanced over at Rigar before turning on his heel towards the exit.

24 Hours Later
Galactic Center, First Alliance Bank Lobby

Bubbles glanced over her shoulder as she surveyed the Auditor pass through the lobby, coming to the entrance to the elevator at the end. He reached into his coat and pulled forth a laminated ID card that he inserted into the metallic slot at the counter parallel to the lift. A light green light popped up behind the desk as the elevator officer received the approval. Without further hesitation the man stepped into the lift.

As the metallic doors closed behind him Bubbles nonchalantly rose from her seat at the other end of the lobby and made her way outside. The sun bathed her disguise in light as she looked to her right, a man dressed in black business attire peering towards her; Sergent Rapitte. Her lips parted, “He’s here.”


18-03-2011 13:28:53

12 Hours Earlier
Penthouse Apartment

Xander mulled over his Alderaanian soup. The taste wasn't quite right. It lacked something. Within recent history, what was once one of the most Urban city in the known galaxy had seen a number of setbacks. The Vong had hit Coruscant hard, terraforming the planet, and shipping off almost the entire population of the planet to what they believed to have been the natural ecology of the Vong homeworld Yuuzhan'tar. In order to do so they had pulled Coruscant prime closer to the planet and had torn down what was the majority of skyscrapers in what had been the seat of both the New Republic and Empire before it.

Since peace with the Von the planets original inhabitants had started to come back to the planet. Construction now constantly filled the air, along with the hustling and bustling of the city planet. However. the planet was not what it once was. During the Vong wars, billions of inhabitants had died, and the city had been almost completely leveled. The immediate consequence coming to Xanders mind at the moment was that it was impossible to find a really good restaurant anywhere on the planet.

Setting down his spoon he eyed the other occupants of the room. They had been discussing the plan for the bank for a few hours now. It had become apparent to them that while the members present were extremely skilled in the force, weapons, lightsabers and all things deadly, none of them were exactly skilled bank robbers.

Rian looked around and said "I still think we can just go in and use a mind trick on the bank manager, to get him to give us what we need."

Bubbles looked at him patiently "Even a bank manager doesn't have the ability to pull out billions of dollars of credits to simply hand to someone. We need to be more subtle. We need a plan."

Xander picked up his spoon ready to go back to eating "Do we even know what the layout of the bank is? What sort of time frame are we looking at? I would like to get this done as well, however, is there a reason for us to be hasty?"

12 Hours Later
Galactic Center, First Alliance Bank Lobby

Xander sipped a soft drink as he leaned forward to speak to a pretty receptionist. Xander was a thin human, though it was obvious that he was well built. In most cultures he was what people would call handsome. The receptionist seemed very receptive to his charm, as she leaned forward showing ample amounts of cleavage. Xander actually preferred Twi'Lek women, but this was something to do while he watched the Auditor out of the corner of his eye. It was obvious that knowing the pattern of this man, and how he could be used to their gains was the key to the plan. The auditor appeared to have the ability to move freely through the bank, and had unfettered access to the banks systems. It also appeared that he had no immediate oversight when he was at the bank. The perfect key to their heist.


18-03-2011 18:28:09

Galactic Center, First Alliance Bank Security Service Office, Sublevel 1

Aslar and 8 other men stood straight in front of one of the Leaders of the 1st Alliance Security Service. The leader a man, nearly as tall and muscled as him, walked up and down them while he explained their daily orders, measuring them and their appearance, as he did so. He must have been in the Republic Army before he was recruited by the First Alliance. Stopping in mid sentence as well as in front of Aslar he fixed his gaze at the Half-breed. Without hesitation Aslar met the man’s eyes.
“You are Mick’s man right?” he said with his deep commanding voice. “He said you’ve been in the 285th Platoon?”

Aslar nodded, being a former Soldier in the Republics Army was part of his fake ID to provide him access to the security service of the First Alliance.

His Superior grinned at him: “I’ve been in the 127th, since I like you and you’ve been in the Army as well I will take care of you personally, we will set up position in a security check point on the 50th Floor.”

Now Aslar grinned too, this was getting better as it has been planned. A few minutes later they were on their way, chatting about things happened to them in the Army. Then in front of a lift they stopped and the man drew a small ID-card fixed to his belt through a thin cord. He slid it through a metallic slot at the next to the lift panel. A light green light popped up and the doors slid open without any sound.

Inside the cabin his Superior touched the button for the 49th Floor and the lift rushed upwards quietly. Aslar interrupted their “Army-stories” and asked:
“Wait a sec; I thought you said our Check Point is on the 50th Floor?”
“That’s true,” the Superior replied, “All Levels above the 49th have a higher Security access and that for special lifts too. The only way to get directly to the 50th is via the staircase.”

Rian nodded in acknowledge and changed back to their former chatting about their times in the Army.

Only seconds later they reached the 49th Floor the doors opened and the man led Aslar through luxury corridors to another Lift. Again the man was up to draw his ID-card to slide it through the panel but stopped in mid motion as he recognized a man already standing in front of the parting lift doors.

“Good Morning Sir.” Aslars Superior said his hand upraising to a respectful salute.

Aslar did his best to follow this gesture and mumbling a “good morning” on his own. Rian instantly identified the man. The man, the Auditor exactly, nodded slightly as if he hasn’t really recognized them being there then entered the cabin. Following in a respectful distance the two entered the cabin two.

Aslars heart was bumping; there he was, just a bare meter away from their main target with no chance to end this by now. Time seemed to pass in slow motion, his eyes again and again peering to the Auditor behind him. After seconds that seem to be hours the Lift stopped and the doors again slid open and the two left the lift now followed by the Auditor. On the left side of the Lift was the Check Point, a small open office with one desk, one computer device and two seats, on the desk laid a pad on which all who wants to pass have to subscribe. The Auditor subscribed and walked around a corner only to disappear in another luxury corridor.

After a brief exchange on what was going on in their shift, the two current security members handed the check-point over to Aslar and his Superior before they took the lift to get out of the building. When they finally were alone his Superior poked Aslar into the side and asked: “Hey boy, what was that actually going on in the lift? I haven’t you seen a manager earlier in your Life?”
Aslar feeling himself to be forced into the defense shrugged before he lied: “No, actually I wasn’t sure if I not knew this guy.”
His Superior shook his head and laughed out loud but replied nothing more.


21-03-2011 04:03:34

Bubbles leant back against the bar, cocktail in hand and took a moment to appreciate the scenery. One of the highest-class yet most nototious clubs in Coruscant, she really shouldn't have been surprised that this would be the choice of preference for her target. This was the sort of place that the movers and shakers of the city came to, where deals were sealed with more than just money. She allowed herself a gentle smile as she watched the women around the target fawn over him, and him brush them aside without a thought. "Some women really do have no idea" she mused to herself.

A stench of alcohol and tobacco wafted over her left cheek, followed by what she presumed was a drunken attempt at a chat up line. She fixed the gentleman concerned with a hard gaze, looked him purposefully up and down, "I really am way out of your league darling, you'd be far better off turning your attentions to the ladies over there." She gestured to a group of almost paralytic bankers aides giggling in a corner; and turned her attention back to the target.

He was watching her as she turned back, and she noticed a subtle look of approval cross his face as the drunkard staggered towards the clamorous pack she had directed him to. She fixed his gaze for a few seconds, for too long to be just passing interest, sipped the last of her cocktail and turned back to the bar.

As she waited for his approach, her earlier conversation with Rapitte echoed though her mind.

"We know he keeps most of his delicate information in a device in the inside pocket of his jacket. It's never out of his sight, and even if he were to take the jacket off, he's surrounded by guards at all times." Bubbs had nodded her agreement, although the guards were discrete, it was rare for less than four to have visual contact with the target at any one time.

"If we can get to that though, it will make things far easier, and involve our operation attracting a lot less attention." the Krath replied.

"I just don't see how we can though, short of setting up a mugging, but with the guards around him, it would be hard to pull off, and would just attract the unwanted attention of the authorities, and beyond that if the information was stolen it would be changed almost instantly, we'd have no time to analyse it before striking." Rapitte mused, "I really can't see a way for me to get to it."

The sense of someone approaching behind her pulled her thoughts back to the present time. Rapitte had been right, there had been no way for him to get to the information, but Bubbs at least stood a chance; getting the target alone should be easy enough, copying the information and getting out unscathed, that would be the challenge.

"I couldn't help but notice your glass is empty my dear," came the gruff voice from behind, "Perhaps I could rectify that for you?"

Rigar Ulrand

24-03-2011 16:11:31

Penthouse Apartment roof

Rigar sat overlooking the business district of Coruscant, watching as the lights moved throughout the city. They move as if they have no idea what's going on in the shadows of their life, ignorant to the subtle moves of everything around them. As they make there daily grind, they end their day to just do it all over again. Rigar sat and wondered if he could take the monotony of their lives, waking only to work and sleep always knowing that tomorrow won't be any different unless fate takes the entire world for a spin.

Penthouse Apartment
6 hours later

Rigar sat in the penthouse awaiting contact from bubbles regarding if her Intel gathering was successful. In the meantime as Xander was ordering another soup Rian had returned from his shift at the First Alliance bank with information of it's layout and how it worked. As the team gathered around Rian to hear what he had to say it had become quite clear that getting to the target on the 50th floor unchecked would be tricky. As the team pondered as to what course of action we could take bubbles voice spoke out over the communications receiver.

"Everything is in the clear, I have the data and I am returning."

"Good, get here as soon as you can." Responded Schiff.

Now with everything coming into place the team could take the next step into putting everything into motion.

A while had passed and Bubbles returned with the information she had gathered from the auditor. Rigar looked at bubbles and was about to speak but than she walked over to him.

She sternly said "Never question a lady on such matters."

Rigar took the hint and sat back down as the team decoded the information her mission had produced.


28-03-2011 12:19:17

Rian came back from the kitchen with a glass of water and couldn’t let go a smile by the words from the Epis, he knew his Tyro well, and for sure she was quite capable in fulfilling her missions to whatever it costs.

The moment they had realized how delicate the data brought up by the Daughter of Taldrya really was Schiff took his from out of his pocket and walked over to a shadowy corner of the room. Several minutes later he came back and everyone even without force sensivity would have seen that he must have got bad news from the person he was talking with.

“Things have changed,” said the Specialist. “since they tie our tracks with incredible speed, the DC assumes that they will tie all to the Dark Brotherhood within the next 24 hours.”

The message hung in the air seemingly frozen in time. Finally after what have seemed like several minutes but actually have been only one or two Shaz’air Taldrya raised his voice. With confident words he spoke: “Sergeant Schiff contact Team C, tell them that they should prepare for action. Tell them also that they need to get to 50th Floor of the First Alliance tomorrow at 09:00 Galactic Standardtime.”

“But my Lord how should they get into the 50th Floor, we still have no secured way to that area of the building.”

A slight smile ran over the Miralukas face.

“That’s not true Sergeant, we have Aslar, who will be in that area at that time, everything we need is to open up the door to the staircase so that Team C can enter that area.” After a small brake the Quaestor continued: “Aslar will release a fire alarm 15 minutes earlier so that the whole level will be evacuated all that Team C has to do is to disguise as firefighters, then join up with the real firefighters and use the chaos within the building to get from the lobby into the Staircase, from that point on they need to hurry since they won’t have much time to disable the information regarding the Brotherhood and the Iron Throne.”

Rian nodded at his Lord Quaestor and replied: “I will cause one of the server-cooling elements to overheat, only to let it look real.”

“That’s exactly what I was thinking of.” The Exarch said to the Tetrarch, then again to the whole group: “Rigar, you will wait in a speeder while Schiff and I take position in the Lobby and when the primary Target leaves the building we will engage. Bubbs you will ensure an escape route for Aslar and Team C, help Aslar if they get any trouble. Finally Anderson you will get to the spaceport, ready our ship for a quick take off. Okay Ladies and Gentlemen you all have your orders now prepare yourself for tomorrow.”

They parted and did as they have been ordered.

The next day Rian started his shift the same way as the previous day, with his superior giving his security team their daily duties. And like the last day Rian was assigned to guard the same check-point as the day before with him.

Coruscant 8:29 AM
Galactic Center, First Alliance Bank Security Service Office,
50th Floor

For what might have been the hundreds time Rian looked at the Clock on the computer terminal in the security office.

“What’s wrong with you man?” the superior asked. “You look like you are in a hurry… wait a moment… that’s not because of a girl isn’t it?"

Rian smirked. “No, I am fine, it’s just…” he started, “it’s just a feeling that something on our route, so couldn’t we start our walk now?”

The other man nodded and said before he lifted himself out of his chair. “If this let you feel lighter.”

They started their walk and exactly at 8:40 they passed the room with the server-cooling systems. “Wait didn’t you smell that too?” Aslar asked.

“No, I haven’t.”
“But I am sure I have smelled something like fire.”
“That’s probably ozon and electro-smog from the cooling systems.”
“Come’ on let’s take a look, remember I had a strange feeling maybe this is what I felt.”
“Ok, ok we risk a look.”
His superior said already fishing the ID-card out of his pocket. He unlocked the door and took a step into the room. Aslar placed himself firmly behind him into the doorframe.

“See there is…” he got no chance to say one more word as Aslar slammed his fist into the man’s face. He tumbled backward into the room and fell to the ground. Aslar closed the door behind him and walked over to the cooler. The man grunted and blood ran from his nose and mouth but he didn’t move as Rian took the ID-card. Aslar felt the time running but the controls were secured by another card. Without hesitation he drew his lightsaber from the inside of his jacket. The bright blue blade blazed to life and cut an aqua arc through the air as he brought it down into the body of the cooler. Lightning poured from the internals of the Cooler and seconds later the entire system started to wheeze and thin lines of smoke crackled out of its vents.

The instant Aslar left the room the cooler exploded a sharp loud alert sprung to life. Aslar shut down his blade and covered it again on the inside of his jacket before anyone could see it. Momentarily the corridors were filled with Employees. He ensured the evacuation of the floor without the employees getting in panic and when the lift raced down for the last time the clock tells it was 8:59. He made his way to the staircase-door where Team C was already waiting for him to open it. The 5 men from Team C passed him and he nodded at his leader showing them the office of the primary target.