A Reunion Of Sorts...


27-01-2011 09:05:27

Setting: Nar Shaddaa
Date: 33 ABY
Participants: Jaecyn Kai Interm, Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar

There was no such thing as peace on Nar Shaddaa. The light seems to be ripped into the darkness of the city. Into the evil of the city. You could hear it in peoples voices. The way they talked. The way they shuffled around trying to make just enough credits to make it to the next billing cycle. The evil of Nar Shaddaa, it was so easy to get lost in. So easy to drown yourself in the hell that everyone else tried so desperately to get out of.

Jaecyn Kai Interm had once been one of the most ambitious members of the Journeymen in the Dark Brotherhood. Rising from an initiate to a Jedi Hunter in a single Great Jedi War. He had the priviledge of learning under one of the best Dark Jedi he had known, Vivackus Kavon di Plagia. Now the Dark Jedi so many had believed in stumbled, like a drunken fool, down one of the many platforms that made up the high rises of Nar Shaddaa.

His lightsaber had long since ceased to work do to lack of maintenance and proper lightsaber etiquette. His ceremonial robes had been torn and tattered from lack of cleaning and care. His force powers had dwindled to barely anything from a constant drunken state. His hair, once nicely styled and reflected his handsome features now as shaggy and unkept. His eyes had long been glazed over from the effects of weeks without sleep and food, fromt the wear of battle and constant fighting.

This man was no longer Jaecyn, it was a shadow of the Dark Jedi Knight that had once been Jaecyn Kai Interm.

Jaecyn proceeded to stumble towards the local Cantina, the airlock swoooshing open then closed behind him. As he stumbled through the corridor that led into the main room of the Cantina the gentle bum bum bum of the Cantina became a thunderous BUMP BUMP BUMP as he emerged into the lighting of the giant circular room. Jaecyn less than gracefully moved to a table in the darkest area and awaited his waitress to come over.

"Should I get you the usual?" she asked with an impatient look on her face.

"That would be delightful" Jaecyn said, in between hiccups.

"No fighting this time, you hear me." she retorted forcefully.

"Now why would I do a thing light that?" Jaecyn slyly responded, his charm shattered by his obvious drunkenness.

The waitress turned on her heel and walked away, muttering "Why did you the last 8 times..." as she moved away. Jaecyn leaned his head back, scratching his five o'clock shadow waiting for his drink to arrive.


28-01-2011 10:04:06

Sanguinius scowled into his drink as he sat in an empty booth, the previous occupants having been persuaded to leave by the Templar. Times were tough, he had put up with those blasted Light-siders following his orders, and what did he have to show for it? Nothing but new bloody scars.

He had thanked Sashar, Timeros and Celahir for the extraction from New Tython and had begged their leave on the return journey to Selen, in doing so, the Templar had visited Nar Shaddaa, where he planned to drown his sorrows for a little while at least. Somewhere he could hide while doing so.

The Arconan looked up from his firenzian fire-root whisky to take in the view of the rather well preserved Cantina, well preserved for Nar Shaddaa anyway. The Anaxsi sensed something as the waitress stormed across the well-lit giant circular room, complaining about some drunkard.

Sanguinius smiled at that, probably some poor old bastard down on his luck, who better to torment some more, the Entar thought to himself. The Arconan swigged down his whisky, and then cursed as it burned his throat. Gathering his cloak, the Dark Jedi strolled across the Cantina towards the table where the waitress had come from. A drunk lolled there, dirty clothes, uncouth hair and all the rest. Someone to pity.

Sanguinius sat down at the table opposite the drunk, who somehow had a familiar glint in his eyes. "Can I offer you a drink?" the Templar asked, gearing up for his tormenting.


01-02-2011 10:19:19

Jaecyns eyes came down from the ceiling, but not to the man. His vision was blurred, vibrant colors and the feeling of being on a merry-go-round that was spun too fast haunted his equilibrium. Jaecyn steadied himself with one hand and looked over to the man.

"Depends on what your [hiccup] angle is"
Jaecyn managed to mutter out.

He pulled his sleeve up and tried to level his eyes on the man setting across from him but he could not get his vision to stop shifting. He was seeing three of whoever this man was. Strangely his voice sounded familiar, as if an echo of a forgotten dream. Jaecyn put the thought to the back of his mind and continued trying to focus on not falling over, let alone trying to figure out what this man wanted.


01-02-2011 16:52:21

Cethgus wanderer into a bar, his eyes scanned the room as he watched everyone’s movements. Taking a place in one of the corners, he watched two figures talking between themselves, his eyes glaring at them. Cethgus has come here to keep a close eye on his old student, as so he shut himself off; making sure that Sanguinius was unable to detect him.

A waitress came up to him, as he moved her to the side with his hand so he could keep line of sight up with the two other people. A grin coming to his face as he ordered a drink, just as she was going to walk away he spoke quietly.

“Can I smoke in this place” his voice antagonised the waitress as she walked away only to nod to him. Watching him draw a smoke from his cloak pocket his eyes transfixed on the two.

Lighting up the drag was clearly visible as his lungs inhaled the smoke. Breathing out he noticed that his drink was delivered to him as a grin came to his lips, watching the two men continue to talk he took a sip before going back to smoking, his lips continue to keep themselves in a grin as he watched both of them like a Hawk.