Seeking A Traitor


23-01-2011 20:24:15

- Yridia II
- Very tiny island

Mirado stood on the small island, letting the sun beat down on his face. Back home, he split his time between the mostly Tundra world of Tarthos, or stuck inside while on the blighted world of Gamuslag. This was, in a word, a wonderful change of pace.

The ocean lapped at the sand, the constant threat of the water to reclaim what land remained on the surface, and also at the toes of the Miraluka knight, who’d slipped his boots off the moment he’d located the downed shuttle not far from here. This was, for him, perfection.

But of course, there was always something to break that kind of awesome. Above him, a small freighter came to a hover, and began a slow descent. The Obelisk’s hand moved to his belt to check on the lightsaber he had clipped there, more a reflex than concern that he’d have to fight the Tarenti that Ronovi had sent to meet him.

The freighter landed after a moment, and powered down, which gave Mirado a chance to pull his socks and boots on. He rose to his feet and went to meet his partner, and was, in a word, shocked at what walked down the ramp.

At about a third of a meter tall, the Tarenti was much smaller than Mirado was planning on seeing, and though it was armored, it carried it’s helmet under it’s arm, and for a moment, Mirado couldn’t help but consider how the Tarenti would taste. That thought didn’t last long however, as his impromptu partner spoke up.

“Good day,” He said, the voice carrying male inflection. “I am Raimi Mistwalker. You are?”

“Mirado L’eonheart.” The Miraluka said simply, finding the businesslike demeanor of the Tarenti refreshing. “You have equipment?”

“I do, it’s in my ship.” the Krath said, and pointed towards the gangway.

Mirado shrugged, went inside, and gathered the things up, happy to see that the items fit into a pack. On his way back out, he pointed deeper into the island. “There’s a bit of a climb, whoever parked the shuttle here tried hiding it in a good sized cave.”

“Very well, let’s begin.” The Kushiban said, and let the Miraluka take the lead. On his way back from locating the shuttle, Mirado had used his vibroblade to cut a good path directly to the find, as he had no clue whether or not his partner was going to be wilderness capable, and looking at it in retrospect, it was probably a good idea.

They made quick travel, and the climb wasn’t so much an issue for Raimi, who made a massive leap to land at the opening to the cave, a leap unaided with the Force. He waited for a few minutes as Mirado climbed up, and once his partner was at the mouth of the cave, he moved to the shuttle.

“So, this is your job,” Mirado said plainly. “I’ll keep an eye out and make sure your back is covered.”

“I was told you used to be a bounty hunter, certainly you can be of some help in this.” Raimi said, annoyed that all the work was being placed on him.

“I suppose you weren’t told I was blind too?” Mirado asked, opening his eyelids wide to show the distinct lack of eyes in his skull.

“No, I wasn’t.” Raimi said. “You’re Miraluka?”

“I am,” Mirado replied. “And Obelisk. Don’t worry, your back is covered. You want your equipment inside the shuttle or at the gangway?”