The Most Dangerous Game

Severon V

22-01-2011 15:49:49

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Eden City; Yridia IX

The streets of the Eden City were crowded, even on as rainy a day as it was. The clouds, dark and think, loomed overhead, and let loose their load of water down upon the crowded streets. The mood was dark, almost as dark as the one of the figure that flitted through the many bodies of the commoners of Yridia. He wasn't noticed by any, and was unhindered as he made his way to the famous Mirage casino.

The bright neon lights of the casino contrasted with the man as he weaved through patrons toward the back of the casino, and into the elevator. The elevator descended, and the man exited onto yet another entertainment area. After making a small series of trips, he arrived in the secret base of the shadowy Yridian Surface Command INTEL force. Guards dressed in ominous black, hovered by all crucial doorways, armed with weapons that were extremely deadly, though without the bulk of normal security forces.

The man bypassed several guard checkpoints to find his office, a dark room with a durasteel desk and black leather chair. He sat quickly, and pulled up several files on his personal computer quickly. After being head of INTEL for a few months, the man had grown used to the schedule, and moved with fluid precision.

After scanning a series of miscellaneous files, he activated the list of active bounty's posted for Tarentum. The list was organized from the most important to the least important and was extremely efficiently laid out so that when a bounty was carried out, it was automatically updated.

As the man's eyes scanned the list, a particular group of names caught his eye. Wanted for Treasonous Acts Against The King it was entitled, and the man's eyes locked on a certain bounty, and narrowed hatefully. The man began to fume as he read and slammed his fist on the desk. "Damn you Vercingetorix," he cursed.

His fingers tapped angrily on his desk as he fumed. The bounty had been posted two months ago...too long for a traitor to live. The man's fury rose at the date.

Then, he smiled. This was his chance, his chance to return honor to Tarentum, and to get even with the man who had gained his trust before, and squandered it for his false ideas of "nobility".

He mashed the com button on his desk, and waited. A smooth, female voice replied, "Yes, Director Fortea?"

The man smiled coldly. "Activate the bounty for Severon Vercingetorix. Send it to my personal pad. I'm going after the traitor myself."

"As you wish."