Ultimate Treasure Hunt

Severon V

03-08-2010 23:07:11

0900 Hours, Yridia IX, The Bloody Rancor Cantina

Severon, Syrna and Jagen sat together in a booth drinking Yridian fire whiskey, a favorite pastime of the three. Severon burst into a peal of laughing at one of Jagen's jokes and Syrna raucously slapped Jagen's back, almost making him choke on his drink, which only made Severon laugh harder. The three were having a merry time, and Severon called to the bartender for another round.

Suddenly, a mysterious figure appeared and sat down next to the Warrior. The three stopped laughing and instinctively reached for their lightsabers. The man held up his hands, showing that he was not an enemy. Severon turned to him, still fingering his lightsaber. "Speak," he growled. "Why do you mess with us?"

"You are Dark Jedi yes?" the man asked in a high, nasally voice. He had watery eyes, and mousey brown hair. His eyes flicked from one Dark Jedi to the next, knowing that they were not to be trifled with.

"Yes we are, and we could kill you easily if you continue to disrupt us without reason," Jagen said in a low voice.

"No, no I do not wish to take up your time. I just know that no one but Dark Jedi could help me find the treasure I seek. However, I will not take up any more of your time..."

"Treasure?" Syrna interrupted. "What treasure?"

"Only the wealth of the great Exar Kun. Located on Yavin IV deep in the jungle. I found a map, locked in one of the Sith Lord's former palaces."

"How in the world did you get the map if you need our help to get the treasure?" Severon asked.

"That is not important. What is important is that if you help me, you will each get 25% of the findings, which is enough for three Star Destroyers."

Severon turned to Syrna and Jagen, saw their heads nodding, and turned back to the man. "Very well," he said calmly. "We will help you find your treasure, but under one condition, you do anything against this agreement and we will kill you."

"Understood o master of evil. By the way, my name is Koras Multan. Meet me at my ship by no later than tomorrow evening at 7. It is easy to spot as it is the only freighter of it's kind in the dock. I will explain more there."

The man took off as quickly as he had come, leaving the three to think about what they had stepped into. A smile lit up Jagen's face and he whispered eagerly, "Treasure! We'll be rich!"

Syrna was just as excited. She twitched eagerly. "Did you hear him, he said enough for three Star Destroyers, that's enough to buy a palace here!"

Severon, however, felt uneasy. It was all too convenient. A strange man, a mysterious treasure, and all he needed were three Dark Jedi to help him. Somehow, it just didn't all add up. But Severon agreed with his friends and decided to force back his precautions. "I don't know about you, but I think I'm going to retire, with one of those Twi'lek dancing girls."

Jagen whooped and Syrna scowled as Severon swept a Twi'lek off the stage, tossed some credits on the bar, and headed off for one of the cantina's private suites.


07-08-2010 23:57:52

The young waiter almost dropped his drink load when the drunken Severon brushed roughly against him on his way to his private room with the dancer’s arm locked firmly in place with his own.

“Sir,” the waiter called attention as he sat the glass of wine and remainder of the bottle in front of the young Priest. Domaine de la Maison sur le Lac was an aristocratic drink that Jagen loved to enjoy with a little quiet time. Made famous during the Rise of the Empire, the peach-colored wine had now become an expensive variety that was very uncommon in bars such as this.

“That’s quiet an expensive brand. You sure you want to buy the whole bottle?” Syrna questioned.

“The way I see it; if this guy pulls through, I’m about to be a rich man anyway, so why not celebrate?” Jagen let out with a laugh. “Besides, I love this wine. It’s my favorite.”

Jagen poured the lady a glass of her own before reclining back into his seat. Taking a short sip and savoring the taste, Jagen let out a deep breath while the alcohol vapors lingered in the back of his throat. “Good wine in such a dump like this? Well I guess we got lucky this time.”

“Well yeah, you’re telling me,” Syrna added as she motioned over to a small rodian in the midst of a fight with a much larger brute of a human.

“Treasure…” Jagen let his words linger before he finished. “Do you think that guy is actually telling the truth?”

“He’d better be,” Syrna answered with menace. “Living around here, he should know not to screw with dark jedi.”

Syrna was soon interrupted by an angry looking Severon who was charging his way through the bar over to his recently vacated seat.

Jagen erupted in laughter as Severon plopped into his chair and grabbed the bottle of Domaine de la Maison sur le Lac. “So… What happened to that fine-looking Twi’lek girl?” Jagen poked at his friend Sev.

The young Warrior met his eyes with a friendly, but angry look. “Nothing. And that’s the problem.” Severon finished, met with a fierce gaze from Syrna.

“It’s a good thing anyway,” Jagen finished. “I’d say it’s time we finish up here and get some rest. The sun’s going to rise pretty soon, and we have to meet this man early.”