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31-07-2010 17:31:34

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31-07-2010 17:31:58

Dark Hall

Private Meeting Room

“Thank you all for coming. I know how busy everything has been as of late, and the Grand Master is appreciative”.

Only a few of those gathered made any effort to acknowledge the Voice, the rest staring intently at the man at the head of the table.

“It has been sometime since the entire Dark Council has gathered in person. Due to the nature of the galaxy and our own trials, we have felt it best that we clear the air now so that we may all move forward”.

Halcyon had been moving around the darkened room as he spoke, attempting to make eye contact with each of the gathered dark jedi. There were many new faces to the group, the recent organizational changes causing a domino effect in the now-House leadership. Few returned his gaze, those that did giving only the barest of nods in acknowledgment. As he finished his small introduction, the Voice took his seat at the table beside the Kaleesh Sith, Ma`ar letting out a small grunt of frustration in response to what he thought of this meeting.

Muz’s hands moved up the side of his ornate seat, pushing himself up to address everyone before a sliver of light entered the room. A figure stood shadowed within the light, the form never having set off the senses of any of those inside. Instinct took over for the Councillors, a kaleidoscope of light pushed back the darkness as multiple lightsabers were ignited in an instant.

The figure seemed to waver for an instant before another gout of light burst into the room, washing over each of the dark jedi and disappearing in the same moment.

“Ach, Captain! We have intruders aboard!”
“Bones…who…are they?”
“Dammit Jim, I’m a Doctor, not a damn mind reader”.

The dark jedi stood motionless, surrounded by humans in brightly-coloured uniforms, the enclosed area a gaudy mix of consoles and colour.


08-08-2010 16:12:24

Alpha Quadrant
USS Enterprise


"I want a shiny lead pipe like that one! I reckn' I could beat the warp core with 'er!" Scotties voice broke the silence, standing behind the tall wax figure with pointed ears. The Headmaster's eyes narrowed as the man pointed to his "lead pipe"; which in fact was his lightsaber.

Sabers sprang to life in unison, each Dark Councilor forming a circle around their Grand Master. Muz was the only one who didn't ignite his twin blades, rather looking curiously at the bridge of the alien ship. Taigikori and the Fist stood in the front, their blades crossing each other to form a barrier. The silence was astounding, seconds felt like minutes as they all huddled together. Something had to be done. Were they friend or foe? What sector of space was this, and how did they get there? Too many riddles for the Headmaster, though his aptitude and knowledge of the force ran deep due to his access of the Dark Vault's most prized Sith and Jedi holocrons. He was none the wiser to their predicament.

"M'lord, what are your orders?" Taigikori's voice broke the statuesque silence.

Muz stared into the eyes of what seemed to be the Captain of the ship, their eyes locking on to one another. His hands brushed over his saber hilts, though his Krath training pricked his inquisitive nature. A single bolt of energy came from behind the officers of the strange vessel, aimed straight for the huddled group of Dark Jedi. Taigikori raised his blade, and the frozen Council came alive...


08-08-2010 16:44:00

With a swooping motion, Taigikori caught the tail end of the bolt with his saber, watching it sizzle into non-existence in a different direction. All the strange uniformed men recoiled at the sight of the colored blade, staring at it out of a mixture of fear and curiosity. The man who appeared to be the captain of the ship spoke in strange, dissected intervals, as if he were having a stroke between each phrase.

" do that?"

Taigikori frowned. "Do what?"

"That thing...with...the energy." The captain looked at a blue-uniformed man with strangely pointed ear. " it?"

"I cannot, captain," "Spock" replied in a clear, emotionless voice.

The Dark Jedi exchanged looks once again. It appeared that these people were not attempting to be hostile, but it was clear that the Councillors were seen as an endangerment. Of course, Muz knew that the person to speak first would be doing it out of sheer confusion and slight irrationality. And that person was none other than the quick-tempered Quaestor of Tarentum, Ronovi Tavisaen Tarentae.

"Okay, I can't take it anymore. Who are you guys and why are you here? Don't make me choke it out of you!" she said, in a shrouded attempt to appear intimidating. It did not seem to work on Spock.

"That is highly illogical," he said, and Ronovi's eyebrows arched in a perplexed expression. "We are merely people seeking peace within the galaxy. We are a diplomatic team in charge of finding new planets to come together in an intergalactic harmony."

"Doesn't sound like our cup of tea," Ronovi muttered. Halcyon gave her a look that shut her up.

"So, where are we then?" Smoke hissed.

"You are aboard the Starship Enterprise," Spock replied. "I am Spock, and this is James Kirk, captain of the Enterprise."

"So...who...are you, then?" Kirk seemed to force the words out of his system. Taigikori couldn't help but grin.

"Our identities are none of your concern," Muz finally stated, his quiet voice seeping into the room and causing everyone on this "Enterprise" to flinch. "But we have need of you now. You can take us back to our system, Antei, or face the consequences."

"Antei," Spock muttered. "I cannot say I have ever heard of such a system."

" you...know where...Ant-ay is?"

"Damn it, Jim, stop it. I'm a doctor, not a geographer."

"What purpose do you have with this system?" Spock asked.

"Easy," Muz stated. "It is our home system. And we'd like to get back to it."

"And what will you do if we instead incarcerate you? After all, you are intruders."

Ronovi laughed. "Listen to him," she said. "Actually questioning the people with lightsabers. What do you think, guys? Should we cut the talking?"

"Oh, that's easy enough," Muz said, and for the first time he ignited his twin blades, holding them criss-crossed in front of the seemingly dyslexic captain. "Let's see what gets them to cooperate."