Operation Junkyard Ooc


13-07-2010 10:20:43

Everyone should have received the initial "briefing". Please feel free to use this forum to discuss the Run-On and plan out your posts. Feel free to also post any questions or comments you may have on the Run-On, as I will be looking in regularly


13-07-2010 11:15:36

All right, 'air-drop' squad.. :) Looking forward to working with you folks.


13-07-2010 13:01:26

Distraction duty? Now I know you hate me!


Sa Ool

13-07-2010 15:25:45

Oh come on Sir Distraction duty shouldn't be that hard for us.......

Kano Tor Pepoi

13-07-2010 18:02:01

Nothing better than a good ole distraction. Helps that you have a Mando on the team that is pretty good at getting shot at. :P


13-07-2010 19:23:38

Vodo, you've got distraction duty and I've got detective duty. I'd say we're pretty set on any and all duties beginning with d. :D

Sa Ool

13-07-2010 22:17:02

I really don't care that I am on Distraction duty. The way I see it is I get a chance to Kill something, eihter it be a droid or some one with a cybernetic to what ever.


14-07-2010 00:22:35

should be a good time! Haven't done one of these in ages. Might be because there hasn't been a good one in ages


14-07-2010 03:43:22

I'm just thoroughly surprised someone picked me :P

Woo, Team Distraction/Die!


14-07-2010 10:08:51

To Aabs' squad: Our secret entrance will be one of the Headmaster's hidden hangar bays escape tunnels 10 km away that I show you to. We'll enter there and begin making our way towards the Academy, meeting whatever along the way. Also, since I'm at a convention right now, if I don't post by Friday at noon then Lambow can go ahead and post. But I'll make time to post.

Can't wait to get things rolling. This should be fun! Home turf ftw


14-07-2010 13:24:12

To the rest of Team Fly; I'm definitely looking forward to this. Tis been a while since we had a good, solid Brotherhood-wide RO and the story is definitely believable. I look forward to working/writing with you all!...oh and jumping out of a transport. That's a major plus :w00t:


14-07-2010 13:30:57

break into a enemy controlled area through a secret passage only Aabs knows, killing anything that gives us a hard time...? I LIKE IT!! :D


14-07-2010 13:47:56

I've just posted the general rules and awards on the main thread. Let me know if anything appears to be missing, or something needs to be clarified

Traan Reith

14-07-2010 19:37:49

Just to clarify, team leads post first, before team members? Or is it any order at all, provided it lends the feel of cohesiveness to the story, and follows all the other rules?


14-07-2010 19:41:40

Anyone can post at anytime...everyone has all of the information necessary to post. The team leaders are there for fictional purposes only. Posting itself is a free-for-all...remember, you're all competing against one another for those shinies


14-07-2010 20:55:15

Sorry for the reserved post and then the actual post, guys. Forgot to hit edit rather than "add." Yay, me. :blink:


14-07-2010 21:01:21

Team fly, I'll be posting in the morning (late night for the yanks), I suggest you guys read up on HALO drops and imagine that with wings, I think that's what we'll be trying to do =P


14-07-2010 23:59:29

If Ron's accidental "Reserved" past needs to be deleted, I can do that. I wasn't sure if Clan Summit accounts could do that, Halc. If you're keeping it there to deduct points... then.... eh :P


15-07-2010 03:52:40

Halc told me he'd delete it if he had mod powers in this forum, so I think it's okay to remove it. He'll just taunt me about it no matter what.


15-07-2010 08:12:07

So... Um, I'd like to apologize about saying we were coming out of hyperspace. About an hour after I posted I recalled that Lyspair is Antei's moon, and thus right there by it. My bad, lol. Either way we're in the drop ships. I'll just take the loss of realism points there.


15-07-2010 08:15:01


You forgot where the SA was? :P


15-07-2010 09:39:28

Sorry for the double-post, but just reminding everyone that there are also non-force users on your teams. Remember, you're working with part of the 75th Special operations, as detailed in our briefings.


15-07-2010 16:13:22

Is it ok if I change my character sheet? Force Points and Ligthsaber Forms will be the same, it's pretty much just the physical information so it has no impact on how I would write myself or how other members can write me. I've been meaning to do it but family matters got the better of me and it slipped my mind. Apologies.


15-07-2010 17:12:38

Regarding Vodo's post, I found one sentence to be kind of...weird:

"Unlike the second and fourth teams, he and master Dupar had chosen their Dark Jedi due to the nature of their missions."

That's a pretty big assumption, isn't it? I don't think I ever wrote my posts going, "She chose her Dark Jedi due to whatever reason." In fact, I didn't mention her saying why she chose her men at all. If anything, she could have chosen them for the exact same reason Vodo did. Just an example of being careful putting thoughts into a character's head when you're not sure if said thoughts are exactly accurate. My two cents.


15-07-2010 17:21:35

So you're pretty much saying that Ronovi wouldn't have picked Sang, right? Only nicely :P


15-07-2010 17:24:52

Actually, I was under the impression, according to Halcyon's first post, that we were assigned our teams fictionally. And by that I mean all four of our teams, not just Dash and me. Halc may say otherwise, but that was the vibe I got when he wrote how they gathered up all the Dark Jedi on Antei, implying that they arranged everything for us, and we didn't say who we preferred beforehand.


15-07-2010 17:50:41

I did reach a little on this, I'll admit. It wasn't a slight on anyone, just adding depth and flavor to the story. It was supposed to read more like that they alone had chosen their teams. I'll change it to reflect that.


15-07-2010 17:52:14

Thanks, Vodo. I appreciate it.

EDIT: Actually, I'm still a bit confused. Why would Vodo and Aabsdu choose their teams but Sashar and I wouldn't? Seems a bit random, doesn't it, especially when Sashar and I have pretty specific tasks for our teams as well?


15-07-2010 22:52:18

Nice posts, Aabs and Aesir. Now I gotta familiarize myself with the people I don't know on the breaking and entering team, then on with the post.

(Despite the fact that I gotta be up at 4 AM. Meh to that! =P)


16-07-2010 08:23:06

Answer the question Roni, would you or wouldn't you have picked me for your team :P

Kano Tor Pepoi

16-07-2010 10:25:54

I know it is probably going to effect my score but I had to squeeze a rushed post in before I head to FL on an unplanned drive in like 3 hours. I will be keeping up on my cell and will totally make up for it on Sunday or Monday.


16-07-2010 11:57:50

I would have picked you, Sang :P

And Lambow, I know we sorta moved fast in terms of getting on planet, but if you think about it we have several kilometers of tunnel to walk down and converse. Heh

Also, Halcyon, could you clarify the rule on editing posts? I thought you couldn't, but.... Yeah....


16-07-2010 13:07:49

I thought the rule was pretty clear...no editing of posts once it's been posted :P

Of course, only exception is if you make a "claim" post and then make your actual post after. It's my job to sort through the inconsistencies when judging, but please don't modify posts after the fact. You can discuss/clarify things between yourselves here, but the actual posts have to stand on their own merits


16-07-2010 13:35:46

All right, all right, I'll be a sap - Yes, I wanted to have you on my team, Sang. Happy? :P


16-07-2010 23:58:07

For clarification and just to show off, I want to point out some references in my posts, so my other team members can write the character properly. First of all, my first post references Quadrant 11-38... which is THX 1138 :D

The slicer's name, Ereb, is alluding to the Greek God Erebos, God of Darkness and the Shadows. So that gives you a little somethin'-somethin' about how we could possibly develop him. The slicer is certainly a character we should spend time on, since we can do pretty much anything with him... except kill him... yet ;)

I get home Sunday, at which point I'll be able to post from a more relaxed state, and more often. Things have started out great, though. Can't wait to see where this goes!


17-07-2010 00:21:10

All right, guys, so we've got two teams on the ground: my team and Aabsdu's team. A few things I want to remind my teammates before they post:

1. There is no certainty as to whether or not the site we are securing still has droids. My guess is if there are still droids, they would be few and far between. No swarms of droids would be loitering around when they've got an academy to seize.

2. We will be trekking on foot to the crater, using probably two speeders (given that the use of vehicles, according to Halcyon, is strictly limited, those speeders will most likely be our only vehicles). Keep in mind, the air on Lyspair is thin. It's breathable, but moving too fast in it could cause fatigue. Having your character run around (literally), therefore, may not be such a good idea.

3. Remember, our primary goal is to secure the crater, and our secondary goal is to figure out what's causing these droids to spaz and where they could possibly be coming from. Only when we have those done (the secondary at least somewhat) should we go to our tertiary goal - helping out the other squads.

Any questions you may still have, feel free to ask me. :)

EDIT: Just to clarify: "5 km from target" means "initial objective." The initial objective involves the Shadow Academy, not our team's specific task. That being said, the crater can be much farther away than 5 km.


17-07-2010 13:18:56

Anyone on Vodo's Team can respond to my question, just thought I'd try and get some interaction going.


18-07-2010 01:26:16

Huh. Ruluk, reading your post...I thought I said two speeders in this thread, six soldiers with us in two of my posts. I also said that most likely droids would not be flowing from the site. I specifically told you all this in PMs on IRC, even.

Marick's going to write something to explain just how we magically got four more men, but...just wanted to point that out. :S


18-07-2010 11:11:02

Huh. Ruluk, reading your post...I thought I said two speeders in this thread, six soldiers with us in two of my posts. I also said that most likely droids would not be flowing from the site. I specifically told you all this in PMs on IRC, even.

Marick's going to write something to explain just how we magically got four more men, but...just wanted to point that out.  :S

Fixed it xP


18-07-2010 13:59:31

Thanks, Marick. Just be careful next time, okay, Ruluk? We gotta keep continuity here.


19-07-2010 14:14:46

Okay, Xantros, you gotta cool it with your character. Ronovi is an Obelisk Prelate - she has done her research, and your character is in absolutely no place to criticize her perspective. She has a lot more experience than you think and she has seen a lot more than you imagine her to. I strongly advise you read her wiki page before anything else. Also, you wrote later on that only three or four people knew your history - so how do you expect her to know that stuff? It's not in books anywhere. Who would have told her?

Also, please stop calling Marick a problem in the unit. He's not. His character works as a guy who doesn't like taking orders from women. That's fine. I'm cool with that, as long as the stuff his character does doesn't hurt the team. And so far, it hasn't. What you are learning right now is that if you do not respect other people's characters, they will not respect yours. Think of the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

EDIT: Ah, nothing like a nice chat to clear matters up. We coo', Xan'. We coo'.


20-07-2010 10:15:00

Sorry folks, for some reason the forum cut off the second half of my post :S

I'll make sure it doesn't happen again later on


20-07-2010 13:28:17

Hey just wondered if we could try putting this bold text in the start of the post saying like "Alpha One One, Secret tunnel" or something... Easier to know like which team the person belongs to. I just thought so that we won't need to check up which team everyone is in every time they're making a post :P

Sa Ool

20-07-2010 23:51:30

Sorry Everyone I have been busy in Real Life but now that I have some free time I cna tyr to psot.


21-07-2010 08:06:10

Hi Balia, sorry but I had to delete your reserve post. You need to get your post in within a few hours of reserving a spot. You can still post, but just in case someone else was waiting to post, they are now able to as well


21-07-2010 16:32:43

Putting little location texts at the top like in Fate of the Jedi works fine for me. Keeps things organized


22-07-2010 19:30:24

Okay, no one's really posted, but with the changes in the Brotherhood, it's safe to assume that for this storyline our ranks and past positions remain the same, right? i.e. in this run-on I'm still Consul?


22-07-2010 20:25:06

Yes...whatever you were stays exactly the same


25-07-2010 15:37:14

Hey guys,

It's been a weird week for me, sorry I haven't been posting, but I'll get on one today and hopefully do better up to August 10th. Gotta catch-up with where things are.... ugh


25-07-2010 17:08:00

Just to let everyone know that Sidarace has dropped out of the Run-On due to lack of time. He was on Alpha One One, so while his character is still around, he will not be posting himself. Feel free to utilize the character in your posts


26-07-2010 11:51:07

Hey all,

I apologize for my lack of postage, especially to my fellow Alpha One-Two members, but with the whole downsizing and it's fallout as well as having RealLife company, it's been hectic. But I promise to get a post out today or tomorrow.



31-07-2010 21:53:10

Hey guys (again)

As of tomorrow, I'll be on leave for one week (till August 7th). As such, I will be unable to post in the RO (or do much DB stuff except check my Gmail and access mIRC from my phone). So, to ensure that I still get a "slice of the pie" as it's said, anyone in Alpha One-Two (Team Fly, commanded by Sashar) can write my character.

Just check my dossier's character sheet and have fun. The only two things I ask is..
1) Don't kill him off
2) Don't grievously wound him/make him lose a limb

A little blurb about Talos: He's a young man, about 23 standard years of age and a fledging military officer as well as the Aedile of House Qel-Droma (since we're writing Junkyard as if we're still Clans). He's been trained in commando tactics by Arconan special forces and takes order very well, though he's not really strong on giving them. He's pretty tolerant of the non-Force-Sensitives in A-1-2 as well as the non-Arconans.

As for his kit, he's wearing black fatigues with durasteel plating covering the chest, groin, shoulders, forearms, and feet. He's armed with his lightsaber (Spectrum hilt, bronze blade), a Prax Arms AXM-50 "Blast and Smash" rifle, as well as a WESTAR-35 blaster pistol.

Thanks guys ('specially Alpha One-Two) and sorry for the inconvenience. I'll be back and ready to jump in on August 7th. Have a great week!



02-08-2010 22:57:35

Sang, aren't you gonna post your second half? I was actually waiting on that.

If not, I may post something once I have some time in my hands.


03-08-2010 17:00:05

So I finally posted again. Let's get things rolling and see where this goes! My team is now in the Academy, so you guys have free reign to rescue people and kill droids as you come across them. Except for Lambow, who is with me, heh. Don't worry, we'll have fun.

Kano Tor Pepoi

03-08-2010 21:57:56

I agree, lets get this thing going. Not much time left and a lot of tin to scrap.


04-08-2010 19:23:36

So since my team is technically responsible for finding out just what's infecting these droids, I was wondering if I could throw some ideas around. Aabs, you seemed to imply something in your latest post, so I'm going to write up a list of ideas and see which one computes.

1. Former ally of Crask activates droids to finish Crask's mission even if Crask is dead.
2. Virus implanted by Crask to be activated at a later time, like it was lying dormant.
3. Virus implanted by an actual Brotherhood member, perhaps from the Shadow Academy, in a manner of betrayal or allegiance to the dead Crask.

What do you think?


05-08-2010 05:47:19

Personally, I was leaning, in my thinking of the situation, towards #2 or #3. My thoughts: part of Crask still exists in the Academy Sith Lord-style. Maybe he infected a youngling into activating the droids or whatnot. At least, that's where I planned on going with my character's personal arc. Either way, that has been my rough intentions of plot progression since the start.

Of course... run-ons change drastically all of a sudden, so who knows


07-08-2010 16:02:35

I know that the Run-On was originally only scheduled to run until the 10th, but it can easily be extended until the end of this month if you all want to try and really complete things. Just let me know


07-08-2010 17:45:59

I'm all for it. Although, admittedly, I was expecting posting to pick up more than it has. I support it, though


07-08-2010 18:58:00

I'm all for extending the deadline. I'd like to see how this story concludes.

Kano Tor Pepoi

07-08-2010 19:40:30

I would really like to see it end because I would like to use it as the basis for my transfer from Naga Sadow to Arcona..

Kano Tor Pepoi

08-08-2010 17:18:02

I'm not sure how I went from having weapons slung across my back to being a stereotypical jetpack wearing lame cliche..

Traan Reith

08-08-2010 18:22:16

I'm for extending the deadline, as I plan on posting soon, and should be able to keep up now that RT has settled down better.


08-08-2010 23:19:06

Maybe you borrowed the jetpack from one of the soldiers. Jetpacks are always fun...... unless you're a Fett


09-08-2010 06:50:26

I'd like to see the RO extend until the end of the month. I think alot of us have time management problems due to the changes in the structure of the DB, not to mention the fact that it's summer holidays time.


09-08-2010 10:49:48

Done...extended for the rest of the month. Go nuts everyone!


09-08-2010 15:31:18

Squirrels beware, all nuts have been rerouted to the run-on!


14-08-2010 23:29:56

Sorry Kano, it was an error on my part. I was glancing over the Dramatis Personae I drew up for our squad and figured that pretty much all Mandos would have a jet pack.


15-08-2010 14:17:42

Come on guys, where has all the posting been? We've got to move this thing along before the end of the month. It's really good, and I for one for like to see it all the way through.


15-08-2010 14:51:11

I posted recently, so I'm just waiting for our team members to pick up the ball. Not sure where they all went...


16-08-2010 07:46:15

Posting tomorrow, free internet only gives me a hour on mondays...and I have work I need to do asap haha.

Sorry Ronnie :P


17-08-2010 16:12:14

Sorry I haven't been posting. With my senior year starting on thursday I haven't had a lot of time. Once I catch up on the story so far, i'll post.


28-08-2010 02:54:17

So Halc, what day will you be officially closing this run-on? Sadly, it doesn't look like it will finish. I'll definitely pull in at least one more post, though. Too bad, it was a cool story......


28-08-2010 03:57:47

Yeah...I really tried to keep pushing my group's storyline, but it can't really work if no one's willing to help out... :(


28-08-2010 05:39:14

Hey. I'm trying alright? I've got to wait till 3 posts after my last post until I can post again according to the rules. :P


30-08-2010 09:27:53

Would like to have this finished by the end of the month. If there are volunteers to help "close" the various loose-ends, that would be great and we can have at least an ending to the whole Run-On.

So it can either be one post, or a couple of you can close things off in a couple of posts. Sound off if you want a part in it


30-08-2010 13:52:21

I'll post a little something to finish off Lambow/Ereb/Taig/me in the SA as well as the rest of my group that was getting survivors. It'll be weird because it happens so fast, but eh :P


30-08-2010 16:20:00

I'll see if I can wrap up our side of the fight. I was going to have us finally find evidence linking to a youngling being responsible for the virus, due to coersion from Crask or a shade of Crask. Aabs, do you want to possibly imply that in your post and I'll just work off of it?


31-08-2010 17:00:21

I like shade of Crask, kind of like a force ghost, except not fully realized. More like that presence that is there but cannot be seen. We can mention something about how the Dark Council is going to put together a separate task force of super mystical people to rid the Academy of the enigma


31-08-2010 20:44:23

Okay, tell you what: Later tonight, I will have a post up detailing Ronovi and Kid discovering the younglings' work. Then you (Aabs) can wrap up your story and the story of the other teams. Hopefully I'll have a post up by 10 or 11 PM Pacific Time.


01-09-2010 01:01:47

That sounds fine. I don't have class Wednesday so I'll get my post up after I see your's, and then that will settle the run-on! Even if it isn't as developed as we would have liked :(


01-09-2010 13:38:50

Hey, sorry about the delayed post. I know I said I'd do it last night, but reading for class, SA work, and friends distracted me. The post is up now, though, and I hope it works.