Frontline Deception


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Estle City: Ninth Tier, the Citadel

The time for the summertime Summit Gathering had come once again and as such, the throne room in the Arconan Citadel was filled with all of the Clan notables; both Quaestors and Aediles of the Twin Houses, the Clan Rollmaster, as well as the six Battleteam Leaders but two of them, Zod Ramiel and Zandro Savric Erinos Arconae, were providing protection for their respective assignees. Zod and Wolf Guard oversaw the security for Driftan Housan as HQD Quaestor while Zandro did likewise for not only Consul Sashar Arconae but also Celahir Erinos, the new Proconsul.

The aforementioned Consul, Sashar, was seated on the Serpentine Throne and currently held the floor:

"And so, that is my proposal for the revitalization of the Battleteams..." said the deep voice of the Mandalorian, though for this week-long debate Sashar had traded in his gray beskar'gam for the Shadesworn Robes of Arcona, dyed black and blue in honor of the Obelisk Order and etched with sigils of the Sworn. He wasn't the only one who had deviated from their normal attire; each member who qualified, the criteria being the rank of Dark Jedi Knight or above, was also clad in Order-representing Shadesworn robes.

"Thank you, my Lord. Unless there are objections, I present the dais to Driftan Housan, Quaestor of Qel-Droma" said Celahir, the Proconsul motioning to his former Aedile to come forth and take the black obsidian steps. The Dark Jedi Knight walked towards Arcona's seat of power and bowed to Celahir and Sashar who returned the genuflection with nods.

As he moved, Jedi Hunter Zod Ramiel matched his every step and only stopped when Driftan motioned for him to stay at the foot of the dais as he got up on the middle step.

"Brothers...and sister" began the Quaestor, smiling at Inarya (the only female present) in apology. He was about to continue when the heavy doors to the throne room burst open.

"LORD CONSUL!" gasped an exhausted figure. As he approached the gathering, it was revealed that he was a member of the Dajorra Defence Force, a young man holding the rank of Sergeant.

All of the Summiteers in the throne room held their breaths as they turned to Sashar. Each knew that the interruption of a Gathering was something that the lead Arconae would not condone. This was confirmed when the Mandalorian answered the now doubled over Sergeant in not a yell but in a soft and silky tone...and everyone in that room knew that when Sashar spoke in that tone, he was very angry.

"What is it, Sergeant?"

Between ragged gasps, the NCO replied

"Sir...there's a...hostage situation in the city..fifth tier"

Arconae's only reply was an animal-like growl.

"My must understand. The hostage takers...they're Force-Users!" stuttered the DDF soldier. The growl immediately ceased and the Lord Consul nodded, dismissed the Sergeant, and then turned to Driftan who was still standing on the dais to the Throne.

"I glimpsed a memo yesterday that your Wolf Guard have counterterrorism training?"

Driftan nodded his head before speaking "They do my Lord. In fact, they returned but two days ago from CTU training"

"Very well; send them. Resolve this matter!" ordered the Erinos Patriarch but those last few words were more directed towards Commander Zod Ramiel than Housan.

Estle City: Fifth Tier

The terrorists; one Acolyte, three Apprentices, and two Novices, along with their four Clawdite"handlers" dove to the floor next to their hostages (a Estle News reporter and her holo-net crew) as the bay windows shattered and deposited the six men of the Wolf Guard Battleteam (or, as the Dajorra Sector Police believed, the Counterterrorism Unit) in the wide common area of the penthouse suite that the Fracture (as the Dark Jedi terrorists called themselves, much to the chagrin of the Clawdites) had taken over.

Clad in black fatigues, combat boots, and a light weight matte black chestplate and wielding sabers and Prax-Arms AXM 50 assault rifles, Andrelious J. Inaj, Strategos Thanatos Entar Arconae, and Lan utterly eradicated the dissident Arconans while Commander Ramiel, Major VanWyck, and Aikitoy went for the hostages.

Finally, the room was clear; all of the errant Journeyman were KIA along with three Clawdites. Little did the Guardsmen know that there was still one of the terrorists lurking in the apartment's kitchenette. Ta'sume, the only living Clawdite, peered over the marble island-table of the kitchen and saw one of the CTU operator's, obviously the man in charge, deactivate his Armory Lightsaber and turn to a young Human.

"Agent Aikitoy; stay here and secure the house. Cover but do NOT MOVE the corpses. I'm heading back to the Citadel with Strategos, Lan, and Andrelious to give a SitRep to the Gathering. Major VanWyck will be bringing up the coroners in just a minute and you can head back to the Citadel together. Understood?" Commander Zod ordered.

"Yes, sir!" said Aikitoy, the excitement at being a task of his own evident in his voice.

"Perrfeect" hissed Ta'sume and even his since-birth lisp couldn't hide the wicked grin that came over his natural gray, leathery skin. The Clawdite watched in eager anticipation as the CTU operators departed the penthouse, leaving this "Agent Aikitoy" alone.

Angered by the loss of his brothers and their pawns, Ta'sume made no effort to hide his approach from Aikitoy. The Arconan Apprentice spun as he heard a crunching on glass and when he saw the gray skinned alien advancing towards him, time seemed to slow as the Wolf Guard reached for his holstered Vulcan Six-NinE but Ta'Sume was there first; the Clawdite pulled out his own sidearm, a Q-4 Quikfire holdout, and squeezed off a single bolt into the Agent's right thigh.

"AHH! KARK!" screamed Aikitoy and Ta'sume hissed at his victim's outburst and pounced, slapping his hand over Aikitoy's mouth and willed his mind to allow him to change forms. Sure enough, due to the skin-on-skin contact between the Clawdite and the Human, the former's visage soon began to write and twist until he became an exact copy of the prone Wolf Guard, sans the blaster wound in his thigh.

Aikitoy's eyes widened as he looked into his own face and he began to struggle against the hand -- his hand -- that was pressed against his mouth.

"Shh...sleep now" cooed Ta'sume in a voice like -- no, that was -- Aikitoy's and he reached over, plucked the Vulcan Six-NinE sidearm from the ground, and shot off a single round into the real Aikitoy's forehead.

Suddenly, Ta'sume heard footsteps on the stairwell...most likely the medical examiners and this "Major" VanWyck. Springing to his feet, impostor Aikitoy grabbed a sheet from the couch that had been his bed and threw it over the real Apprentice's corpse. Turning sharply on his heel, Ta'sume managed to come to attention just as two Medical Examiners and Joseph VanWyck appeared in the doorway.

"At ease, Agent" said the Battleteam XO and he took a quick tour of the apartment. Satisfied, but neglecting to check under the bodies' covers, VanWyck rattled off new orders.

"Doctor Hannal, take their names. Assistant, go with Agent Aikitoy and start throwing the bodies on the hover-gurney's. These guys are filth, so don't worry about being careful, eh?" VanWyck chuckled at that last part and Ta'sume couldn't help but growl as this filthy Dark Jedi referred to his now-deceased brothers as "filth".

"What was that, Aikitoy?" snapped VanWyck as he looked up from his datapad.

"Err...nothing sir. I was just...expressing my agreement with your assessment. These guys are complete filth" lied the impostor and he silently swore to repent for the defamation of his brothers as soon as he was out of the "Wolf Guards" sight.

"Haha! Good lad, now get to work!" bellowed the thirty-something year old Executive Officer, slapping who he thought was Aikitoy on the back as he moved past him to confer with Dr. Hannal.

Cursing under his breath, Ta'sume bent down and hoisted up one of the Dark Jedi corpses with the help of the medical assistant.


06-06-2010 16:59:02

VanWyck and Aikitoy made it back to the Arconan Citedel after we had secured the hostages and got the wounded out. “I would have to say that this was a good job for our first time out in counter terrorism he thought to himself.” As he continued to recall the events in his head he was troubled still by the low growl and some of the feelings that he got from Aikitoy. When they were getting ready to move in on the target, VanWyck had noticed that Aikitoy was rather anxious to get in there and do his part, and now he was acting like he was incredibly pissed off, and out for vengeance for something.

“VanWyck decided to use his sense force power while he talked with Aikitoy. Is everything ok Aikitoy, you seemed rather pissed off shortly after I came back; did something happen while I was gone that you did not tell me about, VanWyck asked?”

“Sir really I do not wish to discuss the mission any further, it was hard enough to see all those bodies; so if you would not mind to much I would just like to try to put it out of my head sir, Aikitoy said.”

“VanWyck just looked at him with a regular look, but he did not believe him after the feeling that he had gotten from him.”

“Sir would you mind if I went and laid down, I guess I just am not feeling to well right now, maybe I just need a little rest sir, Aikitoy asked?”

“No go right ahead and get some rest, but before you go there is one thing that I would like to say first, VanWyck said.”

“Aikitoy had a look of shock develop on his face, which he quickly had to try to get rid of. Yes sir what is it?”

“I just wanted to say sleep well, and do not worry about the mission that my mind is still trying to get a good hold on all the bodies that we discovered as well, VanWyck said.”

“Yeah, well whatever sir, good night sir Aikitoy said, and headed off to bed.”

This was the final thing that he had needed, just the look of shock on Aikitoy’s face was enough to prove his worst fears correct, and that is that this is not Aikitoy, now it was time to go to speak with Zod about this issue and see what he thinks we should do.

VanWyck headed towards Zod’s quarters even though he still had some of his gear, he felt that it would not be a good idea to go back to his quarters and take care of his gear, that this is far more important to inform him of his observations.

VanWyck got to Zod’s quarters and hit his door chime to alert him to his presence. Zod came to the door and when he opened it he saw his Executive Officer standing there.

“Major.. anything I can do for you, he asked?”

“I need to speak with you now sir, I am sorry to disturb you, but I feel that this is extremely important sir, so I request permission to enter sir, VanWyck said.”

“Sure come on in, and we will discuss what is troubling you, Zod replied.”

“Would you like a drink Major, Zod asked?”

“Yes sir I would, thank you. VanWyck replied.”

Zod handed him his drink and then sat his on the desk and then took his seat, and then told VanWyck to proceed with his urgent business.

“VanWyck took down the drink with a single gulp, and then slammed the glass down on the desk, and took a deep breath and said, I do not think that Aikitoy is the same man that we knew, I used force sense to confirm it, and what I got from him was not the same that I normally get from him any other time. I get the feeling that he is possibly one of those creatures sir, you told me that they have the ability to shape shift correct sir, VanWyck asked?”

“Yes that is correct Major, they do, but what does that have to do with Aikitoy, it could be that the mission just effected him in a way that he was not ready for. After all this was our first mission in Counter Terrorism Zod said.”
“Sir we all knew that we could have possibly seen bodies, and also I noticed that he made a low growling sound when I called the dead shape shifters filth, he seemed like I had pissed him off, and ever since then he has been acting like he is out for vengeance or something. I know this sounds crazy, but when he told me that he was going to lay down, I stopped him before he did , and he had a look of shock to his face, almost like I had discovered something about him, VanWyck said.”


10-06-2010 15:24:24

Selen: Temporary Quarters

Commander Zod Ramiel massaged his chin as the sliding door to his temporary quarters/office hissed shut behind his departing Major. The subject of Clawdites, or as VanWyck had described them “the shape shifting species”, was an odd one to broach but Zod and Joseph had been in combat before and only survived by the latter’s intuition, forming a bond that had begun with professional respect and over time, grown into friendship. Combat and like minds often had that effect.

Therefore, the Knight didn’t discard his XO’s theory right away and instead booted up the laptop he had been provided upon arriving for the Summit Gathering. Inserting his HoloNet data-card into the HEN (Holo/Extra Net) port and quickly typed in his secure log-in information.
True to the upgrades that Clan Arcona’s infrastructure had received, courtesy of Naruba Investments, Zod was logged on within a minute and bringing up a tri-screen of information; RepubliPedia’s article on Clawdites, Aikitoy’s military service record, and Level-2 classified documents concerning known terrorist cells from the DIA’s mainframe.

Aikitoy’s Brotherhood Record:
Subject Aikitoy performed above-par on his Shadow Academy entrance exams and displayed only excitement at being transferred into a Clan and being able to integrate himself into what he constantly referred to as the “Brotherhood mainstream”.

Investigations by members of the Lyspair Archival Authority (LAA) show that Aikitoy was born on Chandrila to a wealthy Chandrilan male and his consort. Oddly enough, his records showed no mistreatment that would drive him to the Dark Side of the Force and it wasn’t even until he stumbled into the Antei system (suspect subconscious Force-calling) that he realized he was Force-Sensitive.

Professors and Docents in the Academy describe Aikitoy as upbeat and a voracious reader and were very surprised that he did not declare fealty to the Krath Order. However, there were repeated incidents where Aikitoy’s energetic nature would put him at odds with the more brooding and dark Initiates. Most of these passed with nothing more than harsh words and formal reprimand but one case did not, which resulted in a tussle that got Aikitoy his distinctive torso-scar (see Medical Report).

That injury did nothing to hamper AIkitoy’s spirits, except maybe mellow him out a bit, and within a month, he was ready to submit to the Dark Fury.

“Odd, I can only agree with the Academy’s prognosis…” muttered the Sith Commander as he closed out the record and opened up the RepubliPedia article on Clawdites.

But after twenty minutes of perusal, Zod learned nothing that he hadn’t already known except that Clawdites had unusual mating rituals, over two-hundred different dialects of their language, and could reform into a previous disguise as long as they had an item that had come into contact with the host’s skin, such as a piece of armor or scrap of robe.

Shaking his head in disgust, Zod uttered a few choice words in Epicant and brought up the Dajorra Intelligence Agency’s Level-2 terrorist reports. Unlike the first two HoloNet sources he browsed, the DIA’s records on active/recently dormant terrorist cells provided a wealth of information and very surprising statistics.

Known Active Cells: *Selen: 6 – Eldar: 4 -- *Arconae Primus: 2 – *Flamma Volpes: 1
Additional Suspected Cells: *Selen: 2 – Eldar: 1
Dormant Cells: *Selen: 15 – *Eldar: 3 - *Arconae Primus: 1

Scrolling down to “Dormant Cells: Selen”, Zod clicked on the most recently decommissioned cell and raised his eyebrows in surprise as he saw it was comprised of a mix of Dark Jedi Journeyman and, sure enough…four Clawdites.

“Sithspit, that’s the one we took down just hours ago” muttered Zod as he saw his name next to the Commanding Officer slot on the After-Action Report.

Reading down the report, he paused at the statistics section…what he read there put only further credence behind what Major VanWyck suspected.

The known makeup of Cell S-LEV2-228 is as follows: six (6) renegade Dark Jedi Journeyman. Threat level: Foxtrot Uniform (2-4). Four (4) Clawdites “aka Changelings”. Threat Level: Substantial. Repatriate if at all possible but return fire is authorized.

Zod didn’t have to read the coroner’s report to know that his Team had only killed three Clawdites…which meant one was most likely still in Selen…or worst yet, in the form of a Dark Jedi. Shutting down his laptop, the Dark Jedi Knight did a calming series of inhalations and exhalations before stripping off his sweaty fatigues and heading off to one of the sonic-showers at the end of the corridor.

As much as he wanted to put the Wolf Guard on “Red Alert”, he knew he couldn’t jump the blaster. If he did, and he was wrong about a Clawdite infiltrator, it would be a serious blow for his career, both as a leader and a Sith.

So in the meantime, the Dark Jedi Knight stepped into one of the ceramic-lined sonic-shower stalls and let the hot water pound over his body.


10-06-2010 15:32:19

Arconan Citadel, Sub-Levels

“Hey! What’re you doing down here? This level’s restricted” said First Lieutenant Jack Clearstone, a new addition to the Citadel Guard, as he walked towards the Clawdite Ta’sume (in the form of Aikitoy). Subconsciously, Clearstone moved his Prax Arms AXM-50 assault rifle to the low-ready position.

“Kark” hissed the Changeling and he turned on the annoying Guard Officer.

What the in-disguise Ta’sume saw made his mouth water; the alien had always had a fetish for unique armors and what Lieutenant Clearstone was wearing topped the charts. Stark white like Stormtrooper armor but more streamlined, the Citadel Guard armor provided maximum movement while sacrificing only about 30% of the protection that normal Arconan Armed Forces were issued. It also capitalized on intimidation as the helmet’s faceplate was devoid of any markings except a vocabulator and sapphire-blue photoreceptors.

“Excuse me! I asked what you—…” Jack trailed off as he saw that the man he had disturbed was one of the Dark Jedi, also called Foxtrot Uniforms, that had gathered here for the annual Spring Gathering. Though what he was doing in black fatigues and not the fancy robes of his fellows escaped the Lieutenant.

“Oh, I’m sorry sir; I didn’t realize that you were one of the Dark Jedi. It’s your clothes you see…the rest of your Clan is all in robes. I guess your annual Gatherings are pretty big, huh?” continued the elite soldier, letting his fingers uncurl from around his assault rifle. A mistake he would soon come to regret.

Ta’sume tried to hide his surprise and instead answered the Lieutenant’s question with another question. “Indeed they are, Lieutenant. But do you know anything about what’s to be announced? The Summit is being awfully secretive, more so than usual”

A mechanical sound issued from Clearstone’s helmet as he huffed in concentrated thought.

“I can’t say that I do, sir, but then again I’m only on protective detail assistance to the one called Driftan Housan and not the Consul Sashar or his direct lieutenant, Celahir. And Lord Housan doesn’t talk much when we’re on duty you see, because most of his detail are Dark Jedi and I guess, well forgive me for saying so, that you Dark Jedi have a recurring tendency to stab each other in the back”

“Stang, I was hoping for some morsels” sighed the impostor Wolf and Jack, seeing the young man before him so disappointed, cracked immediately.

“Well, don’t tell anyone that I’ve been peeping…but I’ve heard that this Gathering’s about how to reorganize your Special Forces teams. I think you call them Battleteams. I don’t know for sure, but if anything was to happen in the middle of planning something like a reorganization of your forces, it’d be devastating. At least from a military standpoint” conceded the Lieutenant as he undid the mag-clasps on his helmet and pulled the intimidating mask off.

Lieutenant Clearstone’s reward for giving up his covertly-gathered information to what he thought was a kindred soul was anything but. The last thing the Citadel Guard officer heard was the muffled “pa-blam” of a Six-NinE blaster pistol. Jack Clearstone fell backwards with a shocked look on his face and the last thing his gray eyes registered was an exact copy of himself smiling down at him. Then, complete blackness took the real Clearstone.

Ta’sume was just finishing changing into Clearstone’s armor when he heard hiss-like laughter from behind him. Instead of being frightened, the Clawdite smiled and turned around. Standing in the doorway of the service entrance to the Citadel’s under-levels were three more Clawdites, though this trio was in their natural form; gray, leathery skin, wide eyes, and a ridged nose.

“Ooh, that was beautiful, friend Ta’sume!” cackled the Changeling standing on the far right of the new arrivals. He continued his creepy laugh until he was silenced by the middle Clawdite.

“Wamez, enough!” barked the senior Clawdite, whose name was Jettel, and Wamez fell silent at once, inclining his head slightly as if he had offended his lord; Which, technically, he had.

“Quite, Wamez; I agree that that kill was absolutely perfect but remember that friend Ta’sume has just lost three of his brothers. Comfort him, then compliment and advocate his revenge!” put in the final alien, a tall Clawdite going by the name of Da’um (Da-umm).

Jettel nodded and crossed the short distance to Ta’sume, whom he wrapped in a hug and rested his forehead on Ta’sume’s (the contact made him revert back to original form). Wamez and Da’umm joined the two shortly, all touching foreheads and praying to their deity that Ta’sume’s brothers would be welcomed and satisfied in the next life.

Finally, the four broke apart and Ta’sume walked back over to the corpse of the Guard officer and bent down to pick up his helmet. As he did, he focused on Lieutenant Jack Clearstone and his visage bubbled and contorted for the third time that day until a copy of the fallen soldier stared back at his fellow Clawdites.

“Impressive, Ta’sume” praised Jettel, smiling.

“Hardly any effort at all, no strain; you’ve always had an innate talent for our gift, friend” Da’umm agreed. Wamez smiled broadly before letting out a quick burst of his cackle, though neither of his elders reprimanded him this time.

“We are at your disposal, Ta’sume, to help you extract revenge on the ones who slew your brothers. Command us as you will” Jettel said, inclining his head much like Wamez had done earlier.

“I am in your debt beyond mortal knowledge. Once vengeance is visited upon the criminals who took my kin’s life, I will be a retainer to you from that point on, continuing even into the next life” replied Ta’sume, smiling broadly. Letting the silence hang but for a second more, Ta’sume took the lead.

“Now come, there is a guard hub at the end of corridor. We can find additional disguises there”

“Hehahaheha! I know what you mean, friend Ta’sume! To do that, we get to spill blood!”

“Oh yes, Wamez. And that will just be the beginning of the chaos we will cause!”

OOC: This post was told from the perspective of Ta'sume and his three fellow Clawdite terrorists (Jettel, Da'uum, and Wamez). Zod, VanWyck, and everyone else is UNAWARE that this exchange, including LT. Clearstone's murder, took place. I, Zod, will be the one controlling the antagonists. Thank you


11-06-2010 00:46:05

VanWyck left his Battle Team Leaders quarters and decided that he was going to head back to his quarters so that he could change into some fresh cloths, and get a nice hot shower, something that he could use to try to help him sort out some ideas that he has had about Aikitoy, or who may not be him. Before he could make any more accusations about this battle team member he would need to get into the shower and then go check on him, and see how he was doing. VanWyck still had this sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach that when he gets there that Aikitoy will not be there, but he hopes that he is truly wrong, and just mistaken along with it being all in his head.

VanWyck jumped in his shower, and while the hot water hit every muscle which harder then marble on his hot body, it allowed VanWyck time to think about everything that had taken place during the mission, and post mission. As he continued to recall what had heard in a low tone from Aikitoy, he knew that if it was true, and that he was indeed an imposter, then it would only be a matter of time before the imposter strikes again possibly. VanWyck finished with his shower, and got dried off rather quickly, and then got into his robes.

VanWyck began walking around in the Wolf Guards halls for the living quarters, his destination was Aikitoy’s quarters, if anything to check on the man and make sure that he was alright. When he got there, he found that the door was locked, but one of the watchmen came down the hall towards VanWyck. He stopped right at VanWyck and asked “what he is doing, if there is anything that he can help him with? “

“I need to know who occupies this room, if it is just Aikitoy or if there is another occupant with him, VanWyck asked?”

“Sir he is not the only occupant of these quarters, he shares the quarters with a man named Nathaniel, though his last name escapes me at this present moment, but he can be found in the training hall right now working on some hand to hand combat sir, he replied.”

“Thank you very much, VanWyck said, and headed towards the training hall.”

VanWyck got to the training hall and asked the trainer there if he had any idea where a man named Nathaniel was?

“Just one moment please sir, the combat director asked?”

“Sure thing, VanWyck replied.”

“The Combat Director stopped the training for a moment, and then said that VanWyck had something to ask, and then turned it over to the Executive Officer.”

“VanWyck called the whole training center to attention. I need only one of you, the rest of you can go back to your training. Nathaniel you are to come with me, now, VanWyck said. The rest of you may go back to your training, he added.”

“Sir Nathaniel reporting as ordered sir, he said.”

“Very good come with me, VanWyck ordered.”

The two men quickly walked back to Nathaniel and Aikitoy’s quarters. Once they got there, Nathaniel opened the lock by inputting his code, and then told VanWyck to come on in.

“Sir what are you needing any ways, Nathaniel asked?”

“What I need is to have a talk with you if that would be alright, VanWyck asked?”

“Yes sir that would be fine, I have no objections to answering some questions, Nathaniel said.”

“Has Aikitoy returned to his quarters, or slept in his bed by any chance at all that you can recall, VanWyck asked?”

“Sir, when I am not in the training center, I am here studying and preparing to move up to my next rank. And I have yet to see him at all today sir, and to be perfectly honest with you I am getting a little concerned, he said.”

“Why is that, if you do not mind, VanWyck became curious to know?”

Before Nathaniel could say anything, VanWyck noticed the picture on his desk, and asked if those were his parents?

“Huh? Oh.. Yes, yes they are, sorry you took me by surprise there sir, most people do not notice that picture sir, he said.”

“Well I am going to have a look through Aikitoy’s personal effects, and see if I can find anything that may or may not explain his odd behavior that he has been exhibiting since coming back from the mission, but before I do, does he keep a journal around here at all that you are aware of, VanWyck asked?”

“Yes sir it would be under his pillow sir, I would imagine, Nathaniel said.”

VanWyck began looking around, and quickly noticed that Nathaniel had taken the photograph out of the frame to fix it apparently, and as he continued to see what he was doing, he noticed that there was a fold in the picture which looked like it was hiding something, but VanWyck did not want to say anything about it to him.

“VanWyck found the Journal that belonged to Aikitoy, and picked it up, and shortly after he did, a picture fell out of the pages of the journal. The photograph hit the top of VanWyck’s book. He sat the journal on the bed again, and picked the picture up off of his boot, and took a look at it for a second, and then asked Nathaniel if he could take a look at the photograph that Nathaniel had in the frame.”

“Nathaniel looked at him with a look of concern to his face and then asked why?”

“ You have a choice right now trooper, either let me take a look at the photograph which holds your parents, yourself, and one other person, or explain why Aikitoy has the very same image as you do right now, and that is an order, VanWyck demanded.”

“Very well sir, I guess that there is no point in trying to hide it any further from you sir, Nathaniel said. The image that Aikitoy has in his journal is the very same that I have, I was told that I had a brother who was older then myself, but I did not believe it until my mother and father pulled the picture out of the frame like I just did, and they showed the bend to me, and they showed me the other person in the photo, which was of my brother and the baby in it was me, Nathaniel said.”

“VanWyck looked at him and asked him when he learned that Aikitoy was your older brother, and what your last name is as well, VanWyck asked?”

“I learned that he was my brother when I happened to see the photograph in his journal, and asked him about it, he said. Also our last name is Dunkirk sir, Nathaniel added.”

“Why did you or Aikitoy not say anything about being brothers, I am sure that there would not have been a problem, VanWyck said. Well now that I know that little fact, as well as the fact that you have not seen him since he left on the mission, then I will go speak with Zod about this, and see what we can do to try to locate him, VanWyck added.”

“Thank you once again for your time, I appreciate your time, VanWyck said, and walked out.”

VanWyck immediately decided to head to DJK Zod’s quarters so that he could discuss with him what has been going on with his investigation.

VanWyck approached Zod’s quarters, and hit the door chime. Zod opened the door, and saw him standing there.

“VanWyck what can I do for you Zod asked?”

“Sir there has been a development in my investigation that I know you are going to want to be informed of, VanWyck said.”

“Very well will you please come in then Major, Zod said.”

“Thank you sir, he replied.”

The hatch hissed close behind him, and he walked over to a seat and took a seat, and waited for his undivided attention and then began to tell him what he has learned thus far.

“So what is this information that you have for me Major, Zod asked?”

“Well sir, you know Nathaniel has been sharing quarters with Aikitoy correct?”

“Yes I do Major what about it, Zod asked?”

“I asked him about the picture that he has in his quarters on his desk, and it turns out that his picture and the one that Aikitoy has in his Journal are the very same sir, VanWyck said.”

“Ok so what does that have to do with the investigation that you are conducting Major, Zod asked once again?”

“What this means is that these two are family, they are brothers, Nathaniel will confirm that, and also confirm that their last name is Dunkirk sir. He has also not seen his brother and here is the part that raises questions in my mind, and that is that he told me that he is going to head back to his quarters to lay down for a little while, and at this point his brother was in their quarters, and reported that he never saw him at all, VanWyck said.”

“Very good work Major, I will order up an alert at once, Zod said.”