The Mysteries Of Dantooine

Severon V

11-12-2009 16:24:24

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Severon V

11-12-2009 16:46:47

Nar Shaddaa

Rotho Skypress, a lean, sinewy man with mousey grey hair, made his way to one of the many bars on the crowded world. He flung his still smoking cigar butt off the side of the platform. The wind blew across the platform, sending chills up his spine.

Grumbling, Rotho pulled his overcoat tighter around him in an effort to get rid of the chill. Although the planet was just a big crowded city much like the New Republic capital, Coruscant, it still had small winters where the temperature decided to be less than 40 degrees. Rotho hunched his shoulders and continued on.

The cantina appeared around the next bend. Warm yellow light streamed out the door and the neon signs overhead bathed the walkway in light. As soon as he stepped in, Rotho went to the room that he had reserved earlier. He walked through the crowd of people, bumping into an occasional patron, until he reached the room.

When the door hissed open, Rotho saw that a meal was already prepared. Then he saw the Twi'lek dancer that was for his own enjoyment. Smiling, he sat down to dinner, watching the light play on the supple curves of the Twi'lek.

When he had finished eating, he sat back to watch the Twi'lek whose name, he'd figured out, was Ta Lanna. Pulling out the datapad he'd left in his coat, he settled down to once again look at the information given to him on Coruscant.

"The Warren.." he said. "Sounds interesting."

He called Ta Lanna and, with his arm around her waist, led her to the bedroom.


Severon rushed down the corridors of the Sword's Sheath. 30 minutes before, Scion had called on him saying that he had a mission for the Rollmaster alone. However, seeing as Severon hadn't even expected the Quaestor to need him, he hadn't been dressed. Now, he was going to make Scion wait and that wouldn't make the Quaestor happy.

Severon entered Scion's office to find the Quaestor talking with someone in battle armor. "Scion, I came as you instructed." he said breathlessly.

Scion looked at Severon with an irritated expression. "What's your excuse this time?" he grumbled.

"What?" Severon asked, bewildered.

"Nothing." Scion growled. "Severon, meet Kragok. I needed someone else for this mission and decided to pair you with a fellow Clanmate from a different House."

Severon bowed to Kragok, who bowed in return. "So what's up Scion?" He asked.

"This. I need you to find this man." Scion pulled up an image of Rotho on his holopad. "He has information on a secret project at an Imperial research center called, the Warren."

"I thought the Warren was purged by the New Republic." Kragok said.

"It was, but this must have gotten through. Find this man, get the data on the experiment, and find the experiment. Got it?"

"Yes sir." the Jedi Hunters said in unison.

"Good. Now get out of here."


11-12-2009 17:02:45

As they walked through the corridors of the Sword's Sheath, Severon looked down at the armored Kushiban who stood barely even to his knees.

"So...are you new to Gladius?" Severon asked curiously, since he had never seen Kragok around before.

Kragok shook his head negatively as they walked towards the hangar bay. "No. I'm from House Cestus, actually. He requested my assistance due to my knowledge around events during the Galactic Civil War and my former affiliations."

"Former affiliations?"

"Don't even think about asking...I'm not telling." Kragok quickly replied in a cold tone as he sped up. His metal boots clanked harder on the metals floors as he moved.

"Wow." Severon thought. "He's...really interesting. Slightly reminds me of someone, but...can't place it." He quickened his pace to catch up to him, and matched it once he did. "Forgive me, I did not intend to offend you."

"You didn't, don't worry Severon." Kragok reassured. "There are just things that are to remain known to me, and me only."

They rounded the corner as they entered the large hanger bay inside of the Sword's Sheath. Both of them walked onto a waiting freighter which retracted it's walkway as soon as they were aboard and started it's engines. They walked up to the bridge and sat down in the seats behind the pilot.

"Are you two ready?" the pilot eagerly asked. He seemed really upbeat about this for some reason, and both Severon and Kragok looked at each other curiously.

"Yes. Take us to Nar Shaddaa." Kragok replied. The pilot nodded, and just as the hangar bay doors opened a deep hiss could be heard within the ship as the engines started to come to life. The ship slowly lifted from the platform and as he moved the throttle forward the ship jerked a slight bit before blasting out of the Sword's Sheath and out into space.

Severon V

14-12-2009 13:15:54

As soon as they were clear of the Sword's Sheath, the pilot activated the hyperdrive and then let the ship work. He turned around in his seat to find the two Dark Jedi deep in conversation. Jauntily the pilot interrupted, "So Nar Shaddaa huh? I love that place."

Severon looked up, irritated at being interrupted. "What's it to you?" he asked, angrily.

"Well, before I took this job I was a smuggler. I used to hide out there. The greatest thing about Nar Shaddaa is, well, the cantinas."

Kragok looked up hastily at that. "Any one cantina in particular?"

"Sure," the pilot responded. "The Rancor's Claw is a great cantina. And it has lots of private rooms for VIPs."

Kragok looked to Severon and, from the look in the Gladian's eye, he could tell they were thinking the same thing.

What do you say we leave here and disuss our plan in private? Severon asked through the Force.

Sounds like a plan. Kragok responded in kind.

Severon stood up quickly. "I'm going to go grab a bite." he announced.

Kragok shot up with him. "I am as well."

The pilot turned back to the control console. "I'll make sure the ship flies right." he said.

"You do that." Severon muttered as he left the bridge with Kragok.

"Why did I sign up to work for Dark Jedi?" the pilot muttered under his breath.


Nar Shaddaa

Rotho woke early in the morning. Being careful not to wake Ta Lanna, he rose and dressed quickly. The night had been... very uneventful considering the valuable data that he carried. He hurried out into the regular cantina and went up to the bartender. "Anything happen last night?" he asked.

The bartender shrugged. "Couple o smugglers dropped in. Some pirates too. A couple of fights broke out."

Rotho's face flushed with irritation. "Did anyone unusual drop in last night?" he asked, irritatedly.

"Nope." the bartender answered.

Rotho turned away from the bar, silently cursing the bartender's annoying air. He walked back into his room to find Ta Lanna awake. "Shall I dance for you sir?" she asked, coyly.

Smiling, Rotho sat down. "Of course. You can always dance for me." he said, eyeing her curves.