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Standing in her quarters, the Quaestor frowned. Bryna had recently returned with Alyssa, and was currently keeping her occupied in the nursery. Her mind was wandering as her emerald eyes fell on some papers on the crowded desk, back to her own beginnings, and the loathing she had for her roots. Xathia hadn't returned to Omwat in a few years, though something told her she should return, the Priestess felt a huge reluctance before sitting down and stewing over the reasoning behind returning. It would end in violence against her father, should he still be alive, or if she was to run into any old gang members like on a previous visit, it wouldn't end nicely. Attraction of her return and presence would result in the authorities chasing her down. And the time off wasn't going to be welcomed. Sighing and resting the pen back down; the Galeres Quaestor went back to thinking and frowning. Her apprentice had recently been promoted to Jedi Hunter, one more and he would be free of the woman's control.
Tracing her mind back to her own Master when she was a Huntress, made her smirk. Timbal had taken a small group of them to steal the ISD for Scholae Palatinae, and the Omwati had slaughtered a Jedi Knight before stealing his lightsaber, she had used the crystals to make her own at her ascension to Dark Jedi Knight. Considering to take him to find the crystals was dismissed, he needed more time at Jedi Hunter, then she would take him. For now, he needed to assist her on the mission that would normally be assigned to those higher in rank. Smirking, the Krath called for the Journeyman over the comlink, telling him to shift and arrive at her office pronto, before relaxing back in her seat, and exerting patience.


"You called Mistress?" The male panted, he was breathing heavily and appeared to have taken her word as urgent.
"Yes, take a seat Aiorus; we're going on a little trip." She sneered. "There's something I need to take care of, but I need some help to watch my back whilst I do it, and I can't trust many others to not just let me get seriously injured, and then take off." Her emerald eyes locked on the Sith, watching for his reaction. He seemed eager to learn more about it, and looked to have picked up on what words she used. "It will be on my home planet, so you will need to at least try and blend with the locals. They normally converse in Omwatese, so don't look surprised if you don't understand what they say. Also, be primped and prepared, Jedi aren't unheard of, especially if someone tips them off as to my presence, and gang members don't care who they're against. Be back here in an hour with weapons and necessities." Sharply dismissing the male, the Krath pondered, before gliding off to collect her prized weapons.


Waiting out her office, the hood up, the Priestess didn't lift her head at the sound of footsteps, but instead quickly drew out her hilt and activated the saber, pointing it gracefully at her apprentice's face, before giggling and deactivating it, and signalling for Aiorus to follow.
Yelling out orders to the two protocol droids, the female sat back in a seat on the ship. It was hardly spacious, but it would do for what was required. Aiorus eyed up the female in her robes warily, as though not sure what to expect from the Omwati, especially as her robes didn't cover as much as most sets.
"Take a seat, it'll take a while to get there." She gestured broadly to the one opposite as Xathia brought out some maps and papers, searching through before finding a sketch and handing it to the Hunter. "That is Chal Quatremaine, and he is our target. He was a Jedi, and still has his saber and training in tact, he is no easy target. He has a wife, and seven children, the youngest is my age, so we have nothing to worry about for their interference in general, but we will find out if any of them are visiting, and have taken after him. He is a violent man, and is frequently drunk or doped up on Spice, but this doesn't seem to affect his fighting. Your job is to assist me in his, assassination, and make sure no one gets in my way from behind me. Don't be afraid to assert yourself and use your saber. If the authorities are alerted to my presence, they will be after us, so keep on your toes, and keep your eyes out for places to hide. Also remember where the hangar is, if we get separated you will need to make your own way there."
Silently watching the Hunter, the Quaestor smiled inwardly. It had to sink in everything that she had told him, yet the Krath had also kept some information back from him, there was no point in telling him why they were on this mission, that was for the Omwati to know only.

Van Trayus

23-01-2009 22:47:48

Aiorus understood the seriousness of the mission, he was not sure why his mistress took him into account for this activity was very sensitive and dangerous, including the Jedi Hunter thought that there was no one else, about that he felt a little saddened , but it felt a strength that made him understand that it would be up to the task, because Aiorus had a special feeling toward Xathia and this could be the perfect opportunity to let out.

Constantly revising their whole armament is ready, his gun, his laser sword while Xathia explained the mission, he felt no fear of hearing about his target van Trayus thougt that can be a major trophy the head of that Jedi, also thought of a way to understand when people speak the native language of the planet of Xathia so he think, decided that the best feeling to be in force every person to feel their emotions and know how to act.

Aiorus have a single right in the mission, caring for Xathia.

Van Trayus was eager to get started with this test imposed by her mistress and found that the only way to pass the test would not allow anyone to harm her, besides the young Jedi Hunter was not willing to allow something bad happens to Xathia, the mere idea that she might die, estremecía his body.

Aiorus was determined to wipe out the slightest threat to Xathia and if given the chance he would feel something more.

"I am at your service Xathia is an honor to accompany you on this mission," said Aiorus while he looked strong her teacher


27-01-2009 20:43:30

Nodding at her apprentice, Xathia moved through swiftly and spoke quietly with her protocol droids, explaining their instructions for the mission in Omwatese. "You two are to stay aboard here, and not open the doors except with my permission. If Aiorus gets back here before me, you know my frequency to use."

"Isn't it a little harsh not to trust him completely mistress?" Dai'Lic asked, sounding a little confused.

"He's a Dark Jedi, I should know. There's an element of trust, but I want to see how he handles everything. Just get us to Omwat as soon as possible." With a silent nod the two droids continued their path as Xathia lay back on the sofa, papers in her hand and her emerald eyes scanning and taking in as much detail as possible.


Landing was a quiet and easy affair, and bribery of the staff was silently and quickly done as soon as the two Dark Jedi landed. The female lead the Sith's way, her cloak gently brushing along the ground as the walk to the city was briefly undertaken. The grass and sand drifted softly in the breeze that tilted the cloak and robes of the pair who stayed in silence for the travelling. It was a comfort to the Priestess, as it meant her ears could be perfectly pricked for any unusual or sudden sounds, and something that would be broken as soon as they entered the city, and especially the market place.

It was getting busier and more crowded as they got closer, and some people were starting to point and stare at the girl who had kept her hood up, the bright sun had always annoyed her. It was irritating that the locals were noticing her, until the market place, where numerous outsiders had also kept their hoods up, preferring to remain anonymous to the market sellers and locals.

"This is where the fun begins Aiorus, keep close, and keep an eye out for anyone who is preparing for attack. Have you got your sword? Don't automatically go for your saber, especially when you are not certain of your enemy, sometimes they can be beaten with something less 'Jedi'-ish. " She smirked, making sure the cloak didn't reveal her robes underneath before gliding into the market centre and attracting herself to the nearest stall that held weapons.

Her mind flicked into a flash back from when she was fifteen, and attempting to steal things, before reverting back. The seller was looking at her with keen interest, which she responded with a gentle, yet evil, smile before striking a conversation up in Omwatese.

"These appear to be in very good condition."

"Have them checked by a remarkable local, he's got a keen eye on what's quality stuff."

"Who checks them? I specialise in weapons myself. Maybe I could learn a thing or two from him." Desperately plucking at a short straw to get away from the busy market, the Priestess took a deep breath. "I heard Chal Quatremaine has a keen eye, and that he lives around here, I was hoping to meet him."

"He's the one who I use. Very sharp man, though he's a little loose in the head. Lives on the outskirts though, and it's nigh impossible to get him to answer the door unless he actually knows you. His wife might be able to help you though and get you in, shops here every fourth day. She always avoids the weapons and magic stalls though, everyone says that her youngest daughter was consumed by magic, and they remind her of that." Nodding her head, and muttering a thanks, the Quaestor strode off, keeping Aiorus close. There was a disturbance suddenly, at the other end of the market, keeping the cloak firmly closed, Xathia swiftly turned around and drifted through the market.

Van Trayus

28-01-2009 22:41:27

Aiorus also felt the disturbance in the force, it was clear that someone knew of their presence on the planet, for a moment the young Jedi Hunter did not know how to react to the situation, he remained standing a couple of seconds when he realized he had a decision to make, keep and make sure nobody is following along or leave his mistress to repel any attack.

Within seconds Aiorus recalled the main purpose of his mission, which was to protect his mistress, so he tried to ran behind her. Xathia was several meters ahead of the young Van Trayus when suddenly making a big leap thanks to the force, the Priest elusive a small group of people, when Aiorus reach them he realized that they were not people to who were there by chance, they were warriors, more than warriors, looked like a gang.

Aiorus understood that it was time to get to work, gang members tried to follow Xathia but she was already far away, with a sharp hiss Aiorus call the attention of the gang while he said, "Hey Kids! This is when fun begins "" If you are looking for a Dark Jedi, well you found one!!!".

Aiorus took his lightsaber and activate it, the six gang members were armed with swords and Daggers, some decided to throw some daggers that were quickly arrested by Van Trayus with the help of his weapon, the Jedi Hunter was more than eager for action so he set out to attack the gang members to inflict damage to several of their enemies, the Sith believed that the battle would be easy but soon he realized that the gang members were only playing with him.

It was all part of a gang strategy that they had developed to fight with any force user, suddenly they tried to neutralize the ability of adding Aiorus a collective attack, while Van Trayus was defended from attacks by some gang members, others were attacking him, then Aiorus was victim of several attacks which resulted in several cuts, bumps and bruises to the Sith.

In that moment the Jedi Hunter felt that he had underestimated the gang, but even if he felt some control of force in one of them, so he decided that the Sith would have to use a different strategy if he wanted to defeat the gang quickly to reach his mistress.

Van Trayus turn off his lightsaber and tried to portray itself as an easy prey, taking his position to fight incite gang to attack him, only three came to their meeting, the four warriors quickly began a fierce battle, several punches and kicks were flying through the air and bit of a pounding warriors increasingly to the Sith warrior.

Aiorus was forced at times to use the force to maintain its pace of fighting, was of little understanding and learning the movements of their attackers, and it could begin to block attacks of the gang members, with quick attacks, the warrior began to one to tear down a gang that was only until one of three that were attacked, leaving two unconscious, Van Trayus felt more free to defend themselves, but the rest of the group was not easy to overcome.

while he took in his right arm his lightsaber and in his left his Blaster, the Jedi Hunter had a plan. He throw his saber to the gang member hoping that this gang can dodge the saber make gang waited for Aiorus, the Sith took a big leap with the help of force, taking blaster and ponting in the back of the gang, taking it from his neck pressed Aiorus his Blaster at the height of the heart and make three shots, leaving the gang died on the floor.

The thirst for blood had been unleashed in Aiorus, now the Sith just wanted blood, keeping his blaster, with the help of force could regain his lightsaber that was on the floor, an aura of death overcome the warrior, activating his laser sword the Warrior incite to the three remaining gang members to attack.


30-01-2009 08:13:55

The Quaestor purged after a particular male, his presence strong and forthright in the female's mind, the Hunter could handle the lower members he had sent after her. This is the last time you underestimate me Zadox, apparently our last encounter did nothing to teach you. Swore the human as she danced through the crowd who were drifting thick and fast towards the diversion Aiorus and the others were making.

Slowing down and keeping still, the Duelist kept her breath steady. Her target was not far from her, but he was going to come to her, Xathia was determined of that. His footsteps crunched against the ground, swaggering with pride at what he had done.

"So, we meet again. Are you ready to accept your death, Nyx?"

"I think your so-called seeress misread the tea leaves again Zadox. Either that, or she was too scared to tell you the truth about your judgement coming much sooner then expected."

"Always with the sarcasm. You were so poorly treated as a child weren't you? Neglected and forced out onto the streets, poor little Nyx. And who defended you, who protected you? I did. I gave you a home-"

"I had enough of that petty speech when you kicked me out Zadox, now draw your weapon and fight like the pathetic little man you are." The Quaestor taunted, her saber activated and pointed at the male human, who merely sneered in reply, and drew his own saber. Something Xathia had not been expecting.

"It's odd how easily someone such as me can get hold of one of these. Isn't it?"

Wasting no time, the female launched in the heated battle, determined to settle the score once and for all.


Smirking and looking back one last time at her 'creation of destruction', the human sprinted back off to the market, curious to see how her apprentice had managed with the other members. Submerging herself into the Force at the sight of the authorities, the woman forced her way through gaps, before collecting the Sith and starting a dash towards the address Chal was known to live at.

Running through a maze of backstreets, the pair finally lost the authorities. Taking a deep breath and sitting down against the wall, the Krath Priestess closed her eyes and took a long drink of water. The authorities were easy to avoid and lose, but an annoyance certainly.

"You weren't suppose to attract their attention. I'm one of their most wanted because I just annoy them so damn much by disappearing under their noses all the time."

"Sorry Mistress."

"Don't apologise for the past, it makes no difference. If you offer an apology, it is either not needed as the person understands why you did what you did, or they will not accept it anyway. Apologies are a waste of breath."

"Yes Mistress." Aiorus paused, as though wanting to ask the female about something. Smirking Xathia took another gulp of water.

"I suppose you want to know about where I actually disappeared to." He nodded. "Those members who were sent to track us were fairly low down in the rankings of the gang I use to wander with. They're highly regarded and feared, to the point that the authorities ignore you. Their leader was Force sensitive to a point, but he never got the chance to train his senses like we have. So I followed his presence, and ended up fighting him again. They'll elect a new leader, and they'll be hunting me down again with the reasoning of murder, even though he was trying to kill me as much as I was trying to kill him. I doubt their new leader will be as ruthless, effective and able as Zadox." The Quaestor wrinkled her nose and looked up at the sky. "We'll rest here for a while, then continue."

Van Trayus

30-01-2009 23:34:05

Aiorus took a deep breath while thinking about everything that had happened so far, something bothered the young Jedi Hunter, the mission had not been for nothing as he imagined , in fact had tried to impress her mistress but he had failed.

After taking some water and look around, Aiorus felt an uncomfortable silence, Ihe tried to stop it asking "Those gang members were all of lower ranks?" To see the afirmative gesture of Xathia , Van Trayus though that he should take more seriosly all these people..

"Mistress there is something I really have to tell you" Aiorus said, right at that time the Jedi found a patrol who was approaching dangerously, xathia interrumped the conversation with a signal of her hand while they were hiding from the authorities, "would be better to continue" she said to her apprenticewhile as this answered yes.

Very carefully the two warriors went up by the stairs of a nearby building, they quickly came to the rooftop from where Xathia gave a quick glimpse of the area and said: "We'll have to move fast on the roofs, you should be concentrated or you can fall, are you ready?

Suddenly the two Dark Jedis began running quickly jump roofs and terraces of the area, Aiorus did not know where it went, just had the conviction that in his next encounter with their enemies, he would impress his mistress and prove once and for all its worth as a warrior to the Priest.


02-02-2009 19:48:34

The female suddenly stopped and peered down the side of the building, there was another little gathering, with a few familiar faces. Her arm went out absent-mindedly, and stopped Aiorus from toppling over. The gap to jump was too far, and they were near the target's property anyway. Her eyes studied them, their hushed whisperings not loud enough to understand what they were saying. Her long braids were brought forward over her shoulders as the Quaestor changed some of the air to water droplets, watching as the group were rained on until they looked up. Smirking down on them and leaping back, as did the Sith Hunter when the blasters started firing up towards them.

"They can't get up here directly from where they were, it's too high and there's no stair well or anything like that." The human turned around and asserted herself, lightsaber hilt in her left hand. "So we'll do them the pleasure of bringing the battle to them." Xathia said, her head lifting until a sharp kick into her back sent her flying several feet forwards.

"You always were a cocky bitch Nyx." Snapped another human female, who was glaring and snarling as the Krath got back onto her feet, a pair of daggers clutched in her hairs as the females glared each other down.

"Cocky? It's called confidence Reine, something that you would never understand, you walked in Zadox's shadow too much and worshipped him. You never would grow a spine in fear that he wouldn't accept what you did." The Quaestor sneered back, her hilt still inactivated yet tightly clutched in her hand. Her past was interfering all over the place on the mission, and it was going to leave a lot of dead bodies. Watching as the red headed female launched herself towards the Krath, Xathia smirked and quickly activated her saber at the last minute, stabbing the woman with a lucky shot through the middle before deactivating it and signalling for Aiorus to follow their path back the way they had come.

Reaching the bottom of the stair well, the Priestess straightened her robes, before glancing upwards, and finding the familiar face of Axelle Quatremaine at a food stall. Her mind almost went blank as she just stared straight ahead, a mixture of emotions overcoming her desired goal. She had nothing against Axelle, but by achieving her goal, would she either be killing Axelle, or setting her free?

"Mistress?" The Hunter asked, clearly puzzled by what was happening.

"That woman there with the fair hair and the navy cloak on is the target's wife. If I speak to her, then she will recognise me and refuse us access. Go and speak to the woman in Basic, and explain that I wish to discuss business with her husband. Do not give my name or any further details that could give us away."

Van Trayus

21-02-2009 20:27:54

Upon hearing the order from Xathia, Van Trayus was a little confused, he understood that if he fail in this moment he can destroy the entire mission, at that moment The Jedi Hunter was a little nervous was slowly but resolutely towards the wife of the Jedi to be murder.

Greetings Aiorus said, the target `s wife looked the Jedi Hunter with very little interest, while she replied "what do you want boy?", "I understand that your husband is one of the best traders in the region", answered the Sith," he is , but he does not make business with children" the wonam said, Van Trayus in that instant felt the temptation to depart in two to the women using their hands, but the importance of their mission shook his head.

With a calm that surprised that his Mistress who was feeling absolutely everything by the force, Aiorus replied "Well, with the help of this kid your husband can be a very, very rich man" the eyes of the lady stood by while a second looked at from head to toe to the young Sith.

Even with some suspicion, the woman tried to interrogate Aiorus on what he had to offer, while Van Trayus offered a vivid big ship, "I understand that the activities of your husband are clandestine to trade some articles that... well... in some places are fourbbiden", "my husband satisfies the law, he never done any illegal activity " angrily replied the lady ," my husband do work to aid people in need and if he need to break an unjust law he does not by self-interest, some taxes are confiscatory and violated the property of the poor, while only the rich make more money! "

With a reassuring gesture Trayus Van found in favor of that woman, "Exactly! This is why I have the best ship that your husband might have and even that price c that he can never refuse, "The woman nodded, starting to feel less stress Aiorus said:" The person I represent will be happy to do business with your husband " , to which the woman replied, "and why that person is not doing business with me directly?", "for the same reason you do business with me for your husband, for security reasons" said Van Trayus.

After a few minutes of talk not so important issues and Aiorus invited to a drink to the Target `s wife, Aiorus toured the place for a little sidetrack anyone who might be following him, after a few minutes approached the place where was Xathia.

"We have to find them in about two hours at the coordinates given to me," said Aiorus, "and indeed we need a ship "


14-03-2009 20:34:43

"We won't need anything Aiorus; we will go on pretences of having one in the hanger. That is how it normally works. We just need to gain entry to his house anyway." She answered back shortly, feeling a little irritable that they had spent so long on her home planet of Omwat. "We'll go in and deal with these two. If the woman tries to interfere, you are to sort her out. She is not to be killed at all. Chal is our target, and there have been enough deaths as it is. We cannot have the authorities tracking us back to the Brotherhood, there's enough to deal with, without having this added on top of it all. Now we wait in the shadows and gather ourselves together for this before it is time."


Aiorus knocked on the door before stepping back as a slight breeze twitched at the brim of their robes catching Xathia slightly off guard. The neighbourhood had hardly changed through the years, as the atmosphere was still as the woman remembered it. The creaking of a door broke the Quaestor's thoughts, her body froze as she looked Axelle directly back in the face, suddenly glad the shadows of the hood shielded her face in the shadows. Ushered in silently, the Priestess had her hand on the saber hilt under the robes, waiting to be lead to the target.

"Well, your presence wasn't one I was expecting." Chal was somewhat sober, and also had his hilt in his hand.

"You expect me to leave you alive now after all you put me through." Xathia answered back, keeping her hood up, a smirk broad across her face. "You really are low."

"Is that so? You were a murderer by the time you left this house anyway."

Lowering the hood, as Aiorus suddenly rushed forward, his saber activated and destroying a vase that the woman had thrown at the female, the human let out a chuckle before dropping off her outer robes, and activating her purple saber. Her emerald eyes were dancing in fury at Chal. "You are the murderer; you killed my childhood, and can still call yourself my father."