Cassandra Elsin

31-10-2008 17:56:23

Blaster fire shot off everywhere, screams of terror and cries of battle ran out through the cantina’s lobby. Chavez looked towards the archway to the entrance, he groaned and grabbed hold of one of his injured body guards calling for help then dragged him deeper within the cantina. His voice was desperate as he called for assistance, his men were already loosing will to fight and all knew that slowly there doom was approaching.

Cethgus greeted his good friend as she came in to the battle team office, she smiled as his familiar face grew bright with a healing smile. He was pleased to hear about her new award as the prodigy of Plagueis, after hard thinking he knew that she was the right choice for an important assignment appointed to Exar’s Shadow.
“Kara, you have done well but I need your hand in one of our assignments. . .We need to have bodyguards to escort Captain Chavez Koshari. . . Apparently he has important information to provide us… of course Braecen wants him alive”
Kara sighed as she took her saber from her robes, she raised her eyebrows as she asked a question. “Am I going in heavy or light?”
Cethgus chuckled and then he spoke softly with a happy response. “ Well that’s your choice but I must tell you there is another coming with you…She is not in our house but she is a good friend of mine…I trust her and yourself to complete this mission….Cassandra you can come in now!”
A young novice slowly strolled into the office, her marks of Satal Keto shined off her robes. She looked towards Cethgus and knew that he was pleased to see her once again, however Kara stuck her nose up at the young sixteen female girl.
“Are you joking….?”

Kaira Rohana

31-10-2008 23:23:42

Cethgus had called her into his office for this? He was joking right? There was no way she was going on a mission with such a young girl. This wasn’t even funny any more. Stepping to his desk she frowned. “I work better alone.” She said quickly as she turned to leave. The last thing she needed was a young 16 year old tagging along getting her into trouble. Kara had always known that Cethgus had funny ideas but this was just to much. Why this girl? There was others much more expriced then her in her own flight team. There was always Godo, so why didn’t Ceth ask her to take him along? They always worked well as a pair. Shaking her head there had to be a reason behind all this.

“Well if I have to take her she better not get in the way. I will take my own ship come on.” She didn’t even care for an answer any more all her things were on her ship any way. It wasn’t big but it was just right for her. Really she spent a lot of time on that ship away from others gave her time to think. The only person she spent a lot of time with any more was Godo but there were reasons for that. Kara just hoped that she didn’t end up dead at the end of this mission.

Cassandra Elsin

01-11-2008 11:06:28

Cethgus sighed as Kara stormed out of his office leaving the Novice stood there; he waved for Cassandra to follow her and her face sunk into a gloom. The young girl hurried after her partner as she rushed off towards her personal ship that would lead them to the planet of Mawan. Cassandra had heard of the core planet before but had never been there; of course she let her mind wonder how a Brotherhood Captain had ended up there. Her weapons clang against her body as she ran after Kara, who seemed impatient with the idea of baby sitting.
“What. . . Do you have a problem?” the girl said to the Jedi Hunter.
“Well let me think… I’m not a babysitter… I’m a bloody dark jedi and not about to let a kid like you drag me down” Kara snapped back.
“Don’t underestimate my power Krath! Just because im young and new around here doesn’t mean I don’t know what im doing. . .”
Cassandra had her hand wrapped around her sword that lay in its hilt at her waist, but her eyes sought across the twenty-one year old female and spotted her saber resting within her hand.
An YT-2000 slammed down onto the hangar as it landed; the noise of the engines seemed unbearable until they shot off. The docking plank slowly came down, a male co-pilot grinned as he stood waiting at the top and then slowly he wandered down towards the two dark jedi.
“Ma’am the amethyst shadow is ready to leave; we will be arriving at Naatan within a couple of hours…”

(OCC: Here is a link to the planet we are off to just for reference Kara. Im not dropping to much of the plot in with this)

Kaira Rohana

01-11-2008 12:21:20

Waving the man off she boared her ship making sure that every thing was where it should be. Kara hated having to let any one fly her ship but some times there were times when it had to happen. Today was one of them. Turning around to look at the young girl she frowned. “Just sit down shut up and don’t touch any thing.” Quickly she walked to the copit to get the ship off the ground. The coordents were all ready in the computer so she had less to do. At least that was one thing taken care of. Once they were in the air Kara would put the ship on auto poliet so she could talk to the girl.

Lifting off the planet she soon had the ship on corse. Getting up from her chair she walked back to find the girl sitting a the small table in the back. “Well me how did you come to know Cethgus? You are not in our house so I don’t know how you could know him.” Kara liked answers she liked to keep track of a number of things of course that some times meant find those answers. For now she wanted to hear why this girl was on this mission with her. Why was she playing badysitter this time? Kara just stood there waiting for answers. She was sure they would come at some point.