Confront And Grow

Kaira Rohana

06-10-2008 13:06:06

Three and half days ago something happened. Kara really need to talk to Godo and she had not had time. Cethgus was finely doing good so she knew that she could slip away from him and Kal. Those guys had done a number to her. Kara stood there in front of Godo’s door looking at it going I have to tell him. Shaking her head the boys had left her to talk to Godo on her own. This meant no back up but she knew Godo would listen and be far. At least that was her hope. Going though all this story wouldn’t be easy for her but at least Godo was there for her. Kal and Cethgus had both taught her things over the last few days and she knew that with what she had learned she could do this. Talking to Godo wouldn’t be that bad.

Having gone to her room to change and freshen up before coming here she was in a long purple dress. It seemed to flow away from her body. It draped over her making her look like a princess. Her hair lay down her back tied only with a loss silver ribbon. Knocking on the door she waited for Godo to answer. Maybe he would come to the door and say he was still to busy. If he did she would be rather up set but she would deal with it. He was after all her house leader. Kara had a feeling that wouldn’t go on for long and she really couldn’t wait for that day when Godo was no longer a leader.

The longer she stood there the more nevurse she be came waiting fro him to answer. It seemed like years that she stood there going over and over in her mind what she wanted to say. Taking a long deep breath she wanted maybe he wasn’t even here? Closing her eyes she reached into the force to touch Godo he was here he was working something. Pushing the door open she walked in side her eyes still closed. That was a rather bad idea for as she did she didn’t know about some things in the room in front of the door. Tripping over a small box she fell hard on the floor as she used her hands to brace her self. “OUCH.” She screamed as she knew her body didn’t like that.


09-10-2008 06:50:15

The noise and calamity at her entrance would have been enough to disturb the dead nevermind a hardened Sith. From her prone position on the floor she peered up cautiously, expecting at any second to be tackled by alerted guards or to be gazing up at a disapproving Godo. Instead she saw nothing accept box after box, all neatly sealed and stacked. Rubbing the pain away in her legs she rose to her feet, straightening out her elegant dress she took in the rooms contents, or lack of there in.

There was not a single item left upon the walls, no furniture on which perched ancient artifacts, no longer was there a soft couch to relax in. Everything had gone, no doubt religated to the boxes that were positioned all over the Quaestors chambers. For some reason fear tugged at her concious but she made for his messy study.

Entering she found this room was devoid of anything, it was just a silent empty room like all the others. Mounting panic forced her to search his chambers. Eventually she found him on the balcony gazing out at the nearby oasis city. A small sand storm had begun in the distance, a brown smudge across the sky that was rapidly gaining momentum.

Wordlessly she stood by him, watching the violant scene before them unfold. She could sense a change in the air and it wasn't the weather.

"I have made a decision Kara, it was not an easy one but one I felt I needed to make. There are things going on in my life right now that are far more important. I am no longer your Quaestor."

Kaira Rohana

09-10-2008 11:28:40

Seeing all those boxes had made her very nevurse and it made it worse when she heard Godos words. Standing there taking in a breath she had to think about this. What was going on in his life that would make him give up his leadership postion? Was it her? Did he want to leave to get away from her? The look on her face right now she knew must be one of sorrow. “Why? It is not me is it? You are not leaving? What is going on in your life?” Kara sounded sad and up set all at the same time. She wanted to find out answers. Every thing she came here to talk to him about had been thrown into termol in her already full mind. Trying to find answers she stood there quietly wanting for him to tell her.

If he left she would be very up set but she would have to deal with it. Her mind thought maybe he was doing this for her? Maybe he wanted to spend more time with her and this was a way he could do that. He could train Octiava better as well. If only she knew answers. Right now she had no answers in fact she felt faint form all she had to talk to him about and now even more. What was she going to do? It wasn’t going to be easy to tell him what happened and now it was worse. A single tear ran down her cheek as she looked right at him those shades hiding his eyes like always. Reaching up she removed them to see his face. “Tell me what is going on please.” Her voice was calm even if her body gave way that she wasn’t.


09-10-2008 18:01:00

Standing upon the balcony alongside Kara, her body trembling with some inner turmoil puzzled Godo, it was not the reason for her acting so distraught it was his own reasoning he was puzzled at. He knew that there was a healthy mixture of respect and fear for his accomplishments as Quaestor. He had by his own modest standards introduced stability, even has the Yuuzhan Vong has descended upon the planet to unleash their bloody holy war against Plagueis the House of Exar Kun had remained as solid as a rock, weathering the storm. In a short space of time he had accomplished a lot. All he need do is bide his time and he could seize total power.

He had been on the abyss and turned away from it, and for what? Some self righteous opinion, a finger up to the powers of the dark side? Those reasons he would have accepted, and perhaps he was publically pushing such opinions. Juggling the machinations of the Clan Summit and Dark Council had become a tiresome and petty task whilst more attractive propositions had presented themselves.

Turning to watch the trembling form of Kara Rohana he saw the answer. He could of course suggest it was her power, he saw in her the power to achieve greatness beyond measure. He could also suggest her abnormal connection to the force was the real reason, nurse that power and develop it. But these would all be petty lies, used to fool children. He could not do that to himself.

Kaira Rohana

09-10-2008 20:22:39

When Godo didn’t talk to her she frowned. Moving over to him she wrapped her arms around him hugging him. The wind picked up just then blowing her hair all over the place. She frowned but he quickly pulled he back for her. Kara sighed knowing they had a lot to talk about. “Godo we have to talk. Something happened and I don’t know what to do. I didn’t want it to happen. I tried to stop it and I couldn’t.” Kara still didn’t understand things about what happened. All she knew was that she couldn’t deal with it. Godo had to know but she didn’t know how to make it better. “We should go sit down some where and talk.”

Her arms never stopped holding him but she knew she had to let go. Taking a long deep breath they walked in side but there was nothing there. Kara sat on the floor pulling him down with her. There they sat with her mind racing. “First off I need your help. What has happened is scaring me more then any thing else very has. I should just come out and tell you… I think what ever was in that puzzle you gave me a while back broke off and is in me. When I am giving a drink I loss control you have seen this happen but we just though it was me drunk. Think is it happed with Kal and Cethgus. I couldn’t control my self. No thing happed with Kal.” She stopped right there and looked at him. Not wanting to her him.

For now she sat there on the floor almost in tears next to him. What happened was not her fault. She wanted to tell him about Cethgus but that was hard. It wasn’t easy to tell him that something did happened but she couldn’t do any thing about it. Her body was not in control of it self. A sprit had taken her over. How would Godo deal with this. All she knew for sure was she didn’t want any thing to do with it any more. “Please help me.” Was all she could say Godo was leaving leader ship why? He said personal reason could she be that reason? Could he want to spend more time with her? She hoped that was the reason and she hoped that he could help her.


10-10-2008 16:08:26

His own distracted thoughts were suddenly cast into shadow as she begun her teary confession. Under normal circumstances the tale of a young women getting involved with other men courtesy of the drink was nothing new. The galaxy over had seen its fair share of drunken one night stands. It was typical and the results were often a mixture of remorse and revulsion. Jedi of any persuation were a different matter however, made from a different cloth some would argue. The mental control required for any force sensitive rendered the effects of drink pretty useless.

He was of course aware of the Puzzle Boxes nature or at least suspected a part of it. It had never yielded to his efforts and his own inner spirit had remained uninterested in it. Perhaps seeing such childrens toys as an irrelevance. Certainly it had promised a unique source of knowledge to any lucky or perhaps unlucky enough to divine its secrets.

Even as the tears fell in great drops, down her cheeks and onto the cool marble floor his mind was already turning over the possibilities. His own inner voice too had suddenly become more interested in these recent turn of events. In the back of his mind Kai was laughing, even now suggesting he ply Kara with more wine.

Holding her gentley and stroking her back a measure of calm returned.

"I can help, but I will need to know everything. Leave no detail out, no matter how troubling or irrelevant it may seem."

The memories were horrible to her, she wanted to forget about them and never look back. But sensing some level of important she began to re-tell her tale, being sure to leave nothing out.

Kaira Rohana

10-10-2008 16:20:53

It was very hard for Kara to keep calm but she managed to get all the way though the story. About how she had drink to control the sprit but the more she tried the more she lost it. What made it worse was the stronger drinks. Kara sat there looking at him ready for him to never want to see her again. Nothing had been left out of her story and it hurt so much fore she never wanted to do any thing to hurt Godo. She ended with tell him about what the spirt had told her just an hour ago. “It wants me to use you then take over to kill you. Godo I never want to hurt you. I was scared to come here to tell you because I was afraid of losing control.” Kara looked at him with a sad look in her eyes. All she wanted was this sprit gone and to be with Godo no other.

Why did all this dark jedi crap have to be so hard some times. It was as if some one was out to make there lifes misable. Kara sighed as she sat there waiting for Godo to say something any thing. Her tale had been long and detailed. She wanted to know why he gave up his psotion but wasn’t sure this was now the time to ask. They had more pressing matters right? Only thing was she wanted to know. “Tell me why did you get up your postion? What is going on in your life that made you give it up? “ Fearing what she might hear she sat there waiting for it nothing to make this worse then it already was. All she knew right now was the only one to be able to help her was Godo.