What Is To Come

Kaira Rohana

26-08-2008 16:46:44

(For Godo and Kara ONLY sorry forgot to add that!)

With things dieing down Kara felt that it was time to just relax a bit. Not that she really wanted to. Not with all the death that had just went on around her. Kara knew that if it had not been for the strength of the other clans that came to help them out she and her fellow clan members might not be standing there right now. Time slipped by as she stood just out side the command tent. After her earlier out burst she thought it best not to grace the leaders with her present this time. Any way she didn’t want Godo or Alaris in trouble for her actions. Of course a number of them had seen her fighting today with out ever backing down she wondered what they would say to her now.

A light breeze picked up blowing her hair around. She had tried to keep it tied back but the day just had drug on so long that it was almost imposable at this point to keep her hair back. At least the sun was heading down and the desert was cooling off. The night would be just right if they had to stay there. Kara’s hope was that the fighting would be over now. That since the Vong had been destroy here on the planet that the space battle would be over soon as well. Kara knew how tense every thing still seemed how ever. It might have been the other clans with them that were just kind of standing around almost if they were waiting for something to happen. Maybe it was just her imagastion but she for a strong feeling that something was wrong very wrong.

For now she was trying to stay out of the sun for the most part. With her form fitting black pants and tight black tank top she was getting a little warm from the sun. She could feel it as she stood there more so then when she had been fighting at least then she kept moving most of the time. That blaster of hers had really come in handy. Now if she could just get that good with a light saber. It was a good thing she was a great shot with or with out the force with her gun. Just then she since that the Leaders might be done and she turned to watch the tent flap to see who was about to come out.


26-08-2008 17:15:02

The wind was beginning to pick up, making the village of tents billow and sway, with that the temperature dropped sharply. The chill beginning to penetrate her ripped and sweat ridden combat fatigues. The sense of tension beginning to make her feel naucious and tense, at that the tent flap flew aside and several dark jedi began to file out. One after the other, each more important than the next. Alaris appeared, his eyes caught Kara's and for a moment she felt shamed, so much so she couldn't meet his gaze. He stormed past, not uttering a word to her. Yzarc and his trade mark blue mohawk was next to appear at the command tents entrance. His incredible height dominated all about him, his raw hate and fury was as readable as a book. A few more appeared before finally Godo appeared.

Unlike most about the area he still wore his full combat armour, though his cape now flapping in the ever growing wind was badly torn and scorched in places from the acid of the Yuuzhan Vong. She could sense the shadow about his soul, it seemed that the dimming of the light in the evening and growing wind that chilled the bone had been caused by his very presence. Though his eyes were obstructed from a ruby visor he always wore she felt him looking directly at her, it caused a mixture of revulsion and longing in her, it terrified her.

She quietly made her way to his side, daring not to speak but preffering for the moment to stand by his side. Before she could say anything further another shadow joined them, he stood stiffly and was reluctant to speak. In the fading light she couldn't immediately tell who it was, eventually she realised it was Ralph Vuundu, Aedile to House Exar Kun, second only to Godo himself.

"Lord Quaestor, I have the information you requested." cautiously he held up to Godo a datapad.

Without a word he snatched it up and feverishly began sifting through the cycling text on the screen. Ralph nodded slightly in Kara's direction and wordlessly left him and Kara alone. He seemed oblivious to everything and anything around him. Eventually she had to know. "Look, I am sorry about earlier I..." but a raised hand from Godo silenced her.

Then without a word he strode off, purposefully moving through the village of tents. Kara ran along side him, struggling to keep up. Without a word people parted, conversations dried up and others looked away. It had been a badly kept secret that Godo was furious by the actions of the leadership. Inaction, indecision and hesitation had enraged Godo beyond words. Some of the most senior on the battlefield had kept a wide bearth of Godo through fear of attracting his attentions. Kara knew it, and anyone in the area knew it.

When he did eventually stop it was at a large collection of cages, still steaming and smoking from being superheated by the earlier desert heat. In each was a single prisoner, a Yuuzhan Vong warrior. Kara could only gasp at the scale of prisoners, in all there must be at least a thousand all told. Some seemed remarkably healthy, others were on the verge of death. Missing limbs or suffering from deep gouges or blaster burns. Some even had the burn marks from their heated cages. All wore an expression of rage and resentment at their captivity.

Kaira Rohana

26-08-2008 17:35:12

A deep darkness seemed to fill Kara’s heart right now. At least that was the feelings she got from Godo. He was hard to understand right now. She knew not to press him it might end badly for her. Yet she knew not to leave him alone at the same time. To many had not listened to him and it could have meant the end of them all. Her eyes looked on as he seemed to study the prisoners. Why any one would want to even look at them was beond her. They were not only ugly but dangers. Know your enemy she had learned that years ago. Kara wasn’t sure what she could early learn from this enemy at least right now. Her thoughts right now how ever were on Godo and how to calm him down a bit.

Kara wasn’t even sure if it was her that he was truth up set with. Alaris had seemed rather mad at her when he passed giving her such a bad feeling in her body. This is why she didn’t follow him. Knowing alaris the way she did she knew giving him time was best. Godo on the other hand might not want her there but he needed some one there. She knew that from other times together. Taking a long deep breath she knew she had to speack. “Godo, What will happen to them? Why weren’t they killed already?” Kara saw no need to keeping any of them alive at all. Killing them seemed the best corse to her.

Walking around to the far side of one of the cages she could still feel Godo but now she had put something between them. One of the Vong tried to reach out and grab her weapon. Kara knew better and jumped back. Pulling her blaster up she was ready to fire when Godo put his hand on her shoulder. The anger and range in her seemed to streaght with him but then was gone. Turning to him she almost raised her weapon on him but though better of that. No she cared fro that man no matter how much he puzzled her at times. “Why wont you let me kill him?” She hated the Vong and she wanted them all dead right now. Keeping them alive to her was just wrong.


26-08-2008 18:22:06

Kara was breathing hard, her hands shaking slightly as she gripped her weapon tightly. Through her own eyes she had witnessed the misery and death these invaders could truly inspire. Their reckless hate and loathing for the Dark Jedi had been evident on the field of battle. They tore into their ranks and many of them had almost claimed her life, hate pumped through her veins, dancing in her blackened heart and giving her images of death. She would be their executioner, she would bring death to these animals and she would reveal in it. Only the cold will of another kept her still, like a dog chained to the fence she wanted to break free of his will and kill these animals.

The Vong that tried with all his might to reach Kara now just held the bars tightly, even as his flesh began to fizzle and fry, the grinning maw with sharp teeth pressed tight to the bars also began sizzling. It relished pain, but more than pain it relished the chance to kill the infidels. Too them, they were the galaxies greatest evil, the Dark Jedi possessed un-natural power, a love of machines. To them it was worse than wrong and they would kill for it, they would die for it.

Eventually the weight of her blaster rifle seemed too heavy and she began to visibly sag, letting her weapon hang loose at her side. For a moment she looked down at the floor, the wind whipping up particles of sand around her feet. She could feel the tiny grains prickling her skin.

"Look at them, they stand waiting to either die or kill. It's all the same to them. They do so willingly for their gods, to them we are the greater evil. Perhaps we are?" Godo's words seemed devoid of emotion but he continued.

"They can not be sensed in the force, they exist outside of it. But, that does not mean we can not use our...gifts...against them."

With that the cage holding the still smoking Yuuzhan Vong began to groan as the metal began twisting before finally exploding out, jagged pieces of metal flying everywhere. One small shard caught Kara on the cheek which began bleeding slightly, but she ignored it. The Vong now finally free flew at Kara with its claw like hands reaching for Karas throat. She moved with impressive speed readying her rifle to strike but it would be too late, the creature moved at incredible speed. She waiting for the creature to strike, but it never came. Instead the Vong was thrown by unseen hands to the floor, it was in pain.

"How?" she asked.

"I threw it, cast it aside like a rag doll. It may not exist in the force, but everything about it does. A little matter therefore to generate a force strong enough to cast aside this Vong warrior" At that Godo wrenched off one of his gloves and knelt by the wounded Vong Warrior. At the merest touch the creature began screaming, torment and agony surging through the fallen warrior. Kara could only look on as the thing made little effort to protect itself, perhaps it was enjoying the pain and suffering but with each passing moment it seemed to suffer ever increasing levels of pain.

Finally it died, thick black ichor flowing freely from its eyes and mouth. Kara was horrified at the cold precision meated out to the vile creature at Godo's hands.

"But how? They exist outside the force?" She was confused.

"I never said anything about the force." He stated simply.

Kaira Rohana

26-08-2008 23:10:36

Shaking her head she wanted to know just what Godo had done. “What happened what did do?” Her eyes seemed to show how confursed she truly was. Godo always seemed very dark right now but Kara knew that wouldn’t last for ever. Taking in a deep breath she moved over to touch his arm. This seemed to send a shock though her. It was a good shock how ever. Her body seemed to calm it self more now. Godo him self seemed more calm. “What was that?” She asked as if something had happened between them that she didn’t understand.

The wind still was picking up she was shivering a bit now as the sun was setting. Her cloak was left behind some where she wasn’t even sure now where it was. All she knew was that she was getting colder. It must have been the cold that seemed to drive her to turn her head once more to look back at those cages. Kara still wanted to see all of them dead. Godo had just saved her life and it wasn’t the first time. It seemed as if he was always right there if she needed some one. Kara wondered if that had something to do with there bond. That was something she still didn’t fully understand but she knew it would come in time.

Turning back away from the Vong her eyes met with Godos even if she couldn’t see them. “Please teach me Master Godo how you did this.” Kara rarely called Godo Master and only when she knew there was something to learn. Today she had learn that she was still young in her walk in the force and that there was a lot to learn. She needed to also show more respect to her leaders. Godo just proved that even if Kara and Godo were seeing each other kara knew that was prive behind closed doors. She wasn’t sure how she would take what he would teach her but she was up to learning all she could.


27-08-2008 16:14:55

The sun was dipping low over the dune nows, causing the sky to explode in colour, orange, yellow and the subtlest pink caressed the horizon. For the first time in the long day of fighting you could see the sun, a ball of light that still illuminated the heat haze causing everything in the distance to ripple and distort. The village of tents were still a hive of activity, solidiers and other military personnel moved about, from other tents came the noise of pain. The KDF, hardened marines of the desert, defenders of Kapsina had suffered a terrible prize for their victory on the Yuuzhan Vong. Medical orderlies moved through the dying and the dead, passing on their last rights.

No such sound could be heard from injured Dark Jedi, they either grew stronger or withered and died. Despite the three orders it was the way of the Sith that grew the most followers. And as the old saying from spacers goes, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. On this day many had lost their lives, Kara had not shyed away from the fighting, facing it with fear but determination, her custom blaster had found many victims, overheating through use she had been forced to resort to blade and pistol. The Vong tried to break her but she stood firm, a rock against the oncoming storm even as friends and the experienced perished about her.

During the height of battle she had been given the briefest of glimpses of Godo. The man who held her, in body, mind and soul. Some would resent in such bondage but Kara revelled in it, learnt from it. But when she had squeezed the trigger for the last time, when she sunk her combat vibro blade into a Vongs exposed neck for the last time and the adrenaline had stopped pumped she had felt crushed. Perhaps it was a loss of innocence or maybe it was something deeper, darker.

When she stood upon the desert, to see her hated enemies in their little metal cages the feeling of battle stirred in her, she wanted to kill and kill again. Perhaps she was growing to love, maybe it was something else, a darker side to her she had yet to confront. She shivered and not just from the growing cold that was creeping through her flesh and bones. Godo removed his tattered cloak and placed it about her shoulders. Godo could be as ice, but some how his gesture warmed her and the shivering passed.

"They say the force can be a formidable power, with it you can level cities, tear apart a planets surface or destroy a star!" he knelt by the dead Vong as Kara listened to his words.

"The force can be black, it can indeed be white but there are also shades of grey. So much knowledge, so much power. Everyone here has something, a buried secret, a forbidden knowledge. I wonder what secrets lie buried deep within your soul?"

There was not a trace of threat, nor a demand. Something deeper, perhaps there was more to Kara than even she had considered. The battle in the Space Junk with the Jedi, the memories returning to haunt her.

Kaira Rohana

27-08-2008 16:53:59

The wamth that the cloak gave her made her smile. It was a moment that she knew no other would have done for her. Godo and her had some how formed this bond with each other and it wasn’t going to brake any time soon. For some reason the force had chosen them to be together. Why she didn’t understand? Not that she really cared to any way. Her heart belonged to Godo and the force. No one could ever stamp that out. Hearing his words she looked around her again reaching out into the force she could see how it made up every thing around them but the Vong. It was in everything but them and that to a point scared her. She still had a lot to learn.

Gray yes the force could be just that gray. That was how she thought of it that was until she met that family member back on Corallia. In that moment that she thought about turning her back on Godo she couldn’t seem to get over the fact that she was already dark. Her heart told her that but a small part of her wanted to see the light as well. Maybe that was where Impie came into things. The woman wanted to show her that it wasn’t always about good or evil it was about finding that balance then living in that. There was a time to kill and a time to live. Kara looked at Godo her body felt warm but her soul was ice cold and she liked it that way more then she ever knew before.

“Godo, what will happen to them now?” She said pointing at the other caged Vong. She wondered if they would be killed or kept alive maybe questioned them. Kara just didn’t know what would happen next. With it getting darker she wondered if they would be even staying out here over night and if so where she would find to rest. She had brought only her self out here and wasn’t even sure if she was staying. Godo had not said word to her only to follow him into battle and she had done that. Now with her mind questioning each action of the day she needed to metatiet and calm her mind. “Is there a quiet place we could go? I wish to talk about the Jedi and today but not out here. Please Godo.” She looked at him hoping he would understand her needed.


27-08-2008 17:34:30

Finally the light gave way to darkness throwing the shifting dunes of the desert into blackness, about the forward camp several small lights came into being, casting a limited field of vision. It would take days, perhaps weeks before the entire camp would disband and the survivors would return to their respective military bases. Kapsina had survived the storm and would grow and prosper once more. With such a key victory over the rampaging Vong it would be some time, if ever before they would darken the skies of Kapsina or indeed Plagueis again. Perhaps now the fight would be taken to the invaders.

Godo left the Vong in their small cages, their fate would be a dark one, tortured for information. Their minds broken by the skilled interrogaters of the Clan. They would in the end yield little but in death they would provide considerable knowledge to the still limited knowledge of the Vong.

Kara followed cautiously behind Godo who moved in silence, saying nothing but continuing to move further from the camp. She felt edgy, there was little doubt that some of the invaders skill lived out in the wilds of the desert, no doubt planning their revenge. Godo knew better, the desert was anything but a safe haven to regroup and renew a war. To the inexperienced it would only guarenttee one thing, death. If not from the myriad of predators that scour the dunes then from the extreme tempratures. He had seen men drop and perish from lack of water, as though the sand had become a vast sponge sucking up every ounce of moisture. He had seen men freeze solid in minutes, trapped till the thawing temperatures of the morning.

Far beyond the outer perimeter of the camp Godo found the burnt out shell of a PDF tank, no doubt hit by a direct shot from the Vong artillery. To Kara's surprise Godo removed his combat fatigues, layers of intricate plating resting on a cortosis weave. Finally nothing remained of his upper body save for his flesh. Toned through the rigours of war and cruel masters keen to shape their students. Scars criss crossed his pale skin, no doubt a legacy from war and training. He sat quietly in the now icy cold temperatures of the desert, cross legged he remained perfectly still, as though meditating.

Kara sat opposite him, pulling his cloak tight about her, waiting for the questions to come. For the time being it was just her and him. No one else in the world save the two of them, with the stars painting a grand scene on the nights sky.

Kaira Rohana

28-08-2008 00:25:03

Sitting there on the still warm sand she felt safe there. Not sure why but she knew that nothing would happen to them as they sat there. Kara was now sure she needed this time to just sit there to find the right question to ask Godo. It might not even be Godo she needed to ask. Maybe she needed to leave to find her answers. The might not be here at all. Kara hated the idea of leaving to find answers. Taking long deep breaths she let her body relax as she started to meditate on every thing that had happened since become to the Brotherhood.

So much had happened already and she wasn’t sure how to take it all. War had been harder then she thought. In the past she had been some what shaltered from all that war was. Not that she hadn’t killed before oh no she had killed a lot of men before. Kara knew that killing was now part of who she was. If she got what she was out for at the start of her day it was a good day. Now with the brotherhood she felt that there was so much more to learn. Her time was spent reading as many books as she could. With all she was reading she had taken lots and lots of notes to remind her self of history.

Just then her eyes snapped open. Looking over at Godo she felt her self become like a child again scared of her own shadow. “Why did they do that to me? Why didn’t that Jedi look for me when I was younger? If I was her family why didn’t she come for me sooner? Why did she let them do that to me? Godo why did Famusos bring me here? Tell me what was the reason I was brought here now why didn’t you find me sooner?” Her eyes filled with tears as things were unlocked to her of what happned to her. It was horrable to remember things she had never known before. It was as if parts of her mind had been locked off to her and now were open.

There was a darkness the gripped her soul. With all she was feeling she knew just how dark she was. Kara loved the feeling of the cold and she couldn’t help but let go of ever thing to Godo. It was as if her mind was released form some form of bond that had been holding it. “Tell me what you know. I know you are holding back from me things that I need to know. TELL ME GODO.” Just then she saw Godo move pulling Kara into his arms. In that moment she calmed down again. It was his arms that made her feel save. That was just where she needed to be.


29-08-2008 18:39:18

For a while they both sat, gripped in each others arms. The only sound being the occasional breeze that would stir the tiny particles of sand over the countless dunes. There was no light left in the sky save for the stars and the occasional shooting star, or perhaps it was a ship taking off. It was impossible to tell, the vast numbers of landed troops from Scholae Palatinae and Arcona would not doubt be pulling back. Too early to say what had been gained or lost for Plagueis. Would Clan Arcona continue its nomadic existance? Perhaps Scholae Palatinae would feel aggrieved at their unnecessary losses and would shy away from aid in the future. Little could doubt that Plagueis had been saved from the brink. The question now hovered above all of them, would Plagueis survive?

Earlier in the day Kara had kept her own council, walking amongst the row upon row of dead, held in their body bags that were nothing more than flexible black plastic, ready to be catalogued and burnt. Was this to be her fate? Kara would wonder for days, maybe even weeks that some day she too would join a battle, a war that she would lose. The price? The highest anyone can pay, death.

Right now none of that mattered, a part of her had been unlocked. Like a bulkhead beginning to give way to the deafening silence of space she wondered how it would effect her. Destroy what she was, what she had become or perhaps something worse. She had seen a glimpse, the slightest hint of her past and it caused her to doubt everything. Godo had been training her, guiding her, showing her that it wasn't as simple as unleashing hate. She wondered for a moment if he had been using her, a means to as yet unseen and dark ends. Even if that were true, she couldn't reject him, to turn on him would be like ripping her own heart out. There was a comfort and a terror about that, but then maybe he felt the same.

She began shivering, the warmth of the sand now spent, cold mist drifted from her lips. It was beginning to leach into her flesh, her bones, to her very soul. But Godo, mentor, lover, destroyer, he remained half naked. Exposed to the elements and showing little signs of reaction. He was truly an un-natural being, what secrets he must hold.

Suddenly he rose to his feet, disappearing out of sight. For a moment she considered following him, but something held her there. Minutes later he retuned, clutching a satchel. Sitting next to Kara's shivering form he began using the contents of the satchel to light a small camp fire. The heat was immediate and she allowed feeling to return to her body.

Kaira Rohana

30-08-2008 00:05:25

Every thing seemed to wash over her at once. It was a flood of memorys that came back to her that had all been blocked out. It was only made easier by Godo holding her. He didn’t have to say a word for she knew the answers would come in time. Questions she had so many questions yet she didn’t know how to form them. They were things she knew Godo wouldn’t know all the answers for. Some he might. Like why did the brotherhood come to her? How did they find her? That was a good question yet the moment she was about to open her mouth Godo got up.

He came back with in just a few minutes so she knew he wasn’t leaving her there for ever. Kara smiled as the camp fire was build and she finialy felt warm. Letting herself relax again she came next to Godo. “Can you tell me why the Brotherhood found me? I want to know Godo. I need to understand how the Brotherhood could find me before the Jedi. I know my chose and it dose not change with any thing you tell me. This is where I belong. Me as a Jedi Knight just wouldn’t be right. Not sure if I cant even be a good Dark Jedi. Maybe I am some where in the middle.” Kara pulled her legs up to her chest as her arms wrapped slowerly around them. Then she rested her head on Godo’s shoulder as she felt his arm go around her.

“I don’t have all the answers Kara. Never have had answers for you. It is something you need to find our self.” Godo looked down at her as he let his glasses fall just a bit to look into her eyes. Kara could see his eyes and it made her smile. Maybe she didn’t need to know about the past. What was over was over. It was time to move on. “I think maybe I should just move on and let the past go. If the past wont change my furuter why would I want to find out more about it. Yea I will let go of the past Godo I have said it before. I cant keep dragging it back up. I am here now this is my life and I am loving ever minute of it.” She said with a bright loving smile up at the love of her life. He had become very close to her in a short time. The only one he was ever truly soft with was her. As long as no one was looking. Godo didn’t want any one to get the wrong idea of him.

For now Kara had to learn that her anger was a great tool but to let it go out of control wasn’t the best thing. She saw that now in her past. There were better ways to get the job done then to loss control. Kara let go of her legs and wrapped her arms around Godo giving him a big hug. His cloak that he gave to her to keep her warm she slowly started to wrap it around Godo as well. Trying to share it wasn’t so easy but Kara wanted to keep them both warm. “Godo, I want to say something to you but I am scared of what you will think.” Kara said as she looked at the fire before her. Maybe it was safer not to say one more thing.


31-08-2008 14:42:25

It was an easy thing to sit amongst the shifting sands of the desert in company you had gown familiar with around a glowing camp fire. Only now were his limbs beginning to protest at their treatment during the battle earlier in the day. He ached and throbed all over, perhaps a greater Sith would ignore it, use it to fuel their unending hatred but right now he was feeling weary. His return had been anything but what he had imagined it to be, when he had once more stood in the hallowed halls of Kapsina, to stand and gaze upon the freshly sculpted obsidian statues of former masters he felt a sense of belonging. Everything though had changed, old friends now dead, people had changed, the politics of the entire Brotherhood was nothing he could understand and associate himself with.

The events leading up to the war with the Vong had been surreal, even has he struck one down after another it didn't feel right. He felt like his skills, his strength in the force greatly diminished, that he had become weak. And yet as many feel to the wrath of the Vong he killed them effortlessly. None of it seemed right to him, still till he had read the Consuls report on the war he would keep a still tongue. It was no secret about his apparent lack of control, giving way to sudden bouts of rage which for him were wholly uncharacteristic. But then if they all knew what he did, perhaps they would understand. The voices, numerous and unending, they were the real power. They were the ones that tore his enemies to pieces, they were the ones that could find the enemies fractures point and explode it. One day he feared he would be lost to that sea of voices and he would effectively die.

Kara seemed almost hypnotised by the dancing flames, he imaged that her thoughts would be turning to the past. Through their bond he could feel the despair, confusion and other darker thoughts. If you strip away a persons control, their ability to filter out and present information and you see what a person truly is. Obsessed with the most primal urges, power, lust, knowledge. For a moment he considered what he should, and should not tell Kara. Whilst true that when he returned she was already on the path of a journeymen he had learnt a great deal about her.

As his former master, Kai had once said. 'Better learn all that there is to learn about those around you, find your allies and find your enemies.'

Kara was becoming restless, a question was burning in her, he could feel it. “Godo, I want to say something to you but I am scared of what you will think.”

Pushing up his ruby glasses that had slipped he replied, "What is it you wish to say?"

Kaira Rohana

31-08-2008 15:15:31

Reaching out in the force she search to see if any one was around. Kara could feel others but they were back at the camp her and Godo were alone. Reaching up she pulled his glasses off so she could look at him. He seemed so lost right now. It made her feel a little sad for him. The fact that he wanted to hear what she had to say made her feel a little better. Yet at the same moment she was about to open her mouth she couldn’t help but think this might change how he looked at her. Worrying about that was only going to make this even harder. “Godo, I don’t care what any one thinks but… I think I am falling in love with you. I know I am a silly young girl. Maybe it is just that but I cant get you out of my mind.” Kara stopped as her eyes just couldn’t leave his.

Her hand came up and touched the side of his face as she pulled him close to give him a soft kiss. Then she pulled back feeling the tormral in side him. “I know you have your own demons and if you cant ever show that love back it is fine.” Kara knew that Godo had his own problems and she couldn’t think that he could ever care fro her the way she did for him but maybe there was something to all this. Every time she was with him just like her told her would happen they were stronger. All this was still something she was learning. The force was new to her and she wanted to learn all she could but she wanted to be careful. There had been a few times she was scared when she was with Godo.

Just putting her head on his chest she sat there feeling his heart beating. It was a lovely sound for she knew as long as she could hear that she knew he was alive. Kara heard a story once that Godo wasn’t a real man. Well she knew that he was. That was something she wasn’t about to prove how ever. Kara loved Godo that was just it. This was a first for her she had never really loved any one not even her cousin. This was all new to her but she didn’t want it to end. Being with Godo made her feel that she could get though any thing that was put in her path. There was still a lot to learn but right now she knew that as long as she worked hard she could get thought it.


31-08-2008 17:51:40

Godo was surprised, how could one such as her be interested in him. A man who was neither living nor dead, one who had killed with his own hands countless times on countless worlds. He had done terrible things, things that even the shadows dare not whisper about. And could one such as he even love back? One voice in his head was laughing out loud, amused and cruel, the voice belonged to Kai and was mocking him. 'What are you to this girl? A hollow meat puppet that belongs to me!'

Sifting the truth from the lies had been an ongoing challange for Godo since he discovered his true origins and purpose, it had not been easy. Since becoming truly aware he had pondered his connection to the galaxy, to the living force. He hated life, he hated people and shunned them all but he wondered if that was not the feelings of Kai, an alien entity that wanted all life extinguished.

Kara was even now listening to his heartbeat, but each beat of it caused him pain. As much physical as it was mental, with each pulse from that shrivelled muscle, with each movement of his blood about his body it reminded him of what he was. His destiny was not some vast wave in which he would ride atop, bringing about change and achieving greatness. That belonged to another. He had been grown in a vat, built from the genetic make up of other species, fused together in an unholy shell. Then cast out to the mercy of the galaxy, all the time learning and developing but not for him, but for Kai. Emperor Palpatine had done it, created an army of shells, bodies grown to order so that when his own body was finally consumed by the dark side he would have a new vehicle in which to begin again.

Kai had ventured across the galaxy for tens of thousands of years, manipulating events and twisting things for his own purpose. Even now others like him were out there, all ultimately awaiting the same fate, to be a new body for Kai. Question remained was why, but as Kara was pressed tightly to his chest, lost in the ecstacy of the moment he felt it did not matter. The way of the Sith teaches that passion is a strength, but like many things touched by the dark side it's effects can be far reaching and pervert even the purist emotion.

Lifting her head gentley of his chest he began to explain, or at least try to "I am not something to be loved, nor pitied. I am book that only has one ending. Eventually I shall waste away, consumed by a greater being. I am a rotting husk, to love me is to witness my death and the birth of another. If you make this choice, you may pay a far greater price than you can possibly imagine."

Kaira Rohana

31-08-2008 18:14:00

Hearing his words she sat there looking up into his eyes again. She could see a cold darkness within him. Yet it didn’t scare her it drove her to want to be with him even more. Kara didn’t care were this road lead as long as they tried to do it together. He talked about not wanting to be loved but Kara knew he needed it more then he knew. He wasn’t this rottening husk that he talked about any more then she was. The dark side was going to consom them both some day and she knew that in that time they would pass on she just hope that it would be the right time and some one would step up to take there place. Right now there were things to say to him and try to make him understand.

“Godo we are all dieing. That is part of life. We are born into this world to die. No matter how we are made we all die. Passing on is part of life and we all must understand that even if we don’t want it to come to pass. I think cheating death would be a wonderful thing. To try and live for ever with you never dieing only living. That would be a great time don’t you think? For now it might be best if we took this one day at a time. I know you are this hard dark Jedi who likes to keep every thing about him bottled up. I don’t mind it makes me try harder to get it out of you. I have read things so I know a little bit about your past. Not much mind you but enough to know that I don’t care how you came into this world it is who you are now that draws me to you. Please let us try to grow in the force together and see what we can make of it. Someday the force will consume us both. Until that time lets work to find the answers to all our questions.”

Kara took Godo’s hand in hers pulling it to her chest letting him feel her heart beating. “Feel it we are both life for now.” Kara felt as if her body was about to pass out from the stress of the day. It had been a long battle and now she was feeling each hit. This is what it felt like to get old it drained you. Havng used the force most of the day to try to help her she was even drained from that right now. Letting her self rest next to him again she still had his glasses in her one hand while the other held his other hand. Her head went right back onto his chest as she could again hear his heart beating. If she was to die right now she would die with the joy of knowing that some one had cared about her. “The force chose this body for us Godo. Who are we to question the force?” That was the last thing she said as she sat there quietly now snuggling up to Godo.


01-09-2008 14:37:43

And there you have it, the young prepared to throw caution to the wind, to ignore the what if's and instead go for what they desire. For the first time he felt a genuine sense of sorrow for Kara. Even as the dark side was beginning to corrupt her and those secrets locked tight in her memories were beginning to bleed out. One day soon her world was going to come crashing down, all that she held dear, all that she thought she knew would be held up and proved false. It would destroy her, and from the flames what would arise? Perhaps she would join the ranks of the Jedi, like the women he had slaughtered. Maybe she would go mad, lost to the void. Or would she emerge a threat that would crush the galaxy. There was a destiny about her, and there would be no middle ground. For the time being she was happy, exhaustion rapidly dragging her into a deep sleep.

In the very early hours of the morning he left her there, wrapped up in his torn cloak and enjoying the remaining warmth from the dying embers of the fire. He did not venture far though, finding a place devoid of distraction and warmth and instead seeking out the icy cold desert. He carried with him one item, a small Sith holocron. It was unique however, aside from the usual markings it also contained a puzzle, a complex series of patterns and shapes about the exterior that locked together. Some of these could be rotated, others slid. All however required a mastery of the force that even Godo struggled to muster, and that was saying something.

He once recalled leaving it atop his table everytime a powerful Dark Jedi arrived, it was naturally thick with the presence of the force and all feel for the subtle trap. They would pick it up and attempt to solve it without really understanding why. Godo would feign ignorance and instead continue his conversations, some were dull, deployments, failed projects or plans for the future. Unsurprisingly all had failed.

He spent hours turning the puzzle over, adjusting the patterns to form new ones, occasionally he thought he had met with success only to be disappointed. In truth he knew he could never solve the puzzle. He wondered if he should let Kara try it, perhaps she could succeed where many had failed. There was a catch though, the holocron promised much but it also came with a warning. Cryptic messages about unlocking the mind, he felt confident that should Kara solve the puzzle, it might pave the way for remembering her past.

What Kara eventually awoke it was to be greeted by another. A Dark Jedi Knight, he was there simply to offer protection, nothing more. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes she caught sight of a strange object placed carefully next to her possessions. It was some sort of holocron, covered entirely in strange shapes and patterns. Of Godo there was no sign.

Kaira Rohana

01-09-2008 14:55:00

Dreams were something that every one had to face but Kara woke from one with a very sad look on her face. The night mares of her childhood were flooding back leaving her weary as she sat up looking around. Godo was no were to be seen and all that was left was his cloak. There was another there that she didn’t know. Sitting up she closed her eyes for a moment thinking about the night before. He never said a word to her and now he was gone. Kara was starting to feel very alone in this world maybe it was best that way. The fact that Godo wasn’t there told her that he had some things to think about or he had duties to attend to.

Looking around her she saw an object sitting next to her. It was unlike anything she had ever seen before. The dark side seem to call out to her from it but she didn’t dare touch it. Godo had warned her once before not to touch things she didn’t understand or know where they came from. After what happened on that trip with the charm she had touched from his bag she didn’t want to know any more about what could happen in her life. Yet there was this calling to her soul from it for her touch it. Holding her hand out she pulled back. “Where is Master Nurok?” She ask the other Dark Jedi standing there. He just stood there not looking at Kara.

Well now she didn’t like not having some one answer her question. It was bad enough with Godo seemed to dance around never answer her questions. Standing up she knew her answers would be found on her own. Looking down at the object she couldn’t leave it there so she picked it up putting it into a pocket. Then she started to walk off to find Godo. Something how ever told her stop and sit back down. She did so with oout questions. Pulling that object back out she set it down in front of her just looking at it. Her hand never touched after that only looking it using the force to try and figure out what it was.

After some time she had come to since it was some kind of puzzle. Now she knew that she wasn’t sure but the thing seem to call to her telling her what it was. The more she starired the more she was drawn to it. Again she reached out to touch it but stopped. That wasn’t the answer she told her self. There was more to this then a simple answer she had to find the answer with in the force in order to sovle the puzzle. Kara wondered if this was left by Godo for her to sovle maybe it was a test and Kara had to face that test. Shaking her head she sat there waiting for Godo to come back or for her to find some kind of answer to the puzzle in front of her.


02-09-2008 17:08:08

In the meantime Godo had to report to the overall battle commander, in this case the imposing blue haired topped Proconsul known as Yzarc. Though during the day of the battle or indeed the war he had remained quiet and seldom seen on the field of battle, after the final blaster shot had been fired he had begun a vocal campaign against the rival Clans and their part in the conflict. And thus the day after hostilities had concluded Godo was providing details on the final battle. Anything from enemy casualities, losses and any gains or other critical information that had been gleaned. Godo however was in sour mood.

Yzarc sensed this, and opted not to push too hard on the finer details of the conflict. Expressionless and almost monotone in his recitel he provided what was needed. Then making his excuses he left, his temper still inflamed at the actions of the leadership during the fateful day. The memories of the battle were still vivid, the Vongs terrible assaults, the men being cut to pieces on their wicked blades and the shear weight in numbers. On that day the desert seemed alive, as though it were living, such were the incredible numbers at play. But Godo like those that stood and died beside him waded into the ocean of enemies, killing a Vong with every blow. Cold and almost mechanical he gave not an inch, those beside him acquited themselves well and those that did fall, made the Vong pay dearly for their victory.

They were pushed but held the line, the battle only turned to victory from the timely intervention of their allies, with no other help coming and reinforcements being pulled back to protect the capital city and the Dark Tower, they were fighting a losing battle. Forced to ignore wounds and injuries that would have killed a lesser man he had fought on, even through the night, passing up on his alloted rest and giving up his rations. Only by embracing the dark side in its entireity and forsaking any sense of decency and mercy had he prevailed.

But he shared a bond with Kara, a bond that was as unbreakable as steel. Like a vast generator they had shared and amplified their strength in the force. As Godo killed without remorse or regret, it had fed and fattened Kara too, feeling this strength surge through her own body she too had lashed out against the invaders, not for a moment did she consider their pain or anguish, just a cold fury intent on snuffing out the life of her enemy. Perhaps in the darkest recesses of her soul she would confess that she had even enjoyed it, had never felt so alive. But when finally she too could lower her favorite blaster and sheath her boot knife she had felt a deep sense of loss, why she couldnt say. Perhaps it was because a part of her would never be the same, that she had changed and there was no going back.

Kaira Rohana

02-09-2008 23:13:43

Godo was still no where to be seen as she sat there on the sand. It was begain to warm up as she removed Godo’s cloak from her shoulders. Laying it on the ground next to her she looked up at the man stairing at her and that puzzle in front of her. The look he had in his made her back up a bit. Then she reached out into the force to touch his mind. That made her reel back so fast that she knew not to do that again. Something was going on that she didn’t understand at all. It must have something to do with the puzzle in front of her. Looking back at it again there wasn’t that draw to pick it up any more. Kara now understood that the dark side couldn’t forse her to pick it up but it seemed to be working its dark magic on the Man guarding her.

Grabbing that cloak next to her Kara throw it over the top of the puzzle. This seemed to only up set that man standing there. He came at Kara with a look in his eyes that kara didn’t fully understand. Then she heard something from the puzzle. “Use me and I will end this for you.” Kara didn’t know what to do all she knew was this man was coming at her. There was no way she was going to touch that puzzle knowing it was calling to her. The only thing was this guy was trying to get a hold of her. Shaking her head she stood up as he kept coming at her. It made her want to run but she didn’t. Pulling out that simple lightsaber that she had been given for training she held it in her hand.

Just as she was about to back away from the man more something happened behind her. Kara had no idea what happened all she knew was that she fell onto the ground after tripping over something. The man moved like lightening as he jumped on top of her. The fall had knocked the wind out of her as well as knocking her saber from her hand. The guy was heavy and she couldn’t move under his weight. “GET OFF OF ME!” She screamed as the man tried to rip her shirt. That didn’t happen as Kara got one of her legs up under the guy and pushed him up off of her using the force behind it. Getting up she started to move away from the guy again only to have him grab her arm.

Shaking off the feeling of reaching for that puzzle ball she was throw up agained the tank. This scared her as he pinned her there from behind. He still head her arm but she couldn’t push off of him to get away. Screaming out she knew that something was about to happen that she wouldn’t like. He wasn’t trying to kill her but the anger in her was welling up as she tried to fight him off. She was so scared of what he might do to her that she was feeding all this emestion that were stiring in side of her. If he kept this up she was about to loss control of her self and she ddint know what she might do to the guy. It was dangers not only for him but her as well. There was only two other times she ever totally lost control and just killed with out control over her body. This was building to one of those times.


03-09-2008 17:44:40

The man sent to protect and watch over her was like a man possessed, gone was the usual cold malice of one of his position but instead he was like a wild animal. Even has he was forcing her head ever deeper into the sinking sanding of the dunes she could feel the almost primeval urges, all those years spent training, developing and training gone in a heartbeat. Though he had her pinned and unable to move, the very same position was preventing him from being able to get at her. Mad scrambling hands were ripping at her clothes in his desperation to have her. Once more she felt the growing power of the dark side in her, forcing its way through her veins and shrouding all her thoughts and at any moment would lash out obliterate her attacker.

The dark jedi seemed to sense this however, scrabbling to his feet he allowed his boot to connect with her head. For a second everything in Kara's world went to blackness, stars blazing at the edge of her vision. Finally it cleared, as though a mist was receeding. She was on her back now, once more pinned but it felt distant, as though swimming in some great ocean. Her limbs felt like lead and she seemed disconnected from the force. In her mind she knew that she was suffering from mild concusion, with an hour or so she would be fine again, but she didn't have five minutes never mind an hour.

She had a vague sense of the man about her, still ripping at her clothes. Then in an instant he was gone, the grinning mad eyed protector was replaced with a fine red mist. Still the world about her was moving in slow motion but slowly, bit by bit it was catching up. Then, like emerging from the ocean the sounds of the world about her were very loud indeed. She could hear screaming, the likes of which she had never heard before. Sitting upright, slowly she was aware of the gaping rips in her top, quickly she pulled what fabric remained on her to cover her modesty.

Looking about she spotted her attacker, or rather what was left of him. The creams and browns of the desert floor were now scattered with red, changing the colour to a vibrant copper. Her attackers blood littered the floor, amongst the pools of blood were limbs. Some she recognised, some she didn't. The shreaking of agony came from a torso and head, all that remained of him. Stood over him, like some sort of mythical grim reaper was Godo.

He was saying something, she couldn't make out the words but before she could move closer invisible forces ripped her attacker to pieces, finally killing him. She was struck by the absence of emotion or feeling from Godo, there was no hate, no fear or sorrow not even concern. It was like staring into the abyss. She felt arms about her and for a moment she struggled before recognising the voices, they were friends of hers, Clansmen all.

"Take her at once to the medical station, if anyone asks questions just tell them it is a Quaestor matter." At that they gentley led a still disorientated Kara away. Looking back she noticed another Dark jedi bend down to collect the puzzle that had been scattered in the fighting. But immediately backed away from it at Godo's approach, he cautiously picked it up and walked away.

Kaira Rohana

03-09-2008 18:29:10

Her stay at the medical station was short. The moment she could move again she was up and leaving. The first thing she did was go to find some new cloths. That wasn’t easy. No one really had much so she ended up with something that was way to big. Kara wanted to hide she felt dirty and used. As she stood on the border of the tent city that had been made before the battle she wanted out. There were a few ships there to start heading back to the dark tower. Kara wanted to leave now the tears were about to start and that was the last thing she wanted. Feeling nothing right now would be a blessing. All she could think was that she was glad that guy as dead and that Godo had killed him. Only thing she couldn’t understand was why no one felt she was weak and killed her?

Sighing she started to walk to one of the transports when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Turning her head she knew was Godo before she saw him. “Come with me Kara.” He said softly as he lead her to his own ship. There was still work to be done but Godo didn’t want her out of his site right now with out she was feeling. Getting on board Kara tried to shy away as if she was not worthy to be with Godo right now. “How can you even look at me right now? I am weak and not any thing like a dark Jedi.” Kara moved to the back of the transport shuttle sitting down on the floor. Godo frowned at her as he walked over in front of her. “What happned is over. You are not weak and that man is no longer alive because he was the weak one. Explaisions shall come later for now lets get you back to the dark tower.”

Without so much as another word to her Godo was off to fly the ship back to the dark tower. It only took a short time before Godo was landing once more. Kara had stood up and was ready to leave the ship when Godo blocked her path. “You are to go get some of your things you will be staying with me for a few days.” Looking at him she was shocked. All she did was nod to him as she walked out of the ship heading for her small room to collect her things. There was little she could feel from him other then a deep consuren for her. Kara knew that no one else would ever pick up on that it was as if Godo was letting his guard down a bit around her.

It only took her a short time to pack up a few things. She had changed how ever and cleaned up as well. Standing in her room he long formal dark purple gown her hair flowed down her back as she didn’t even try to tie it up right now. Kara looked around making sure she had every thing then headed out for Godos quarters. Walking slowly she thought back over the events of the last few days and knew that something was different. She didn’t care any more how lived or died as long as she didn’t die. That was all that mattered to her right now was staying a live. Not even knocking Kara slipped into Godos room and stood there in the main room. “Godo?” She wasn’t even sure if he was here yet.

When there was no answer she moved around the room and saw his office door open walking in side she saw a note waiting for her. “Had more work to do stay here and read the book on the desk.” Setting her bad down on the floor next to the very old desk Kara sat down in the rather nice chair. Picking up the old book she laied it in her lap as she set the note back on the desk. Her eyes scanned over the cover and she smiled. It was about Jedi mediation. Kara had been wanting to read this for a while now. Opening it up she started to read. Pulling her legs up under her she started to get very comfruable in that chair as she started to nod off.


03-09-2008 19:05:57

She couldn't say when sleep did take her eventually, all she could remember was being woken gentley by Godo's return. Rubbing her eyes to eliminate any sign of tiredness she once more resumed her reading. Entering his ramshackle office Godo grabbed a chair and dragged it over. He sat down opposite Kara, allowing his head to rest on his gloved hand he sat in silence. Cautiously Kara peered over the top of her book before closing it quietly and setting it down the on the veneered desk.

"How can I ever be so powerful when I am so weak" she said miserably.

Wordlessly he produced the puzzle and set it down gently on the desk in front of her, the mere sight of it made her feel sick.

"In the hallowed halls of the Shadow Academy they will teach you about many things, the strength of ancient lore and artifacts. They will tell you there is power to be had, that by possessing such items will make you powerful."

Kara nodded at this, true that the professors of the Academy had often divulged the virtues of such ancient lore.

"Something you should know about artifacts such as these." He gestured to the puzzle still perched innocently on the table before continuing. "They all have something to give, but by their very nature they will not surrender their secrets. They will try to trick you, test you and if they can, destroy you."

Godo then reached over and started stroking the complex shapes that adorned the surface of the holocron. "The owner of this was a female Sith, you will find no record of her existance but from my own ressearch I have learnt that she specialised in ensnaring and seducing the mind. It was said she could make any, male or female minds bend to her own. Twisting and shaping them to her own will, in this holocron are the secrets for doing just that. It has taken me a long time to realise the folly of such an artifact. Even as I manipulate this puzzle, I am overcome with a raging desire. Only my unique 'circumstances' make its effects limited."

Kara frowned, still unsure as to what he meant but she remained quiet so she could hear more.

"Limited but not immune, but I am better protected than most. You claim to be weak, and perhaps by your own estimations you are. But consider this, to be in the presence of such a thing and for you not to be perverted by its call makes you very special indeed. To resist it and deny it takes a special sort of strength one which marks you above all others. Had I not been in the presence of others, I too may have reached across this very desk and claimed you as my own, regardless of your feelings."

Godo then reached over and placed the puzzle back on the desk in front of Kara. "Call it a gift or a curse, this belongs to you now. I do not trust even myself with it. Keep it safe, one day you will learn it's secrets."

At that he stood back up and left the room leaving Kara alone with the puzzle.

Kaira Rohana

04-09-2008 01:14:19

It was a shock what he did but he never let her get a word in before he left. Kara didn’t jump up to follow him though that was what she wanted to do. There was a lot to say to Godo right now. He had been there to protect her. If she had a strength that she didn’t understand that was more of a reason to be here to learn to understand it. Kara wanted to know more about her self but at the same time she wanted to grow. Part of that was learning but she didn’t think it would come from any book. It was time to get more hands on in her learning. Godo was a teacher but more then that he was a man she loved. Kara wasn’t sure how to fully understand that yet.

Looking at the desk where Godo had placed the puzzle she frown. It was still calling to her but she didn’t listen to it. If he said it was hers now she would take it and clam it as her own but she still wasn’t sure she wanted to open it yet. Now wasn’t the time for such things. Picking up she walked out of the office. Looking around the small living area she wonder where Godo was. This thing had to be put away some place save for now. It wasn’t her time to use it and she didn’t want it falling into the wrong hands. Hearing a noise from the small kitchen that Godo had she headed for that area.

Standing in the door way of the kitchen she looked at Godo as he seemed very foced on prepareing a meal. Her eyes seemed to be looking at each part of his body. Shaking her head she knew part of that wasn’t her but that puzzle she was letting it in and that wasn’t good. “Godo I hate to distrube you while you work but I think this needs a save place to be locked away for now. It isn’t the right time I am not ready for this yet.” Kara said softly as if she had learned something. Her eyes sparkled as the light form the room caught them just right as her head turned to look at Godos. “Thank you.” She said so sofly she didn’t even know if he would hear it. Her heart was swelling right now with a joy of just being in the same room as him as her cheecks flushed a deep red she turned away.

Her love burned deep for Godo and some times it took over. It made her feel so small compared to him. As if she wasn’t worthy of even being here. Kara had always felt that Godo desisverd the best and she was far from that. Maybe Alaris had a point she was to young no she wasn’t to young she knew what her heart wanted and it was Godo but that didn’t mean she wanted to be say married. That seemed a little to confining. For now she was happy just being with him when they could be. If more came from it at a later time then more came from it. For now Kara was happy but she knew that wouldn’t last for ever. The battle from the day before proved that and now she had this puzzle she needed to deal with. At least for now it would be locked away.


04-09-2008 19:46:35

After leaving Kara alone he headed towards the small work area used for preparing food, the presence of both Kara and the puzzle in one place had been a little overwhelming, despite the mocking voices in his head. Instead he put his focus into cooking, something he was not altogether efficent at. Still, years of travelling and the memories of others gave him at least a basic skill in cooking. It was seldom the case that Godo entertained, let alone in his own sparse quarters. Whenever he did meet people it was normally powerful members of the order or diplomats and other noblemen, in which case he went to the cities and enjoyed their fine cuisine.

As he prepared a simple meal he was aware of Kara, her feelings seemed a little more intense than usual, though he paid it little mind. So many of the newer recruits, potentials often displayed strong feelings, in a world filled with darkness there was also promise. An opportunity to achieve greatness, but also the realisation that death could meet you at any time.

“Godo I hate to distrube you while you work but I think this needs a save place to be locked away for now. It isn’t the right time I am not ready for this yet.”

Perhaps she was right, though the rewards to be gained were vast indeed, the subtlety of such an artifact could warp any mind given enough time. He stopped for a moment and considered what would be best.

"I understand, and when the time is right you will uncover its secrets. Meantime deposit in the chest just over there." he gestured with a nod to the chest he had in mind.

"There is a vault I have access to in the main city on Kapsina, we can leave it there till the time is right."

At that Kara gentley opened the chest and left the puzzle there, for a moment she stared at its intricate surface, absently running her fingers, she felt strong emotions surge through her, for a moment she felt on fire and alive like never before. She forced the chest shut and stood quietly to one side as Godo continued his preperations.

Kaira Rohana

04-09-2008 23:03:28

Backing away from the chest she still could feel power sugring though her. Trying to shake it off wasn’t easy for she knew full well what she wanted to do right then and there as she turned to look at Godo all those feelings for him seemed to be highted. Taking a long deep breath she pushed them aside. She wasn’t about to let them get in the way of what was going on right now. There was a time and place for every thing and that puzzled wouldn’t get to her no she wouldn’t let it win. Once she was sure that she could control herself once more she walked back into the kitchen with Godo.

“Here let me help you please.” She said as he shoed her off. “It is almost ready go set the table.” Kara nodded as she walked to the small table in the corner. Looking around she tried to find something to put on the table that would make a good table cloth. Godo was a guy he didn’t have things like that for the table. Finding an old sheet she pulled it out placing it on the table very neatly. Then she found some nice wine glasses and two candle sticks. The table looked nothing like Godo’s table from before. As he walked out with the plates he gasped a bit at what he saw. “I sorry I saw my cousin do this once for a lady friend he had.” Godo simple set the plates down on the table.

Kara watched as Godo didn’t even sit down he moved behind her chair pulling it out for her so she could sit down first. Then he poured the wine and sat down him self. Kara giggled it was rather new for her to be treated so nicely. Looking at the food it was simple very simple. It looked like some form of meat with some kind of side dish. Taking a small bit she found it was pretty good. Smile she started to eat slowly and sip on the wine. Only thing was she didn’t really drink and for good reason. Even one little glass made her very tipsy.

As there meal came closer to and end Kara was feeling very warm. Her cheeks were flush as she felt very tipsy. Looking over at Godo she giggled. “This is some good wine. May I have more?” Her speech was perfect so no one would ever guess she was tipsy at all. Maybe they would when they saw her walk or looked at her cheeks of couse hearing her giggle quite a lot now might give it away as well. Rather then moving she saw there waving her glass at Godo to see if he would let her have any more of that very very good wine.


05-09-2008 16:59:55

Finally Godo sat down, and began to eat, slowly at first. His appetite had suffered these past two years, always moving and never long enough to really sit still and center himself. This forced him to rely on the dark side, for it to provide him with the strength he needed. Only in an official capacity was he forced to sit and eat with everyone else, make nice with the powerful and rich. Often he had sat with Braecen and some other members of importance like the Dark Council and he lothed it, with a passion. Kara however seemed to be relishing the experience, she too had little time for such niceties and it was proving a unique experience for her. Occasionally Godo tried, quite in vain, to check his personal datapad for messages concerning the running on the House. Initially his ascention to Quaestor had been difficult, with several problems that threatened to engulf the Clan. Now it was different, quiet and running smoothly. One withering glance from Kara was all the convincing Godo needed to put it away.

As the evening drew on he found himself beginning to relax, perhaps it was the memories, or even ghost of Admiral Doog Kuron, he always enjoyed the social scene, especially with the ladies. At any rate the wine was helping. Kara on the other hand never looked so happy, despite her recent ordeal she was enjoying herself. Waving her glass in Godo's direction she asked “This is some good wine. May I have more?”

Without pause Godo filled up her glass, then his. Sitting back in his chair and savouring the flavours, he noted a hint of oak, followed by an explosion of fruit, though it lacked a sweetness the variety in taste more than made up for it.

"I am pleased your enjoying the wine, and I hope my limited capacity in the kitchen didn't spoil the evening." he wore a slight smirk, acknowleding his weaknesses.

Kara beamed a smile back "It was great!" then took a large gulp of wine. Spilling a little down her chin she quickly tried to dab it dry with her napkin. She giggled a little, as the wine was beginning to dull her inhibitions and weaken her co-ordination. Godo for the most part was oblivious, the wine settled his nerves. The occasional tremor in his hands was cured with the wine, it also had the effect of silencing or perhaps it was more accurate to say, quietening the voices in his mind.

Kaira Rohana

05-09-2008 22:31:26

Enjoying the wine was quite the understatement for Kara right now. As Godo poured her the fresh glass of wine Kara giggled even more. Sitting back in her chair she started to drink down the wine. It was making her feel very gitty to say the least. Kara just didn’t drink it wasn’t something she would really ever do. Looking at Godo she smiled at him with a big smile as she pushed her chair back from the table. With how she was now the stress of the last two days had seemed to melt away. It was a great feeling to have her stress gone. The last few days she ahd learned a lot but right now she just wanted to let go of that and be with Godo.

The more wine she drank the more she giggled. Soon her 2nd glass was long gone. Standing up she left the glass on the table and walked to Godo’s side. Pushing his chair back a bit she sat down on his lap then removed his glasses. “You don’t need those right now. “ Kara said with a soft smile. Then she put her had on his chest and just felt warm to be with him yet again. “Godo thank you for this. Tomorrow may bring more killing but this night will help me more then any thing. It is a nice way to remember that not all of life is dark. There can be moments of warmth.” Then she brought her soft red lips to his brushing them agained his warm lips.

After a few moments Kara just rested there on his lap. The time together was what they both needed right now. Nothing was going on they didn’t have to worry about any thing. All they needed to do was take care of each other. Some times you needed that. Even dark Jedi need a brake from time to time. Kara knew this but did Godo? That was a question she would learn she was sure over the next few days.


06-09-2008 16:35:08

They came at them, more than a thousand strong, a sea of brown leather armour on the milky white flesh of the witches, barely concealing their erotic beauty. Their long, thin features hid their true lust for war, for blood. Down the ridge they came, a dark seething mass intent on the destruction of the invaders. But the enemy were something else, something out of legend, encased in thick armour the colour of midnight, made them look entirely alien. Where as the witches could be seen, could be understood and heard the metal sentinals that waited to greet their charge was silent, immobile.

When eventually the witches reached the front line they lashed out with ornate blades, curved at impossible angles they cleaved into their enemy, rewarded with the gush and spray of blood that matched the colour of their intimidating armour. The witches let out a howl of triumph as one line after another crumbled beneath their lightenening reflexes and wicked blades. Some were in ecstacy, letting their tongues drift along the blood rich blade, enraptured by the felling of their most hated enemy and the taste of blood.

The battle was swinging rapidly in favour of the defenders, the slow cumbersome efforts of the men in black armour were no match for the pure ferocity of the witches. But as the battle seemed all but over and the last few perished under their cruel blades they were met in battle with another. He too was encased in armour but it was much larger, the armour much more intricate. A large helm concealed every feature and only a baleful red light pinpointed the place of where the eyes would normally be, every movement caused the ground to tremour. In one hand he held a large axe, taller than any there. For a moment the witches that stood before this monster quailed in fear, the stench of evil about it warding off any attack. Without waiting the black knight strode forward, with each swipe cutting down half a dozen of the witches. For one so large he moved with an unnatural speed and grace, deflecting every slash and stab of their blades.

Limbs flew in all direction as this machine of death strode ever deeper into their ranks, their assaults became more desperate and the unsaciable appetite for killing from the dark knight only grew. His armour was now alive, alive with the blood of the fallen, the red glow from his helmut casting a truly grisley scene. Unable to stop this new threat the witches turned and fled. The army that marched under the banner of the eternal eclipse moved after them, cutting them down. Those that still had enough life left to breath were dragged away, to have their hearts ripped from their chests, to be offered to the eternal darkness as a sacrifice.

'So at last we have brought peace to the misguided. Their fear will now be consumed by the eternal one.' the voice came from the dark knight, a voice unnatural, it cut into the very soul and made the very bones of those about him vibrate.

'High Lord, I bring news.'

The large red eyed helm of the dark knight swivelled to regard the messenger. 'Speak'

'We have found their stronghold. The old, the young and the sick are there.'

'Give them the blessing of the eternal night, let ALL know the truth in its divine wisdom'

Kara woke, her senses were alive and for a briefest moment she could sense everything and everyone about her, the Dark Tower alive with the force and the souls that occupied it. But it was an awareness driven by fear, a fear she did not fully understand. Sweat covered her entire body and her breathing was laboured. Taking a moment to quiet her racing heart she slipped from beneath the thick duvet and walked across the room to the ensuite bathroom. The moonlight that flooded in from the only window in the room, illuminated her slender, naked body.

Activating the bathroom light with a mere gesture she looked at herself in the mirror, the face that greeted her looked to be pained, troubled in some way. Was it just a bad dream? Splashing her face with cool water, she let herself finally calm down. Perhaps she had over done it with the wine afterall. A familiar presence joined her in the bathroom.

"Is everything alright?"

It was Godo, without his trade mark shades and wearing nothing more than a black silk gown. Kara nodded slowly before revealing a bright smile. Catching sight of herself in the mirror once more she noticed the colour returning.

"I hope you don't plan on greeting your Master or for that matter anyone with your current attire?" Godo's playful tone was not lost on Kara.

"Attire? I'm not wearing any...oh" With a shy smile she went to grab some clothes, anything to hide her modesty but Godo grabbed her from behind, holding her gentley in his arms he whispered "Are you sure your okay?"

Kaira Rohana

06-09-2008 22:33:05

Feeling those warm arms grab her from behind she sighed. He seemed to know what she needed right at the moment and she melted into his arms. Forgetting what she was going for she simple twisted around to face him. With a smile creeping over her face she couldn’t help but know he was worried about her. Pulling back a bit until she was free but then slipped her hand into his as she lead him to the bed. Sitting down she pulled Godo down to sit with her. Then she snuggled in close as she tried to still calm down. It wasn’t easy having those nightmares. She was sure that was all this was this time. At least that was her hope.

Pulling back taking a big deep breath she looked longingly into his eyes. “It was only a dream. I know that is what it was Godo yet another part of me wants to say it was more then that. I don’t know.” Still feeling a little loss she wasn’t sure if she was ok. “I don’t know if I am ok Godo I don’t know.” There was a wave of emiestions going out of control in Kara. She was trying so hard to keep her self from crying. With all this tormoal going on in side of her it was starting to make her body shake a bit. This only made Godo grab onto her tighter. He seemed to want to calm her with his own presscen. It was working only a little bit for some reason.

Then Kara lost it her mind couldn’t take all the feeling going though it. The tears started to flow down her cheeks. It was hard some times to be woman. Kara knew that part of this was just who she was. Getting control of ones emstions took time. Bureing her face in Godos chest she cryed for what seemed like forever. Godo just held her in his arms rocking her trying to sooth her to let her know she was now safe. All the sudden Kara pulled back the tears gone and a smile on her face. “Thank you Godo I think I just had to cry. That dream was so real like it already happened. I just want to forget all about it.” That was the last word she said before leaning in and kissing him full on the lips. Kara didn’t pull back only stayed right there letting Godo deside when it should end.


07-09-2008 10:28:05

Finally night yielded to day, as the sun rose above the city of white, a single shaft of light illuminated the still sleeping face of Kara Rohana. It had been an eventful night, joy mixed with sadness. But as the light gently nudged her to a wakeful state she felt for the first time in weeks happy. Though her muscles ached and still felt slightly tired she was pleased to be up, without pausing she got up and hurriedly got dressed. Throwing on a simple robe she pushed open a set of doors, flooding the Quaestor quarters with blinding light. Stepping out onto the balcony she was treated to a commanding view of the city and the great deserts beyond them. In the morning haze she could make out the outline of the distant mountains the true source of wealth for Clan Plagueis. In the appartment she heard a muffled curse, it belonged to Godo. Kara allowed herself a mischevious smile at the thought of Godo waking up to the blinding light.

Her hair was stirred by the morning breeze, it was warm and yet refreshing. After a few minutes Godo appeared on the balcony looking decidedly dishevelled. His normally prestine robes were badly creased and his ruby glasses were set at a jaunty angle. Kara barely stiffled a giggle at the state of the Quaestor of Exar Kun.

"Morning" she said optimistically.

Godo managed a weak smile, even with his protective visor he found the light too much for his eyes. Without waiting Kara moved over and re-adjusted his glasses and tried to straighten out his robes with only limited success. They both looked out at the city, the only clue that it had been the scene of a brutal battle were the occasional plumes of grey smoke that dotted the landscape. The whisps drifting away, all amongst the back drop of the pale blue skies as squadrons of fighters flew on overhead. The view offered by the Dark Tower was second to none on the entire planet, it had been a natural magnet for the Yuuzhan Vong invasion forces, mercifully the KDF and Plagueis military had used that to their advantage and the enemy were stopped at the extreme outer limits of the nearby city.

Kaira Rohana

07-09-2008 11:22:25

It was just so hard not to giggle a bit at Godo. The man clearly was not a morning person. She had always felt that it was the fresh start to a new out look on life. The day before was in your past and all you had to do was look forward to what could be a great new day. With a great big smile she pulled Godo close to her and kissed him sweetly. Then slowly pulling back she remember the night all the ups and downs. It really was a surprise she was up and feeling as good as she was. It had to be the fact that she was with Godo right now. The fresh air was making her a bit chilled for it was still early. As she shivered a bit Godo frowned at her.

Before she knew what was going on she was being pulled back inside the bed room and the door to the balcony. Once the doors shut and the light blocked out Kara laughed. “Oh Godo don’t you love the mornings? Such fresh new starts. I know way to perky right? How about some breakfast? You lay back down and I will go make us something.” Only thing was he didn’t let her go. He held on to her and she wasn’t sure why but she hugged him back letting him know she was there for him. “Mornings are evil Kara. How can you like that blasted sun light?” He growled and Kara laughed.

Pushing back she walked him over to the bed and pushed him down. She then took his glasses off. We are in side you don’t need them right now. Then giving him a soft quick kiss she turned walking out of the room. Kara of coruse made a show of walking out of the room making sure to sweay her hips just for Godo. Kara had learned a lot from her time with impie. Maybe it was the stress of the last few days but as Kara walked out of the room she almost screamed. As it was she gasped. There was a rather odd picture on the wall in front of her. It was the seen from her dream.

Shaking her head she quickly walked into the kitchen. Well there you go she must have seen the picture and turned it into a dream. Kara was just glad to find food in the kitchen to turn into food. The first thing Kara made was tea for both her and Godo. It seemed they both needed something to calm them this morning. Kara didn’t even know Godo was standing just in the entry way of the kitchen. She was so busy preparing things and trying to keep busy that she wasn’t even using the force to know where godo was. It was almost as if she was hiding in her self. As she turned around just then with a plate of fruit in her hands she saw Godo and was so stalted that she dropped the plate and jumped. “Aaaa”


07-09-2008 16:56:17

The sudden appearence of anyone of Godo's stature would probably give anyone a fright but such was the quietness of his approach that it even caught Kara's heightened senses from alerting her. The plate landed with a loud crash sending shards in all directions, fruits of all shapes and sizes made their bid for freedom as they rolled off, some even making it to the next room. Godo managed a single raised eyebrow at this display whilst Kara went from shock to embarressment as she went chasing after the fruit. Godo watched her scrabbling around the floor, a wry smile creeping across his normally unreadable expression.

"It matters little, let the breakfest make it's escape. They do serve food in the bowels of the Dark Tower and though it is not up to perhaps our standards we wont at least perish from eating it."

Nodding she finished getting changed, adding her simple cloak and utility belt. Godo forgoed the use of his combat armour and instead wore simple, yet elegant robes fitting for one of his station. The journey down to the Dark Towers core was an eventful one. Many of the students and even some of the senior members of Plagueis found themselves looking on in astonishment. Hushed whispers were exchanged, others simply remarked how unusual it was for a Quaestor to be walking in the company of a journeyman and not say his Aedile or other staff.

The Cantina was a simple, functional room. The obsidian walls that made up the Dark Towers exterior reflected in the interior, silver fittings and the softest hide for the seats gave the look of functionality with a regal air. The place was fairly quiet, a bald headed bartender was wiping down his work surfaces whilst small groups of mainly Dark Jedi were sat round tables exchanging their exploits on the field of war. There was almost a perceivable sense of sadness though, as much through the force as through perception. Many friends, allies and enemies alike had lost their lives on the field of war. A few turned to regard the newcomers, but quickly averted their gaze. No one wanted to court the attentions of a Quaestor, let alone one with his reputation.

Kaira Rohana

07-09-2008 23:34:47

With all those eyes seeing her as she walked in she wished she had wore a nicer out fit. The one she was in was just a simple black dress with her black cloak. Of couse she had her lightsaber as well as her blaster on a belt that hung from her hips. Her hand was in Godos as they made there way to a table out of the way. Kara hoped that the eyes would soon stop looking at them soon. It was almost at once they did stop looking. It was as if a number of them didn’t want to even look at Godo with the darkness he was giving off. Kara was rather glad of that right now as they settled in.

A worker walked over to there table with a pad in hand. “What can I get you Master Nurok and your friend?” the man asked quickly trying not to look at Godo or Kara. It made Kara smile a bit knowing how much this man didn’t care to have them there. “I will just take something light nothing to much. I am really not sure what they have here Godo do you know?” Godo only nodded to her and then to the waiter. “Two bowls of fruit, two cups of tea and how about some breakfast cheese and rolls please.” Kara smiled at hearing that. It seemed as if Godo had been here before. It all sounded just what they would want to eat. The waiter just nodded and left.

As soon as the waiter was gone how ever another guy walked up to the table. He looked as if he had already had something to drink this moring. Kara didn’t like the way he was looking at her. “Hey there beautryful.. Why you here with this cold hearted Sith spit.” Kara shook her head and didn’t even want to deal with the man. Yet she did turn to look at him once more. “You need to back off and leave us lone now. Go sleep off what ever you have had to drink.” The guy must not have liked what she said and stared to move on her. “Oh come on you know I am a better man this guy. Why don’t you come with me and have some fun.” Looking over at Godo, Kara could feel that dark side twisting in him. “If you wish to live I would leave now.”

Kara then stood up and pushed the man back away from the table. This didn’t go over so well with his buddys who came to help him. “Woman should learn there place. You are good for one thing. Come on lets take her back with us.” That wasn’t really what any of them should have said. Kara couldn’t even understand how they could have been there. Looking over at Godo he was aready getting up. This wouldn’t end well at all. So that meant that things would go very bad from here on out it was taking a lot for her own anger not to over come her. This boys needed to learn a lesson in fear. The rest of the place seemed to understand and wasn’t about to try and stop this. Godo was will with in his right to take maters into his own hands.


08-09-2008 07:58:48

A silence descended on the bar followed by a chill in the air, not entirely from the force. Other people in the Cantina suddenly went quiet, even the bartender a veteran of such fights had stopped what he was doing to watch the drama unfold. Kara stood defiantly, fists clenched. She was no stranger to fights and had cracked her fair share of skulls in her time working for her cousin. There were now five of them arrayed against her, the ringleader a man clearly heavily under the influence of alcohol, face contorted in rage at being rejected made a move against her. Kara was ready for it, deflecting the clumsey punch aside she followed up with one of her own, a satisfying crunch indicating the man had a broken nose.

He staggered back, tears of pain rolling down his flushed cheeks. Blood started to flow, and like a firaxian shark with the scent of prey it drove him into a frency. This time he called upon his superior knowledge of the force and using it to empower his reflexes launched a fist directly at Kara. This time she could do nothing, closing her eyes she waited for the inevitable impact, something else she was all too familiar with. But it never came.

Slowly opening her eyes all she could see was a clenched fist, barely a hairs breadth away from her nose. Stepping back slowly she could see every muscle in his body was straining at the leash. A look of surprised panic clearly evident on the now freely bleeding face of her attacker. The rest of her attackers were equally transfixed, all appeared as living statues, rooted to the spot.

Instantly she turned to regard Godo, seated with his arms firmly folded he made no obvious indication he was responsible for what was happening. With his hand in a fist he extended his arm in the direction of the main attacker, a single finger shot up which moved slowly side to side.

"Oh dear, it seems we have someone who has forgotten their manners." Godo said in a icy tone.

The wagging finger then dipped down. "Kneel before her." he demanded.

At that the entire gang dropped to their knees, faces contorted in pain as unseen forces pushed them into the carpeted floor.


As one their heads hit the floor with an audible crunch. All bowing before Kara in some mock ceremony. All Kara could do was look on in astonishment, but none in the Cantina felt compelled to come to the mens aid.

"Your like animals, a pack descending on its prey. How deliciously pathetic. As you act as animals you should pay in blood."

Skin began to seperate, invisible knife wounds slashing at exposed flesh, though they remained unnaturally silent, blood began to flow rapidly staining the carpet. All wanted to look away, but perhaps through morbid curiosity felt compelled to watch. Finally the unseen forces that rooted them to the spot left and all fell to the ground though all looked as though they had been involved in a vibroblade fight all yet lived, barely.

"Bartender? I believe we are waiting for our breakfest?"

In an almost comical display the barkeep rushed to their table, tray stacked with their order. He almost fell over one table and slipped in the blood that was still spreading across the floor. Finally he reached them and hurriedly emptied the tray. Bowing stiffly he fled, this time falling over before rapidly righting himself and reaching the safety of the bar.

Kaira Rohana

08-09-2008 12:40:54

Kara stood there in aw for a moment as she watched the men bow before her. It made her giggle a bit as she turned to look at Godo. The moment the show was over she moved to sit back down at the table right next to Godo. Her eyes showed him that she was greatful for what he had done. How ever deep dwon she wanted to learn to take care of her self. It wasn’t that she didn’t like having Godo there to ehlp her but what would happen if he wasn’t around? She knew that it was time to really start learning how to take care of her self. Still for now she was very happy that she didn’t have any marks on her after the day before she didn’t feel that it was the best time to get hit in the head again.

Once there food was on the table and barter gone she turned to Godo. He was already eating but she couldn’t eat yet. “I guess I should thank you again. Will you teach me what you did today? I need to learn to take care of my self because you wont always be here. If that guy hit me after what happened yesterday not sure I could have handled it.” Godo put a hand on hers and looked right at her. “Eat for now we shall train later.” Kara was glad to hear that and brought her free hand up to start eating.

Hearing something happening behind her she turned to see a few people rushing over to help the men on the floor. Kara wasn’t about to ehlp them she didn’t care if they died right now. Really she felt if they were to live then they were strong enough to be here in the first place. Taking a deep breath she went back to eating not caring about the carnage on the floor of the room. Eating the last bit she pushed the food away as she just sat back sipping on what was left of her tea. What would the rest of the day hold for them?

Godo then stood up turning to Kara. “It is time to go come Kara.” Standing up she watched Godo leave some money on the table. Kara knew that it was more then there food would have cost. That must have meant he was leaving a bit for the mess they had caused. Walking out of the small cantina she watched them walk down halls. Soon they came to a door Kara had seen before. It lead to a room she could feel a darkness coming from. Opening the door Godo waved her in. He didn’t say a word to her as she walked into the room he followed her in and they stood in the middle of what looked to be very old training room. Only thing was Kara could feel the force was very strong in that room. It felt very heavy in the air. What they were doing there she wasn’t sure but she knew she would soon learn the answer.


08-09-2008 17:59:01

"Tell me Kara, what is our greatest weapon? What is it that we can use to always crush our enemy?"

Kara was still getting reaquainted with the room when Godo suddenly asked the probing question. For a moment she couldn't think, the power of the dark side was strong here and even now was whispering to her, comforting her and promising everything should she yield.

"The force?" she suggested cautiously.

"Those that sit upon their throne in the Shadow Academy will no doubt tell you this is so, indeed through the force you can manipulate the smallest and indeed the biggest of things. Through it we can change the course of destiny, to sway armies, destroy empires or forge new ones. All true. And yet, this is not my greatest strength."

Kara was understandably puzzled. "If not the force, what?"


"I don't understand? Me?"

Godo continued. "Yes, you. Or perhaps our Consul, or the Proconsul? My strength is my opponent, only through them do you learn how to defeat them. To cast them down, to break them to your will. They may serve you in life, or perhaps death. Whatever it is you so desire."

Stalking over to the far side of the room he picked up a small stone fragment, part of what must have been a much larger piece. "Do you know what this is?"

Kara shook her head.

"This tells the tale of a Dark Jedi, a young prince who found himself cast out from his home, his family, friends and loved ones. His greedy brothers coveted the throne of their father. Exiled and alone none would offer him comfort, driven to survive in hovels, the harsh mountains and torments of being abandoned. When at last the father died, no doubt through treachery a stranger appeared. Wearing a mask of charm and sincereity he conspired with the brothers, one by one they killed each other. The stranger was none other than the exiled prince, returned to exact his revenge."

Kaira Rohana

09-09-2008 00:49:30

Everything was rather hazey for her she was looking for answer that Godo wanted to hear. Not those that came from who she was. That was wrong and she knew it. Godo wouldn’t like her not to answer with truth. Sighing deeply she had to sit down. Looking around she saw nothing to sit on so she sat on the floor. This room was a bit overweleming right now to her for some reason. She didn’t think it should be this bad but it was. Looking up at Godo she listened to his words then took a long deep breath to think about them clearly. Trying to push every thing out of her mind that wasn’t about the questions Godo possed to her.

What he was saying made perfect sence to her. Know who you are facing if you wish to win the fight. That was the way you came out of things alive. Maybe that was why she had fought so well agained the Vong. She had seen them fight and understood them a bit. “Godo I think I understand now. If you were to face me it would be different then those men you faced down in the cantina this morning right?” She said softly her voice showing her weakness in the room. Just then as if things seemed to change a bit she had more straight. It was just the look she had gotten from godo but she knew that there bond was so strong right now that it was now countering the effects the room had on her.

Standing back up she went to Godos side. “So the force like a blaster or a lightsaber is simple a tool to help you in battle. It is there to use once you understand who you are faceing?” Kara stood there facing Godo. She knew if she took him on it would be an interesting fight how ever she knew he out matched her in almost every thing but her blaster. Could she get a shot off before he would block it? Kara knew the answer to that it would be foolish for her to try. “So knowing you I know it would be foolish of me to take you on for I know I couldn’t beat you in a straight on duel. How ever having a plan that is thought out and caulated to have your guard down might give me just the shot I would need to end your life.” Kara laughed as if she had ever thought of ending godos live. “It si something I would never do Godo. Now if you told me to Kill Braecen or Alaris I would have to think and plan but I would do as I was told.”

She wasn’t sure if that would surprise Godo or not. Her loatrly was more to him then any one else. This was her home and her clan but if Godo for some reason wanted them out of the picture she would come up with a plan to help him. “I am not saying I would do it just out of the blue mind you but I would help you if you asked.” Kara started to laugh. Really it was funny she wasn’t about to go and pick a fight with either of those men but she could come up with a way to kill them so they would never have any idea what hit them. Kara’s heart and mind gave Godo a cold chill right now as her mind was spinning with ideas oh just how evil she truly could be. Leave to a woman to come up with ideas on how to kill a man with out them knowing.


09-09-2008 17:55:09

Godo nodded slowly, as the many wheels of Kara's mind began turning, the possibilities and the ideas were being easily fed by the growing corruption of the dark side. But she was not entirely influenced by that, in her was a power unique to her, one that struggled to break through.

"You are quite correct, Jedi and Dark Jedi alike put much faith in their lightsabers and the force. But regardless of ones strength in the use and application of either, can they not bleed? Can they not die? Can they not be influenced or twisted mentally?"

He allowed the stone tablet to drop the floor, before once more gazing at his prize.

"Remember this, if you remember nothing else. When it comes to winning, to ensure your life over your enemies, use whatever is at your disposal. There is no honor in death. The force is a powerful tool, as is the lightsaber but do not rely on such things. Rely instead on your knowledge, what you know of your enemy and..." he paused, allowing a smile to spread across his ashen face "...your blaster."

Perhaps against his better judgement, he decided to reveal many things. To reach into anothers mind, to peal back their defences and pry from it the darkest secrets. 'A mind is like a fortress, with it's gates unbarred'. Such effort and faith was placed in their weapons and the force, little regard was given to the true weapon, the true source of power. The mind. Within were the true tools to success, through that you could drive a man to insanity, to fall passionately in love, to know pain and loss.

Kara was a willing student, learning with a ferocious apetite. Using ancient Sith Lore, coupled with his own knowledge he gave her the key to unlock her potential. Hours turned to days, days to weeks and still she absorbed everything Godo told her. She learnt how to reach into the hearts and souls of others, at first non force senstives, gentley probing for their darkest fear and their most perverse pleasures. But it wasn't simple a matter of using the force to rip into anothers very soul. There were other things to learn, the use of body language, the 'tells' subtle things that gave away anothers true nature or intent.

But he did not neglect her other studies, he also taught her how to win through shadow. To offer up the illusion of success for your enemy only to perish at Kara's hands. "Make your enemy think they are winning, show them how weak and fragile you are. In their greed to complete their kill they will drop their defences."

Kaira Rohana

09-09-2008 21:33:04

Weeks has passed with Kara learning a lot from Godo. He was more then the leader of her house to her and had been for some time. Now it was just even more clear then before. Hearing Godo again as she stood there in that same room he wasn’t telling her any thing she hadn’t already thought about it was just that hearing it made it seem more real to her. There training had taken her to a point where she couldn’t wait to stop being Alaris’s little student any more. It was something she was working on very hard. Sometimes she felt that Godo was teaching her more then her master. Yet she did care about what her Master was teaching her. After all he was her master and had a number of things to show her.

Sighing she knew what he was telling her she had her noise in his books for weeks now. “Godo why do we go over what you had me read weeks ago? I know this.” Kara today was tired it had been a few days since the last time she had seen Godo. They both had been off doing other things and right now she just wasn’t up for more lessons. “Godo how about you show me?” she said with a wicked smile creeping over her face. Every time they spared he had come out on top. It was time for her to try and win one. If they put this into action he would have to make it seem like she was winning then change course. Only thing was she would know what he was up to that meant she could try and turn the tables on him.

Kara wasn’t sure what Godo would do as she stood right in front of him. Her eyes locked with his just as there was a knock at the door. If it had been Kara she would have hurt who ever it was but Godo calmly went to the door. Looking around the room there was a few windows and Kara walked to the far wall and the corner to look out the small window. After a few minutes Godo stood behind her as he wrapped his arms around her. “Sorry about that Kara my job is taxing some times.” This made Kara smile and turn in Godos arms. Her eyes locked with his even behind his glasses. “Tell me something Godo if I could get you away from the house for a few days would you come with me?” She said softly not sure what he would do.

“Tell you what if I can beat you in a duel you come with me for 3 days off? If you win I have to do what ever you want me to for 3 days? Sound like a fair trade?” She said with a giggle hoping he would take the challenge. Eather way she knew she would be in for an interesting three days. There was something she wanted to do for him and hoped he would enjoy it if she could win. Maybe if she didn’t win today she could keep trying until she did win. Godo needed time away form the house and all the problems with the clan. It was hard some times she knew for him with all the work he was doing with a Student and her always bugging him. Sighing she hoped that she wasn’t a bother that was.


10-09-2008 10:09:22

Godo raised a quizzical eyebrow at the challange, there was no doubt she had accomplished a great deal. Her connection to the force grew daily as was her ability to control it. There was a side of her, however, that remained in the shadows. He had taken it upon himself to delve ever deeper, to meet that side of Kara but always it wriggled from his grasp. He had been content for now to develop her skills, even her ability with the lightsaber had moved at an incredible rate. Soon she would be formerly given the title of Dark Jedi Knight, a landmark in a difficult journey.

Still, despite all that she had learned, all the potential he still had a voice of caution in his mind. He had been seduced, and his judgement was now in question. Could he, with all his experience and knowledge truly remain objective when it came to his safety and her future? It was a question that had been bothering him more and more over the last few weeks, especially with how quickly she had progressed. As though all of it was second nature, what took some students months, years to master she seemed to understand in hours. Impressive and yet troubling at the same time.

For now however, he was content to further hone her, a weapon and something far greater. Curiously the questions that many had been whispering behind closed doors and shadowy corridors had ceased, or at least seemed so. Alaris, powerful Quaestor of Satal Keto had remained silent on the issue. Godo suspected that Kara had excelled beyond even his expectations and was content to let things progress.

"Well?" Kara asked, with more than a hint of confidence.

He was distracted and it showed, for the first time in years he was the one finding it difficult to maintain his composure, perhaps it was Kara or his changed circumstances since having his connection to the force restored.

"I accept." he said with a smile.

Turning away he began shutting down his datapad, lifting the catch on his now aging trunk "And what is your weapon of choice? I was thinking we co...." he never got the chance to finish the sentance.

Anger, hate, all these emotions he relied on so heavily during combat, not to mention a manipulative and scheming mind evaporated in favour of confusion. Hurtling through the air he landed hard against the opposite wall, datapad spinning off into the darkness.

He found his limbs were like lead, immobile and refusing to operate despite his wishes. Looking up he gazed into the grinning and mischevious face of Kara. Her blaster hanging lose at her side.

"Stun setting" she said

"You said all that matters is winning, no point being honorable and dead." she said this time with a very wide grin.

Kaira Rohana

10-09-2008 11:30:02

Maybe it wasn’t the best way to win but it was the only way to win agained Godo. Kara couldn’t even dream of matching his lightsaber moves or his blaster for that matter. He was stronger in some many ways but that was why she loved him that much more. With all he had taught her she was surprised that he turned his back on her. Part of her wondered if he wanted to loss just to see what she ahd in mind for the next few days. There bond had grown and she could feel his anger but she knew that he would be laying there for a bit longer. The question became would he give in and say she won? Kara worried that the moment Godo could move she would pay for what she had done.

“Now do I win or do we need to keep going?” Kara knew full well that if they kept going she would loss hands down. The fear in her she was hiding deep dwon but if she knew Godo as well as she thought she did she knew that he would feel that no matter what. He was strong in the force and some times she wondered why he wasn’t the same rank as Braecen. It was easy to see that he could handle the power. Sighing she wanted to make it part of her life to see Godo move up in rank. She knew he was stronger then any one wanted to say he was. Kara felt it even when he had douts. “You know Godo you didn’t have to let me win.” She said with a giggle and big smile.

There was no way Godo had let her win but still putting that out there with the giggle would only make him grow even angrier at her and she knew that maybe it wasn’t a bright move. If they were to keep going she would pay for htat. Although she may be the better shot with her blaster Godo could defect it faster with his lightsaber if he was pay attction that is. Kara had really caught him off guard and that surprised her very much for she knew he was always on guard. Maybe finely he was going to let her in. Leaving over she brought her lips to Godos kissing him softly as she pulled back she smiled. “trust that I would never kill you Godo I care for you to deeply. I hope you feel the same for me.” She said as she stood back waiting for him to charge at her.


10-09-2008 15:51:48

Godo remained rooted to the spot, the powerful charge of the stun setting on Kara's blaster was lethal, big enough to bring down a bantha! Being able to do little more than move his head under the gloating gaze of Kara did little to help his growing frustration. He would crush her like a bug, grind her bones to dust, who would miss her? But then it hit him, harder than any setting of a blaster rifle. He had the power, strength enough to rip her very soul from her body, to restore his strength and stand over her corpse. He could even drain her strength enough to restore himself, then take revenge. But as he lay there, devoid of power he noticed something he never had before. As she stood there, triumphant over her victory he realised he could not harm her. Not so much as a hair on her head, he had sensed a danger in her when they had first met. He assumed that her powers would dwarf his in time, perhaps that may still be the case. The real threat was here and now, that he had formed a bond stronger than any the force could make.

He felt awkward for a moment, vulnerable and confused. He had lived a life of shadow, he had killed in cold blood. He had dreams, great dreams of carnage, to see the galaxy dragged down. For blood to run freely through the streets and for his name to be chanted with hate and bitterness. He had seen it, he had seen his corpse stalk the streets of Coruscent, where people would run in terror, where at a thought suns would die, worlds would collapse. Life, the light of all would grow dim and surrender to the void. But now, he felt strangely empty. For the first time, he felt...human.

Kara for a moment seemed to share in this sudden understanding, rubbing his still leaden limbs into life he decided to avoid her coming to this conclusion. Before the thought processes could fully compute all that she was sensing in Godo he stood up.

"An impressive display, Kara Rohana. You have learnt wisely, and as demonstrates even the more skilled opponent can be foolish. You did well." He briefly gripped her shoulder affectionately.

He could sense she was still trying to work out just what had happened, he needed to act quickly to cover his mistake.

"Very well, you have won. Victory is yours, I will of course make the arrangements to book three days off. A deal, as they say, is a deal. Assuming you don't shoot me in the back again?" the sarcastic tone was unmistakable.

She giggled at that and slowly shook her head, a playful smile on her face. It had, it seemed done the trick. He now had a weakness, or at least a percieved weakness. She stooped down low to gather her posessions as he made the call.

"Ralph? Yes, I am fine. Listen I have to attend to a matter. What's that? No, I will not require a guard. Three days. Yes...okay, just...oh right. Yeah okay. Very well then. See you in three."

Turning to Kara "You have your three days."

Kaira Rohana

10-09-2008 16:17:09

Three whole days with Godo by her side with no worrying about fighting the joy that would bring her was no end. Yes she was learning more about the dark side of the forse but at times she saw the gray in things. Right now Godo needed some relax time. She knew just what he needed and where to take him. As he called Ralph she started to leave the room. “Godo I will meet you in the main hanger bay in one hour. Have your bags ready for three days of fun. No lessons, No work only you and I having some much well desverd time off.” With that she kissed him on the cheek then ran out of the room.

Kara headed right for her own room where she grabbed an old bag filling it with a number of things. Then she changed out of the black dress she was in for training. Looking over her cloths she found the perfect dress to put on. It was a long dress again but very soft and danty. It was in a midnight blue color with deep royle purple ancents. Right now Kara wanted to feel pretty as she let her hair down. Rather then look like a dark Jedi she looked a llittle like a princess. Looking at her self in the mirror she smiled. Godo would love this outfit she was sure of that. Putting some things into her bag she gripped it in her hand.

Making sure before she left her room that she had her lightsaber and her blaster. This was only so she would feel safe just in case something did happen. As she walked into the hall way away from her room she her some one whish at her as she turned to see who it was she frown. “Go away Stepen. I don’t have time to deal with you and if you make me you wont like what happens.” All the sudden a dark cold winded seemed to chill the man to his very bones as he turned and walked away. Kara was glad for it as she headed to the hanger to get her ship ready for flight.

Moving into the hanger she saw a rather old looking ship. It wasn’t much but it was hers. Something her parents left her. There were a few hidden things that she had added as well. Godo she was sure would be very impriseed with the mods she made on such an old ship. Walking up the ramp into the ship she waved her ahnd and the ship came to life. Touching a spot on the wall it opened into a small locker. She put her bag and weapens in side it then sealed it back up. Turning around there was Godo quiet as always making her jump just a bit. “Godo stop snecking up on me. Here this compartment over here is for your stuff.” Waving her hand over the wall again a rather large draw opened. It would fight a lot of stuff so she was sure Godo would have enough room. “When you are done stowing your gear please wave your hand over it and it shall close. Works thought the force.”

Quickly she moved up to the pliots chair and sat down. Her hands danced over the controls as each did what she told it almost before she touch it. Looking over her shoulder she waved Godo into the chair next to her. “The inststion book on the ship is in then small little compartment to your side. Just in case I need a co polite at some point. You ready for your vaction?” She said softly as the ship came to life. Soon they would be at Corallia sitting on the beach having a relaxing time. That was her hope at least.


11-09-2008 08:52:41

By the time he had turned she was already gone, no doubt relishing her triumph and packing her things. The idea of not working sent a shiver down his spine, the idea of relaxing was perhaps a greater challenge than facing down a battalion of Yuuzhan Vong warriors. Even he had to conceed that sometimes you had to stop and center yourself. Recent developments were still preying on his mind, this bond had unexpected consequences and was a threat. He had never hesitated before, but there was a first for everything.

Stopping briefly to collect a few belongings from his living quarters, he made for the hanger. The corridors of the Dark Tower were bathed in silence, with the recent war efforts and a complete breakdown of the Brotherhood communications network most had taken the opportunity to relax. Some sought solice and spent their days in deep meditation. Others travelled to other cities across Kapsina. Some even went off world, no doubt pursuing their own agenda.

When at last he reached the hanger, he noticed a handful of engineers busying themselves with broken fighters and making necessary upgrades to engines. One engineer caught Godos attention, he was standing admiring a fighter in stowage, his illuminous fatigues were smeared with black oil and other muck from his duties.

"Quite a ship that." he said at Godo's approach

Standing beside him, he realised what the focus of the engineers attention was. A TIE Defender, one of only handful left to Clan Plagueis and perhaps even to the Brotherhood.

"Didn't think any of 'em survived the Vong invasion."

"To my knowledge they didn't." Godo said politely.

Turning in horror the engineer realised who it was he was speaking to "Lord Quaestor, I apologise. I did not realise it was you."

Godo waved away the apology and walked up to the fighter, allowing his gloved hand to stroke the hull of the ship.

"This fighter was gifted to me by the Sith Order leader, when such a position existed. Now it seems to be the last of a dying breed. A tragedy."

He turned to regard the now terrified engineer.

"I am leaving for a few days, look after it in my absence."

With that he turned on his heel and stalked off, quickly finding Karas ship and strode up the loading ramp. She was clearly in a world of her own as he approached her, echoes from their earlier fight tempted him to stun her from behind, but he bit back the urge. When she turn and noticed him she jumped.

“Godo stop sneaking up on me. Here this compartment over here is for your stuff.”

He could tell she was in her element, for once she was the captain, for once she was taking the lead and like the good obediant little servant he would follow her instructions.

“When you are done stowing your gear please wave your hand over it and it shall close. Works thought the force.” she said finally

Nodding, he couldn't help but be impressed by the modifications she had made since becoming a member of the Brotherhood. Most would find accessing this ship all but impossible. Following her instructions he joined kara at the cockpit, she motioned for him to sit down.

“The instruction book on the ship is in the small little compartment to your side. Just in case I need a co-pilot at some point. You ready for your vacation?” She said softly as the ship came to life.

The term vacation was alien to him, he had in truth never been on a trip that didn't have some sort of sinister motive. But staring at her, in that midnight blue dress, with an intense excitement about her he could not help but feel caught up in it, reminding himself that is was probably just their force bond he allowed himself to nod at her question.

Kaira Rohana

11-09-2008 12:11:53

Her eyes looked over at Godo for a moment as she got some different feelings form him. He seemed a little uneasy. Kara could understand this was his first brake from work at least to have some time just to relax. Every one even dark jedi needed time to just relax. Taking a long deep breath she put the ship on auto polite once it had made its jump into hyper space. Now she was going to take sometime to talk with Godo. “Hey you alright sweety?” She said putting her hand out on his arm. Moving her other hand up to remove his glasses fro she didn’t want him to wear them when they were alone. This was a time they were alone and she wanted to see his eyes. It always seem to calm her nevurse when she saw those eyes because she could tell more about what he was thinking.

Kara was trying to understand Godo maybe that was her mistake right there. She just needed to learn to let go and have fun her self. Godo was dark at times almost like a shadow but she had been drawn to that. At least she was glad they would have fun on this trip at least that was her hope. “So do you want to know where we are going or leave it to me to get us there then find out on your own?” Her voice was rather giggly as she said that. Godo was the man she truly cared for and wouldn’t do any thing to hurt him well not any thing that would hurt much. She was sure that hitting him with that blaster hit a bit.

(sorry it is short.)


11-09-2008 15:21:44

The voices in him seized on his fears, who would miss one journeyman? Three days would be more than ample time to dispose of the threat. They could claim anything, that it had been a terrible accident. That he had fought tooth and nail to save such a promising member of the Brotherhood. Why concern himself with her? That weakness he had, it must be destroyed, crushed beyond recognition. His head began to throb under the assault, he knew they were right. It was too late, he could not change what had been done, that force bond, that other connection they now shared could not be shattered. Better to destroy her, now before it was too late.

Her gaze was firmly fixed on the controls in front of her, her elegant features silhouetted against an exploding back drop of stars and galaxies. A godess in the stars he mused. He rubbed the temples of his head, trying to ease the noise, the deafening roar of hate and bile. He wrenched free the hilt of his lightsaber, his thumb stroking the ignition switch. She would feel nothing, she would become one with the force and that would be it. The solitary life he knew, the vicious hate he harboured for life could continue to flourish.

He shuddered, he could feel what she could feel. The hope, the love. It was a virus, it was tainting him. Corrupting him far greater than the dark side ever could. He gritted his teeth, trying to push aside these emotions. He held the lightsaber behind her exposed head, with but a flick of the wrist he could end her. Finally be free of this madness. She turned in her pilots chair to regard those burning red eyes. Why, he couldn't say but he dropped the lightsaber, the chrome cylinder rolled off.

"You dropped your lightsaber" she said brightfully.

"It...it doesn't matter. I...my head, it troubles me. I need to, rest for a bit." he let off a smile to ward off her concerns. He walked gingerly to the shuttles bunk and lay down upon it.

He let sleep swallow the raging voices, hoping perhaps in vain that when he awoke he would return to the being he once was.

Kaira Rohana

11-09-2008 15:49:22

It was a few hours after Godo went to lay down that Kara was bring the ship in for a landing. They were now on her home world were she knew they would be safe for the three days to them selfs. Only thing was Kara wasn’t sure that her biggest ememy right now wasn’t Godo. Some of the things she sinced from him weren’t all good but she knew athat a lot of those could just be his enter vosies soundeing off again. Kara wasn’t scared of them but they did make her worry about Godo. He needed this time she felt to really come to terms with how he saw her. If he let those voices get to him they might both end up end. That was the last thing she wanted. Shaking her head for now she put all her foces on landing the ship in the small hanger that was here her family home.

Once she had the ship shut down she stood up and looked over at Godo who was still sleeping. She could feel the dark shadows around him and felt very sad right in that moment. He had taught her so much and been there to care for her over the last few months. Kara really didn’t need any more proff that Godo cared for her other then what she had already shown. Walking over to the bunk she sat down next to him leaning over to kiss him softly. Just then she felt his arms wrap around her pulling her close to him and she giggled a bit. Not one word was said as she lay there next to him as he held her. All thought that he would hurt her drained from her but that didn’t mean she was letting her guard down.

Pulling back she handed Godo his glasses. “We should get to the house. I really hope you find what you are looking for in the next three days Godo.” Kara said in almost a sad voice. If it wasn’t to be with her she didn’t know what she would do. Yet that bridge would be crossed soon enough. Kara had seen the furuer what it could be but to tell Godo would only push his mind father into tromal over her. This was something he had to deal with and that ws why she brought him here to be alone with her. They would have no distratistions for three days. In that time she hoped that the bond they already had would only grow stronger. Kara would be here at all times for Godo just to prove how much she cared for him and she hoped that would be enough. His arms still were around her waist not letting her leave his side and she couldn’t fight him even if she wanted to. “Oh Godo come on we should go.” He still didn’t let go and smiled at her. That made her only smile back.


11-09-2008 16:43:35

He awoke into a world of darkness, a world of shadow and hate. There was no greater prison in all the galaxy than the mind. He tried to inspect his invisible bars, having no sense of direction he just started walking, and walking. Then he began to run, as though outrunning the shadows that barred his passage might free him. They were unrelenting however, when at last his lungs gave out and he could no longer move he fell to his knees. Exhausted and embittered, cursing his prison and himself. He felt a pain in his chest, greater than any he had ever felt. A confusion fell upon him, it was his heart. With each beat, with each effort to push his tainted blood about his body he felt incredible pain. It was nothing he had encountered before, he knew pain. He had been stabbed, shot, crushed and worse besides. He knew what pain was meant to be, how it made the eyes water, pushed adrenaline through the body. This was different, it made him ache in the gut, made it painful to think.

He could not give the sensation words, but another could. Emerging from the swirling darkness came a familiar figure. One drapped in a crimson red cloak, hooded to mask those baleful eyes. Only the brilliant white grin of a madman who should have perished long ago could be seen. He towered over Godo, malice oozing off him, the dark side alive in his aura.

"And so the puppet wants to be a real boy!"

Godo could only look on with hate at his tormentor, the loudest voice of all and one that would refuse to remain silent.

"You flee across one end of the galaxy to another, scared to face those that threaten your...no, my existance. And now you finally face a true threat, one that can destroy us both and look what you do? Crumble to dust."

The smile turned into a sneer.

"To think of all my children you would be the one to be granted this gift and look at you? Wasted. Let me tell you a truth about life, you will find little warmth and comfort from another. Least of all her." he turned and spat at the floor as though to rid himself of an unpleasent taste.

"You know they fear you, hate you even. Were you not abandoned? Were you not despised? You were left to die, left to eek out an existance on nothing. They do not deserve your pity, they deserve to die. Every last one of them, remember how they hurt you? Broke you till your mind was nothing more than an half empty shell?" he nodded slowly, the grin returning.

"You feel it even now don't you? The hurt, the loneliness, your heart breaks and you are abandonded. Just like before. Ah but have you forgotten so easily, the memories fade but the emotions still run strong. I know what your thinking, you wish for death don't you? Normally such a thing would be granted for such a creature as you but there is another emotion, stronger still that stops you. You feel rage, hate, injustice. You can't stop till you have your revenge on every last one of them. That's what drove you to seek me out and destroy me." he laughed loudly, it seemed to echo in Godos ears and very mind.

"Betrayal is a funny thing, isn't it? They assume that you will remain broken and useless, that you will perish under the wave of misery. But that's not so. We know differently don't we? Remember what you did to one of them?"

Godo grinned, the memory long forgotten sprang to the fore, he had made them beg, grovel for their miserable lives. And then snuffed them out of existance, revelled in their destruction. He should have stopped at just the family, but somehow he felt the entire outpost deserved it, had they not remained impassive at his suffering, had they not condoned it by their very silence.

He stood slowly, remembering the blood that had passed his hands. The cycle of revenge and murder was not over yet, not by a long shot.

"She could spoil everything, have we not worked so very hard for this victory. Think of those pathetic fools in their black cowels?"

"Think of their petty little rituals, their foolish interpretations on what the force really is!" he mocked

"Funny how their powerful and truly faithful disappear, isn't it?" at that Godo and the crimson man both laughed, sharing their secret joke.

"Dispose of the girl, we have more important things to plan. Do it quickly, if you must indulge do it and move on."

Godo flashed a mad grin, it must be so. Kill her quickly, then destroy the galaxy. Let all suffer for it would be precious little compensation to what had been wrought on him.

He awoke, it was Kara Rohana, the words of the man in crimson, Kai himself still echoed in his ears 'Dispose of the girl'. It would take little thought to crush her, he reached up and grabbed her. He would drain the life from her, leave her an empty husk to be feasted upon by the carrion. But...he couldn't, he tried but looking into that bright smiling face his will to do harm slipped away, as one might try to grasp the ocean it slipped through his fingers. In the back his mind a voice raged, disappointment mixed with disbelief 'how can this be!?'

Kaira Rohana

11-09-2008 17:13:30

When he didn’t move and just looked at her she softed a bit. He seemed conficed in his mind. She leaned over and whispered something softly in his ear. “There will be time to play soon enough.” She aid as she slipped out of his grip. Then she moved over waving her hand at the wall opening up her draw of things and his. Turning back to look into his eyes he was right there pushing her to the wall it almost hurt but she couldn’t help but like it a bit. “Godo, I feel the hate in you right now and it is rather overweling. I like it, now if we could just use that to gain power.” Kara said with her eyes matching his almost in a flash. The other night Kara had a vistion again of the furuer. It was on she had not shared with godo yet. This trip was partly for that. She had seen the two of them bring down those that hurt him in his past.

“Get your things Godo Dear. Your past seems to haunt you at times I wish I could kill any one that ever hurt you.” Kara said it almost under her breath as an after though as she moved down the ramp heading for a small speeder car. Godo wasn’t far behind as he put his things into the car with her. As they headed out the house she saw Godo deep in thought again. What ever was in his mind seemed almost at times take him over. Kara was scared but not of Godo of the voises in his mind that tried to turn him againced her. She was the one that was standing by him and helping him right now to gain power didn’t they see that?

Soon the car came to a stop in front of an old house by the beach. Kara picked up her bag but Godo told it from her and his own. “Go I will bring in the bags.” He said to her. Something she never thought he would. Heading into the house she found it clean but no one here. Just the ay she wanted it. She had called a head and asked that the caretaker leave for a few days. That was just what they did. Kara walked up to the wall were there was a shelf with pictures. She didn’t even know that some of theses where here. She had things in her own past she wished had happened differently but she had already dealt with the man that had hurt her deeply. Turning to see Godo walk in she wiped the tear form her eye as she smiled. “Just leave the bags there. How about a nice glass of wine?” Turning she was about to go to the kitchen when she feet his arm gab her once more and pull her into him. He held her there and she couldn’t help but feel the hate growing in him she hoped that he could work though this and let her help him with his past.


12-09-2008 05:24:24

She was running, faster than she had ever ran before. As leaves and other green foliage drifted past her she pulled out a long curved blade, it was acid etched with complex patterns and shapes, writing that looked more alien than anything she had seen before and yet she understood its meaning. A direct translation was impossible, it described the sensation of rendering the flesh from the bone and right now the blade was lusting for the blood of her prey. The blur of green suddenly slowed, so that she could make out the individual patterns of leaves, the hanging vines and vast tree trunks, wider than a man. A twilight had descended on the jungle, but it was an unnatural one brought about by the thick canopy above. Emerging from the jungle into a clearing she finally caught sight of the one she had been chasing.

A man, barely older than she was stood in the center, his chest heaving rapidly under the stress of his escape. Rags adorned his body, no doubt ripped whilst trying to move through the jungle. He caught sight of her, his eyes showed genuine terror but he lacked the strength to flee any further. Reaching down he picked up a half rotten log, the moss covering most of its surface whilst strange and exotic bugs crawled over it. He lifted it high, preparing to meet his tormentor.

She laughed, but through her armours vox it sounded deep and bassy, making bones and flesh alike sing with the coming slaughter. She would enjoy this, a sacrifice for the eternal night. He ran at her and brought the log down hard on her mechanised armour, his weapon shattered into a thousand splinters. Tears began flowing from him now, as the futility of his attack become clear. She back handed him, the power of which was so great that it broke his jaw and threw him to the ground.

Kneeling before her prey she began cutting into him with that blade, the blood filling the grooves and writing of the blade making it turn bright red. All the while he screamed, sometimes curses, sometimes for mercy but all the while she kept on cutting, singing praises to the eternal night.

She woke suddenly, terror gripping her heart and making her shake uncontrollably. Another nightmare, but different from the last. Where as before she was like a distant observer watching a battle unfold before her, this time she was there, she was the one holding the blade. It felt so real and yet a part of her relished it. Drawing her knees to to her chest she just sat there on the bed waiting for the terror to pass. It did, and she finally realised something, it was dark and Godo had gone.

Climbing out of her bed she quickly threw on some clothes, the sun would be up soon marking a new day, the first of three she had been promised with him. She didn't bother searching the house, there was no point. She could feel his presence, it was distant but not so distant that he had left the planet. Throwing open the doors to her bedroom and walking out onto her balcony, she was rewarded with an almost panoramic view of the ocean, the sun would indeed be breaching the horrizon as an ambient light illuminated the rolling waves. From her vantage point she could see one lone solitary figure sitting on the beech, gazing out to sea. She knew straight away who it was.

Kaira Rohana

12-09-2008 10:01:41

With the dream pushed out of her mind Kara stood in the shower. Godo was just fine she would go see him soon. For now she had to get her own mind under control before she could help Godo. After a short time she stepped out drying off. Then when back to her room. Quickly she dressed in just some simple pants and top. Sitting down on the bed she closed her eyes for a moment to let her mind mull things over. Her dreams where getting worse. Maybe it was time to talk to Godo about them? It wasn’t like she wanted to worry him how ever. Just over the last few weeks she had been dreaming a lot more.

Shaking her head she stood up and walked out of the room. As she headed down the stairs she looked around the emery house and frowned. Why had she come here? This was her past it wasn’t something she wished to remember. Walking right out the back door she headed down the beach. Looking out at the sea she could tell the sun would be coming up soon. For now she just looked at Godo. He was so quiet and still she didn’t want to bother him right now. He was metating as far as she could tell and that meant he would need his space.

If he had come all the way out here it met he needed to be away from every thing. Sitting down on the beach a short away from him as she her self started to meditate. Her mind filleted though the dream but then it went into other things that she had been locking away. Dreams of past weeks. Kara couldn’t get rid of them. No mater how hard she tried they stayed with her. It was getting tiring. Just as she sat there her whole body seemed just relax and calm at the sound of the waves crashing into the shore. It was in that moment she started to have a new vision.

Kara was seeing many years in the future. Her own mind conflicted with chooses about things she didn’t want to choose between. There was Godo needing help but there was something keeping her from helping. She had a child with her. The small child screamed Daddy no. As Godo fought to keep them safe. This wasn’t the first time she had a vision about a child with Godo. There had been many. Always the same out come how ever. They would rise up stronger and the child would follow in his fathers foot steps. Just as she was about to spring into action to help something pulled her back from the vision.

Opening her eyes she was laying on the sand sweating and she hurt all over. Looking into the eyes of Godo who looked back at her with concern. “Kara what are you doing here?’ Sitting up she frowned. She should have asked him the same thing yet he acted as if this was the worse thing in the world she could have done right now. “I came to check on you but when I saw you were deep in meditation I sat down to medtiate my self. Only thing was I started to have a vision. I am not sure I can believe it though. Godo the nightmares are getting worse. This now was a true vision but those nightmares are starting to scare me.” She was being honest. IT was her hope he could do the same back.


12-09-2008 17:40:43

He sat gazing out at the horrizon, the solitary nature gave him time to compose himself and think about all that had happened and all that could happen. He was a changed man, no longer the being he once was and that was perhaps scarier than anything he had encountered before. The sound of the waves rolling up against the length of the beach seemed to relax him slightly, he would have to come to some sort of resolution. Drawing himself up he allowed himself to slip into a deep meditation, the memories and past events of his life drifted by, reminding him with worrying clarity at the folly of human emotions, but he did not dwell on it, letting it drift by.

He became aware of another presence, it was Kara. She too had come to the long sandy stretches, perhaps seeking answers, or perhaps just looking in on him. Not that he cared to admitt it, but he had become increasingly aware of her affection for him. He had been reluctant to reinforce that opinion, fearful that he may be giving something up, forever surrendering a vulnerability. The voice still echoed in his mind, demanding her death and the end to a weakness. He had of course dismissed it, but it had cost him. Often he had felt it would be better to leave the safety of the Clan, to head off into the dark places of the galaxy. A part of him, a side he had never known existed refused to let go, there was something in Kara he could not hide from nor reject. Perhaps afterall it was their force bond, or something else. He was struggling to come to terms with it, but given time maybe he could break it, the question remained however, did he want to?

At that he was pulled from his mediations and was once more sitting on the beach, gazing at the horizon. A sense of growing panic rose up in him, he instantly became aware of Karas distress and jumped to his feet so he may reach the prone form of Kara herself. Lying upon the beach she was sweating profusely, body convulsing. The natural instinct to help her came into affect, he cradled her shocked body till she emerged from her vision. At that he withdrew, lest she learn how he truly felt for her.

"Kara, what are you doing here?" impatience implied but not genuinely felt.

“I came to check on you but when I saw you were deep in meditation I sat down to medtiate my self. Only thing was I started to have a vision. I am not sure I can believe it though. Godo the nightmares are getting worse. This now was a true vision but those nightmares are starting to scare me.”

It was not unusual for a force sensitive to begin to see visions, possible outcomes and events. Nightmares were also pretty typical, as the force granted them sight beyond that which most could attain. Equally though, these vision would be tainted by the feelings and emotions of those that viewed them.

Using a nearby rock as a perch he sat by Kara, he was struggling to compose himself, as he found himself more and more distracted by her. He felt sure his bravado and impassive expressions were masking his growing emotions. He hoped he was fooling her, but in truth he was not even sure he was fooling himself.

Kaira Rohana

12-09-2008 22:29:31

Just a moment before she started to talk Godo was by her side then he moved. Now if she didn’t know better that would have made her feel like he didn’t want to be by her. Only thing was she knew better. He was shy and having a hard time with his feelings. It was time she spoke up. Kara moved up and sat next to the rock looking up at Godo. Her eyes showed the pain she had from the nightmares but her heart was beating only for him. Taking a long deep breath she closed her eyes and foced on him. It wasn’t easy at first use the force like this to get a beat on his complexed mined and soul. Then she found what she was looking for.

A moment later her eyes snaped open and she stood up. Standing right in front of him she had a smirk forming on her lips. “Godo dear we are alone for three whole days. Please stop hiding your feels for me. You know how you feel and it is hurting you more to hide them. I have know for months now how I feel about you and I told you I was falling for you. Well I have fallen head over heels in love with you. I don’t understand it at times my self but I know you are shy with it comes to ladies well no more. For the next three days we are going to have fun. No one will see you letting loss. When we go back I will be there for you but I also know you will have to hide again.” With that said she took Godos hand pulling him off the rock.

There was just one thing Kara didn’t think about when she pulled his hand and him. It was the way she pulled he lost his balance if only for a moment. Both of them were falling forward onto the groud with Godo on top of her. Giggleing a bit she felt the force wrap around them both laying them gentrly to the ground. “Thanks sweety.” She said as she kissed him deeply on the lips. Then she held him there so he couldn’t run for him. Looking into his eyes coverd by those shards she couldn’t help but think he had such a pretty face. It made her want to tell him about her vision but she didn’t feel he was ready to hear it yet. With her arms wrapped tight aroudn him there wasnt away he was going any where with out asking first. The sand underneath her was a bit cold but she would make due.


13-09-2008 13:24:20

His kind refused to surrender, he had fought many battles against impossible odds on many worlds. Most of their names were lost in the sands of time but he had remembered the blood, the sweat and the desperation of fighting for his life. He had sat and allowed the dark side into his soul and twist it so that he could unleash his hate on the galaxy. He remembered one of the so called Great Jedi Wars how he had fought in the breach at the Shadow Academy and faced down former friends and enemy alike, fighting was so brutal that few survived the night, and for many he had endured. Where some commanders pushed their blaster pistols into their mouths and pulled the trigger he had fought on. Defeat was not acceptable, he would not bow down and surrender. Till now.

For a moment he pushed aside the memories, dark or worse and allowed himself to hold her. The sun was beginning to breach the horizon making the sky turn a mixture of golden yellows and vivid pinks. All the while the sea gentley lapped against the shore, for a moment he was not a twisted creation born from a darker being. He was just a man, with someone special upon the beach.

He pressed his lips to hers, for a moment just a briefest moment. He pulled back slowly. The morning light seemed to draw out Kara's radiating beauty. He felt lost in her eyes, it seemed she was all that existed in all the galaxy. At that he stood up, his cloak and robes damp from the wet sand. He lowered his hand to Kara, who took it, hoisting her up they met in an embrace. He kissed her once more, savouring her soft lips upon his.

Pulling away once more he allowed himself to smile. "How about breakfest?"

Kara pushed him playfully, then they left the beach together to return to the house.

Kaira Rohana

13-09-2008 14:33:11

The walk back to the house was nice as they walked hand in hand. Kara was feeling a lot more relaxed for the first time in weeks. Her mind was at easy and calm. She felt that she could really learn right now a lot about the force and how it worked. As they headed in side she looked around heading for the kitchen. “Godo sweety why don’t you go up and take a shower. I will have breakfast done by the time you come down.” She waved him off to shower as she went racing off to the kitchen. Right now she didn’t need any distraction she could cook but it would be better if no one was around.

Moving around the kitchen she soon was cooking up a storm. She just hoped that he would like all that she was making. For now she had to deal with getting every thing just right. Kara wanted to make sure Godo had a great meal to start out there first day. After what happened on the beach she knew full well that this would end up being a great day for them both. Godo had finely let go and started to enjoy him self that was Kara’s goal form the start. Now that she had him relaxing she could relax. He was also letting her in and that to her made her feel great. Love was a powerful emstion and she was starting to use it more.

Setting to plates of food on the table she waited for Godo to come down the stairs. They had omlets with cheese, meat and tomatos. On the side was a some fuirt and to drink she had them some jusice. She left this was a good start to the day. Just then she heard foot steps and could feel Godo coming to join her. Looking at the table she waved him to sit down as she went back to get one more thing. Some tea and scones that she sat on the table as well she hadn’t made them but she knew who did. Looking at Godo she smiled. “How dose that look Godo?” She asked as she sat down to eat. “Hey how about after we eat we head back down to the beach for a little work out?” Kara’s eyes sparkled at the thought of some training with Godo. She had always felt he was a great fighter and she wanted to learn from him.


14-09-2008 17:35:48

Something simple as sitting down to eat a simple meal in good company. Something trillions across the galaxy took for granted. He was becoming increasingly distracted and could not understand why, his training had compelled him to keep a sharp mind, to be focused and prepared. This very training had allowed his to survive situations that he should by all accounts, have perished. They both sat, enjoying the food and each others company, away from war and death, far from the cold hearts and icy minds of the membership. He was becoming increasingly aggitated however, perhaps it was the lack of conflict, to march upon a planets surface leading a force to war. He could feel Kara's passions however, like a vast wave slamming into the shore, each time it hit he felt more disorientated. By the time they had finished their meal, he was eager to work it off, in combat.

Arriving on the beach they stood opposite each other, wearing little as was typical in Echani and other styles of close combat. Often it is said you do not truly know your opponent till you have faced them without such articles as blades, lightsabers and blasters or the cumbersome armour that he typically wore. The sun was still low over the horrizon, and its myriad of colours continued to decorate the sky. The light was soft, enough to pick out subtle details and making colours vivid, eventually the sun would climb high enough, its sharp light destroying the beauty of their surroundings.

Kara had tied back her hair, but it did nothing to spoil her elegant beauty. Her figure remained athletic and possessed an almost exotic appearence to her. Her lips were full, enticing but more distracting of all were her eyes, he found it impossible to look away from them. In turn he had dispensed with his own shades, gone too were his trade mark heavy combat armour and cape. He pushed aside his thoughts and feelings, using age old combat techniques to prepare his mind for the coming battle.

She moved first, a blur to the naked eye, she was on him in a flash, throwing a fist and following up with a well placed elbow. Any normal man would find themselves on the floor, nursing a bleeding mouth and a few broken teeth. But he had fought, he had killed with his very own hands. Using her own weight against her, he spun her round. Grabbing her from behind and holding her in a vice like grip. Her chest moved heavily at the sudden surge of power, he hesitated, for the first time ever in battle. He should have forced her into an arm lock, made her kiss the wet sand beneath their feet but he didn't.

A grin flashed across her face, sensing his doubt. She reversed his grip, forcing him to defend a well placed kick to the head. He stumbled, the sudden shock sending him backwards. She did not relent, again she launched himself at him, throwing one punch after another. He deflected solidly however, and began countering with backhand and palm punches of his own. Lacking his strength and experience she was forced back but continued to put up a valiant defence.

A measure of Godo's calculating nature began to force its way back into his mind and he continued to push the advantage. She was now backed into a nearby rock, though the surface was far from jagged it still prevented her from escaping the growing trap. She made a clumsey strike but he caught it and pinned her to the slate grey rock. Their eyes locked once more, both breathing heavily from the effort of the fight, sweat pouring off their bodies. But once again he could do nothing more.

She once more broke free, using her experience in bar brawls to roll out of danger and come up preparing for combat. Even as he instinctively prepared for the inevitable attack he found himself enthralled by her, the way she took and gave out punishment and still came back for more, this fight was far from over.

Kaira Rohana

14-09-2008 23:27:03

Kara stood there waiting this time for Godo to come at her. The moment she saw him coming at her she tyred to turn out of his way but he was quicker this time then had been before. Maybe she had finely got him to let loss and fight her. The next thing she knew she was on the ground face down with her arm on her back with Godo holding her down. Only thing wsa his grip was loss she could feel it. He learned over and kissed her on the cheek. “Hey kissing is not part of the fighting.” She broke free of his hold easy but now she was thrown off balnces as well and she could tell that was his plan.

This time she didn’t want for him to come at her she went right in with some free punchs that never landed on there mark. Godo moved quickly blocking each one and Kara was getting all little frustaionted now. When that didn’t work she tried to grab at Godos hand when he throw a punch at her. The moment she had his hand she tried to flip him vut that didn’t work Godo use that momentum to go right past kara and drag her with him. Again he pinned her to a rock and looked deep into her eyes. He lost him self again this time kissing her. She tried to fight it but couldn’t. Slowly she melted into his arms.

That was the end of there fight really. After that Godo picked Kara up and walked down to the water. He throw her in to the water hearing her scream and tried to get up to chase him down. Godo ran right for the house. Kara followed but as she got to the doors they were locked. When she tried to use the forced to unlock them Godo made sure she couldn’t. Glaring though the window at him she ran around to the other side of the house. There she found a small window to the bacement still open. It was a good thing she was small or she might not have fit. Getting in she reached out to godo. He knew now she was in the house.

Godo was all the way up stairs in the bed room they sharied. Kara walked up the stairs slowly and entered the room. The door closed behind her as Godo grabbed her. She turned to turn but he wonted let her. She was still dripping wet and he was getting rather wet as well now. “Well did you cool off a bit?” She growled. “No not really Godo want to see just how much fire I still have left?”


17-09-2008 15:49:04

It was late afternoon and the sun was already making its way over the distant hills, the light was beginning to ebb away and lamps and other illuminations came into play to compensate. The air was still warm and slightly charged and the glow cast by the dying sun only intensified the surroundings. Godo was gazing out at the ocean, enjoying the sound it made against the shore. Taking in the taste and smell of the air he allowed himself to breath out and relax. He felt as calm as the ocean right now, the day had sped by in a blur and he still nursed bruises from his fight, and from other activities. He was aching all over, for a moment the pain and effort brought back memories of darker times, of wars and organisations of dark jedi. He pushed the unpleasent memory from his mind and allowed his attention to wonder back to the ocean.

Instantly he felt a familiar presence enter the room, Kara, sporting nothing more than a loosely hung silk robe. She did not seem phased at all, her energy seemed boundless and at the same time captivating, even more so in the gentle light that emphasised her incredible figure. He found himself staring a bit too long, but for once didn't seem concerned with hiding it. She was busying herself with dinner, she seemed happy and bright and he had to confess he enjoyed the sight. But at the same time he felt a stab of regret, deep remorse. The dark side could corrupt even the most powerful and pure. This saddened him, and vowed secretly to make sure that would never happen. Who was the more foolish now, the voice inside him mused.

As he sat with her at the large, beautifully veneered table he could see a banquet of dishes, all exotic and strange to his tastes. Most were local delicacies, ingrediants and receipes only known to the local populace. He long since dispensed with his Ruby shades, even now they lay upon the beach from their fight, half buried in the sand. But for once he didn't care, to look upon her with his own eyes was worth the price of any personal discomfort. Despite the incredible colour and variety on offer at the table he was increasingly distracted by Kara's presence, food still seemed furthest from his mind. Her sly smile suggested it was far from hers as well.

Kaira Rohana

17-09-2008 20:05:54

Kara had spent some time trying to get there dinner done. It wasn’t easy to cook for Godo. She had no idea what he liked and didn’t like for that matter. So when she cooked him dinner she kind of went over board. Cooking him every thing she could think of. Alright so she wasn’t the best cook in the world but she was far from the worse either. As she set the table up rather nice for there dinner she looked over at Godo as he looked out the window he seemed much more calm since that morning on the beach. Severing dinner as fine she enjoyed it almost to much.

“Godo do you like your meal? I was kind of hoping we might go back down to the beach to sit to watch the sun set and walk a long the beach?” It was her hope to have a very nice evening with Godo. This wouldn’t last long and she wanted it to be special for them both. If he didn’t want to take the walk it would be fine she just hoped he did. After they walked she had a surprise for him in town any way. There was a lovely out door café were they could get some desert. Kara was in the mood to be as nice as she could to his man that had shown her so much. He watched over her at times like a hawk but she new that was only because he didn’t want any thing to happen to her.

Shaking her head she kept eating waiting for his answer. This time alone was getting to her a bit she had such a lovely day she didn’t want it to end. He had taken care of her so much today it was so sweet. Godo was very carrying man at least to her. Kara couldn’t help but feel that the bond between them had grown even more. It was this that drove her to get up from the table and move over next to him. She put her head on his shoulder as he ate. This was a nice dinner but the early actives had just proven to her how much he truly did care about her.


18-09-2008 11:52:14

Godo had been lucky enough or as he saw it unlucky to have sat at many a table and dined with several powerful and notable figures throughout Antei. It was hard to imagine that their bloated corpses littered many a world from the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. Though in his personal opinion they would not be missed. But here, in the glorious ocean straights of Corellia it was different. She giggled as he attempted to crack the shells of numerous fish, scattering shards and other debris across the room. He blamed the faltering light or 'defective' shells but they both knew when it came to fine cuisine he was a bit out of his depth. Despite this, it was a meal truly fit for a king, it took little effort expressing his appreciation of the banquet.

“Godo do you like your meal? I was kind of hoping we might go back down to the beach to sit to watch the sun set and walk a long the beach?” Kara asked.

The evening had yet to draw in, though the sun was low there was still an impressive glow about the hills beyond the house, it would be a magnificent sunset, and despite the cooling air it was going to be a pleasent evening. With his mouth still have stuffed with something that looked like a cross between a crab and a chicken he managed an enthusiastic nod, she giggled at Godo's obvious embarressment but she was delighted with the responce.

He chewed quickly so he could speak. "Just getting us a little something to enjoy the meal with" he said with a grin, standing he disappeared into the kitchen before re-emerging clutching a chilled bottle of wine. With a touch of flare he removed the cork quickly and poured generous measures into two large glasses. He gentley placed the one glass in front of Kara and the other by his own plate. Sitting back down, smiling broadly he continued to tackle the meal.

She reached over and played with the cooling glass in her hands, watching the almost clear liquid lap against the edge of the glass. She seemed almost transfixed by the glimmer from the surface. Godo noticed, raising a quizical eyebrow. "I do apologise, I know it does seem to disagree with you at times. Shall I fetch you something else?"

She shook her head slowly and produced a dazzling smile. Satisfied Godo continued to eat, all the time thinking of the extra weight he was going to inevitably pile on. He could almost imagine Ralph Vundu berrating him for his life of excess during his three day break.

Kaira Rohana

18-09-2008 16:18:38

Taking the glass in hand she knew that wine had always made her very loss and with Godo looking so fine right now she worried. Taking a long deep breath she took a small sip of the lovely wine. It hit her lips and slid down the back of her throat so nicely. Then she looked up at Godo with a big smile she moved over to him and kissed him on the lips. As she pulled back her eyes sparkled as she sat back down finishing the wine and her meal quickly. As she sat there watching him heat she wished to be closer to him but he desived to finish his meal and his wine. Kara knew how much he loved it and she loved it as well for some reason.

After a few more minutes Godo pushed his plate back and Kara had finished a 2nd class of wine. It was a good thing they were all alone. Moving over to him again she sat down in his lap in the chair. Then she snuggled in close. “I really to love being with you Godo. This is the first time in my life I can truly say I am happy. I am glad I came to the brotherhood and meet all of you. I am glad I chose you Godo I don’t think I would be happy as a Jedi.” Kara said softly as she rested her head on his shoulder. Her mind told her make your move but she didn’t she just sat there snuggled into his arms. It was a good place to be. “So shall we get ready for a walk?” Godo lifted her up caring her off up stairs to get ready for there walk.

It was some time later that they both came back down the stairs. Kara had called in the cleaning lady she had for the house to clean while they went for there walk. It was a little later then she planed but they had a nice long shower and took a little time getting dress. But that was just fine with her now that the wine had worked though her system she was ready for there walk. Godo told Kara by the had leading her out of the house just the Clean lady showed up. Kara nodded to the woman as Godo just looked away. Kara turned his had to her and kissed him squarly on the lips. “Come on the beach is waiting for us my love.” She said softly.


20-09-2008 06:51:55

It was still warm, though the sun had now dipped down beyond the hills in the distance the explosion of pinks and yellows with just a dash of red painted a wonderous pallet across the skies. In the surrounding countryside, amongst the brush and bracon came the familier churping from the local insect population. The sea itself lapped gentley against the shore, the ocean was calm in the evening, the sound lulling the unweary into a peaceful sleep. Godo had a strange sense of peace, here by the sea and away from the bleak and coldness of Antei. Perhaps he was being given a kind glimpse of what his life could have been, and perhaps one day he would find a place for himself here, away from all the shadow.

Kara was grinning, radiant and still seemed possed of incredible energy. Quite where she got it from he didn't know, she was unusually strong in the force. Indeed, it reminded him why he had pulled her into that room all those months ago. That fateful day, where he had gone from sparing her to killing her, to train and develope one of her abilities was a gamble and one that could still backfire. But her accomplishments were already legendary in the Clan, and for that alone it had all been worth it.

They made their way along the beech, it stretched for as far as the eye could see, in the distance he could make out the headland, jutting out into the sea. The rocks at it's base were a proving ground for the furious ocean currents, exploding in violent white throth as they hit. Eventually they reached a point where they could go no further, climbing up against the nearby sand dunes they went inland where they discovered a small bending track that took them atop the cliff where they were gifted with a breath taking view. Far out at sea they could make out the large super carriers, only a handful operated the waters anymore, most goods and products came from the spaceports. But even now, a few still operated. Eventually the track led back onto a main road that hugged the coastline.

After less than a mile walk they found themselves in a busseling town, along the entire water front were a sprawling collection of cafes and restaurants, already heaving with people. Decorating the ornate lamposts were large glow orbs, their gentle glow casting a wonderous scene, their reflections clearly visible on the still water. Small boats and pleasure yaughts moored along the quay bobbed gentley up and down in time to the rhythm of the sea.

Without waiting for another second, Kara seized Godo's hand and half dragged him to a small beautiful little cafe. Most of its construction was of timber, hand carved to incredible detail by some unknown master craftsman. A large sign above, swung gentley in the breeze and scattered about the handful of tables was a single large candle. It's light doing little than to illuminate the faces of the patrons. Quickly they both found a small table, Kara already began studying the menu, an expression of pure glee on her face.

Kaira Rohana

20-09-2008 07:59:00

The warmth of the evening wasn’t lost on her as she listened to the sound of the waves. It was as if she was young girl again running on the beach. There had been a few good days when she was young that she could remember. Most she wished to forget but every one had at least one good memory right? Her eyes went to Godo with a look of pure love as they kept walking. The moment she got sight of the city how ever she started to hurry her pace a bit. Being here had just made her feel rather good and it was her home after all. It was nice to be here even if for a short time.

With the walk long behind them and the menu before her she found just what they would enjoy. Now she just had to find out what they would eat. This place had some of the best sweets she had ever tried. There was something on the menu called a cheese cake. It was very good so when the waiter came up to the table she ordered them each a piece of cake then also got them some tea. Kara was feeling a lot more at least right now then she had felt in away. This good memories she was making would out way the bad for now. “You don’t mind that I ordered do you?” She asked softly looking over at him with a soft smile. A simple nod of the head no put her at easy and she put her hand on the table to take his.

There eyes seemed to lock with each others as the Night set in more around them. It didn’t matter that others walked past all that seemed to matter in that moment was the two of them. “Godo, Thank you.” She said softly as she turned to look around her. Just then she felt something and she tenced. Her mind thought ‘Not now.’ It was weird feeling this right now but she knew in a moment she would be glad for it. Pulling out her lightsaber just in time she stopped a blaster shot from hitting Godo. Only thing was the guy was a poor shot he was aiming for her. “What brings you out here so late Curn?” The man stepped to her table with a smurk on his face. “I see Rohana has learned a few tricks. Now you don’t want some one hurt so come along with quietly.” She laughed os hard that Curn grew very angry with her. His eyes showing the hate he had for her. “Will you never grow up? I cant belive Boss didn’t let me kill you when you betrayed him. Well Boss isn’t around any more I am. So I will give you to the count of five to be out of my site or you shall die.”

Kara looked back at Godo as she counted with a smile that told him don’t worry be right with you. Godo didn’t move he just sat there watching her work. He would step in if needed but he knew that was not going to happen right now. “5, 4, 3, 2,1” Curn stood there with a blaster in his hand laughing at her. “I was one that taught you sweetheart. There is no way I would loss to you. Even if you have a few jedi tricks.” Kara frowned as her anger grew in her. Using that she controlled it as she took one swing cutting his blaster in two leaving him defecnce. His eyes changed as he looked at this men. But it was already two late really Kara had taking one more swing of the saber and he was dead. Sitting back down she put her lightsaber away and watched as the men under Curn drug him away. “You were saying Godo?” She said as if nothing had happened. Her calm nature of before back with a soft smile on her lips.

There wait came leaving there tea and cake on the table. She also left a note that said thank you. It seemed Curn had been trying to take the owers daughter as his wife and no mount of telling him no seemed to help. Curn was just a to bit bully and Kara was glad he was gone. Now she could worry about Godo and Only Godo. No more work at least that was her hope. Being here meant that any one who wanted any thing to do with her smuggling group would come to see her but she didn’t like that. Sighing she hoped this would be the only trouble they had.


21-09-2008 16:44:43

Godo watched on, with a thoughtful expression as Curn's men dragged off his body, a look of surprise frozen on his now rigid features. Not one of them dared to look at Kara, but it was little wonder. In that briefest of seconds, as she brought her weapon down to kill the retch the fury about her own features would have stopped the heart of even the most hardened killer. But it wasn't just her expression of fury, it was also the atmosphere. In that moment the dark side had waxed full, dimming the light about her in the already limited glow of the now darkening evening. It was a remarkable transformation, in such a short number of months she had grown to such a power that even rumours of her success were uttered in the halls of the Dark Council. She had been marked, for her it was going to be one or the other, greatness or death.

He mused over this, even as the calm returned to her pale features, grinning broadly she tucked into her desert. For a moment he just held his fork, wondering at the complex series of events that could unfold around not just her, but himself too. The voice within him stirred, as though sensing these thoughts. The usual mocking and words of insult were absent, evidentally the spirit had a different view of things, it too was in a thoughtful mood.

'Curious isn't it? Such a simple beginning, even now naive and inexperienced in the way the galaxy revolves. Yet look, look at the way the force gathers about her. Screams out destiny, prophecy. I wonder, what the fates have marked out for you?'

It was a good question, he had always assumed he would perish. Lightsaber in hand on some mud filled battlefield on a world he didn't know. Perhaps his fate was to die at her hands? It didn't matter what the truth of the matter was. Kai, the spirit that goaded him and manipulated his thoughts had the power of forsight. Greater than any living creature, past or present he had once boasted. He had forseen all and knew all. Either way Godo never could gaze into the force and see much of the future, like the ability to heal through the force. Well that wasn't true, he could if he leeched off the lifeforce of others. Like a vampire of legend.

"Is everything alright?" Kara asked. He gaze at his untouched plate, fork gripped so hard in his hand it hurt. He relaxed slightly, smiling broadly back he began tucking into the desert. It was smooth in textures but the flavour was delicate and at the same time explosive. He was impressed. Satisfied Kara continued eating.

'You know your going to have to tell her sometime. I know you better than yourself, you know she has the taint.'

He moved uncomfortably in his seat. 'When we gave populations the blessing of the eternal eclipse, we often noticed those with the taint'

"Your nonsense from a dead empire matters little here." Godo raged.

A silence descended around the little restaurant, even Kara, fork half raised to her mouth looked on in surprise. One of the waiters wondered over cautiously, he clearly had spotted the fight earlier and seemed reluctant to approach. "Is everything alright sir?"

Kara mouthed her concerns, a look of fear across her face. Godo managed a smile, though it took some effort. "Yes, yes of course. Everything is fine." And like a showman pleasing the crowd with exaggerated movements, continued to attack his desert. Slowly, the sound of conversation returned to the restaurant.

Kaira Rohana

21-09-2008 18:58:36

Something about Godo told her that everything wasn’t fine but she would deal with it later and not bug him about right now she guessed. It would be dealt with soon enough. For now she wasn’t about to spoil there nice desert with a lot of pressing on what he was thinking about. Maybe she shouldn’t have killed that man just now. Kara’s didn’t know that she was showing a rather consured look on her face as she sat there savoring each bit of her cheese cake. Really it was a lovely thing to be sharing with him. Soon hers was gone and she was slipping on her tea just looking out at what she could still see of the ocean though the lights of the city and sighed.

Her mind really was on what she happened. “Godo, I think I am ready to head back how about you? Something about this night has me need some metiation time I think.” Kara stood up and walked over to Godo. Putting hand on his she looked down into his eyes with a smile so soft and sweet she could see that he truly liked the way she looked at him. There was no mace in her tored him at all. Only a since of caring and a longing for him. Right now Kara just wanted to be with Godo after what happened she had no idea what he thought of her after that so it made her a bit nevurse. “Are you alright with what just happened and what I did?” It wasn’t like Godo had never killed any one in front of her. In fact he had done it a few times.
Just standing there next to him she waited for him to say it was time to go. He seemed deep in thought with what was going on really. There were times she wished she could hear what when on in his head. It was something she had always wanted to know but then again maybe she wouldn’t like what she heard. So she would just have to wait to see what would happen in there furuter. Kara knew already that it would be full of surprises she was sure. For now she wanted to live in this three days that they were away from the Brotherhood and hope tonight was the only time eather of them had to do any thing like this for the rest of the trip.


22-09-2008 18:30:58

They left the small restaurant and set out across the coast, heading back towards Kara's house. The temprature had dropped sharpley now, a chill wind blew making Kara shiver slightly. Godo wore simple clothes but seemed oblivious to it, he seemed constantly distracted as though he were holding a conversation with another. She sensed a dark presence but could do little to understand it. After walking about a mile they once more found themselves atop the cliff. Far off in the distance came a beacon of light, a simple device dating back to a bygone era. It's rays of light were designed to ward off ships from smashing against the jagged rocks. The shaft of light also illuminated a thick bank of fog, it was fast drifting towards them.

Kara had lived most of her life in space, in cramped oily conditions of space faring vessels but she was also an old hand at the ocean. Spending many long summers in the sometimes hostile and unpredictable waters. The dangers of storm and even fog were well known. Turning she watched Godo gaze out to sea, deep in thought.

"We should hurry back, it's easy to lose your way in thick fog." Kara urged.

Godo showed no immediate signs of understanding but after a moments pause he continued pressing on in the direction of the house. Her fears were well founded, as the thick fog soon enveloped them. She was use to this, but there was something more sinister about it. She couldn't tell what but instinctively readied herself for combat. Godo seemed more like a man half asleep, when suddenly he stood still. He eyes turned to Kara's.

"Prepare yourself." he said simply. The voice was not that of Godo's however, it sounded far off and chilling. For a horrifying second she sensed another presense gazing at her through his eyes. In an instant Godo had wrenched free his lightsaber, a column of vivid yellow errupted, the ignition a deep bass on her chest.

Then she heard it, the voices, several all about her.

"Well child of Corellia, you think you can defend against these abominations?" Kara turned to Godo, but she knew in her heart it was not Godo speaking but another. Before she could question him beings of unspeakable evil emerged from the swirling fog. They held weapons, all had murderous intent in their eyes.

Kaira Rohana

22-09-2008 21:06:53

The fact that the walk had been so quiet told her that maybe she had done something wrong. Godo had never been this quiet with her. Well maybe a few times but he soon snapped out of it. Just then the fog stated to roll in as they were standing there watching the sea. Kara frowned for she knew what could happen in fog like that. Now she wished they had left the café sooner. She started to walk but the chill that went though her body made her stop dead in her tracks. Turning to look at Godo she couldn’t feel him. It was as if something had taken him over and it scared her. Yes she was working with the emistion fear at the moment. Not the best emsion to have to deal with.

The moment she knew that she was going to be attacked Kara had her lightsaber ready. Her mind tried to reach out to Godo but was pushed back. It took all she could to keep her self from running screaming from this moment. No that was not her and she wasn’t about to let what ever was going on with Godo let her turn tail like that. Right now she felt he needed her to be strong. To fight with all she had. That was what she would do until she couldn’t do it any more. “Godo please fight what ever has you and come back me.” She said softly as she blocked a weapon coming at her. It wasn’t easy what ever it was it was stronger then she.

Right now the only thing she could do was try her best to stay alive. So that is what she did using her fear to streaight her in the force. It wasn’t easy she was trying to remember every thing that Alaris ever taught her about combat. He had spent months trying to dill into her how to force in a fight. Kara listend just didn’t always do what she was told. Godo had told her learn about your oppion and use there weaknesses againd them. So for now while she simiple defenced her self she studied each move her attackers made on her. It wasn’t easy but she mangae to keep from being moved and only block for now she was holding her own but she didn’t know for how long.

"Godo please fight it. I cant hold out forever....Godo I love you..." Her voice was storng but her body was growing weak under the assait it was taking.


23-09-2008 08:09:20

There were too many to count and in the almost complete blackness it was impossible to make her opponents out. But their movements were unnatural, as were there deadly attacks. Whatever abomination they truly were, it was born of the force. The taint of the dark side was almost over powering, making Kara's stomache wrench with the urge to vomit but she resisted. Using Alaris's training with the lightsaber to fend off their frenzied attacks.

"Godo please fight it. I cant hold out forever....Godo I love you..." as another blade whistled past her throat, narrowingly missing.

She rolled out of the way only to arrive at another massed assault by these creatures.

"Look at this? Pathetic sorcery. Clearly the years have not been kind on those seeking knowledge." uttered the man who looked liked Godo.

Waving his hand about in a lofty manner, even as the creatures from the fog began to descend on him. Kara sensing her strength failing tried to break through to reach some sort of safety but it was too late. She was trapped. Stumbling on a lose rock she fell, all the while slashing left and right with her lightsaber to ward off the inevitable enemy strike. Her last brief glimpse was of Godo surrounded by dozens of the attackers, their blades preparing to strike him down.

Now on the ground she rolled left and right, avoiding kill strikes but only just. She was already bleeding from several small cuts and slashes. The fight was taking it's toll, her movements became more sluggish, theirs only more lethal. Sensing her end was near she lay quietly, gazing up at the sky, the great curtain of stars above shining as brightly as ever. Then in an instant she was flying through the air, invisible energies making her tumble over and over, her attackers too were flying in all directions.

Finally she came to a rest on the now damp grass, the sound of the seas rumbling on regardless. Dragging herself to her feet once more she witnessed the devastation about her, no more than body parts remained, scattered all over the area. Godo was advancing towards her, his movements filled with menace.

"I grow weary of these games. Who or what thinks they can possibly go up against me? What say you girl?" he sneered.

Before she could even formulate a responce she noticed another mass of creatures approaching. Humanoid, or at least most appeared to be. Some shambled on several limbs, others seemed to have more than one head. It was a grotesque scene. Turning, Godo spotted the oncoming hordes. Reaching up to the sky as though to pluck fruit from a tree, he brought his arm down sharply, before pointing at the direction of their pursers.

In an instant the world around Kara exploded in sound and chaos. A force greater than any she had seen tore through the earth like paper. Vast cracks opened in the ground followed by a wall of sound that ribbed apart their attackers, parting fog and stone alike it kept on going. A building beyond was hit by this power, exploding it instantly. Debris rained down on them, Kara could do little but crouch down low and wait for the chaos to end.

When all went quiet she witnessed a world torn asunder. The fog was gone, but what greeted her instead was a land ripped apart. Bodies lay everywhere and at the center of it was an amused being, one that looked and sounded like Godo but was not.

"What do you think girl? Is it not a sight that stirs the soul, shakes the very foundations of the gods?" He laughed loudly.

Kaira Rohana

23-09-2008 10:57:10

Every thing that happened seemed almost like a dream. Kara was trying so hard to keep up the fight but that was hard. The more she used her engry the more it seemed to drain her. Looking up at Godos body she frowned. All she wanted was for this to end but that didn’t seem likely right at the moment. This man who ever he was had taken over Godo and she didn’t know if he would ever come back. Kara was trying hard to find away to keep her self a live. Standing there infront of this man she frowned. He thought this would scare her more. It didn’t she knew now he was feeding off her and how she felt. It seemed that her anger finely broke though enough and she was nagry at this man who had take something from her.

Taking a long deep breath she had to come up with a plan. There was no way she wanted her home town to suffer for what she had become. Death was something that came to every one but no one should suffer needlessly. Looking at the man once more she glared at him. “What is it you want from me truly? What do I think right now? I think you are a crowered who lets others fight his battles. I know you want me dead. I make Godo weak don’t I? Well did you ever think that maybe I made him stronger? That having some one to care about could make you stronger in the end and find more ways to bring more power to him?” Kara stood there as tall as she could. There was no way she would let this man beat her down with out a fight. Some times strangh came in different places.

“Why don’t you leave Godo alone for once and let him run his life. You watch how much he dose with out your help. He is a strong man with an evil heart. I don’t think you could understand the power that he already holds even over me. I know he could kill me yet he dosent why? Because he knews though me he could have more power. Two working as one. Go on kill me if that is what you think will bring him more power but I can tell you now it will only disotry you both.” Kara knew she was trying to talk he way out of this saying things she knew could be true but much of it was a distraction. At least that was her hope at this point. Distrat the man enough maybe I wont died she though but she didn’t know what this man had in mind for her really.


24-09-2008 15:45:13

Godo's face twisted into an expression of intense rage, but she didn't care. She pressed on her attack, spitting curses at him and inviting him to end her life over and over again. He closed in on her, gripping her by the throat and holding her aloft, unseen energies raged in Godo's body. For a moment she struggled but his grip was stronger than steel, stars exploded in her vision as what precious little oxygen in her body left. Just when it seemed death was upon her, he released his grip. She fell to the ground choking, breathing hard she looked up at Godo.

"I shall not kill you, afterall you might be of some use to me?"

Kara returned an evil grin "You mean your not sure if killing me would kill you?"

There was no visible reaction but she felt it, a wall of ice hit her making her shiver violently but the feeling passed quickly. Strengthed by this she used a nearby rock to pull herself to her feet. Though shakey on her legs she willed herself to stand and to stare back at Godo.

"Besides which, I would have thought you more grateful girl? I did afterall save your life, against my own better judgement." he said nastily.

"You mean to make sure you lived." she shot back

He shrugged at that, devoid of anything meaningful to say he went about the battlefield, picking up stray limbs and inspecting them, before tossing them aside. Unsure what to do Kara trailed after him, from a safe distance.

"Is he..." she was affraid of the answer.

"What? Oh, my meat puppet? Don't worry, he will be back. But before I will relinquish my rightful control over this form there is something I need to do."

Kara would love to have reached over and throttled him to death, but they were both in the same predicament. Neither could hurt the other.

"Why don't you just go, there's nothing here for you." Kara spat back

"You amuse me, really you do. In fact I am terribly amused by all that has happened. I am amused by the fact the galaxy is burning in the fires of war, I am amused by these parlour tricks sent to kill us. Equally I am amused by those bunch of monks you call dark jedi. All sitting upon their little thrones divining no more than their own immortality." he snorted

Kara could feel tears coming to her eyes, but fiercly fought them back "Please" was all she could whisper.

"Fine, but know this girl. You owe me a favour and I intend to collect."

A confusion briefly passed over Godo's face. "Curious, it would seem the fog has passed? We best head back to the house, don't fancy being caught out in this all night." Godo looked about him, puzzled at the sheer scale of devastation about them. "Did I miss something?"

Kaira Rohana

25-09-2008 00:29:36

The moment she heard and felt Godo again she lost it. She jumped on him and hugged him to her crying her eyes out. He only put his arm around her wondering what was going on but he didn’t stop her at least right away. After a short time he pulled Kara back. “What happened?” She looked so tired and so weak to him right now that she didn’t know how to tell him. “You some how lost control of your body. You tried to kill me but knew you couldn’t. All these creatures. The power. OH the POWER.” Kara had finely lost it. After all that had just happened she couldn’t control her emotions any more. Dropping to the ground on the sand she sobbed like a small child.

Godo heard the words but wasn’t sure want to think of them right at the moment. He was more concurred about Kara and if she was alright. Picking her up into his arms he headed right for her home. He felt he needed to get her into bed to rest so he could think about what had just happened. If he was right he wasn’t going to changes her safely right now. Only thing was he knew he couldn’t leave her side as well. Right now he wanted to be with her and with him but things were going on that she didn’t understand he had to know what she said to the man. As they came into the home he went right to her bed laying her down. “Kara I know this is hard but I need to know what you told him.”

“I told him we were stronger together that you wouldn’t kill me because we could do so much more together with so much more power. You know it to be truth. The two of us together is stronger then just one. I also told him to leave you alone to make your own choses with your life. Godo tell me who was he? He says I owe him for letting you come back. I don’t want to loss you please don’t let him take you over.” Kara had tears still in her eyes as she sat there crying. Putting her arms around him she held him tight to her she wanted Godo to put up one hell of a fight like eh would with anything else. For now she just let her body rest in his arms as she felt he was going to take care of her at least for now.


27-09-2008 12:26:38

The mind was once described to Godo as the true field of war, civilisations spend thousands of years building the most elaberate and complex weapons to kill each other and their enemies. The only real improvement are the scale of slaughter and it continues to drive and focus the attentions of many. In another time, another place a being called Kai led his people on a slaughter grander than many could comprehend, species and cultures lost forever to blade and hate. Waging a war that lasted decades there was no negotiation, even as desperate besieged planets called for peace, offered surrender with no terms they were ignored. Blood was shed and kept on being shed. His armies grew use to the slaughter, they no longer saw human beings just animals to be killed.

But even unstoppable armies need to pause for rest, for their generals to take stock of all that had been done and that was yet to be done. As Kai gazed across the valleys on some unknown world he admired his work. The armies of the Eternal Eclipse lay before him, resting in a makeshift city to support his ever growing conquest. Banners still fluttered noisiley above the ruins of yet another empire forever wiped from history. Life was good, he would rule the galaxy and dance on the bones of the dead. His ability to pierce time and space, gaze upon the future had served him well. His enemies were astonished to find their most elaberate plans betrayed and turned into a massacre. He was unstoppable.

His reasoning was simple, kill a father and his wife may seek vengence. Kill both and their children will also seek it, their childrens, children. A cycle of fear and hate would mean his empire would be forever challenged. Better to kill the root he reasoned. With no legacy, just the quiet wind on a dead city, would mean no threat for the future. But he had grown increasingly troubled with his wisdom, his visions had shown him strange things indeed. As his power had waxed full, so had his ability to see further, and further into events yet to happen. He witnessed the end of his empire, cast down and crushed. The mercy he had offered to his enemies would be returned, of course he would be long dead. Betrayed and murdered.

His death began to haunt him, the visions became more vivid as did the pain. Those who got too close to the great conqueror were killed quickly and silently. He sent spies to watch the High Order, secretive governing council who controlled the empire of the Eternal Eclipse. He knew they would ask for nothing less than his head, they had become jealous of his success and fame, ever fearful that they too might meet his wrath. Plans were being concocted.

But he had found an answer, he knew what he must do. It would involve the death of his own empire at his own hands, and a man and a women far into the future. Then he would bring about a new age, one with an Eternal Eclipse.

Kaira Rohana

28-09-2008 10:05:34

It wasn’t long before Kara had cried her self to sleep in Godos arms. Knowing she needed her rest after what happened he laid her back on the bed. Getting up he went off to think about things. He never went far from her how ever. What had happened had been very termacitc to the young woman and if she woke he felt it better if he was close by. Standing on the baconey that the room had off of it he looked out at the sea as Kara slept. It was going to be a long night and the next day might be even longer. All he knew was that there would end up being a long talk about this with her.

Kara lay in bed dreaming. It wasn’t a good dream and she knew why. Her mind was reliving what happened that day. As the hours went by she wonder more who this man was and why he now invated her dreams. First there were more walking dead that seemed to make her trimble in fear. Starting to toss and turn in the bed but she couldn’t wake up. Part of her wanted to see how far this could go and if any thing would be learned from going back over what had happed. Only thing was she was growing scared of what could happen.

Godo had turned to see Kara tossing and turning but she was still sleeping so he wanted to leave her for now. Turning back to the sea he knew the night would be over soon and he should think about a bit of sleep him self. Walking back into the room he crawled in next to her pulling her to him. This seemed to help as she calmed down. Soon they both were sleeping rather peacefully. Well that was until about 6 am when Kara sat straight up in bed screaming. Then crying out. She looked terrified. Her eyes shown fear but of what you wouldn’t know.


30-09-2008 18:52:00

It took several minutes before the fear finally left her and her breathing had become steady again, sitting upright in bed support her head with one hand she remained silent. Eyes clamped shut, as though the fear of opening them would invite the horrors of her dreams back into her mind. She wanted it gone, moved aside forever. Perhaps more terrifying still was the thought of losing Godo, to a being more twisted, darker and more obscene than anything she had seen before. The memory of it almost brought fresh tears to her eyes, her body convulsed in sympathy.

Godo held her tight though, whispering promises of comfort and safety. He had been trained to reach into anothers mind, clutch at their sanity and rip it down, he could make their worst fears come true and hold it before them till all strength left them. In doing so he had learnt how to destroy but also heal minds. Her mind was fragile, but her connection to the force seemed stronger than ever. It could no longer be dismissed as her leaching off his connection to the force, she was coming into her own. A power deep inside her was stiring, perhaps this was giving her a new perspective on events.

Eventually he felt confident enough to leave her alone, he disappeared downstairs before emerging once more holding two mugs of hot steaming liquid. Kara took one sniff and recoiled in disgust but he persisted. Eventually she submitted and took cautious sips. It wasn't long before she once more back to her normal smiling self. But doubt tugged at her and he sensed it.

Sitting next to her on the bed he began his tale, of a being called Kai, Kai the destroyer, Kai the eternal night. A warlord of a long extinct civilisation that once ruled entire swaths of the Outer Rim. Worse still his race were natural force senstives and led a bloody war of conquest that lasted generations. Kara listened intently as he relayed all that he knew of this being and what it could mean for his future and hers.

Kaira Rohana

01-10-2008 09:26:02

The fact was Godo was there with her right now. Kara wanted to keep it that way. What ever it was she was drinking that he brought her made her feel a lot better. Only thing was she was scared to ask what it was. Looking deep into his eyes she smiled at him that lovely smile of hers. It was nice to him talking to her and trusting her enough to tell her about these things. It made her feel as if he did care about her. Sure they were dark Jedi and they killed but there was much more to it all then just that. They wanted to take over the gaxaily. Well maybe just one world where they could rule it together. Kara could tell this wasn’t easy for him so she hugged him putting her arms around him while resting her head on his chest.

Once he finished talked she sat there trying to let it sink in. There was a lot of things she still didn’t know but at least he was finaly talking to her. “I think Kai you call him has talked to be before. It was a night I stayed with you. He warned me I make you weak. I laughed and he was gone. Godo is there away we can rid you of this Kai or at least make it so you are in control of him? I really thought he would kill me…” She stopped trying to calm her self once more. The anger she had toward this spirt in Godo was much more then any thing she had ever dealt with before. He was making it hard for her and Godo to be together. It was the one thing she wanted over any thing else. It hurt some times that there was something that would want her dead feeling that it would make Godo stronger. Only thing was she had always felt that they were stronger together.

Sighing she let Godo hold her as they sat on the bed. It had been a hard night and now that the morning was here a promice of a new day was just in reach. Kara hoped they could come to terms and work together to prove they were stronger as a pair to every one then alone. Godo needed her just as much as she needed him. “What ever you do please don’t tell me it is to dangers to be around you. I would rather you didn’t push me away but let me help you because I feel we are stronger together Godo. There is nothing we cant do as long as we work as a team. I keep learning new things each day I am with our clan but I think I learn the most for you.” She smiled looking up at him hoping he could handle all this. She knew how Godo like to keep things privet but she right now wanted to be with Godo and that was all that mattered. “So shall we go have some breakfast then head out to the beach for a little bit of spiring like yesterday or do you have other plans for day?” Kara giggled as she kissed him softly on the lips then stood up waiting for his answer.


02-10-2008 18:37:59

It had been a long and miserable night for Kara, what had started at a journey of excitment and fun became an ordeal. Nightmareish abominations, akin to the undead forced into life my an un-natural command of the force had driven Kara to the brink of insanity. On those fog drenched cliffs she should have met a grisley fate. But another cruel twist was to come face to face with an evil presence beyond recorded history, its malice made the abominations about her seem like nothing more than playthings. A chilling prophecy had been uttered to her and he was gone, the man she had grown so close to had returned, none the worse for his ordeal.

Unphased he had looked after her, provided a place of safety and reassurance but now fear and doubt plagued her thoughts. Would this Kai return, this time for good? What was it she must do for this evil presence. It was true, dark jedi were considered evil, evil beyond measure but she knew differently. No matter of title or perception the dark jedi of the brotherhood could still feel pain, loss, regret. They could also feel anger, passion, love or even lust. Where the jedi of old opted to put a strict control over these precious emotions, dark jedi were prepared to embrace it. The consequences could be liberating or crushing.

Godo sat with Kara, both enjoyed another moment of peace. Each others company in a galaxy given to anarchy and war. But even as they sat, devouring a meal fit for a king in a small part of that chaotic galaxy both knew they would have to return. To face uncertainty and death at any moment, it was this daming knowledge that had tought them not to shun life but to embrace it. In doing so, perhaps they would meet a firey death or a glorious victory. A high price but one worth paying.

When at last they finished, Godo solomnly rose from the table. He told her it was time to teach her new things, things that could one day decide the fates of many beings. He would teach her how to kill him, few would even comprehend, let alone consider such dark knowledge. It went against the Sith code and the selfish motives of those consumed by the dark side. Kara could only listen with a mixture of horror and revulsion. The question hung over her head like a vast axe.

Kaira Rohana

03-10-2008 09:23:52

Hearing his words seemed to cut into her heart with a knife. Looking deep with in his eyes she frowed. Standing up she started to cry. There was no way she would learn this no. There was no way she could be trusted with such a secret with all the people they dealt with. Kara looked at him again then broke down. “You can’t NO I wont let you..” Just standing there she cried as she tried to calmly think about this but there was no way she could. All she could think was that Godo wanted to tell her how to kill him that wasn’t something she would ever want to do or could do. No she couldn’t kill him it would slowly kill her there link or not. Kara had grown so close to him but was scared to tell him. Yes she was nevurse about this Kai but only because he could come take over her Godo and no one would ever know.

Looking at him as he started to talk she turned running out of the house. Kara didn’t even know where she was going all she knew was that tears streamed down her face as she tried to see. Soon she was running on sand at a rather high rate of speed. There was a small cove that was very privet up a head of her not that she knew that it was just where her body was leading her for now. As she ran into the cove she dropped down to her knees trying to breath. That wasn’t easy as she was still crying to much. Her body was so tired and she couldn’t take all this. Why did she had to know this? It seemed wrong and she didn’t want this information. Godo couldn’t tell her.

Just then she heard something behind her. Kara couldn’t have moved if she wanted to. Her head was buried her hands as she cried. Godo came up behind her kneeling down as well pulling her into his body to hold her as if she was a fragical little baby that might brake if he held to tight. Kara just couldn’t handle all this right now. After the night she had now the morning all she wanted to do was forget it all. It was times like this she was reminded of all those memories that her cousin serpressed for her. It wasn’t a good thing but she almost wished Godo could do that for her right now. Turning so her head was buried in his chest she cried for quit some time. The sounds of the waves crashing into the shore seemed to help her calm. As she did she pulled back and looked into his eyes that had never left her. “you cant tell me please.”


04-10-2008 04:31:50

It had been a break mixed with great joy and terrible sadness, life could be cruel sometimes. The Brotherhood teaches you many things, but one thing above all else it reminds its members about the misery that could be had in the galaxy. There could be little room for cloudless skies, a warm sun and peace. The galaxy of this age was one of war and strife, where brother kills brother and millions are sacrificed for some bloated politician or twisted ideal. It was the way all things worked, as a force sensitive Godo could see and trace the threads of the force that bound everything together, there was little harmony just chaos.

When at last she was calm enough and relaxed he produced a simple blade, it's material and construction unknown to Kara. When she reached over to touch it her hand recoiled, there was an emptiness about it that seemed to repel the force, it was as though the blade was surrounded by an icy cloud. She wondered how he could keep such a thing on him, never mind hold it.

"What is it?" she managed through stifled sobs.

"This blade was gifted to me by Grand Master Chi Long, forged with the aid and power of Braecen Kaeth, ruling Consul of Clan Plagueis. It is rare, believed to be one of a kind. It can cut the very connections that bind all things to the force. It is also impossible for any force wielder to manipulate nor defend against this weapon."

He wrapped it in a simple black silk scarf and slid it across the rocks to Kara, spirits aside she felt a sense of revulsion but also excitment. A weapon that could truly kill a Jedi. Pushing aside the icy atmosphere of the blade she held it in her hand, feeling the weight of it. She let her slender fingers feel the grip, for the briefest of moments she shared in the blades ancient power, it felt...good.

Kaira Rohana

04-10-2008 09:30:56

The power infront of her wasn’t something she really cared for. At the same time she knew for some reason Godo wanted her to have it. What the reason was she wasn’t sure of. Looking at him she frowned. “Why?” Was all she said as she stood up. Her eyes went to the blade if only to staire at it. Her mind knew just what that thing meant all she wanted to do was hide it away. There was no way she would kill Godo ever. Something about this just didn’t seem right. “Godo I want this put away some where safe no one must ever know about it. The fact that you would have such a thing… You do know that I could never kill you right?” If she did it would slowly kill her link or no link.

Picking up the blade wrapped in silk she could feel the power in it but she wasn’t sure she liked it. “You want me ot have this in case you become Kai again don’t you?” If that was so he was looking out for her safety. If the only way to rid them of Kai was to kill Godo she would have to do it but it would distory her at the same time. Really she hoped it would never come to that and if it did that she would be able to perform the act. That was part of the problem. Kara was sure she could do it. Yes she loved the power she felt right now from that blade but at the same time it scared her.

Turning her back on Godo she had come here hoping for three days where they could forget who they were but she knew now that couldn’t ever happen. “Godo do you care for me at all?” It was a silly question but she had to hear his answer. He had been there for her but at the same time was that only to make her into what he wanted her to be? Was there any changes that he could love her? Sigh she turned around and looked into his eyes again. “Please you now how much I care for you please tell me you care for me.”


06-10-2008 06:27:54

Godo knew giving away such a weapon as this was at the very least a bit foolish, but he had been granted above all things a sense of Kai's dark and twisted intentions and besides Kara had been marked out in destiny. It was big and important but he couldn't be sure in what way and how it would effect the fates. All he could do was equip her with the one thing that could ensure she would never have to fear the shadow of the force. Grand Master Chi Long had long since departed to the void, some whispered in the great halls of the Dark Tower that he had been betrayed and murdered. Godo knew otherwise but kept his own council on the matter. Right now, on Corellia with Kara, this moment was all that mattered.

She gentley folded the blade in the silk, absently stroking the tightly bound hilt. He could see she was already bound to the relic. It was in that moment he knew how things would play out, that many years from now he would see this tiny moment influence a much greater event and that his own machinations would come to pass. There would of course be casualties but if nothing else she would be kept safe from it, but these thoughts were for another day.

Standing she gazed out to sea, watching the waves gentley crash against the rocks and strange birds fly overheard squawking their own voice. Far off in the distance dark and menacing clouds were rolling in, a storm was coming. Carried in on the breeze was a distant rumble of thunder, soon it would be raining.

“Please you now how much I care for you please tell me you care for me.” she said quietly

The question surprised him, he had never once considered his true feelings on the matter. He was a Sith, trained in the darkest aspects of the force. He had known no pity or remorse, he had murdered in cold blood and felt nothing. His path had already been set, the dark side of the force. But Kara had somehow blasted through that, feelings he thought impossible for one of his kind to feel, he felt. It was more unnatural than anything he had encountered and for the first time in years he felt a genuine sense of dread.

"I do care for you Kara Rohana, more than I can ever express through words. What we have is un-natural to me, but I can not deny it. You feel what I do through the force, you know the truth even though I struggle to express it."

For a moment they both gazed out to sea, watching the approaching storm.

Kaira Rohana

06-10-2008 06:54:19

With a sigh she knew today would be spent in doors. This storm that came there way was going to be a wicked one. Quickly she took his hand in hers and pulled him back up to the house. She didn’t go in side but stood on the porch looking out at the storm and the sea. “Godo, if you could do any thing today what would it be? It looks like we shall be in side with this storm.” She giggled as she turned to look at him. It seemed every thing else forgotten. Kara was trying to move on with out letting what happened spoil there weekend. It was hard but she knew she could do just that. They still had the rest of the day and the next to enjoy there time together. Kara was hoping that nothing else would happen so they could just be together.

Just then from behind her a clap of thunder rolled cross the sky. It caused Kara to jump right into Godos arms. It wasn’t that she was scared it was the noise really. She had not been expeting it so she jumped. How ever once in Godo’s arms the young woman didn’t try to move away. The air was starting to grow colder. Kara shivered in Godos arms. It wasn’t that she was really all that cold but she did feel a chill in the air. This storm was going to pound into the coast leaving them a rather interesting day. “Shall we go back in side? I could find us some tea to drink maybe then we could sit on a couch and watch the storm from the window?” Again it was something so simple maybe Godo wouldn’t like it. Her ideas of just spending time with him.


06-10-2008 08:32:59

He gazed out at the encrouching storm and wondered how long it would last, he could think of no better way to spend his day than with Kara Rohana. Nodding he followed her back into the house. The couch was large and soft, it took little persuation for him to sit and get comfortable. It was carefully positioned infront of a large panaromic glass window which gave an impressive view of the sea. The long private beach was clearly visible, as was the rapidly turning violent sea. Beyond that was the coast, further still was the dark and brooding clouds of the storm. Another distant rumble signalled the approach of the storm, rain began to fall.

At that Kara joined him on the couch, clutching two large ornate glass mugs with piping hot tea. She handed him the one which he accepted gratefully and continued to stare out through the glass. They sat in silence, comfortable with each others company as the storm finally hit. The clouds were almost black, and were occasionally illuminated with a flash of thunder. The rain came down in large heavy drops which began slamming into the glass with force. Godo shifted uncomfortably at the sight.

With the storms approach so too was the power of the wind, trees that had previously been immobile, only yielding slightly to the occasional breeze were now being pushed at incredible angles, the leaves rattling into a frenzy. The normally calm seas had also begun to turn into a tempest, as waves higher than a rancor began to slam into the sandy beach. Kara however seemed calm and collected, a peaceful presence in the middle of chaotic turmoil. He couldn't help but be drawn from the incredible drama unfolding outside her house, to Kara herself.

Kaira Rohana

06-10-2008 12:47:08

The storm raged the rest of the day and into the night. The couple didn’t mind it at all. They spent the whole day just talking and cuddling on the couch watching the weather rage out side. It was a great thing for them both. Spending that time just in each others arms was a wonderful time shared talking abut there life’s. Kara never wanted it to end but soon they both knew it would come to and end. There dinner that night was quiet and very romatic for the two. Kara had cooked a very nice meal with them sharing a nice bottle of a local wine. It was a wonderful night even with the storm raging. There night together alone was spent in peace and happness.

As the next morning came around they both woke at the saem time. Knowing that they had to head back made them both a bit sad. Kara how ever quickly told Godo they should go out for breakfast. Going to get up he pulled her back into bed. Kara only giggled as it took them a few hours to get ready for breakfast. When they finaly headed out they had a very late meal. Then walked back to the house bear foot on the sand as the sound of the ocean waves crashed into the shore. It made both of them smile there hands holding each others. It was as they saw the house once more that they knew they couldn’t stay any longer. Both of them looked rather down over that but Kara knew it was time to go back same as Godo.

Soon they were back on the ship heading back to the dark tower and work. Sighing Kara looked at Godo smiling. “This was a nice time. Thanks for coming Godo. We shall have to do it again some time soon. Get aways help us both I think.” Godo only nodded to her in agreement as he put his shades back on. It had been days since she had seen them on his face. As he hide his eyes once more she frowned. “I miss those eyes.” He smiled at her and pushed them down just a bit so kara could see over top and into his eyes. That made her giggle and smile all at the same time. As they landed back at the dark tower Kara sighed they both walked off to head back to work at least she ahd some good memorys to hold on to while learning to be a dark Jedi.