Chance Meetings

Kaira Rohana

17-07-2008 22:08:25

Seeming rather happy right now Kara walked down the long halls of there clan home. It was mid day and she had a date to meet with Godo for lunch. They wanted to talk over some things that had happened. She had taken the morning to pick out just the right dress. So she had on her dark deep purple dress with black and sliver trim. The sleeves were very long and the dress trailed on the ground a bit around her. It showed her off very nicesly and she got a few looks from others in the hall. Paying them no mind at all Kara kept walking with her eyes set on there goal. He had told her to meet at noon in the training room that him and Octavia trailed in all the time.

Reaching the door right at noon she pulled back to walk in side. Looking around she didn’t see any one. Then she saw Octavia by an old bench looking over some things. “Hey there Octavia where is Master Nurok? He told me to meet him here.” She looked right at Octavia who seemed to not want to answer the question. Giving her a rather pirceing look that said I want to tell you but I better now. “Where is he Octavia?” Her tone was very calm but was cold and unfeeling. Her eyes burned with look that told her don’t mess with me girl. “Yes he was called away Kara. I am sorry.” Kara just softened a bit. Then she turned slowly around standing in the door way. “Well would you like to join me for lunch then?” She said softly.

As she stood there a dark presnces seemed to grown in the woman. It could be felt though the force to only those around her. She quickly tried to mask it as two young clan members came running past trying to get away from her. Taking a deep breath she turned back to see Octavia shaken a bit and she understood why. “Come on we can talk at lunch.” She knew she had to learn to control her anger and frustion it wouldn’t bring about any good until less she used it in the right way and at the right time.

Octavia Demona

06-09-2008 11:26:29

Gathering her things, Octavia slung her bag over her shoulder and walked along side her friend. The anger she felt started to give her a headache, which annoyed her greatly. They had been doing this a while now, they weren't young fresh students anymore, and while she didn't know what Master Alaris was teaching Kara, but she knew what Godo had been teaching her; and controlling her anger was defiantly one of those things. "Could you possibly calm down? Making people cower and gving me a headache are things you shouldn't want to do. You have to be careful with that. You're gonna make someone's head explode one day, and it will probably be mine." Hearing her friend laugh she narrowed her eyes at KAra and sighed, "It's not funny!"

"Oh, but it is!" Kara giggled and stopped. "Ok, maybe t isn't so funny... but still. Maybe you should learn how not to be so sensitive." The odd couple walked down the halls, thier robes billowing behind them in shades of purple and blue and black. Their presence giving off strength and power that made people part ways as not to bump into the ladies.

Turning in sync down another corridor Kara pushed open the door to the street level and let Octavia out before she herself left the building. Sighing she wondered where Godo had run off to and instantly regreted thinking such thngs."You know, Kara, you shouldn't have your thoughts on your sleeve... Someone who wanted to use those thoughts agisnt you could easily." The short brunette looked at her friend and smiled."Godo had some business to take care of, but he wll be back when he can" Walking down the street she adjusted her bag on her shoulder and shoved her hands into the pockets of her cloak. "So, where to for lunch? And I'm assuming you're paying, because well you offered!" Laughing a bit Octavia smiled innocently up at KAra and laughed.She was trying to get her friend's mind off of Godo, and she hoped it was working.

Kaira Rohana

06-09-2008 11:45:07

Lunch yes that was what they would do lunch just two friends going out. Kara couldn’t believe her luck today. This should be rather fun. The fact that Octavia seemed to be able to read her thoughts made her know that she had to block her self away once more. If Octavia got to close she would find out things about Kara she wouldn’t want to know. In only a moment Kara had her self totally closed off to any one. All that was coming from her was a very dark ora. It would make even the darkest Jedi want to have nothing to do with her. Kara also knew that Octavia really didn’t have any idea where Godo was. The truth was that she didn’t even know. That didn’t bother her to much but Octavia thought it did and that made her smile.

Heading over to the shuttle pad she looked back at Octavia. “Well you coming? I am buying lunch but you have to fly with me.” That made her smile big time. Kara had always said she was a good flyer and Godo thought so. All she could do was giggle as she watch Octavia move up next to her. The look on the womans face told kara that she wasn’t that ken on this idea. “So Octavia you ready?” All she did was put a sour look on her face putting Kara out of the way to walk into the shuttle. Now that was the way she thought the woman would act.

Kara made her way into the shuttle and went over to the controls. “After lunch do you want to do some shopping? It depents on where we go on what you want to do.” She said softly to her friend. Her fingers were already dancing over to the controls. This smaller shuttle was her own it wasn’t that big but she loved it just the same. It had things in it from her parents and that made it very spical to her. “Well speak up?” She wanted to get going but her friend didn’t talk much.

Octavia Demona

06-09-2008 12:05:08

Walking onto the small shuttle shp she smled. "Sorry, I just didn't know you fly! My husband does too.. I've always wanted to learn, but growing up I never had the money or the time." looking around the ship she smled at the little tid bits of family belongings and smiled happily. She didn't know much about her friend's past, but the bit she dd know wasn't the happiest. Octavia was glad to know that Kara had memories of her parents. Snapping out of her thoughts she smiled at Kara. "Well shopping would be lovely, but 'm not sure where to go. I don't get out much."Shaking her head Kara watched Octavia sit and get belted in and sighed. "Well sit down then,I know where we can go." Elegant fingers dancing over the keys lke fairies would dance over flowers, the elder of the pair put in the destination and relaxed into her seat.

Octavia could tell that the woman had shelded herself again,which annoyed her. Did Kara think that Octavia would spill her secrets? Or use her past against her? Sighing to herself she had to remind herself to calm down and not let such ideas seep into her thoughts. She hoped Kara did think those things about her, and so to clarfy she spoke up.

"Why do you sheild yourself from me Kara? Did I do something to upset you?"

Kaira Rohana

06-09-2008 12:45:47

For now she just let the comment hang in the air. Kara had better things to think about other then Octavia thinking that she hurt Kara in some way. Dealing with flying was her only thought at the moment. It wasn’t like she couldn’t deal with both she chose not to. Octavia would understand if Kara didn’t answer her right away. As she got the ship up into the air she looked over at the woman frowning. She then pushed a few more buttons on the consoal before sighing. “We should talk. Autoploit is now on.” Kara said softly. Her manner had change from before it was almost as if Kara was trying to show Octavia that she wasn’t weak. That she was a very strong dark Jedi. There friendship met a lot to her but at the same time Kara didn’t like Octavia pointing out faults.

Standing up she moved to the back of the shuttle were there was a small table. Waving her hand Octavia followed. “We don’t have a lot of time before we will land but long enough to talk. I closed off not because I am mad at you or any one else Mrs. Demon.” Kara said as her friend caem over to the table sitting down next to her. There wasn’t a lot of time to deal with this but enough to make Octavia understand some things. Kara couldn’t show every thing about her. It was much like Godo who was always so cold when he is around a group. People flea from him if they are not strong enough. Kara on the other hand seemed to be draw to that very power. “I have a very dark side Octavia. I have to block my self off to keep that in check. It has nothing to do with you. It has to do with my own power.” She said softly.

Looking around at her shuttle she smiled. This was the place she would soon call home once her training was complaiet. She planned on going out for a few weeks maybe a month on her own just to see what life held for her. There was a number of things she had to deal with any way with the Will from her parents. Maybe she would ask Godo along but some of it she felt she might need to do alone. Yet part of her wanted to have him there. She was always stronger with him by her side. It made her feel safer. “Were we are about to land will be a place where we will need to keep our eyes and ears open. You should learn to block your self off now this way no one will be able to tell who you are. Trust me will you?” She said as she got up to go back to the controls as she heard beeping from the auto polite.

Octavia Demona

04-10-2008 15:10:26

Watching Kara go to the control panel she closed her eyes and put up a mental block on her mind.She hated having to do it, but she knew she would have to. Opening her eyes with a sigh, the normally giggly, happy Ms. Octavia, was replaced by a cold, non-caring woman. Blue eyes scanning the small but quaint ship she watched Kara expertly land the vessel.

"You know, you could make a good business on the side teaching people like me how to fly."

Smiling a bit she stood,glad to hear the sound of the doors hissing open. Octavia quickly made sure her lightsaber and blaster were firmly attached underneath her blue robes, she walked out onto the landing pad with Kara by her side. Smiling she moved her hand in a sweeping motion in front of her and smiled a bit more.

"You, my dear, must show me the way around.I don't know exactly where we are going"

Kaira Rohana

05-10-2008 12:40:56

Who was she talking about? Not here at all. Kara looked at Octavia as if she ahd lost her mind. Shaking her head there was no way she had the pations to teach others how to fly. Maybe she could teach Octavia or Impie but never any one else. Taking a long deep breath she looked at the ships controls one more time. They were going to be landing in just a moment. Kara took and set them down very easy. What ever the day had in store for them she was up for. She had already made sure of that. “Alright lets get one things strait I cant teach any one any thing when it comes to flying. I am not that patient. Shall we head into town now?”

Standing up she made sure that she had her saber and blaster. Heading to the ramp she headed out of the ship into a small space port. “Stay with me.” The last thing she needed right now was to loss or end up with Godos student hurt or worse dead. Taking a deep breath she headed right for what seemed like the heart of the shoping area. There was a few things she wanted to look at the only thing was her eyes were on every thing going on even on the shifty guy trying to check both of them out. It made Kara smiled a bit knowing if he tried any thing he would wish he had never been born. “Where to first shopping or lunch?”