Master To Student Or Is That Student To Master....

Kaira Rohana

13-07-2008 00:12:54

Heading down a rather long hall way Kara knew she couldn’t be late. Being late would cost her dearly she knew that so when she was stopped in the hall by a fellow house member to talk to them she knew that she might be late. “I am sorry I can’t talk right now.” She said but they pulled her right back and kept talking. Sighing she looked down that hall knowing that if she didn’t get there soon Alaris would be pretty up set. Pushing the person off of her she frowned as her hand went for her lightsaber. “If you don’t back off I will us it.” The guy backed off and she turned on her heels. Letting her long hair flow around her as her long black dress did the same.

Just what she didn’t need right now to be late for her meeting with her master. All she knew right now was don’t stop get there as fast as you can. That meant no more stops. As long as she could help it that is. As she came to the door of Alaris office she knew that she was late. Knocking on the door lightly she heard the voice say to her “Come IN.” Oh that didn’t sound good she sighed to her self. Her hand went slowly to the door knob as she trembled a bit with each turn of the knob. Pushing the door open she stood there in the door way with a less then great expression on her face. You could almost feel the tenton in the room and from her.

“Come over here Kara.” Slowly she crept though the door way closing the door behind her as she stood before him. With her eyes downcast at the floor she couldn’t even bring her self to look at his eyes for she knew already what she would find. Alright she had to get a grip it wasn’t like she was that late right? She couldn’t have been to late for she had left so early. Maybe she was just over thinking this maybe she wasn’t late at all. Alright she just had to wait for him to speak again yet those few moments seem to drag on leaving her to drewl on her thoughts.

Alaris Jinn

13-07-2008 02:35:12

"Late, again, Ms. Rohana." Despite usually appearing before his subordinates with his hood over his head, the Aedile had set his cloak over the back of his chair. Generally, the cloak added the intimidation factor and allowed Alaris to keep his position of power well known. But he knew that Kara wouldn't be intimidated by the cloak anymore. She was at one point, but now she was a Jedi Hunter, the final step before being aloud to construct her own lightsaber, she wouldn't be intimidated by apparel.

Kara opened her mouth to apologize, but a cold glance from Alaris stopped her before she even finished inhaling. This is how he intimidated his Student. His power over her, knowing that he could put her to work for hours or even days without sleep. He had done it before and wouldn't be phased to do it again. His Master, Ky Terrak, had done the same to him, and his Master's Master, who was now Grand Master of the entire Dark Brotherhood, had likely done the same to Ky, though Alaris wasn't entirely sure.

"Walk with me, Kara."

The two of them walked through the Dark Tower all the way to its pinnacle, the Throne room of Clan Plagueis and usually where Braecen Kaeth would sit when receiving audience from the general membership of the Clan, but he was not here today. The room, which was throbbing with the Dark Side of the Force, stood barren, except for the two Guardians maintaining a patrol, keeping a lookout for intruders. The Guardians bowed to Alaris and Kara, but Alaris paid them no mind.

Alaris pointed at the Throne, which was overlooked by a massive statue of Dark Plagueis the Wise. "Tell me, my Apprentice, what do you know of that Throne?"

Kaira Rohana

13-07-2008 10:56:21

Quickly Kara followed Alaris from his office. The walk wasn’t long as they made there way into the throne room. She had yet to see this room and now as she stood there before that throne she could feel the darkness that it gave off. To her it was something of power and she kind of liked the feeling. That wasn’t something to let on to her master how ever. Turning to him as he asked the question a small smile crept across her face. There wasn’t much she didn’t know about the Clan at this point. Alaris had made sure of that when he asked her for a history report on the clan. That had taking her a few days to finsh but she was glad for the work.

“I know only what has been written Master Jinn. It was Consul Braecen Kaeth that build this tower and this room. From what I have read it is not a nice chair to sit in for it is from there that Consul Kaeth must give orders and he dose not what him self or any one who sits apon that throne to ever get comformable and forget who and where they came from.” Kara stopped there for that was all she really knew about the throne. She was sure that there was much more to learn. It was in the way her master stood right now that made her wonder what was about to come next.

Just being there in that room with her master made her a little uneasy. The fact that he didn’t speck as of yet also didn’t make her feel good about her answer. Was there more she should have said? Was there something she left out when she addressed her leaders? Maybe she needed to do a little more studying on things ran day to day around here. That might be something she was over looking. Rather then say a word more she stood there with her eyes now close to take in the power of the room. It seemed to in golf her. What ever came next she was sure she would be able to handle it. Now she felt even worse about being late.

Alaris Jinn

13-07-2008 21:00:36

Alaris was no stranger to allowing the Dark Side to flow through him, so he knew what it looked like when others allowed it. This was precisely where he wanted her right now. Alaris didn't get many visions of possible futures, few Twi'lek Jedi ever did, but he was getting something for her. Something dark and terrible; something wonderful. She didn't need to know this now, she would discover it herself in the future, but at least it gave him a way to continue her guidance.

"What I am about to tell you, you will repeat to nobody. I saw this room once in a vision, weeks before I had ever seen it in actuality. I was approaching this throne much like it sits now, except that it was surrounded by Dark Jedi of great importance, including Darth Sarin."

The room seemed to shimmer slightly, then it darkened to pitch black. When the light returned, the throne was surrounded by many Elder Dark Jedi, though they all seemed incorporeal; only barely visible. Another figure, clad in the same black cloak that was draped over Alaris's desk a few floors down from here, slowly progressed toward the Dark Jedi, and one of them sharpened his image slightly and revealed himself as the Grand Master, Sarin. Then the room dropped back into its former black self, and relit as the empty room once again.

"Whether this will come into fruition or not has yet to be seen. Visions are not prophecies. Visions aren't necessarily destined to occur. Even prophecies won't occur in exactly the way they are anticipated. Consider Anakin Skywalker, who eventually became his true self, Darth Vader. He was thought to bring balance to the Force, which he did. The Jedi, in their arrogance, assumed that he would simply destroy the Sith. This was obviously not the case. He would help be responsible for the demolition of the Old Jedi Order, and eventually, the death of Darth Bane's Rule of Two Sith. This brought balance, by reducing the number of Jedi in the galaxy to a handful, and the number of Dark Jedi in the galaxy to roughly the same number. That is balance. Therefore the prophecy was accurate, but interpretted incorrectly."

Kaira Rohana

13-07-2008 22:29:56

Hearing all this really didn’t surprise her at all. It wasn’t knew for them to have vision even if they never came true. Kara knew just how true they could be how ever. It wasn’t really visions that she had it was dreams. Maybe they were one in the same. A few had come though to truth in the end but more were just that silly dreams of a young woman. The more she stood there and took in the power that the room held the more she could understand what Alaris had told her. It was powerful to have a vision that he had. Would it ever come to past? She wasn’t sure what to make of it all right now. It would take her a time to really understand all that she had seen.

“Master why do you share with me?” That was really what she wanted to know right in that moment. He could have shared this with any one but he chose her. Why? She didn’t understand fully maybe she just was still to knew to full grasp the weight of knowleage that he had just given to her. “Your vision is interstinting to say the least. Are you sure this is not just a hopful wish from some where in your mind?” Kara worried that he might want things like this so bad that he was starting to have vision because of his longing for it. He still had a long way to go but she really did hope that he would acheave his goals.

As she thought about what he said more she had a few qustions. "Master dont we still try to follow the rule of two were we can?" She knew that she was Master Jinns only studnet. Was that about to change? Was that why he had brought her here? All she knew right now was that he was very puzzling. She didnt dare say any more right now for she knew what she had said already might be to much. Only she knew she had to ask if she was ever to learn anything. If you dont ask you cant find out answers now can you? Looking into her masters eyes for the first time that day she could see something that she ahd not see before. It was almost a joy in how dark this room was. That surprised her a bit.

Alaris Jinn

14-07-2008 12:55:57

Truly, Alaris hadn't known why he had shared this with his Apprentice, but he didn't want to let that on. "Simply said," he began, "I need you to understand the things I see in order to help you inturpret the things you see."

He laughed softly to himself, but audibly enough that the echo from the silent room carried. "If you want to delve into specifics, one could suppose that we do follow the old Rule of Two, VIA the Grand Master and the Deputy Grand Master, the only two in the Brotherhood to be refered to as Sith Lords, but this is not truly the case."

Glancing up at the throne, he spoke. "There may come a time again when an individual retakes the mantle of Sith Lord and uncovers an Apprentice, but until that time comes, Darth Bane's Rule of Two is dead." He let a laugh escape. "Not that I'm complaining. If it did still exist, I wouldn't be training you right now. No, I would probably be in a New Republic prison, tried and convicted as a murderer for just ending a source of corruption."

"In fact," he went on, "I'd likely be a slave to the Yuuzhan Vong, now." He let that thought linger on the end of his mind. The only real experience he had with the Vong was him and Ky killing a few patrols on Dantooine half a year prior. At the time, it seemed hard to believe that this was the race of beings that had conquered so much of the New Republic and so much of the Dark Brotherhood, especially Antei, one of the best guarded secrets of the Universe.

Kaira Rohana

15-07-2008 00:14:20

The more he talked the more she seemed to drift off into her own little word. Her mind seemed to be every where but where it should be. Just nodding a bit at what he said she wasn’t even sure if she should answer back at all. Right now he just seemed to be rambling. Much like she did from time to time. For now her mind was on Godo and not on Alaris. It was hard at times to have to remember that Alaris was her master not Godo. To her there was no diffence. She had learned from both of them. The thing that stood out form what he said how ever was when he talked about where he would be right now. That surprised her very much. Kara knew that Alaris wouldn’t let himself be put into prison. Shaking her head a bit she had to listen to him and not day dream.

After his talk about the Vong she tried not to think about them ever. The only time there small smuggling group had to deal with them they had lost a number of there crew. One of her oldest and dearest friends was lost. It wasn’t something she ever wanted to talk about. It was on that day she true understood her powers. Never before had she talked about that day with any one. Not her boss not Godo not Impie. It was a well kept secret of what she had done. Only now she wondered if she should wait and tell Godo or tell Alaris now. Well she was with Alaris right now so that might be best just to tell him. As she looked at him she turned away. “Do we have to talk about Yuuzhan Vong?” Was all she said as she tried to hide what she was feeling.

The more they stood there now in that dark power the more angery she grew over what happened to her friend. If she could have she would have hunted the Vong until they were all distoryed. For now she was just glad her Boss had stopped her from leaving to go out on her own., If she had there would be no way she would even be alive right now. “Tell me Alaris how did you come to join the Brotherhood?” She said softly hoping he wouldn’t want to ask her about the Vong at all. It was the last thing she needed to talk about right now. There was so much more to be said but for now she just didn’t want to talk about it. Taking a long deep breath she waited for Alaris to talk again.

Alaris Jinn

19-07-2008 13:54:38

Alaris saw how easily the reference about the Vong upset her. At last, a way to strike. "Yes, we do have to talk about the Vong. They virtually destroyed two planets in the Plagueis Dominion, they hold control of the homeworld of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, Antei. There will come a time when you will be able to exact revenge against them for whatever may have happened to you."

Alaris stepped toward the Throne of Plagueis, and for a slight moment, considered sitting upon it, but he knew the wrath that would come down upon him if Braecen were ever to find out. Instead, he bowed before it, and turned to leave, signalling Kara to follow.

"The time has come for a journey, my Young Apprentice." He said with a hint of knowingness behind his voice.

"Where might that take us, my Master?" The younger Corellian inquired of the Twi'lek.

The Summit Leader from Satal Keto simply grinned and didn't answer.

Before too long, they arrived in the hanger bay of the Dark Tower. Alaris had returned his hood back to his head. Though most of the individuals who had been in Exar Kun for some time knew who he was, Alaris didn't deign to speak to them, not even look at them. There was only one individual from Exar Kun who he was interested in, other than his student. Their newly appointed Quaestor, Godo Nurok. His interest was as such, that he did his best to avoid the Quaestor path. The last thing he needed was to be talked down upon in front of his apprentice.

The hanger bay was a bustle of activity. Braecen was set to land momentarily from The Baron on board his personal shuttle. Alaris wanted to avoid the Consul at this time. He had an enormous amount of respect for the man, but had set his mind on the task at hand, and wanted no distractions.

Alaris walked, with Kara in tow, to a Lambda Class Shuttle resting in near the side with Satal Keto's symbol emblazzing the side. "Ladies first."

Kaira Rohana

20-07-2008 08:11:55

Turning quickly around to follow after Alaris, Kara wondered where they were head now. All she knew was they were going some where and he wouldn’t tell her where. Sighing she felt it best to just follow with no more question for now. Kara was unsure of Alaris some times. He was still a puzzle to her unlike so many others. It was funny really she could read almost everyone here but Alaris seemed to be able to hide better then any one. What he was hiding from she wasn’t sure maybe some day she would break though his shell and learn more about him. At this moment how ever she knew it best not to ask a lot of question. Maybe this trip would aloue her some time to really get to know who Alaris was and understand why he was this closed up.

Striding into the hanger bay she looked around at a few people she knew and smiled softly at them as they passed. Again she saw just how cold Alaris could be. Most of the people they passed were from her own house but Alaris acted very cold just walking right past them as if they weren’t even there. Shaking her head it was hard for her some times to understand how two houses of the same clan could act as if they didn’t know each other. Kara felt they should work together for the common good of the clan but Alaris seem to think that just greeting people a smile look there way was to much to do. Looking around she took notice that there seemed to be a lot more people around then normal. Something must be going on how ever they soon reach the ship they would be heading out in.

Kara’s eyes looked over the shuttle. It wasn’t a bad ship she wasn’t fond of this class but it was her masters ship that he was using. Hearing ladies first she giggled at him. “Alright Master Jinn.” She said softly as she went into the shuttle. The moment she was on bored she went right for the copit to take a look at the controls. Not sure what Alaris had in mind still she sat in the co-pilot’s chair. There she sat waiting to see what Alaris would do next. Seeing as she had no idea what was going on or where they were going she would have to wait to do much of anything until Alaris got there. “Tell me why did you chose this ship? It takes at least two to fly there are two of us but I am not sure where we are going and why we are going?” She had not thought she would be going any where. Right now she wanted to meet up with Godo later and if she was going it would make it hard to do so.

Alaris Jinn

25-07-2008 16:02:55

Dropping himself into the pilot's chair, the Aedile of Satal Keto brought was put into the launch queue and the shuttle was shortly in space and jumping into hyperspace.

Alaris pulled up the planetary arrangement for a system in the outerrim that wasn't under the control of either the Galactic Alliance or the Yuuzhan Vong. "This is Vira. A planet very much like Corellia, except for a few things. One, it isn't filled with five hundred million swash-bucklers. Two, it's extremely primative. They aren't capable of hyperspace travel. They've only recently reached their own moon. On top of this, they have no knowledge of the Force. In fact, anyone who has shown any Force capability has been burned for being an agent of whatever their devil is."

He grinned as he thought about it. "I enjoy watching them in my spare time. They're still using nuclear weapons, though, they scarcely use them anymore for fear of killing themselves."

He glanced over to his Apprentice, who still looked at him puzzled. Alaris decided to explain just a little more. "You get to go about a task, my dear."

"What is this task, Master? Writing a report on how they're breeding rituals are inacted?" The Corellian asked sarcastically.

"Not in the least, Ms. Rohana. You're done writing reports and spit like that. You're task is even simpler than that.


Kaira Rohana

27-07-2008 12:09:24

Shaking her head as he kept talking about this planet for it didn’t seem like she would have all that much trouble surviving this kind of place. If she did then she needed a lot more training. Having been a smuggler she knew how to stay out of the way of people. “How long and why do you want me to survive such a place? There has to be a reason you are choosing this place.” Kara wasn’t sure what Alaris was up to but she knew he had his reasons. He always had his reasons. Sighing she wondered if she could given have a weapon with her. It would only cause problems she was sure if she was taken into costiatry.

Sitting there for a moment she thought of something. If this had anything to do with what she thought it might she was going to lay into her Master. Some times he could be more controlling then helpful. “Alaris this doesn’t have any thing to do with how much time I have been spending with Godo dose it?” She said looking right at him. The one thing she was very good at was telling if some one was lying to her. If he even tried to lie to her right now she would know right away. He wasn’t that great at hiding his true feelings over Kara seeing Godo. Really there was nothing he could do to stop it how ever. Kara was a grown woman and Godo was her house Quastors so if he had a problem with this then he might mind him self in a world of trouble.

Alaris Jinn

12-08-2008 18:21:21

This assumption didn't suprised the Ketoan Aedile. Alaris knew that his student was aware of the contempt he had toward the Quaestor of Exar Kun, and not just because he was fratenzing with his student. Alaris didn't hate Godo, but he wouldn't blink an eye if Godo were killed. The Twi'lek wouldn't actively attempt such an action, but if given such an opportunity, he would take it.

"No, Ms. Rohana. Godo has nothing to do with this. This is simply a rite of passage. The Mandolorians go through this same rite when they come of age. As becoming a Knight is the basic equivilant of this, you, too, will face the same task." The shuttle hid itself quite well behind the largest of the planet's three moons. Alaris had to time his approach perfectly, that he didn't risk detection.

"You will take only your lightsaber with you and use it only for personal protection. It will be your task to travel from here, "Alaris pointed to a peninsula on the large southern continent, "to here." He pointed at a small city on the nothern edge of the same continent.

"The fighting between those two points is the most intense on the entire planet." He grinned as he hit the thrusters on the Lambda, shooting through a gap in satelite coverage.

"If you do not make it there, for whatever reason," he said matter of factly, "you will be abandoned on the planet and forced to live with the locals, who, as I've said, aren't fans of the Force Sensative."

Kaira Rohana

14-08-2008 10:28:26

Alright this wasn’t sounded like much fun to her at all. She had to make her way across a whole continent with out letting any one on the planet know who she really was. Well her smuggling back ground might help with that. Yet she knew nothing at all about this planet other then what her Master was telling her now. “Do I have time to study this planet before you drop me in the middle of no where?” Kara knew she could get around space with her eyes close but you put her on land and she could get lost in five minutes of walking around. Alaris had no idea just how bad it could be.

There was a down fall to everyone. Kara had a few but one of them just happened to be her since of direction when it came to finding her way around on land. Looking at Alaris she looked a little consured about this. It wasn’t something she was prepared for when she left with him that morning. “Sir I don’t think I can do this?’ She said sitting down looking at the floor. For the first time she looked down right up set in his presents. It was the first time she had ever said she didn’t think she could do something. Kara was scared. Being left behind was a fear she had when she was little and it was coming back to haught her again.

Alaris Jinn

28-08-2008 22:57:49

His lightsaber was out in a flash and the snap-hiss gave way to the Emerald Brilliance that was Alaris's Blade. The tip sat inches from Kara's face and the shadows eminated on her face from the dim lighting of the control panel above her immediately disappeared into the radiant Green that now encompassed the room.

"If I thought that you were going to find this easy, you would have found yourself doing something else. How do you expect to become a Dark Jedi Knight if you remain a coward?" His voice boomed and carried through-out the shuttle, but the echo made it seem as if they were alone in a large cave. "I should have known better than to take a Krath on as my Apprentice. You fear everything that could kill you. Do you fear my blade?"

Kara froze up completely, her eyes locked with her Master's. It was all she could do to squeek out an affirmative.

"Good. This blade is death. I built it for one reason, death of the corrupt. I would hate to be forced to use it for something else, my young apprentice."

He deactivated the blade and returned to his pilot's chair. He began the difficult task of carefully maneuvering the shuttle down between the sightlines of the Satelites ciricling the blue and green planet that grew larger and larger before them. "You will be dropped off on this planet, whether you like it or not. You will learn to navigate your way to the destination, or you will end up stranded on this planet for the rest of your life."

Without looking at her, he continued. "If you decide that you do not want to do this, then instead it will be your corpse that I drop off on this planet."

The shuttle began to grow warmer as it began breaking through the atmosphere. "Am I clear?"

Kaira Rohana

29-08-2008 15:02:58

When she saw how fast her master turned on that lightsaber and had it at her head she knew this wasn’t at time to joke around. It was the last thing he said thought that made her smile and laugh a bit. “I don’t wish to die at your hands Master Alaris. If you think I am ready for this then I must be. “ Kara knew full well that no matter how hard her master was on her he wouldn’t do something that she wasn’t ready or prepared for. She knew where she had to go and she knew she had the force on her side. There was no way she would let her master down. Any way she wanted to get back to see Godo again. She was starting to miss him already.

Both Godo and Alaris had very different ways of doing things. Turning away from Alaris she closed her eyes and reached out into the force to fee the planet. She wanted to get to know it before she would touched down. Kara could feel the planets and animals in the forests they seemed so alive. It was a lovely feeling and one she had not had before. Nothing about it was dark it was very different. Kara knew she wouldn’t have a lot of time to explore the differences. There was a mission to get to that town before Alaris left her there. “How long do I have?” She asked softly with her eyes still closed. Kara knew Alaris wouldn’t make it that long so it would challenger her that much more.

As she turned around to face him she saw they were landing all ready. “I guess this is where I leave you my Master.” She felt a streght that she didn’t not understand about all this. It was as if something was telling her you can do this. Kara knew now that if she didn’t she would did and that didn’t really appale to her. After all she did want to see Godo again. Standing there she waited for an answer to her question. Kara wasn’t sure what Alaris would say to her or now long he would give her. If fro some reason she was trapped here on this world would any one ever care? Kara wondered if any one would ever even miss her. Yea right a dark Jedi missing some one that was a laugh. Kara knew she was on her own and she felt it was time she proved she could do it.

Alaris Jinn

07-09-2008 22:17:24

Alaris brought the shuttle through the clouds as to keep radar and sight from seeing the shuttle. "You will have twelve local days. I will be waiting for you on the outskirts of the destination." He refered to his lekku. "For obvious reasons, I can't be waiting for you in town, but you'll find me."

He saw and opportune moment to set down the shuttle in the midst of a forest meddow. A few animals fleed the area beneath the shuttle where the grasses and weeds blew in the wind of the reverse thrusters. Finally, the shuttle touched down and the ramp was extended.

Alaris walked to the bottom of the shuttle with only his lightsaber in hand. He looked out at the beauty of the world around him and found himself perfectly content for the first time in a long time. There was no corruption here, only perfection and harmony. Not peaceful. Peace is a lie, but balanced and harmonic.

Kara joined him by his side and said nothing of the calmness in his eyes, but she knew what he was enjoying. She knew of his hatred of corruption, and could easily see the joy he was getting from the world before him.

Finally, the Templar turned to his Apprentice. "Hunter Rohana, you may begin your journey. I will see you in twelve days."

He didn't ascend the ramp and leave her alone, he just waited for her to make her own move.

Kaira Rohana

08-09-2008 11:46:40

Twelve days that wasn’t much but if she knew Alaris like she did she knew she had to get this done. He would leave her she knew that and that meant she couldn’t just sit down in this lovely meadow to meditiate on this whole thing. Stepping down onto the ground she watched as Alaris left. At least she had seen him look happy for once. It was a nice thing to see from her master. Her eyes scanned the area around her now as she saw a felt a few animals starting to creep there way back into the area. With Alaris and the ship gone Kara knew it was time for her to get moving. Taking a deep breath she made her way to where she thought the nearest town was. There she would find away to get to the town in the north that she had to get to in twelve days.

Making her way thought the woods she reached out into the force to find something that would help her. Kara stopped for a moment and changed her dirction just a bit. It was a few moments later she was walking out of the forest and onto a road that lead down into a small village. People were passing her by down the road but she didn’t pay them any mind. Heading right into town she looked for someone that might be able to help her. The village looked very old but at least they weren’t in the stone age. They had very old trasporation to what she was used to and there work seemed down right primvite at least to her. Kara called this a village but they called it a small city.

Walking down a street she soon found what she thought would be some one that could help her. Reading the sing on the shop it said Travel Angent. Well that sounded promicing. Heading inside she saw only one young woman behind the counter. Her cloths were very different from what Kara was wearing. “Miss could you help me please? I need to get to a town by the name of Northshire. What is the best way to travel there and how might I get there in twelve days?” The woman took a look at Kara and felt a little sorry for her. Pulling out a map she waved her over to the counter. “Well you are here in Mt. Adams. You want to get all the way down here to Northshire.” Looking at the map she frowned that was a long way. “So how might I go about that I don’t have any money.”

Now the woman folded up the map and moved back behind the counter. “I don’t think you can do it in twelve days then. If you some how get together the money come back to see me we can try and get you there.” Kara looked down right up set now. She had to get there and fast. There had to be away to get there without money but she knew that was almost imposable. She was going to have to find away to make money and fast. It shouldn’t be to hard ready she knew how to do things that she was sure not many people knew how to do here.

“Thanks for at least showing me the map Ms.” Kara then walked out of the small shop and headed down the street. There was fighting Alaris had said between this town and the other maybe she could get to be part of that fighting and find her way down to Northshire that way. They would have to tasport her that would be away to get out of this town at least that was her hope any way. Only thing was she didn’t know how this planet viewed woman when it came to fighting. Now she had a really problem how to solve it and get to Alaris before he let her here. Kara sighed as she stood there thinking.

Alaris Jinn

10-09-2008 18:51:26

The Military Recruitment Centre was in the central part of town. It was flanked by two tall flag poles, one bearing the flag of the Southern Nation and the other bearing the Seal of the Lord President. The Southern Nation's flag was predominantly black but was split into four quadrants by a thick white cross. In the top left quadrant, there was an image of the planet with a sword through it.

The other flag was white and had a large bird of prey carrying the world in its talons. It's eyes were blood red.

There was an officer standing outside the building as Kara passed. "Pardon me, miss." The Officer began. "Are you alright?" He glanced down at Kara's clothing, which seemed very out of place. He held a look of geniune concern, considering the snickering that some of the young children who had just passed. "Would you like some food? Maybe a change of clothes?"

Kaira Rohana

11-09-2008 16:20:10

Kara stood tall in front of the man from the military officer not sure what to think. Then has he looked at her and offered things she started to cry. Maybe just maybe this was her way to the other town. As she looked up at the man she couldn’t help but let her tears flow down her cheeks. Trying hard not to let this emstion brake she looked deep into his eyes. “I was taken three days ago from my home. Forced to come here by some one I don’t even know. I just got away form him and started to walk. He put me in this cloths. I have to get home.” She said in an instiaral voice. The man in front of her she could tell didn’t know what to do.

He eached out to touch her and she moved scared. Then saw the kind eyes looking at her. “Sorry he hit me I don’t know who to trust he wear a uniform like yours. I was scared to even come here. I must get to Northshire.” She said thought her tears. Though she had no idea how to get there she just looked hopeful that this man would help her. Kara was hoping that he had a since of pride to help a woman in distress. If not she was screwed. If he helped then she would be well on her way to moving though this planet to get to where she had to go. What would Alaris think of her using this form of tatice however?

Being a woman some times had its advaiages. She was a rather pretty young thing as well. She hoped that would help aid her on this trip. Men at times could be rather easy to fool and this men on this planeted were week minded. Kara waited to see what he would do she hoped he would help her. If not she was back to square one. This was her first shot at trying out the forse on some ones mind any way. She wasn’t very strong in it but these people seemed to be very easy to fool.

Alaris Jinn

16-09-2008 00:02:57

The Officer was taken aback when he heard the name of the town the strange girl was trying to get to. "Northshire is in Capezzia." When Kara showed she didn't know what he was talking about he elaborated. "Do you know where you are? You're in Rutherland. The Lord President finally declared war against Capezzia last week. Fighting has only intensified over the last few days."

He tried to reach out for the girl again, but she shrugged him off and continued to cry.

He tried a different approach. "What's your name, Capezzian? We need to get you into some more suitable garb."

The Officer, making sure no one could overhear him ushered the girl inside and locked the door to the recruitment centre. He closed the blinds and turned to her. "Wait right here." He walked briskly into the back room looking for a soldier uniform for her. Not finding one small enough, he opted for an Officer uniform, and Lieutenant Pips.

Coming back out with them, he handed the clothes and rank insignia to the strange girl. "Looks like you'll have to be an Officer for a while."

Kaira Rohana

17-09-2008 09:13:45

Before she could tell the guy her name he was gone. This was going to be harder then she first thought. If they were at war with the town she ahd to get to this was going to make it hard for her to get where she needed to go. Sighing she couldn’t trust any one here at all but maybe she should try and leave. If she started walking at least she could head to that other town. Only thing was just as she was about to get up to leave he came back. Hearing him say she would be an officer made her smile. “Oh, really?” Kara moved over next to him to take the cloths. She brushed agained his arm wondering how he would take it Kara had always been pretty so she was wondering how her looks made her feel.

For now she shugged it off as she looked at the clothing. “If I tell you my name will you leave so I can change?” The man just laughed and nodded. “Kara now please.” He turned and walked back out letting her change. As she quickly changed her cloths she didn’t see the door open just a crack but she knew it had been open as she since him watching though the force. Making a show of it she quickly got dressed then went to the door finding it closed again. Opening it up she smiled. “All changed. Now how am I going to get home? Can you even get me close?” Kara had hidden her lightsaber once more on her body away from eyes. Of couse she didn’t want to loss her cloths. “I would like to keep the cloths I was in if you don’t mind.”

It was just something she didn’t want to loss if he asked her she might have to give them up. He didn’t say any thing for now but kara could tell he was already sizing her up. “Tell me how will I get home? I don’t care about this war I never did I just wanted to be happy with my family.” Kara wasn’t sure what to do now. So she sat down on the floor fake crying. Maybe it would get her home or at least an idea to get her home. This was hard for her for she didn’t know much about what the fighting was over or what was going on. Kara could always just kill and take a veical but that wouldn’t be lay low to get what she needed.

Alaris Jinn

23-09-2008 01:07:44

The Officer couldn't help but notice how well the uniform fit the Capezzian's body, Kara she had called herself. He shook the idea from his mind. Sure she was attractive, but mating with Capezzians was illegal and immoral. According to the Lord President and the Administration, Capezzians were unclean and unfit for life amongst Rutherians. Even so, he couldn't help be feel strangly drawn to this girl, which was why he was helping her in the first place.

"Well," the Officer said matter of factly, "now that you where a Rutherian Uniform, you can travel anywhere in Rutherland you choose. Keeping your other clothes may be good for you as well so that you don't get yourself shot when you return to Capezzia." There was a sudden glimpse of sadness in his eyes, but it disappeared as quickly as it came.

A sudden banging on the door shook the Officer from his daze and a yelling broke the brief silence that had encompassed the two of them. "Captain Tyral! Open up in there!"

The Officer, who assumedly was named, Tyral, swore under his breath. "That's General Oppenheimer. Trust me, you need to know his name. Every Officer in this district knows his name." Tyral went to the door and opened for the General.

Oppenheimer was a tall man, standing at just over six feet, four inches, and weighed easily 260 lbs, mostly muscle. His thick moustache suited his squarish face perfectly and the green eyes were almost as deep as Alaris's. "Captain. Lieutenant." He addressed Kara after checking her rank pips.

Tyral snapped into an attention position which Kara very quickly copied and saluted in exactly the same fashion. "General," They said in unison.

Oppenheimer looked down at the two of them and walked over to the desk, not giving them the order to stand at ease. Instead, he started talking. "There is a convoy coming through here toward the Capezzian border." He spat the word Capezzian as a man completely loyal to the Lord President. "I want both of you to board the convoy. There is a lack of Officers in that regiment." He looked at Kara, whose training kept her from moving a millimetre. The General sniffed in approval. "You have excellent discipline, Lieutenant. I was just going to have Tyral join them, but I think you'll do quite well. Lieutenant..." He was attempting to draw her name, but Tyral interupted.

"Kara. Lieutenant Chelsea Kara." He quickly found the most patriotic name he could find, the name of the Lord President's youngest daughter, Chelsea.

This brought a smile to the General's face. "Well then, Lieutenant Kara. Carry the Lady's name with honour and dignity." He turned on his heel and left the way he came in, thundering. "Good day, Officers."

Kaira Rohana

23-09-2008 09:31:40

The moment the General left she relaxed a bit. Hoping that she had not called to much attion to her self with Tyral. He was the only one who could help her right now. Only thing was she couldn’t tell him any thing other then what she had. He would have her killed before she would know what was going on she was sure of it. Looking over at him she smiled softly for she had noticed before how much he was beinging to like her. Only thing was her thoughts were of Godo. It wasn’t like this guy didn’t look good and if she was left here for ever she might just have to find her way back to him. For now she knew that she had to do what ever he told her to.

“Alright so I guess this is how I we shall get me to well you know. Do you think we will make it there before 12 days?” She asked him softly. Putting her hand out she brushed his hand hoping he wouldn’t think any thing of her question. If he asked way so short a time she would come up with something. Taking a long deep breath she moved in front of him and batted her eye lashs to see just how much he liked her. Of course she knew that if she was from this other area he might not want to have any thing to do with her. That being said she hoped that after she left that he would find a very happy life with some one.

“Shall we go?” Kara asked softly. Standing there waiting for him to move was almost to much right now he just looked at her and she worried about that. What was the man thinking? She had no idea but she was hoping it wouldn’t be something that would end up getting her in trouble. If he asked questions she was going to have to think up quick answers. That could make it harder fro her but she hoped he wouldn’t say a word.

Alaris Jinn

06-10-2008 20:56:34

The Obelisk had no difficulty hiding in the forested area outside Kara's destination, though he was forced to end the lives of two young lovers who were unfortunate enough to stumble across the strange alien, who promptly removed their heads. He was now set to play the waiting game. She had eleven days left to get to him, otherwise, he was gone.


The Convoy arrived later in the day after Kara and Tyral got themselves something to eat, just chit-chatting. Kara discovered Tyral was from a military family and that he had not truly wanted to follow in his father's and father's father's footsteps, but had been forced to.

"He used to beat me for the most mundane things: not tying my shoes properly, having my hair slightly out of place. Imagine his reaction when I told him that I didn't want to join the Military. I believe he was a Colonel at the time. This was before he started drinking, of course. He was given an honourable discharge, which I think was generous by the Court Martial. But after that I sorta felt guilty, so I dropped out of Medical school and joined the Officer Training Program."

Tyral took a sip from his draught and continued. "Well, my name easily got me promoted, even though I don't think I'm that great an officer. I'll never get General, of course, but I don't want it. I also want to make sure that my children never join the Military." The thought of having children suddenly made him think of Kara having his children and he was forced to shake the thought from his mind once again.

He hesitated a moment before continuing. "So, what about you? Do you have anyone waiting for you back in Capezzia?"

Kaira Rohana

07-10-2008 10:04:03

Listening to the man she could only smile as he talked. It sounded like he had a hard life. Kara wasn’t sure what would happen to them as they kept going but she really did hope that he would find some one to fall in love with. The fact was Kara knew that if for any reasons she was stuck here she was going to have to stay with this man. He was so nice to her at least she hoped she didn’t have to kill him. For now she wanted to just leave all the people here alone let them have there life. Being under cover was something new to her. She would get though it thought. The question how ever throw her off guard. She wasn’t sure how to answer it.

Taking a moment she looked around to make sure they were alone. “No I don’t. I am only going back to make my parents happy. If they see me in this uniform thought they might disown me.” Kara looked down sad. She was trying to play the part really well. If only she knew more about the Capezzia it would make this so much easier. All she knew was the town she wanted to get to was Northshire. If this didn’t work she was going to be stuck here for ever. Though that might not be so bad really as she looked at the officer sitting next to her.

“Not sure there is much more to tell other then my family owns a small shop. They want me to marry. Only I don’t feel I am ready. I have yet to find any one that I like even a bit. If I didn’t love my parents so I wouldn’t even go back.” She sighed things were turning out to be just as she feared. If she kept string this guy a long into like her maybe it would help her out in the end. Only thing was she didn’t want to hurt him. Sighing she knew this wouldn’t be a good ending if he ever came looking for her. Soon enough she was going to have to get away from this group and get into Northshire.