Changing Of Ways


12-07-2008 18:27:58

The news had sent shockwaves through the entire Clan, let alone the House. Quaestor Rilkel had stepped down and seemingly disappeared, there of course had been whispers at all levels that change was inevitable. The name of Godo had been uttered in the hallowed halls of the Dark Tower on Kapsina and though many understood it there were a few who did not. Godo himself had been so engaged with the Shadow Academy and his newest prize that the affairs of the Clan and its petty politics had passed him by. When the summons came it was sudden and urgent, being pulled away so soon from Kara had been a terrible wrench even for him. Perhaps it was nothing more than lust, maybe it was a genuine need or perhaps he saw her potential. Either way he loathed to leave her in the hands of her Master, Alaris Jinn.

Upon landing on the Dark Towers only landing pad he was escorted by KDF (Kapsina Defence Force) to meet with the Consul in his private chambers, atop the Dark Tower itself. Silently he was admitted, with every Dark Jedi protecting Braecen Kaeth stepping aside. Finally he was before the mighty stone doors of the Consuls private chambers, without a word or motion they parted allowing Godo's passage.

Upon entering they closed silently behind him and stood before Braecen himself. He was standing away from his ornate desk, heaving under the weight of tomes and data pads. He was gazing out at the city of Dicio which lay in the distance. Its ancient mighty marble structures glittered in the waning afternoon light. A sparkling in the distance also suggested a large river, the promise of easier times and a better life amidst the chaos of war. Of course Godo had been here before, years ago and since re-joining it was the first time he'd had a chance to really see Kapsina again.

"Glad you came Godo, been a while." he said without turning to greet him.

"Lord Consul." he said obediantly, bowing slightly.

Braecen turned to regard his old friend, he looked a little different from how he remembered him. The corrupting influence of the Dark Side had already taken its toll, he had aged dramatically. The warmth and playful features had been replaced with a cold steal that made even Godo shift uncomfortably. It was of course the Braecen he knew, but there was an un natural fire in his eyes, a power that dwarfed those around him.

"Please, take a seat." He gestured to a chair opposite his desk. "I have been watching your accomplishments as Aedile since returning. It seems you've been causing quite a stir amongst your fellow members. Same old Godo."

Braecen finally sat down at his desk, fixing him with those icey blue eyes. He felt the Consul trying to penetrate his mind, perhaps learn something.

"You know me Brae, always try to leave a good impression."

The Consul nodded, as though something that had been bothering him had been answered.

"We have a problem Godo. Your Quaestor is stepping down, I have his resignation. The question is what do I do? Obviously the easiest thing to do would be to move you into the position. But I know you dont much care for it. What are your thoughts?"

Damn you Godo thought, damn your blackened soul. It was true he had thrived as Aedile, but he had only reluctantly taken the job, Braecen always knew how to appeal to his own perverse sense of the greater good. If not him, who? He was doing it again. There were others, true but none who had the same drive and obsession that Godo had. Perhaps it was Admiral Doog Kuron rearing his ugley head, but pushed the thought aside. He knew what he had to do, there would be no mistakes this time. Last time he had shied away from his responsibilities and it had cost the Clan dearly and Braecen knew it.

"Give me the job. You know I can do it."

The Consul did not immediately comment, he gave an expression that suggested he was giving the matter his full consideration. It was nonsense, he was instead revelling in the outcome.

"I need someone who can give the House stability, someone I can trust. There are bigger things at stake." his voice boomed with authority that only someone of his rank and stature could project.

"You will have it Brae, just give me the word."

"Need you ask? It's yours, keep me posted I want to know everything."

Godo stood once more, bowing slightly he turned on his heels and left through those great stone doors. The guards that flanked both sides of the ancient corridor fell onto one knee, it seemed they were aware of the change already. Had Braecen become so powerful already? Perhaps a Grand Master in the making he mused, quickly pushing the thought aside he marched over to a nearby terminal. He punched in a name.

'K A R A R O H A N N A'

The computer whirred as it accessed the Plagueis archives.

'.... .. .... SUBJECT FOUND .. ... .. LOCATION ESTABLISH :- DICIO (80,09.8) SECTOR A .. ....'

Logging out he made for the nearest shuttle, Godo's life had just become a whole lot more compllicated.

Kaira Rohana

12-07-2008 18:57:11

It wasn’t long after Godo left the SA that Kara found that she just couldn’t stay there any longer. Being done with almost all of her classes Kara asked if she could join her house on Kapsina. Alaris wasn’t to sure that he liked that idea but he couldn’t say no either. After all that was her true place to call home now. There wasn’t much more she could learn at the Academy. The courses she still needed to do could be taken right from her house’s home world. This meant she could leave and she felt great about that. Being away from that place made her feel a bit better and she liked being on her own a bit.

Getting every thing she had packed up she head out to the ship that she had resiced when she turned 21. It was part of a will her parents had that she never knew about. Really they had left her a tone of things. This ship was only one of them. It wasn’t that big only had room for about four people at most. That just made her like it all the more. Stowing all her things away into compartments she knew this was going to be a change for her once again. It wasn’t like she had much but she had some things now. Impie had helped her so much in learning how to become a lady. The sad thing was now that she was heading off to her house she wouldn’t see Impie as much. Such was life as a dark jedi. After what seemed like hours Kara had the ship packed and she was on her way to her new home.

The moment she landed she could feel that this place would be very special for her. There would be times she would need a home and this is what this world would be fore her. At least that was her hope for now. Maybe some day she would get back to corallia again to see all the things her parents had left her. The money was easy to get to. So after she got all settled in she thought of some things she wanted to do. First on her list was go check out the different cities. Alright so she had shopping on her list of things to do. What girl dosent really? It took her a few days to get every thing just the way she wanted it.

It was after that she headed out to see the city of Dicio. It was an old city with a lot of history and she loved hisotry so she thought that would be the best place to go right now. Setting out in a shuttle she made her way to the city to look around. Kara soon found a lovely park. As she walked into it she could feel the history as if it was screaming out to her. Something had happened here but she didn’t understand what it was. Standing there under a tree she felt the force teasing to stay there. Something strong was holding her there but she didn’t know what it was. All she knew was that she couldn’t leave that park just yet. It was so pretty any way she didn’t want to.


12-07-2008 19:32:52

The shuttle ride took no more than a few minutes, by road it was likely to have been as quick but it gave Godo a chance albeit brief to view the city from the air. Perhaps it was the memories of the Admiral but as the shuttle swooped down low over the city he found himself making mental notes on how defensible it was from sieges. Marking the weak points and where the best place for fortifications to be constructed, even where bottlenecks could be formed for maximum casualties. Godo felt the shuttle descend and with a gentle bump came to a stop. Without a word the loading ramp opened allowing him to easily depart. The afternoon sun felt warm on his skin and he found himself throwing back his own elegant silk cloak. Using one hand to shield his eyesight he took in his surroundings.

Dicio showed its age, there was no mistaking the cracks in the marble walls of the city, nor the creeper plants that had found itself a new home on the numerous houses that dotted the plaza. Despite its age it still looked incredibly beautiful. The plaza was vast, buildings several stories high had seemingly organic shapes to them that caught the light, amplifying it which bathed the city in an un-natural glare. Scattered about were also huge trees, their leaves spade shaped and leaning towards the sun. The local citizens were making use of the shade, some were talking busily others were content to get out of the sun. Beyond the plaza was a massive citadel, made from marble no doubt collected from the nearby mountains, it's high walls and elaborate architecture bellied its real purpose, as a fortress in darker times. Now it housed delagates and other diplomats from across Antei. Making his way down the sweeping vistas he found himself walking alongside a crystal blue river that split the city in two. A network of bridges linked the two sides, each seemed to be more spectacular than the next, boasting exquisite carvings and decorated in the most vibrant colours. In the river below, strange eel like creatures with wings would splash out of the river noisily before diving back in. On both sides were an explosion of emerald and sherwood greens, as bushes and trees of all shapes and sizes populated the riversides.

Reaching through the force he found a familiar presence, that of Kara. He had made himself aware of the city layout whilst travelling by shuttle, she was in the second largest park in Dicio. It had been dedicated to a long since dead king but housed some of the rarest and most exquisite orchids in the system. There was little surprise she was so captivated by the place. With the slightest thought he imparted a desire for her to remain till he could arrive.

It took little more than fifteen minutes to cross the city and reach the park, named rather aptley as the 'Park of a Thousand Blossoms' its key boast was of year round flowers. Dicio sat in valley and the moutains in the distance offered it unusual protection in the colder months, this allowed even summer flowers to thrive. It was popular amongst younger couples, eager to impress their lovers. It was a perfect place to find peace and tranquility. Though it seemed to clash with the teachings of a Dark Jedi even Godo had to conceed there were times when he even sought solice and this was as good a place as any to start.

Entering the park he found a well kept cobbled path that criss crossed through the gardens, flanked on both sides by grassy verges and flower beds, all kept in perfect order. There was not so much as a fallen leaf out of place, the lawns were cut to the same exacting standards. All around him was an explosion of colour, vibrant reds, vivid lilacs and starched whites, every colour imaginable. Above all else was the intoxicating smells, the fragrance of a thousand different flowers, all vying for attention.

Amid the sea of colour was a greater beauty still, Kara Rohana.

Kaira Rohana

13-07-2008 01:26:46

A soft breeze was blowing around Kara as she sat on the ground on a soft bed of grass. All around the woman there was flowers of all different kinds. Her blondish red hair blew in the breeze as her dress seemed to flow around her body. With her eyes closed she had not yet sencied that Godo was there. All she knew was something powerful was coming her way. The dark shadow that it cast on her mind made her turned her head softly letting the light catch her hair and eyes at just the right angle to make them sparkle. She truly looked like a angle sitting there amist all those flowers. The warmth of the day had not fully hit her yet as she sat in the shade of a rather larger old tree.

Then all at once she knew who was there with her. With a warm smile slowly creeping over her face she looked right up into his face. “Godo, what are you doing here?” She said in a surprised but very thankful voice. All day she had been wishing she could see him and now here he was before her. With his job keeping him very busy she had been spending a lot of time studying. Not that she minded really she loved to learn new things. It meant a deeper understanding of what it would mean to her to be a dark Jedi. There were times late at night how ever that she wished she could be with him.

Rather then standing up she waved him over to sit with her. The breeze in the shade there made her such a nice spot that day to just sit and take in the care free feeling she had right now. “Might not get another changes like this for a very long time. Just come and sit with me Godo. I have never had the changes to sit under a tree to think before. I rather enjoy it. I was just thinking about you any way.” She said again with a soft smile. The truth was she thought about Godo more and more each day. He had shown her things that no one else could. Taking her under his wing and really braking her down to show her who she was and the true power she could have. To her that meant a lot. He wasn’t even her master but he took the time to care enough to show her things that no other would.


13-07-2008 09:40:07

The smile she wore rapidly faded however, there was a stiffness in his stance that suggested something of great importance had happened. He did not join her on the ground but instead walked around her, looking at the myriad of orchids on display. She continued to watch him in silence curiosity giving way to a rising panic. He felt unusually cold in the force but was unsure if it were her Godo or another. Finally he stopped and turned to her, Kara could not help but notice the shimmering light dim and the explosion of colours seemed to wane at his presence.

"Events have over taken me, the Summit has appointed me Quaestor."

Under normal circumstances Kara would consider this to be a good thing, but the cold and chilling expression quelled any sence of joy. He continued.

"I have met with the Consul, Braecen and he has informed me of the situation. In a matter of hours the entire Clan will be aware of the change."

He was edgey, there was clearly more to this.

"Within a week it will be made official, events have moved quicker than even I expected. Which means I must leave Kapsina for a few days."

Kara bit back her concern "Why?" is all she could say.

"There was a time I had lost my connection to the force, I fled the Brotherhood and sought sanctuary on Dantooine for a time. Sith assassins were tearing up the Galaxy at that time but I evaded them. I know their ways and methods so it was a simple task but whilst on Dantooine a group of Jedi arrived. Six, all well trained and looking for me."

It was not what she had expected "Why were they looking for you, I don't understand."

"I don't in truth know but I was able to evade them for a time, but even now they are looking for me. No matter where I go they seem able to track me, I need to know why and how. I plan to go off world, a pirate and cut throat who works the space lanes in the Galactic Core has some information for me. A space platform in orbit around Corellia is where the meeting is to take place."

"Corellia" Kara whispered, old memories stirring.

"Yes, I would call it fate but in this business there is only the force. When I discovered the meeting was on Corellia I did a little digging. Apparently the contact had a lot of dealings with your cousin. Indeed he apparently served on his crew for a time. A young man, he's not much older than you. My shuttle leaves within the hour, but under the circumstances I thought I'd give you the chance to tag along."

She nodded

"I will be at the shuttle, if you decide not to come along I will understand. Be aware that if you do decide to follow, there is a risk you may never return. Think wisely before making a decision."

And with a speed that defied even Karas keen eyes Godo had set off in the direction of the spaceport. She tried to say something but decided against it. She now had to make a difficult decision as there was little doubt the force would be leading her down to some painful memories if she went.

Kaira Rohana

13-07-2008 10:23:38

The moment Godo was gone Kara didn’t even have to think much. Alright deep down she knew the answer to what she was going to do. Standing she watched him walk as she followed after him. There wasn’t any dout about what she was doing right now. Godo wasn’t going alone and if she didn’t come back that was fine with her. Right now she knew there was something to all this that she wanted to see what was going on. It also gave her time to check up on her own holdings on Corallia with out him knowing what she was doing. Godo had know idea what she owned really and she hoped to keep it that away a little. Taking a long deep breath she knew that she had to go with him no matter what it meant for her in the end.

Making sure he understood this she put her hand on his shoulder as he walked. “I wouldn’t miss this for the world. I shall see you at your shuttle in 20 minutes. Just have to pack a few things.” Kara had not even had the changes to go shopping for any thing knew yet. Well she could make due with what she had. It just would have been nice to have some new cloths. As she took off at a run rather then a walk she headed for her quarters that had been leant out to her. It wasn’t like she was going to pack a lot just a change of cloths and she wasn’t about to where the nice dress she had on right now. Her black dress would do nicely she thought.

It only took her moments to change into her black dress and pants. Then she put on her black cloak as well. Making sure she had her lightsaber and her blaster she headed out to Godo’s shuttle with a very small nap sack. It held only a change of cloths and her blaster. There was no need to show that to Godo right now. Kara was glad right now he had asked her along. This would be the first time she could really seem him in action so to speck. Really she was proud to know he was now her quaestor. To her that just meant if Alaris asked she was on a mission with her house quaestor and she wasn’t about turn him down. It may not have been an order but she didn’t care. She knew deep down he wanted her alone and that was a good enough reason for her.

Reaching his shuttle with a few moments to spare she stood there looking over at him. It wasn’t the normal relaxed Godo she felt so many times before. He was on eage but she could understand why. Being there with him she hoped would help him in the end not hinder him. “Told you I wouldn’t be long. So this your shuttle or one that the clan is letting you use?” It wasn’t much to look at but neather was her own ship only her own ship had character to her. “This should be interesting my dear Godo.” She said with a sassy little smile as she came up next to him to kiss his cheek. He stood here as stone and she knew the other side of him so it made her only giggle as he kept standing there with a little bit more color to his cheeks.


14-07-2008 05:23:58

With a creak of agony the loading ramp lifted back into position and sealed shut with a gentle hiss. Kara had already secured her belongings and was in the process of securing her seat harness. She opted to sit in the co-pilots seat giving her a natural view of the surroundings. The shuttle was a battered Tyderian Shuttle, the Brotherhoods work horse. From the cockpit she could see the shuttle was positioned on a raised landing platform which gave a commanding view of the space port. Though small compared to Corellian standards it was still a key hub for the Clan. Shuttles and more modest yaughts lifted off and came into land constantly. People were crammed into the narrow alleys leading between the numerous docking bays and from her vantage point it was like watching swarms of ants.

Godo eventually emerged and took his seat in the pilots chair, Kara stiffled a small gasp. Godo's fine robes, ornate armour and other finery were gone. Instead was a form fitting combat suit that defied any identification of rank and capability. Kara couldn't help but conclude she looked a far greater presence than him. As though reading her thoughts he turned to her "I prefer to mask my power in the force but equally I prefer people not to draw conclusions from my appearence."

The thought never occured to her before, she had often heard of lone Dark Jedi carving a bloody path across the galaxy for one reason or another.

"The Siths greatest strength are the shadows, from it we can strike anywhere, unseen and undetected."

She nodded, recognising the wisdom in his words.

Reaching for his harness he clicked it into place with well drilled precision. His hands danced across the controls like the musical masters of Manaan. To her horror he was not following proceedure, skipping chunks of the start up sequence. The shuttle rumbled and lifed the ground gentley, she had never seen a take over so smooth and effortless. Kara was a gifted pilot, those years slaving for her cousin had taught to her many things including to be a pilot. Godo seemed to fly the shuttle differently, making the subtlist of adjustments keeping the ship as smooth as silk. Only once had she seen better, a Calamari whos let and feet movements were so precise that it could manouvre even the smallest and agile ships.

Soon the marble city was a spec, giving way to vast long fields of emerald green and the shimmering river that met the great oceans. Climbing ever higher she looked on in wonder at the mountains that breached the clouds and were coated in fresh icey snow. Ever higher they climbed, the world gone from her sight she saw the familiar glow of the ozone and the cold quiet of space. She braced herself for the inevitable turbulance leaving orbit but Godos subtle and speedy adjustments to the control avoided even the slightest hint of vibration, she had never seen that before.

Safely beyond even the Clans defensive system Godo punched in the co-ordinates for Corellia, before he could engage the hyperdrive she stopped him. "They're not the right co-ordinates."

Godo nodded, a grin playing across his face. "I'm impressed, your right they're not. I dont want our arrival to be noticed instead I am plotting them to Corellians neighbouring moon."

And with that he engaged the hyperdrive.

Kaira Rohana

14-07-2008 13:34:32

This was her first time to fly with Godo. She had no idea what to expreced from it. Having been on a ship most of her life she felt right at home in that shuttle with Godo. Making sure she was settled in she waited for the ship to start up and take off. What surprised was how soomth it had been. Now this was how to fly. Looking over at Godo she simply gave him a soft smile then watched his hands move. It surprised her that he was such a good polite. It was something new to learn each day with Godo around. His fingers almost seemed to know where to go before they needed to. The moment she saw the co-ordinates she had to speck up. They weren’t to Corellia but a small moon. As she spook out he told her what he was up to. Nodding she looked back out at space.

It wasn’t long before she was thinking of all those times she had made runs like this. “You know Godo that was the best take off I have ever been part of. I was almost always at the controls when we flew when I was on that smugglers ship. Seemed I had a talent for flying the ship better then any one. Yet nothing I can do matches your skill level. How ever did you get that good?” She was rambling a bit but she knew he would under stand. After all it wasn’t the first time she went rambling on and on about something. This time it just happened to be about something she loved to do flying.

Since coming to the dark brotherhood she had not be able to fly much. Those times she did she felt so free. Now that they were under way she hoped they could just relax a bit and talk. Her thoughts went back to his cloths. How plain they were. It was a good thing she brought a change of cloths. What she had in her bag would make her look a lot plainer. Right now she was more or less showing off her self for Godo. Alright maybe now was not the right time but she felt he needed to relax a bit.

Now that they were under way she stood up and went behind his chair. Placing her hands on his shoulders she started to give him a nice long shoulder message. She just hope it would be enough to get him to relax a bit. If it didn’t she would have to try more something far more drastic. Yet she hoped it wouldn’t come to that. “You know when it is just us you don’t have to wear those shades. I love seeing your eyes.” It was the truth. Godos eyes seemed to hold her in his presents. It was a very intecne feeling but she loved how it made her feel.


14-07-2008 17:51:16

In truth Godo was destracted, his mind playing over the events of his flight from the Jedi on Dantooine. They simply should not have been there and yet they had known about him, how was that possible. His best informant, a trader operating out of Coruscent had been clear that the Jedi were looking for him, even knowing his name. Having re-joined the Brotherhood he had hoped the powers of Antei and the dark star would have masked him. Not even the Jedi Council could peer through its infinite darkness and yet they had.

Since returning he had spent many long hours in deep meditation, since becoming Aedile it had become more urgent and now that he had achieved Quaestor had become the highest of priorities. He was marked and he needed to know why.

He caught Kara speaking “You know Godo that was the best take off I have ever been part of. I was almost always at the controls when we flew when I was on that smugglers ship. Seemed I had a talent for flying the ship better then any one. Yet nothing I can do matches your skill level. How ever did you get that good?”

His mind shifted to that of Doog Kuron, what a death the old Admiral must have had. Fighting for his ship and crew. "To be honest I don't know, it's second nature to me." holding up his hands as one would inspect a piece of art he continued "With these hands I have defeated Dark Jedi Masters." it was not a boast, indeed Kara detected a note of horror in his own tone. Placing his hands back onto the controls they continued to work feverishly.

She moved behind him and begun to massage his back, he was visibly tense but even through the force he was restless. Her connection, the bond she shared only amplified these emotions. He was like a well, an all consuming point in the force and right now storms were brewing.

"It'll be hours before we get there, I suggest you get some sleep. I fear my contact will not be alone."

Kaira Rohana

15-07-2008 00:29:57

How could he think about sleep at a time like this. The last thing she was about to do was leave him alone with his thoughts. Moving to his side now she looked at him with a frown. “Trying to get rid of me? Do I look like I need sleep Godo dear?” She said in a sweet voice. Sitting back down in the co polite chair she giggled a bit at him. Really she was just happy to be with him there was no need to sleep right now. “Godo do you have a plan worked out or are you just going to see what happens?’ She wanted to know what he was thinking so she could repair her self. If he didn’t have a plan she would come up with something to keep them both safe. There was no way she would loss him. That just wasn’t an option.

When he didn’t say any thing she frowned. Leaning forward she put her hands on his shades removing them quickly from his face. “Hey now you put those back on.” Kara giggled as she saw the anger rise up in him having lost his shades. “I told you before I like to see your eyes. No one but I will see you right now.” With out a thought to what he might do she leaned in to kiss him on the cheek. “You will get them back soon enough. Now how about you not worry so much right now and just talk to me. Tell me more about what’s going on please.” She said tyring to drag out of him what they were getting into.

Sitting there wondering if she would even want to hear the answer she smiled at him softly. Waiting for him to talk to wondered what Alaris would do when he found out she was gone. Well she would have to face him when she got back. Right now she was with her quastor of her house. Being along with Godo like this was something knew it really was truly alone with him and she had never really been a lone on a trip before with a guy. Now that she was how ever she just couldn’t help but think they were rather lucky to have this time. It wasn’t like times like this came around much. Kara wanted to take in this time and remember it even if it didn’t turn out great in the end. At least she got this time alone with Godo.


15-07-2008 18:00:35

Godo bit back the rising anger at Kara's actions, the loss of his visor instilled a sense of dread whenever he caught sight of himself. Whenever he gazed into a mirror or caught a reflective surface and saw those blood red eyes staring back he shuddered at the thought of his former Master, Kai. The venom and all consuming hate devoured everything that Kai touched, and now that very hate was consuming Godo. But the poison running through his veins began to subside at Karas smile. She was still so very young and still remaining free of the corruption that would eventually claim her. Perhaps thats what he really liked about her, naive and free of the troubles that weighed him down.

"Very well Kara, I will tell you what we face. You have agreed to follow me and it's only fair you know that which we face."

She listened intently, another piece of the puzzle that made up Godo was about to revealed, such moments were fleeting and she didnt want to miss any thing.

"My Master, Kai forged me with his blood and savagery for a purpose I do not fully understand. During my travels I encountered clues that suggested he had created several like me. Scattered throughout the galaxy they continued to serve my Master right up to his death."

he paused for a moment, recounting the memory of his epic dual with Kai on the ice cold carverns on an Asteroid and how it should have cost him his life, as it happens it cost him more. His very connection to the force.

"From his journals I managed to piece together enough to learn that he sent his creations to various positions of power and responsibility. I suspect one of these creations was sent to join the new Jedi Order and would account for the Jedi being able to track me. If we all share the same connection to our former Master perhaps his creations also share it."

He stood and walked away from the console, finding the topic a difficult one to discuss. Kara sensing the difficulty remained silent, giving him the space to talk.

"He was careful about what he recorded, and I suspect he scattered his journals across the galaxy to disguise his purpose and intent. I do know he considered me a failure and that the one before me who joined the Brotherhood mysteriously disappeared. I believe that the one before me who joined the Dark Brotherhood is still there to this very day, or dead on a distant world from one of the many Great Jedi Wars. If my theory is accurate and one of my 'brothers' is indeed a Jedi then we face a very dangerous force indeed. We are legion, each of us, and I fear what we may have to fight."

Kaira Rohana

15-07-2008 23:44:14

Everything that she thought she knew form that moment before seemed to be gone as she looked into his eyes just then. His visor sat now on the consol as she stood up to be with him. This had been hard for him to talk about. Kara wanted to so much for him to understand that she was right here with him thought it all. There was a lot in her past that she didn’t want to talk about any more. Things that he might never know because she her self wouldn’t let her self talk about them. Taking deep breath she put her hand out touch him on the shoulder. Slowly she turned him back around to face her.

In that moment she saw the anger and fear in his eyes. It was something he didn’t want her to see. He was a scared some where within him. Kara wasn’t even sure if he realized it. “Godo I am not leaving your side. I will be here for your no matter what. We will get thought this. I don’t care what it is but we will get thought it. If we have to take on the whole Jedi Order it wont matter as long as we have each other.” Not sure if he would understand just how much she was ready to give her life for his. There is no way that he would get her to leave his side right now. “If this is what you would call a brother then I will be standing here with you when you face him.” Not sure if he ever had any one in his past that ever said that to him. That they would stand by him no matter what would happen.

With all her might she wanted to hold the man let him take moments to calm him self. He couldn’t be this out of it when they reached where they were going. Both them had to be in control of there ememstions. This wasn’t always easy for either off them. “Lets take this one step at a time. For now I would like for us to sit down and talk about this contait of yours. I want to make sure we have a plan for going in and coming out. This way we don’t end up getting seportated.” Kara looked into his eyes again showing how much she cared in her own. If only he could see just how detrmented she was to help him. Would that make any difference to him? Without so much as a smile he did look at her but just stood there still not saying a word until he was sure she was done. With out warning Kara pulled him into a hug. It was hard for her to see him like this. He was a little worried about this hurting the clan or the brother hood. It was his problem he had to deal with it but she was going to be there with him.


16-07-2008 17:41:17

It was difficult for an agent of the dark side to accept such a simple thing as trust and companionship, but their force bond went beyond the teachings of the order. Despite the adversity their connection to each other flourished and though a part of Godo resented this connection he did need her close by.

He sat down and explained what it was they were heading into, Kara listened patiently as the full extent of the situation was revealed. The contact, a man Kara apparently knew from her past had arrived in orbit around Corellia with information pertaining to the Jedi and their interest in Godo. Naturally this could be an elaborate trap, but when such a trap exists the best thing you can do is spring it.

The plan was simple, upon arrival at Corellia's furthest moon they would stay in orbit till an encryped signal was recieved. Included in the communication would be co-ordinates to a destination somewhere on Corellia itself. Expecting treachery the deal was for Godo to go alone. Kara's job was to follow Godo's movements to the meeting place on Corellia and observe from afar, if things went badly, which was more than likely, Kara could tip the scale of the conflict in their favour.

When Kara pressed for more details on the man she knew, he couldn't give her much of anything. A small dossier existed on the man but it seemed for the last 5 years he had made very careful efforts to erase his details and hide his tracks. Thus it made it impossible to determine his movements.

There was one last thing Godo needed Kara to see, standing back up he moved to one of the overhead storage compartments and wrenched out a large blue box. It was clearly a hardcase used for transporting sensitive components but beyond that it looked nothing special. Working his hands in odd motions above the lock the case sprang open with a click followed by a hiss. When queried about the odd movements Godo pointed out that some locks could only be operated through the force.

Lifted the lid completely free of the case he allowed Kara to see in, within was a foam moulding in which sat several small pieces of chrome cylinders, they were tiny. "What are they?" Kara whispered, curiosity eating at her.

"What is the greatest symbol of a Jedi or even a Dark Jedi?"

It was a good question, she answered out of instinct "Lightsaber!"

Godo nodded, a grin playing across his features and those red eyes burning with a greater intensity that made her senses spin. Lifting two seemingly harmless cyclinders out of the foam mouldings he pushed them together, clicking into place. Suddenly the outercasing expanded, powered by some unseen mechnism. From it errupted a small but still very lethal beam of light, red in colour. "There is of course the Lightsaber, Double Lightsaber, curved and my favorite the shorthand."

She watched, mouth agape at this sudden parlour trick.

"You see if we wonder around with lightsabers jangling off our belts we'll draw every bounty hunter, Jedi and onlooker in the galaxy, like flies to a Bantha. Like our ability to mask our connection to the force we can also disguise ourselves by appearence and concealment."

He handed over two more the seemingly innocent cylinders. Inspecting them closely she reaslised they had been custom made, from the components to the alloys. The quality was of the highest order but more interesting still was the two cylinders had been artfully disguised as regular objects. The one doubled up as a small but powerful torch, the other object was a simple yet ornate communicator. Godo explained that, like the box he had opened the custom lightsaber could only be connected and locked in place with the force, indeed the only way to activate it was through the force. Thus if anyone were to search them, they would find two very plain and by and large useless objects.

Kaira Rohana

16-07-2008 18:26:11

Trying to take in all Godo was talking about Kara at time was almost on overload. She had to hold up her hand a few times just to let it all sink in. As they talked she learned more and more about this contact which really helped her for she knew the guy. It wasn’t like she knew him all that well but it expanaled a few things. Kara still had questions but Godo wasn’t going to be answering them all. Once this was over she knew full well that she might find some answers on Corellia. How ever busnicess first personal 2nd. Making sure she understood the plan she just smiled at him. He seemed to know just how things needed to go down to keep him safe and her as well.

Only thing was she would be acting as his shadow. Kara didn’t know how well that would go down. What ever happened Kara knew that as long as she was with Godo they could get thought any thing. Coming on this mission with him met a lot to him she could see it. They would be working as a team to get this done and she would be watching his back something she knew Godo had never had. That was something even Kara didn’t know much about. Thought with time these mission could turn out to help them all. That was where she wanted it to end up on the good side of things not the bad.

As that box was open her mind still on the plan. She wanted that fixed in her mind so she didn’t do something wrong. Her eyes went wide as she relised what she was looking at. Two very pretty lightsabers. They were something she wished she owned her self. Rigth now all she had was a basic almost training lightsaber. It worked for what she needed it for really. The weapon of chose for her really was her blaster rilfe she made. After getting a very good look at those weapons Kara turned around. Walking over to where she had dropped her bag she giggled a bit as she pulled out a blaster. Looked very much like any other blaster that was until you looked at it up close.

“Godo tell me what you think of my weapon.” Kara wondered if Godo would be able to tell all the mods that she put into that blaster. It had a much more powerful blast then the normal blaster rifle that it should be. Looking into his eyes with a sweet smile yet something was hidden in her eyes a since of danger. She was just a young woman still but she gave off the look of a killer at times this was one of those times. Kara knew full well how to make herself seem something she wasn’t. Came in handy when she was smuggling. Never let any one know who your truly are or how dangers you can be. In that moment Godo would see the sparks of something great with in Kara.


18-07-2008 14:05:11

She extended the blaster out to Godo, taking it gentley he felt the weight of it. It felt unusually heavy, a little top heavy which made it impossible for all but the most skilled user to actually wield. He suspected that the extra weight came from the power emitter upgrade, permitting extensive increases in range. He wondered briefly at the compromise in accuracey but realised she had also fitted a compensator. The sight equipped was also unique, made from only the finest components. Carefully examining the sight he peered up at a grinning Kara. With the sightest twist of the targeting scope it switched between several different modes anything from infrared and night. Patting the veneered stock gentley he nodded, a smile appearing on his normally passive expression.

"This is a combat model rifle, it has to be. I've never seen such a lethal and yet elegant weapon."

She let out a stiffled giggle. "No, not a combat rifle. My own work, from stock to barrel." delight clearly evident in her voice.

He handed it back to her, clearly impressed at her skill.

"I am going to meditate now, I need to see the unseeable. Something about this mission concerns me. Maintain the controls till we arrive."

With that Godo sat on the cold floor and began his mediations. Kara felt bored, keen to exchange stories of battle and the adventures Godo had been on. She instead decided to double check their course. Sitting back into the pilot seat she began sifting through the onboard charts from the galactic map.

Suddenly the hyperdrive cut out, violently throwing her to the floor. Bruised but otherwise okay she pulled herself up and back into the drivers seat. A quick glance at the radar revealed a large vessel, though she was not quite on first name basis with all ships she knew this one was capable of preventing ships from escape, an Interdictor Cruiser. To her growing dismay she could pick out three incoming vessels, she recognised them immediate as Assault Transports. Pirates? Or worse!

Kara turned urgently to Godo for guidance only to find him lying on the floor of the shuttle. A growing pool of blood forming around his head. Clearly the sudden lurch from hyperspace had caused something to hit Godo in the head, perhaps a loose box or crate, certainly there were things everywhere. Fear immediately gripped Kara's heart, for the time being at least surrender seemed the only option...

Kaira Rohana

18-07-2008 15:28:20

The more she looked at Godo the more she knew that she couldn’t let him die. Her own life was starting to fall away as she made her way to Godo’s side. Forgetting about how was out side the ship she got right down next to him. Looking around she saw her bag as she put a hand out grabbing it. Pulling it close to her body she pulled out an old shirt. Then she pressed it to Godo’s injured head. It was a good thing she knew a little about first aid. Right now her goal was to stop the bleeding and reach Godos mine. “Godo you have to wake up. Please I need you.” Kara knew she couldn’t get out of this alone at least that was her thought.

Not sure why there ship was being attacked she hoped that it had nothing to do with what they were trying to do right now. If only Godo was awake. She didn’t dare leave him as he seemed to slip farther away from her. There was no need to cry at all she was here to help him. Now if only she knew what who ever out there wanted she would be in a little better shape. Starting to hear things out side she wasn’t sure what to do any more. Her first thought was to hide her blaster and Godos lightsabers. Looking around her she found that she could put them all into the box Godo had shown her. Then closing it she knew they were safe for now. She still had a small dagger on her body but she wasn’t about to try and get rid of it right now.

Her force was more on Godo right now. With her right had on his head her left did all the work she could to move things around. Then she heard more things out side. It was as if someone was trying to brake in. Fine let them come Godo and her would die together. He had felt that something wasn’t right maybe this was it. There was no time to let fear grip her she had to act for Godo and hers sake. If they were to get out of this alive maybe the best thing for her to do was to go into a Jedi trance to try and help Godo with healing his head. It wouldn’t be much good but at least it would trying to do something other then sitting and waiting. Closing her eyes she forces all her engrey into Godo. ‘Wake up my love.’ Was all she said to his mind. It was the first time she had used the word Love with him.


18-07-2008 17:24:06

The sound of metal scraping on metal was deafeningly audible, a sound, a screech that signified only one thing. That one of the Assault Transports had reached their target and begun a boarding operation. A light as bright as any star and burnt the retinas began tracing a circular pattern on one of the shuttles walls. Kara worked frantically to stem the flow of blood ever watchful of the time rapidly running out before their attackers would be upon them. With one last spark a large chunk of the shuttles wall fell with a deep thud upon the floor.

Within moments troopers clad in purple heavy armour thundered onboard, working as one they instantly took up positions onboard the richety shuttle. With efficency even Kara had to admire she found herself staring down the barrels of several carbines.

She looked up defiantly, determined to face her attackers with dignity. Wordlessly one of the attacks lunged forward with the butt of his carbine on, knocking her on the head, her vision exploded with colour and stars before fading to darkness. The shadow that had fallen lifted and she began seeing visions. A war that was tearing the Clans apart, of children whose faces she did not know and of a man in a crimson cape who gave her a chilling smile.

Finally she came to, her head felt like it had been shattered by a hammer. Even the bright lights of her new surroundings seem to burn her vision. For a moment she wondered if she were dead, but the pain felt too real. Cautiously she sat up, trying to push the pain literally to the back of her head. Looking about her she noticed she was no longer in the rusty, creaking shuttle but a large and expansive living quarters. The bed she was laying on was vast, covered in fine luxury sheets, exotic cushion piled high. The room itself was decorated to the very highest standards, even the small fittings and fixtures suggested wealth even beyond her modest fortune. The owner of this room was clearly incredibly wealthy.

She moved into a sitting position and noticed, much to her embarressment that her clothes were gone. Instead she was wearing possibly one of the most elegant and shapely dresses she had ever worn. Noticing a full length mirror she cautiously walked over, ever weary of her surroundings. Even she had to gasp at her new appearence, it was amazing, every stitch, every crease, every detail suggested complete quality. Not even the boutiques of Coruscent could rival such exquisite craftsmanship.

"Ah, I see you appreciate the gift? Did you know it took more than eighty tailors to hand craft that simply delightful dress?"

Kara looked round, startled by the new voice. The owner was a man dressed in equally expensive garments. He wore a jet black suit with a long deep purple overcoat, matching the colour of the guards who stormed their shuttle. Adorning the elegant fabrics were jewellery made of the most delicate and exquisite metals and gems.

He bowed low "I welcome you to my ship, such a pity we should meet under such unfortunate circumstances."

Kara was puzzled "Who are you? And where is Godo?"

The man made no immediate effort to explain but instead went over to a nearby mini bar, pulling out a bottle caked in dust he removed the cork with one effortless motion. Then pulling out two crystal glasses began to pour.

"Please, drink with me. I have a tale you wouldn't believe! It involves traitors, Jedi and of course" he laughed "Dark Jedi."

Kaira Rohana

19-07-2008 00:07:22

Waking up in a strange room was the least of her worries right now. She got the feeling that this was going to cost her. Reaching out though the force she could feel Godo. She just wasn’t sure where he was and the more she tried to see if he was alright the more she started to feel weak. There bond was so strong and she knew he was here but she was so weak that must have meant he was getting weaker as well. Trying to constentar she smiled at him. Did he know who she was? If he did she wouldn’t be alive right now would she? The dress he had her just didn’t feel right on her. It was the feeling of being cheating some how on Godo.

Pushing all that aside she moved to pick up one of the glasses. Drinking something right now might help just a little. “A story I enjoy a good story. Jedi and Dark Jedi how ever did you get that lucky?” Kara knew that he might full well know she was a dark jedi but she didn’t care. Right now she had to keep this guy talking and enjoying his new girl so to speck if she was every to find out where Godo was. If she was to get out of this she would need Godo in the end. Really she wasn’t the best in a fight. Not that she couldn’t hold her own, but Godo oh now there was a guy who could fight it just was going to take some work on her part to find him. All she wanted right now was to be with Godo not this guy.

The more she looked at the guy how ever the more she seem to know him. Wait one moment she did know him. He was some one in poltices and rich. They did a job for him years ago. Would he have remember her from that? She had been much younger but she hadn’t changed all that much. There was something about him that made him look a little like Godo but Kara didn’t care about that she wanted to make sure Godo was alright. The longer she was with him the weaker she felt her self and Godo growing. Kara knew Godo was slowly dieing and there was nothing she could do about it right now.


21-07-2008 15:25:32

He seemed genuinely delighted at her interest but the weakness was beginning to show, her movements seemed slightly sluggish and her skin unsually pale. He took a measured sip from his glass, his eyes never leaving hers. She feigned a smile but it didn't take a master of the arts to recognise it lacked sincereity. Kara could when the mood take her make any mans head turn but this was different, with every passing moment she was getting weaker, her force bond constantly highlight Godo's plight.

"Well I must say you keep some irregular company? You do know you travel with a known criminal element. Been a plague on this sector of space for years. Terribly unfortunate I think you will agree that a former Imperial would stoop to such petty acts. Why only yesterday I heard a heart wrenching story of a young mother deprived of her husband. Terrible business, simply terrible."

He took another sip from his glass, leaning back he took in the sight of Kara. She forced out a smile.

"I'm sorry, we just met. I had hired him to." She paused, trying to think of a convincing story. She took a sip from her glass and instantly pulled a face. "You serve all your guests this? This disgrace? I am truly offended."

He was taken aback, and so was Kara. She could never have imagined that she could act that way, but she didn't stop.

"I hired this man on good faith and your petty thugs, storm aboard my shuttle?"

For a moment it was him that was flustered. "But, my dear lady that shuttle is but a wreck and your clothes?" He suggest feably.

"How dare you, wait till my father hears about this! I suppose you HAVE heard of the Corellian International Trade Union?"

The mans face darkened briefly and for a moment she felt more than see the dark side flare up in him but it soon faded. She instantly fell into character, ensuring her movements were delicate and precise, her head held high and a face of nobility. Perhaps he already knew she was of the brotherhood, perhaps not. But Godo had taught her how to mask her presence in the force and right now she was doing just that.

"I see." he said finally. "I misunderstood the situation, I do apologise. Naturally I will see you fully compensated for the inconvienance."

Kara interjected "I will want the man back though, I paid for his services and I expect full delivery."

He shook his head slowly "I am sorry my lady but that will not be possible" holding up his hand to ward of further questioning he continued "He is more than just a petty criminal, do not fear I will have one of my best accompany you on your mission."

"More? How so? I want answers sir!" She was pushing her luck, but felt she had nothing to lose.

"Yes, you see this man is a renegade Jedi."

Kaira Rohana

21-07-2008 16:46:37

Getting Godo back was going to be harder then she thought. Walking back over to the counter where the guy had poured the drink Kara set her glass down. No need to be rude and drop the glass now was there. Hiding who she was really was the easy part right now. Godo seemed to be stable at the moment. That was good they had not killed him. Looking around the room she wondered where her things were and her bag. “Where are my cloths and my bag? Don’t tell me you left all my stuff on that shuttle that you rip apart? By the way my father will want that paid for.” Her smirk showed no hit of who she was or that she was weak right now at all.

The man watched her closely she could tell that but she just hoped she could get away with this. He waved his hand for her to follow him. That she did maybe she would get her things back now. At least that was her hope. They walked though what she knew was his ship and she could tell he had put a lot of work into it. As they came to the only shuttle bay she could see the wreck as they called it. Walking right out to the wreak leaving the guy behind. She found her bag still laying on the floor where the pool of blood was. There were foot steps behind her. “Is he dead already? I know he had a very sever head injery?” Kara looked though her back and found her small dagger still in the bottom part in a little pocket that no one knew about but her.

Looking around the shuttle she sighed. Really she hoped it would fly again. Her and Godo would need something to get them off this ship. With that very small dagger now in her hand she stood up looking right at the man. “Tell me what will happen to him and who do you have in mind to help me. I went to this guy because I heard he was the best. Had I know he was a Rouge Jedi that would have made me steir clear.” Alright maybe it wouldn’t have but she wasn’t about to tell him. It was a good thing if the check up on her she had a good friend in the Corellian International Trade Union. They would know her name at once and know she was in trouble. Of couse it might cost her a bit. That didn’t bother her. Her father had dealings then it was her cousin that had dealing with them. Kara knew she could get away with this if this guy didn’t find out who she was.

“I want to see this man now please.” Still wanting on an answer on how he was she stood there waiting for the guy to tell her or lead her right to him. They wouldn’t live much longer any way. That wouldn’t be a loss really for any one. This guy was to full of himself and Kara was really tired of it.


22-07-2008 15:19:55

The man seemed to be weighing up possibilities in his mind, during these few agonising seconds Kara did her best to appear the true noble women, impatience and scorn turned on this upstart.

"Perhaps if you were to see this man for who he truely is you will be more inclined to accept one of my more talented specialists who can help you."

Turning on his heel he stalked off, out the hanger and down a brightly lit corridor. Kara following quickly as she could but found the dress very confining. Her gamble had paid off and was being led to where Godo was currently being held. Finally the man led her to a set of large doors, they were unluck others in that it was clearly intended to house nothing short of a rancor. The door mountings were thicker than her and was clearly reinforced, no doubt by Mandalorian iron. The man approached the doors and entered a series of numbers into a waiting security pad. With a gentle hiss the door parted to reveal a large energy field in which lay the prone form of Godo. The bleeding seemed to have stopped but he seemed to move very little.

"A force cage" the man declared.

"He has led me on a merry dance across the galaxy."

"But you said he was a pirate, working the space lanes." Kara interrupted.

"I did, didn't I? I may have been some what incorrect in the facts of the case. You see this individual is responsible for the death of a very great man. I have made it my lifes ambition to find him and make him pay for the debt he owes."

"Debt? He is the great man, not this other you speak of." all attempts to play her role had gone now

"Well Kara Rohana I suppose you would know that?" he snapped back

"How? I never told you my name?" she said

"True, you didn't but I know a great deal about you and especially him. But do not worry Kara, I shall not kill Godo. Least not straight away. Now that I have him I intend to enjoy this family reunion. I think I shall have him brought before us and tortured, wont that be a nice show?"

She spat at him, fury propelling her actions she launched at him but he was ready, shifting his weight effortlessly he threw her hard against the wall. For a moment she was winded, struggling to breath she tried to get up but lacked the energy to do so. With a click of his fingers a barrier of light formed round her.

"Yes, just to clarify it is a force cage. If I am going to hunt a Jedi I prefer to have the means to keep them from causing trouble. Once we return to Corellia we shall let the 'fun' begin, and trust me when I say your not going to enjoy it anywhere near as much as I will." with a chuckle he turned and left leaving Kara and Godo trapped alone.

'Still, least I wont have to worry about getting a ride back to Corellia' Kara thought. She gazed down at the small knife she still held, a plan was needed to make sure they would escape this madman.

Kaira Rohana

22-07-2008 19:31:34

Dam it Kara thought to her self as she now was trap much like Godo. This wasn’t the place she wanted to be right now. The room how ever was very large just they were both trapped in what that guy called a force cage. It made her a bit uneasy as she stood there trapped like a rat. Not being able to reach out into the force also made her very neruves. She never knew before now how much she depended on it. Now that it was gone she was almost in tears. Taking a deep breath she couldn’t do that right now Godo still needed her and they both had to get off this ship. “GODO WAKE UP!” She screamed as she looked over at him helpless.

What was she to think as she stood there looking like she did if he woke up? She was in a dress that the guy had giving to her. It felt like trash on her. Then she began to wonder what he might have done to her while she had been knocked out. He knew who she was. “OH GODO COME ON WAKE UP.” This time she heard him moan as his eyes opened. She knew his must be trying as she was to use the force. “We are in force cages.” As she said it he said something she didn’t quite hear and maybe she was glad she didn’t. Standing there wishing she could move she couldn’t help but think if only I was free. Then as if something was working for there side the force cage that was round her dropped. Now she wasn’t sure what was going on but she rushed over to Godo’s side. His cage had dropped as well and the lights went out.

“I don’t know what is going on but we need to get out of here and fast. Got any ideas Godo?” She knew he was still weak and it hurt her so much to see him like that. “I know you are weak but we have to find away out. I think I could get us out of this room but is there away you can heal your self then help me kill every last person on board this ship? Our shuttle was kind of shall we say scrapped?” She wasn’t sure how well he was but she was going to need him if she was ever going to make it out of this in one piece. “by the way I think the guy that did this might be one of your brothers. He looks a little like you he is a potitlaion.” Godo seemed to snear at those words. That was a good sign to her that Godo must be feeling a little better that and the stranght she felt from him though the force help as well. Looking down at that dress she really hoped this guy didnt touch her but she had no idea what had happen nor did she know what Godo would think of her in that dress.


24-07-2008 18:08:31

Godo listened intently to the world about him, shrouded in shadow he found it impossible to distinguish anything. To add to his misery even the sounds about him were muted as though swimming beneath the ocean, making the immediate calamity around him seen distant and lacking in urgency. For a moment he imagined himself relaxing on a beach somewhere, with the sun beating down, a cool breeze about him and a drink to while away the hours. Perhaps even some tranquil music to watch the sun dip beneath the waves. Right now though, he was hurting and despite the confused state he still had some sense of order in his mind. He knew for instance that he had hurt his head, that blood had flowed freely from the wound for a long time. He also knew he had been trapped aboard a ship and he also knew that Kara was trying to help him. He caught one word 'politician' and an instinct forced him to sneer.

Kara felt a sense of revolution and sorrow for Godo, as she helped him to his feet, with one arm draped around her neck it reminded her of her cousins crew and they're drunken parties. She seldom touched a drop and new if it had not been for the boss, sith lord knows what those men might have tried to do to her in their drunken stoopers. Pushing the memory aside she helped Godo to the door, curiously it opened with a soft hiss. Her world immdediately errupted with sound, as distant explosions from within the bowels of the ship could be heard. Sirens screeched out their message of impending doom and the sound of blaster fire echoed down the corridors.

Struggling with her burden she helped Godo stagger in the direction of the cargo bay. Their ship may not be in any state for space travel but perhaps another was. As they rounded a bend in the corridor Kara came face to face with the same troops that had storm their shuttle. They had their backs to them and were clearly preparing for a fight. Some of the troops were crouched, others hugging the corridor walls, some just stood still as statues but all had their carbine rifles raised and ready for the approaching storm.

Kara help her breath, fearful that one of the men might happen to gaze behind them and catch sight of the fugitives. For a moment her skin prickled and a sense of something truely awful was approaching. Though she could not see it, she felt it. An approaching shadow that turned her guts and felt powerful enough that it forced her to start walking backwards.

A sudden surge of what looked like lightening coursed through the corridor. It blast some of the soliders clean off their feet slamming them into a wall by Kara. Another man was directly hit by the energy, forcing him to spasm and illuminate his skeleton. Then survivors of this sudden attack opened fire, pumpng round after round in front of them at, as yet unknown attacker.

Suddenly the threat was amongst the soliders, a blur of red the only sign of the mystery enemy. Men and limbs alike flew off in all directions. Shots sprayed the ceiling and floors in a vain attempt to kill the intruder. But in mere seconds the contest was over.

The aggressor was like nothing Kara had ever seen before, humanoid encased in some sort of metal. A single eye, mechanical in appearence burned red. The sound of whirring coincided with the red lens shrinking and enlarging. Held in a back hand position was a red lightsaber, in the other hand was the head of one of the defenders. He was trying to say something but was clearly in considerable pain.

This machine, if that indeed was what it was unleashed a high pitch shriek that was so unnatural that it made Karas ears throb with pain. In an instant the soliders head exploded, red ruin splashing up the walls and with the body still twitching dropped to the floor. The machines hand was painted red with its victims blood.

From behind the attacker came another solider, he seemed oblivious to the carnage wreaked on his comrades. Clutched in one hand was a vibroblade, a pistol in the other. Swinging hard with the blade it met the mechnical man with sparks and despite the power behind the blow it did not seem to damage it in the slightest. With speed that defied Karas eyesight the machine lashed out with its arm lifting the solider clean off his feet and into a nearby wall. The arm however did not stop, but pushed cleanly threw the mans rib cage and threw the wall behind him. Kara had seen many horrific things before but nothing like this, without waiting another second she dragged Godo and ran back in the direction they had just fled.

Kaira Rohana

25-07-2008 00:05:36

Kara was starting to wonder if they could catch a brake at all today. The moment they were out the cell they found that it might just be safer back inside of it. Before what every that thing was saw them Kara had drug Godo back in side that door closing it. Her mind was still reeling from what she saw. Looking down at Godo and how pale he looked she knew he needed help and now. The only thing she knew that would help was if they could find some one that he could still a life from. Taking in a deep breath she either had to go out or watch them both slowly die. Her own straight was zapped from helping him. Now she had to go out and drag some one back with her.

Opening the door again she couldn’t hear much all the battle seemed far away. There was a small room off there cell that was the control room. Now she thought all the guards had left but she could hear whimpering coming from the room. Going into the room she saw one of the guard cowering in a corner. Well now she thought to her self what was this a guard that didn’t want to do his job. Walking up to the guy he stood up seeing how it was and tried to hit her but she blocked it. The next thing the guard knew was that his head had been slammed back into the wall but a kick from Kara. Once she could tell he was knocked out but alive she took to using the force this time to help her carry the guy into there cell.

Watching carefully as she moved into the cell no one was around but there was still a lot of fighting going on. Laying the guy next to Godo she smiled at him. “I know what you can do you told me once. Use this guy please.” Watching Godo roll onto his side he reach over and touched the guy. Kara went back to the door to let Godo work. Looking out she didn’t see any thing at least right now. Sounds of destruction how ever were very loud again. It was not what she wanted to hear. As she turned back to Godo he was standing looking so much better. Feeling there connection go strong once more was such a relief to her. This meant that Godo would be alright. “You look much better Godo. I don’t know what is going on or what that guy is up to. I just knew if we wanted out of here I had to get you well again first. My combat skills are not at your level.” She said with a smile.

The door opened again as they pair slipped out with out a word. Kara didn’t know what they would run into all she knew was that once they were safely away from all this she needed to take a moment to her self. There were just thinks she hoped hadn’t happened to her while she was out. For all she knew he could have done something to her. That dress was starting to get to her how ever. It was getting in the way as they tried to make there get away. “Godo hold on I have to do something about this dress.” The only thing she could think to do was rip off the bottom of it to make it shorter. So that is just what she did. Finding something sharp around her she cut into the dress then ripped the bottom of the dress the rest of the way off. So now at least it was a short dress. “much better lets get out of here.


28-07-2008 16:24:17

Now once more free of their bonds Godo's next priority was to secure his lightsaber, during the incident in the shuttle all their weapons had been removed and were no doubt stored in the ships armoury. This unfortunately meant a trip in the direction of the thickest fighting. He considered telling Kara to stay and barricade the door but right now she had a face like thunder and even with his considerable powers, would not enough to convince Kara otherwise.

Together they made their way cautiously down the now silent ship, Kara through urgent whispers relayed what she had witnessed. A man of metal with a single blazing red eye had moved with abnormal speed, equipped with a lightsaber and incredible strength he had bested all that stood before him. Her description of the wave of darkness that enveloped her was a familiar skill, one used by a force sensitive skilled in the dark side. He pushed the possible confrontation from his mind and led the way through the bowels of the ship.

Reaching the armoury, or at least Godo's best guess he was met with a scene of carnage. The bodies were heaped everywhere, some were missing limbs, others couldn't even have their species identified. Blood was a familiar theme, some of the guards had clearly been physically ripped apart whilst one or two of the guards had been thrown so hard into the surrounding walls they still remained stuck their. Kara with even her heightened combat skills almost skidded over a guards entrails.

"Fascinating. The one who did this clearly revels in violance." Godo could not disguise his genuine appreciation at the raw power and hate of the attacker.

Kara on the otherhand felt less certain, her stomache would occasionally lurch suddenly. She had witnessed some pretty awful things in the service of her cousin but nothing like this.

With the armoury door now missing from its hinges and no guards in the land of the living left to object, Godo successfully recovered his lightsaber, Kara her custom rifle. Though she did not stop there, helping herself to some more lethal weaponry and even a few ion and plasma grenades though she resisted the urge to grab the thermals. Now tooled up they moved silently towards the hanger. The silence however, seemed to follow them and at every turn in the corridor, at every door they found more bodies.

Eventually they reached the hanger bay itself, large and cavernous it held several TIE squadrons and even a few shuttles one of which they recognised as their own, though it continued to have the large hole created by the bording parties. Unlike the rest of the ship which was nothing short of a horror house, the hanger was devoid of death and destruction. However, towards the middle of the bay were two figures, both Kara recognised.

The one was the man who had greeted her, the politician and the one who had a liking for finery and good food. The other was the killing machine, the being of metal with that red baleful eye. Godo did not comment but stood watching the two. It was clear and much to Kara's surprise that they knew each other and were having a very animated conversation. The man of metal spoke in an electronic hiss whilst the man, even though clearly annoyed maintained his noble composure. None of the two had yet noticed Godo or Kara.

Kaira Rohana

28-07-2008 17:07:25

That sense of darkness that she felt earlier was starting to fade into the background of her mind. What was standing out most was Godo now that he was back on his feet. She could tell that he was about to tell her stay put but she would have fought him the whole way. When he just said to follow but be quiet she did as she was told. Right now it was best for her to listen to Godo and not ask questions. There would be time for questions once they were safely off this ship. At that time they would have a long talk. At least that was her hope. She also needed to figure out if that guy did anything to her. If he did she hoped they could kill him now then she wouldn’t have to worry about later.

The moment she walked into that armory and saw all those weapons her eyes sprickled. Now this was a room she could fall in love with. All those powerful weapons she knew how ever to only take what she could carry. Quickly she found what she wanted just a few ion and plasma grandes. Nothing to fancy and of course she got her gun back. That was something she didn’t want to leave behind every. Looking around her right now she could tell that if that machine ever got in here it would only take a few moments for it to blow up the whole ship. Well now that wouldn’t be good so she hoped they were far away from the ship by then. Kara looked to Godo and knew he was ready to go so she followed him once more out.

Reaching the hanger bay Godo stopped making Kara slow up and look around to see why he had stopped. When she saw that look on his face she knew something was wrong. Then she saw that machine again and the guy that had greeted her when she woke. Both of them in the same place talking like old friends. It was all she could do to stand there next to Godo and not run and hide. This wasn’t save at all yet something told her that as long as Godo was next to her that things would be alright. He had never let her down yet and she didn’t thing that today would be that day. Even if they died they would die together fighting for the same thing. Moving up next to Godo she whispered to him. “Do you know them?” She asked softly.

Just then she knew her voice must have carried more then she thought it would because the machine turned looking right at them. In that moment Godo pushed her back behind him and told her to stay clear. Not sure why or what was going to happen she did as she was told. Getting down on the ground she stayed right at the corner of the entrance way of the bay. If for no other reason then to make sure she watched every thing and if there was an opening she would take it with her blaster. There was no way she would let Godo fight alone. It just wasn’t who she was. They were together on this and she would back him up when needed.


29-07-2008 17:41:08

For a few moments no one said a word, eventually the silence was broken by the smooth and silky tones of the politician. "Well, this is rather awkward. I genuinely believed you would remain in your cell like the good little guest." The machine also said something but it was a language unfamiliar to Kara, looking into Godo's face she saw no hint of emotion, just a blank mask.

"Come now, let us all sit down. There is no need for violance." The smile was large and seemed for a moment sincere but Kara felt a chill from him.

Without a word Godo ignited his lightsaber, a blade of yellow appeared with a deep boom and he strode towards his two enemies. At that the politician's face faded and he too ignited a lightsaber of emerald green. Kara sensing the incoming violance found a good vantage point and began setting up her rifle, hopefully she could injure or even kill one of the two.

"So, I am curious how did you find me?" Godo enquired of the politician, circling his enemy.

"Wasn't terribly easy, even with my formidable connections. I had hoped we could come to an understanding but I see that isn't going to be so."

At that he launched himself at Godo, making a series of devastating strikes to his midsection and face. Godo barely had time to parry the lethal swings. His enemy moved with un-natural skill and grace, defying gravity he seemed to assault Godo from all sides. His lightsaber was a blur, Kara could only look on in horror at just how deadly this man was.

Despite this savage assault he somehow managed to keep dodging and blocking the politicians vicious blows, and yet not once did he show any signs of emotion unlike his opponent whos face was twisted into one of rage and hate. From Kara's vantage point she could see nothing but a blur of yellow and green move from one end of the hanger to the other. It was futile trying to even fire a single shot, even with her incredible accuracy there was no way she could risk hitting Godo. As she watched this titanic duel unfold she almost missed the approaching machine, crimson lightsaber in hand close in on her.

Kaira Rohana

29-07-2008 23:06:36

It was hard to watch Godo trying to fight this man. She had found a great vantage point at the far end of the hanger bay. There was a smaller ship there that she was able to climb up on the wing of. As laied herself down on the wing she lost sight of the machine. For now any way her mind and foces was on Godo any way. The room was filled with darkness and most of that was coming from Godo. Kara couldn’t quite understand it at first she was trying to take it all in. The guy he was fighting had emotions showing like anger and rage for Godo. It was easy to understand how he was fighting with all that behind him. Yet Godo kept a lot in he was very caluataing in his movements. Only thing was they were both making it very hard for her to get a shot off.

Right now she just wanted to help Godo yet she couldn’t risk it. Then she looked around the room sinceing something around her. What was it? It hit her that the machine where was it? Scaning the room slowly she finely got a good look of where it had snuck off to. The only thing was it was heading right for her. Godo was on his own for now. She was going to be in trouble soon if she didn’t take action right now. Moving her blaster just a bit she got that machine in her line of sight. Now she had to make sure she hit the thing in just the right spot. Not to just find that spot before the thing was on top of her.

Taking in a long deep breath she had to find the right place to shot at. This wasn’t as hard as she was making it out to be in her mind. It was something she knew but what was it? This thing wasn’t real it was a machine and a dealy one at that. Only thing was she could feel it in the force as if it had emotions. Shaking that thought off she soon found the right spot to hit it at. Just then the machine saw what she was up to. Taking off at her the thing seemed to move so quickly. Yet this only helped Kara as she smiled. Pulling back slowly on the trigger of the blaster it only took her three shots to hit all three spots.

In the next moment she held her breath watching as the machine in slow mostion seemed to stop dead. With a smile she turned back to see how Godo was going. He was still locked in battle with that man. At least the machine wouldn’t be a proble at least for now. Kara had made sure of where she hit the thing bascily frying the whole systems of the machine. Kara had always been able to know just the right place to hit a droid to shut them down no matter what they were. This machine was no different. Now she her forces was once again on Godo.


30-07-2008 14:42:19

With Kara's focus now back on the battle between Godo and the as yet unnamed politician, she once again took aim through the scope of her custom blaster, feeling the solid and secure feeling of the stock she carefully surveyed the battle unfolding before her. The scope whirred quietly as it zoomed in on the two combatents, it's magnification allowing her to pick out details. The politicians head, sweat pouring off him, dribbling down his forhead and cheeks, occasionally dripping onto the metallic floor beneath him. Godo on the other hand was unreadable and impassive as stone. There was no sign of emotion nor even a hint of discomfort.

The battle however shifted in tempo as the politician becoming frustrated with Godo's ability to block every carefully aimed swipe poured more and more hate and malice into his attacks. Like a vast black hole the dark side grew about him, empowering his attacks. With a wail of triumph he unleased a devastating attack of force lightening, its eye burning current surging through the air and catching Godo full on, not even with his superior training and skills could he avoid the lethal assault.

Kara had seen the effects of dark side energy unleashed on an opponent before, how it had burnt the flesh from the bones and cooked the fat. The smoke and smell were overwhelming and to see Godo caught full on by it could only mean horrific pain and death. However upon being struck by the barrage of dark side energy Godo only stood there, even as it surged through his body and illuminated his skeleton he remained still and calm. The pollitician was stunned but continued to pour on more and more of the deadly lightening. With his lightsaber in hand Godo pointed it towards his opponent, acting like a lightening rod it became the new focus for the attacks.

Kara saw her chance, taking aim on the now derranged politician she gently began squeezing the trigger. In an instant her world was thrown into a spiral. It took a few moments for her to realise what was going on, landing heavily on the floor beside the ships wing she was on, she looked up to see a horrific sight.

The machine she had so artfully disabled was not a machine at all, least not fully. Large sections of its so called metallic body were missing, instead revealing flesh and metal melded together in a most twisted and sadistical manner. Parts of the once human torso were now gone, exposing some internal organs which were fused with machinery that even now hummed and pulsed. To see the flesh melded so crudley to machinery made her feel sick but above all was the face. It was once clearly a human face but looked as though half of it had been melted and slid slightly, like candle wax. One of his eyes had gone milky in colour, devoid of any iris. His other eye was pure black and with what few teeth remained in this half melted visage had been sharpened to points. Where his vocal box should be was a large metal box that looked as though it had been bolted on but even now was throwing out static noise.

She realised that this was no machine but a man, one who had been ripped apart and quickly thrown into this metal shell and had electronic components fused onto his organs. The pain and hate washed over her like a wave as she realised the full horror of this abomination. Whatever IT was had thrown her half way across the hanger and now seperated from her beloved rifle she was going to need every trick in the book if she was going to survive this encounter.

Kaira Rohana

30-07-2008 21:22:31

Getting thrown half way across the hanger was the least of her consurns right now. She had gotten the shot off just as she was thrown. How ever her shot missed wide so she was no closer to helping Godo or herself really. As she sat up her felt a pain in her side but pushed it away. Then she looked at her hand that hurt a bit. Taking a long deep breath as her anger seemed to well up even more now. The last person to cause her to break a nail was still drinking though a straw to this day. It was the one thing about her that was very girly. She had always tried very hard to have nice finger nails ever since she was a young girl and saw a woman with really long pretty red nails. So when she saw one of her own nails was now broken she kind of lost it even more then she already had.

Not only did she not have her blaster right now but she had a broken nail. Looking over at that man that was half man half machine she thought that she had to make it pay for what it had done. Godo was going to win his battle she knew that already. He didn’t need hear help but the anger that she started to let out made the room seem very cold all the sudden. Moving slowly across the hanger watching each move that Man made it seemed to be studying her moments as she was his. Then she smiled as she watched it move to the point in the room she had wanted it to. Though the force she took one of the grendes that she had with her she louped it over at the guy. Though the force how ever she made sure it went slow enough that just as it was over head it went off.

Kara was very calm right now yet still the anger was welled up in side as if she let go the dam would brake and she would be fighing much like the guy Godo was fighting. That wouldn’t help her at all. She had to remain calm to think things through as she fought her battle. Watching the grande go off she moved quickly over the guy. The swift elegant movements Kara made were very lovely to watch if it wasn’t for her prue anger and hateret coming from her. Looking at the guy he seemed disotrent and not sure where she was. That was just what she was going for. She had a dagger and a knife out now one in each hand.

The moment she was right in front of the thing she dropped it to the floor with a kick to the gut so hard that it sent him tumbling back a few feet onto the floor. Kara was on top of him in the next moment cutting into the only flesh areas there were left on the man. Then she felt his power hands throw her back again. Kara this time was ready how ever and as she was thrown back she used the force to stop it enough that she just went back a few feet rather then all the way across the room. Quickly recovering she went back at him with another kick as he stood up this time to the growing. Kara how ever had no idea that was metal as wlel as her foot welled up in pain.

Great what did this guy have left that wasn’t metal. As the two of them battled on Kara grew more anger about not being there for Godo. Then she lost her force just as she cut deep into the mans arm this time almost cutting it off. He grew so angry and she wasn’t ready for it this time as he throw her back in the force across the room again. Only things time she hit her back agained a ship and lay there on the floor not moving. Trying hard to not black out by she was just about to do just that. Her body felt weak but she knew the Man she was fighting was losing his fight as well. Kara tried hard to get up but only feel again. Now she hoped she wasn’t so injured that she would never walk out of here again.


31-07-2008 16:12:09

Her breathing had become shallow, forcing the air into her aching lungs she realised something was broken, perhaps a rib? Every muscle in her body was screaming in protest, visibly wincing she clambered onto her now quivering feet, she lacked the benefit of mechanical legs and she knew it. Looking up she saw the menacing figure of the machine lumbering towards her, his face was contorted in agony and was dripping fluids all over the floor. The smell made her want to vomit, but she had nowhere left to go to. She would have to stand and fight.

He stopped barely a hairs breadth away from her, she could feel his stagnant breath on her face. It gargled before something that made sense emerged "I smellllll powerrrrr" with that his arm shot out gripping Kara by the neck, he hoisted her high in the air, her legs kicking the air madly.

"I shalllll crush zzzt ze life out of zzzzt pretty one"

She felt the mechanical grip tighten about her neck, her vision started to explode with stars as she slowly began sufficating. As she struggled against that vice like grip all she could do was look on helplessly at the grinning and now dribbling machine.

'Pathetic little Kara, he's going to kill you!'

Kara was confused, a voice? From where?

'Look how all that mass of hate enjoys killing little girls, I suspect he's always enjoyed it. What do you think?' suggested this voice in her head.

'Who are you?' Kara said in her mind

'Oh, I see your struggling less. Guess this means your about to die. Such a terrible pity.'

Kara struggled even as she was dying to recall the voice, she had heard it before and despite her predicament it chilled her to the very soul.

'Not that I care what happens to such a pathetic creature as you, I would feel especially displeased if this mindless killer snuffed out your potential. I can see why Godo even notices you.'

She felt death was now but a moment away, she had stopped struggling altogether now and was on the verge of accepting her fate, but the voice persisted.

'It has such a weak grasp of the true nature of the force, how it moves and can change all with but the tiniest movements. Such a crude thing can kill but we both know you are capable of more. You have hate, rage and anger in you. Yet you push it to one side, feel it, acknowledge it. Strike this worm down with all your hate, let it know what the dark side truly is.'

For a briefest of moments she understood, what once was a mystery was now simple. She could feel the loose threads of the force, focus them into a single point and then charge it with all her malice and hate. The machines slack grin changed to one of surprise as the force seemed to explode about her. Kara's own eyes exploded into hues of firey red and oranges and from her outstretching arms unleashed a destructive surge of power that ripped through flesh and metal alike.

Within a moment the machine and man both were gone, ravaged by the dark side there was nothing left but smoking ruin and the cries of a spirit ripped from this world and into another. Collapsing to the floor, her energy spent she just lay there for a moment. Though weak she had just enough strength to pull in oxygen to her failing lungs. Looking up at the ceiling of the hanger she wondered what had happened before seeing a welcomed and familiar face.

"Godo?" she whispered

Kaira Rohana

31-07-2008 20:48:29

Trying to breath was all she could think about right at the moment as she layed there on the cold floor of the hanger bay. What had just happened? That voice in side of her head had made her let loss every thing with in the force in her. What ever she did she knew now just what she could do if she had to. Kara didn’t like the way it made her feel weak after words however. Maybe it would be best if she tried to control it more. Keep her anger in check a bit. Her body still was racked in pain as she lay there wondering if Godo was alright. So many questions floated into her mind but she didn’t know where to find answers.

Just then she saw Godos face was there and she smiled softly. Never once did she try to move. He was alright. That she was glad for that he wasn’t hurt. “You are alright?” She said her eyes slowly closing as if she knew she was safe now and could rest. Yes she ended to rest to heal her body. “What happened?” She asked in a very shollow voice not sure if she was saying it or not. Her mind was still trying to keep her awake. That was becoming harder and harder. “I need to get up.” She said as she tried to push her hands down to sit up. There was a hand on her shoulder keeping her from moving. “Don’t move for a while just lay here.”

Kara wasn’t sure why he was telling her not to move they had places to go people to see. This wouldn’t be the end of things. She was here to help and she wasn’t about to let him down. Her body wasn’t that bad off was it? Still she wanted to make sure she did as she was told. Godo was still her elder in there house and she repeaced him on more then one level. There was something that happened here and she wanted to understand it better. That voice she knew that voice it was as if something was goating her into using her full power in the force. “That voice….It sounded like you Godo… Yet it wasn’t you…” She said as she started to feel her self want to black out. No she didn’t want that to happen no she had to stay awake.


03-08-2008 16:55:17

When Kara awoke she felt strangely confused and disorientated. There was a low but deep hum that she could feel running through her body. Her eyes hurt from the piercing light and when she moved to shield them with her hand, pain shot through her. She let out a barely stifled cry of pain, it was unexpected and brought her fully around. Once the pain of the light had faded she began to take in her surroundings, it was no longer the hanger bay that she found herself in. Instead it was a small, brightly lit room. About the walls were all manner of equipment, by her side and carefully monitoring her was a medical droid of some description.

Still confused she went to speak but found nothing more than a strained, hoarse reply that made little sense. She resisted the urge to sit up and instead lay quietly. At that she felt a familiar presence in the room with her, turning she looked at the newcomer, Godo.

"I see you are finally awake, it's worth noting that you took considerable damage from your opponent. Had you not been a Dark Jedi you would surely be dead. As it is, despite your as yet limited training, you managed to prevail. Which is more than can be said for you enemy. Who is now a smoking ruin onboard that ship."

A million questions ran through her mind at once, what had happened, who were they, where are we, why am I hurting so much. The urge to speak freely and to sit up were overwhelming but one gentle shake of Godo's head persuaded her to remain still and quiet.

"You met two very interesting people aboard that ship, but first know that we are safe. After your encounter I was able to 'borrow' a corellian transport, YT class. I believe the one you battled arrived on it. Luckily it is well equipped and provided a means to leave our captors and help fix you up. As for who it was you faced, I know not. The one I fought and killed however was a Baron Yury Vanhoffsan, a politician of some skill and power. Clearly he was gifted with force training. Before he died, I learnt that my former Master, Kai had also schooled him in the arts. Indeed it was through his training that the Baron had achieved remarkable polticial success. My fear however, is that he had powerful friends and connections which will want us dead."

Godo then entered the room fully and sat down opposite Kara, using the adjacent bed as a seat he removed his trademark glasses, today Sapphire in colour and massaged his eyes. It was obvious that Godo despite his cool and quiet demeanor had also suffered from his duel with the Baron.

"After our encounter I was reluctant to continue on our quest concerning the Jedi and their interest in me, especially after your serious injuries. But time is not on our side and I am concerned we will miss our contact. We still have a little time however, and I want you to rest as much as possible. When you are ready you will find me just down the corridor. I will be meditating but feel free to visit me. But only when your ready." Godo warned.

With that he put his Saphhire glasses back on and departed the room. Though gone, Kara still felt comforted by the link they shared and allowed herself to fall into a deep sleep. The memories and pain drifting away in favour of blissful darkness.

Kaira Rohana

04-08-2008 09:37:33

Waking after what seemed like days of sleeping she looked around taking in a few deep breaths. Her body felt much better then when she awoke the last time. She still wasn’t a 100% but at least she was up and ready to get out of this bed. The deep sleep she had went into had helped her heal though the force. Kara had learned a few healing tecnices after the last time she got hurt. Pushing her self up on the bed she sat there for a moment to let her body get use to sitting up once more. As her head stopped spinning she could tell she was in some kind of medical bay. That was a good thing for she knew she had been injured pretty bad. Trying hard to search her mind what had happened but she couldn’t figure it out. Godo would know and he was off meditating just down the hall he said.

Sliding her body off the bed slowly she put wait onto her legs. Then she stood there to get her body use to standing again. She wondered how long she had been sleeping for. Taking her first step she winced a bit. It wasn’t that it hurt much it was more like her head throbbed as she tried to move. So she closed her eyes for a moment. Focseing her healing powers into areas that needed it. Then she took her first step again this time things were better. Opening her eyes she walked out of the very small medical bay to find Godo.

Reaching out though the force she could feel him very close to her. Walking down the hall she knew she was going the right way because she could feel him growing even closer to her. Then she came to a small room she opened the door and there was Godo sitting there deep in meditaten. Rather then making him stop she went over and sat down next to him. She then started to meditate as well. This would help her to focse on what had happened back there on the ship. Kara wanted to know what had happened to her on that ship so she had to foces her mind to relive all that had happened. Quietly she sat next to Godo with a smile on her face.


04-08-2008 16:18:21

Kara sat by the immobile form of Godo, he was in a deep meditation and seemed oblivious to her presence. For a moment she just sat there, happy to be alive. When she got no reaction from Godo she decided to stand and walk about the room, it was nothing special. Little effort had been placed into making the ship attractive, everything about it screamed of practical use and not even the slightest thought had been spared for comfort. The only objects of any interest was the bunk which she suspected Godo had not bothered using and a dark brown, leather clad trunk. Trimmed in the blackest of metals, one large grinning maw of some sort of demon acted as the lock. She let her long slender fingers trace over the curves of the metal. With a soft and gentle click the trunk lid opened. Turning back in panic, preparing for the wrath of Godo, but finding him still perfectly still she carefully opened the trunk and looked at the treasures within.

Her curiosity and immediate rush of excitment soon turned to disappointment. Everything within was neatly ordered and stacked but it was all fairly mundane, log books, data pads, even a small selection of local currencies bound and ordered appropriately. Only when she had carefully moved these items out the way did she start to discover more fascinating artifacts. One was a Holocron, judging from the bizzare and confusing patterns etched onto the sides it was Sith. Delving deeper she found a dagger held in a leather sheath but despite even her most determined efforts could not draw the blade. Next she found a book, its contents and meanings lost to her. Finally she found something she had not expected.

Lifting a small, smooth metal container from the trunk she gentley removed the lid to reveal the most striking object she had ever seen. Set in a rich purple velvet was an amulet, a gold coloured disc with the finest engraving work she had ever seen. Some sort of worm or serpant crept about the edge, toward the middle was an image of a pyramid and seated in the amulet was a large red gem, looking closely she noticed that from within, clouds seemed to shift changing the colour from an almost black shade to a vibrant, almost sparkling red.

Slowly she extended her hand to touch it, in that moment she heard what were a thousand whispers, barely audible. She felt the power of the dark side gather about her and for a moment saw a vision, perhaps of things to come.


"They say where she steps, life withers and dies."

Kara blinked hard, confused. The ship was gone, as was the deep hum of the hyperdrive system. She was on a planet that she did not recognise, looking into a cold, crisp night sky she could see a myriad of different star patterns, none she knew. The owner of the voice was a young man, wearing ill fitting military uniform. Clearly not designed to be worn by someone of his young age, he was huddled about a burning oil drum, desperately trying to rub some warmth into his hands.

"Your going to freeze to death standing there like a stunned wamp rat. Get closer before we have to start burying another in the snow." he looked directly at her, gesturing towards the still burning drum. Kara, though still confused wondered over and stood by him. Even she found the heat inviting and immediately began to follow the young mans lead, rubbing her own hands together.

"You must be from the 31st? I heard they got hit bad." He looked up at the night sky "Been pounding our positions for weeks now, she'll be arriving soon. That will be the end of us."

"Sorry, I don't quite understand." Kara mumbled, unsure of what was going on.

"Oh yeah, sorry. Heh, easy to forget. I mean no offense but most people don't live past the weeks end. Names Tobin, been stationed with the 16th vanguard since her fleet wiped out our navel forces before laying siege to this world."

Kaira Rohana

04-08-2008 16:54:13

Where in the world was she? Kara stood there dumb founded as to what was going on. Looking at the fire then to the guy next to her she had no idea what he was talking about. This was one vision she wouldn’t soon forget. “I know this might sound a little funny to you but cant you explain were we are and why we are here?” Kara looked at the young man very confused. “Who is this she you keep talking about?” Looking around her she didn’t know what was going on. What was Godo going to say when she did finely wake up? Part of her wanted to push this vision away but another part wanted it to play out. The young man next to her looked almost as confused as she was.

“What do you mean were are we? You of all people should already know that.” Tobin wasn’t sure what to make of this woman now. Here she was ready to fight with them and she seemed to not even know where she was. “I am sorry Tobin. My name is Kara Rohana and I don’t ever remember being part of any 31st what ever you call it.” Kara didn’t want to say who she was working with maybe this guy didn’t like dark jedi or worse maybe he would kill her for finding out. For now she just wanted to know what was going on and why she was here. Well she knew why she was here after all it was her vision. The question was how did she get into this vistion?

With so many question going on she had not noiced more troops walking up to the fire. She was getting a little colder as she stood there. Every one around here seemed very sad as if they knew what was coming. This didn’t look good for any one here if this was all they had to fight with. Kara wondered if maybe she was here to help save them. That would be here best guess at this point. Yes she was here help them? A vision of what was to come but maybe this didn’t have to happen? Maybe just maybe she was seeing this so she could change things. Some where things went wrong and she wanted to find out where and when. If only she had more answers. “Tobin please tell me every thing that has happned lately and leave nothing out.” Kara said softly.


04-08-2008 17:32:30

Tobin stroked his sorry excuse for a beard, nothing more than a nine o'clock shadow, he was young but his eyes betrayed a sense of age beyond his meagre years. "This some sort of test? Like err, yeah! Like a shake down, right?"

Kara not knowing what else to do, played along. "Yes soldier, I need to test your faith in our cause!" Kara injected as much authority as possible. Tobin responded immediately, picking himself up and standing more upright he saluted stiffly but at the same time Kara felt a certain pang of sadness. He was too thin, under nourished and shared the same look of doom that others about the area had.

Tobin went on to explain about the war with the Yuuzhan Vong, how the galaxy had been brought to its knees before being turned back by the Jedi and the Galactic Alliance. Then he spoke of the New Sith Order, led by Darth Krayt there had been one bloody war after another. Then a period of peace and prosperity, a time for rebuilding, a time for a new golden age that would come crashing down. Tobin spoke with passion and venom for the arrival of an empire, a Dark Brotherhood consisting of legions of Dark Jedi led by one women, known only as Darth Eternus, she had led a bloody war across the entire length of the galaxy, crushing everything. Hope was fading and only a handful of small pockets of resistance remained.

Planets and small empires led their own private war against Darth Eternus, only to be crushed. Some worlds that had resisted suffered worse, in almost tears now Tobin recounted how one planet had been purged of all life, not one man, women or child was spared. Their corpses were left where they had been slain, a permanent reminder for the price of resistance. It was this shock tactic that had been used, those that accepted defeat became slave worlds, their bones and blood driving the building of a new empire, one of shadow and eternal darkness, Darth Eternus.

When Tobin finally finished speaking he stared absently into the flames of the oil drum, his eyes still glistening with the terrible memories of a war that he, along with every other soul on this planet knew they would lose. Kara felt humbled into silence, she couldn't help but feel a sense of respect for these people, though they suffered they continued to resist the inevitable.

After several long moments silence she saw another man trudging up to them, he was much bulkier. Judging from the way he carried himself he was a born warrior, he joined them at the fire. Wrenching off his thick animal skin gloves he allowed the warmth to seep through. His hands were huge, clearly muscular Kara didn't doubt he could break her neck in an instant. More importantly she saw a lightsaber dangling off his belt, in that instant she felt the force, he was a Jedi.

Kaira Rohana

04-08-2008 18:32:49

Kara couldn’t believe what she was hearing. This boy knew so much. Then came a name she had never heard Darth Eternus. The way the guy talked though she knew it could be any one from the brotherhood. Yet something in his voice something told her that this could well be her own future. The darkness welled up in side over trying so hard to just lock her self away. As he kept talking she kept listening fearing the worst that someone would say it was her. What nightmare it must be to live in fear all your life. These people here seemed to have found a place to live quietly yet she knew it wouldn’t last long.

The boy then stopped talking and Kara had time to think over what she had heard. This Darth Eternus could be a number of the ladies with in the brotherhood. It didn’t have to be her at all. Maybe it was Octavia. After all Godo was training Octavia but he was very much showing her things she never thought any one would show her. Right now all Kara knew was that she needed to get away before this she got here. If she was around she knew that some one might know her. That wouldn’t be good at all. It was just then that the other Man walked up. Kara looked at him thinking he looked like some one she had seen before.

The moment she since he was a Jedi she closed her self off totally to the force. It was hard but she had to so they guy wouldn’t know who she was. Kara knew she couldn’t take on a Jedi even in a vision she wasn’t ready for that was she? Did Godo take her on this trip she show her just how much potinal she did have? Taking a deep breath she had to think about who this man was and if she should show who she was? Stepping back away from the fire she looked at the man again and almost gapsed. He looked a little like a much younger Godo. “Sir What is your name?” She asked the man. Knowing full well that it might couse more harm then good.

In that moment she knew the truth of this vision. That she would be this Darth Eternus woman. That she would some day take over but where would Godo be? Would he be here by her side or was this Godo right in front of her? This much younger man that she didn’t know at all. Could it be that there were more clones made? All she knew at this point was she was having a vision of the future and she was stuck in it. “Please sir your name? Why do you have a lightsabor?” She asked knowing full well she shouldn’t have.


05-08-2008 16:45:30

“Please sir your name? Why do you have a Lightsaber?” Kara asked, with bare concealed urgency.

Tobin was visibly socked, though it was this very surprise that stopped him from talking. The Jedi raised a quizzical eyebrow, surprise echoing that of Tobin.

"You do not recognise your General?" the man said simply.

"Umm, apologies General, she err, hit her head during the last raid by our hated enemy. Forgive her." Tobin offered.

The General nodded his head, his expression of surprise turning to sympathy. Grabbing her should in a firm grip he said, "Do not worry soldier. While our hearts still beat we shall keep her back, her and the tide of darkness."

Kara could only manage a cautious nod. Releasing his grip he asked a brief series of question to Tobin, how the men’s morale was holding up, how the defences were and if there was anything he could do to help. Kara couldn't help but admire the Jedi, despite the misery about him he still led with fierce determination and it was clear, those that served him were loyal and would follow him into death. Eventually he left, moving onto another fire where a group of shivering men were trying to get warmth. Their faces showing great sadness and loss, but immediately turning into genuine affection at his approach.

"Are you mad? Absolutely mad?" Tobin raged. "You don't recognise the General? Did you hit your head or something?" he watched her carefully.

"Yes, I err...the last raid, some falling debris hit me square on. I am a little confused." Reaching out with the force Kara began bending Tobin’s will to her own, fearful that her skill in the force would be discovered by the close presence of the Jedi. "Tell me about the General." Kara asked.

"Not many of the Jedi left now, most went into hiding when the Jedi Temple fell. A few like him came though, helped us. We'd have died out from her attacks months ago had it not been for him." Tobin spoke with a genuine sense of pride.

"What's his name?" Kara asked.

"General Rohana? Everyone knows his name. It's odd though, whenever she attacks he rushes to where the enemy are at their thickest. Don't understand it myself, some say he hopes to find Darth Eternus and slay her, bringing and end to this. I don't know myself, who knows, right?"

Kara was dumb struck; he looked so familiar and shared her family name. Was this coincidence? Or something far more frightening. Before she could collect her thoughts a siren went off, distant and mournful it rapidly grew to a high pitch shrill that saw men and women scatter for cover. The relaxed form of General Rohana instantly changed, rigid and tense he sprinted to another group of men, no doubt the officers. Hastily issuing orders they scattered in all directions and far off in the distance Kara could make out the sounds of combat, of anti aircraft and the deep thuds of bombers making successful runs. The war had just begun.

Kaira Rohana

05-08-2008 18:38:30

Kara was at a loss as those sirens went off. What was she going to do? She had no idea how to get out of this. It was a vision she knew that but how did she make it stop? The info she had just learned was already making her head spin. How could there be this man with her last name? She knew she had a cousin but he didn’t have her name could there have been other family? No there wasn’t that was why she was lift with her Grandmother when she was a baby. Wait maybe there was more family but no one wanted her? Maybe they knew about her force powers then and didn’t want to run the risk of having her in there home?

Sitting down rather then moving with the rest of the group she had to think about this for awhile. General Rohana was still moving around barking out orders. Kara thought it might be best to follow him. As long as she couldn’t find a way out of this vision was going to find out all she could. Taking a long deep breath and she leaving Tobin behind she went up to the General. Maybe not the wisest move for her but she had to find out more. Could it be that she had a son? Now that was just something she wasn’t ready for. Maybe it was worse could some one have taken her DNA and Godos putting them together to make a some what of a clone of the two of them? It was possible.

Pushing all thought aside for now she saw the look on his face when she came to stand with him. He was puzzled and stood there taking a nother look at her. “I know you?” Kara just smiled softly. “How could you sir this is the first time I have seen you” That was not a lie at all it was the first time she had met him. “No you look like. No that is silly it cant be.” He said as he turned to one of his commanders. Then after giving more orders he started off in a run right for the area being bombed most. Why did it have to be the worse area? Kara broke into a run after him. It was hard to keep up but she did. That only made him look at her that much harder.

Just then something happened that she never exprieced. A ship landed right there in front of them both. The General grabbed his lightsaber. As the ships ramp opened Kara wondered who would walk out. It was not what she had expected at all. There before her was an older vision of her self with a much older Godo right behind. The man next to her frowned as he saw them for he knew who they were and why they were here. They were here to try and take him alive. Kara had no idea what was going on but then she saw one other a young girl as well. Who looked just like the man standing next to her. They both looked like Godo and Kara. As she saw all this her head started to spin.

Stepping back away from the group she looked around at all of them with a sad look in her eyes. If this was the furuer of her family she hoped that she could stop it. Kara didn’t want to see her family broken apart. It was only a vision of what could be not of what would be. Maybe she saw it wrong all together. All she knew was that as her eyes opened she was back on the ship with Godo. The vision that she had was slowly fading from her mind. All she could remember was war. That Godo and her were be involed and may have kids? It all still seemed so out there she didn’t understand it. Maybe the vision of the son was that he was there not as a jedi to help those people but to help destroy them from with in brake there spirts make them belive he was on there side only to turn on them in the end? Kara didn’t understand half of what she saw.
Looking over at Godo she frowned as she was still deep in his own world maybe he was and maybe he wasn’t. Sitting up on the floor she put her hand to her head it was throbbing again. “Godo..” She said in a soft voice but he didn’t move. Then as she looked around saw what she had touched that had coused the vision in the first place. Maybe if she reached out and touched it again she would find more answers. This time how ever as she reach out to touch it she heard a voice in her head. “Don’t touch it again. There are no more answers to your questions to be found there.” Turning her head to look at Godo it wasn’t him though. He was still out of it. Kara closed her eyes to try to understand where this voice was coming from. It had helped her in the battle and now it was back again. Sighing Kara reach out into the link that Godo and her shared and touched Godos mind. “Sweet Godo wake please.” She said softly not wanting the feeling of being alone any more.


05-08-2008 19:03:57

Godo watched the galaxy alive with the force, seeing how everything was connected and how even the tiniest of actions could change everything. The endless possibilities, the death of a senator, the birth of a future warrior. One womens decision to give up her child, all had the subtlest effect but ultimately the biggest change. Still, despite his rapidly growing powers that could peal open the Galaxy, to lay it bare before his eyes there were still areas in shadow, beyond his sight. He suspected the most powerful of the Brotherhood spent decades even centuries exporing the force looking at outcomes. Endless mental war games on how to sway all to one man or indeed womens cause. Still, there were more pressing concerns. Why were the Jedi hunting him? How much longer could he survive with the conscience of others?

He was so enthralled with unravelling the web of lies and mystery that he almost missed a faint pull through the force, it was Kara. He disliked forming bonds, and had assumed a corpse like him would find it impossible. The force had other ideas it seemed, since having his connection restored he was forming connections with many, though Godo had to conceed the bond was strongest with Kara. This troubled him, a man who led from the front when needed but otherwise directed from the shadows. Influencing so many so quickly was not what he had intended, he suspected that when this important truth was revealed people in power would rather he disappear as so many of his enemies had.

Emerging from his meditation he was confronted with the exhausted form of Kara, she looked weak and her skin pale as ivory. Sweat was beading across her brow and her eyes seemed to be struggling to focus. Instantly he noticed the Sith Holocron, his book and more importantly the amulet lying scattered about his bunk. Standing slowly he walked past the pleading glances of Kara and straight to the amulet. He let out an audible sigh, using a silk sash from his trunk he gripped the amulet carefully, being sure to avoid physicall contact with it. Lowering it gentley into the metal case he closed it and dropped it back into the trunk.

"You should be wary of any artifacts infused with the force. To the experienced they are a fountain of knowledge, to the ignorant they are useless relics but to the potential they can destroy." kneeling down he gentley helped Kara into a sitting position on his bunk. As she sat there, gathering her strength Godo carefully packed up his things, placing them neatly back into the trunk.

Kaira Rohana

05-08-2008 23:55:17

As she sat there just watching him she started to cry. Why she didn’t understand? There was so much in this life she didn’t understand. Pushing herself back on the bunk as she backed into the corner then she pulled her legs to her chest. Just laying there all curled up in a ball she felt alone as if she didn’t have any one else who really cared what happed to her. If she was to die would it really matter? Would any one miss her at all? Kara looked at Godo and could feel there bond but at times he was so distent with her it seemed like he didn’t want her around. She could understand why he was that way how ever. It was just his way of dealing with every thing never get close to any thing or you loss it.

The anger that drove them both at times was almost to much for her body to take. What happened back on that ship was still troubling her. Not that she killed any one but how she did it. Knowing she could hold that much power scared her a bit. Made her feel as if she could hurt even those close to her that wasn’t something she wanted. Right she just wanted to understand who she was and how she could do what she did. That vision showed her what life could be. Again she looked over at Godo. He just stood there looking at her not making a move. Feeling rather confused was normal since she joined the brotherhood. Yet when she was with Godo every thing seemed right. Even now as she lay there on that bunk things felt right.

Still the tears flowed down her cheeks. It was then that Godo did something Kara didn’t expiced for him. He got up next to her pulling her close and held her. A wave washed over her body to relax her as if to tell her that every thing would be alright. She was so young and had seen so little. Her cousin had truly shilterd her so much. Right now all she could think was stay right there in the warmth of Godos arms. Kara wanted to understand that vision most of all. As she started to calm down she sat up more but didn’t leave Godos side. “I saw something… I don’t know if I should tell you or not..” Kara looked at Godo with a love that shown brightly. Yet she wasn’t sure he was ready to hear what she saw. He wasn’t even ready most of the time to have her around. What would he do if he heard what she had to stay now?


06-08-2008 18:52:41

Godo continued to cradle the shivering form of Kara, her emotions and feelings were in complete flux, her energy completely drained. Already weak from her near death onboard the ship fighting the machine, this latest event had brought her to the brink of mental collapse. With such a pouring of emotion and despair the dark side was growing about her, bringing with it new levels of misery but at the same time strength. Seeing this corruption Godo felt sorrow for Kara, she was young, too young to bare such a burden. The amulet of course knew that, it wanted to crack her open and lay her mind into insanity and shadow. Through determination and will she had broken the amulets hold over her and now she felt lost, to an endless sea and now Godo was her rock, without him she was stranded.

Reaching out through the force he allowed her mind to empty, she began to sag in his arms before falling into a deep sleep. Lifting her through an un-natural strength born of the force he easily lifted her still form and placed her on his bunk. Satisfied she was comfortable he finished organising the few possessions he had save one, the amulet. Once more opening the box he lifted it out by the chain, he gazed into the clouding red gem and watched intently. It's origins were unknown, but an inscription at back once translated loosely read as 'he who gazes at the mirror, will find he does not like what gazes back'.

He had gazed into this mirror once before, when he first acquired it. One clue led to another as he travelled the galaxy thirsting for knowledge that would allow him crush his Master, Kai. Godo had long harboured dellusions that one mystical artifact alone could cast him down, it was pure folly. It is not the one lesson that makes the student, but many. This he had learned to his cost, exploring countless false leads, some not so false but most led to near death, be it at the hands of pirates, dark jedi or local authorities. In some cases ancient Sith ghosts seemed intent of mocking his skills, and in truth they had been right to goad him. The amulet represented the greatest folly of all however, having slaughtered a small monestry on some back water world. Women and a few old men were his only obstacle, he happily killed every last one, even going so far as to hunt through the cold drafty corridors extinguishing the lives of those in hiding.

When he finally reached the inner sanctum a lone female stood before him, schooled in the arts of a jedi and a powerful force sensitive she claimed to have gazed upon the crystal and saw a fate too horrible to bear. After that she secreted away the amulet and determined that none should look upon it's ruby glow. When Godo ripped the life from her body she made little effort to protect herself, and snatching the amulet in triumph he hoped to claim its power as his own. Instead it had claimed him, driving him to near madness with its images of war and death. He spent months in the wilds, slowly giving his mind over to insanity. And yet on the very brink something had pulled him back, what he wasn't sure.

Looking back at the still form of Kara he couldn't help but feel a sense triumph, there was little doubt she would one say surpass him, having seen her fight and win through strength of will alone he could sense the destiney of the force about her. In life or death she would accomplish incredible things and he was here to witness it at the very beginning. Gentley caressing her face he also felt a sense of envy, corpses couldn't feel, the force was all he had left and it was only through considerable effort that he held it back, to stop it from consuming him.

Packing away the amulet he sat upon the floor by her bunk and kept a vigil, soon there would be a greater battle to contend with, and the potential future of the galaxy could wait.

Kaira Rohana

07-08-2008 09:38:55

It wasn’t long before Kara’s every restful sleep turned into a nightmare. With her mind emetry one would think she wouldn’t dream how ever that was just what was happening. The dream was just that a dream nothing more. It was making the very strong woman start to thrash around on the bed. Then she sat strait up. Godo had already moved from the floor to sitting right next to her. When she saw Godo she wrapped her arms around him. He would feel her trembling at how scared she was of that dream. Taking a deep breath she pulled back calming her self. “I am so sorry I am so much trouble. If anything happens to you I will never forgive myself. Maybe I shouldn’t have come….”

Sighing she felt now as if she was a burned on him. He didn’t needed her there he could do this all on his own. Why would he want a young girl such as her self tagging a long with him. She just looked into his eyes knowing full well he didn’t feel like that. He wanted her right next to her. “I was once told if you tell a dream it wont come true. This dream was me seeing you die. Then as I woke up I was slowly dieing right at you. I know it is stupied but you were protecting me.” Leaning over she hugged him once more. Both of them would make it out of this alive and stronger for having done it together.

Both of them needed each other. Something about all these seemed right. That vision form that amulet was not the only one she had about her and Godo having a child so she knew that at some point they would have one. The question would be at that time what would Godo do? Would he be happy to have a child or would he be enrage with her? She wasn’t going to think about that right now they had more press matters to deal with. “Alright I am fine now how far are we from your meeting place at Corallia?” Kara was trying to just change the subject. Trying to move on and let the dream go. Things happened for a reason and she knew they would both make it out of this alive if she could help it.


07-08-2008 16:00:31

The cantina was unsually crowded, a thick smoke hung in the air that threatened to choke the lungs and above the din of a hundred different conversations was the local band striking up a loud tune that the patrons tapped out in repetition on their tables. Dancers too moved with grace and elegance to the music, enticing men and women alike to throw down more of their hard earned credits.

The 'Space Junk' was a notorious cantina that served some of the more dubious characters who passed through corellian space. Some were freelancers hoping for work, others were hardened criminals looking for a fast credit. Amongst the hussel and bussel of the crowds and bar staff was Viktor Hesk, born on Corellia he had risen through the lowest dregs of society to lead a crime syndicate. The previous owner of the 'Space Junk' was granted a long walk out of the nearest airlock courtesy of Viktor Hesk.

The table he sat at was heaving with spent cigars, ash and credits. With twi lek concubines on each arm he continued to eye up his investments.

"Is this table occupied?"

The owner of the voice was a women, shrouded in an earthy brown robe and with an athletic figure she gazed at Viktor with a soft smile and dazzling emerald eyes. Vikor for a moment seemed lost for words, soon regained his composure.

"Never thought I'd see you around here. Whaddaya want?"

With elegance born of nobility she sat delicately upon a chair opposite Viktor, pulling back her hood she let her chestnut hair fall about her shoulders. Even the crime lord noted her striking beauty, but he knew better than to let pleasure get in the way of business.

"What does a Jedi want in the junk? Maybe you looking for some fun?" Viktor shot the myserious lady with a leering smile.

Smiling sweetly back she carefully removed her gloves and gentley placed them on the table, revealing smooth yet elegant fingers. Linking them together she moved closer toward Viktor.

"I have a favour to ask of you." she said

"Another? I still haven't heard back from Yury, if anything has happened to him I will hold you responsible, Jedi!" Viktor spat.

"You were well paid for his services. It seems though he was unsuccessful. When they come to you, and believe me they will, I want you to make your move. You can kill the one but remember the other must be taken alive! Do so and I will double our usual fee."

Kaira Rohana

08-08-2008 09:56:51

There ship was coming up on Corella as Kara saw her home world for the first time in a few months. It was hard coming back here knowing she owned so much yet had also lost so much. Something about all this was still nagging at her. There was something in the air that didn’t feel right like they were walking into a trap. She had yet to share this feeling with Godo because she wasn’t sure he would take it for any thing but a silly feeling from a young dark Jedi. The only thing was she couldn’t shake it from even before what had already happened to them. “Godo something about this just doesn’t feel right. Are you sure this guy we are meeting can be trusted?” She said wondering how he would feel about her saying that. The look she gave him was one of concsuren more then worry.

It was one thing to just tell Godo no we cant do this it was another just to tell him she had a bad feeling about this. Maybe it had to do with who she was but this just didn’t set well with her. Standing right behind his polits chair she had yet to sit down to copoliet. Closing her eyes she reached out into the force around them searching for something any thing that might give her an idea of something that might be wrong. Just as she was about to give up something stuck her mind. Her eyes shot open so fast and she looked right at Godo. “Trust me right now and slowly back the ship away please trust me.” She hoped just this once he would trust her. To see the look in her eyes was a sheer look of horror.

Just out side there scanner range right were Kara knew them to be was a ship waiting for them. They had plans to intercept them and take them to a interesting meeting. It wouldn’t be pretty either. As long as they didn’t know what ship to look for they were alright but if they tried to get to his meeting they would be given away. There were few that knew what she own here and they might be safe going there first. “Godo I know you have to go to this meeting but not yet. Please trust me head for the Coralla the far side and the coast. I have my parent’s home there. We can go there and you can set up a new meeting just make sure when you call to not tell them where you are or let them hack in.”

This was her home she hoped that in the end he would do things her way. Kara wasn’t even sure that who ever was out there looking for them knew there the meeting was but at least this way she knew her home was safe. “Godo I don’t know what they want or even if they know where we are going but let’s play it safe this time.” Kara was still recovering from the last battle. If they were to go right into another battle right now she didn’t know how well she could come out this time. Nether of them needed the other to be that weak right now. Part of her streath right now was that she was lening on Godo a lot. Now she just had to wait to see if Godo would listen.


09-08-2008 15:31:40

Godo looked on in astonishment at this sudden outburst, after all the trials they had endured it seemed totally bizzare to abandon their quest. Seeing her so weak however gave him pause for thought, working through the variables in his mind he wondered if his contact would agree to a re-scheduled meeting or not. But considered the hefty price in credits on offer it was more than likely he would agree and under the circumstances it couldn't hurt to rest up. The issue was evading customs, Corellia was no back water world and all traffic was carefully monitered, announcing his presence was not especially high on his agenda.

"Very well, considering what has occured it would be perhaps wise to abandon our meeting for another time and place. What do you suggest? Customs will not let a pair of unknowns in an unlisted or perhaps stolen shuttle land."

Though visibly weak Kara still managed a broad smile. "Get us to Corellia, leave the rest to me" she said, a little too enigmatically for his tastes.

With a new course plotted he made the short journey to Corellia itself, once in orbit he awaited for the inevitable, he was not disappointed. The moment they hit orbit two pairs of fighters emerged, Xwings and though quaint by his standards they still made up a large percentage of fighter craft used in the galaxy. The shuttle they sat in could make a fair go of it but not for long against a persistant attack. Close to a nearby space platform made their chances even slimmer, Godo suspected an attempt to enter hyperspace wouldn't fair any better. Leaning back in the pilots seat he folded his arms and glared at Kara.

"Presumably this is the part where you save us?" Sarcasm creeping into his voice.

Kara only rolled her eyes, just then they received a message over the radio, no doubt from the lead fighter.

"This is Corellia Customs, please shut off your engines and prepared to be inspected." the owner of the voice clearly sounded bored, no doubt he scanned hundreds of vessels in a day. Yet another was going to make little difference. All four Xwings screamed past the shuttle, little doubt their scans had been completed.

"Shuttle, you have no ID signal and our logs register this craft as stolen. Remain where you are, we are dispatching a ship to begin boarding proceedures. Any attempt to escape and you will be fired upon."

Godo muttered a few choice curses, they had survived all this just to be arrested like common theives. Before Godo could turn to Kara and mutter a told you so she leaned over and snatching up the communicator began speaking.

"Err, hey there. You okay?" She said a little hesitantly. Godo merely shook his head slowly, if this was her tactic, small talk then this would be a real short journey.

"Keep comms clear, a boarding party is bein....say, you sound familiar?"

"Yeah, heh, been a while."

"No way, I mean seriously, NO WAY! I can't believe it, little Kara?"

She nodded to herself before continuing "Yeah, little ol' me"

At that the radio exploded with incoming messages from several pilots, anything ranging from genuine enthusiasm to surprise. After a few hellos the pilot issued new instructions. "Kara, you have clearance to land. Now don't be a stranger!" At that the squadron of Xwings broke off and the shuttle sent to detain them made its slow return journey. Wasting no time Kara seized the controls and began descened to the planet of Corellia.

Still leaning back with his arms folded could only managed a bemused "Just what happened?"

Kara only flashed a knowing smile as they hit the planets upper atmosphere.

Kaira Rohana

09-08-2008 16:14:16

Kara was going to have some fun today. Just knowing she was going home seemed to have sparked something with in her. Yea she knew a lot of people here from when she worked with her cousin. Turning to look at Godo as she brought the ship down into a very quiet area off the coast to a very small hanger with a big smile on her face. Yea she knew what she was doing and just where to go. “Once we are safely with in my family home I will tell you all about what just happened alright? For now just know you are save as long as you are with me.” Her voice was very matter of fact. There was a streght that she had yet to show to him before.

Maybe it was knowing she would be home in only a short walk once the ship was landed but Kara felt much better. Bring the ship into the hanger there was a young girl waiting for them. Landing in the middle of the hanger she turned to Godo and got up. “Come on, Leslie is waiting for us. Don’t ask I will explain soon.” Kara had a lot to explain to Godo she knew that but would do just that soon enough. “Make sure you bring everything with you. Don’t leave things behind. This ship wont be here for long but don’t worry I have a ship we will use soon enough.” Kara knew this ship had to disappare for now. If it was found they could trase it back what happened. That wouldn’t be good at all for them.

Heading down the ramp she looked over at Leslie. “Hey there girl. I take it they called you. So since the down fall and my parents will being read I take it you are the one they left in charge of the house?” The young girl nodded she couldn’t be any older then Kara. As she turned to watch Godo carrying a few things out of the ship she smiled. “Leslie this is my Good Friend. I want you to treat him with the highest of respect. Now tell me who will be taking the ship?” With that the girl started to had Kara a note pad looking thing to Kara. As she took it from her Kara felt Godo right behind her trying to see what she had. “Godo, I told you once we are safely in my home I will tell you every thing alright?”

Giving him a rather back off look she walked away to the other side of the hanger leaving Leslie and Godo alone. “Let me take your things sir. I will show you to the house. Oh don’t worry about Ms. Kara she will be fine and be along soon enough.” The young girl then waited for Godo to let her take his things.


11-08-2008 08:42:45

Godo considered how this girl known as Leslie perceived him, another servant? Perhaps something more? Dressed in plain, ordinary clothes might rob people of questions whilst travelling the space lanes, but on the planet and one such as Corellia it was bound to attract unwanted attention. He wondered just how trustworthy this girl truly was, and that he often made a point of being unseen.

“Let me take your things sir. I will show you to the house. Oh don’t worry about Ms. Kara she will be fine and be along soon enough.”

Godo raised a quizical eyebrow, he'd much rather keep what was potentially incriminating items around him. But then acting coy was more likely to get him in trouble, so for the time being he played along. Question remained, who should he be? Dressed plainly and with several boxes of equipment was bound to raise questions. He considered should Leslie ask, he would be nothing more than a merc. Not ideal but it was better than nothing.

Handing her several containers containing amongst other things, weapons, explosives and lightsabers she placed them neatly at her side. At an unspoken command three droids emerged, each built for heavy lifting. Normally such droids were built for purpose, they were unsightly, dirty and oil covered not to mention noisey. These droids were very different, built to the finest specification, immaculate and with an outer chasis that was guilded. Only the very wealthy or well connected could afford such extravagence.

Following Leslie outside, with the three droids trudging in two behind them Godo was presented another surprise. The transport waiting for them was both exotic and clearly expensive. The transport was in fact a small luxury yaught.

"I presumed you were taking us to Kara's house?" Godo enquired

"Correct sir, to reach the coast we will need to pass over the city and will require a mode of transport."

Every fitting and fixture was made of rare and precious metals buffed up to an incredible shine. The interior was almost entirely covered with the finest grade 'A' leather with embroidered headrests and matching cushions, proudly displaying initials of some company. Every hard surface was veneered wood, judging by the grain it was a rare tree and lacquered by a proffessional.

Crystal glasses lined with gold and silver, studded with diamond were laid out neatly along side several bottles of chilled wine. Reaching over and lifting one from its veneered top cooling rack he examined the label, it was a very rare vintage.

Without a word from Godo a holographic image appeared above the nearby table, an AI construct began explaining the various locations about Corellia to visit along with the luxury yaughts numerous features.

Placing the bottle gentley back into it's holder he began absently mindedly playing about with the various controls, one button adjusted the light levels, another a screen displaying some horrendous Coruscant Opera, another though made the floor retract, made of some see-through element he could see the streets and other buildings far below, not even realising they had even taken off, such was the smooth ride offered.

Curiosity wasn't normally a trait he would consider himself of, but right now he was wondering just who was Kara Rohana?

Kaira Rohana

11-08-2008 13:56:28

It was only a about half hour after Godo was show into the house that Kara showed up. The house was small compared to what any one would have thought after that ride. There was only five bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, dinning room and a rather over sided family room. Each bedroom had a bath room right off of it. Kara walked into the living room of the old house. There Godo sat with his stuff right next to him. Leslie was no were to be send. That was just what she would have expeited from the girl. She knew Kara was here but that was all the girl knew. Kara could already see the questions in Godos face. She had a lot of explaining to do.

Walking over she sat down next to Godo then sighed. “I guess I have to explain what is going on doing I?” She said softly and he just nodded to her. This wouldn’t be so bad she had already told him part of this before. “When my couins killed my parents the will was taken by a very close friend of the family. My grandmother took me in we lived here in this house. I thought that it was the only thing left to my family. When my grandmother was killed as well I was shipped off to a family friends home. There I found that my life would be hard. They told me every thing my grandmother and parents had when I was alive was being sold now to pay taxes. Now I have since learned that I own this house and a small shop off the back of the house. Leslie has run that show since she was 10 years old. I first met her when I was only 17. My cousin brought me here to tell me that this shop was his and the house as well.”

Kara stopped as tears welled up in her eyes. If she had knew the truth she would have killed him there. “If I had known the truth then I would have killed him were he stood. How ever I didn’t know that it was my hosue and my shop. The thing was Leslie knew. Her father was the close family friend still in hiding. Her mother worked here was well but is now off with her father working in my shall we say busincess.” Kara said with a wink. Taking a deep breath she kept going. “The busincess is a front for a smuggling oppation that my parents ran that my cousin tried to take over. His parents died when he was only 15. I leanred they worked for my father they were killed on a job. My cousin soon took u p his fathers place but he was much more anger then any one knew. That was when he took and killed my parents and later had grandmother killed. Godo all this is mine. I don’t want most of it I could deal with just a small ship and this house. I have a few trusted friends running the smuggling part now. They don’t cross me because they know who I am.” Now came for the reason they got thought things so easy.

“The reason those guys let us go is because three of them are on the pay roll. The others just know me and all wanted to date me but my cousin wouldn’t let htem near me. They think that if I am here gives them that changes. They will get rid of that ship for us and one of mine will be here in the morning. Godo I am sorry I couldn’t tell you every thing I turst you more then any one else in my life yet I still have some secrents that I couldn’t tell you. This was one of them. All those guys today put there jobs on the line for me so I will have to pay them well later. That ship you rode in over form the hanger I hate that thing. I want to get ride of it but Leslie likes it so I keep it for her. In fact I am going to give it to her for her 21 birthday.” Kara giggled and sat back trying hard to know what to say to godo next.
Then she remember he still had a call to make. “There is a comm in that room so you can make your calls.” She point to a small den that had been turned into an office off the living room. Kara just sat there trying to recover from every thing that had happed. Right now she would love to just have a nice quiet dinner with Godo then go to sleep with him. Yes that was all she wanted right now. To be with Godo alone for a short time before more fighting that she knew would come was something she needed right now. He might think she was being silly but for some reason his streghten right now seemed to help her heal faster. Closing her eyes she waited to feel Godo get up to leave to use the commatioins to make his call.


14-08-2008 16:29:47

With a nod of understanding he entered the room where the comms were located, a small room compared to much of the house it was heaving under the weight of various electronic components all buzzing and flashing whilst a ceiling mounted fan continued to circulate air and control temperature. For a moment Godo considered what possible use such powerful equipment would have here, then the business that Kara had inheritted it was perhaps little wonder. Smuggling was bound to be at the top of the list and being able to co-ordinate across an entire system takes some doing. Despite the frightening array of dials, switches and others buttons Godo began navigating through it like a pro, within moments he had established a secure connection to his contacts.


Kara began walking around the room, stopping only occasionally to look at pictures of friends and family, their expressions of joy and happiness frozen forever in time. To gaze on those pictures brought her immediate pain, her past coming back to haunt her making her feel sick and weak. She sat down quietly wiping away the occasional tear that trickled down her cheeks. This journey had been hard on her, far harder than she could possibly have imagined. She was startled by the sudden appearence of Godo, more surprisingly was how the darkside seemed to be expanding about him, she could sense his anger, his rage and she felt scared.

"What? What is it?" She asked urgently.

"The plan has changed." his voice was monotone.

"I don't understand?"

"Our contact is dead, murdered. They found his body two hours ago and not only that but my informants tell me the Jedi are here. The threat is too great, we need to escape back to Antei before the Jedi locate us."

Kara didn't know how to respond, confusion mixing with misery. Right now she just wanted to be swallowed up by the darkness. She visibly sagged in her seat, as though the news weighed a ton.

"So, survived all that just to go home?" she said

"There is...well, it doesn't matter we should make our preperations." hesitation edging into Godo's normally commanding voice.

"Please, tell me. If you have an idea I want to hear it."

"Well there is someone else, a crime lord that operates in these parts. Goes by the name Viktor Hesk."

Kara seemed confused, she had met the worst kind of scum in this sector but his name didn't ring a bell. When she didn't immediately comment he continued.

"Viktor is nothing more than vicious murderer, he has rackets running in several systems I suspect however that he is a front and that there is another power tugging at his strings. Normally I don't much care about such petty creatures as him, but I am concerned by obtaining information from him we may be delivering ourselves to our enemies. It's a chance, but right now, it's the only one."

Kara nodded slowly "I am not turning back now, if it's a trap, fine!" strength beginning to flow into her once more.

"Very well, he runs a seedy Cantina called the Space Junk, its a rough place. Worst types hang around there, if I make the arrangements I will do so alone. Best thing you can do is disguise yourself and watch from the shadows. You can pick a fly off a bantha at a 1000 yards! I can think of no better to watch my back." he said whilst flashing a rare smile.

Kaira Rohana

14-08-2008 23:01:15

Trying to calm her self down she looked at Godo trying to read him but it was hard with all the emestions swelling up in her. The plan was changing so fast at each turn she didn’t know what would happen next. Her body felt weak right now as her eyes looked deep into Godos face. Then she saw him walk right to her. He sat down next to her removing his glasses for a moment. This brought a smile to Kara as she could see deep with in his soul. Something about the eyes just brought every thing out to her that he was feeling. He two was feeling a bit uneasy about all this. It was what happen next that made Kara shiver a bit.

Slowly Godo just let the anger wash away from him as he calmed his body. Then looking deep into Karas eyes he softly brought his warm lips to hers. The touch sent a shiver down her spine but also seemed to help her to focses and calm her mind. The touch was so soft and so sweet that she couldn’t help but know how much love he had in his heart for her. No matter how little he showed it at times it was there. The moment seemed to strech on for ever but just as quickly as it happened it was over. Kara watched as Godo wrapped his strong arms around her holding her to show her he had the strength for them both right now. It helped to ease her mind knowing he could handled things.

In those arms of Godo Kara broke down a bit. Letting out a lot of emstion she had stored up for quite some time. All Godo did was hold her telling her it was alright. It was all Kara needed right now was to feel that someone cared enough to see that she was taken care of. Some one was watching out for her in his own way. It wasn’t over quickly but after a short time Kara calmed fully down. Pulling back with a soft smile she just couldn’t help but feel even closer to Godo. “Thanks Godo. Your right thought I can do that with my blaster rifle. When do you want to leave?” Kara didn’t even care about the details she wanted to know when he wanted to go.

“The moment you say we are ready go I will be ready. Trust me this house wholes more then I ever knew. Not that I remember much about this house. I was only 2 when I was taken from it.” Kara had since then only been back once to deal with the affairs of the will. It was something she had to do but now that it was done she knew more then she ever thought she would about this place. It was the one reason she kept it in the deal with made with the others in the smuggling group. This house and the shop as well as 35% of all profits made by the smuggles went to her. Godo of couse didn’t need to know all that. She thought maybe she should take to a few of her own contacts before they left. “Godo I think I want to talk to a few of my contacts before we leave. It might help out what do you think?” She asked softly.


15-08-2008 10:48:46

The Space Junk was considered a no go for even the Corellian authorities, the only such people that did go there were the corrupt and dangerous. It was here Kara and Godo found themselves, true to her word she had made some enquiries. Many old friends and indeed enemies all held a mixture of respect and friendship for Kara. Most didn't know anything useful but a few had heard rumours of sinister groups operating with Viktor and even talk of Jedi involvement. All however told her to keep away from that place, with little alternative left she went anyway. Though still young and naive in the ways of the force she sensed something important, very important was about to unfold.

A few of her contacts though volunteered help, even now amongst the hussel and bussel of the Cantina were men and women secretly working for Kara, at a moments notice they would spring into action. She was dressed in nothing more than a form fitting combat suit and a long black flowing robe. She took a seat in one of the boothes with a good view of Viktor Hesk. Strapped beneath her black robes was her favorite customized blaster rifle. Already configured for rapid fire and close quarters if a fight did break out it would be short and brutal. Adjusting her comset on her ear she listened in on the meeting.


"Mister Hesk I presume?"

Viktor glared up at the stranger. "And you are?"

"Nurok, Godo Nurok. We have a scheduled appointment I believe."

"Your early." Viktor grunted

Taking a seat opposite the crimelord Godo continued "You have some knowledge concerning the Jedi?"

At that Godo felt the press of cold steel to his temple, a blaster pistol. Kara allowed her hand to grip the rifle and her finger to rest on the trigger. Yet she did not fire, Godo had not given her the signal.

Viktor merely grinned "Yeah, I have information alright. The Jedi? Already here." at that he let out a booming laugh.

Godo turned cautiously to see who was holding the pistol to his head, a women with emerald green eyes regarded him through a hooded cape, brown in colour. She was flanked by two others, though at this range he wasn't sure who they were but judging from their attire he summised they too were Jedi.

"You have me at a disadvantage?" Godo said smoothly.

"Keep your mouth shut Sith, any trouble from you and it's lights out." the women snapped.

Godo held up his hands in mock surrender. "Now you have me, what is it you want?"

"Oh I want you alright, dead!"

"Well, you have me. Why not shoot?"

"I need to know first, where is the girl. Now!" she screamed

Kara couldn't believe her ears, did they mean her?

"She's close by, safe. I'll not have a Jedi murder her so you may as well kill me now."

The female Jedi gave a nasty smile "It'll be my pleasure."

She took aim, Kara couldn't wait any longer, in one graceful movement she had leapt to the top of the table she had been sitting at, rifle at the ready she fired. A perfect headshot but to her astonishment the Jedi activated her lightsaber, a column of vibrant green deflected the shot back at her narrowly missing her own head. At that the entire Cantina errupted into chaos.

Karas men suddenly appeared, rifles and pistols at the ready and began a vicious fire fight with Viktor Hesks men. Godo was engaging all three Jedi, is lightsaber of golden yellow a blur against the greens and blues of the Jedi. Kara had never seen Godo fight against such odds moving with such ease between the killing strikes of the Jedi. Within seconds one of the Jedi fell dead, a horrific slash across the midsection. The Jedi continued to fight with renewed vigor, slashing and jabbing as two Jedi worked as one. One of them made a clumsey lunge at Godo, but missing the mark soon found himself missing a head.

All the while Kara was making her way towards them, avoiding the odd slash from a vibroblade or firing off a killing shot at Hesks thugs. The female Jedi spotting a break in Godo's defences lashed out with the force, throwing him physically across the Cantina. Before Godo could even reach for his fallen lightsaber she was on him, her lightsaber held at his throat.

Kara was there though, amongst them rifle at the ready. "Stop!" Kara yelled.

The Jedi did not turn to look at her, still glaring down at Godo with rage she responded "Kara, I am not your enemy. This Sith is. Me and you, we're the same, we're family."

"I don't understand" was all Kara could say.

"I've been searching for you for years Kara, I am not here to kill you but save you."

"Kara, be wary! The Jedi kill our kind." Godo said, panic and caution in his voice.

"Shut your mouth Sith! Kara, come with me. I can look after you, his way is nothing but shadow and lies and hate. Don't fall for the trap." the female Jedi said.

Kara felt confused, could it be this Jedi was family? She sensed no deception.

"Quickly, kill her! We must go before the authorities show up." Godo appealed.

The female Jedi clearly having no more patience raised her lightsaber for the killing blow. Kara had only seconds to make her choice, she knew this Jedi spoke the truth. A chance at family, to be a Jedi herself. Had she fallen so far? Godo just sat there, waiting for the executioners axe to fall. She could let him die, join the Jedi and to be with a member of her own family. Or she could accept the choices she had made and join Godo as one of the damned. Either way a choice remained at it was hers alone to make, either this Jedi or Godo would die.

Kaira Rohana

15-08-2008 18:21:44

Really there was only one chose for Kara. She knew already that if Godo died so would she. It left little chose for her no mater what. Looking at the Jedi she frowned. “If you truly were family you of all people would know what that man means to me. What his life means to me.” With that she shot the jedi in the hand. Kara watched as the Jedi’s lightsaber went flying across the room as she smiled and gave Godo a wink. “Now Jedi let him go.” Kara knew the woman could have blocked her but she didn’t. Something was going on that even Kara didn’t know. “Godo we have to leave now.” That was all she said as she moved to the door making sure Godo had his lightsaber.

Her eyes moved to her men in the cantina giving the sightest of nods for them to get out as well. It seemed the Jedi were after her not Godo. “Well Godo looks like they want me.” She said with a loving smile to him. This was her path be it good or bad she was with Godo and her Clan first. They were the ones that had been there for her so far and helped to rid her of her cousin. The Jedi were nothing to her. Kara knew this wasn’t over as she moved to the door she felt something. “Remember if he dies I die.” She said with a smile to her family member. Maybe that would help keep Godo alive at least for now. That was her hope any way.

(I know this is short but I wanted to see where you are going with this. Sorry I really enjoy your story telling some times. )


16-08-2008 04:59:13

At that Kara left the Space Junk, forever. Another chapter of her life complete she had no regrets just a sense of finding her place in the galaxy. She still had so much to learn and if it means forever walking down the path of the darkside, so be it. Once outside she rested her back against a nearby wall, allowing her favorite rifle to swing loose by her side. Under gunpoint, Hesks thugs were jostled and pushed as Kara's own men led them away. Eventually Viktor Hesk himself was led out, he paused in front of Kara and spat at her. For a moment she was stunned but quickly began laughing, Viktor's mouth was so dry through fear, he could only manage a tiny bit of spittle that dribbled pathetically down his own chin. With Kara's men joining in with the joke they led the crime lord away. She knew that he was a dead man, he would turn up across the holonews as a mysterious death and few would mourn his passing. Also this mean she was now the proud owner of a new Cantina, another extension to the smuggling operation. She waited patiently for Godo to file out.


The female Jedi continued to look at the ground, nursing her ruined hand. A look of despair and loss was clearly etched on her face. The failure of almost 10 years of searching for Kara and all for nothing. With tear filled eyes she turned to look at her tormentor the one who had corrupted Kara and led her down the path of the darkside.

"You planned this didn't you?" she spat.

"When I learnt of your efforts to find Kara it was a simple matter to bring you to Corellia. I suspected it was not something authorised by the Jedi Council. Three of you? Really, quite pathetic!"

The words stung her but she still had strength left. "Your a vicious hate filled monster, you may kill me but one day she will know the truth about you."

Godo moved slowly up to her, the lack of emotion or expression was un-nerving. "Such power should not be squandered on the limited teachings of the Jedi. You see the force as something black and white, either this or that. Such limited vision, you have allowed it to taint you. This is why the Jedi will never prevail."

"I see now, not even you breathern know who you are?" she laughed harshley

"It is irrelevant, as you are."

In nothing more than a blur his hand moved across her throat, opening it up and allowing blood to flow freely. She fell to her knees gurgling as her remaining good hand tried to staunch the flow of blood. It pooled around her rapidly as her movements became more sluggish. With nothing left to give she feel on her side, all movement absent. She tried to say something, at that Godo leaned closer to try and hear her last words.

"I will always love Kara, and now I can help her." she whispered.

At that Godo produced the amulet that Kara had touched, the one that had almost destroyed her. Clutching it one hand and placing the other on the Jedi he closed his eyes. For a moment the Jedi's body went rigid, face contorted in agony, letting out the slightest whimper she finally died.

Standing he held the amulet gentley in his two hands. "I'm affraid you wont be helping anyone least of all yourself." Putting the amulet around his neck he tucked it underneath his robes and out of sight and left.


Kara finally saw Godo emerge, without waiting she launched herself at him and held him. For the first time in days she felt a great weight lifted from her. Initially taken aback he held her before gentley lowering her to the ground again. "We should leave, and quickly. The authorities will be here shortly. I suggest we get to the shuttle and return to Antei. Our business here is done."

Nodding they both headed to the waiting shuttle. Godo walked in first, to begin preperations to leave. Kara for a moment paused at the shuttles gangway. Looking back she felt relieved it was all over, but something didn't feel quite right. She didn't know what but it troubled her. Pushing aside these feelings she walk up the ramp into the shuttle, prepared to deal with the next chapter of her life, whatever that may be.

The End.