Surprises Around Ever Corner

Kaira Rohana

12-06-2008 15:27:54

Life some times just dosen’t go the way we plan at all. Kara had been having a hard time of things as she became a Guarden. Her life had been turned up side down with the news she got on her 20 first birthday. Now as she walked a down a long hall of the shadow Acdmey she wondered what she would do with the new information she had been given. Her mind was defentinly not on any thing but her own problems so she wasn’t even taking in the sites around her. If she had she might have seen that there were others walking along in a hurry the other way. Really all she cared about right now was trying to figure out just what she was going to do with all the new things she had.

Having left Impie a few hours before she had taken the long walk back to the Shadow Acdemy very slowly. It was all she could do to keep her self from running right back to Impie but she had to figure some things out on her own. There was no way she would go to Master Alaris about this he wouldn’t care for one and for another at times she wasn’t so sure she could trust her master. Sighing she stopped and looked up as more people filed passed her. Why were they all going the other way? Not careing to ask she just kept walking with her hand subcostiley laying right on her training sabor.

Rounding a corner in the hall she saw a man standing next to the door way of one of the training rooms. She knew who he was but why he as here puzzled her? It wasn’t something she understood really well only one way to find out why he was there that was to ask. As she walked up to her long hair lay on her back with her purple dress just seemingly drapped over her tiney frame. Kara smiled at the man as she reached his side bowing low to him. “Master Godo Nurko, What brings you here at this time of day Sir? Do you have a student to train?” It was rather early to be training a student but maybe he was.

The only thing wrong with all this was how nice she was acting. She was being every respeceful to the Master in front of her. At least she felt he was a master maybe that wasn’t the best title but she was not really sure what to call him. The only reason she even knew him was because he was a leader in her clan. Someone she needed to know to be able to answer to them. Standing there the area seem to cool down a few degrees and she was pretty sure that was do to Godo at least that was her thoughts on the matter. Something must have been wrong and maybe even she was at fault. All she knew at that moment was that she didn’t want him to take what ever he was anger about out on her.


12-06-2008 17:29:55

He felt, at this moment lost in a wave of hate and confusion. And like the tide lapping at the shores, the strength in the force would swell and subside. Before he had complete control, mastery of the dark side but now it took a much greater level of concentration. This meant hiding his true power had become a much greater challange than it use to be but there was an advantage, his power had increased tenfold. Even now he could see trainees scatter or walk in the opposite direction as they approached. They couldn't understand their intense fear or why their stomaches were twisting in agony and this basic instinct for suvival urged them to flee. All, save one.

She emerged from round the corner, her elegant purple dress fitting her pleasing frame. She had an athletic build that merely excentuated her curves. Her long hair flowed with her confident strides and eyes that burned with an unusual intensity. Attractive but there was also a harshness that only a hard life could instill. She stopped in front of him and bowed low, flashing a broad smile she said "Master Godo Nurok, What brings you here at this time of day Sir? Do you have a student to train?”

Incredible. Perhaps it was arrogance, maybe a thirst for power or perhaps something else, he couldn't tell but she seemed undaunted by his prescence. He felt a sudden surge of hatred towards her, an image of crushing the very life out of her sprang to mind, this upstart dare approach him? He should reach out with the hate that flowed through his veins like venom and rip her soul screaming into the void. She shivered slightly, this allowed Godo to focus once again. He was having problems controling his connection to the force in her presence and it made him feel uncomfortable.

Godo smiled, though it lacked warmth there was a sense of honesty. "Kara Rohana, I noticed your file amongst my reports." She smiled back but there was something unusual about her. "Tell me, do you fear to be here? Fear to tread the path of darkness and allow its embrace to corrupt you?" He was mocking her, but it was for a purpose. She considered his words carefully before responding "Master Nurok, I...I want to learn, I want to be strong" she said it with such passion and resolve he couldnt help but be impressed. But for the first time he felt the slightest hint of fear himself. He had met many powerful Dark Jedi including the most dangerous and powerful Grand Masters but he always knew, through the force and his own perception what they were thinking and feeling. This allowed him over the years to best far superior opponents but Kara Rohana was the first force sensitive ever to defy his abilities.

Kaira Rohana

12-06-2008 18:15:42

Bring her hand up she brushed some of her strawberry blonde hair out of her face. Then she stood there trying to figure out why the others ran from this man? He seemed to have very black soul but she knew some how she could learn from him. There were things she could learn from every one here he was just another on the long list of people she would learn something from. “Master Nurok what is it that brings you here? I feel you are in need something.” It was true she did feel he was searching for something. Maybe she was wrong but she didn’t thing so.

As she turned her head to look at the others running she worredy they might be scared of him. “Why do they run away? They should becoming to see what they can learn. Do they not since the power that you hold?” Turning back to Godo she had that soft smile again. Kara just couldn’t help but thing there was so much more to this Man then she saw with her eyes. He carried him self in a way that no others did before. Even her master didn’t have the same air to him as Godo here did.

Letting her self calm even more to push her own problems aside. At least for now that was her plan. There was something about this man that made her fear him but at the same time be drawn to him. He didn’t seem to want to hurt her at least not in the way others did. He could have already killed her any way if he was going to. She was standing there right in front of him where others ran off in fear. Her mind was trying hard to understand this it wasn’t easy for. All this force learning was new to her. Although she had always had the ablity to stand toe to toe with any one as she would read them like an open book. Why be scared of someone that you know can kill you any way.

“Master Nurok, you seem troubled am I right?” Alright so she was pushing it but she hoped he wouldn’t be up set. Some times people just needed some one to talk to. Impie had been there when she needed some one now she was going to try and be there for some one else. Maybe it wasn’t the best dark trait but every one even a dark jedi needed some one to talk to form time to time. Sighing she still had things to figure out her self but maybe in talking with Godo she would learn something about her self.


13-06-2008 17:28:09

For a moment Godo didn't say anything, he just watched her reel off one question after another, barely stopping for pause nor breath. When she didn't get any immediate answers she let her gaze drift back to the many young hopefuls walking hurriedly away, oblivious to the reason for their terror, only that it was coming from Godo's general direction.

"They fear power. They crave it, yes. But when faced with it's full and terrifying potency they wish to flee it, less they be consumed by it."

Kara turned to face Godo, his face remained impassive and unreadable as ever but he continued. "You are unusually perceptive, and I confess I am normally much better at masking my feelings. Or could it be you have a unique talent for it?"

He didn't wait for her to respond, instead, turning on his heels he continued along the corridor. Unsure what to do Kara decided to pursue though his mighty strides forced her to part jog to keep up. It also gave her a chance to observe Godo closely. He was surprisingly short, and was clearly bulky. His robes as it turned out were infact some sort of form fitting combat armour. A complex weave of plate and mesh covered his entire body, thick ornate shoulder pads were used to not only protect but to hold a fine black silk cloak in place, red lined. It was clear that it had been custom built for him, but by who and what technology had been employed in its construction was a mystery. Another surprise was just how flexible his armour was, it seemed half alive, expanding and shrinking with even the subtlist of movements.

They approached a mighty stone door which swung open at their approach. Godo stalked in, the darkness swallowing him. Kara initially paused, fear clutched her heart, senses all screaming for her to flee but curiosity and something else she did not yet understand forced her to follow him into the waiting darkness.

Kaira Rohana

14-06-2008 10:39:12

The answer that Godo gave to her made her look even harder at him. Why should the fear something they want. She had never wanted power as much as knowledge something she was never given as a child. Though knowledge one could gain power. That was how she saw things so she couldn’t understand why Godo would say that. It was something she had to do a lot of sole searching on in the near future. Kara wasn’t about to let herself be consupied by the thirst for power as his man seemed to be. Yes she wanted to be powerful but in her own way.

What made her stop dead was his question. He was trying to mask his powers she couldn’t since that at all. Before she could even respond how ever he was walking off down the hall. Oh know that wasn’t how it worked. Quickly she followed at a slight jog to keep up. The longer she followed him the more she wanted to know. Some where in the back of her mind it told her danger go back but she pushed that said to know this man better. Where was he going? What did he know? How might she get the knowledge he held deep within him? All questions she wanted answered as they reached the dark room.

In the next moment as that door opened and Godo disparaed in side she was gripped by a fear so strong that she almost cowered away from it. Then she calmed her self letting her mind know that the fear was there but to let it flow though her. Quickly she followed Godo into the cold darkness. Only moving a few steps into the room she could feel the quick brush of air as the heavy stone door closed behind her. “Mr. Nurok…” She said unsure of what would happen next. With out even waiting she put her hand on her light saber. Some thing told her to be ready for any thing no mater how small.

Still being able to since Godo she knew he had not left the room he was around her. That only made her fear the room more. The darkness there seemed to hide them both but she had no idea if Godo could see her and she just could see him. Then she remember something her eyes could deseve her if she used them right now. So rather then use her eyes she reached out with the force to know just where Godo was and if he was about to attack her for following or was he up to something else all together.


15-06-2008 15:15:34

Her lightsaber purred gentley, casting only the tiniest amount of light about her. The darkness seemed all consuming, swallowing up light, fear, hope, everything. Sweat began beading on her brow and panic started to eat at her. She heard something, a voice? "Godo? Master Nurok?" She whirled about her, lightsaber at he ready. More voices began whispering to her, though she desperately sought a location she couldnt find the source. "Master Nurok!" she cried. But only the whispering, several voices. Some were male, some were female but all mocked her, belittled her achievements. Some offered power, some offered only death. More and more voices, rising in volume and urgency. She started shouting insults into the darkness, curses and even pleading to let her be.

She dropped her lightsaber, it feel clattering to the floor rolling away from her. She clamped her hands about her eyes. But still the voices persisted, they were not coming from around her she realised but through the force. It was getting loud now, a shriek like a hurricane, a wall of sound that shook her very bones. Sobbing, her voice became a mere whisper against the onslaught, she feel to her knees, no longer able to resist the tide.

Then, nothing. Her eyes, tight shut as though to ward off the coming evil opened slowly, tears flowing freely she looked around. There was no longer darkness, it was a stone room with a vaulted ceiling. Shafts of light jutted in from some unknown location, dust playing like flies in the beams of light. Scattered about the walls were expressionless statues, gazing into the distance. Before her stoof a man with black combat boots, shifting her gaze up she saw Godo. He was pearing down, expressionless.

For a second she didn't know whether this would be her death or her salvation. She felt foolish, on the floor, unarmed and tears that even now were still flowing, though they were beginning to sting, and their salty content could tasted on her lips. Godo extended his arm to her, she paused for a moment and then grabbed it. He hoisted her to her feet, for a moment she stumbled forward falling into his arms. She felt a sensation of comfort but also felt an icey aura, one that existed not just now in the room but through the force. There was something deeply unnatural about him. She backed away slowly.

"I note with some dismay that many force sensitives versed in the Dark Side steer clear of this chamber."

She pondered Godo's words for a second "Wh...what?"

"You seen it, you've felt it, no?" He continued without waiting for an answer "Here lies some of the oldest codex and indeed, artifacts of the long since departed. Or rather they are the damned."

"Damned?" Kara echoed.

"Yes, many of my...learned associates aspire to live forever, to acquire true and ultimate power through the force. The dark side can be pretty forgiving."

She was puzzled, but did not interrupt.

"Some bind themselves, their souls forever contained within vessels. Perhaps they hope to once again be free, to inhabit another? Ultimately many lose themselves, a cycle of eternal darkness not to mention madness."

Kaira Rohana

15-06-2008 21:25:45

What had just happened had shaken her. It was so strong the sinces that over welmened her. If she had come into this room alone she wasn’t sure what would have happened to her. Part of her was thankful that Godo had been around but now she needed to now if she could stand up to what she had just went thought on her own. Taking long deep breaths she slowly was calming her self back down. His very preasces in the room helped more then any thing else right now.

Thinking about how she had hugged him she liked the warmth it had filled her with. That was a rather surprised to her really because of the cold feelings she got as well. Trying to take it in she couldn’t understand it all. Every thing that had happened just now was overwhelming to her. It was then that Godo started talking to her making understand what the room was. That in of it self made her look strait into the mans eyes. Taking her eyes she listened closed only making a few comments here and there.

“Why do you tell me this Master Godo? I have no longing to live for ever sir. I do wish for knowledge. This is something I did not know. So this room is not a room many come into you say? I can understand why but at the same time Master Godo I am glad you brought me here. Tell me more please I wish to understand more.”

Kara’s words seem to eco around the room. She did not fully understand the use for this room yet. The more she learned how ever the more she knew she didn’t ever want to live for ever. This room was more then enough for her to know she wouldn’t want to leave any part of her behind other then what she had done in her life. “Master Godo what do you feel in this room?” Kara was slowly losing her fear for this room. It was something she knew needed to happen if she was going to be a dark Jedi.


16-06-2008 05:34:37

Walking past her, Godo strode over to a nearby statue. It was of a humanoid, athletic build that put even Kara's to shame. He wore an arrogant smile, hair that was thick and long. He wore a simple robe, indeed it looked to be robe of the Jedi. Reaching up with a gloved hand Godo stroked the face of the warrior. Feeling the individual grooves with probing fingers.

"Is he you?" Kara ventured, she knew it was a bit of a gamble but she felt a need to connect with this mystery of a man.

Without turning around he responded "No, not me. I knew him though.." he paused "Well, my other self did."

"Other?" Kara was understandably confused.

He turned to face her "What do I feel?" he said "I feel, nothing. I am a corpse, no more a man than these statues you see about you. I am as cold and disconnected as these poor fools."

"I don't understand?"

"I come here to be amongst the dead as I make poor company for the living."

She couldn't believe that, he commanded a lot of respect, she knew this much. "I can't believe that, you have so much knowledge, so much to give!" She was breathing hard now, unaware of the strength of conviction in her own voice.

Godo didn't immediately respond, he just watched her. Perhaps deciding on something. The silence was beginning to eat at her, she couldn't bare it. Where just a moment ago she longed for the voices to stop, the silence had become oppressive.

"There is something you should know, Kara Rohana. There will soon be a choice that you will have to make. Once you make it there is no going back, no chance for regret, atonement. Just the inevitable."

She listened carefully to his words, allowing each and everything word spoken to sink in with greater intensity.

"I made a choice, under the circumstances and with what little option I truely had I think I did the right thing. But I have paid a price more terrible than most."

"Price? Your powerful, I can feel it. Not just me, others too."

Godo nodded and gave a smile, but this one chilled her to the bone. There was a sense of triumph or, perhaps not triumph but a hidden understanding.

"You can evade my ability to block out reality, to show and feel what people expect to see. I have evaded the attention of the most powerful of our order and yet you can see through it. Even now you feel my shadow fall upon you, upon this entire area."

Perhaps Godo was letting his guard down, perhaps she was just more acutely aware of it but for a second, a briefest of seconds she felt an oppressive darkness about her. What little light there was in the room dimmed, her heart beat like a drum and the temprature dropped rapidly.

"My price?" Godo continued "My price is to lose humanity and exist within the force or, not to exist at all." Without paused he wrenched off the long black satin glove to reveal an almost skeletol arm. There was some organic matter, grey and lifeless that still clung to the bone. The flesh that was left had become dry as paper, cracked and exposed. It was an horrific sight for Kara but where fear would compel another to leave, terror gripping their hearts she felt strangely compelled. She had of course seen what the force could do to another but not with such savagery. She approached slowly, watching this macabre scene.

"How? How is it possibly?" Kara uttered in nothing more than a whisper.

Turning to face the statue, Godo clenched that skeletal hand into a fist and without a moments pause smashed it hard into the statue. It exploded into thousands of tiny shards. A wail of an entirely unnatural origin could be heard before fading into oblivion.

Kara was open mouthed, how could anything that appeared so fragile cause that kind of damage. Looking at her feet she noticed a larger section of the statues head had survived. A part of the face showing an eye, a bit of mouth. The arrogant smile seem to have evaded, instead there was a sense of sadness there. So enthralled she hadn't noticed Godo approach her. She looked up, choking pack an intinct to scream.

"The physical form is not what the force is about. You will see the likes of Obelisk hone their appearence to the peak of endurance. You will see the Krath learn all that there is to learn. The Sith will scheme and betray all for the sake of furthering their own agendas. But remember Kara Rohana, that the force is an energy of boundless capacity. Think with your heart, with your body and your soul. Do so, and you will overcome any and all opponents."

He stroked her face briefly with that same skeletal arm, only for it to be revealed as a well toned warm hand. He pulled on his glove and turned to admire the very statue he had shattered. It was whole once again, not a crack nor a dent on it. Once again it wore that arrogant smile.

Kaira Rohana

16-06-2008 16:18:15

As if a dream was playing in front of her eyes she stood there in aw. At first she kind of felt sorry for the man. It only lasted a moment but was still there. It was the shear power that he possoited that intrigued her. Watching his every move she wasn’t sure how to take it. Here she was alone with him all to her self trying to get answers and all she could think was how powerful he was. Shaking her head as she looked down at that face of stone that stared up at her.

It was then that a warm hand caressed the side of her face. Touching her cheek just making her see that there wasn’t much to fear in him at all or this room for that matter. If the truth be told she was began to like the room. Maybe it was all that was happening and the things she was learning. As she turned back to look at the statue she stood there almost shaking. It was back in one piece as if it had never been broken. What in the world was going on. Her heart was pounding as she looked back at him.

Words were a loss fro that moment. Looking at him she smiled as she put her hand on his arm pulling back in front of her. “You have so much power with in you. Why do you want to hide from every one? There is so much with in you Godo….” Still she didn’t know what to say. His body held a warmth that maybe only she could feel. He was a man that seemed a little lost. Maybe she was wrong but she wanted to be there for this man. Even if it was just as a friend….

Holding him there in front of her she looked down at the floor there was space between them but not much. Reaching out to him with her mind she was trying to understand him better. Her own mind was still trying to figure out what had just happened. There was things she might never understand just right now she didn’t want Godo to leave her alone. “Please don’t go yet….” Stepping closer to him she let her head fall onto his chest. She had no idea what she was doing only that she was so confursed in that moment she wanted it to just go away.


16-06-2008 17:38:25

Godo could sense the wave of emotions washing over her, like the waves crashing against the rocks. He had taught her some valuable lessons this day, more than he had ever given anyone else save for a handful of his own students. They had gone on to assume numerous lofty positions in the Brotherhood but Kara was a special case. Gazing not with his eyes but his senses he could see the connections of the force, the way they intertwined with their surroundings, binding the living, inanimate and the dead. To describe the force would be like trying to describe colour to the blind. But whereas many had but a tenuous link to the force, Kara was like a blinding beacon in the fog. Though she did not yet know her potential, the power she would wield one day would be a terrible sight indeed.

She walked over to him and gentlely grabbing him by the arm, pulling him closer. “You have so much power within you. Why do you want to hide from every one? There is so much within you Godo….” there was an intense look in her eyes, almost a hunger. She had seen something, and like a moth to the flame she wanted more.

Moving close she allowed her head to find his chest. “Please don’t go yet….”

He was for a moment taken aback, memories stirred of another life, another time. When he had been devoid of the force, when life was simpler. The school dances, meeting friends at the local cantina or listening to the vidcasts of the Imperial rise to dominance. Even lovers, warm summers and his first flight in a TIE Advanced. All these things brought a sudden sense of loss, of sorrow. Another life, another man's memories.

For once he allowed himself the simplest of emotions, share in another persons life. He put his arms around her and held her for a while. The simplest of human contact can give another the tiniest spark of humanity, something that had been lacking from his life for years, no, not years his entire life.

He lifted her head gentley from his chest, so she was looking up at him. "One strong in the force, such as you must remember your passion, it gives you strength." She nodded uncertainly. For a long moment they still held each other, their faces almost touching. The force seemed to flow about them with such ferocity that it seemed to intensify everything.

"You have learned to face the darkness, to over come it and to use your passion to fuel your power. This room will always be open to you and I will always be here for you. In the meantime I suggest you return to your Master."

He stepped back from her and bowed slightly before striding off and out the room. For several long minutes she stood still as the statues about her, her emotions were in turmoil and her heart beat so hard in her chest she feared it would do her harm. But he had left a mark, she felt a connection to him that could not be seen but felt. Kara allowed herself to smile, something important had passed between them. A connection that in the future would give her greater power and understanding...and perhaps more. Also she felt a different women from the one that first entered this room. Gone was the fear and doubt but replaced with confidence and determination. She walked once more into the darkness, the whispers grew faint with each stride until she was once again in the corridors of the Shadow Accademy.

A group of hopefuls approached her, clearly they were trying to find their way around judging from the confused looks they gave each other. They stopped a few meters short of Kara, their expressions betrayed a sense of terror at her appearence. Eyes went wide, colour drained from their faces and began to visibly shake. Without pause they fled in the opposite direction. Kara allowed herself an especially dark smile. Her only thoughts were of developing her strength and for that she would need Godo, more than any here.

Kaira Rohana

17-06-2008 15:47:38

The look she got from every one she passed made her feel as if they saw something new in her. Maybe they did. Kara sure felt a little different. It wasn’t really any thing she could pin point right now. She just could feel the power that she knew she had with in her. It was funny really that Godo had helped her in a way she didn’t understand at least yet. For now she had some work to do. He had told her to go to her master and that was just where she was headed now. Wondering if Alaris would even notice that there was some kind of change happening in her. Learning to control the power you hold she always felt was a good thing. Now she wondered if controlling it would be such a good thing maybe letting it flow free all the time would be better? Those were the questions swimming around her mind as she finely met up with her Master.

Days later as Kara was still trying to make heads or tails of Godo she sat alone in her room. As she tried to make heads or tails of things she just couldn’t. Getting up off the bed she went and got out a new dress she had just bought. It was lovely purple, silver and black dress that flowed to the floor. It didn’t hug her body like some of her others but she looked so soft and delicate in this out fit. With the folds in the dress she was able to hide her lightsaber as well. Taking a moment to tie her hair up into a tight bun on her head she looked into the mirror with a smile. How lovely she looked then she turned away heading out of her room to go back to the room where Godo had taken her.

The moment she reached for the door she could feel that darkness again. It was something she knew she had to master so she opened the door and walked inside. As she did a few saw her and left the area. Closing the door behind her the room was dark but not as dark has it had the other day. Finding her self a lone in that room she could hear the voices once more. This was why she was here. Her body sank to the floor as she kneeled there forcing her mind on the force to be able to understand what she was hearing.

The voice called to her but she never answered them back. Kara only sot to understand the voice to hear them in her soul just the way the darkness seemed to take her over. The icy cold of the room made her shiver a bit in that dress. All she could do for now was wait it out and learn to over come the darkness on her own no help she had to do this. Then just as she was about to open her eyes from her mediation she heard the door open. Her eyes slowly opened to the light as she held her hand over her eyes to shield them from the brightness that wasn’t there before.

There in the door way was Master Godo. Kara softly smiled as she kept sitting on her knees on the floor of the room. Her dress draped around her making her look almost anglica in the soft like that came into the room. As her eyes met with his her heart seemed to flutter a bit but she pushed it away fro now. Not saying a word she closed her eyes once more as if to forces on what she was doing. This was her time to understand more would Godo again help her on that path to power?


17-06-2008 16:09:07

Since that time with Kara Rohana he had found himself oddly distracted, Godo was unsure if it was her or the potential that might be exploited, nutured and used. He had, over the course of the years met many students and normally at a glance he recognised the tell tale signs of their doom. Some were quiet, others had over confidence in their own abilities. Some seemed to know on some primeval level that this was the place they would die. Godo had even made a point of being their as their failures fully impacted on them, resulting in their miserable death.

Having fought for all these years, to bath in the eternal darkness of the force, death, misery and immorality was a regular and accepted part of his life. Some, he noted, too readily accepted their fate but for Godo it was different. Sure he had murdered men, women and children in cold blood but it was never done for a personal sense of satisfaction, it was always for a purpose, it had a point.

For some reason beyond his comprehension he felt drawn once more to that room, the place which few dared to tread. A chance to face the full horrific nature of the dark side. To learn from it, accept its gifts regardless of price. Most, including some of the highest members of the Brotherhood fled such places. In arrogance or even fear they claimed there was nothing to learn from the unending madness and wreckless hate, but Godo knew better. He recalled once, whilst learning to swim in the especially rough seas of Manaan, how his instructor had taught him. 'Godo, other instructors will tell you how to cling to your life, with all your might, less you be pulled into the depths. Thus many grow to fear the unknown, beneath the waves. Instead embrace the unknown, accept the depths beneath the ocean. So should you ever fall beneath the waves you will not fear it but instead embrace it.' He remembered those words well and it had bought him a far greater understanding of the force.

Before even passing the entrance to the room he sensed her presence. He felt a mixture of emotions, some too old to fully understand. A part of him knew it would be a mistake to get attached to another, especially one who could bypass his formidable defences. The worry was that she would realise it, and exploit it. Still, he had come here for a purpose and entered.

She was sitting upon the floor, eyes closed deep in meditation. Her pose reminded him of the angelic frescos often seen in the old cathedrals in the handful of planets that held alliegances to now, long gone religons. Through the force he sensed her awareness of him and as if to further prove the point her eyes opened, a smile beaming back at him. For a moment the hunger in her eyes seemed ever more intense, devouring everything she looked upon.

"I did not expect to see you again so soon Kara Rohana." He was lying.

Kaira Rohana

17-06-2008 16:41:02

Staying right were she was for she didn’t feel like moving yet. He was standing there so calm she didn’t want to mess up this moment they were having. Kara laughed as he said he didn’t think he would see her this soon. That was a lie and he knew it. “Lies to not become you Master Godo. “ Then she fell silent once more. Closing her eyes she let her mind wondered into the force and right to him. Brushing his cheek with what would feel to him a sight touch. Pulling back she wanted so much to no more to learn all she could about this dark power but there was also small fear in her. Not that she wanted that to rule her life ever.

Pulling her self back again she looked up at him. “Come join me.” Waving him over to her she watched as he kneeled down next to her on the floor. The moment he was next to her she felt herself longing to ask him more questions about him self and how he came to be here. Yet the time would come when he would open up on his own she wanted him to beable to do that. There were things she wanted to talk to him about any way. Things that were still troubling her and she felt some how strangley close to him. It was a different feeling then she got with Master Alaris or even Impie. This was a stronger bond in the force that couldn’t be explained.

Then as she sat there she turned to see him almost staring at her. “What is it Master Godo?” The questions she longed to ask seem to want to burst forth but she held them back. For now what ever she needed help disided he would help her in his own way he had done that the last time. Now she had even more questions and needed even more answers. That was why she had come here well that and she wanted to see him again. Feeling it was the best place to find him. “I have some things I need to find answers for. Really I came here hopping you would find me or I would find you….” Her mind was just spinning and it was good feeling. He was such a strong prence and she loved knowing he was next to her. Not sure what he would think if he knew she really did care for him and they had only just really meet.


17-06-2008 17:31:59

Godo recalled the first time Kara had entered the room, such fear and confusion, to see her brought to her knees and broken, weak. But such raw potential and to see her now, full of confidence and an eagerness, an unsatiable appetite to learn and understand. The force was strong with her and created an almost angelic aura that at the time Godo struggled to look upon.

“Lies do not become you Master Godo.“ she said, a smile creeping across her finely etched features. Godo found himself responding in kind, he was impressed.

“Come join me.” she gestured beside her.

Godo had come here for a purpose, to study and bath in the darkness. It offered a sanctuary that few places in the Shadow Academy could match.

“I have some things I need to find answers for. Really I came here hopping you would find me or I would find you….”

Godo nodded. To himself he couldn't help feel slightly concerned, it was a rare thing indeed to develop such a strong connection with another so quickly. He was weary of forming attachments, it caused a level of complication he preffered to do without. But still, they had a lot to offer each other. There was no denying that, such a perfect student, one with such vast potential. Despite the risks, he would beare them, to let her slip through his fingers would be a crime, it would be against the balance. That he could not let happen.

"Well, Kara. It seems you have a found a home in this room. Gone are your fears and doubt, replaced with a level confidence I have seldom seen. And yet you defied arrogance, you listen to your surroundings. Perhaps there is nothing more I can teach you?"

She smiled "I have a lot more to learn yet, teach me more. Tell me, everything. I want to know about you, who are you? What are you?"

"I thought you wanted to learn about the force?"

He wasn't sure, in this light it was difficult to say with any degree of certainty but he could have sworn she blushed. She lowered her eyes to the ground, perhaps unable or even unwilling to meet his gaze.

"There was once a mighty empire, beyond the Outer Rim. Unheard and untouched by any others. They were known as the people of the eternal eclipse. A world cast in darkness, a world naturally rich in force sensitives. They prospered for thousands of years, dedicating themselves to art, science and social pursuits. They were an enlightened people, though the term 'force' was alien to them they called it the Great Divine. It was said they developed technologies still unheard of today, they could create life from nothing, could bend the very stars to their calling. But even the mightiest empire must fall, and their fall was epic."

Kara wasnt sure if this was a tale, a legend or if it had an element of truth. But she felt it was important and listened carefully.

"What you and I know of as the Dark Side of the force was another concept beyond the Eclipsians but they felt its full power. How it was discovered is unclear but it took route amongst the young and those seeking power. It was an obscure part of society that dabbled in the dark side. The authorities of the time considered it a fad, an irrelevance. But their own arrogance would be their undoing. Over the years its corruption spread, until it reach the very highest levels of society. When the ruling elite tried to crush this threat it triggered a civil war that lasted decades. It turned father against son, sister against sister, mother against daughter. None were spared. But in the end a true eclipse overshadowed their empire. They had become the Dark Eclipse."

"Why are you telling me this?" Kara felt she was being told something important but wanted to know why her.

"Perhaps I think there is a lesson to be learnt, maybe I want to to tell you of me?"

"Please carry on"

"When the war had finished, millions were dead. Their corpses clogged the streets, it was said the mourning of the dead lasted without pause for years, that the bells of their mighty spyres rang out for each of the dead for over a century. But, in the end the dark side had consumed this great and noble empire. Their science, their technology were twisted into engines of war. Led by the enigmatic Higher Order they began an aggressive military campaign. Committing acts of genocide against their ememies or enslaving the suvivors. They cut a bloody swath through the galaxy, whose scars can still be seen even now."

Godo paused for a moment, as though recounting an especially painful event. Kara wanted so desperately to reach out to him but held herself in check, she didnt want to lose even a second of this.

"One man inparticular rose to dominance, he was called Kai a mighty warrior and natural leader he led millions in wars that raged across the surface of entire planets, blackened the skies and clogged the space lanes. A true warlord, a true enslaver of worlds. None could match his tactical genious, his skill in battle or his incredible strength in the force.

Of all his strengths, one outshone the rest. His ability to see the force, its many possibilities and devine the future. It was believed he had seen the destiny of all and set out a plan to seize the galaxy for himself. Betraying his own forces he fled back to the capital leaving those left behind to a gristley fate. When he arrived at his homeworld the Higher Order were furious that their protege would allow the destruction of their fleet. Kai pledged he would surrounder and believing him lowered their defences. Kai then gave the signal for his remaining fleet to begin a savage bombardment of his own world. He did not stop, even when they surrendered, he did not stop when they begged for mercy and he did not stop when every living creature on the face of the planet had died. The world forever scarred, forever a place of death."

Kaira Rohana

18-06-2008 01:04:53

Godo’s words seem to float on the air in the room. This time with Godo seemed to make time stop for her. It was the shadows that seemed to form from the light that let her know that time had not stopped. No matter how much she would love to have it just end right now letting them spend as much time together as they needed until this story was finished. The more she listed the more she knew she was learning history. It fastainted her as she was sure that showed on her face. At times she wanted to reach out to him. Yet she held back each time. Fearing that if she touched his hand he might stop and not start again. This wasn’t easy for him to tell that was clear. It was in those moments how ever she felt something new in Godo that made her smile softly.

When he stopped this last time she couldn’t hold back any more. Her hand went over to touch his. Letting him know she was there listening. “Please go on. I am enjoying the history lesson. You tell this story well.” Her words were soft as she spook them to the man next to her. There nothing she could do to make him keep going but she felt if she sat there quietly being patient for him to go on he would. A light seemed to filter down on them she wasn’t sure from where but it kind of made them glow a bit. It made Kara giggle and she couldn’t understand why. Then she quickly stopped. “I am sorry there was nothing funny about your story I just had this strong earg to giggle.” Could be this room? There were still many things she did not know or understand.

“Please go on tell me more.” Not sure if she should just stop this now and let go of every thing she was feeling or let him go on… Kara had this need almost to do something she didn’t feel was just right yet. Holding back she waited for now it was the best time to listen to what Godo had to say. Right in this moment she knew the best thing for her to do was to listen it was all she could do for him. The feelings that seemed to flow from him were strong but she could stand them as she always did with a since of calm. She wasn’t sure how but being in this room with Godo rather then drag her down it lifted her up. Made her feel a strong bond with her growing friendship with Godo. That was what this was a friendship that she hoped might last and keep building.


18-06-2008 16:56:00

He turned to regard her for a moment, she had laughed, a spontaneous and natural reaction to what was wholly an unnatural situation. The room was a place of peace but one of madness, its shadows stretched further than the eye but onto the very soul. Perhaps it was her natural beauty, naive youth or her boundless energy that seemed to lift his spirits.

He stood slowly, she looked up at him. He could see the confusion on her face, her feelings were a mix of concern and worry. Had she insulted him? Driven him away?

"I think my words would be best replaced with action, you can learn much more through action than discussion."

Godo gestured to the entrance "Why dont you see for yourself?"

Her confused expression did not leave her as she stood up. Looking at Godo and the entrance she found herself understandly perplexed. "Through there?" she asked.

Godo only nodded.

Once again she entered the darkness, feeling its embrace once more, she made her way through. Fully expecting to hear the whispers of the damned she was surprised to note the stoney silence. This unnerved her but she pressed on, eventually emerging on the side. Expecting the Shadow Accademy she found instead anything but the dark and hallowed halls of learning and study. Instead, it was a battlefield.

About her were bodies, some piled several feet high. The green grass had been soaked red with the blood of the dying and the dead. Moans and cries for help could be heard drifting up from the battlefield, mixed with the cries and shouts of rage from a clearly still active battle.

Her senses were momentarily overwhelmed, the wounds that some of the dead had were horrendous. Carrion birds circled high in the violet sky before swooping down low for some tasty morsals. One landed on a man, his chest and bowls exposed to the sky. The bird, jet black in colour began pecking at the moist fleshy entrails. Kara began gagging at the sight and had to look away for a moment.

When she finally gained control over herself once more she began picking her way through the chaos to the sound of battle. Covering her mouth as she went, she observed the dead. Most were men, wearing a uniform she did not recognise. They lacked any real armour and instead had form fitting cloth. Many gripped bladed weapons, most stained red with the blood of their enemies. Some of the wounds were hideous, faces contorted in pain and fear.

After finally reaching the ridge of a nearby hill Kara got her first true view of the battle. Most of the combatants were dressed very much the same. Both sides wore the same rich, form fitting fabrics all were various shades of grey or purple and wore sashes. The key difference seemed to be in the symbols that adorned their uniforms.

One man imparticular caugh Karas eye, there was something familiar about him. He towered over those around him, in each hand he wielded a scimatar and was cutting a bloody swath through his enemies. Though she could not see him properly at this distance she could feel his power and his hate.

Kaira Rohana

18-06-2008 17:22:12

Stepping onto the ground in the battle field Kara wondered where she was. Her hands going to the sides of her dress to hold it up just a bit as she walked. All around her the sounds and smells of the dieing seemed to call to her. There were so many already dead that she didn’t dare try to count them all. Every were she stepped she was almost stepping on a body or a into a small pool of blood. Looking up she could see a hill so she headed that way just so she might be able to stop and look to see just how bad this had been.

As she reached the side of the field and headed up the hill she almost couldn’t make her self turn back around. Hearing something from behind she turned quickly around. That was when she saw some one. Just as she was about to call out to them she stopped. Who was that? They looked as if she should know them. With there back to her she couldn’t tell for sure. So she quickly took her light saber in hand to walk down there. Maybe he had answers as to why she was here.

Watching the way he moved she couldn’t help but smile. It seemed that he must be a dark jedi. How ever she feeling she got from him was mixed. Much like Master Godo only different and she couldn’t put her finger on why. That was until she could see the face. It was Godo but not him at the same time. He didn’t give off the same power as Godo. There was something different about this man. She wasn’t sure what really but he was different. With her lightsaber on the man didn’t even seem to see her. Was this all shadows and they couldn’t see her? Really she didn’t understand any of this. Thinking to her self "Godo where are you?"


18-06-2008 17:46:51

The battle was reaching a new level of intensity, this man, this person who was Godo and yet was not Godo was making short work. Every swing of those brutal blades found flesh to bite into, each strike was a killing blow. One man lost his head, another an arm, another was cut in two. Not once did he pause, not once did he shoe any signs of faltering. The remaining enemy lost heart and began to flee. The pursing allies of this strange man soon followed, cutting them down as they fled. Kara by this time was not little more than a dozen meters away. This gave her a chance to observe this false Godo.

There was little doubt he had many similarities between him and her Godo. But there was something entirely alien about him, primal, where as Godo hid his true power this man let it flow from him. To be in his presence made Kara feel weak but terror gripped her heart when he turned to face her. His eyes were not obscured, they seemed to glow slighty, almost blood red, face full malice. He was dressed much like his troops, covered entirely by a fine silk robe, embroidered with strange alien symbols. It billowed in a wind that did not blow. He began advancing towards her, deep, purposeful strides. He showed little regard for where he trod, on corpses, through blood filled puddles, through the dying till he stood directly infront of Kara.

His power was overwhelming, acting on instinct she ignited her lightsaber and allowing the force to surge through her she lept at him. Why she attacked she couldn't say, perhaps instinct, perhaps something to do with survival but she felt it was either her or him. The man merely snarled and an invisible force flung her violantly back to the ground. Her lightsaber exploding from an invisible destructive force. Before she could regain her footing to take flight she felt several rips snap like twigs. Her breathing became laboured and she collapsed. Though she had to force the air in and out of her lungs she was able to find the strength to meet her attackers gaze.

She shuddered, those blood red eyes were now black, solid black. They seemed to suck the very light from the sky, his face was showing amusement and disgust at her sight.

"Kai, warrior of warriors. Destroyer of worlds, ender of times."

Kara heard the words whispered to her from behind. Turning slightly she saw Godo kneeling down beside her. "In me are the memories of this creature, a paraside and blight on life. He does not serve the force, IT serves him."

Kaira Rohana

18-06-2008 18:43:53

Hearing that calm voice behind her of Godo’s she understood a little more about him. There was something she had hear when she first laid eyes on him from other students. That he was really a clone of another man. Now she knew that to be true. Only Godo had the memories of this man. They must haughty him daily. Her own mind wouldn’t soon forget those burning red eyes. Trying hard to keep her breathing in check she turned back from Godo to the man that had her in a force grip. He was gone and so was the battle field. Dropping to the floor she gasped for air.

Pushing up off the floor she looked for her lightsaber. Not seeing it right away she looked into Godos face with a sadness. This was his life but not his life. No wondered he was always so confected. Part of her wondered how ever if he ever tried to have a life of his own? As she moved over to him she got very dizzy. The room was spinning or maybe she was. It was hard to tell as she started to fall over. Godo was there to catch her. He brought her slowly to ground letting her rest there as he stood watch. Her breathing was coming more normal so that was a good sign.

Kara layed there dreaming on that cold stone floor though she was never cold as long as Godo was behind her. Why right now she didn’t know all she knew as that some one who cared sat next to her hoping she would wake soon. The vision she had as she layed there made her face smile. If only he knew if only he knew. Soon she felt her self coming to. Looking right up into Godos eyes she smiled. “It is alright. I am fine, Just a little black out form loss of air is all.” Alright so she didn’t tell the whole truth. No need to worry this man who had enough to worry about.

Godo put a hand out to her helping her sit up. Standing really wouldn’t be a good idea right now. “So you are a Clone am I right? You have this man’s memories that I just saw don’t you? I want to know more.” The more she focused on him maybe she wouldn’t have to explain her own life. It was much more boring then his even if it wasn’t his life.


19-06-2008 08:26:41

Strength was beginning to flow back into her body, weakness replaced with an inner power. She lay their, quietly as she tried to re-arrange her emotions and feelings. The vision, if that was truly what it was, had a potency she had never witnessed before. Even the most powerful of the Brotherhood had never even hinted at creating such vivid worlds, illusions. Though Godo remained impassive as a wall, she could feel the turmoil beneath. This was a man who lived with voices in his head of every second of his life. More than just voices, memories, events, consciousness. She found her mind reeling from Godo's, the pain it invited was too great for her to bear.

He said, without even looking down at her still prone body "There is more to it than a mere Clone. Purpose built for more than just war, for death. There is another too."

He looked down at her and before she could even begin to ask the questions that were burning to get free she was blinded, a momentary flash of light. It took several long seconds before her vision returned and when it did, it was to see a scene of absolute chaos.

It was the bridge of a large ship, not just any ship but of an Imperial Star Destroyer. Men were running up and down the bridge, a sense of urgency propelling their actions. It was also clear that the ship she was on had sustained terrible damage. Instrument panels hung lost, wires exposed and buzzing and fizzling dangerously. Pieces of twisted metal had fallen from the ceilings or were jutting out from the floor. In places a few men and bridge officers lay dead, their faces frozen in surprise at their sudden death.

In the centre of this chaotic whirlwind was a man, he bore the uniform of an Admiral. Though he didn’t look familiar there was something about his that was. His actions were in stark contrast to that of his crew. He was calm, disturbingly so. He gave firm and confident orders; he ignored the death and destruction and continued to issue orders with purpose. There was confidence about him that only the harsh realities of command could inspire. His face was expressionless, impassive but his men obeyed him without any hint of question. Kara could feel the fierce loyalty the men had for their commander. His mannerisms, the way he carried himself, the calm that surrounded him seemed so familiar.

She realized that her pain, her weakness had gone. She stood without pause or any discomfort. Walking cautiously towards the Admiral she couldn’t shake the feeling of familiarity. Yet he looked nothing like anyone she had ever met. She overheard one of the officers speaking to the Admiral.

"Admiral Sir, we have located another incoming wave of B wings. Our squadron leaders report they can not hold them."

The admiral nodded, considering these words before responding. "Well done Mister Carlson, continue the evacuation and divert all squadrons to protect the shuttles."

"But Sir, Admiral Doog Kuron. You remaining here is a suicide mission. You know they will target this ship."

"I am aware of that old friend. Continue your work, leave the worrying for me." He flashed a broad smile that was returned.

Kaira Rohana

19-06-2008 10:38:15

After all that had happened in the last place Kara was not about to try and show her self this time. Moving away to the shadows she watched in silents. Sometimes she knew better to just watch people and learn from them. There was something going on here that she wasn’t quite sure of. Something about all this seemed familiar like she should know it. Then it hit her she had read in a history book from the library about this. Godo was having her see history unford rather then just telling her about it. Rather a little surprising to her really. Godo was this cold powerful master yet he was showing her things that she needed to understand more then just from a book.

Soon there was hardly any one left with the Admiral on the bridge. The rest of the crew slowly made here way to shuttles. Yet the Admiral never moved from his post. He seemed glued there to watch his ship until the last. Kara could understand why. This was his ship he would go down with it but he didn’t want to lose all his crew that would be silly really. If they were to win they would need troops. Shaking her head trying to clear out the cobwebs she looked again at the man. The command of respited that he demaided was so clear that she couldn’t help but smile. This wasn’t like any one she ever met before but then again it was.

What day she was having. This was a lot to take in but she was not wavering form learning. There was a lesson in all this she could tell. What was Godo trying to show her besides his past? That was the true question right there what should she walk away from her with? Well she knew one thing that she would Power isn’t every thing. Also she felt that maybe Killing wasn’t always the best couse of action. Starting down that road would take a lot to get back from and she wasn’t sure she was up for wiping out a whole army like in her first vision. This one with the ship and Admial seemed more like something she could learn from.

Turning around she looked for Godo. He was right there behind her. “Expalin this please. I wish to understand why you are showing me this?” Kara wanted answer the only way to get them was to ask the master. This time Kara turned around to find the dream world the same as before nothing was gone they were still on board that ship. What would happen if they were there and the ship blew up? Kara wasn’t sure she wanted to find out the answer to that one.

Kaira Rohana

19-06-2008 18:55:41

(Posting this for Godo. for some reason he couldnt get in to post.)

“Explain this please. I wish to understand why you are showing me this?” Kara asked, curiosity eating at her.

Godo remained impassive, silent as a statue. Kara followed his gaze back to the Admiral. Something occurred to her, he stood the same as Godo was now, and he carried himself the same way. Confused she turned back to Godo "Is he you? He doesn't look like you?". Again silence.

She looked back to the Admiral once more, he was all that remained on the bridge. Heavy Torpedoes were rocking the super structure of the Imperial Star Destroyer. Sirens signaled the death toll of this magnificent ship.

"Admiral Kuron, planning on going down with your ship?" the icy tones startled Kara, turning she saw a new figure enter the bridge. He was cloaked in black with a hood which obscured his face. Despite this, the stranger’s bulk was clearly evident. Kara tried to will herself to get closer, to catch a glimpse of the newcomer but something stopped her.

"I see the Emperors finest servant has arrived. I dare say you have heard your master’s death cries through the void?"

The figure in black did not respond but a deep boom signaled the stranger’s amusement.

"Have I said something funny? Well, I care little for your amusement Sith" the Admiral hissed the last word.

"Now, now Admiral. No need to be rude. You have done well, survived perils few could imagine." the stranger in black moved his arms extravagantly to emphasize the magnitude of his accomplishments. The mockery in his voice clearly evident.

"I have ordered all crew to leave the ship, you may leave now."

The man in black advanced a little closer to the Admiral, gliding across the floor in an almost supernatural fashion.

"I am afraid that there were no survivors, I am so, so, sorry."

The Admiral turned sharply, clearly not the slightest bit intimidated by the Sith.

"What do you mean? Speak creature!"

"Sadly the engineers neglected to, how do you say it? Service the engines?"

Before the Admiral could respond another crewman appeared on the bridge. "Admiral, our evacuation shuttles, they're stopping!"

The Admiral turned to the viewport and watched in horror as one shuttle after another stopped dead in space. Sitting ducks for the savage rebel attackers. One by one as the shuttles came under sustained attack they light, a mini star against the void before fading out of existence.

Turning to face the Sith the Admiral for the first time lost his cool. "How? Why? Your monster, why would a servant of the Emperor condemn us?" The Admiral withdrew a pistol and pointed it directly at the man in black.

The crewman, seeing his Admiral pull a weapon on the Sith also pulled his pistol and pointed it squarely at the Sith.

"Servant of the Emperor? Ah yes, I had forgotten. That old fool, his spirit spread like particles to the wind. That weak idiot is no master of me!" A dark and grating laughter emerged from the man.

"What by his glorious name are you?"

In a flash that defied even Kara's eye the figure in black was upon the crew member. She couldn't immediately tell what had happened but blood seem to explode from him. Even though she was a good distance from the fight she felt the crewman’s blood hit her face. The man in black stepped away from the corpse of the crewman. He had been physically ripped in two. Blood coats the instrument panels, ceiling, floor, doors. Nothing seemed to escape the carnage accept for the man in black himself. Despite being there, not one drop had hit him.

"By the Emperor, what kind of creature are you?" The Admiral stood back, as though trying to evade a creeping shadow.

The main black ripped up off his black robe. Kara had met this man before, it was Kai. Those eyes that burnt through your soul regarded the Admiral, like a predator observing his prey.

Kaira Rohana

19-06-2008 20:07:09

There before her eyes was a story ripped from the past playing out in front of her. Part of her couldn’t belive she was seeing any of this. The seane made her feel down right sick. It was the first time in a very long time she didn’t want to look at something. It made her ill just looking at all the blood and feeling it on her self. Two battles in one day was not so easy to take in. This one how seem so much more sinceless then the last. Trying to look away but she couldn’t yet. Not until she saw those eyes they scared her for they saw into her soul.

Quickly she turned away in the end. Godo was standing right there as she buried her head into his chest. There was no turning back around. There were just some things you don’t want to look at. Kara needed to look though she had to over come her fear but she didn’t know if she could. That man was so full of hate and anger that she almost couldn’t stand it. Taking a long deep breath how ever she slowly turned back around facing her fear. For a few moments she felt sick again but then it went away. The power and emistion seemed to be lost as she remember this was only a vistion of past memories. They were only as real as she made them out to be.

Taking a long deep breath she closed her eyes to find her calm once more. When she opened her eyes this time they were back in the room. Kara for one was kind of glad about that. All this did once more was leave her trying to understand what it all meant. Turning back to Godo she smiled at him softly. “You are doing all this to teach me something. I do not know what yet but I have learned. I shouldn’t fear the past yet I should know the past so as to not repeat the mistakes made in the past. “ Kara pasued for a moment looking at Godo. He seemed different right now almost somber. Maybe she didn’t understand any thing.

Moving closer to him just to be able to feel his power was so overweming. Yet she liked the feeling it gave her. There was no space between them or very little as she rested her head on his chest once more. Her mind was trying to understand every thing today but right now she just wanted to be there for her friend. As she felt drawn to Godo she knew something would happen. Her body seemed to almost shake right now but not out of fear or any thing that could be explained. Kara knew why she was shakey and hwy she had passed out earlier. It had nothing to do with the slow of air. She knew now why she was feeling ill not for what she had seen.

Only thing was she wasn’t about to tell Godo or let him know she was ill. Right now all that mattered was being there in his presnces. It was almost as if she was drinking in his power and lovely every moment of it. Kara being so young and neive she didn’t know what she felt right now. It wasn’t something she could understand until maybe she took the time to think harder about it. Right now all she knew was that she wanted to stay right there with Godo not moving just being close to him. Feeling his presence around her making her feel alive as never before.


22-06-2008 14:01:57

Godo could sense her feelings, the turmoil and confusion. Few had been exposed to the full extent of the dark side and still remain as strong as her. There was little doubt that one day she would become powerful, a master and a terrifying practitioner of the force. But this troubled him, his cold and ruthless efficencey, for the first time he was plagued with doubt. He could not say why, a nagging feeling at the back of the mind. She reminded him of a different time a different life. When life was simpler, when he had not been so horrifically scarred and corrupted by the force. Should he destroy her before she became a threat? Should he help shape her into the being she could be. No, neither of them were the real reason for his doubt and fears.

There was still a tiny fragment of him that retained humanity, he looked upon her and saw something, a beautiful young women, with real potential for greatness. He had feelings for her, he did not know why or how but he did. That part of him wanted to save her, spare her from the corruption, the descent into oblivion. Godo seemed to sag slightly as the full impact of the situation dawned on him. There were two voices in him, the one saw potential, to twist and pervert the other cried out for mercy, save her before she made that fateful path down the dark side.

He stepped back from her, a face for the first time expressing one of sorrow. He turned his back to Kara and walked a few steps away. She did not move, but watched sensing his own turmoil. Producing a small silver flask he unscrewed the top and took a deep sip. The voices in his head were screaming to be heard, some reminded him of the hate others of opportunity.

"You have a choice Kara, one that I never had. I fear that should you decide to choose the dark side it will destroy you, cast shadows on your destiny and ultimately destroy who you are."

Kara said nothing, watching intently.

"You feel the power I wield, its seducing you even now. It's twisting your soul, poisoning you." He took another sip from the flask. He turned to face her. "I know you feel it, the growing connection between us. But think carefully, its not too late for you, it is destroying me and it will surely do the same to you."

Kaira Rohana

22-06-2008 14:29:55

Slowly her mind tries to wrap around the words being spocken softly in the room. Letting Godo speck so she can think about what is being said. Part of her is rather shocked by his words. Here she thought that he would be telling her to stop trying to hold on to any good and fall into the power of the dark side. Her studies were all ready thrusting her into that power that she seeked so strongly. It was hard to not be drawn in by it. As she stood there watching him she knew she already that she had chosen her path. It was to late to turn back now. Even her time with Impie couldn’t keep her from slowly falling deeper into darkness. That was just the way it would be. Soon she might not even know her self any more. Yet as she looked at him she couldn’t help but be drawn to something with in him.

Closing her eyes but fro a moment she took a step tored Godo only by feeling where he was in the force. Her mind right now was lost to him and the power that he held. She craved it. That was the simple truth that staried her in the face. As her eyes slowly opened she smiled at him softly. With the grace of a swan Kara moved right infront of him once more. Standing toe to toe with Godo she let her self drink in his presnces. Then she leaned in whispering to into his ear. “I have made my chose already. That is why I am here. There is no going back my friend….” Pulling back for a moment she looked deep into his eyes as if to read his soul.

Softly a smile formed on her face as she knew now he must understand. “I wish to stay here and learn more. This is where I belong right here with you. I know you can feel it I see it in your eyes. What you say makes since how ever I chose this path long ago. There no other chose any longer. Being with you is only making it that much sweeter.” Standing there wondering what he next move would be. Would he leave again like he did after there first meeting? Would he stay with her for a while and teach her more? There were so many questions but she felt they had all the time in the word to find answers. Her body moved so there was almost no air between them. Being so close made her almost feel a since of calm.

The more he pulled away the more she felt as if she would loss part of her self. If he just left her now would she be able to handle that? She knew if he did leave she would fall even deep into darkness. Never letting any one come close to her for the moment she did it seemed they were always ripped way form her. Knowing she would always have impie as a friend helped a little but it wasn’t enough fro her. With Godo it was different he was so much darker and she wanted to learn so much from him that she couldn’t learn for any one else not even Master Alaris had this same power that she craved so much to have right now.


22-06-2008 15:37:14

It was funny, all considered it seemed like it was about her, the choice, a decision to walk upon a path of shadow, damnation and power. Godo realised it was also about him, a final lingering doubt in him. He considered for a moment all that he had been through. The life he had led, fighting, killing and destroying his enemies. This was his last chance, the very last before going down a path he could not return from. Her seductive smile, the raw power and a lust for it, that was as addictive as the dark side.

He ran his gloved hand down the side of her face, the potential she showed was incredible. He would show her the full wrath, the true power of the force. This was not something to turn from but to be embraced.

"Very well Kara Rohana, you have chosen and you will learn that the dark side is more than just reckless hate, petty passions. It is about causing the very nature of life to twist and turn. To reach out and with all your emotions bring about change. You will kill without regret, it is a means to an end. You will know that life is not taken for simplistic self satisfaction but for purpose. Why destroy a family? Why torture a soul? Why cause the misery and death of not just a town, a city, a planet, a galaxy? Simple, to bring about a greater purpose."

Kara felt light headed, the full extent of his power released. It was draining her very life, sapping it, she was giving herself up to the shadow but it was worth it. The void created by her life draining away was filled with the force, light, grey, dark, she couldnt tell but it was changing her.

"Those that you loved, those that you hated will be irrelevant. You will destroy those that weaken you, you will take advantage of those that offer you something, all of it will make you stronger. Do you understand?"

Kara merely nodded, his words ripping into her mind. She felt a part of her dying, but was replaced with something darker, more powerful.

"Then you will know what I know, see the birth of stars, the death of the galaxy. It will kill you but will instead invite a rebirth of knowledge and power."

She felt the very last vestiages of what she truely was slip from her grasp. As life left her, she fell to her knees. She did not panic though, many in her position now would, try to preserve what little remained of themselves. He kneeled down beside her, he could see that Kara was breathing hard, chest fighting to inhale the precious oxygen. Holding her heard gentley he allowed his lips to meet hers. Her body convulsed slightly a last act of defiance against the knowledge he was imparting.

Kara allowed her eyes to open, strength flowing into her. She felt a level of strength never before experienced. Her senses seemed sharp, she noticed the grain on the stone, the sweat glands on Godo's face, the tiny particles of dust in the air. But that was not the only thing, everywhere she looked she could see the force, a gentle glow, a halo about the world. She could see its twists and turns, the way it flowed through and around things. The statues radiated with a dark red, it expanded and shrunk as though it were a living entity, which it truely was. When she looked upon Godo it was like staring into the void, it sucked and pulled everything in towards it, the light, the dark, time, space, everything. She could see what no others could, through those black shades, she could see into Godo's soul.

Kaira Rohana

22-06-2008 16:25:11

The power of the moment had fully hit her as she kneeled there on the floor. Her eyes locked with Godo as there lips still pressed together. It was so instance she had to pull back. Letting her self sit back she closed her eyes to force to bring a calm to her self once more. The power flowing in needed to be blanced by her. If she didn’t come to some kind of blance she might end up being so twisted she wouldn’t have any control over her body at all. That was the last thing ether of them would ever wish for. Knowing full well that Godo was a gift not only to her but to the force it self. She had to get control of her breathing.

Reaching out she took Godo’s hands in hers. “Help me forces this power. It is going to rip me a part if I don’t learn to control it.” Soon Kara could feel Godo helping her in a way she never thought any one would ever beable to help her. They seemed to be linked by the force and it touched her soul in a way that made her want to all out to him. Slowly Kara started to gain control and her beathing became more normal. The calm that sweeped over them both made Godo reach up lightly touching her cheek as she nused up to his hand. His touch was so soft and so sweet she couldn’t help but think he truthy cared for her.

Opening her eyes she locked with his again bring a soft smile to her face. The ones lovely young lady had such a dark presents about her now. Kara knew nothing could ever be the same again. A heart that was black but held onto Godo in a way she never thought she could. Leaning forward it was her lips this time that pressed to his softly. Leaving her mark apon him she slowly pulled back with a smile. How ever she left no space between them. “Godo, thank you for this gift. Our souls have seem to join in some level. I can see the force now around every thing even you. I love this feeling and I love you for helping me get here.” With that Kara pressed her lips to his once more before he could say one word.

The force danced around them as Kara kept her lips to his. The moment was slowing down so that it was only theres. No one else could ever share what they were doing in this way. It was special just for them. Others might have simaler exprices but they wouldn’t be the same as it was for Kara and Godo in that moment. Every thing kara had been was lost and all she wanted for her furuter was to fall deeper into the dark side of the force. This meant no going back. For What Godo was giving to her she hoped that she could repay him.


22-06-2008 17:25:48

Over the coming days none dared approach the room, it had become a byword for oblivion and the sense of darkness dettered even the most curious dark jedi from approaching. On the fourth day since the events between Godo and Kara did they emerge. The power that flowed between them was palpatable, they had formed a connecton that echoed through the force. Kara had changed, it could be felt as much as seen. Her face was one of confidence, a gaze that commanded respect, even her stance showed no sense of doubt or hesitation. The warmth in flesh seemed to have been drained, replaced with a pale, almost ivory tone. Her eyes seemed to mirror that of Godo's, a black hole that seemed to draw everything into them.

Fellow students found themselves struggling to remain in her presence, those of lesser rank felt their will bend to Karas and their strength drain away into the void. Once she may have felt compassion for such people, now they were an irrelevance, a means to an end. In one of the training sessions she faced a sparring partner who she had clashed with before. An Obelisk with a talent for lightsaber combat, he often mocked her and belittled what he considered her 'feeble skills'. Normally a duel is not to the death, little can be learnt from the killing of an opponent. When Kara faced the Obelisk she queried what the point of facing such a worthless fool as he. Enraged the Obelisk attacked, his strike was stopped mid air, as Kara choked the life out of him. A quiet smile playing on her lips as her opponent struggled before going limp and being thrown aggresively at a nearby wall. "Dead weight" was her only responce.

Others too had noticed the difference, though none could quite determine what had changed. She was possessed of an unsaciable desire to learn and understand, no patience for fools and an unwavering confidence that unsettled some of the most experienced Dark Jedi.

When not traveling about the Shadow Academy in her own pursuits she was seen almost exclusively with Godo. Change was seen in Godo too, his wanderings seemed to halt and when not being in the company of Kara he would be seen trawling through the records of the Academy, to what purpose remains unknown.


"I did not expect to find you here." Kara joined Godo at the balcony, it overlooked a wasteland where ruined structures from an unknown battlefield littered the desolate scene.

"Ah, Kara. You were looking for me? Your strength in the force seems to increase rapidly with each passing day. I can feel your strength."

Kara responded with a broad smile. "I can see and feel things I never could before."

Godo nodded "I often come here, it was here a Great Jedi War took place." pointing he indicated to a large structure, made of black obsidian, half the wall had collapsed with rubble piled high in several places. The destruction was almost total and the signs of fierce fighting could still be seen even from here. "It was there I murdered a group of Dark Jedi."

"Murdered?" Kara echoed.

"Yes, it was a murder. They were little match for me. Six slaughtered." He turned to face her, once again stroking the side of her cheek. "You will be returning to your Master soon, I would suggest you keep your true nature and the full extent of your power hidden. There is a special strenght in masking your true self until the time is right. Then, and only then should you crush your enemies and ascend."

Kaira Rohana

22-06-2008 22:29:17

Some times training takes on different forms. Kara and Godo alone in a room for four whole days with only each other to help Kara understand how to control what has happened to her. As she lost her self into the force and Godo she lost part of who she was. That sweet incent girl was gone replaced by a rather dark figure of a woman. There was no turning back at this point as the darkness consumed every part of her. Those short four days were eye opening in to Kara as she felt things she never thought were possible. The close bond that her and Godo now shared was something special between them. No one could brake rip the two of them pair now without cousing damage to both people. Her body was filled with passion and fire as never before. This was the end of her old life and the begain of a new darker life.

Those days seemed to go on for ever for Kara. Learning so much about Godo it was over welmeing at times. In those times when she could take no more he would hold her in his arms letting her relax. As they would meditate on there relastionship Kara felt drawn to Godo’s sided. He even went so far as to who her how to bend the force to her will in a duel. That was something amazsing to Kara. It wasn’t like she didn’t know these things before it was just she had not been out to kill only to praices. Now she did not see the need not to go for the win every time. With Godo how ever it was different there sparing was a means of teaching Kara control. It was on the last day that there bond grew even more between them. They shared a closeness that many never come to know.

Stepping out that door early on the 5th morning Kara looked at Godo with a soft smile only for him. Then turned to walk down the hall way. The next few days and weeks were filled with her seeing Godo almost every day. The girl she had once been was lost and standing there tall very confected was Kara. A woman that could strike fear in those she passed. That she did on many occstions now. She almost seemed to revele in it. Many thing happened over this time but the only things that mattered to her were the times she spent with Godo.

A search from him lead her to a balcony that over looked a battle field. Looking into his eyes she seemed to calm her pressince when ever they were close. The more she shared with Godo the stronger she seemed to become. Though still unclear on some things she knew that all the answers would one day be found. As they talked Kara seem to drink in this knowledge until the last. He wanted her to control who she was around people now. That would be harder then she ever could understand. Yet his words told her he was right. There was just something about not letting how just how powerful you are or just how much you truthy know. Alaris was her master but she felt a bond with Godo that was much different. “Master Alaris shall be surprised by his student I am sure. I shall do as you ask though Godo. May I stay with you awhile longer today?” She said slipping her hand into his.

Then turning to face that scarded ground down below them as she thought about what a battle it must have been. The way Godo told her about his killing she seemed to love the stories evne more then at first. “Tell more about your battles here. I wish to hear it all.” It was a way for her to learn even more about battle and how to win. Kara knew to win was to stay alive and so she knew now that winning was the only oppstion nothing else matter any more. Any thing less then a win wouldn’t do.


23-06-2008 16:50:19

The terrain was difficult to navigate, rocks sharp as daggers could easily lift the flesh from the bone to the careless. But Kara had a natural grace, her feet found safe ground with ease, moving swiftly across the terrain. Godo seemed to pause every few meters, bending down to upturn a few rocks or stones. Baffled, Kara moved to Godo's side once more. He lifted an especially large and lethal lookng rock, it revealed a partially decomposed corpse. The harsh terrain would quickly claim the unfortunate.

"This area is littered with the dead, during the war people were dying so quickly there was little time to bury them."

Standing up he stalked on towards the black obsidian structure he had pointed out from the balcony earlier. At closer range Kara could see that what looked like a small building was actually vast. Though she had little knowledge of warfare she could see the obvious blaster scorings on the walls and other places where rubble was piled high, clear indications of artillery fire. "Such destruction, what happened?"

"A war, one which claimed the lives of many powerful dark jedi. An aggresive infection the likes of which had never been seen before spread like wildfire through our ranks. It caused a brief but bloody civil war. They even tried to infect me." His last words caused a rare and genuine smile, one which Kara echoed.

Moving deeper into the ruined building Kara could see ancient books and tomes scattered everywhere, the harsh environment and fire had ensured their permanent destruction. A small part of her felt sorrow, what great and powerful secrets had been lost here forever.


Kara followed the sound of Godos voice into another chamber. It was circular in shape and large black pillars held up what was now a half blasted roof. Godo stood in the middle of the room, looking about the floor.

"It was here that I made what I thought to be my last stand." He pointed over to a demolished wall "They came through there, they had besieged this area of the Shadow Academy for a week. Artillery rained down on us, deafening us, making our very bones shake under the heavy vibration. They sent wave after wave at us, using common stormtroopers to whittle down our numbers."

Kara could for a briefest of moments see the enemy burst through a newly created hole in the defences, spilling through firing wildly at any visible target. Her pulse quickened. She felt strange, as though she had experienced it, as though she had been by his side during the fighting.

"You are recalling my memories, making them a part of yourself. It is the bond we now have. Interesting."

She was confused "I feel this bond but, I do not yet fully understand it. I feel stronger, and I feel so close to you. As though we are one."

Godo nodded "It is a force bond, we are connected now through the force. It is a stronger connection than even lovers share. The closer we are to each other the stronger the connection. It also means our powers become stronger. We can communicate with each other through great distances, share our feelings and knowledge. It has certain disadvantages. When one of us feels pain, so does the other. Such in the bond between us, should one of us die, it could destroy the other."

Kaira Rohana

23-06-2008 17:42:27

What a sight Kara thought as she looked around the room. The history of it all seemed over welme her a bit. As she moved next to Godo to feel this bond even more her smile grew. “I am glad we share this kind of bond. Never in my life have I felt this close to any one. It really makes me feel contected to you in a whole new way.” Her eyes looked away from him as she tried to look out side again. Maybe it was what she was feeling from him right now that made her walk out of that room. It was such a strong memory for him that was almost to much for her take right now.

Moving back out of the building she looked down at that battle field again. With out even looking where she was going she stepped down right on one of those rather sharp rocks. The pain that started to well up in her sent her crying out. Her foot was a mess as it looked as if it had been pired by that rock. Looking back behind her for a place to sit she saw another sharp rock right there so if she made any kind of move right now she would not only have a hurt foot. As it was she was trying to remember why she came back out side. It seemed silly now to walk out side with out watching where she was going.

Hearing something from behind her she felt something grab her. Not sure what was gong on all she knew was pain as she was quickly losing a lot of blood. Dizzy she felt dizzy and faint. All she knew was that she was being brought to the ground being set on a cold ground. Her eyes closely closed as she felt warm arms pick her up. “Hold on Kara.” That was all she heard as she layed there in his arms trying to constentrait on the force to slow the blood flow out of her body.


23-06-2008 18:17:46

Godo couldn't blame Kara for wishing to get out of the room. It was here afterall that he had almost seen his death, nothing was more brutal than close quarters fighting. It was up close and personal, when fighting for your life you will delve into the darkest resses of your soul to survive. The air seemed to stink of sweat and blood, the copper taste in his mouth felt all too real. Whilst standing amongst the ruins of that great battle he heard a brief shriek followed by a sharp pain in his leg. A creeping cold sensation began to spread through his leg, his training allowed him to push aside his own discomfort and instead focus on the real threat, to that of Kara.

Emerging outside he spotted Kara on the floor, the rocks about her were slick red with her blood. Within a few brief bounds he was with her. As it happens his genetic father, Kai, had knowledge in the art of healing but had become nothing more than a distant memory. All he could do was grab her tightly, tell her to hold on. Her blood was pumping from her body rapidly, she was already unconcious. The creeping cold sensation he felt was rapidly spreading through his own body, mimicking her rapid descent into death.

He carried her back into the ruined obsidian structure and set her down gentley upon the floor. Even as her heartbeat slowed and the blood dripped thickley from her leg wound she was already on the brink of death. Sorrow gripped his heart, would he die with her in this damned place? The memories of the Admiral stirred in him, it wasnt much but it was all he had. Ripping his expensive silk robes he made some make shift bandages and bound it tightly about her leg. It helped but it was just prolonging the inevitable.

Placing both hands on her now still body he reached out through the force to her spirit which was already trying to become one with the force. Through the power of will alone he held her, neither dead or alive she was trapped between places. Binding his soul to hers he kept her safe, it required his full power to keep her there, Godo could only hope he was strong enough to maintain both their lives till help could come. If he failed they would both die.

Kaira Rohana

24-06-2008 20:50:45

The force around them seemed to grow feeling them both with such warmth that Kara smiled in her state. The power she felt flowing though her made her come alive in the force. Her mind was focsed now on the job at hand. Feeling Godos distress she knew he was having trouble focusing power to help her. Knowing that only made it a little easier to her really. It meant she could be the one trying to lead rather then her taking a back seat to him. Letting herself feel the force around her she could see it moving around her and that was all she needed right now to make sure the bleeding stopped.

With all her mind she fosced on her foot to stop the bleeding as the wound slowly started to scare over. It wasn’t healing but at least it was stopping the blood flow. It not for Godo’s power in the force she would never be able to do this. The time it took started to weaken her a bit more. Knowing if she didn’t get more blood soon stopping the wound wouldn’t help in the end. Though the force she went into a healing Jedi trances at least that was her hope for she only had read about this. Slowing ever part of her body almost to a stop to aloue the force to work on her body healing it.

It must have been hours later when she felt herself slowly waking up. Godos power still around her and he seemed to be hurting. “You saved me.” Her words said softly from her red lips. There bond had grown even stronger in the short time there together. Her foot still hurt pretty bad but at least it wasn’t bleeding any more. “My foot hurts… Did I stop the blood flow? How long have I been out? Did I do that healing trick right at all?” The questions poured out of her like always as she looked up into his eyes for the first time. There were tears. Bring her hand slowly to his face she softly touched his cheek as one of her fingers wiped away a tear. “Oh my, Godo don’t weep I am still with you. It is you who saved me.” The love that she felt for that man holding her right then was so strong she knew he would feel it as well.

With out a word Kara felt Godo pick her up into his arms to carry her from this place. There was something about how he held her so softly and carefully that made her love this all the more. Snuggling in close to his warm body she could feel that the once strong man had almost lost something that was so presuses to him today. “I promise never to let you worry about me like that again. I shall be more careful from now on.” With a soft smile she said those words knowing full well that there might come a time when she couldn’t keep them. That didn’t make them any less true to her how ever.


26-06-2008 15:26:56

The injury Kara suffered was horrific, quite how such a savage wound could be caused by the terrain was difficult to say but the blood soaked rocks were a testiment to what the unwary traveller could expect. These were cursed lands, many a dark soul had lost their life here. To those attuned enough, you could still hear their vicious whispers and mournful cries. Indeed, Godo had personally taken many a soul on these lands during the siege.

Blocking out the pain he could feel in his own leg he continued to carry Kara, she had gone limp and often lost conciousness before fitfully coming to again. One of the more fundamental skills of a Jedi and Dark Jedi alike was bestowing an element of healing, it was a skill he could never master. During his earliest days of training he found he could only leach life from another, on one occasion he left another student in a coma. His dark mentor had revealed to him that the only thing he was capable of was death. All he could do was cocoon Kara in the force, she was doing the rest.

When at last they reach the Academy her wound for the most part was stable. One of the resident apothecarys carefully examined her, healing the wound and putting her into a deep sleep. He carried her to his chambers and left her alone to sleep and rest. It had afterall been a traumatic event and one she would not readily recover from. Leaving he headed to the Cantina.

Finding a table tucked away in the corner he sat down and brooded over recent events. Forming a connection with anyone was not what he had anticipated. A bottle of something dark with a faded and dusty label was placed in front of Godo followed by the slamming of a small glass tumbler. "Drink up! Drink up! You've had a very busy day!"

A man shrouded in scarlet had appeared at his side, towering above anyone in the Cantina his voice reverberated about the room like a deep bass drum causing nearby glasses and bottles to rattle. Masters and students alike looked on in astonishment to see their glasses rattle along the tables. The man in scarlet had an almost ethereal quality about him, it moved subtley in a wind that did not blow and he seemed a continual blur. He stuck out like a sore thumb but yet no one seemed to notice or acknowledge he was there. Without waiting for an invite the scarlet man sat down opposite him.

"Well? Drink! I think we have something to celebrate." The only visible sign of a face was a large fanged grin, the hood obscured the rest. Godo did not respond to the scarlet man, as though he knew the stranger.

"I thought it too much to hope you were dead." Godo did not look up as he spoke these words, instead focusing on the unopened bottle.

"You do know it's not you that she likes? Your just a puppet, a meat puppet. It's MY power she feels drawn to."

Godo ignored the insult and instead pryed off the bottle top and poured out a generous measure into the tumbler. The thick black liquid trickled in a satisfying manner into the glass. Lifting it up to his lips he took in all the scents and smells of the drink, he detected many fruits, locations within the glass. Swilling it about the glass the scents came alive, before taking a small measured sip. Gentley lowering it to the table he looked up at the grinning man in red.

"Perhaps she does, but that leaves a bigger question doesn't it?"

"Go on failure, your doing well." the scarlet man let out a deep booming laugh that shattered a glass from a nearby table, the owner of which looked about puzzled by this sudden turn of events.

"I killed you, no doubt about it. I watched your spirit sucked into the abyss. Yet since I have regained my connection to the force it has been chaotic, unharnessed, power I can't control and never had."

"I have waited a long time for one of my pet projects to pay off, and today is payday! Eventually I shall consume your soul and you shall be mine. Then..." the scarlet man looked about him surveying the scene of cockey hopefulls and somber masters. "Then I shall destroy these pathetic children and lead a new crusade. Maybe I shall visit Kara's home planet, I would so love to gorge myself on the souls of her friends, family." He laughed again, but there was nothing joyous in the tone, it oozed malice.

"So, you let your physical form die and bound yourself to me. You can not escape your fate forever, I defeated you once before. I think myself more than capable of doing it again."

"Is that so 'Godo'?" Turning once more he spotted a student, a women about Kara's age chatting to a fellow student. "Strikes me she is ill prepared for the rigours of the dark side...or for that matter the force altogether. Dont you agree?"

Without waiting for a responce Godo stood up and unleashed a devastating wave of dark side energy on the women, searing the flesh from her bones she screamed in agony before finally collapsing to the ground, her corpse still burning with black flames. Many in the Cantina stopped mid conversation to take in the gruesome scene, none so much as uttered a word in objection.

"Clearly you agreed." the scarlet man laughed darkly.

Godo slowly sat back down, confusion over his complete loss of control. "Damn you Kai, damn you."

Kaira Rohana

26-06-2008 16:31:17

It was a very traumatic day for Kara being taken from that battle field to the apothecarys. The pain she had to let flow in her so she could learn to mask pain in the furuter. She really wanted so much to understand how to take care of her body though the force. This whole thing had made her watch what the apothecarys did to her. Some day she wanted to be able to heal her owe wounds with out help. Godo though it all seemed more worried for her then himself. It was in the way he held her that she knew how much he cared for her as she layed there now on the bed in the apothecary. Then as she was about to say something she was put into a deep restful sleep.

What a warmth the sorrouned her whole body as she layed on what felt like a soft pillow. A strong desticent smell wofted to her nose letting her drink in a smell that was very formillor to her. Snuggling down into the blankets she was slowly starting to come around. Her mind was so at peace right now she had no idea where she was or what had happed to her. It wasn’t the best way to wake up in a strange bed in a streage room. However Kara did slowly open her eyes to look around. There was no one in this room with her. Sitting up she stretched. Something about the room just made her feel at home. Maybe it was the smells or the warmth in the force that wrapped her up in a feeling of safty.

Looking around she could tell she wasn’t in her own room. Then she remember what had happned. Pulling back the blankets she looked down at her foot. It was totally healed. Yet her dress would never be the same nor her shoes that were now gone. The bottom eages of her dress where cover in red dryed blood. That wouldn’t come out easy she thought to her self. As she went to stand on her foot she still felt a twing of pain. Ok so it will be a little stiff to walk on. That could be handled. Something that couldn’t be handled as easy how ever was the fact that she as alone in what she hoped was Godos room. A little panic set in as she wondered just where she was.

“Godo….Hello any one home?” She cryed out as she walked slowly around the bed. Her eyes were still getting used to the light as she rounded the bed she struck her big toe on the corner of the bed post. Just her luck she thought as she sat down on the bed she rub it a bit. Really it didn’t hurt that much. Looking down at her dress she wanted to change but she didn’t have anything to change into. Where was Godo any way? Why would he leave me in his bed she thought to her self. If he was just going to leave why not take me back to my room and leave me there? Because he was worried about me and didn’t want me to be left in my room alone.

Closing her eyes she tried to reach out in the force to find him but found she was very tired from all she had done that day. Laying back on the bed again she brought those warm blankets around her. He would be back soon or maybe he was just in another room and couldn’t hear her. Setting up again she pulled that top blanket off wrapping it around her as she started to walk from the bed room. This place was so much bigger then any thing she had. Her room was a room simple as that. He had good taste in things she could see that. As she passed though the living area.

Then she saw it a closed door that just didn’t seem to fit. Putting her hand on the door she pushed it open with a little bit of effert. In side she found it to be a mess. The one room in the whole place that looked like some one set off a Thermal detonator in the room. Well maybe not that storng but still the room was a mess. As she pushed her way in with that blanket still wrapped around her she tried to wade though the papers that litted the room. It was a very pretty room but with all the cluter you would never know that. Kara took the blanket off folding it up and setting it aside. Then found some string to tired back her hair. If there was one thing she could do help Godo out after his kindness to her she was going to help him by at least cleaning up the room a bit so you could walk though there with out stepping on papers. Sitting down in the middle of the room she started to go though the mounds of papers stacking them in neat stacks much more orginced then before.


26-06-2008 18:30:00

To Kara it seemed initially a dumping ground but it soon became apparent that the stacks of papers, tomes, books and other unknown artifacts were not worthless, indeed it was a veritable treasure trove of knowledge rivalling some of the most precious books of the Academy. As the slow and laborious process of sorting through the chaos began she found herself reading and studying the numerous artifacts. In one of the parchments she picked up an elaborate picture depicting some sort of battle was shown. In a mixture of fascination and horror she could see prisoners being executed and tortured. Men, women and children were mutilated but she could see also how such horrific acts brought about an intensity in the dark side of the force.

Rifling through the papers she found a tome containing secrets to mastering an ability in the force that allowed someone to rip memories from another, though it did not say how it effected the victim it hinted at a miserable fate. All this information and it was all hers for the taking. Feverishly she began searching for more information, another tome showed how to draw life from the living, another showed how to mask your presence to even the most accomplished force sensitive and examples of it being used by assassins to infiltrate powerful enclaves and destroy their leaders.

A large leather chair in the corner proved to be the perfect place to sit and read this incredible collection. She had often heard of powerful masters keeping powerful techniques in the force and other artifacts from even their own students. One book caught her eye above all others though, it was written in a scripture she had never seen before. It was not Sith or any variant on Galactic basic, though she didn't have extensive knowledge of languages it was like nothing she had seen before. Running her fingers over the books cover she felt a surge of excitment pass over her, it was like the book was a living entity and whatever was in it was talking to her. Promises of untold power, power to rise above all her peers. She felt excited, her pulse raced and she felt slighty intoxicated. It took every ounce of will power to put the book down. The moment she let go of it she felt instantly sick and weak.

After a few minutes passed she felt strong enough once more to continue looking about the study, it was an amazing place and she felt as though she could spend not just hours but weeks, months or even years.

She stood and walked to the door when she caught a sidelong glance at herself in a mirror, she looked disheveled, her hair though tied still looked matted in places, her once magnificent dress torn and blood soaked. Undoing the clasps that held the once elegant garment on she let it drop to the floor before moving into the shower.


Kai, the greatest threat and power Godo had ever faced had gone. He knew better, his enemy had not gone but merely fled into the darkest recesses of his soul. Perhaps it had been an accident or part of a much larger plan. Maybe that was the point of his clones to create a new body to house his essence but right now it didnt matter. He had a deadly conciousness in him, perhaps it was something to harnessed and used or maybe it was something to fear and to destroy.

Downing the remainder of his glass he stood, for the most part everyone in the Cantina was trying to avoid his gaze. A few others were trying to cover up the still smoking corpse of the student. Either way he had to leave, he had already drawn too much attention and this new revelation was something that weighed heavily on him.

He decided it would be best to return to his room and check on Kara, he felt a need to protect her and right now he wasnt sure if he should be protecting her from the galaxy or himself.

Kaira Rohana

26-06-2008 23:55:39

After all that reading her mind seemed to be stuffed full. The shower just felt wonderful as it seemed to carry some of that stuffed feeling away. As that warm water cascaded down her body she started to losen up a bit. It had been a hard day and she didn’t realice just how tince she was until she took the warm shower. Not knowing how much time she spent in there she pulled back the door to the shower to step out grabbing a towel. Now if she only had some clean cloths to put on. Looking at the floor were her dress had been it was gone. Was Godo around and she didn’t know it?

“Godo?” She said loudly with the towel wrapped around her. No answer came room any were. So she stepped out into the room to find her dress on the floor next to the bed. How in the word did it get all the way over there. That’s right she thought she had just torn it off leaving it lay there. She felt a bit better but the more she looked at that dress the more she really didn’t want to put it back on. Sitting down on the bed she kept that towel wrapped around her waiting for Godo to come back. Not sure when he would show up she layed down again on the bed.

Pulling the sheet up since the blanket she had left back in Godos office. She snuggled down in just laying there thinking about the day and how much she must have worried Godo. Part of her had been very worried as well. If he had not used his powers the way he had she could have died and that wouldn’t have been good at all. Sitting up as she hard a nose form the other room she grabbed the towel as she stood up. Looking around she had nothing to defend her self if it wasn’t Godo. “Godo?” Said again only to have the door open.

“Yes….” Came Godos Strong voice. Kara smiled standing there in only a towel thinking great if only my dress wasn’t at the end of the bed. “Hey think you got any thing for a girl to wear that is in better shape then that dress there?” She said sweetly as she could as she stood there in a towel. Her hair was still dripping down her back sending cold water onto the backs of her legs and making her shiver a bit. “Sorry I used your shower I just couldn’t stand being in that dress. I just look….” Then she looked into his eyes and saw something. “what is it? What is wrong?” She said as if she saw something that she didn’t like in him. Something had happned to him but what was it.


27-06-2008 15:26:43

For a moment Godo did not respond, his mouth moved but no sound emerged. A puzzled expression seemed to pass over his normally impassive face. Perhaps, Kara considered, that it was the appearence of a young naked women in his chambers with little more than a small towel to cover her modesty but there was something else, the force was reacting strangely about Godo. "What's wrong?" fear was rising up in her, cursing her fortune being the only weapon to hand was a flimsey ancient Sith relic.

"I...I, how? Sorry?" Godo was babbling, making little sense. For a moment he stared off to one side as though someone was chatting to him, she followed his gaze, nothing obvious or amiss.

"I am sorry to have kept you" he finally said, as though something playing on his mind was decided.

"I should not have left you alone here, I hope you were not frightened?" Kara was astonished. Genuine interest and concern for her, she sensed it before but never seen it so visible in Godo.

"Such inner strength, it would be most improper of me to let you leave here without first becoming acquainted with the finer virtues of Baron Vikthov. It was said he had a special talent for manipulating the faith and opinions of his advisery making his victims allies to his cause."

Kara's jaw dropped, his mannerisms had changed completely in an instant. He carried himself like a member of royality. His somber expressions were replaced with warmth and passion, long words and elegant hand gestures. Before Kara could question this bizzare behaviour Godo had already turned on his heels and headed to his study. Following cautiously she walking in on him once again tearing the place apart, scattering rare and precious manuscripts all over the place.

"Godo? What's wrong?"

"Aha! My dear Kara I have found thee book for you! How about ripping the memories from your enemy? Rather handy in a pinch!"

She did not say anything, she continued to watch aghast by what was unfolding. He picked up the rare and precious book that had drained her of will and energy. He seemed to weight it up in his hands before throwing it over his shoulder a look of disgust etched on his face. The book landed awkwardly falling open on a chapter about creating life through the force. She recoiled from the sight and instead walked cautiously over to Godo. Reaching out to him through the force she felt the familiar presence of Godo but there was something different about him, she couldnt quite put a finger on it.

He suddenly stopped what he was doing and gazed back at Kara, a look of bewilderment on his face. For a moment she felt vulnerable and exposed but not because she was all but naked.

"Good grief dear lady, where are you clothes?"

"Umm...Godo? I needed a shower?"

Kaira Rohana

27-06-2008 16:18:11

Something very strange was going on that Kara didn’t quiet understand. As she followed Godo into his office she saw him rip the room apart again. It was then she could tell that Godo had changed very much so. There was more to him then the normal Godo she felt all the time. To her it seemed as if there was other sprits locked away with in his mind fighting for control. All the time he was trying to fight to maintain that control over them. It mad her sad to think that he had to deal with this on his own. Kara wanted to help him more then any thing. Yet she wasn’t sure how to do it.

Looking down at herself in that towel she giggles as she softly spoke to him. Then she just moved forward to him. Putting a hand on his she smiled a warm smile at him letting him in to her mind. “You seem very out of place right now. Please calm your self Godo. Your mind is so fractured as if you are trying to be more then one person all at the same time. Oh my Godo you need help…..” Kara stopped there not sure if she had said the wrong thing or to much. If he would only let her help him control his mind and those sprits. She didn’t want to stop being with him at all but if he went totally crazy there would be no way he would be able to do his job.

Kara knew full well that the Clan and the house needed him. Right now Kara couldn’t think of a better person for his job or that could do the job he was doing. Looking over at the chair in the corner she saw that big blanket she had left there before. “Godo I need some something to wear. I need you to focuses on that for a moment for me. Then we can try and find out while your mind is so fractured.” Kara kissed his cheek then stepped back hoping he would help her finally get some cloths. If not she didnt know what she would do.


27-06-2008 18:40:49

The man in scarlet chuckled darkly in the corner "You have a naked women in your room, with nothing more than a piece of fabric covering her and your rumaging through what? Bits of old paper! What a fool you truely are."

Godo rounded on his tormentor "What the hell do you know? Your DEAD!"

Kara backed away uneasily, who was he talking to? Was he losing his mind? She could sense the fracture in Godo, quite how it had happened and why she didnt know. Was it the case that more than one spirit occupied this body and which was the real Godo, does he even exist?

Godo's fist had become so tight from the heated exchange it was drawing blood which fell in audible drops on the intricately carved flooring. Approaching carefully Kara gentley cradled his arm till the rage that surged through him passed. She felt a chill in the room which made her shiver even more, without prompted Godo to walk away into another room and re-emerged holding a simple black, form fitting uniform.

"It's not much, many of the students wear it. It's functional but I have little else." He sounded different again, as though he were far away, distant and isolated.

She took the garments off Godo before disapppearing into the bathroom. He sat down heavily on his bed catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror. His skin felt cold and clammy and sweat was clearly visible. The nightmare he had strived to escape had returned and was once again dominating his life. The hate was flowing through his blood like poison once more, he couldn't let the hate go it just continued to fuel him, focus his power and drain all the colour from his life. The blackness was complete and all consuming, with it came a great power but was the price just too high to pay?

"You know, over the centuries I have seen many thinks. But my, my, my. What a great figure. I always found Jedi too high and mighty even as I shattered their bones with a glance. And those dark Jedi? Even worse! Obsessed with what little power they could covet for themselves. Fun killing them though, watching the genuine look of surprise as you rip their still screaming souls from their bodies."

Godo watched Kai in the doorway leering at Kara as she let the towel fall to the floor and try and fit into the clean yet tight fitting uniform. Turning back to the mirror he gave himself a hard look, sometimes you spend so much time fussing over the little details in your appearence you forget to really look at yourself. You see things you never did before, whisps of grey appearing, the gaunt features caused by the corrupting power of the dark side. The energies he had command of were killing him and he knew it, would he end up like the Brotherhoods Eldars? Nothing more than a shadow, a wound in the force?

He pulled off his black combat gloves and examined the self inflicted wounds, it was deep but his precious little blood was already thickening up. Allowing his hands to come up he removed his shades, his world suddenly came alive with light and vibrant colours that made his eyes squint. When the pain of vision finally settled he looked back into the mirror. He felt a mixture of revulsion and strength, looking back at him in the mirror were those alien, blood red eyes. It was said that those who look upon them were to invite an eternity of misery. Somehow he found himself believing it.

Almost hearing Kara arrive back into his bedchambers too late he just managed to put his glasses back on, once again throwing his world into darkness.

Kaira Rohana

27-06-2008 21:51:44

Coming from the room with the change of cloths on she looked over at Godo with a sad frown. He ment a lot her so what ever was going on she wanted to help him with. Taking a long deep breath she walked to his side putting a hand on his shoulder. Part of her took in a all he was right then. Sitting down behind him she thought to herself that he needed to relex more. Bring both hands up to his shoulders she started to rub them softly. All she could hope was that he would find it relaxing and started to calm him self. Really he had started to scare her quite abit with all he was doing. Kara wasn’t sure how to act around him but there was no way she would be leaving him right now. If that meant staying here all night she would do just that.

Taking in a deep breath she stopped her hands as he seemed much more relaxed now. At least that was the since she was getting from him. Coming around to sit beside him she put her hand on his and looked into his face with a smile. “Let me take those shades off and see your eyes please.” Bring her hand up to his face she felt his other hand grab her hand. Then slowly brought it to his lips kissing it softly as he brought it back down to his side. “The glasses stay on my dear Kara.” Hearing that she frowned for all she wanted was to see his eyes. Was it that horriable? Sighing she thought maybe he was not still not as cofrable around her as she was around him.

“If you wish me to go I will but I don’t feel I should leave you alone right now. Something seems to be in termorl in you and I want to help.” The truth was he had never asked her about her self still. That kind of trouble her in some ways that he didn’t want to get to know her to well yet he wanted her here with him. Maybe he was having trouble asking. “You know you have never asked me about my past. Is it because you do care or that you just never got up the nevure?” Looking at the floor what would he think of her? I mean of couse he had killed but how would he react to her killing? The thing was she wanted to be here and learn more how to control her ablitys. There was so much to learn.

“I love that office by the way. I hope you don’t mind but I want to go back in there and read more some time. It was just a weath of knowledge.” Her hope was to spend many hours in there studying. It would be some place no one would ever look for her other then Godo him self. That made it that much more special to her. Wanting to stay with Godo met a lot to her right now. He needed some one with him with the way his mind was right now. There was no way she could leave him alone in this place her worry wouldn’t let her. Then she looked up and saw him looking at her. “What is it?” She said softly.


28-06-2008 07:08:17

It took a moment for him to gather up his fragmented thoughts, they felt like they had been scattered to the four corners of the galaxy. He quelled the growing hate, allowing his spirits to balance. The man in crimson had gone, replaced instead with Kara perched next to him, she had been doing something, what he wasnt sure but she was now dressed and had an expression of genuine concern. For now at least he was whole, like someone coming to the crime scene for the first time he filtered through all that had happened. The events of earlier, he had a vague recollection of her being hurt? Looking at her he noticed no signs of physical distress. He then thought about the events in the Cantina, he had killed someone. He remembered killing them and feeling satisfied. A sense that whoever it was deserved it, that they were pathetic and weak.

He stood slowly, accessing these alien memories. A visible sense of relief passed over Karas face. On the floor he noticed a book, one of his oldest and most prized left discarded. Gentley bending down he lifted the old book, examining the page it had fallen at carefully. Then having satisfied his curiosity he closed it.

"The force can be used in very powerful and sometimes subtle ways. You can destroy memories or even create new ones. Some find that when it is their time, they can not become one with the force. What you have seen and perhaps heard you will not understand. You may never understand but perhaps one day you will."

Godo then held out the book to her. "Take it." he uttered with barely a whisper.

She had touched it before and wasnt sure what it was Godo was trying to tell her. With a nod of encouragement she accepted the book. Instantly she felt a chill pass through her.

"What you hold in your hand is the means to understand many greater mysterys of the force. Use it with caution for within its pages holds my fate." She nodded though clearly confused.

Godo then dragged across a chair from the study and moved it opposite where Kara was sitting. Taking a seat he crossed his legs and allowed his hands to lock.

"Enough about me however, my destiny is already determined and I will not shy from it. You on the other hand are a different matter. You have begun a journey, a choice you, yourself made. The book will help you along but there are also obstacles to your progression."

"Obstacles? What do you mean?" that sense of eagerness for knowledge perhaps even power, echoed in her words.

He nodded. "Yes obstacles. Our past can shape and define us as people. I have shown you things that none have ever seen before. I will do you a deal. A fair one. It might even cost me more, but its something I am willing to do."

Kara allowed her fingers to pass over the thick bindings of the book, it did seem to be a living entity. She felt a wave hate pass over her making her visibly shudder.

"This is what I propose Ms Kara Rohana. I will show you more, more than you have ever dreamed of. Of things that are and things that are no longer. But like all things, there is a price. You will keep what I show secret, tell none other. Not even your most prized Master. Submit your will to me and you will be given such a power that in the future the very galaxy itself will quail at your approach."

"How?" is all she could muster, there was something seductive about his promises. She knew, perhaps deep down that this could be a corrupting of the dark side. That what he really promised was a destiney stooped in shadow and hate but if that was so, she would do it willingly.

"Now Kara, let us hear your tale. Where did you come from? What is it that taints your heart and allows you to feel such passion?"

Kaira Rohana

28-06-2008 10:10:19

There was still a hint of torromal with in Godo but it was slowly going away. The more focsed he became on her the more he seemed to be alright again. That let her relax again only to have to tell her story. It wasn’t easy telling about her past because she was trying hard to just forget it. There was no reason to dewll on something that only brought you sadness. Her life right now was what mattered to her. She had friends that she truly cared about. To her that was something knew. Even back on the ship that she helped work on she didn’t feel this close to any of those guys. Taking in a long deep sigh for she knew that Godo wanted to know and she couldn’t hide who she was.

Laying back on the bed she took in a deep long breath as she turned to look at the man she had come to care so deeply about that at times it hurt. Looking at him with a soft smile she waved him over patting the bed next to her. “Come sit with me then I will tell you.” She said softly as she watched him come to sit down with her. Where to start she thought to her self? Of couse at the begin but what was she going to tell him? Did she tell him her sad tale or was she just going to down play the whole thing? Kara wasn’t sure how to tell this story with out it sounding so sad. Just tell him she told her self get it over with.

Sighing she knew she was right. Man she had to stop talking to her self and answering her self at some point some one would think she was crazy. “I guess I should start at the beginning. I was born on Corallia. My mother and father were very happy to have me I guess. I will never know though. They were killed three days after I was born. After I came here I learned about how they were killed. It seemed the Captain of smuggling ship that I worked for form 8 until I came here got them killed because he wanted to take over there busncess. This is long and confusing I know. Please just let me get though it.” The more she talked the more she grew sad and angry at the same time. It hurt that she had spent so much time with that man then to find out who he was put a knift to her heart.

Trusting people wasn’t something she was good at. All it had done in her past was couse more heartak in the end maybe she shouldn’t be trusting Godo and Impie but she did. Much more then any one else she ever had. “Until I was 2 my grandmother rasied me then the Captain who I found out was my cousins had our grandmother killed as well. After that my cousin had me live with a family that was very mean to me. I was beat by that family. When they went a way for a weekend leaving me with a friend I ran away. I was 8 years old. When my cousin finly found me I had no idea who he was. He took me onto his smuggling ship and I learned how to do every thing a smuggler did on that ship. It was a intesting life really. Every time I truned around I was learing something new from flying the ship to combat training. It was later I found out one day that I had a gift for knowing things.” Kara paused this was growing so long. For now she just had to deal with this. He wanted to know so she had to tell him.

“The days were long but it kept me busy. As I grew up I was treated like one of the guys. The captain who I only called Boss was like a father. He made sure I stayed protected all the time. Any guy that ever got close to me was thrown off that ship. The guys that stuck around were like brothers. Boss made sure I was well taken care of but I never learned about any thing other then what had to do with smuggling. I never was aloud to lok like a girl. He didn’t treat me badly but I wanted to know what being a girl was like.” Pausing again she wasn’t sure if she should tell him about the killing even though he was so open abut his past battles or the momerys he had of them she still didn’t know how he would take hers. Then she looked up at him and smiled. He would be just fine.

“There were times that I had to kill people for Boss. He always came to me over any one else. Maybe he knew of my ablity to use the force. I had learned that when I got mad enough that I could throw some one using only my mind it was rather cool to learn that when your only 12 and the guy you are face in a combat things you are easy push over. Boss never worried about me after that. He told me I had a gift and to use it as much as I wanted. Before coming here on one of my jobs I killed 20 guys in a matter of about 5 minutes. My blaster rifte that I made my self could shot quickly and very acritrly. There was a reason behind it how ever Godo. They wanted to kill me and my fellow crew members. I couldn’t let that happen. You must understand I hold no remorse at all for what I have done. Those men were weak as they come. Soon after that I came here. Since being here I have learned more about my gift and my family. I am now 21 years old and my familys businces that my couins tried to take was a smuggling ring with a legement front. I now own 5 ships, a house on Corallia, a shop of Corallia and more money then I know what to do with. The will that I couldn’t get until I was 21 came into my hands while being there. I learned that the only reason my cousin kept me around was because of the will. He wanted me to be so close to him that when I found out the I owned it all he could spin things to his side.”

Kara stopped talking and looked at Godo. Maybe she had said to much she had just went on and on telling her story. It was long and maybe a little to long. There was a lot to take in. “Well that is my life. The only people that matter to me any more is the people that are here. Oh Impetus and I took care of my cousin. There is no need to worry about that little snake any more. Really the only people I care about now are here and they can take care of them selfs. Is that all you want to know Godo do you have questions?” Kara looked at him again longing to see his eyes. She so wanted to look deep with in his soul and know truthly who he was. Moving her hand over to his she squeeded it then she smiled softly. She had said a lot now she had to let it sink in.


28-06-2008 19:17:10

For a while Godo just lay there on the bed, looking up at the ceiling mulling over this new information, Kara for the most part was content to lay by him. After several minutes he got up and wondered over to a beautifully veneered cabinet with glass fronted doors. Opening it he pulled out a bottle and two glasses, before returning to the bed. He handed her one of the glasses which she took a little hesistantly. With a gesture of his hand the stopper flew off and he poured out a generous measure of something dark and red, smelling it cautiously she took a small sip. It was sweet and she could taste many fruits and spices but also it made her feel a little sad. There was something in the aroma that reminded her of the Corellian coast.

"I thought you might appreciate this, made in the same province you were born. I have an extensive collection from across the galaxy and some of the best wines come from the grape grown along many parts of the Corellian coast. But be careful, this is worse than tarisian ale. Sip it gentley or you'll be swining from the rafters."

Kara found herself feeling much happier than a moment ago, whether it was the wine or perhaps Godos company she wasnt sure, perhaps it was talking about her past.

Godo took another measured sip. "The Jedi would tell you not to forge attachments, to be prepared to lose what you hold most dear. Because they will tell you it leads to the dark side. Frankly if there is something special to you, dear beyond words then you should cling to it. Covet it. Why cant someone protect those that they love or something that they hold dear? Your 'boss' was looking out for himself and was prepared to do anything to get it."

She nodded "Like I said, he was like a father to me. Taunt me everything I know."

"Indeed he did, but he betrayed you. He took those from you that were precious. He lied to you, twisted who you were, forever denying you what you wanted more than anything. How do you feel about that?"

The more Kara dwelt on it the more she felt the hurt, rage the hate burn in her veins. Her heart ached with a pain. Unable to cope with this sudden surge of emotion she took a deep gulp of the glass Godo had offered her, almost downing the glass in one go. This made her feel a little light headed.

"Remember these feelings, it is this passion, this hate that gives you power. When you feel this way focus on it, then direct it against your enemies. It is this focus, this passion you have which will give you incredible strength. When next facing your enemy remember this feeling and use it."

Reaching over he gentley wiped around her eyes, realising for the first time tears had trickled down her face. Allowing himself to fall onto his back he took another sip of his glass before asking "So what did you do to this worm?"


Kaira Rohana

29-06-2008 01:11:00

Having told him finely who she was made her feel a little more at peace for once she was being who she was. Taking the glass of wine she looked at it as she took the smell of it. For it to smell that it took her back though the years to a world long dead to her. Looking over at Godo she smiled a thankful smile. Then just went though many emestions as if she was watching herself do them but didn’t understand them. It was hard to understand why but she did drink in more of that wine then she planned to at first. Godo had seemed to cast a spell over her that she couldn’t break free of but she didn’t think she wanted to. That was part of the joy she had being there with him.

Then as she shook her head coming free of her daze she knew what needed to be said. Her cousin had hurt her deeply but if it hadn’t happned she didn’t know if she would be where she was today. There were possabitlrys that her family might have had plans for her. Getting up off the bed for a moment she almost feel over as she did htough. The rush to her head was making her even more light headed. Saving her self by sitting back down she shook her head as if to say something… “you were right this can go right to your head. This is only the 2nd time I have ever had any kind of drink like this. Guess I am not one to hold my liqure.” She said with a giggle. Yet she knew there was much more to say to Godo.

Moving slowly to set her glass down she turned to look right at him. Her mind a live with so much to say but where to start was the question. She just didn’t want to hurt him in any way but at the same time she had to tell him how she felt. “Godo I care for you more then any thing and I want to hold on to that. How ever what you just said makes me a little nevurse. Yes I hate my cousin so much. But I know with out him I might not be here. I wouldn’t change a moment of my past if it meant that I might not get to know you. I don’t care if you have the memorys of other men you are still Godo. You have made your path no matter what your frachered mind tells you. Telling me to hold on to that feeling I get when I feel all the horrable things in my past and how they make me feel the truth is they don’t make me that angry. Your right about how passtiont I feel. I do want to hold on to that feeling of how passitent I am about never wanting to go back. Those were dark days and I wouldn’t wish them on any one. Just know that snake killed my parents makes me feel so mad at him but at the same time I feel sorry fro him that he had to do that to his Aunt and Uncle.” Kara stopped she must sound loony.

Taking a long deep pause she smiled softy at him. “Maybe I do have a little anger at my cousin I just cant stand the fact that Impie couldn’t let me kill him. We left him on a planet alone too the ship back to corallia where I left it in lock up. It wasn’t until just a few days ago I found out it was really mine any way. Oh Godo I am so confused about every thing. I want him dead but do I really want to do it. I feel he is not worth it he is so low that he will be killed by some one or may have already been killed. You say I should hold on to all this and use this power but I don’t think it is power I think it is dwelling on the past that can only hold me back. I want to move into the future where he never will be seen again. He never let me have or do any thing with out knowing what it was. I didn’t know any thing about…” Kara stoped there she wasn’t sure she should say what she was about to. As she looked at Godo she knew if she told him there was no going back.

“Godo until I met Impie I didn’t know anything about Sex. I just didn’t. That man didn’t let me know about my own body let alone about a man. Impie taught me things. She has told me lots of things one of them being you don’t always have to kill. That I shouldn’t let my anger get the best of me that I should hold it in check and use it only when I have to. That I can be so much stronger if I chose to use my powers carefully this is why I am confused my dear sweet Godo. You teach me differently but I love what you say. It seems so much more powerful and I want to be close to you…” She was about to say the one word she didn’t want to use just yet. Love was a very powerful emestion and even if she did love him in her heart she wasn’t sure he was ready to hear her say it. If any thing was to happen to him she would fight until there was no more breath in her to save him. That was just the way it was. Kara cared deeply for Godo she wouldn’t let any thing happen to him that she could stop. She felt that was much more powerful then her anger for her cousin.


29-06-2008 15:07:39

Godo got up from the bed and walked over to something in the corner of his bed chambers, he stood staring at what appeared to be a Sith carving, with his back to her he began reciting something, quietly at first but with each line spoken gaining in volume and significance.

"Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me."

After a moments pause he turned back to her, she was sitting on the bed once again cradling the wine, she was a whirlwind of emotions but still greeted him with a genuine smile inspite of it.

"An old Sith code that is taught to us. It tells any would be Sith that when you strip away the facade of life, of so called peaceall we really have is chaos and passion. I will be honest with you Kara, I never really believed it till I met you. I am consumed by a hatred bourne of another and it seemed the only true power. Yes, there is power in it but I think there is something greater. That is why I struggle to read you, you have such passion and not all born of hate."

He walked over to the bed once more and topped up his glass, taking a mouthful he savoued the taste, trying to pick out the individual components that made up the wine. It was how in many respect he examined life and people, you could with a bit of patience and a keen eye disect even the most complex of individual, save one, himself.

"I have a dilema, Kara Rohana. I will be honest, you are a real threat to me. None have been able to see past the illusion I have conjured, yet you did. I have been able to observe the inner workings of the most deadly Grand Masters, undetected. You, I struggle to see into your heart. You are special, unique."

He paused to take another considered sip of the wine. "By all rights I should see your death, here and now. None would question my actions, it is the way of the Sith."

Moving the glass in at first a slow circular motion, he gradually increased the speed. The force of gravity forcing the wine up the glass and around it. "You may, in the future kill me but if so I would not stop you. To me you are a true prize, a beauty that few ballods could do you justice. A true work of art, a diamond in the rough."

Sitting back down he watched Kara closely. "What do you suppose you would do, if you were in my position right now?"

Kaira Rohana

29-06-2008 16:33:45

Her mind was trying to take in all he said as she sat there on the bed. He had a point that at some point they might try to kill each other. Kara hoped that day would never come. Looking over at him she smiled softly for she had a number of ideas for him to do to her right now and not one of them involed killing her. “If you truly thought that I was weak or a threat would I even be alive right now? Do you see me wanting to kill you at all?” Kara sat there picking up her glass of wine once more. Taking a tiny sip since it was almost gone she sighed. He was sith and she was krath. They didn’t mix well all the time. Yet she wanted to show him that there was more to being a dark jedi then being truly dark in your soul.

“As for what you should do right now I have a number of ideas the question is what do you want to do with me right now?” Her body turned to his as she smiled at him slyly. Then she moved over next to him in a quick mostion. It was her way of saying I care for you and want you around. Putting her hand on his she brought the other up to his cheek again. If he wanted to kill her right now would be the perfect moment. Would he take it or would he aloue his feelings for her to take over the moment. Could they become a couple of as odd as they were. Before he could even stop what was going on how ever Kara made the next move.

Her soft red lips pressed to Godos with a firer passion. Hoping he would feel the heat in that one kiss as she kept it going. The question was would he pull back or push forward for more. It was up to Godo now on what he would chose. Kara had made her chose days ago and that was to stand by this mans side though what ever they went up agained. She knew that there would be time when the might be part and fighing for there clan she just hope that more times they could be together. As long as she was still young in her training how ever she would have to spend most of her time with Master Alaris. That meant less time learning from Godo but she knew they both saw things pretty close to the same. It made her feel alive as she sat there kissing him.


30-06-2008 16:56:29

The smell of the study felt familiar to him, he had spent many years here during his tenor as Quaestor. He was thumbing through a rare edition of Grish Banzer an unusual biography of a Jedi Master who had existed before the time of Exar Kun. The reason for the books inclusion in the dark library was lost on many Dark Jedi that studied here, but to Godo it held a very special place in his soul. Inparticular the 14th chapter which told of his posession by a dark spirit and the internal strife he faced battling the demon within. In the end he left the Jedi order but he did not begin a career as a Sith. Instead he travelled the galaxy doing great acts of evil and great acts of good. In the end he could not defeat the shadow in his soul but instead came to an understanding. It was said that Exar Kun himself set out to find this Jedi Master but failed, or as Godo liked to think found him and was sent packing. He smiled to himself at that rather comical scenario.

He leaned back in his large leather chair, allowing his mind to drift to happier times. In truth he felt pretty good, oddly calm though he could probably guess why. A lot had happened to him, he had suffered beyond measure and come out of it the other side. He had fought Jedi, Inquisitors, Sith Assassins and all manner of dangerous individuals and he had survived where so many had perished. His mastery of the force grew and with each passing day, his understanding reaching new levels.

He reached for his bottle and realised with a twinge of disappointment that it was empty, all that was left were the dregs and sediment. A smile played across his face as he remembered Kara had drunk far more than her fair share. Closing the biography with a slam he waved away the rising dust and slid the book to one side.

"Still up?"

Godo looked round to see Kara standing there with a beaming smile, she was wearing nothing save for a thin satin sheet, her smooth skin and athletic body clearly visible through gaping holes in her attire. Sliding off his chair he moved over to her allowing his arms to reach round her for a warm embrace. Leaning over he allowed his lips to meet hers, he felt light headed, completely lost to each others passion. Finally their lips parted and she ran her long slender fingers down his cheeks. He smiled.

"You dont need to wear those around me." Kara said making a small nod in the direction of his shades. Smiling he removed them, the firey red eyes seemed to be burning with such an intensity Kara felt lost to them, the heat and fire in them matched her own feelings. They kissed, hungrily this time before parting once again before returning to his bed chambers, Kara leaving the fine satin sheet behind her.

Kaira Rohana

30-06-2008 17:40:11

Rolling over her hand reached over to Godo. He was gone. Sitting up quickly she wrapped the satin sheet around her as she slid off the bed. Taking her time she could see a light coming from the study. As she crossed over to the room she smiled softly to her self. This day and night both had been a wonderful time with the man she was falling deeply in love with. It was giving her a power she didn’t think she would ever have or care to have. Passion and love filled her as she though about the last few hours. She had her answers though about him wanting her gone form his life. He chose to have her and keep her around that meant so much to her.

Moments later she was back in his arms finding him truly intoxicating. She knew some how they had ended up in his bed room again how she wasn’t sure. Those eyes of his seemed to hold her in the moment and not let go. Time passed slowly as the two shared each others passion and love for each other. It was one of those times that wouldn’t be forgotten. Kara seemed to be in heaven for what seemed like hours. It was soon clear that she wasn’t going to leave Godo any time soon. The night would be burned into each of there minds as they grew in there bond with each other like never before. This was a night of heat and passion for them both.

Hours passed as dawn creped up on them. The warmth that seemed to sorronded them filled both there hearts with a longing for the other. Kara was still asleep as Godo slipped from bed once more leaving Kara asleep. If Kara had know what time it was she would have jumped from bed. She was to meet Alaris but she was so tired and so comfrusble she didn’t know what time or were she was. Her sweet dreams filled her mind with loving thoughts of Godo. It was a good restful sleep for her and Godo couldn’t wake her. He was thinking just how beatuful she looked as she layed there with her hair all over the place. Her body was so soft and smelled so sweet but he had work to do.

Time passed as Kara slowly awoke once more. Looking around she felt for Godo but she knew he was gone. Reaching out to him in the force she found him not far just in his study again. This time as she got up she dresses in that tight black outfit he had giving to her to wear. Pulling her hair back as well she went to see Godo and find out what time it was. Putting her hand on the door she opened it slowly. There Godo sat in his chair looking as if he was sleeping. Softly she called out to him. “Godo my dear…” She had walked to his side placing a hand on his arm. “You awake?”


30-06-2008 18:10:01

Godo staggered, he knew at least four of his ribs were broken and he was bleeding from a dozen different wounds. He should be dead already but despite the horrific injuries some internal will forced him on, he almost tripped over something, he wasn't sure if it was a piece of pipe, metal or some other debris but he fell hard, winding himself. Looking about he could see the deep red rocks, copper laden and waiting to be mined. Make shift walkways, lifts and ladders crisscrossed the entire quarry deep within an asteroid. It was here that his enemy had chosen to reside, to plan and scheme for his ascention. It was here that Godo would die and that was a fate he had prepared for these last couple of years.

Fighting off the urge to blackout he pulled himself up, slowly but surely he managed to get back to his feet, biting back the tears that wanted to pour from his eyes as pain wracked his entire body. Right now a bit of bacta or force healing would go a long way, unfortunately he lacked both.

"Why there you are! You have been doing a wonderous job of avoiding me. But really, how far did you seriously expect to get?"

Turning slowly he caught sight of a large figure, he wore a heavy almost organic looking combat suit with a long flowing crimson cape that seemed to distort and blur with each tiny movement. A large bone like hilt with a bright yellow beam errupting from it was gripped in one hand, electrical energy surging up and down the energy blade. A deep bass like purr coming from it that shook is already pain inducing ribs. He winced visibly at his approach.

"Godo, Godo, Godo?" he taunted "Have I not given you the greatest gifts? Did you not defeat many of the most powerful of your order? Have you not killed and conquered in my name?"

Godo activated his own lightsaber, a column of red illuminating the area casting an almost hellish scene that was only enhanced by the copper rich rocks.

"Seriously? Look at you. I have seen Bantha fodder make more of an effort. Why dont you just give up? No shame in it. Your counterparts...well, most of them did the good think and died."

Moving into a combat stance and allowing ever fibre of his being to fill with the dark side he prepared for the final assault. He would not give Kai the satisfaction of an easy victory. His research into defeating this nightmare from history had paid off, in his many travels and studies he had found an ancient Jedi technique that could amplify an enemies attack and turn it back on them. For a while he had the advantage but his opponent, a being born of the darkside or as damned near to it was simply too powerful. Over time he countered it and in the last brutal exchange of force energy and lightsaber dueling he had crushed what felt like every bone in his body before being hit by debris, cutting deep into his flesh.

"Come on Kai!" he yelled "Finish me!"

Not waiting for a second invite he charged, nothing more than blur of red that lept high in the air before coming down fast, intent of removing his head and claiming it as his own. Death seemed a mere heart beat away. The world seemed to turn slowly, nothing moved, even the particles in the air seemed to hold their position in the air. He closed his eyes, feeling the force about him, dark, light, grey it was all the same to him. Not with any sense of reason, why or where he swung his lightsaber high in a large crescent of red, the world suddenly sped up, particles moved freely once more and his heart continued to beat once more. But how?

Looking at his feet was his enemy, the enemy of life and death itself, cut clean in two. He looked up, those red burning eyes burning into his very soul.

“You awake?” It sounded distant, far off and he wasnt sure from where. "You better wake up Godo Nurok!" Kai hissed.

Suddenly he found himself in the study looking on at one of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Kara Rohana greeted him with an affectionate smile which he returned.

Kaira Rohana

30-06-2008 22:23:39

The moment she saw that smile she just melted into a puddle in front of him. It was that smile that sent shivers up and down her spine as she moved over right next to him. “You were not there when I woke. Are you alright?” She asked a little worried about him. When she touched him a moment ago he felt a little cold and she could since that he was dreaming about something very dark that almost scared her. She felt power like this from him before the day before when he seemed to be talking to some one that was here. Maybe what ever he was dealing with was just that a darker soul within him. What ever it was she wanted to help him control it.

Moving herself so she could sit on his lap while he was siting in the chair. Her legs hanging off the side but her eyes looking right into his as if to say I am here and all yours. “What time is it any way Godo?” Looking around she didn’t see any clocks. It was fine really she didn’t think she had much to do that morning other then seeing her master later. It couldn’t be that late already she told her self. Then he looked at her with that soft smile again. “Oh around 1130 hours.” He said softly. Kara almost jumped form his arms. She was a full half hour late to meet Alaris. Giving him a look of almost shear horrier she tyred to get up.

“Oh no….” She said quickly this wouldn’t be good at all. Trying to free of him to stand up but he didn’t look that worried at all. As she wiggled free she got up and started to pace the room. Talking to herself as she took each step. All she was trying to do was come up with a good excuse as to why she was late. Her mind was so over wemled that she started to almost panic. Never a good thing with her for she didn’t just panic a little some times she went into full blown panic attacks. If she didn’t calm her self she knew this could be bad. Sitting her self down on the floor she close her eyes and took long deep breaths. There was then a hand on her shoulder. It was warm and loving as it touched her. “Calm your self Kara. Master Alaris knows where you are.” Kara now looked very confused. “But I should have meant him a half hour ago. The last time I was late I almost didn’t make it out of my training lesson from him.”


01-07-2008 15:41:34

Godo couldn't help but raise a grin at her frantic pacing, no doubt fearing her masters retribution for failing to meet up for further training.

“Calm yourself Kara. Master Alaris knows where you are.” she looked dumb founded, her normal ivory features starting to turn crimson at the potential embarressment.

“But I should have met him a half hour ago. The last time I was late I almost didn’t make it out of my training lesson from him.” a hint of fear in her voice.

With a dismissive wave Godo gestured towards a nearby table, heaving under the weight of numerous silver platters, with a touch of the theatrical he lifted up some of the silver lids to reveal a steaming gourmet meal. An assortment of fine meats, pastrys and jams. There were other things too, things she couldnt put a name to but the smell of the food was making her stomach growl.

Risking the wrath of her Master and the amusement of Godo she carefully picked up one of the tasty morsals and cautiously placed it in her mouth. It was hot and burned her tongue a little but the taste was like nothing she had experienced before. It tasted sweet and seemed to melt in her mouth, she risked an audible gasp of pleasure. Licking her long slender fingers she risked one of the pastrys, it was filled with a soft creamy center and broke up gentley in her now wet mouth. All sense of ceremony and dignity now gone she rapidly pulled up a chair and begun to attack the banquet aggressively.

"I seem to recall seeing something like that during the night." Godo said with a wide grin. She giggled but did not stop, another passion had been awoken in her, a need to try everything, to taste everything and devour it. She was not use to seeing such a feast and couldn't resist dipping her now coated fingers in various pots containing a veritable rainbox of colours. She was unsure whether she was eating any of it correctly but she had given herself up to the pleasure and would risk her Masters wrath.

Eventually her stomach stepped in to end the gorging and she found herself slouching on the chair, a mixture of satisfaction and pain etched on her angelic face.

"Master Alaris knows you are here, and has agreed just this once to for go your studies with him. I explained I had a few techniques I wished to personally instruct you in. Lets hope he doesn't ask for a practical demonstration." A wry expression spreading across his face.

Kaira Rohana

01-07-2008 18:10:30

The food seemed to calm her a lot. As she rushed to that table eating at least one of every dish there she couldn’t help but think that Godo was a very special man. The fact that she was still with him in some ways shocked her. If it had been many others she might not have even gotten into the door but she felt Godo was a little different then most of the men around this place. He seemed to realy care about her. That put a smile on her face as she ate a few more good things. Her tummy how ever was getting rather full. Sitting back she listened to Godo talk about Master Alaris.

If he did ask her what Godo taught her she had some good ideas how she would answer him. “I can tell him that you asked me not to share as I am not fully trained in the techniques as of yet. Not sure how that would go over though. Maybe just maybe you will teach me something Godo. I wouldn’t mind learning from you. How ever right now I think I need to just relax. I over ate. Why aren’t you eating did you eat all ready?” Every thing had been so good and the smells still lingered in the air. Yet she had not see him eat any thing. This kind of shocked her. “Please eat something Godo.” She said in a worried voice.

Shaking the feeling she got up and went over to him. Taking his hand she lead him back to the table. Then she pushed him into a chair. Not an easy task as he was a bit bigger then she was. As he sat down she brought her lips to his with a light kiss then smiled as she pulled back. “Now eat please.” Her voice was soft and sweet as she talk to him. Pulling one the chairs around she sat down right next to him. Her hand went up to his cheek as she rubbed it softly. The warmth that they shared was clear in her caring for him. Just to make her happy he did eat a few things. Then got up taking her with him not that she knew where they were going.

It wasn’t long before she knew full well were they were going. He was taking her to a training room. Oh wonderful what was she about to learn. She didn’t even have her lightsaber with her right now. In fact she had not been back to her own room since the day before. Her foot was feeling much better though that was a very good thing to her. His soft touch on her hand made her feel like they were the only two people around. As they passed all the training rooms again began to wondered where they were going. Then she knew her room. He was leading her to her room.

The moment she they reached the door they walked in side. Kara told him to sit down while she changed. Pulling out her nice red dress she showed it to him. “This alright with you or should I put on something to train in?” She had no idea if he would like the dress or not. So she waited for what he had to say. Really she was glad now she had a few more out fits after the dress she had on the day before got messed up. She was still a little up set over that but there wasn’t much she could do about it. Looking at Godo he had those shades on again but she knew why. He didn’t want just any one to see his eyes and how much he cared for her. It was written all over this face as he seemed to just sit there stairing at her. “Well Godo?’ She said waiting for an answer from him.


03-07-2008 15:06:11

The dress was beautiful, it had a certain dark and gothic feel to it but was elegant and suited her amazing figure. It was unlike him to appreciate the beauty in anything let alone in a women. His world was a bleak one filled with unending darkness and shadow, where hate and rage at the abyss was his only true companion. This changed things and he wasn't entirely sure how he felt about that. His memories began to drift once more to the events of his past, when he had done all manner of horrific things, sometimes out of lust sometimes through hate but all had an origin in his fall to the dark side.

"The dress suits you, put it on and lets head into your bed chambers." This was greeted with utter bewilderment but she led him in through, unsure as to what he wanted to do.

Once there he led her to the edge of the bed and sat down. "I wish to teach you something that my master taught me. Kai you have seen, his speciality was force powers that effected the mind and in turn the body. He could at a touch cause intense pain, I have seen Kai seize an enemy and instill fear and terror in his opponent. The Shadow Academy call it Force Insanity, however it does more than just instill terror or fear. It will enable you to enter their mind, to see and experience there fears and twist your opponent, make them your willing puppet or destroy their mind. It was said that Darth Zannah, Banes own apprentice was a master of it."

Kara listened intently, for all her feelings and emotions for Godo the lure of the dark side was something stronger, she could not resist learning more. "Teach me."

Nodding Godo pulled off his gloved hands and gentley placed his hand upon her face. For a briefest moment she felt a slight pressure on her mind. It was as though she had a headache, some sort of primeval warning that something unnatural was trying to worm its way into her. She resisted, not through choice but instinct, fending off the attacker. It seemed briefly to work, repelling the mental attack but then it rose up, expanded to incredible levels and overwhelmed her in an instant. Screaming out in agony and fear should found her voice lacked sound and her vision descended into complete darkness.

"You are trapped!" echoed a voice.

Opening her eyes slowly she found only darkness, complete and total darkness. She felt her way along the floor, looking desperately for an exit.

"You betrayed me! I am of your blood and you abandoned me!"

She spun around wildley looking for the source of the voice. "Where are you?" she shouted!

"I raised you, I made you what you are!"

Emerging from the darkness came a familiar face.

Kaira Rohana

03-07-2008 15:33:57

The room was warm as she sat there on the bed letting Godo teach her. This wouldn’t be easy she knew that. It might be harder then what she would have went though with Alaris today. Part of her knew deep down though Godo wouldn’t hurt her and wouldn’t do more then she could handle. Taking in a slow deep breath she took in this warmth then was lost to the darkness. It wasn’t a good feeling yet Kara knew not to panic. There had to be some light some where to see where she was. Hearing something a voice she knew all to well. What was saying didn’t hurt her it made her angry. This was just what she though this man would say to her. It didn’t matter to her really she was still trying to forces on where she was.

Turning slowly around she saw his face and smiled. “Oh dear cousin you only rasied me because you killed my parents. It is you that made me into what you wanted but it was the dark brother hood that saved me and made me what I am now.” She said with a sharp tone. This wasn’t someone she care to deal with so quickly she put her hand on her side. Wrapping her fingers around her lightsaber she turned it on showing to him just how much she had learned. “You really think that I care what you think any more? You are nothing to me. You are a past I wish to rid my life of.” With that Kara simply brought her saber down killing the man. As every thing went black again she felt her hands have nothing.

Then she remember what Godo had said this was a fear thing and he was in her mind. Was she facing what he wanted her to or was she only facing what she wanted to. Letting her self relax more as she tried to find Godo in her mind some where. The next thing that happened how ever was not Godo it was her grandmother calling out her asking her why she killed her cousin. “He killed my parents and he would have done the same to me grandmother. He even had you killed.” Her grandmother went on about family and Kara simply turned her back and the image was gone. Nothing else came to her now as she stood there in the darkness. The pain of every kill she had ever made seem to stinge her now as she cryed out to Godo.


03-07-2008 17:59:33

It had been difficult confronting her cousin and then her grandmother, they had taunted her, berrated her for her actions. But she kept her mind focused and survived the haunting images but she knew the assault on her senses had only just begun. Emerging from the abyss were figures, impossible to tell yet as they were too far away but a part of her was terrified. Coming closer into the light she began to make out the people coming closer to her, fear gripped her heart as she realised they were here previous victims.

Some hobbled towards her, arms out stretched, otheres pulled and dragged themselves, worse still were women and children looking gaunt and terrified. Pleading arms pulling at her robes, begging for help. Other shouted curses some simply looking on in silence with accusing eyes. One victims flesh had rotten away, exposing ribs and internal organs. Another corpse had become bloated distorting features beyond recognition followed by a buzzing cloud of flies. The sight and smell assaulted her, forcing her to gag.

She staggered back waving her lightsaber infront of her feebly, trying to push back the phantoms but more and more kept coming, far more than she could ever kill, half the faces she didnt even recognise. She laughed spitefully "I don't know half of you, this is a week and pathetic trick." she spat scournfully.

"Dont you realise? That each death has consequences? That you had killed a father? A mother? A son or daughter? That there are those depend on those that you murdered and that in turn they have perished? Look on and face the misery you have wrought on the galaxy."

The voice belonged to her cousin and try as she might, she could not avoid the baleful glances of her victims.

Kaira Rohana

04-07-2008 00:11:35

As the moments went by she knew Godo wasn’t ending this. There was something more she still had to learn. The it hit she knew something was wrong. There were more voices but they were faint. Kara looked around her as she saw them moving in on her. Using her lightsaber she tried to cut each one down but they just kept coming shadows of those she had killed yet there were so many. With them were children. She had never killed a child ever. That was a line she wouldn’t cross no mater how dark she became she never wanted to kill a child. Not sure what was going on she tried to back away from them. The shadows kept coming no matter what she did.

“STOP THIS.” She screamed but it didn’t end there was more. Her cousins voice came back with truth that she couldn’t hide from. Those children were dead because of her. How many families had she distoryed just like her cousin had done to her? Kara stood there dropping her lightsaber and grabbing her head with her hands. Screaming out she was crying so much she didn’t know what to do any more. Her mind was so confused right now she didn’t know what to think. If killing people brought all this pain how could she do it? Being a dark jedi meant you had to kill but Kara couldn’t do that right now. All she could do was curl up into a ball in her mind.

Tears ran down her face has Godo kept up his onslot on her mind. Then she seemed to brake free a bit of him. “Stop…Pleases Stop this.” Was all she seemed to get out. The voices wouldn’t stop and she couldn’t get way from them. She had coused so much pain and suffering just like her cousin had done to her. How could she be so evil? Really she was worse then her cousin for she had killed many more people then he ever did. All she wanted was for this to end. Every thing she was dealing with hurt her now. Going some were all alone to think would be best she felt then she wouldn’t hurt any one at least that was her hope. What was she to think? Her mind was slowly clsoeing around her closing off to very thing and ever one.


04-07-2008 19:17:43

The weight of guilt, horror and truth of the situation continued to assault her and though she tried to reason with her past, to understand it or even block it out nothing seemed to prevent the onslaught. In an act of desperation she cried out, perhaps for mercy or perhaps an end to it. The phantoms continued to close in around her regardless of her actions. Tears freely flowed and she found herself on her knees, weak and broken. When finally she summoned enough courage to lift her head she found herself once more alone.

For what felt like hours she simply lay on the floor, her emotions a whirl of extremes. Sometimes she would cry others she would wail or even laugh hysterically. Nothing made sense any more, life, death or even the force. Sometimes she could pick out the faces of those she had killed in the shadows before once more disappearing into the void. The torment seemed endless.

Eventually she found the strength to stand once more, shaking slighty and through shear force of will she moved one foot in front of the other and kept on walking. More hours seemed to pass by, eyes continually stinging from the salt of her tears but still she kept moving. Before long she came face to face with a another, it was Godo. He stood smiling, but one that she found chilling.

"Ms Kara? Your still alive? What a pathetic creature you are. Your nothing more than a common murderer!" he hissed at her. She felt her world falling apart around her. Having barely dealt with her cousin and the dead and their families she could not deal with Godo too.

Falling to her knees she began crying once more, occasionally wailing in agony. Godo merely spat at her "You are not worthy of the gifts of the dark side, you are weak!"

She tried grabbing at his robes, begging for him to stop but he didn't.

"You are worthless, like the slime on my boots. I will find another more worthy of my gifts." he turned and began to walk into the shadows.

Something in her changed in that moment, it was true she was no better than her cousin, perhaps worse. Death was a way of life for her, she had killed and deep down knew it was a means to an end. If it meant killing the galaxy to attain what she wanted then so be it. Standing up with purpose she ignited her lightsaber and charged her tormentor. With a cry of rage she struck Godo with all her might, delivering a deep gash down Godos back. Staggering forwards he fell to his knees before finally falling to the ground, dead.

There was no sadness, no shedding of tears. She felt the dark side, its power was hers and in time she would master it.

Kaira Rohana

05-07-2008 02:19:03

The weight that had been there with in her chest seem to left away as the lightsaber cut Godo down. It may have been gone and she felt free for the first time since the darkness started but something else was still eating at her. Was this who she wanted to be? A cold heartless killer? As she looked down at the body she drew no remorse from what she had done. This was after all just a dream world. Godo was still living that she was sure of. How ever she felt free of her past. All that she felt right now was a power that seemed to grow faster then ever before though her. The force seemed to come alive even more then in those days they spent together in that room. Again she saw the force all around her.

This wasn’t the end of this yet though. Leaving behind her past was only part of this. It was a test to see if she could bear what she had done. Standing there over the dead her eyes filled with a darkness. Here she was learning the true power of the dark side. Then another person apared to her out of the mist. Master Alaris stood there shaking his head at her. “Have I taught you nothing? Your form was all wrong. You have killed but you have so much more to learn. You can’t do this you are weak very weak Kara. Just because you have killed one dosent mean you will kill any others.” Then before her eyes the body of Godo stood once more laughing at her. “I knew she didn’t have it in her. I still live. She is weak and should die now.”

Watching them and listening to them both Kara did nothing she stood there just staring at them. At that moment she had no idea how to react other then stricking them both down. Wanting to scream at them I am not Weak but her mouth wouldn’t open to form words. So rather then try and speck she let her actions do the talking. Soon the three of them were in a vishish fight to the death. No more did she hold back any thing agained either of those men. They both were mocking her but part of her knew also this was not real. She had to prove to her self in some way she wasn’t weak. That she could get though all of this all her training and tests. This was just the first step on the a long road that lay ahead of her.

Next thing both of the men knew was that Kara seemed to be getting stronger. Pulling on the force she cut Alaris down first. He lost his head to her quickly then she turned on Godo. Looking at him with a soft smiley but she shook her head. This is not the man you love this is a shadow that will kill you for being weak. Kara had to prove to her self that she wasn’t week. Turning to the right just as the Godo Shadow turn left she was able to cut him on the right leg leaving a mark that slowed him down quickly. Now with an upper hand she drew in more stranght more then she ever knew she could and went charnging at him. The shadow of Godo wasn’t sure what to make of what she was doing. He tried to side step her but she knew that was coming and quickly change her move cutting him down. He didn’t loss his head biut he was stabled in the heart.

As she stood there alone once more she laughed. It was then she felt just how much power she had used. Her body went limb. As she lost where she was and feel into what she thought was a deep sleep. The real Godo feeling Karas body go limp on him quickly layed her back on her bed. He sat with her watching over her. Knowing just how much she had been thought. Also he knew just how strong she was. Maybe this young woman had much more to offer then he ever thought posable. As she layed there in a deep sleep Kara had no more dreams. It seemed like hours passed and as her eyes came open she saw Godo. “Did I do alright?” She said in a very soft voice. It was almost so soft she didn’t know if any one heard it.


05-07-2008 04:25:49

Godo watched over her prone form on the bed, he had delved into her mind, twisted its very fabric and watch her broken and lost. But out of the ashes rose something else, someone prepared to kill without remorse, to do whatever was necessary as a means to an end. Her connection to the force was flourishing and already the corruption was consuming her soul, emotions such as remorse and regret or even morality all bending, twisting and warping. In the years to come she would fully embrace the dark side, but to complete her transformation in the future she will have strike someone down that is close to her. But that was for another day.

A noise at the door instinctively made Godo reach for his lightsaber, an intruder had gained entry. Standing he prepared to crush the unfortunate but relaxed when he saw who it was.

"Mister Alaris, come to reclaim your student?" Alaris did not immediately respond to Godos remarks, instead he watched the sleeping form of Kara. In that instant he knew something had changed in her, though perhaps not entirely for the better. He looked uncomfortable but pushed his feelings aside to hand Godo a datapad. Bowing slightly, Godo accepted it.

"And how fares Satal Keto?"

"Well, our preparations for the next war are moving quickly. Listen, Master Godo I feel a little bit concerned for...what is it?" Alaris stopped midsentance as Godo's face visibly changed, but it was also what Alaris felt, a chilling in the air.

"I have been recalled, immediately. The Consul has requested my presence immediately and I am not to tarry here. Something has happened in House Exar Kun." The last few words trailed off into silence.

At that moment Karas eyes opened, not looking around but simply gazing at the ceiling. There was something in her eyes that had changed, a sign of the dark side that was already corrupting her. "Did I do alright?" she whispered.

Godo turned to Alaris "You can not undo what has been done, you may find my methods difficult but I promise you by the Sith Lords of old she will became far greater a force than you or I."

Walking back over to Kara, Godo whispered to her "Follow your master, obey him. I must go. The balance has shifted and the Consul of the Clan has requested a meeting with me. Remember all that you have learnt and use it to make you stronger."

With that Godo departed, making straight for the Shadow Academy hanger bay, enroute he made a quick call on his communicator. An instruction to prepare his shuttle as a matter of urgency. He knew what this meant and if his machinations were to come to fruition he would find himself very busy in the coming days and weeks. He wasn't sure how he felt about this, especially after securing a prize so great and powerful as Kara.

Without even pausing to acknowledge the ground crew he strided up the loading ramp and into the waiting shuttle.