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Kaira Rohana

03-06-2008 23:15:31

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It was a clear morning as Kara walked through the halls of the academy. It was rare that she would have a day to herself but that was just what she had a day to herself. She was going to go see Impie later on but for now she wanted to do a little reading in the library. With how much training she had been doing with Alaris she did not have a lot of time for reading and she missed that. Not seeing any one around she thought everyone else was busy training. Maybe just maybe she would have a few quiet moments to herself.

Walking into the library she didn't see any one at first. It wasn't until she was wondering around for a while that she saw Ashron. No she thought it couldn't be him. There was no way it was the same person from a few years ago on the ship. Her boss at the time had told her he left for another ship. It had been a few years but he looked the same. Kara just couldn't believe that he was here.

Stepping back away as Ashron looked up she had to hide so she slipped down one of the other rows. Her heart was doing flips much like it had done all those years before. It wasn't Ashron that wanted to leave she knew that now it had to have been Boss. Yet she couldn't prove that not without talking to Ashron. Taking a long deep breath she went and found the right books she wanted. It wouldn't do to just go up to him at least not in the state of mind she was in right now.

As she sat down at a table at the far end of the library she saw him again. Would he even remember her at all? He was only part of the ship for two months but that was enough for her to know he was different from the other guys boss had on board. Sighing she wasn't sure reading was on her mind but she had work to do. It didn't matter what she thought about Ashron all that mattered was getting her work done and her training. It was hard however to keep her mind on work as she would look up ever few moments just to make sure he was still there.


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16-06-2008 20:30:56

Ashron browsed over the tomes, looking for the one he needed. As usual Master Aspicio gave him an assignment to “expand” his mind. While he did agree a warrior needed to expand his knowledge, Ashron had yet to figure out why knowing the ecology of Mynock was important. It probably would only make since in his master head. As he continued to look over the books he began to feel as though he was being watched. Looking up from the shelf he scanned the library to see if anyone had come in, but the library still seemed empty. Ignoring the feeling he went back to his search.

For several minutes the feeling persisted, no matter how much he tried he could not shake the feeling. Once again he stopped his search and scanned the library, this time he found he was not alone. A few aisles down there was someone seated at a table behind a stack of books. He could not be sure but it seemed they hid as he looked up. Chuckling to himself Ashron dismissed it as some young apprentice, most likely they were looking at his guardian lightsaber. After another brief search he was able to find a book on parasites, browsing the index he the page number for mynocks. Now for the fun part reading on the wondrous world of space faring parasites. Ashron sat at the table nearest him and propped his feet on the table. The librarian would have fit if she saw him but he dismissed the thought, comfort was more important. This would be a ton easier if he could use a computer. As he read the feeling of being watch returned, Ashron glanced and saw a head quickly hide behind the stack of books. This time he would not look down, but wait for the other person to look up to see if they had a problem. Several minutes passed, this was getting frustrating. Just as he was about to go back to his book the person peaked around their stack.

“Can I help…..” Ashron paused.

He knew that face, it seemed a king’s age ago since he was on that freighter. For the first time in a long time he was at a loss of what to say. Finally his brain kicked in.


Kaira Rohana

17-06-2008 13:35:35

That voice rang in her ears as she looked up right into his eyes. It was him but what was he doing here? Her mind was still trying to understand this as she tried form words to answer him back. “I think I can handle this on my own but it is nice of you to offer.” That was all she said for the moment stills staring straight into his eyes. In that moment any one could have walked by and said almost any thing to her and she wouldn’t have heard it. Pushing the work away in front of her she smiled now softly. He had a very impresses presence in the forces. One that she didn’t expected from him.

“Yes it is me Ashron…..” Kara paused to try and look away as she knew now she was staring at him as if he was a ghost. Well really he was a ghost from her past one that she had falling for. It may have only been a teen age girl’s crush but those feelings were still some where in her. “How have you been? Captain told me you left because you got a better job offer. I over heard later that the Captain and two others had asked you to leave when they found out some things.” She wasn’t about to tell him that she had a crush on him. How embarrassing would that be? Just trying to smile as softly as she could.

Wondering how he would answer back she sat there feeling a bit uncomfortable for a moment. Maybe it was the waiting to see just what he thought of her. Would he know how she felt back then? Would he since how she felt now? What she really wanted to know was how he came to be here just as she had. It was rather puzzling to her to know that he had ended up in the same place as her all these years later. They could talk over those few missions they went on together. Kara remember that they had quite some fun on one said mission right before he left and she knew that the Captain had went to him right after that to ask him to leave. It crushed her but she got over it quickly so as not show any weakness to the Captain.