Trial By Fire

Shikyo Keibatsu

28-05-2008 22:28:13


Brotherhood-class Super Dreadnaught Nightfall
Undisclosed Location

Black and crimson cloth danced about the air as the Herald quicken his pace toward the sounds of infuriated dialogue between the Grand Master and his Shadow Hand. As the Equite entered onto the bridge of the newly designed warship, crewmen scurried away like rats from the Dark Lord and his apprentice. Muz looked at his youngest brother and give a very slight nod as Darth Sarin turned his attention on the Dark Councilor.

“Your response time is admirable, Herald.”

Taking a knee before the Grand Master, Shikyo lowered his head yet kept his eyes focused.

“Thank you, my lord. How might I serve the Throne?”

A slight smirk appeared on the face of the Dark Lord as he settled himself if only slightly.

“It is time to demonstrate your effectiveness as Herald. I have a grave issue that needs to be dealt with… forcefully.”

Shikyo could only chuckle within himself at the task at hand, focusing on the word forcefully.

“What is my task?”

“An assailant found its way into our systems and obtained detailed information on two of the ships from Operation: Tempest Bravo. I want them dealt with swiftly and those records returned.”

“As you command.”

Sarin’s smirk curled a little further as he continued with the details of the assignment.

“I do not want any trace of the Brotherhood’s existence known, is this understood? If it means destroying the area, so be it.”

Lifting his head up slowly, the Keibatsu looked into the eyes of the Dark Lord of the Sith.

“It will be done.”


Republic-class Star Destroyer Forsaken
Approaching Dosuun, Outer Rim Territory

“Why are we bringing Journeymen to take command of Nihilgenia?”

The Battlelord growled as he walked through the hangar bay with his cousin, Tsainetomo Keibatsu. The Korun Priest smirked.

“Why are you bringing me along?”

The Sith looked over at the Krath.

“That’s different. I figured you’d enjoy some sport compared to sitting behind a desk or lecturing the young ones.”

‘Sai’ chuckled and nodded slightly.

“Too true. However, they may prove to be useful, in some form or manner.”

Shikyo smirked as he approached the Journeymen who stood or sat in front of three rows of Nihilgenia, all donning brown and gray armor and holding their rifles at attention. As the Equites moved in closer, a Journeyman looked up in time to notice the two Keibatsu approaching. Their call was loud and clear.


The Herald waved his hand off, as if to shrug a fly away.

“At ease.”

The Nihilgenia took their stance at ease as the Journeymen snapped to attention then eased back to their positions within seconds. Sasuke couldn’t help but smirk to himself.

“I’ll make this as quick as I can so you can read over details and prepare yourselves. We’re heading to the planet of Dosuun. It’s controlled by the Imperial Remnant, and with our intelligence, is rumored to be holding a spy that has acquired vital plans from the Iron Throne. Our goal is to reclaim it at any cost. The target’s name is Tyriel de Rossaria. If she is discovered, you are to inform me instantly. Any questions?”


Here is the link for the map. Remember to check it out after each movement.


29-05-2008 17:44:48

Republic-class Star Destroyer Forsaken
Approaching Dosuun, Outer Rim Territory

Tsainetomo stood beside his cousin, glowering at the assembled troops and Journeymen. When no questions arose, he chimed in.

“I won’t lie to you; missions the Herald undertakes are hazardous by default. He often travels to hostile lands, and his word is the Iron Throne’s will. I fully expect that some of you won’t return, but those that do will be richly rewarded. Now,” Here, he turned to activate a holodisplay, throwing an ghostly blue rendering of Dosuun in three dimensions to dominate the briefing area.

“Intelligence puts our objective here,” the Archpriest illuminated a point on the map. “We will split our forces into two arms and surround them using a standard ‘pincer’ maneuver. We are to expect some resistance. In all, it’s a solid plan.” The Rollmaster looked to the Herald for confirmation, who nodded in the affirmative. “Specifics will be downloaded onto your datapads. Any questions?”

The Journeymen remained silent. Tsainetomo gave a non-committal shrug. “Well then, prep yourselves for planetfall.

After the assemblage filed out of the area, the two Keibatsu conferred in hushed tones.

“What do you think, cousin?” Shikyo asked.

“It’ll be interesting. They’re young, yet. I’m curious to see how they’ll react when they find out that ‘intelligence’ is anything but.” Clan Naga Sadow’s Rollmaster finished with a chuckle.

“Well, I suppose we’d best get ready; care to spar a bit, you know, to get warmed up?”

Tsainetomo smiled. The two had met repeatedly in the ACC, and he was eager to test his Djem So skills against the seasoned combatant.

“You’re on, cousin. You want to do it right here, or should we destroy a room elsewhere?”

Their shared laughter resounded through the briefing room.


29-05-2008 22:45:25

Republic-class Star Destroyer Forsaken

Dark Jedi Knight Talos Taral sat in the meeting room after the Keibatsu Archpriest had finished his briefing. The Knight looked around at the dispersing other Journeymen mixed with the Keibatsu Nihiligenia, the Clones walking proud and erect in military structure. Talos could not take his eyes off their armor and for maybe the one-thousandth time since he had boarded the Forsaken, he wished he had a set. Sighing, Talos picked up his Katarn Mark III helmet and slid it over his head, clicking the clasps in place. Standing, the Arconan Knight strapped his utility belt to his waist, his lightsaber and blaster and rose and walked out from the Briefing Room.

Talos walked into the Journeymen Barracks of the capital ship and pushed his pack under his bunk. Taking off his armor, the Knight of Arcona quickly changed into the standard Dark Jedi robes and sat down on his bunk, configuring his lightsaber for maximum output.

An hour later found Talos in a gym aboard the Star Destroyer, perfecting his Shi-Cho and Soresu skills. The Knight twirled, his yellow blade a fan of light as he sliced through target after target. 30 minutes of pure fighting, Talos's robes were soaked in sweat. Powering down the targets, he extinguished his lightsaber and clipped it back onto his belt.

After returning from the Journeymen Refresher, Talos re-dressed himself in his Katarn and looked over the plans that had been downloaded to his datapad. "Oh yes...this will be crazy indeed" he muttered, smiling.

Norad Na Lexu

30-05-2008 15:58:50

Jedi Hunter Narad na Lexu sat still after the briefing was completed. He was wondering if this is what his calling was all about. He looked at the Elite Clone Troops he was about to lead into battle. He looked around at his fellow journeymen that was preparing there equipment. He decided to do the same thing.

Narad had no special armor only the modest of robes. He had not yet received the honor of getting armor. He clipped on his massed produced lightsaber. Most of the time wondered how the blade would even hold up in a real battle and not these training hologram battles.

Narad was nervous anybody could see it in his eyes. But he was calm and collective at the same time. He sighed, and walked over to the Troopers.


30-05-2008 20:29:48

Guardian Teu had sat through the entire briefing which wasn't really long, excitement coursed through her body waiting for what was up ahead. She looked back at the troopers that she would help lead, she was lucky at least she hoped she was going into battle with the Rollmaster. Her brown hair was neatly braided in complex designs partially obscuring the scar across her fore head.
After the briefing she watched the other Journeymen carefully, she was not one for company rather enjoying the quiet of her room studying, her mass produced lightsaber hung at her side with a few miss giving, she waited for the day where she can build her own. Sitting on the floor she begins some meditation until they were called forth again.

Kaira Rohana

01-06-2008 22:47:48

It was much later then she thought it was as she lifted off to leave the Academy. This was her first time to leave the place since she got there. It was a little scary to her to be leaving so soon. Everything still felt so new to her. As she looked around the shuttle, there was no one else there and she knew she had way over slept. Maybe all those late nights practicing were not such a good idea. They were at the time that she had done them, though she was feeling them now.
The moment the shuttle touched down and some one told her the time, she frowned. Great. She was late again and this time it might cost her. The few times she had been late at the academy; she had an easy time sneaking in but something told her this wouldn't be so easy. Stepping off the ship, she took off in a run the moment she was out of that small shuttle. They had to be around here some where.
Reaching out though the force, she found a spot on board that had much higher force power flowing from it. Just standing in one spot, she could feel them on the other side of the ship. They were in a hanger on the other side of the ship. The stupid shuttle pilot couldn't have put them down in that hanger, oh no. Now, she had to make a run for it. With how late she already was, she knew a few more minutes wouldn't be any worse but she also knew if she didn't get there soon she might be left behind and that would look pretty bad.
Soon she was half way across the ship and still running. She was a little out of breath but she wasn't about to stop now. The moment she got there, she went running into the hanger bay trying to stop as she saw every one and then she almost went sliding into the others standing there. Unfortunately for her, she slipped on the floor and slide right into the man in charge; Shikyo Keibatsu, Herald of the Dark Council. Man, did she have bad timing being clumsy or what?

Ekeia Iclo

02-06-2008 19:43:48

Republic-class Star Destroyer Forsaken

Jedi Hunter Ekeia Iclo sighed as she headed towards the briefing room exit. Before leaving she glanced over her shoulder and saw her master, Shikyo Keibatsu, and Archpriest Sai Na'Ashar talking quietly. Not wanting to interrupt the two cousins Ekeia turned and walked out the room to wander the halls of the ship for a short time. Soon enough she reached her quarters and keyed open the door. Taking off her bulky sith robe, Ekeia bundled it up and used it to prop up her head as she settled down to read the specifics of the mission to Dosuun on her datapad. Ekeia knew it would be tough, there was no doubt about that. Already having spent almost a year and a half as an apprentice to the Herald she knew when Shikyo was serious about something.

Not able to fully concentrate on the scrolling information in her hand she put the datapad away and opened the small footlocker in the corner of the room. Inside she pulled out the object of her distraction, two sets of nunchucks, specifically designed to Ekeia's combat style. They had two sharp edges on each side so that when in motion they had the ability to slice through an enemy like a sword but smaller and lighter making them easier to handle than a sword. Then again if the nunchucks failed her, she always had the mass produced lightsaber given to many of the journeymen.

Shikyo Keibatsu

06-06-2008 23:54:57

Republic-class Star Destroyer Forsaken
Outskirts of Dosuun space, Outer Rim Territory

The female Journeyman looked up at the Herald with fear in her eyes, uncertain of the reaction he would have for her tardiness and reckless behavior. Glaring into her eyes, he sent a single thought into her mind before making his way to a separate area with his cousin:

‘It’s not me you have to fear… It’s the fate that awaits you that should terrify you…’

Heading back to a separate docking bay, the two Keibatsu tossed off their outer robes and placed their hands on their respected hilts. Without a moment’s hesitation, the sound of metal disengaging from metal and the snap of two saber beams echoed throughout the area before the clash of tangerine blades struck at one another violently.


The sparing match had provided more than enough vigor for the Equites as they made their way back towards their shuttles. A voice boomed through the capital ship, calling for all personnel to report back to their boarding craft. The Journeymen moved at an impressive pace, making their way into the hangar bay in good timing. Standing beside their Nihilgenia counterparts, the Herald smirked and nodded.

“Mount up and get in your shuttles. May the Force serve you all.”

The sound of hard soles hitting the metal deck rang out like a choir, all crying out of anticipation for the upcoming skirmish. Shikyo and Tsainetomo were the last ones to board their respected craft, looking across at one another before entering. The Battlelord picked up a headset that linked communication to all necessary personnel.

“Planetary defenses should be down and resistance should be light, according to our Intel. Expect a low fly over before we get near the base. Journeymen, begin final preparations before we hit planet side.”

Items shuffling and belts clipping echoed throughout the cabin before the shuttles lifted off from the hangar bay. The Sith turned towards his apprentice and looked her in the eye. She looked calm but nervous. Recent engagements had made her strong but the missions the Herald carried out were not touch and go. They were through, precise, and meant to be suicidal.

Smirking and giving her a reassuring nod, the Keibatsu stood by the cockpit of the shuttle as it made its way toward the planet’s surface. As the planet began to increase in size, a yellow beam shot out from the surface, just barely missing the shuttle. A snarl escaped Sasuke’s lips as more beams shot through the black.

“Forsaken, find the source of those attacks and destroy them!”

Static interfered with the com system before the unmistakable sound of the Archpriest’s voice added to the situation.

“Attack… ap-… ion can…. Forsaken, pul-…”

At that point, the shuttle began to shiver and rattle, making an uneasy entry into the planet’s atmosphere. The Nihilgenia pilots began to make fast work of the calibrations, aiming to soften the landing as much as would be allowed. Shikyo sent a final transmission before the shuttle began to break apart slowly, crashing into the earth:

“This is the Wolf. Forsaken, pull back. Call in the cavalry.”

Macron Sadow

07-06-2008 09:47:39

Republic-class Star Destroyer Forsaken
Outskirts of Dosuun space, Outer Rim Territory

"Nachzerer, you are clear for planetary approach," rang the officer's voice from the com. "It's a fight down there. Be careful of the ion cannon."

"Copy that, Forsaken. Good hunting," replied the alchemist as he shut down the comlink. His hands waved over the holo-controls, directing the beetle-shaped vessel as it plummeted through the air.

Macron was alone on this mission for once. The Herald had requested his presence, and that was reason enough to venture so far away from his laboratories. He had not seen Shikyo in over a year. The job of Herald kept him busy and thus far from his usual digs for the most part.

The Warlord smiled, his tattooed face crinkling. "This should be interesting," he mumbled as he studied the holographic map. "I'll land here and rendezvous," he said with a giggle. "Ion cannon, eh?" His fingers punched several buttons, causing the two light turbolasers installed on the Nachzerer to erupt with red beams of death. "Try that, suckers! Betcha weren't expecting turbolasers on a transport, heh heh." The cockpit lights dimmed slightly from the power drain, but the ship was equipped with an enormous powerplant and recovered quickly.

He opened the comlink. "Shikyo, not sure if you can hear this. I think between the Forsaken and I, the ion cannon is kaput. " No reply came from the channel. "Kark it," growled Macron. "I'll join you at the drop site." Soon, we will once again spill the sweet blood of our enemies, he thought as the ship began to shake and shudder with the descent. I can hardly wait to ruin their bodies.


09-06-2008 19:20:04

Dosuun, Outer Rim Territory

Tsainetomo extracted himself from the smoldering wreckage of the shuttle. He noted with some satisfaction that his complement of Nilhilgenia had already done the same, and were cordoning off the crash site, establishing a base camp of sorts. Casting a glance about the surroundings, they were in a clearing just shy of a tree line. He knew that there was a river to the north and east of their position, a good hike to be sure.

‘I’ll have to thank my Master for engineering them so heartily’, thought the Archpriest as he regarded the efficiency of Shin’ichi Keibatsu Sadow’s creations.

He heard a moan emanating from under a smoking piece of durasteel plating, and calling to two of the troopers, he enlisted their help in lifting it off the person beneath. “Gods, Teu, don’t tell me you’ve gotten yourself killed already,” he said with some friendly derision.

The Guardian sat up, wiping blood from her face. “Oh, no; you won’t be getting rid of me that easily. It’s just a flesh wound,” Teu finished, hastily dressing her head with a bandage.

‘She’s tough, I’ll give her that’, mused the Keibatsu. ‘Good. She’ll need to be, in the days ahead.’

He helped Teu to her feet, who gave a word of appreciation. “What now?” she asked, looking at the wreckage with a hint of desperation beginning to grow on her face. “It looks as though we’re the only ones that made it.”

“Steady, now,” Tsainetomo said, placing a reassuring hand on her shoulder. “We must remember to always keep our composure in front of the troops. They’re looking to us for leadership, and keep in mind that we’re here under the Herald’s banner. Even if no one else did make it, we have a mission to complete, one that’s bigger than you or me." He then fixed her with a stare, his tripartite eyes boring into hers. "Besides, I intend to make sure that I have nothing but good things to report to your Master, Jade. I’m tough, but I’m fair; you should have faith in her decision to send you with me.” Teu nodded in understanding. “First thing, we get a sit rep.”

Teu regained her composure as Tsainetomo addressed the troops. “All right; listen up! I want an accounting, and I want it now!”

Nonplussed, the sergeant in charge approached the two Force-users. “Lord Keibatsu, all are present and accounted for.” He then listed their assets.

“Very well, Sergeant.” Tsainetomo produced his datapad. “Here’s where we stand. As you can tell, we can pretty much scrap the old plan.” He gestured towards the smoking wreckage, various fluids aflame and random electrical fires announcing their presence with pops and their accompanying acrid odor.

“We can well assume that the others are in a similar state, if they’ve made it at all. That does not – I repeat- does NOT excuse us from our duty. By my calculations, we’re a few clicks from a turret emplacement that sits just south of the river. We WILL take that turret, gentlemen.” Casting a glance at Teu at his side, he added, “and lady.”

“Aye, m’lord!” The Nihilgenia responded with one voice; it didn’t hurt that the Keibatsu prodded them with just enough Force usage to embolden and encourage them.

“We move in 15, people; let’s act like we have a purpose!” The troops gave a shout of triumph as they moved to do Tsainetomo’s bidding.

Shikyo Keibatsu

15-06-2008 19:10:56

Beside Wrecked Shuttle, Location Unknown
Dosuun, Outer Rim Territory

Shikyo softly shook his head awake, looking up at the eyes of his apprentice and at the two emotionless faces of the Nihilgenia. After looking over their commander, the two soldiers placed their helmets back on and shouldered their rifles, preparing for the trek through the mountains.

As the Herald brought himself to his feet, the deafening sound of cannon fire echoed throughout the air. Sasuke followed the sound to a large metallic object firing into space. It appeared there were more defenses positioned than imagined. Turning toward the closest Nihilgenia, the Keibatsu straightened his composure.


“Sir, the only casualty we have is the pilot. We dispatched a scout and he indicates 10 troops at the cannon’s position. We believe it is firing upon the Forsaken to keep her from providing support.”

The Sith smirked to himself. ‘Well played,’ was the only thought that crossed his mind before it began to plan out the demise of the guards protecting the weapon. Looking over at his apprentice, she saw a glimmer of confidence build in her and nodded. Turning back to the Never Born, the Battlelord laid out his plan.

“Alright. First off, I want you to gather every supply possibly needed. I don’t want the enemy to have a single thing. Once that’s done, lock and load. We’ve a cannon to silence.”

“Yes, sir!”

The armored clone saluted then proceeded back to the rest of his kind, relaying the information and getting straight to work on the plan. It took no time for the five Nihilgenia to gather what little they had brought and returning at attention. Unclipping his saber from his belt, he looked over his troops and signaled for them to advance. They moved swiftly, they moved silently… they moved for the promise of blood spilt.

Kaira Rohana

15-06-2008 20:43:27

As a thought entered her mind she looked away from the man, it was in that moment she knew never to be late to anything again. Moving away from every one else she chose to sit alone until they would be leaving. Taking those short few moments to collect her thoughts and mull over what she had just experienced. Sometimes it is best not to let the little things cloud your mind. The Herald did nothing wrong with what he had sent her as a message. In fact it was setting her into thinking about what she should be thinking about right now. It wouldn't do well t have her worrying over something so small.

Taking a long deep breath pushing things to the back of her mind just as they were told to board there shuttles. With five Nihilgenia, she boarded one of the shuttle craft. She found her self alone with them so she took the controls to follow every one else down to the planet. What would happen next was a mystery to her. Really if she knew all the answers she wouldn't be here now would she? Following in line with the other shuttles they were all soon well on there way.

Just as she thought they would all have a smooth ride, they were being shot at. Great just what she didn't want. As she tried to keep just out of sight of those weapons she watched as one by one each shuttle was hit. Why was it when every thing was going smooth something like this just had to happen? Next thing she knew her little shuttle had been hit and they were headed right to the ground. Shaking her head as she tried to make sure they would crash to hard. Her flying skills were getting much better as she managed to set the ship down onto the ground with out making it take to much damage.

Kara got up from the pilot's seat knowing all ready that the ship wouldn't be flying again any time soon. "Let's get out of this thing and see where we are." Kara wasn't sure where they were or how close they might be to any one else. So she was now alone with five Nihilgenia and not really sure where they needed to go and what they needed to do. Only thing right was to her was get off the shuttle before it wanted to blow up or something like that. They all got out of the shuttle then looked around to see where they were.


15-06-2008 22:02:36


Talos Shadowblood d'Tana stood on top of a small berm on Dosuun, his bloodred cape snapping in the dry wind of the Outer-Rim planet. The shuttle that had carried he and his complement of Nihilgenia down from the Star Destroyer lay behind him looking in perfect condition but in fact the systems were wrecked from the interfence that karking ion cannon had caused. Behind him, a slight nudge in the Force sped through his brain and he turned to meet a Nihilgenia Sergeant as he jogged up to him, holding a comlink with a line to the Herald and a holographic map of the Dosuun. "Report" he said as he came to stand by the Sergeant. "Sir, first the Herald would like to talk with you" countered the Neverborne. "Knight d'Tana, as you may or may not know, the ion cannon took out our systems but Warlord Macron Keibatsu has taken it out. However we are split off so pick a place to move and await further instructions" came the voice of the Battlelord. "Yes Excellency" responded Talos simply. "Alright report" said the gray-armored figure. "Well sir, you need to pick a place for us to move sir, as we are split off. We will follow you till the end sir" finished the Sergeant as he held up the holo-map for the armored Knight to see. "Very well. We will move due north east, towards the river. Assemble your men Sergeant, we move out in 5" ordered Talos. "Yes sir!" responded the Neverborne.

10 minutes later saw mist rolling through the landscape of Dosuun, then it was parted by the humming blade of a vermillion colored lightsaber and a gray armored figure appeared, followed closely by numerous gray and purple armored figures. Talos raised a armored fist and the Nihilgenia stopped. "We will rest here for now and see if we can re-establish contact with the Herald or any other parties" he said simply, motioning for the Tech Spec. to set up a comlink signal reciever. The mission that Darth Sarin had asked the Herald Keibatsu to undertake had already had a firey beginning...and the Trial had just started.

Macron Sadow

16-06-2008 16:53:39

Macron raised an eyebrow as the shuttle crashed nearby. "Impressive bit of piloting," he mumbled to himself. "Ironic that I suck as a pilot, but that's what droids are for." He began to jog towards the wreck, noting that a woman and five Nihilengia debarked from it.

"Greetings m'lady," he said with a bow as he stopped. "Macron's the name. And you are...?"

"Kara," she replied with confidence.

"I see," giggled the madman. "The Herald mentioned that I'd be working with you. Nice to make your acquaintance. I see your ride is a bit compromised," he said with a gesture toward the wreckage. "Well, I have room for everyone on mine when we leave. I see you are a decent pilot," he quipped.

"I am getting better," the Dark Jedi woman replied with a smirk. "Better than you, according to the Herald."

Macron frowned. "I'm sure you are. Unlike most Sith, flying small vessels is not one of my talents. However, slaughter is. Well, it appears our first target is that gun emplacement over there," said the Warlord as he pointed. "Shall we?"

The clone soldiers hefted their weapons as the two dark Jedi began to stride toward the emplacement. "Let's," said Kara as Macron ignited his lightsaber.


30-06-2008 18:40:07

The Korun-Keibatsu, Teu, and their complement of "Neverborn" moved in relative silence for a few hours until they had reached the copse of trees that signaled the beginning of a wooded area. Tsainetomo plumbed ahead with his Dark senses attempting to discern any threats...but then suddenly stopped. He called a halt to the contingent.

Teu, the only other Force-user in their group, looked at the Archpriest quizzically.

Sensing a question, Tsainetomo answered it before she could even frame it in her mouth. "It's time for you to earn a bit of your keep. You've got point. Scout ahead, and comm me when it's safe to advance."

She swallowed a retort before it could leap from her tongue, remembering that the man had her Master's ear. She would not let an imagined slight keep her from her glory. "Yes, m'lord." She took her lightsaber hilt in hand and strode into the wood confidently; the Niligenia looked on impassively, but their bodies tensed to spring forward, ready to mete well orchestrated death at a word.

As soon as she was out of sight, Tsainetomo plucked his personal comm from his belt, the one that did not operate on the standard frequencies, but the one that used the Kuroshin net. Thumbing it to life, he attempted to raise his cousin.

"Shikyo, if you are receiving this, we are at checkpoint designate..."

Tsainetomo rattled off the coordinates, as well as his plans. He did not want to risk the burst, encoded though it was, to be intercepted. His earlier sweep in the Dark Side did, indeed, net some interesting intel about the area ahead, but he was still tasked with forging young Teu into a proper weapon. No sense in forwarning her; as any weaponsmith knew, fire was needed to temper an engine of destruction.

By campaign's end, Teu would be just that.