Agressive Negotiations


26-04-2008 11:38:30

The Omicron Platform loomed ahead of the FireFox cruiser Perdition. Suprisingly the Platform hadn't been decimated by the attack from the Vong and was still used on a daily basis. Traditionally the Platform had been used as a neutral meeting ground between clans, and all of the Clan Envoys held offices there. With the disbanding of the Society of Envoys the platform had seen a sharp decline in use but it was still used as a trading post of sorts.

Callus scratched the back of his neck trying in vein to loosen the formal robes that made him feel about as awkward as a Tusken Raider in an Ewok village. He was a part of the diplomatic party that was going to negotiate with Scholae for whatever reason. Once the cruiser had closed the distance to the station, the team moved to the shuttle that would carry them the rest of the way.

Callus looked around the shuttle and made sure the team was all there. Braecen, Ky, Alaris, and Callus' apprentice Strats. The shuttle lifted off from the cruiser and made its way to the platform.

From a distance Callus was certain that he saw the CSP ship jump into the system, and he hoped that the negotiations would be short and that he could get back to business soon.


26-04-2008 12:07:15

Fidgeting in her formal robes, Xathia snarled a little at the being stood next to her. The Knight had been lured into attending the negotiations by the Consul on what had sounded like a good idea when she had been heavily under the influence of the rum, but looking back on it in a sober manner, the girl's stomach was tying itself into knots as the ship slowed down and came closer to its destination.

The Omwati had never been one to attend these sorts of meetings before, but she was usually not the sober one, Phoenix was still grinning about locking away all the alcohol and not letting anyone know where the key was as the whole group stood up.

Glaring at Phoenix from under her heavy and blunt fringe, the female glanced around momentarily at those who were there to deal with negotiations. Lucien and his apprentice Tra'an were chatting idly as they all loaded onto the shuttle. Folding her arms and wrapping the cloak tighter around her lithe form, Xathia almost took to hiding behind the Sith as the shuttle arrived at the Omicron Platform. She had heard of this place as the neutral meeting ground within the Brotherhood, even though it was within Plagueis's system.

Her eyes flickered up as the shuttle doors opened, and there was another party of four waiting nearby. One of the figures she recognised as the former Consul of Scholae Palatinae, Braecen, now the Consul of Plagueis, and another figure was one of the rare Initiates she had qualified into the Antei Combat Centre, Strats. As they moved towards them, Xathia could feel her mind swirling, hoping that whatever these negotiations were, they would be over quickly, she could feel her want for rum becoming stronger and stronger as the Knight kept her stride behind that of Phoenix's as the eight began moving towards a room to commence the talks.


26-04-2008 16:01:44

The group entered the meeting room and took their respective places in the room. Callus wasn't going to be too involved in the actual negotions, he along with his apprentice were basically there to provide muscle.

Callus eyed the group that Palentine had brought along and did his best to recall names and positions, but it wasnt working out too well. He looked over at his apprentice and could tell that the Jedi Hunter was on edge, he understood the anxiety. Callus and Strats were both Obelisk and the thought of a war of words didn't appeal to either of them.

Phoenix and Braecen sat opposite eachother across a heavy table, neither saying a word with their ProConsuls on their right. The supporting members were standing back behind them just outside of the lights that were shining down on the table. The tension in the air was getting thicker and thicker. Phoenix finally spoke

"Well, I'm sure we all know why we are here, shall we get down to business?"

The room was silent for a moment with all eyes trained on the Consul from clan Plagueis, awaiting his reply.

"Alright, lets get started."

There was what seemed a collective sigh from the room as a bit of the tension lifted and negotiations could finally begin. Callus knew that the group from Plagueis would have had little trouble in dealing with the contingent from Scholae Palentine, but explaining why the Consul and ProConsul from Scholae were dead to the Dark Council didn't seem like a good time.

The discussions were now underway with files being transferred at an alarming rate. Callus nudged his apprentice in the ribs and whispered to him through the force.

"Do you recognize any of the members of Scholae's group?" Callus asked

"Yes master, the woman who is behind the table is a Trainer in the Combat Centre, and a Dark Jedi Knight. Her name is Xathia if I recall. The other one I can't say."

Callus nodded and looked across the room at the woman. Her face was obscured by her drawn hood. Callus thought he could make out the outlines of a scar below her left eye but couldnt be sure. She was about average height for a human female and her body was certainly pleasing to the eye. Callus couldn't feel anything from the woman, she was guarding her emotions well, keeping her state of mind her own.

Callus let a small grin appear on his face and rolled his head back cracking the vertebrae in his neck, allowing his hood to fall back on his shoulders. This was going to take forever.


26-04-2008 17:40:37

The Knight felt a soft breath on her ear as Tra'an leaned over. "That man over there is grinning at you, and I don't mean Braecen or his counter part."

"I don't recognise him, though the Omwati is one of those I trained in the Antei Combat Centre." The female whispered back through the Force, sharply reprimanding the Shi'ido for not thinking of it.

"There's an air about him, something's pleasing him and from the look on his face, it's your appearance." Sharply wrapping the cloak around her, the Krath wrinkled her nose. Though a war of words was her preferred method, the girl didn't like to just watch when nothing was going to involve her, and having some random person drool over her wasn't something she was particularly fond of either as she kept her guard fiercely up surrounding her emotions. She had learnt that anyone who wanted to abuse you would do so through emotion.

The male's hood had fallen back as the quick exchange continued. He could be regarded as handsome, but the Krath preferred to keep herself out of others way. Phoenix sharply stood up, his hilt out which alarmed the outer four, Xathia found her saber hilt was already in her hand as she studied her Consul. His Firrerreon face was screwed up in some form of disgust/anger, locking her emerald eyes on the smirking face of Plagueis's Proconsul, the Omwati knew it was his work as Braecen leapt to his feet, trying to stop a the inevitable as the four outer beings made their way towards the table. Ky was on his feet, his saber hilt also out, and his finger hovering over the activation button.

A sharp jolt threw the girl backwards into the wall, crashing against it heavily; she let out a groan from between her pale lips. Pulling her hood back and trying to amend the minor wounds as Phoenix started throttling the Proconsul whilst Lucien, Braecen and Tra'an tried to pull him away from Ky, who Strats and the other male tried to pull away from the Consul. Jumping in and helping with the Force, after several minutes of a struggle, there was a gap which they all took advantage of to separate the brawling pair.

Sprawling across the Sith's lap as the Omwati landed awkwardly, she scrambled back to her feet, trying to gain distance between her and the Firrerreon.


26-04-2008 18:08:13

The exchange was over in what seemed like an instant for some reason the Palentine Consul had lept over and started strangleing the Plagueis ProConsul. The group had eventually been separated and it seemed that the physicality was over for now. The tension however remained as the parties attempted to regain their composure.

Callus settled himself at the end of the table and spoke in his quiet cool voice, that always seemed to get people's attention because no one expected him to be a quiet person. "I think a short break would do everyone some good."

The Consuls turned to look in his direction and after a bit of competitive staring nodded and stood. Exiting the room on different sides. Callus cracked his knuckles and sat in one of the now empty chairs with his apprentice sitting beside him.

"What was that all about?" Strats asked.
"I really dont know, but the Scholae con has a hot head and he obviously didnt like somthing that Ky said." Callus said stroking his goatee. "I'll stay here and make sure that the Palentines dont do anything, you go with the others and do whatever, try and learn whats going on with the negotiations, then you can tell me."

Strats nodded and then exited the same way the rest of the Plagueis group had left. Callus dug into his pocked and extracted his DataPad and jotted down a few notes for his report. He accessed a few files, sent some messages and then returned the Pad to its place in his robes.

Callus took off his cloak and laied it on the chair. He stood and activated his lightsaber bringing it around in a few manuvers, to help him release some of the energy that was building inside of him. As he continued his strokes he caught a hint of somone through the force at the edge of his perception.


27-04-2008 17:31:42

Staying leant against the edge of the room, next to the door, the Krath barely moved, a smirk etched onto her face as her arms remained folded across her torso. The male seemed to have something on his mind, and he was a pressing matter for the Omwati. She had sent Tra'an on a run around to gain information on what had been said and what was going off exactly with the negotiations.

His firm body stood back up, trying to glare at her, but something seemed to be stopping him. There was something about him that protruded the interest of the Knight, as he wandered over, his cool grey eyes searching in the shadow of her hood for a face.

"What are you doing here?"

"Watching you."

"So, who are you? Did Phoenix send you?"

"I'm Xathia, as I'm sure Strats would recognise me from his training, and no one sent me, I have my own freewill. I came to see why you stayed behind in here." The female lowered her hood before taking off her cloak and laying it over the back of a chair, before pirouetting around with her saber activated and blocking the male's weapon. "A cheap shot at diplomacy. What's your name and order? Though I guess at Obelisk." A sneer was broad across her pale features before Xathia deactivated her green blade and walked away a little from the lock.


27-04-2008 19:43:55

Callus eyed the woman warily, taking in her now exposed face. Her porcelin skin a striking contrast to her dark robes. He flipped his saber once in his hand and took a step back, deactivating the blade.

"I'm Templar Bo'Amar, Rollmaster for Clan Plagueis." His words again soft, though strangely projecting a sense of power. Callus looked the woman over again, trying to discern any weaknesses or strengths should the need arise for the two of them to enter into combat.

He knew that she was a trainer for the Antei Combat Center and that ment somthing, that she had atleast a hint of skill in combat, not that she would rival Callus in skill but she might actually put up a fight. Her form, and the way that she carried her self gave the impression of a well rounded fighter, but everyone had strengths and weaknesses, and this Xathia was no exception.

"So do you speak or are you just going to stare all day?" She asked, a hint of disgust in her voice.

"I like to be prepared."

"So do I."

"Good." Callus said turning on his heel, his back to her. In the next instant his saber was alight and he had leapt through the air and landed behind her his blade narrowly missing her neck as she ducked and rolled, her own saber coming to life as she regained her footing.

Her mikashi stance, and grip were letter perfect as she readied her self for the next attack. Callus' muscles tensed as he settled into his own stance, the air around them seeming to be charged with electricity.


28-04-2008 12:21:57

Though trying to smooth it over, the thought of a compulsive battle with someone she had only just met, sent off a sharp shot of adrenaline through Xathia. He was good, and he knew it. His light blue saber was humming in time with her emerald one as the female quickly stepped forward and slashed out, her intentions only to hurt his ego.

You're too soft girl; you should aim to cut off a limb or something. Or at least aim to do some lasting damage, and make an impression on someone for once instead of just drifting around like the Silver Shadow you claim to be.

The voices hissed as the Omwati slashed out, only to get blocked yet again by this Rollmaster. He was quick, and held more strength then the lithe female did, which bugged the Krath deeply whenever her opponent seemed to not give her any advantage. Lunging sharply, catching the fabric of the Obelisk's robes around his waist and singeing them with her Lightsaber, at the same time of the male's weapon catching a sleeve of the Knight.

Almost as in slow motion, the two Consuls returned from opposite ends of the room as the combatants fell to the ground, deactivating their weapons as a loud clunk hit the floor.

This could be interesting, Pho looks like he's going to explode into a million pieces of angry Sith Consul then eat me whole. The Palatinae thought, slightly amused by it as he made his way towards the female, and Braecen quickly advancing towards her adversary, though in a more Krath like manner.


28-04-2008 12:56:12

Callus quickly sprung to his feet and deactivated his lightsaber, returning it to it's place on his hip. The Consuls had entered the room, not all togeather un expected but an inconveniance none the less. While the little scrap with the female hadn't even caused him to break a sweat, it had given him the taste of combat. If he didn't get out of the robes soon and go kill somthing, it could get very ugly.

The Palentine Consul was seething as he beared down on the young lady. He lifted the woman up and shook her like a wrapped present, all the while screaming insults and curses at her.

Braecen approached Callus and their eyes met for a moment as the Krath communicated through the force. "You've got him thinking now, good. We should do our best to keep him guessing." Callus hung his head and did his best to look sullen as if he'd just been rebuked by his Consul as he replaced his hood over his head. Before returning to his place with the others of the Plagueis group he turned back and gave the Krath Knight a small grin.

Callus stood beside his apprentice who was, quite uncharacteristically, beaming at his master.

"Well atleast you didnt kill her." Strats said to his master

"I try." Callus replied with an air of sarcasam

"You should be more diplomatic in situations like this." Was a comment from Alaris who was also standing nearby Callus.

Callus didn't reply, he simply looked over in the direction of the Satal Keto Aedile, and the conversation was over.


28-04-2008 13:21:22

Xathia was being half marched, half kicked by the furious Sith back to the ship, cursing and insulting her with profanities she thought she was going to have to use Dai'Lic and Kai for to understand. I didn't kill him, so what's the problem? It wasn't even like I was trying to kill him. A sharp stinging slap to the girl's cheek brought her attention back to the Consul.

"You blew our cover; we are trying to get as much information out of these people as possible!" He screeched, making Xathia feel like her ear drums should explode and bleed everywhere. "Fighting with someone from the other Clan is not the way to get this done."

"I wasn't trying to even injure the guy, we were testing each other and we only put holes in each other's robes." Snapped the Krath back, pulling her sleeve round to show the long hole the Rollmaster had made. Falling suddenly to the floor as Phoenix dropped the female, she had forgotten that he had been holding her off the ground. Graciously getting back to her feet, the girl entered onto the ship behind Tra'an, and slunk away from the rest of them to meditate for the journey.


The Trainer rested against the wall of the Combat Centre, Initiates were being nothing more then annoying of late. She leant her head against the brick surface, the sound of footsteps doing nothing to stir the Krath away from her day dreams.

Almost as second nature, the girl activated her saber and blocked the recognisable blade. Locking her emerald, fiery gaze into the cool grey stare of the Rollmaster as Xathia's slender figure stood up slowly. "You."

"Yes, it's me."

"What are you after?" He sneered at her question, before the female withdrew her weapon and turned to walk away from his lack of an answer.


28-04-2008 15:25:15

Callus watched the retreating form of the trainer and let out a sigh. He was much more comfortable here in the Combat Center than he had been the last time he'd seen her. He wasn't constricted in the formal robes, but relaxed and free in a pair of black shorts and a t-shirt.

The woman looked much more comfortable aswell. Her loose fitting clothes seeming to make her a different entity entirely than when she had been constricted in her formal robes. Though neither of them would be likely to admit it they had quite alot in common, they were both happyest when they were fighting. Most people dont consider fighting to be a calming experiance, but when your lust for blood is strong enough nothing but fighting will stay the hunger.

Callus had worked tirelessly to control his own blood lust, but he didnt see that from this woman, she was always in control of her emotions. No trace of any feelings could be felt from her. Callus was intrigued, and while curiosity may have killed the cat, it didnt do much to the Obelisk.

"Well, no wonder you dont have any friends." He called out to her. She turned to look at him, her stare cold enough to chill the 7 hells of Corellia. "It's not polite to just walk off and ignore somone." Callus finished with a grin in her direction. She turned and continued walking away.

"You know, what happened back there, on the platform. That was your fault." He said to her. She stopped walking.

"Go away." was her only reply.

"Oh I will. I actually just came here to check some of my research. Nyx Quatremaine, born 7 ABY on Omwat. Parents Axelle Quatremaine, and Jedi Knight Chal Quatremain. Youngest of seven siblings. Locked in a basement as a child. Lets skip some of the less interesting details..." Callus looked up at her to see her fists clenched tight by her side an he knew that he had gotten what he came for.

"Oh... I'm sorry, did I say somthing? I havent even gotten to the good parts yet." He waited a moment letting the air around the room settle. "Do I have your attention? Are you going to listen to me?"

"Go away." was her only reply.


28-04-2008 15:57:58

The Knight could feel her blood begin to boil, but she was determine to not give into what this Obelisk wanted. She had friends, they just weren't many in number, as for her past, that was something the female wanted to keep buried and kept there. It was childish of him to try and blame the Palatinae for what had happened at the Omicron Platform, it wasn't just her actions, the Rollmaster had been practising as well, and it wasn't like either of them weren't enjoying it.

"You tried to kill your father when you were thirteen-" A locust knife narrowly missed the Templar's ear. Xathia's green eyes were alight with a fury only a fool would mess with, the Plaguien merely smirked. "Now I have your attention I see."

"What are you after Bo'Amar? Other then a lesson and a beating for annoying me and dragging up my past." The female slunked back towards Callus, circling her hips around on themselves, knowing some Novices and Acolytes would hypnotise themselves with her rear end and walk into a pillar or wall. The Krath stopped mere centimetres from the Equite, tilting her head upwards with her lips tightly shut. She was sure the male was itching to find out if the scar was smooth or slightly jarred; it was that old it didn't bother the girl anymore, it had been reopened by her opponents in prior battles, but bacta tanks seemed to work marvels. "I know you think I'm a cold being, who doesn't have any friends. In this world everyone and anyone will abuse you, and all they need to know are your emotions. It's that simple. I'm guarded for a reason Bo'Amar. It's not that hard."

She turned away again, feeling her clothes follow her, but a firm grasp enclosed around her upper arm, his fingers almost able to touch. Disgusted at how easily he was able to do that, the Trainer went to pick off his fingers, only for the Obelisk to take her other hand and drag her in another direction, his intentions elsewhere as the female tried to find some grip in stopping along the smooth flooring.


29-04-2008 00:53:59

Callus brought the woman over slamming her hard into the polished stone floors. His playful expression had vanished as he pinned the krath down.

"Listen to me. I didn't come here to make an enemy, or to kill you, or whatever you think I'm here for." Callus said, his voice as always cool, even, and quiet. "I'm here to make you an offer, one that might intrigue you."

He lifted himself off of her and onto his knees. He kept a close eye on where her knives were stashed and her lightsaber hilt at her hip. "Back on the platform, before your graceful exit there were some strange signals being picked up." He said getting to his feet. "It might explain why the Vong didn't anihiallate the station. I dont know about you but it's somthing I'd like to investigate a little more."

"Thats all well and good," She told him getting to her feet "but they wont just let us go spelunking throughout the station."

"Ahh, you forget who you're talking too. I still keep my office on the station and have access to most of the restricted areas."

"And the other areas?"

"Why else would I invite a Krath? Use your imagination." He said to her pulling a small black case from his pocket. "This dataCard has all the information I've got so far." As she reached out to take the case from him he pulled it back. "Woah, now hold on. I'll let you take a look at this but first you have to decide if you're on board. So how bout it, in? or out?"


29-04-2008 15:27:56

Tilting her head sideways at the male, frowning as she thought it over. "Cute, you're actually thinking about it."

"Real funny Bo'Amar, I'm in, now hand it over." The Obelisk smirked before the Omwati snatched the DataCard out of his hand. Skulking back over to a nearby wall, the Knight leant against it and read everything in silence, her lips moving as she skimmed the information, soaking it up like a sponge. The female could feel the Plagueian's eyes watching her as she didn't move, and it was starting to creep her out. Why had he approached her, someone he barely knew to help on this sort of quest where trust would most likely come into it. Lifting her pale head up, her emerald gaze locked into his cool grey eyes. "Looks interesting, but one question."

The slender figure of the young woman lifted itself off the wall, handing the datacard back to the Rollmaster. His eyes dropped to below her chin momentarily as her chest arched outwards prominently. Slapping him sharply, the Palatinae gritted her teeth as the red mark on his cheek glowed a little. "There was no need for that. What was the question?"

"Why did you ask me?"


01-05-2008 02:32:42

The slap across the face had certainly stung but Callus' grin remained in place.

"You're absolutely right, you slapping me was not necessary." He said as he folded his arms over his chest.

"As far as why I asked you personally is because of simple tactics. You move quieter and draw far less attention than I do. Sure I could have asked my apprentice, but he's an oaf. There are of course those within my own clan who could help me out with this little escapade as well, but honestly they're boring. The Krath in my clan are smart enough but they wouldn't be much more than a meat sheild in a fight. You on the other hand can fight. I've watched holos of several of your ACC matches, and your former masters always spoke highly of you to me, Selene inparticular.

In all honesty you intrigue me, a skilled fighter who has chosen to devote herself to the reclusive arts of the Krath." She looked at him quizically, "Not all of the Obelisk are brain dead machines, some of us have a good head on our shoulders. Despite what you may think my pursuits of you arent physical."

He stood and stared at her a moment in silence. Several people walked through the hall where they we're standing and passed without speaking.

"All questions answered? I've got a small shuttle on standby to take us to the platform. We should hurry because my clearance is only good for about another half hour then we'd have to wait another few hours." He adjusted his weapon belt and stretched his neck waiting on her reply.


06-05-2008 14:01:44

The female shrunk back a little, taken almost by surprise at what Callus had said to her. The Krath could feel a desire to know more, and get that sense of danger and acheivement which she rarely had anymore, but there was also something the Omwati couldn't put her finger on. Yes the Krath in his clan may not have been the best, but still, why her in particular. The girl felt like the Obelisk wasn't answering properly, but knew that time wasn't on her side.

"Alright Bo'Amar, I'm coming." She admitted after a long pregnant pause. Standing uncomfortably a little with her arms folded, Xathia waited for the rollmaster to lead the way. He gave a small smirk before striding off, leaving the Palatinae to semi-skip after him.


18-05-2008 18:31:45

They were aboard the antique Curich-class shuttle en route to the Omicron platform. The trip would take about 10 standard hours, a rather quick trip considering the craft's age. Callus laied stretched out on the acceleration couch in the passenger compartment.

The shuttle was larger than most people would consider using for a covert mission but it allowed them to use the guise of cargo haulers to get onto the platform without arrousing suspicion. Of course Callus would have been able to land without question he didnt particularly like the idea of investigating with people around looking for him, and knowing who he was.

He laied comfortably on the couch dozing a bit as some music played in his ear. The flight had been uneventful and he didnt mind that one bit. Out of the corner of his partially closed eyes he caught a glimpse of his travelling companion.

She sat in one of the chairs both calm, and tense at the same time. Callus could feel the anxiety she had about being on this mission with him and he felt that gave him somwhat of an edge, knowing the agenda and what they expected to find. She also had a calm about her that cut through her other feelings. It was interesting to Callus how she could project both emotions so strongly, somthing of a mystery that intrigued him.

Callus yawned and the woman turned to look at him. He gave her a nonchalant grin and closed his eyes again anticipating the end of the flight so that the real fun could begin.


28-05-2008 09:52:21

Resting her head backwards, the Omwati didn't take her eyes off the Rollmaster. There was something about him that just meant she couldn't properly relax, she knew that anyone could take advantage at any point of you, all they needed was for a loose guard, which the Krath wasn't prepared to do. Keeping her arms tightly folded, Xathia watched the male with interest, her curiousities still weren't satisfied as to why Bo'Amar had wanted her to join him on the journey, and not someone he knew better, she wasn't the only Krath who could fight, and there were plenty who were better then her. His answers weren't the real ones, that she knew.

Letting her eyes close, the Palatinae fell into a doze, passing the time until they reached the platform again. This time she wouldn't be dragged away by a kicking and screaming Phoenix, she was sure of it.


Rubbing the sleep away as the shuttle pulled up to the platform, the Knight stifled a yawn, although it couldn't have been that long, the female always took a while to arise from sleep since she didn't get to sleep that often. The Obelisk hadn't said a lot, but seemed to be more aware of the surroundings as the pair started on a long walk to their destination. Keeping her cloak tight, the Krath slipped into the Rollmaster's shadow, keeping herself concealed as much as possible.


31-05-2008 01:30:08

Callus stopped infront of a small closet and placed his acess card over the reader and the door slid open, he and Xathia stepped in and Callus handed her his pack.

"Alright in here is a change of clothes, you stick out like a sore thumb in those robes. Also there is your cover ID and credntials. Your Name is Leilu and you're my wife; dont give me that look. We're husband and wife cargo haulers for Plympto enterprises, a division of PraxArms. The clothes there will help you look the part; simple effective dock worker clothes same color and logo as mine, and still let you conceal your weapons. I've also arrainged for us to get invited to dinner with the facility administrator in his private lounge. Thats where I dectected the signals from.

Unfortunately we've got time to kill as the Station Day has just started, I've uploaded station time to your chrono and your dataPad. Alright get changed then we need to stop by my office and we can get on the station extraNet from there and check out any flagged comings and goings."

Callus stepped out of the closet and sent a short burst message to his receptionist/secritary Kellie that they would arrive shortly and to establish a secure extraNet connection and that if she happened to have any of that Skyllian Gumbo lying around he could really go for it.

He leaned back on the wall waiting for the girl to finish changing so they could get going.


02-06-2008 16:36:10

Looking herself over for what she could see, the Knight grumbled a little under her breath about Callus's choice of clothing. It was nothing like her normal attire and was hardly revealing in the chest area unlike most of her clothes. Signing, and resigning herself to acting like the Rollmaster's wife for the entity of the required time, though it was something the Krath deeply resented.

Quietly stepping out of the closet, the Obelisk was still lent against the wall as the Omwati pattered her feet lightly against the ground, silently hoping that he wouldn't sense her until her lithe figure was next to his.

"Took you long enough."

Frowning a little, the Palatinae folded her arms without saying anything. Without another word, Bo'Amar stepped forward and started the way, leaving the momentarily stunned Krath a few paces behind before she gave a short dash to catch up. It felt unnatural to be dressed up as she was, though it was something she had done all the time back on Omwat to go undetected by the various forces, and it was as though everyone who looked at them knew they were Dark Jedi, though Xathia tried to brush it off as paranoia, and brought herself out of her daydream to actually pay attention to where the Plaguien was leading to.


"So I have a few hours to kill before this dinner?"

"Yes, don't get yourself noticed and detected."

"Like I'd do that-"

"Anyone can if they're careless."

"I'm not just anyone."

"Then don't be careless."

Glaring a little over her shoulder, the Omwati brought her long braid over her shoulder, so it didn't bump against things behind her when she was walking and turned away from the Rollmaster, the datapad in her hand. A few hours to kill shouldn't be that hard in a place this size.


06-06-2008 16:25:35

Callus let out a sigh as he sat down behind his desk finally free of the Krath's presence he got a moment where he wasnt having to fend off her probes into his thoughts. He closed his eyes but was roused shortly thereafter by a delicious odor wafting into his nose.

He looked up to see Kellie carrying in a bowl of the delicious Skyllian Gumbo.
He smiled at the woman as she set the bowl infront of him.

"It's good to see you sir. After the incident..."
"Yea, it was an interesting adventure." Callus told her sampleing the gumbo.
"I see you brought that woman with you."
"She's going to end up being helpful I've got a feeling."
"Are you sure its not just a feeling in your pants?" She laughed as she turned to exit the room.

Callus finished off the gumbo and let it burn all the way down his esophagus and settle in his stomach to do battle with his stomach acids for supremacy. He leaned back in his chair and called up the information that had brought him back to the platform.

Apparently a group of 'strange folks' according to the dock officer had come to the platform and given an 'odd shaped package' to the Facility Administrator about a week before the Vong attacked the Kapsinia system. Then the Omicton Platform had escaped the engagement with no noticable damage. It was all very odd and Callus intended to figure out why.

He and Xathia would get the answers from him, one way or the other.


09-06-2008 18:11:54

Grumbling as the Krath turned the umpteenth corner, trying to find her way to the dinner room; the woman could feel her temper slowly getting worse. Everything looked the same, there was no distinction in anything, she might as well have been going around in circles for all she knew. Stomping her feet down harder, the Omwati knew that her lithe figure was starting to attract attention, as some hooded figures looked over at her.


Jumping a little, a small group of three were all looking at her, one of them with an extended arm. Grimacing, the startled Knight pivoted on the balls of her feet and began the chase to lose them as quickly as possible, and without getting any bad press.


Gasping for breath, the Krath was sat on the ground with her back to the cooling metal wall. She had managed to loose them, what language they had been chatting in she hadn't been able to even guess at.

"Yo." Looking upwards, her emerald eyes locked into his cooling grey ones. "You didn't make that much of a fuss did you?"

"I was chased around half the station, go figure." The Palatinae stood up, dusting down her backside and walking in his stride.


09-06-2008 18:48:50

Callus waited for her to get situated before adressing her and informing her of thier next action.

"Right then our dinner is in an hour so we need to get ready. I've got our formal attire in my office. I guessed your size, and since you insist on flaunting yourself, it wasnt hard." He grinned as her expression soured to a new low and lead the way to his office.

Callus quickly changed into an unadorned suit cut in a classic Corellian style. It was customed tailored to his size but with an extended pocket where he could easily hide his lightsaber. Under his left sleeve that was secured with a cufflink made from a Krayt Dragon Pearl was a hold out blaster should the need arise.

For Xathia he had found a a gown made of the finest Shimmersilk that depending on the light went from a dark black coloration to a rich velvety blue. The cut of the dress was simple, tasteful, and elegant. A strapless dress that started just above the breastline and ended just below the knee caps. A beautiful revealing design, yet with enough fabric to hide a lightsaber.

Callus checked his reflection in a mirror and straightened his collar. He never favored getting all dressed up but when the ocassion called for it he could clean up rather well. He looked at the chrono on the wall, they still had time but not alot. Xathia needed to hurry up with the dressing.


10-06-2008 17:56:27

The female twisted herself around a little, inspecting the dress. It pushed her bust up, and was a little tight around it; she would have to watch her breathing to make sure nothing popped out, or slipped down, though she doubted Callus would mind. Taking a last look, the Krath quickly unbraided her hair, draping half of it over each shoulder, and letting it fall aside of her bust before stepping out. Her lightsaber was hidden well, but fighting in the heels the Obelisk had picked would be a slight pain, then again, it wouldn't be the first time she was dressed up and primped for a fight.

Walking out, the female quickly noted the Rollmaster's raised eyebrow, but let the simmering desire to stab him flow behind her. He said nothing, but started the walk towards the room, leaving the Palatinae to catch up and keep with his stride.


Silently standing next to Callus, the Omwati bit the inside of her lip. Her stomach was doing loop de loops, from a mixture of nerves and excitement. She was 'Leilu', and she had to act as though she was the Plagueian's wife, smirking a little, the Krath knew it was more excitement then nerves. Playing innocent before the attack was something she loved to do.


10-06-2008 18:36:38

Callus straightened himself once more as the turbo lift rose to its destination. He spoke to Xathia quietly.

"Counting us I dont expect there to be more than ten guests tonight. Plan is simple. After dinner this guy likes his guests to drink, heavily. We're going to have the upper hand in this as we can nullify the effects of the alcohol and keep our wits about us while everyone else is in a stupor. I've also heard that he likes to dance and make advances on women. So get him to notice you get close and swipe his acces card then lead him into one of the suites and then I'll come in and we'll get what information we need out of him."

Callus looked over to the girl who seemed focused as ever, ready to do her part.

"I know you may be uncomfortable having to do this but aside from kidnapping the guy it was the best plan. If we can figure out what's really going on with this station I'll make it worth your while." He gave her a look over "You clean up pretty nice."

Callus chuckled as he offered the woman his arm. "By the way the mans name is Tolkn Maddic. However he likes to have his ego stroked so he likes to be called Capitan Maddic. How about tryin on a smile? Just for a bit atleast."

Callus pasted a smile on his face as the lift doors opened


11-06-2008 12:03:46

Putting a graceful smile on, and taking the Rollmaster's offered arm, the Krath smoothly swung her hips in tune with her stride. Everyone else seemed to have already gathered, and this Captain was the centre of attention. The other women in the room, were next to their husbands or partners and one of them seemed particularly nervy underneath her pretty exterior as the pair walked past.

"Ah, glad you could make it." Tolkn broadly sneered, his eyes immediately dropping to the start of the dress on Xathia. "And who is this stunning lady?"

"You've never met my wife, Leilu? How odd, anyway, Captain Maddic, this is Leilu." The Knight gave a small courtesy, leaning her top half forward and giving the Captain a better view of her assets, who seemed to have gleefully taken as much of an eyeful as possible once she had straightened back up.

"Yes, a lovely lady I can tell. How about we get seated for dinner then?"


Even for Xathia, the drinks that Tolkn was handing around like water were strong. She kept on glancing over at Callus, who seemed to be a little tipsy without any effort, the meal had been huge, and the Krath felt like she shouldn't try to breathe whilst she was in the dress. Suddenly being yanked out of her seat, the 'Captain' had pulled her up for a dance, although she couldn't smell any alcohol on his breath, so the Rollmaster's words had been confirmed.

A couple of other guests had passed out over the table, one of them was snoring away quite happily, and the rest of them looked like they'd be joining them within the next few drinks. The Templar's eyes met with the Knight's, and he nodded his head.

Remember, keep him entertained and dancing and get close enough to swipe that card.


23-06-2008 17:39:02

Callus watched as Xathia, with a practiced hand lifted Maddic's access card and tucked it away. She then steered him into one of the nearby suites and entered it giving Callus the smallest of nodds.

Callus rose to his feet completely abandoning the ruse of being intoxicated and made his way into the suite. Xathia had the 'captain' for lack of a better word; subdued.

"Looks like you're enjoying that a bit too much." Callus said observing the position that Xathia had taken ontop of the captain.

"Be quiet and lets get this over with." She groaned as she slugged the man in the face softening him up.

"You dont have to beat him."

"Who... who are you?" Maddic stuttered spitting blood from his mouth.

"We're asking the questions here. Now tell me, what came in the parcel you recived?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." the captain stammered.

"Listen to me, we're going to get the information we want. Its up to you how we get it." Callus told the man as he pulled his saber from its concealed place and ignited it.

"You're J..J..Jedi?"

"Not exactly." Xathia said as she kneed the man in the genatles. Maddic coughed and spat more blood onto the sheets

"So tell me. What was in the package?" Callus asked pressing the edge of his blade ever so lightly against Maddic's skin.

"A... a villip." Maddic said after a long agonizing scream.

"I knew it." Callus said, "you reported to the Vong on our movements. What did they offer you? Money, power, your worthless life?" Callus deactivated his lightsaber and cracked the man across the skull with the lifeless hilt.

Callus hefted the man off the bed and slammed him into the wall. "Do you know what you've done? What you've cost us?"

"Please... please dont kill me. I'll do anything." Maddic begged.

"Where's the Villip?" Xathia asked.

"In my office on the top level of the command tower. Now wha...." Maddic's statement was ended abruptly when Callus' saber roared to life and took off his head with a satisfying clunk onto the ground.

"Lets get that Villip." Callus said hiding his saber and exiting the suite.


02-07-2008 17:02:07

Following quickly, the Krath made sure her saber was still secure in the dress, and that she was before the pair smoothly left the snoring dinner party to their slumber. The body would be found long after they had gone, Xathia was sure of it. Leaning against the back of the elevator, her head rested against the wall, the Knight tried to relax a little; she was wound up, from both excitement and nerves, and sharply straightened up as the doors opened.

The Palatinae followed the Rollmaster, her heels clicking against the metal floor and rebounding off their surroundings as Callus silently pursued the office, as though following a map in his brain. Xathia was glad the Obelisk had beheaded Maddic; she had despised everything he had suggestively whispered to her whilst they had been 'dancing', though he had merely been trying to grope and feel her up, before sleeping with the female.

Walking into the Templar, Xathia groaned a little, annoyed at herself for not paying attention. Callus bent forward, and picked at the lock on a door.


10-07-2008 23:42:32

The door slid open and Callus stepped into the dark office. He slapped a switch to activate the lighting and as the lights came up Callus made his way to the desk and he began to rifle through the drawers looking for the Villip.

Callus knew that it wouldnt be there but for the sake of being thourough he decided to look anyway. He slammed the drawers shut and stood up. He tossed the chair aside and began to pull things off the shelves rooting around for the communication creature that the vong used.

Callus was so disgusted by the fact that one of their own would sell them out. He never expected that from a fellow human. A hutt sure but not a human, selling out his own people, not to mention the people who gave him a job, a place to live, a reason to live.

"Where the hell is this thing?" He yelled as he pulled a shelf down off the wall.


13-07-2008 16:39:15

Dodging down under the stuff that was held up by the shelf, Xathia muttered under her breath about holding temper. Squeaking, another shelf gave way that was somehow attached to the now fallen one, as all its contents landed on top of the Krath, who ended up sprawled as much as the dress would let her under numerous books, scriptures and boxes.

"What are you doing? Where are you?"

"Under the pile of crap. Help me up, the Villip could well be in one of these things."

The Knight threw a book or two off her face as her hand went griping around for something to get hold of, so the Palatinae could clamber back to her feet. Something soft came into reach.

"You might want to move your hand Xathia." Callus said, sounding a little raspier then normal.

Letting go, and falling back down into the pile of rubbish, the Omwati knew she didn't want to know what exactly she had gotten hold of. Grabbing hold of one box, it started to react to her warmth, and move around. Throwing it in a jolt reaction, it rebounded off Callus's head, and against another wall before hitting the floor with a dull thud.


29-07-2008 23:46:58

Callus looked cautiously at the strange ovoid object pulsating on the ground. This was the first time Callus had seen a Villip upclose before he really had no idea what to do with it now.

"Well... what do ya think?" He said looking the object over again. "I really have no idea what to do with it. I sure dont know how to talk to these things that would be on the other end of the villip either."

He put his hands in his pockets and leaned back on the desk. "Mabye we should just get whatever data the good captian had stored away and dispose of this thing."