The Valley Of The Jedi

Kah Manet

23-04-2008 20:32:38

The Final Way

Fenris loved the smell of polish and weaponry, the smell that reminded him of his homeworld on Rattatak. He, along with many other Journeyman, had piled into the room, awaiting for whatever it was that Fenris had to say.

"We, the Journeyman of Clan Naga Sadow, have been looked down upon by many, saying we are weak and nothing but cannon fodder. We are gathered here today to prove them wrong. We, and by we I mean all that wish to go, are heading for Ruusan, a place that has for a long time been sacred to the Jedi, and a place that has been overran by Vong. It is our main goal to touchdown on Ruusan, secure a small landing zone, and bring in reinforcements." spoke Fenris, looking deep into the eyes of the Journeyman in front of him.

The room was silent for a minute, until Davin Olar, someone who had a small position of power, asked a question.

"Reinforcements? From where?"

Fenris smiled, lifted his head, and spoke three words. "From my homeworld." This little thing that Fenris had said had apparently made the Journeyman even more confused. Yes, Fenris would bring a small force of Rattataki Warriors that he had requested from the Rattataki Government, lead them to Ruusan, capture the Valley of the Jedi, and send a holomessage to Ashia Keibatsu.

"May I ask how you acquired these troops? And how many are there?" asked Davin.

"I, before I came to the Brotherhood, used to be apart of the Government. I called in a few favors, and procured 250 Rattataki Troops. Enough to cut through the Vong forces, and make inside the Valley of the Jedi." spoke Fenris, answering Davin's question.

"All that wish to go, we leave in 2 days. I expect a lot of you in the Hangar in 2 days. Be ready for Hell." spoke Fenris, who was never very good at giving speeches, nor at motivating people.


23-04-2008 21:38:39

Yes Sir! Salute


24-04-2008 19:05:16

Davin understood what would happen in the next two days. Fenris, himself, other journeyman of Clan Naga Sadow, and 250 Rattataki special forces unit will be going to the planet of Ruusan, where they would fight against the Vong. Davin has fought them on numerous occasions but not at such an extent. He knew they were Force-dead, so they couldn't be detected by Dark Jedi means. He also knew that they were vicious and wore armor that protecting pretty much everything.

Within his room, he began to pack up some things for the hell raising that would soon begin. He gathered information on the Vong and of Ruusan and downloaded it to his PAC20 visual wrist comlink. The day before, he asked Fenris to implant tracking signals within each soldier so they can view their location from the PAC20. He went towards his A280 blaster rifle and loaded it up with ammo and then set the rest in his utility belt. His TX-80 Repeating Blaster Rifle sat there in the room, waiting to be picked up. He wsn't sure if he should bring it but decided to load it up and take it along as well.

Davin then went for his armor. This suit was more of Mandalorian design, the red plates glistening against the lamp in the room. He made sure the compartments for his vibroknives were closed tight, his ankle holster with his pistol having ammo, and that his complink was attached. He checked his helmet next to make sure the HUD was working correctly. Davin also took out the two swords he would carry, Blade of Olar and his Jade Serpents katana. His lightsaber would also be in his arsenal and would be clipped on once they leave in two days.

The Jedi Hunter went for the door and walked out. He needed to train the next two days so he wasn't rusty. He knew his Shadow Fist was above par and his Teras Kasi was exceptional. He went into an empty room and started practicing hand to hand combat. He then worked with dual wield fighting, melee combat with blasters, and some target practice on training droids he built.

Davin was finished this night and went back to his room. He removed his boots and tunic and walked to his bed. He knew this would be the only time his sleep may be pleasant and wanted it to last.

Kah Manet

24-04-2008 20:34:53

Meditation Chamber

The dark mist rolled from the ceiling, encasing Fenris and causing him to slip further into his dark Nirvana. It was a ritual that Fenris practiced the most before a battle, a ritual that he, in fact, practiced every moment he could. Reaching what he called his Dark Nirvana meant he could openly discuss matters with Kain, his other half. The Dark Jedi that was Kain had a piercing gaze that would glow with a black fire.

"Why must you go to Ruusan, Kain?" asked Fenris intrigued to hear the answer.

"It is there that we shall find old knowledge...knowledge that the Brotherhood already knows and has copied, but the original...the knowledge within the original...shares much more then the Dark Text itself." spoke Kain, looking at Fenris, trying to force him to understand.

"And why do we need other Journeyman? I don't understand why you invited the others to come along." questioned Fenris.

"The Journeyman are being ridiculed left and right...maybe by reading the Original Dark Text, they will gain foresight, and will gain strength. Our goal is to get to the Valley of the Jedi, find the Dark Text that is hidden within the Tomb, and, if at all possible...try to not get blown up. The last part is just a plus." spoke Kain, smiling at the last requirement.


24-04-2008 21:19:20

Teu had remained quiet during tthe short briefing they had recived. She stood in the shadows her hood pulled over her head even deeping the shadows around her. Her clear blue eyes watched Fenris carefully. Her lips were pursed as he talked. she was unsure of him yet, putting those thoughts to the side for the time being.

Teu's eyes flashed in anger as Fenris said his last few statements. She didn't like the sound of it something made her stomach twist in knots. But she remained silent for now anyways, later she might talk with the Jedi Hunter but now she would listen. Even when Fenris finished his speach she remained behind standing in the shadows.

After a good hour she stepped out of the shadows and begins walking down the hallway he robes swinging with every stride. She was certain that Fenris knew she was there but that did not concern her. She was intrested in the up coming misson even if it was something small like going for an artifact it still intrigue her in every bone. *If I become injured during this trip Fenris will pay greatly. I might be weaker then him but im not stupid.* her mouth formed an evil grin and her right hand fell to the monotonous lightsaber hilt at her waist.

She retreats to a small dark storage room where she was sure to be left alone and began her mediatating, she hoped taht her feeling about Fenris were just minor annoyances but she was unsure.

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24-04-2008 22:44:33

The young Jedi Hunter was fast asleep when he felt the pain come back. He was having a vision. All he heard was Dark Text but that was just enough. He got up and ran towards Fenris's room. He diddn't cared that he wasn't wearing his shoes or a shirt, he needed to settle all of this.

Davin get's to the door and starts banging heavily on it. "Fenris, Fenris get your ass up!" He stood at the door and then asked hastily, "What is this about something called the Dark Text that we have to go to Ruusan for?"

"I don't know what our talking about," Fenris replied looking quite dazed yet with a hit of no truth in his eyes.

The Tetrarch exclaimed, "You know damn well what I'm talking about!" He picks up Fenris and then his claws and fangs came out. "Now unless you want to be ripped to shreds, you might want to tell me what the hell is going on."

"Now, now young one, I don't think you want to do that." Fenris replied but it wasn't his voice. "You're probably wondering what is wrong with this husk. I am Kain, a former Dark Jedi turned Force spirit who took this Rattataki over."

"So tell what this Dark Text is," Davin said in a close to respectful way. The two just stood there for a moment, while Fenris, or Kain as he called himself, was looking over Davin's Sith tattoos.

"Interesting Sith markings, did it hurt when that happened," Kain chuckled.

"Just tell me what I want to know," Davin retorted.

"Before the Jedi were the keepers of the peace, they were warriors just like you and me," Kain explained, "but they had no instruction, no code to follow by. You know this as the Jedi code but I knew of it as the Dark Text."

"So this Dark Text is just the Jedi code from a long time ago? Are we supposed to gain something from this?"

"Actually yes, I will be creating my own code from this."

"I've heard enough, let me talk with Fenris," Davin demanded as he returned back to his normal form.

"Here is the husk," Kain said as Fenris returned.

Davin looked at Fenris strangely. So a Sith spirit wants to know this knowledge. But now, Davin wants this power now. No one needs to know. The Hunter noticed something on Fenris that he never notice before, Fenris is blind.

"Fenris, how long have you been blind," Davin asked trying to use some comforting tone.

"About three months, I was attacked by a Vong amphistaff and it bit me, now I use the Force to guide me."

"Can you tell me more of this Kain?"

"You've seen me around the the House right? Well I show some form of compassion at least, while he is a psychopathic murderer. I want to gain knowledge for I am a Krath. He wants power and authority as well as knowledge for he is a Sith."

"I guess this mission will bring out the different sides of us. That was my beast side. I found out in a datapad from my father that said I was experimented on with Shistavenan blood after an accident and with my Sith Alchemy I am now able to change my features but I must do it for a short time or I'll become a mutant beast forever and have no control," Davin said in an upset tone, "We should get you in your room."

After he finished with helping Fenris back in, Davin pulled his PAC20 out of his pocket, "So foolish, I now have secrets to become a very powerful Sith." He walked back to his room and continued with the long sleep he needed.

Kah Manet

24-04-2008 23:17:23

Personal Quarters

"Psychopathic Murderer? I like that..." spoke Kain, who was now laughing at the response Fenris gave to Davin. "I wouldn't go so far to call me a Sith..."

"If people think we are power hungry, it will allow us to distance ourselves from them, which will only play out into our plans." spoke Fenris. "I'm going to gather the Journeyman...we shall leave tomorrow."

"Time to slake our thirst for knowledge..." said Kain. "And blood..." retorted Fenris.

The Final Way

"Davin, I need you to secure the Valley of the Jedi. We shall blaze forward and find what we came for. Teu, I need you to...protect...Davin. I feel that he will be attacked by many Vong, and you are just the person he shall need." said Fenris with a smile.

I assume we will be leaving the main Rattataki force with them?

Fenris nodded to Kain's question. "We will be taking one shuttle. It shouldn't be too cramped...considering it is a good sized shuttle. I expect each of you to prepare for the coming Battle that is about to take place, no doubt my brethren will die, make sure they don't die in vain." said Fenris, who began to walk towards Davin.

"Yes Fenris?" asked Davin.

"We have a feeling that something is going to happen on Ruusan. It is not too late to back out now. You still in?" asked Fenris and Kain, their voices echoing each other, having a seconds delay from the other one.


24-04-2008 23:38:31

Teu, her eyes flashing ever so slightly, her face still shadowed by the cloak nodded slightly as she listned to Fenris. She remained remarkebly quiet. She radiates anger as she stands there listening. She never once spoke though she did open and close her mouth silently a few times, she narrows her eyes for a moment. She wished to have remained alone but Davin might need her help after all. She also wondered what her mistress would think about this, she had not discussed doing such a thing with her.

Teu shrugged her shoulders almost impercibly and look at Fenris and others nodding slightly. "Im still in. Lets hope we make it out of there alive also." her voice was cold but changed slightly to hinitng anger that she was feeling.

Her feelings about Fenris were unresolved but that was another matter entirely not having a place in this little adventure. "Anything else we need to know before we begin to prepare?"

She locked her gaze onto Fenris's, her eyes flashing angerly again but he didn't notice or masked if he did. "Also what will you tell my mistess if i do not return from this andevar in one piece?"

Kah Manet

25-04-2008 00:20:24

"Also what will you tell my mistess if i do not return from this andevar in one piece?" asked Teu, who was surprisingly quiet.

"We promise that you shall survive. We have...seen it..." spoke Kain and Fenris, once again their voices a seconds delay from each other. He could tell that Teu wasn't impressed, to be completely honest, Fenris hadn't cared. She was a journeyman, meaning Fenris felt sympathy for her, but she put a rouse that she was strong willed, she would have to put through a test.

"I am still not satisfied with your answer." spoke Teu defiantly. The Krath only smiled towards Teu, obviously she was testing Fenris, seeing if he would explode and attack her.

"You needn't worry. But if you do not come back from this endeavor, I shall tell your Mistress that you fought, and died, to bring about the Final Order." spoke Kain. He had begin to use his Rattataki gift upon Teu, erasing her past feelings of anger towards Fenris temporarily, this way the mission would go about smoothly.

The Shuttle

The journeyman spread towards their corners of the shuttle, Fenris meditating, spinning his lightsaber in the air, no doubt plotting his plans for the Battle. Davin was polishing his blasters, eying Fenris as he did his main ritual. The only one who wasn't doing any sort of apparent ritual was Teu, her gaze still locked upon Fenris.


25-04-2008 10:50:17

Davin walked over towards Teu, trying to divert her lock on Fenris. He was dragging a box which was filled with something unbeknownst to everyone but Davin. "Teu, this battle will be brutal and wearing just your robes won't be enough."

"What are you talking about Davin," Teu questioned his concern.

"I pulled some strings and was able to purchase and get onboard another set of Mandalorian armor for you. Hope it's not too snug."

Teu opened the box to find a pair of light blue mandalorian armor. "Give me a few minutes." She began to put the armor on in a private location.

Fenris walked towards Davin. "What is she doing?"

"I got her some armor so that if this goes bad the armor can protect her," Davin replied, "just like mine so she'll be safe."

Teu walked back out with the armor on as well as her robes. "Can I get a blaster or something?"

Davin walked over to his TX-80. "I don't know if this is too much firepower, but I can only give you that."

"Thanks Davin," Teu said with a slight smile.

Davin and Fenris walked over to the soldier. Davin pulled out his DC-15s side arm. The two shouted in unison, "Move out!"

Ever soldier including Teu walked on board the shuttle. Davin pulled Fenris to the side for one last time before either of them return, "I'll help you get through Ruusan, but if you killing machine does anything else, I am not liable for your death."

"Who said anything about me dying?"

The Journeyman walked on board the shuttle. It then lifted off and left for space to Ruusan.


25-04-2008 16:46:00

Teu looked upon Fenris her gaze calm now. She occasionally moved her gaze around, her thought about Fenris were tempoarily forgotten about but little that did. Her hand slid down to the hilt of her saber's monotounious hilt. SHe couldn't wait for the day she could build her own.

She looked down under her robes was a light blue set of armor that Davin had given her along with a blaster. She looks over at him nodding her head, she glanced at him her eyes narrowing slightly as she watched him for a moment. She gathered she didn't have much to fear from him that much is clear but that still didn't put her on dge. "What exactly is this thing you want Fenris?" her gaze wondered back to him.

Kah Manet

25-04-2008 20:27:16

"It's called the Dark Text....apparently in the Valley of the Jedi, there is the first ever copy of the Dark Text. Whoever reads from it, with psychometry, gains an incredible insight upon their respective orders." said Fenris. "I want to read from it, absorb it...then leave..." said Fenris, Kain coming to the surface.

"And I wish to bathe within the Nexus that is the Valley of the Jedi, gaining a small increase in power." spoke Kain, who was now eying Teu, who was wearing Mandalorian Armor. "Taung Armor..." spat Kain.

"What?" asked Teu, not sure why Kain said Taung Armor. Fenris, now back in control, looked at Davin, who had his hand on his blaster the entire time. "What's a Taung?" asked Davin and Teu.

"It is the old name for the Mandalorians...Kain has killed a lot of them, knows their weaknesses, knows how to bypass the armor's protection." said Fenris, staring at Teu smiling. "He also knows how to do a lot of other fun things, but that'll come out at Ruusan."

Fenris went back to meditating, realizing that Davin had his blaster trained on him. Kain concentrated on the blaster, and lifted it from Davin's hand and pointed the blaster at Davin.

"That'd be unwise Davin."

Kain did the same thing to Teu, still holding Davin's blaster within the air.

"Just in case." said Kain, having the blasters go towards Kain and had them in front of him.


25-04-2008 20:59:55

Teu stood up in start as her blaster was taken from her holster. Her hand instivitly went to her lightsaber, holding the hilt in her hands she looks at Fenris|Kain again her eyes flashing in that same angry fashion. "Give me back my Blaster Fenris" her voice was laden with anger, she knew she was no match for the older, stronger male but that didn't stop her.

Fenris|Kain on the other hand remain unmoving. Thier eyes were open and looking at her. The blaster remained floating in front of them.

Davin was also standing as his blaster was removed from his grip from an invisible force voicing his angered opion as well. "Give back the blaster Fenris"

Fenris|kain again did nothing but mediatate never saying anything.

Teu let an exasperated sigh out, replacing her lightsaber back to her belt she sat down, her hair now visible as being long brown with a single gold streak starting at her right temple and flowing back into the neat tight braid she kept her hair in. Her blue eyes flashed the occaisonal anger as her temper quieted down slowly her gaze was still locked up on Fenris|kain.


26-04-2008 11:28:57

Davin sat in his seat aboard the shuttle, anger rushing through his body. How could Fenris allow Kain to take his and Teu's weapons away? The Jedi Hunter tried releasing the thoughts from his mind and looked at his PAC20 for all information. He viewed the culture of the Vong, as well as battle tactics and weaponry. He then switched to other files contianing information on Ruusan. It's a Mid Rim planet that was famous for the last stand of the Brothehood of Darkness. The landmass consisted mostly of deserts, canyons, caves, rivers, lakes and formerly forests due to the seven battles between the Brotherhood of Darkness and the Army of Light. About 40 years ago, there was a base of operations set up for smugglers and merchants.

"Fenris, we'll probably be seeing some smugglers on Ruusan as well as other people," Davin said overlooking his PAC20.

"Why do you think that," Fenris asked sharply.

"Well, I was looking over the informations I transfered from some datacards and there is a base used by merchants and smugglers, they may already have the Dark Text."

"And if they do, well rip it out of their cold dead hands."

"Fenris, I all up for violence, but these guys aren't a match for us," Davin said concernly, not usually acting like that.

"Well, you think you can do something better?"

"How's about we cut through the canyons, bring a small group, maybe just us Journeyman and let your forces patrol the area around the shuttle, steal the Dark Text and return to the ship with maybe minor bloodshed."

"Whatever, we'll do that if we can move fast and let me absorb the knowledge."

Davin got up from his seat and moved to the cockpit and sat in the co-pilot's seat. He watched as Ruusan came into view. "Pilot, when we land, land towards the dark side of the planet."

"Yes Commander Olar," the Rattataki pilot replied.

"Fenris, prepare for landing soon," Davin said looking into the darkness ahead.