The Search For The Lost


29-03-2008 20:32:06

House Ektrosis Base

Anubis sat quietly at his desk, sitting back and eyes closed. It seemed like everytime he slept, the Valheru's mind would race back to his parents. He needed to know more about them, and the Valheru race at that. The Jedi Hunter contemplated contacting his old friend Ylith Atema, who also happened to be a Valheru, but quickly decided against it.

Wrath opened his eyes, looking over to his set of armor located on the left side of the room, then to the small holocron he had of his father, located to the right of the room. The holocron contained little information, and it didn't satisfy the Sith's taste for knowledge of his family.

The Ektrosian got to his feet, walking over to the holographic recorder and began to record a short message.

"Talos, this message is to enform you that I've decided to begin a search for our parents. I expected that you would like to accompany me on this task, so I'm sending this message directly to your office. I will have a freighter waiting for us, with the ability to carry three fighters. We'll meet at my homestead on Dantooine. If you do not show up within four days of my message, I'll leave without you. I will speak to you later, brother. Anubis out."

The Valheru telekineticly clicked the record button again, stopping the recording. He keyed in the location and network that the Blue Mist commander's office was located on, and sent it. The Jedi Hunter walked over to his computer console, also sending a message to his superiors, detailing a leave of absence.

Packing a duffel bag of items, Anubis donned his armor, wearing a robe top to cover the chest plate. He kept the armor in his hands, picking up the duffel bag and leaving his office. He walked throughout the halls, shortly coming into the hanger. Locating his TIE Hunter the Striker I, the Sith made his way to it, shoving the bag underneath the seat while he climbed in and primed the engines for launch.

Closing the canopy, the Taldryanite attached the helmet to the armor, locking it in place with a click. Accessing the comm-link inside the helmet, the pilot sent out a message for hanger control.

"Hanger control, this is Hex commander Anubis Annedu Wrath. I request that the hanger doors be opened." the Hunter waited for a few moments, then the reply soon came.

"Anubis Annedu Wrath, opening of the hanger doors will commence immediately, and you'll soon be on your way."

With a large click, the doors began to slowly opened. They were 75% open when Wrath fired up the repulsors, raising the fighter into the air as he slowly brought the acceleration controls forward. When outside the hanger, the Valheru thrust the acceleration controls 85% forward, blasting forward, bound for space.


Anubis entered the Hyperspace coordinates for Dantooine into the small navi-computer, moving farther away from the planet before he would make the jump. He thought about what he was doing, and sent out a communication to his contacts.

"I require the modified YZ-900 freighter, capable of storing a large fighter, with one exceptionally small fighter, and a small like fighter," he said, before sending off the transmission and making the jump to Hyperspace.


Wrath sat quietly in his TIE Hunter, listening to the hum of the hyperdrive as he flew at light speed. It wasn't that long of a trip, really. After a few hours of Hyperspace, the Annedu got the signal from the navi-computer that they had ariived at their destination. Dropping out of Hyperspace, the planet of Dantooine appeared before the Sith.


The Valheru looked over his homeworld like it was a jewel, noting the grassy plains, and the hills of the planet. Slowly bringing his craft forward towards it, he began his decsent to the atmosphere at an angle, so that the fighter wouldn't overheat in the reentry to oxygen. The twin ion engines of the craft were barely used in the arrival into the planets surface, refusing to in anyway damage his craft.

Setting a course for his residence, Anubis fired off the acceleration controls again, once inside the planets atmosphere. the Hunter flew with the s-foils of the TIE craft open, as he usually did. It gave the spacecraft a better appeal, then with them closed. Ten minutes of flying, and he came to the usual set of hills, where his residence was located.

Descending once more, the Ektrosian slowed the craft, making a wide turn before heading directly west. He activated the repulsors, keeping the fighter airborne as he slowly piloted his way into his own hanger bay, backing in the fighter to it's rack attached the the back wall.

Anubis Annedu Wrath's Residence
North Continent

The Annedu got out of his starfighter, and looked around the hanger. He hadn't paid much attention inside the craft. He looked for a split second, seeing the fifty four meter freighter he had requested sitting to the right side of the hanger. It barely fit. the Sith walked over to the loading ramp, pressing the open button.

As the ramp decended, Anubis made his way inside the vessel. He already knew the layout, as he had borrowed the craft before. The Hunter closed the main entry ramp as soon as he was aboard, moving throughout the ship to make sure everything was in perfect working order. After completing a detailed inspection, he payed a visit to the armory, the duffel bag in his grasp

Unlocking the door, Wrath opened it and stepped forth. He removed his armor, placing it on the rack. After getting changed into his robes, Anubis went to the bridge to set new passcodes for everything, locking mostly everything down so that they needed the proper codes for entry. After locking down the bridge, the Valheru left the ship, walking into his house to get something to eat.

Now he waited to see if his brother came or not.


29-03-2008 21:50:10

Commander Talos was just returning from Eldar City, a visit with his wife and baby son, Jade and Artorius. As he walked into the dark office, he heard his holo-recorder beeping faintly. Walking over to the what he had nicknamed his 'Possessions Wall' he used the Force to play the recording as he hung his red over-robe on one of the hooks. "Talos, this message is to enform you that I've decided to begin a search for our parents. I expected that you would like to accompany me on this task, so I'm sending this message directly to your office. I will have a freighter waiting for us, with the ability to carry three fighters. We'll meet at my homestead on Dantooine. If you do not show up within four days of my message, I'll leave without you. I will speak to you later, brother. Anubis out." said the recording, the little holo-image of his brother displayed. "Right...apparently we are physics" muttered the other Annedu, for he had been thinking the same thing. Stripping off his robes, leaving him in midnight blue skin-tight sleeping clothes he pushed the recording and did a voice-message to his best friend, Legorii, to be delievered the next morning. Climbing into his green and black sheeted bed, the 25 year old Valheru fell asleep.

~*~ The Next Morning: Rho d'Tana Office

Talos, now dressed in his full armor, except for the mask, knelt infront of his Master and explained his leave that was about commence. Legorii stood beside him. "Rise and consider your request granted" said Rho. "However...I apprieciate how you were able to make peace with Anubis but becareful" ordered the Nagai. "Always am" responded Talos and was then dismissed by Rho, Legorii following. As they walked through the corridors, enjoying the fact that the lesser Journeymen quickly stepped out of their way, Legorii bombarded his best friend with questions. "Why now Talos? How can you be sure this is not a trap?" he asked. "Normally I would Legorii but even when we were first brothers, Anubis was as interested in Nikkon and Brisha as much as I was and still am" responded Talos as he entered his quarters and grabbed the travel bag and his utility belt, containing his lightsaber and other essentials. "Right, you got your stuff?" asked the Sith as he and his Obelisk comrade walked back towards the hangar. "Already loaded onto my Eta-II Actis" anwered the Corporal. "Good stuff, the coordinates will be sent to you when we are out of Galeres space" said Talos then parted ways with his best friend as they climbed into their respective starcraft. Putting on his armor's mask, Talos commanded "Mask, link up" and the mask linked with the Dagger Moons HUD. "Galeres control this is Talos Annedu, please deactivate magcon field for the exit of two personal" ordered the Sith. "Copy that, magcon deactivated" said the Galeres controller. The two Blue Mist men shot out of the hangar and into the black void that was space.

~*~ Hyperspace, enroute to Dantooine.

Having already given the coordinates to Legorii, Talos went into a meditation form and he let the thoughts of his family, Anubis and their parents swarm through and exit from his head and then retook only the memories that would aid him in the upcoming mission. The younger Annedu then thought about the taking on of his new middle name. 'Revanche', the complete word that his Dark hero that derived his Sith name from, no one other than Revan. It dawned on Talos that his name was none more suiting now. Revanche meant 'reclaiming what is lost' and indeed the two Annedus and Legorii were doing, questing for the mystery that was their parents. "Sir, coming up on Dantooine" said Legorii over the commlink. Sure enough, Talos's homeworld was in full view and they swept through the atmosphere, Talos leading Legorii to his brothers homestead.

~*~ Anubis's homestead

Talos and Legorii freed themselves from their respective cockpits and walked across the mountain terrain to the front door towards his brothers home. The front door slid open and Anubis stood there, with a drink in his hand. "So soon?" he asked comically and moved forward to embrace his brother. Accepting the embrace, Talos and Legorii were lead into the formers brothers homestead. "Alright, we will leave in a days time. Get your fighters into the freighters hangar and stow your belongings in the armory of the ship" commanded Anubis, the Ektrosian gesturing to the large freighter that the Hex Commander had been leant. "Gotcha" responded Legorii and the two Arconans left the homestead and went about their tasks.

~*~ Homestead: 2 hours later

Talos finished hanging his armor on the other rack in the armory of the freighter and stepped back to examine the work. The chest and legs, boots, gauntlets were all displayed and the cape was clipped onto the back of the rack, the hood folded down onto the cape. "Another obession?" asked his brother, now dressed in padded robes, the Ektrosian emblem on the shin guards and gauntlets. "Its been said" said Talos. "Well...keep with this one more than a week alright?" asked the older Valheru. "I'll try" responded Talos. "Well I'm heading off to bed, your quarters are located just across from mine. I'd suggest you go as well, we leave early tomorrow" explained the Ektrosian and then he disepeared. Following his brothers advice, the Galeres Commander retired ten minutes later, his head cleared and ready for the revelations and perhaps even pain that the coming mission may bring.


30-03-2008 00:06:44

Blue Mist Corporal Office
House Galeres Headquarters

It was early in the morning when Legorii awoke, as it always was. The sun was not yet up over Eldar, but the Jedi Hunter rose and headed off to the training room. This was his routine, and he did it each morning. The Anzat was muscular, and had worked hard to get to that point. His two hour workout each morning kept him in peak shape, and the sparring later in the afternoon made sure he did not lose his edge with the katana. Of course, when he was out on a mission he did not do this, as his schedule dictated. And recently, they had been on a lot of missions.

After his workout, Legorii wandered the halls of the headquarters for a while. He had showered and was feeling fresh and clean, wearing his crisp robes and Prodigy mantle. His life had really accelerated since reaching the rank of Guardian, what with the war with House Qel-Droma and other matters calling upon Blue Mist and its expertise. Often he had thought back on the life he had left behind, a cushioned life in his father’s mansion. Regoram Kryotek, his father, was left far behind him, making his fortune alone. Legorii was still his only child, and whether he liked it or not his son would get the inheritance.

The Hunter returned to his “office” a few minutes later, a bit surprised to see a message for him on the holo-recorder. The office was really just his private Corporal quarters, as he didn’t actually own an office. In the Shadow Academy, he had his own office, but he did not frequent it unless matters demanded his attention. Legorii lay down on the comfortable couch against one wall as he tapped the button of the holo-recorder and saw the image of his Commander, Talos Annedu, appear.

The Commander was informing him of a message from his brother; former Qel-Droman turned Ektrosian, Anubis Annedu Wrath. Apparently Anubis wanted to go on a journey with Talos, a quest if you will, to discover more about their parents and their heritage. Legorii knew all about his own, having been tutored in it by his father’s finest teachers. Talos had decided to accept the offer, and was now inviting his friend to come along for the ride.

As he leaned back on the couch and the holo-projector figure faded away, he thought about the offer. He would take an Eta-II Actis-class fighter, as he had recently tapped into his father’s Kryotek Industries, and used his influence to obtain the ship. Legorii thoroughly enjoyed his ability to obtain so many ships, having full access to the Clan Arcona hangars and the assets of his father’s rich super company.

It would be good for him to get out and enjoy himself for some time, learning more about himself and his friends; he did not hesitate, and decided to accept. He got up off the couch and began to gather his possessions. He pulled out his pack, loading in the essentials. Food for a few days, medpack, etc. He grabbed his A280 BlasTech rifle and strapped it to his leg, sheathing his katana over his bag.

Time to go.

Quaestor’s Office
House Galeres Headquarters

Legorii met with Talos a few hours later, in Rho d’Tana’s office. He let his Commander do the talking, as he had already spoken with Strategos shortly after receiving the message. They were cleared to go after a few minutes of discussion, and the two headed back down the hall to the hangar. Talos quickly briefed him on where they were going first, to Anubis’ home on the northern continent of Dantooine.

Legorii had been there before, to the northern continent, so he needed to further direction. He vaulted up into his Eta-II Actis fighter and went through his pre-flight checklist. He had only ever flown the ship once before, but the controls were only slightly different from his TIE Avenger that he had been flying recently, so he would manage just fine.

As soon as Talos lifted off in his TIE Predator, Legorii eased the Eta-II forward to follow him. They shot out and up through the atmosphere, moving into the cold vacuum of space. Then they set in for the jump to Dantooine, and the start of their journey.

Anubis Annedu Wrath’s Homestead
Northern Continent, Dantooine

Talos and Legorii landed their ships peacefully, and hurried out of the cockpits to meet with their old friends whom they had not seen in weeks since his leave from Arcona. His home was nice, and looked good from the outside. Anubis came forward to meet them at the door, and they all sat down to talk about events that had transpired since they had last been united.

All three were now Jedi Hunters, and Anubis proceeded to fill them in on the details of the mission they would be undertaking. He spoke lightly, as if in a good mood. Well of course he should be, reunited with his brother and preparing to go on a mission to uncover more about his heritage.

After a few hours of discussion and fun, they went their separate ways and found a place to lay their heads. Anubis had picked out private quarters for all of them, and Legorii was grateful for the comfort and hospitality. He drifted off to sleep nearly immediately after removing his armor, preparing himself for the next morning….

By early the next morning, Legorii was up and dressed in his crimson battle armor as he normally was in the early hours. He decided he should not intrude on Anubis’ house any more than he had already, so fixed himself a small breakfast of rations in his room. It was good despite being cold, and the Anzat felt refreshed after he finished.

Legorii checked his possessions again, and once he was satisfied that everything was completely ready he went out and loaded the Eta-II into the cargo hold of the freighter. And so it is to begin.


31-03-2008 02:04:29

Anubis Annedu Wrath's Residence
Northern Continent

Anubis sat quietly in the bridge, the freighter hovering fifteen feet in the air, so that a small fighter rack could be extended out of the cargo main hold, forming it into a hanger bay. Wrath waited quietly while his brother Talos and his friend Legorii each loaded their fighter craft onto the rack, so that they could get out of there and get to their next destination.

Once the Arconan's had their fighters loaded up onto the fighter racks, they got aboard the freighter and proceeded to the bridge, walking through lounges, and past quarters, entering the bridge. Anubis gestured them to sit down, but both refused.

“We’re ready for you to load up your fighter, Anubis.”

“Right,” said the Valheru, getting to his feet. “I’ll be back.” Wrath left the bridge, making his way to the main entry ramp, extending it down. From the bottom of the ramp to the floor of the hanger, was only a three meter drop, nothing the Ektrosian couldn’t handle.


Jumping down from the ramp, the Sith trudged over to his own starfighter, opening the canopy with Telekinesis, then hoping into the cockpit. Activating only the flight systems, the Hex Commander removed the TIE Hunter off of the rack on the wall of the hanger.

He and proceeded to carefully insert it into the rack extended down from the YZ-900 freighter. Slowly piloting the fighter into the middle of the three rack spaces, the Annedu set down the TIE with extreme ease, pressing the ‘up’ button located on the lift.

The powerful motors attached to the freighter did their job, lifting Anubis, the rack, and the three starfighters up into the hanger bay. After the doors closed to the bay, Wrath left it, moving towards the bridge.


Walking into the bridge, Anubis nodded to his friends. He took his seat at the left side of the navi-computer, where all of the flight controls were located. Setting down the spacecraft carefully, the Sith got to his feet once more.

“Follow me, guys. We gotta do some things before we leave,” he said, walking off of the bridge with both Talos and Legorii at his heels. Walking over to the main entry ramp, the three Jedi Hunters made their way down it, and started over to the attached house.

Trotting through the house, both Annedu’s and the Anzat eventually made their way into the cellar, Wrath at the helm. Walking a few meters away from the stairwell, the Hex Commander activated the lights, revealing a small armoury. Lining the walls was an array of weaponry, with the center of the room housing two glass chambers, each with a set of armour in it, like the set that the Ektrosian had.

Walking over to the first rack of weaponry, he pulled out a duffel bag from underneath it, and unzipped the top. Grabbing any random weapon, he tossed them into the bag, moving across the room four times to grab different types of weaponry and ammo supplies, including a bunch of heavy explosives.

Once the bag was full, the Taldryanite gestured the Arconan’s to join him in the center of the room, where he opened the glass and removed the sets of armour, handing one to each of them

“Use this gift well, my friends. It has everything you’ll ever imagine in a suit of armour,” and with that, they removed themselves from the basement, proceeding upstairs into the kitchen, Wrath turning off the lights as they left.


The three hunters walked into the kitchen, setting down the duffel bag of weaponry as they took a seat at the table. Anubis grabbed them some food, and the three Journeymen began talking as they ate, mostly about galactic affairs.

“So do have an idea of what the Yuuzhan Vong are going to do with Coruscant now that they’ve taken control of it?” asked Legorii.

“Not a one. I haven’t really gotten acquainted with Vong technology yet, though I should look into it,” replied Wrath.

“Yeah, I have no idea. It could be practically anything, just as long as it isn’t metal or cybernetic,” came the reply from the other Valheru.

After finishing eating up their meals, the Taldryanite and the Arconan’s packed as much food as possible, stuffing it into two more duffel bags that the Hex Commander had conjured up. Each Jedi Hunter picked up one of the duffel bags, and left for the hanger. It was time that they got off this rock.


Anubis, Talos, and Legorii started towards the YZ-900 freighter, boarding it a moment later and placing one duffel bag of food in each of the food processors on board, before Wrath went and set up the Arconan’s armours, as well as all of the weaponry and ammo they had taken from his armoury.

After each men had completed their tasks, they all met inside the bridge. Anubis was sitting with his usual spot controlling the movement of the ship, with Talos beside him ready to fire off the weapon systems, and Legorii behind them monitoring the sensors.

Firing up each of the freighters linked systems, the Taldryanite keyed in the access code to the pilot’s controls, which slid out from the console system in front of him. As the controls locked securely in place, Anubis buckled up and activated the repulsors.

As the freighter slowly ascended up into the air a few meters, the Sith pilot slowly brought the starship forward, exiting the hanger carefully. Once clear of the hanger, the Valheru gave the engines more power, speeding up the craft entirely, and moving into space.


Knowing that it would be a good five minutes before the freighter was ready for light speed, Anubis left the bridge for a few minutes, removing his armour and returning in a basic set of clothing, nothing to fancy. Getting the ‘ready’ signal from the navi-computer, Anubis pressed a key on the computer, bringing the YZ-900 to hyperspace.

En-Route to Iridonia

With the ship In hyperspace, Anubis and company finally had a chance to relax. Unlocking everything aboard the ship for access, Wrath left the bridge and headed to the lounge to try and get some rest. After twenty minutes of trying to get some sleep, the Annedu had enough and went to the Captains Quarters, the only quarters aboard the ship with a single bed.

Resting his head on top of his pillow, Anubis decided to get some sleep. It would be a good eight hours before they reached their destination, and there was a lot of time for Talos and Legorii to do pretty much whatever they wanted.


Awaking from his sleep four hours later, the Sith got out of bed and decided to check up on his friends. Legorii had been looking through their current armament, and Talos had been working on his TIE. Both were busy doing their own things, so the Valheru decided that he should get some more rest.

The Commander preceeded back inside his quarters, getting under the sheets this time and setting the ship to alert him when there was roughly twenty minutes left before they reached Iridonia. Sleep surrounding him again, the Hunter got the much needed sleep that he deserved.


Awaking from his slumber at the sound of the ship alerting him of the twenty minute limit, Anubis crawled out of bed and got dressed in a light pair of clothes, preceeding towards the armoury. Arriving inside the small room, the Hunter donned his armour save for his helmet, wearing a dark cloak overtop.

Taking his helmet with him, Wrath sought our the other Jedi Hunters aboard the starship, waking them up from their sleep.

“Lets go,” he said to each of them, “We’re coming up on Iridonia now.”

Returning to the helm of the ship, the Sith piloted the craft for some ten more minutes before the Arconan’s appeared on the bridge.


01-04-2008 10:56:21


Talos, his brother and Legorii all sat in the lounge of the freighter as it slipped through hyper-space, doing final checks on their armor sets. "Hey I have an idea" said Talos, breaking the silence. "Hm?" asked Anubis, still configuring the servomotors in the leg joints of his armor. "Right, Legorii and my armor look identical to yours. So I have an idea" answered the younger Valheru and he vanished from the seat. "I hate that power of his" muttered Legorii. "What power?" asked Anubis. "He found a ring in a crypt and it lets him teleport but drains some of his strength and since he is not an Obelisk, he apparently thinks its a worthy trade" explained the Anzat. "I wouldn't blame him. Talos has always been obessed with the arcane" responded Wrath, looking over his shoulder where he heard the faint sounds of Talos going through his Predators cockpit. A minute later he returned, holding two bottles of spray-paint. "Right as I was saying, your armor looks cool but if these are to be ours we need to tell them apart" started the Sith. "And?" prompted Anubis. "We spray paint Legorii and my suits. I always keep fast-dry paint with me incase I go in hot and I need to dsiguise Moon" he said, referring to his TIE. "Ah. What colors would these be?" asked Legorii. "As you know friend, my patron color is yellow and I believe yours in green" stated the Annedu. "Right you are my friend" answered the Obelisk, activating his Armory lightsaber, its green blade illuminating the room. Anubis could only smile. "We leave the parts that are gray...gray but we paint over the ones that are red, like yours" said Talos, pointing to the various parts. "Well I approve, and this stuff is fast dry so go ahead. Just have it ready for our landing on Iridonia tomorrow" agreed the Ektrosian. "Don't worry" responded the Blue Mist Leader as he got up from his seat and went into the hangar, as to not mess up the freighters lounge.

~*~ NEARIN IRIDONIA- 20 minutes out

Talos was stirred from his bunk by his armor beeping. "What the stang?" he asked as he looked at the gauntlet that displayed a message from his brother. "WAKE UP! 20 minutes out!" the text scrolled. "Nice touch bro" muttered Talos as he dressed himself in his black robes and he stirred the Anzat who was his best friend from the bunk next to him. "Legz, time to go" he said quietly. "Uhh...I go between loving and hating your brother man. I mean I wake up early but this...this is EARLY" said Legorii as the huge Anzat sat up and went over to start putting on his dark blue robes. Just then, the Taldryanite walked into the Crew Quarters and bid them all a good morning. "Armor up my friends, we touch done on Iridonia in 19 minutes" said Anubis, already dressed in his armor with a black cloak over it and his helmet cradeled under his right arm. "Got it" said Legorii and Talos in unison.

~*~ 11 minutes out

Talos and Legorii both appeared in the cockpit of the freighter, dressed in armor and, Talos had his cloak attached and Legorii had a robe similar to Anubis's. "Looks good guys" said Wrath and ran his hand over the recently painted regions of his brother armor. "Told you it dried fast. How close are we?" asked Talos. "I got clearance from Iridonia control mere minutes ago, we will be landing in about ten minutes, if you guys could head back and prepare the ship for landing, I'll take us in from here" explained Anubis. Talos and Legorii had been briefed on how to land such a freighter before they had left the Homestead.

~*~ Landing on Iridonia

Talos sat on the right side of the ship, looking down at the landing pad that was quickly rising to meet them. "Alright Talos, guide me in" said Anubis over his comlink. Talos didn't even respond as he slipped out of the small hatchway and used the Force to cushion his landing. This part of Iridonia did not even have landing guides and of course, they could have landed in the wealthy side but they did not want to attract attention to themselves. As Talos, checking his surrondings, activated his lightsaber, he waved the freighter in and could see the armored figure of his brother gliding his hands over the control, the Sith Ektrosian having true mastery over this ship.

~*~ Iridonian Cantina

Two standard hours later, three figures, wearing black cloaks entered a cantina and made for the bar. "Three of the house special" spoke one who was wearing only a black cape. "Ye sir, five credits pulese" said the bartender. Another of the cloaked ones handed seven credits to him. "Keep our visit here a complete secert and you'll find a bag of twenty more under the bar in one hour. However if you tell, you'll find yourself hanging" said the credit hander. "O course sir, secery is guarenteed" said the barkeep, handing over the drinks. "Much thanks" said the first one who had spoken. Sitting in a dark corner of the bar, Anubis, Talos and Legorii sipped their specials. "Excellent work. We don't want to threaten to many people though" said Anubis as he sipped his drink. "Right. We want to avoid detection till we find what is here about Anubis's friend parents and Brisha and Nikkon" agreed Talos. "Next step?" prompted the Anzat. "We finish here. Find a slum-native, pay him off for information, landmarks, etc." said Anubis. "Sounds good" said the Valheru Arconan as he drained his House Special and put the glass on the table. "Lets get started guys...we have long days ahead of us" said Anubis also rising and a minute the trio moved out of the bar. Once outside, Talos took the bag of credits, waited ten more minutes, then after a nod from Anubis, teleported into the bar and left the credits under it before getting back out without detection. All this and the sun was just reaching its full height. Long days indeed....


01-04-2008 17:50:11

Cantina on Iridonia

The trip over to Iridonia had been a pleasant one for Legorii. He reflected on the events, analyzing his own feelings. He loved this mission for a few reasons, but the one that stuck in his mind was simple. There was no pressure. For Talos and Anubis, this mission was of the utmost importance because it meant uncovering more about their heritage and themselves. For the Anzati friend, along for the ride so it seemed, the only pressure was the task of staying alive. On other missions for Clan Arcona, Legorii had to serve as Corporal and had the lives of six men that he had to try and look out for. He had to always serve the best interests of the Clan, and had enormous pressure on him to perform. Here, he could just relax with his friends and do his best to help them. Legorii was learning more and more about himself by the hour as they progressed though, and in some ways he feared what lay behind the dark, locked doors of his mind.

Events of his childhood, shut away. He had hoped shut away forever, but as Legorii matured and learned more of himself, he realized that he would have to confront those locked doors at some point. He was nearly at the point where he would be his own man, a Dark Jedi Knight, no longer able to turn to Master Strategos for everything. He would still seek his Master’s wisdom and counsel at every opportunity, but he would have to be more independent of the wise Spectran. Memories from the darkness of his father’s mansion, horrible experiences he had suffered in Coruscant’s Underworld, and deep secrets he should not have uncovered.

Legorii ran his fingers over the new armor Anubis had given to him and Talos. It was beautiful armor, well featured and perfect for their uses. He was wearing it now, beneath his Hunter robes. The mantle of the Prodigy hung in place of his cloak, a symbol of his pride and accomplishments in his House. The armor had been freshly painted green, green and gray. Now each of the three Hunter friends had a set, but Talos’ was yellow and Anubis’ red. Legorii was a bit surprised that Anubis had given them such a valuable gift, a copy of his very own prototype armor. This mission must be very important to him.

The cantina was a very rundown place, with little lighting and poor maintenance. It had dark shadows that Legorii assumed were tables broken and overturned in the darkest corners, and dark stains on the walls that were most likely blood stains. The barkeep was a disgusting slob, and he was eying their table greedily. Perhaps they had been a bit too open about the money, and he would try and get his grubby hands on their credits. Legorii was not worried for the sake of losing their credits, as three trained Dark Jedi could easily handle a fat old barkeeper such as him. He was truly worried that the man would turn them in to some authority on Iridonia and compromise the mission here. Legorii considered the options from here, but figured that they couldn’t act against him in any way that would show them to be more than just simple customers at a wretched hell hole for drunks. The only valid option in Legorii’s eyes was to spend very little time in the cantina, and then melt into the local crowd.

Melt into the local crowd…was it possible? They were three powerful Dark Jedi dressed in dark armor and looking sinister mingling with a crowd of impoverished Iridonian natives, half of them drunks. Surely they wouldn’t stand out, Legorii thought sarcastically. Well, in any event, they had to start somewhere. So the Anzat sipped a bit more at his drink, and then decided he was finished. The concoction was a disgusting brew, and he did not really want to know what it was. He looked up at his companions, speaking in hushed tones.

“We have to start somewhere, and that barkeeper is looking suspicious. I fear that if we stay too long, just lounging here and plotting in the corner, he will take action of some sort. So let’s get out onto the open streets, where we are free to use our…talents to avoid compromising the operation. I suppose the best way to start would be to pry some information from the locals, the poorest of them. When we can work our way around without a guide, then we can pursue the information you two seek.”

Legorii thought it over as he unconsciously took another sip of the foul drink. It seemed like a sound plan, provided that they did not stay in one location or general area for too long. They needed to work through the slums, because the impoverished around them could not be trusted in the slightest. If they did it well, then their work would not be discovered and they could proceed with relative ease into the search for Anubis and Talos’ heritage. Supposedly Anubis had dug up a list of old family friends, and their locations, but they still didn’t know specific enough details to detect those old friends yet. Legorii hoped for his friends’ sakes that they could find the old contacts.

Anubis and Talos nodded with Legorii’s plan, and they finished off their drinks and pushed back their chairs. They stood simultaneously, tossing a few extra credits to the barkeep in hopes that it would help just a little bit to preserve the secrecy of their visit. The barkeeper gave no sign of any plans or emotions, merely accepted the credits with a slight nod and turned back to polishing dirty glasses with a rag at least as dirty. They pushed out of the bar’s dark and gloomy space out into the sunlit avenue, if it could be called that. This place was a mess, but the good thing was that it would not be too hard to find some poor man to bribe for information.

They set off to the left, heading down a back way. There were a few beggars about, dressed in rags but with weapons obviously hidden with them. Cutpurses, really, being a beggar was just a front. If you tossed them a few credits, they would surely mug you for the rest. Legorii was tempted to try it, just to kill some scum today, but their mission was more important than his personal entertainment. His eyes were darting back and forth, ever alert, looking for someone who would do the job nicely.

“There. The one holding a rock in his left hand and looking the other way.” Talos’ voice was a whisper, but both of his comrades heard it. They scarcely glanced in his direction, but subtly veered off to surround him. Legorii inched behind, and Talos to his other side. Anubis took the first and foremost spot, confronting the beggar. His face was not visible, and the beggar was a little bewildered as he looked from one man to the other. They looked aggressive and dangerous enough to deter any attack, so Anubis tossed five credits in front of the man.

“We want information. Nothing specific, we need information about the local area. Landmarks, districts, notable locations, stores, cantinas, and more. Tell us enough, we will feed you more credits. Now start talking, because the same hand that tosses credits pulls triggers.” Anubis’ voice was soft, but it had a hard edge to it, showing that he meant business.

The man stuttered a little, scooping the credits up with a shaking hand. He was afraid, and he had good reason to be. He was an insignificant little thief and beggar being confronted by three men who could kill him in an instant, he had good reason to be afraid. But when he started talking, his heavily accented Basic flowed from his lips and the Dark Jedi drank in every ounce of knowledge provided.


03-04-2008 22:44:49

Outside the Cantina

After getting all of the information required from the Zabrak, Wrath tossed him a thirty-five credit chip, walking towards the YZ-900 freighter, and stopping at the loading ramp. Talos and Legorii followed of course, and stopped when he had.

“You know, I’ve been thinking of naming this thing.”

“Really? What do you plan on naming it?” asked the Anzat.

“The Lizards Hold,” said the pilot, keying in the access code to the loading ramp, as it both opened and fully descended, the Annedu and his compainions proceeded into the ship, heading to the bridge.


As the three Hunters walked into the cockpit, a medium toned beep came from the communications console, repeating the beep every five seconds. Anubis nodded to Legorii, motioning him to get the console while he started up the engines. The Corporal listened, moving over and activating the message. It was as short and sweet as it was ever going to get.

”Anubis, welcome back to Iridonia. It has been quite the while, my friend. I’d like you to stop by when you can, and check up on the little one. She has missed you immensely since your last visit. Have a good day.”

The Prodigy looked at the holo, interested as to why the ship was contacted, and how the elderly Zabrak knew of their presence on the planet, as well as how he was able to contact and locate them. Calling Wrath over, both Valheru came and watched the video. After reviewing it two times, the elder Annedu put his head down for a moment.

“Something wrong, brother?” asked Talos.

“No. Nothing is wrong at all, but now we have a new stop on our way to the Sith Academy that resides here. It won’t cost us much time, but we need to move now. Both of you buckle up, because I’m not going to stroll along, until this stop has been knocked off of our list,” declared the Sith, getting into his seat and unlocking his piloting controls.

Both Arconan’s shrugged, taking their seats and strapping in. Running a quick check of the flight systems, Wrath brought the Lizards Hold to a low hover, raising the starship into the air meter by meter as he prepared the engines.

After a few moments, the engines were ready, and the Ektrosian thrust his acceleration controls forward, the freighter now blasting off. Feeling the burst of force knock the wind out of them, all three Hunters weased for a moment, before laughing. Talos kept the weapon systems ready to roll, while Legorii watched over the sensors.


The YZ-900 cut through the air, Wrath bringing it towards the mountains. No more then ten minutes had they been in the air, and they were near their second destination upon Iridonia. Legorii sighed for a moment, and Talos a minute later. It was a quiet flight, but Anubis needed to focus on flying the ship, especially at the speed that they were going at.

After passing over a couple dozen mountains, Wrath quickly opened the datapad located on his cybernetic arm, watching the monitor and the airspace infront of him as he searched through the various files located upon it.

Keying in something to the monitor, the Sith continued to fly the ship, and a few moments later slowed the vessel as much as possible, before beginning to descend the vessel into the mountains. Both Galerians were unaware of what the Ektrosian was doing, and just sat back to enjoy the ride. After a few minutes of lowering their altitude, Wrath proceeded to move the ship into one of the mountains, though very, very, very slowly.

Stopping it the instant that it touched the rock face, part of the mountain wall bubbled, much like water had when a rain-drop had hit it. Nodding to himself, he slowly accelerated the ship into the rock, coming out on the other side as a hanger. Landing the freighter with some trouble, the Sith left the bridge with his friends in tow.

The three Dark Jedi headed throughout the ship, Wrath detouring to the armoury to remove his armour. As he did so, his usual black armoured robes fell to the ground. The shins and forearm Durasteel protectors were engraved with three emblems; the emblems for Ektrosis, Clan Taldryan, and his own personal battle-team, Hex.

Legorii and Talos didn’t exactly know what was happening, so they left their armour on, and followed their pilot out of the armoury and down the loading ramp.


Closing the boarding ramp behind them, the three Jedi Hunters walked to the end of the hanger, opening a door that was nearly the size of them. Entering a code, Wrath ventured in, his Galerian friends close behind him. Walking along a series of corridors, the Dark Jedi stopped at one of the doors.

Anubis knocked, and the door slid open no more then a moment later. The three were greeted by a Zabrak, who smiled and welcomed them in. The Arconans and Taldryanite proceeded inside the large room, which looked like a wreck-room.

There was a crib off to the side of the room, and the sound of a baby could be heard. The Galerians payed no attention to the crib, but on the two Zabraks inside the room. Wrath took a seat, removing his gauntlets and gesturing his friends to join him.

“So what brings you to Iridonia?” asked the male, his voice rough. The Ektrosian smiled slightly, looking at the Iridonian couple.

“I’m here to investigate the Sith Academy, actually. I’ve got the firepower to do it, too,” he answered.

“Well, just be careful. You know how dangerous those academies can be,” said the female. Anubis looked over to the crib.

“I’ll be fine. I have with me my brother Talos, and Anzat friend Legorii,” the hunter had said, now staring at the crib. “How is he?”

“He’s good, but he misses Kara though. Would you like to see him?” asked the male. Wrath nodded, and got to his feet. He walked over to the crib, and telekinetically lifted the baby into his arms, turning to reveal it as a young Yuuzhan Vong.

Talos and Legorii drew their blasters, training them on the youngling. Anubis scowled at them, telling them to reholster the weapons. The two Arconans obeyed, and remained seated, refusing to speak for the rest of duration that they would be outside the freighter.

Anubis played with the baby for a little, placing him back inside the crib and walking away. He looked at the Galerians, thinking that they must be going crazy, knowing that there was a Yuuzhan Vong in the same room with them.

The Annedu left the crib, walking over to the group of sentients.

“I’m sorry that this visit was so short, but myself and my friends need to depart.”

“It is of no worry, old friend,” said the male. Wrath nodded to the Zabrak couple, and his Arconan friends. It was time to go. After leaving the room with a wave, the three Jedi Hunters proceeded towards the Lizards Hold and walked up the loading ramp upon reaching it.


The Ektrosian and Galerians walked through the ship, eventually arriving in the bridge and taking a seat. Talos and Legorii still remained as quiet as ever, doing their on-bridge duties like their pilot had. Nobody had talked until the Taldryanite had brought the freighter out over the mountain range again, heading directly for the Sith Academy that was left in ruins upon Iridonia’s surface.

“So…whats a Vong doing way out here?” asked the Anzat.

“He was found by my friend, and she brought him out here to live with her parents. Nothing more,” he replied, continuing to pilot the ship as he spoke. The academy was no more then thirty minutes of flight away from the mountain range, and the Commander had set the craft down no more then seventy meters from the ruins.

The flight was short, as was the landing. The Valheru seemed eager to search for his parents, and left the bridge to arm himself. Talos and Legorii were still pretty well armed, but followed him anyways, thinking that he could use some help with the explosives. Each Dark Jedi entered the armoury, and as wrath donned his armour, Legorii and the Blue Mist Commander grabbed some of the heavy duty explosives that they had brought with them.

Each person added to the explosives in the now un-empty duffel bag, bringing the explosive content up to seven thorium charges. It was a lot of explosives. Grabbing the strap on the duffel bag, the pilot left the armoury with his friends beside him, also leaving the Lizard’s Hold.


The Jedi Hunters walked over to the sealed entrance of the Sith Academy, removing the thorium charges from the pack and placing them around in the rubble, spreading them out. It was time for a big boom. Getting a safe distance away first, they each tripped a fail-safe in the charges wiring, causing them to explode.

Sith Academy

By the time the dust had cleared, the three were already inside the academy, weapons drawn as they walked through its dark halls. It wasn’t long before they had come to the center of the academy, looking around and eyeing the distance. The Valheru Commanders had advanced eyesight, so they had a better chance of finding something then the Anzat Corporal had. In the distance, the faint sound of beating wings could be heard…drawing nearer.


04-04-2008 20:58:31

Temple of the Sith Entrance: Iridonia
The two Valheru Sith and the Anzat Obelisk stood at the entrance to the Academy. "Heh. The Dawn Line" muttered Talos. "Huh?" asked Legorii. "The Dawn Line. We are standing on it. In ancient lores, a place between a place of immense light and immense darkness is called the Dawn Line. So we are on one" explained the Arconan Sith, gesturing to the brightness of the Iridonian day and the darkness of the corridors of the Academy. "Right. Well story time over. Lets go" said Anubis flatly. "Yea. Time for another of the Piece of the Puzzle" agreed Talos and he took point, his hand never leaving the hilt of his lightsaber. So the three Dark Jedi walked into a Temple of the Sith that had not been touched for close to five centuries.

Temple of the Sith: Corridors

Talos in the lead, with his brother and best friend flanking him, crept through the darkness of the Sith Temple. "Can you feel it? The dark power?" asked Talos. "Indeed. It's different ancient" agreed Legorii. "The power of the ancient Sith Lords. Ajunta, Naga Sadow, Exar Kun" informed the older Annedu. "Of course. Adneddu" confirmed Talos, looking at his brother, who only nodded at the saying of their namesake. "Hold! Do you hear that?" whispered the Anzat urgently. Sure enough the faint sounds of beating wings was audible, and growing nearer. "Weapons out" whispered the Galereian Valheru. "Active?" asked Anubis. "No. Hold for now" said Talos. As they crept around another corner, they saw the source of the sound. Small, compact winged creatures, were coming closer to their position. "Clearly they are not allies'" whispered Anubis. The two other only nodded. "Active" responded Talos for a moment and with that the three Dark Jedi stepped around the corner and thumbed their lightsabers hilts and two blades of crimson and one blade of emerald appeared in the darkness. The winged 'scouts' looked and then, faster than a blink, were on top of the friends. "Oof!" wheezed Talos as he went flying down the corridor, his crimson blade the only clue to his location. Anubis, using Ataru, leapt high and brought his own lightsaber to bear against the enemies, only to be batted aside. Legorii saw Talos come charging back up the corridor and he extended his hand in a cupped position. Without even hesitating, Talos stepped up into the cupped hand and he flew up as the combined strength of Legorii and the Force sent him flying up in the air, the Blue Mist manuver working perfectly as the Commander managed to land a glancing blow against the tough hide of the scout. Anubis, having regained his footing, engaged in a Ataru sequence and his sizzling blade was all that was seen of the Ektrosian Sith. Legorii, hurled the Force at one of the scouts and it went flying back. "The Force! They are weak to the Force!" shouted Legorii. "Odd" muttered Talos but he was immiediatly shaken from his train of thought by the punch of one of the scouts. "I have an idea! Talos be ready with your weapon. Legorii, toss Talos your weapon" commanded Anubis. Looking at Anubis with mild scorn, Legorii tossed the emerald bladed weapon to his best friend, who caught in his free hand. Anubis extinguised his lightsaber and tossed it to Legorii as the former pushed with all of his might at both of the scouts. Watching the creatures fly back towards him, Talos realized what was planned to happen. Utilizing the first move of Jar'kai he had seen in a duel, he spread his two lightsabers and, as planned, the crimson and emerald blades each found one of the scouts, the pulsating swords going through the tough hide and taking their lives. Extinguishing the weapons, Talos tossed his friends saber back to him as Legorii tossed Anubis back to him. "Stang! It got me!" cursed Talos as in the light of Legoriis lightsaber a deep cut along his right eye was shown, similar to Anakins Skywalkers. "Ah. Hang on sir" said Legorii as he pulled out a bacta needle. "Calm" instructed Legorii as he injected Talos right above the wound. Gritting his teeth in pain, Talos gasped and then felt immiediatly better as the bacta went to work. "I'll be fine. Legorii, thank you. Can you take point?" asked the Sith. "Yea sure. Unless Anubis wants to" he agreed. "Nope. After that, feel free" said the Valheru, referencing the recent fight. "Thanks" said Legorii sarcastically and he did just that, rising with Talos and Anubis and continuing down the corridors of the Temple.

Sith Temple: Room of the Puzzle

Emerging into a wide room, the trhee Trackers looked around. In the middle of the room was a glowing console. "Shall we?" asked the Arconan Sith. "Yea. I'll do it" said Anubis as he hit the activate button on the console. For a moment nothing happened, then a old voice wheezed out the words. "My armor, my sword and my shield. Gather for me and the path I shall yield". As the voice finished, bright lights activated and three doors groaned open. "Three doors. Three of us. Coincidence?" asked Talos, his lightsaber hilt laying inactivated in his hand. "I think we have to. Look up"intoned the Ektrosian. Looking up, the two Arconans saw another door placed into the wall. "I bet if we gather the voices requests, we find access to that door" started Anubis. "Which may lead to a link to our parents" finished Talos. "Exactly. Everyone, keep your comlinks on and your weapons at the ready" ordered Anubis. "Got it. I'll take the left door" said Legorii. "I'll go center" intoned Anubis. This left Talos with the right passage and the Dark Jedi went their seperate ways.

Pathway to the Sword: Talos

As Talos crept into the corridor, he saw a etheral light illuminating a pedestal and on that pedestal was a sword made of black rock, obisdian with a handle encrusted with rubys. The handle itself was wrapped in what looked like gold silk. "Alright. Talos at the beginning. Sword at the end. This is so a trap" he muttered to himself. Comming his brother and friend he said "I have the Sword spotted, report on your sides". "Anubis here, I have the armor visible, at the end of a long corridor" came the Taldryanite. "Same with the shield. Too simple though" came the fellow Arconan. "Right, same here. Comm when you have them" responded the Sith Valheru. "Agreed" came the two responses. As Talos holstered his com and he activated his lightsaber, the crimson blade blazing to life. With that, the Annedu walked towards the sword...just as the Force pricked him on the neck. Taking the warning, Talos ducked as a huge, crude battleax dropped from the cieling. "This is a moment where I hate what I am" muttered Talos as he sprinted down the corridor, referring to the Sith.

Pathway to the Shield: Legorii

The Anzat had already run into his first trap, a huge block of granite lay split in two, Legoriis strength having smashed it. Also running down the corridor, Legorii jumped as six holes on either side of the walls spat out small darts, each tipped with a fast acting posion. As Legorii dodged this trap, he heard a 'crack' and the ground in front of him splintered and fell away, leaving only small stepping stones to the Shield. Breathing in deep, the Anzat Hunter trusted in the Force and he leapt, his feet finding a stone. Not wanting to second guess himself, Legorii kept leaping until he was on a circular platform surronding the Shield. Grabbing it, he raised the commlink to his motuh. "Shield obtained" he said then shut it down as he faced the task of getting back to the entrance.

Pathway to the Armor: Anubis

Inside the center door, Anubis was facing a very different type of puzzle. His corridor was very short, no traps but a ring of pedestals. On each pedestal were two of the same set of armor pieces. Already in his hand was the helmet and the boots, the greaves, gauntlets and chest piece remaining. Picking up a chest piece, Anubis was met with a red bolt of lighting. "Stang!" he cursed. So each of the armor pieces were split into real and fake, and the fake had a consequence apparently. Picking up the right chest piece, Anubis moved onto the gauntlets, which he selected correctly. Stepping over to the last piece, the greaves, Anubis tried to reach into the Force for guidance but the Force did not respond. "Figures. A Sith Temple" he muttered as he reached for a set of greaves, the wrong set and a giant serpent slithered out of them and onto his hand. "Ahh!" he gasped and dropping the rest of the armor, he drew his hold out blaster and pulled the trigger three times, each hitting the serpent and the final killing it. Retrieving the armor, Anubis walked back into the Console Room and awaited the others.

Sword: Talos

Talos, his hair standing on end from the bit of of lighting that had caught him from the Sith Guardian he had fought, brought his pulsating weapon down and killed the final one. "Atleast its a nice sword" he huffed as he pulled the Sword from its pedestal and retraced his steps and met up with his brother in the Console Room.

Shield: Legorii

Having almost lost his object, Legorii rolled twice into the Console Room and presented the Shield to Talos. "Its expertly crafted" he said as he put it down with the other pieces.

Console Room

As they presented the pieces to the console, the voice returned. "My armor, my sword and my shield. You have gathered for me so the path I shall yield" it said then a stair case rose, leading up to the door. Approaching the door, they awaited it to open to no avail. "What the stang?" asked Anubis as he pounded on the door. "Wait. I have an idea. Anubis stand here, Legorii come with me" Talos said and he and his best friend went back down the staircase. "Legorii, put my armor in the satchel" asked Talos as he stripped it off and put it in the satchel that Legorii had slung around his chest. Since the armor was prototype it could be folded up and fit into small places. "Now help me don the armor" he continued. "Talos?" he inquired but quickly consented under the look that his Commander gave him.

Sheathing the Obisdian sword, Talos and Legorii walked back up the stairs to a fuming Anubis. "Talos? What the stang are you wearing?" he demanded of his brothers black-armored form. "It needs to be done brother. Stand back" he explained and he reached with his right gauntlet and a blue light surronded it as the door groaned open. "Bingo" said Legorii as he and Anubis walked ahead of Talos and into another room. This room however was the true award to their efforts. For standing on a high altar was a ornate holocron and it was glowing.

Room of the Holocron

"Legorii...not to exclude you but can Talos and I get the holocron by ourselves?" asked the Ektrosian of the Anzat Electic Pedadouge. "Of course, it is your parents after all" said Legorii. "Thank you, your the best" said Talos as he and his Valheru brother mounted seperate staircases to the Altar. "Ready brother?" asked the black armored form of Talos Annedu, Blue Mist Commander. "Indeed brother. Lets see what Nikkon and Brisha have to say" replied Anubis Annedu Wrath, Commander of Hex. Even though it could be any holocron, somehow, Talos and Anubis knew it was that of their parents. Extending their hands, they touched opposite sides of the holocron at the same time and a holo-image of a early 30's women appeared, dressed in gray robes. She looked first at Anubis then at Talos and said. "I am the Gatekeeper of this Holocron....welcome my sons. Please, relax and let me tell you what you so dein to know" Brisha Annedu said. Sinking to their knees, both Annedus motioned for Legorii to join them and they listened to every word their mother had to say.

Holocron of Brisha Annedu

"So my sons, next you must go to Lehon, the planet of the now-extinct Rakata Empire and the place of the rise of Darth Revan. Find the Ruins of the Rakata and you will find the next Holocron. To Lehon my sons, do not hesitate, let nothing halt your progress. As much as I would love to be here with you, I must now go so you can be ready for the quest ahead. I love you my sons so good luck" With that, Brisha vanished. "She is a beatiful women" said Legorii as he put his hands on both of the Annedus. "Thank you. Now...lets get down shall we?" asked Anubis. "Indeed" agreed Talos and Legorii in unison. Rising, the three Trackers began to retrace their steps back to the Lizards Hold.


06-04-2008 22:04:29

Temple of the Sith

The Temple was a magnificent construct, plain yet inspiringly sinister on the outside. Legorii was awestruck as he beheld its pure size and structure, the words of his companions sounding like faded whispers to his ears. He felt the full thrall of the Dark Side inside him at that moment, an intangible link that tied him indefinitely to the Force. The Anzat’s eyes glowed with the power coursing through him, waves and waves of it rocking him to the core.

“Legorii?” Talos’ voice cut through his friend’s reverie like a hot knife peeling through the layers of his soul, his mind, his heart. Legorii shook his head slightly, blinking a few times. He turned to look at the Commander with blank eyes, noticing the look of concern on Talos’ face. At first the Corporal felt a spike of anger flare within him, for after all why should he be worried about my resilience and strength? But he soon realized that the Valheru Galeran did not doubt him, but genuinely cared. Or maybe he was doubting, and Legorii should snap him in half…no matter.

Legorii turned away and glanced once more at the Temple. The entrance was inscribed with archaic symbols, possibly from the language of the ancient Sith species that the notorious Dark Jedi of old had interbred with. Legorii thought back to the numerous history lessons he had learned at the Shadow Academy, and all that he had learned about the ancient Sith. Their wondrous predecessors, with so many dark secrets held deep at heart, and now they searched the tomb of some of those predecessors for just the secrets that had been locked away.

The three Hunters made their way into the dark corridors that lay beyond, their eyes alert for any sign of a threat. They carried their lightsabers in hand, but did not yet ignite them. Talos and Anubis were left in the silence with their own thoughts and feelings, while Legorii searched his soul and the Temple for links. The walls seemed to throb with the power contained therein, as did Legorii’s own essence. A part of him constantly hungering for more, the knowledge and power of a dark sage and seemed to be ever elusive. This construct was representative of the appetite Legorii possessed, but was locked away and unobtainable. The true path to appeasing the hunger lay through the teachings of his Master, Strategos Thanatos Entar Arconae, and through his Clan.

The passages seemed to wind eternally down into a deep well of darkness, a never ending vault of the Force that was layered with catacombs for the students to navigate. Silence descended upon the entire Temple, as the Hunters struggled along for those first few moments by themselves. For the Temple truly had a curse and a blessing. The Dark Side was incarnate through it, and it reached out to touch all within with its touch of greatness. This touch brought unspeakable power, or the hint of it, absorbing the intruder with its might. But that was not all.

It ensnared the intruder, ethereal tendrils grabbing them in a grip of death. Endless torture, unspeakably painful, and a maze that led only to destruction. This curse could not be broken with strength and intelligence, but with a combination of two things crucial to the arsenal of a Dark Jedi. Willpower and the Force. Through that combination, the terrible grasp of the Temple could be thrown off so that one could seek the blessings laid upon them by the Temple and be freed from the curse.

But it was not without its physical challenges.

Later in the Temple

The emerald blade that the Obelisk warrior bore wavered in the darkness, his arm unable to stand steady as adrenalin pumped through his veins. The physical threats of the Temple had not proved too much for the Hunters, but it had certainly taken its toll. They were growing weary, but their resolve was unshaken. A faint light glowed at the end of the corridor, and the Hunters made their way to it.

Legorii was silent as the two Valheru activated the console and resolved that they each had to take a door. He was just along for the ride, it was not significant to him whether or not their mission was a success, other than his desire for his friend’s happiness. He happily set off through the left door, and off to face the threats therein. What he saw surprised him, but it oddly fit.

A set of traps. Of course, he found this out the hard way, but Legorii knew how to learn from his mistakes. The passage was lit by braziers on either side, the cool stones moist and littered with bleached bones. Legorii’s boots crunched across the floor, and he strode proudly through them towards the glorious shield that sat alone on a pedestal at the end of the hall. The Jedi Hunter paid no attention to where he stepped, but took a step from the bone covered ground to a pristine stone floor, with no bones at all. A line seemed to be drawn separating the bone littered floor and the clean floor.

A massive granite slab swung down from the ceiling, hitting the stones with a ground shaking blow. The Obelisk warrior was knocked off his feet, dazed. The stone had entirely blocked the corridor, but Legorii was thankful to have survived. He stood up, leaning against the slab. It was thick and solid, but he was determined to get to that shield for his friends. He gathered the Dark Side within him, sucking it in, feeling it surge with his adrenalin. He drew back his gauntleted fist, and threw a punch of devastating strength.

The granite rocked, and a hairline crack spread down the center. It echoed for a few moments, then crackled. The crack spread, splitting wider and wider. Then the slab collapsed, and Legorii had to scramble out of the way so the thick chunks didn’t bash him over the head. The Arconan scrambled over the chunks and towards the shield once more, a bit more hesitant this time. His fist was sore, and his knuckles bloody beneath the gauntlet, but he ignored the pain.

As he stepped across only a few strides from the shield, he felt a momentary twinge in the Force. Reacting quickly, he threw himself forward as the poisonous darts shot by. The Obelisk rolled across the floor beneath the trap that had nearly killed him, his heart pounding in his chest. Legorii rolled to his feet and grabbed the shield in front of him, this time turning and flat out running back to the console room.

Holocron Room

"Legorii...not to exclude you but can Talos and I get the holocron by ourselves?" Anubis asked the Obelisk, who smiled at him and laid a hand on his shoulder. He was only along for the ride, in the end it would always come down to Anubis and Talos, for this was their crusade to recover their lost heritage.

"Of course, it is your parents after all" said Legorii. The Anzati Corporal knew his heritage, but his friends did not know theirs. Legorii had learned his while lounging on a comfortable couch and looking out at a sweeping view of Coruscant’s upper class district, barely listening to the boring old tutor his father had hired. Now it was their time to learn.


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After removing themselves from the Sith Academy with the Holocron of Brisha Annedu in hand, Talos, Legorii and Anubis sealed the entrance to the academy which they themselves had entered through, erasing the fact that they were even present there. Deciding it was best if they left the Sith grounds at once, the three Dark Jedi walked aboard the Lizard’s Hold.

As soon as they had entered the fifty five meter meters, they made their way to the armoury. After a minute or so, they did enter the armoury to find most of their supplies had been taken from their original placement. There was somebody on board. Removing their helmets, they placed them on the shelves and stood quietly. Suddenly, they detected a presence in the Force, and it was emanating from the bridge of the vessel.

Nodding to his friends, Wrath took to the lead while the other two followed. They walked as silently as possible, trying to hide their presence to the best of their ability. After five and a half minutes of creeping quietly, they had arrived at the bridge door, and it appeared as if they hadn’t been noticed at all.

Opening the door to the semi large bridge, they saw that same Iridonian beggar they had given credits to and thought they had left at the cantina, trying to unlock the pilot’s controls. The Zabrak quickly got to his feet, now alert that he had company. In his hands were two perfectly designed lightsabers, which looked magnificent.

The Dark Jedi sentinents stood quietly, each raising their lightsabers vertically before activating their own lightsaber blades. Two red and one blue blade shot into the air, leaving a light tint of red and blue on the walls of the vessel.

“So what are you doing on our ship, fool?” asked Anubis, his voice stern as it ever was. Talos and Legorii kept their mouths shut, eyes solely focused on the Zabrak. If anything were to happen, they would be ready to strike.

“I was hoping to steal your freighter before you returned, and sell it off for some credits. I haven’t been successful in disengaging the lock though.” Wrath noted the lightsaber hilts.

“And what of those remarkable fakes?”

With a smirk, the Zabrak activated the lightsabers. One emited a radiant golden blade, while the other a strong silver blade. Without another word, the three Jedi Hunters charged the Iridonian with no remorse. Each sought to perform a basic strike, to see just how well the man faired against three people.

Talos had taken the left approach, swinging his blade wildly in a horizontal position, aimed directly at the midsection of the beggar, which was stopped easily by the golden yellow blade. Anubis had taken the middle of course, performing a large and swift vertical swing to cut the being in half, which was blocked with some effort by the silver blade. As those four lightsaber blades collided, a large buzz could be heard from the lightsabers.

Legorii was the only one that was able to land a blow. The Anzat had taken the right approach after both of the Valheru had taken their shots at hitting the Zabrak, motioning to stab him in the thai with his blue blade. Without any other lightsabers to protect himself, the Iridonian had no choice but to take the hit, which he did. The blue blade of the Corporal entered the leg through one side, eating through flesh, fat, muscle, and bone before coming out the other side.

The smell of burning cloth filled the nostrils of all people on the bridge, as the beggar cried out in pain. Removing his blade in the exact way that it had entered, Legorii took a step back and prepared to strike again. Thinking just as quickly as the lightsaber blade had cut through his leg, the Zabrak reached out to the force. Struggling, he was able to throw all three of them backwards four meters, to the ground.

Though they were quickly on their feet, the Jedi Hunters had to figure out a way to deal with this threat. Deciding it wasn’t best if they talked aloud, they communicated through the force.

So how are we going to deal with this kriffing threat? asked Talos.

I have an idea, but I’d like to here what Legorii has to say, first, came the reply from Anubis. All three were still communicating, and were watching the beggar closely as they did so.

I say we do the same thing, only changing up the rolls. If we can land another blow, I’m sure we can take him out, said the Obelisk.

Exactly what I was thinking. As somebody lands a blow, I was going to do a roundhouse kick to the side of his head, hopefully knocking him out. What do you guys think? asked the pilot, his voice in the force now a small murmur.

I like it. Talos can land the blow, and you can do the kick. Ready?

Sure am!
replied Talos. The Dark Jedi nodded to each other, and charged. Anubis took the left, Talos the right, and Legorii the center. Legorii was the first to reach him, with an uppercut. The attack was quickly blocked though, and the two engaged in a strength struggle. The older Valheru was the next to meet up with him, and preformed a diagonal swipe to the Zabrak’s shoulder blades, which was once again blocked.

Now free to do as he willed, Talos moved in quickly. He made a nice slash to the man’s face, leaving a sizeable gash where the skin used to be. The cut skin caused the Iridonian to clench his teeth at the pain, and also close his eyes. Now seeing his chance, Wrath forced his blade forward, and leaped into the air, performing the roundhouse kick he told his fellow Dark Jedi that he would perform. The attack connected, and the Iridonian was sent flying into the wall to the right, were there were thankfully no consoles.

The beggar was knocked out cold, and his lightsabers deactivated. The two Sith were quickly upon him, stripping him of all his weapons. There were three lightsabers, and a blaster pistol. Wrath took the lightsaber hilt he knew emitted the silver blade, and left the rest to the others as he bent down to find a power pack and thermal detonator. That kriffer had hidden all of the supplies.

The Ektrosian returned to his full height, ammo and explosive in hand. Both Galerians turned to see their friend or brother holding them, and already knew what they were about to do. They were going on a man-hunt for all of that equipment while in Hyperspace. Taking his seat, Wrath locked in his controls and stared up the main engines, and other piloting systems.

After firing up the repulsors, they were now airborne. Wrath quickly brought them into space, and asked for the next destination so that he could enter the proper coordinates in the navi-computer.

“Lehon,” Talos had said, and the other two shrugged before the ship had entered hyperspace.

En-route to Lehon from Iridonia
ETA 2.5 days

After entering hyperspace, Anubis had told his ship-mates that they would arrive two days or so at their destination, and to start looking for their equipment while he brought their guest to the med bay for healing, then to the brig for containment.

Talos and Legorii left the bridge, searching for the equipment they had lost. It was going to be some time before they reached Lehon, so it was best to search now then later. Grabbing the Zabrak, the Taldryanite threw him over his shoulders and proceeded towards the med bay.

After arriving inside the room, the Ektrosian laid the man down on the bed, performing a healing force power to heal his wounds with some help from various first aid tools. After completing the healing process, the man was still quite unconscious, yet that was a good thing.

Throwing him over his shoulders once more, the Sith brought the man into the brig and threw him on the bed before leaving and activating the energy field behind him. Beginning the search for the equipment, Anubis first removed his armour inside the armour, and left the Holocron of Brisha Annedu and the excellent new lightsaber inside his quarters before leaving off to search with his friends. It was a sizable ship, and it would take at least a day to find everything.


15-04-2008 00:41:38

Lizards Hold

"Son of a voxyn" cursed Talos Annedu, as he crawled through the venting system of the freighter, searching for the items that the beggar/thief/assassiliant had hidden through the vessel. Already he had found the Trackers spare blaster packs, work belt and Anubis's spare pair of Ektrosion robes as well as his own secondary combat gear helmet. Just then, his brothers voice filtered through Talos's helmet COM. "How goes the underbelly search?" asked Anubis. Pressing down on the COM chin-button, Talos replied. "As well as it can. The underbelly is clear. I'll be coming up through the cockpit" "Affirmitive" replied the Ektrosian then he signed off. A hour later, Talos popped the grill into the cockpit and distributed his findings. Looking down at his chrono, he realized it was about 1am. Heading off to his quarters, Talos stripped of his combat armor and lay down on his cot.

5am: Lizards Hold

Talos awoke four hours later, once more donned in his combat armor, crept out of his brothers room. Clucthed in his hand was the silver pyrimid of Brisha Annedu's holocron. The Arconan felt bad about stealing from his brother but it had struck a nerve when Anubis had taken it with him into his quarters. Sitting down at the galley's large table, Talos uploaded all of the recordings to his helmet. After that was accomplished, he activated the 'cron and saw the shimmering blue gatekeeper appear. Just as one hour had passed, a voice rang out in the galley. "That curious?" asked the voice of Anubis Annedu Wrath. "Listen...I am sorry brother. I had to know" muttered the Galeres Commander. "I forgive you. I understand. Now, lets study this before we continue our search" said Anubis, sitting down across from his brother. Talos looked up and smiled at the other Valheru. With that, they turned their attention downward, towards the shimmering holo-figure of their mother.

3pm: Lizards Hold: Searching

After over five hours of intense study and a two hour powernap, Talos had restarted his search for the lost items with Legorii. "What have you got?" the Commander asked of the Anzat. " packs, repair kits, our ships were painted with your fast drying spray and thats about it" rattled off the Corporal. "Heh. Well, when we return we will get them repainted" answered Talos as he stored the refound supplies in the Storage room of the vessel. "I think we have got everything" said Anubis, as he came out of his quaters and placed two vibro-weapons and bowcasters on the armory racks. "Finally. So what now?" inquired Legorii. "Landfall brief" answered Anubis simply, gesturing for the two Arconans to join him in the cockpit. A holo-image of Lehon was displayed. "All right. Brisha told us that the next holocron would be hidden in the ruins of the Rakata. So we need climbing gear, which we have" started the Ektrosian. "Right. Also, from my studies, we need to land a good distance away, unless we want to crash the Lizards Hold, which we don't or have a drop ship, which we don't. So gather basic survival supplies" said Talos, picking up where the older Valheru had stopped. "Gotcha. Enemy ideas?" asked Legorii, staring intently at the holo-image. "Not really. We can only guess here but say native creatures and such. I would think the speices of the Rakata and their animal-mounts would have died off a very long time ago. Yet bring blasters, plenty of cartridges and lightsabers as well as explosives and explosive launchers. Fletchett is suggested" continued Talos. "Check and check. I'll begin to gather supplies. What are you two going to do?" asked Legorii. "I'm going to pay a visit to our prisoner" stated Anubis. "I'll take your helmets and copy the data from the first holocron to the helmet visors" said Talos as he gathered the two armored helmets from his comrades. "Right. We know what to do and when. We will be at Lehon in about a day and a half. Dismissed" said Anubis and the three Hunters went their seperate ways, the next piece of the puzzel only beginning to unravel. What Lehon would bring...who knows? Happines...possibly; Dange...defenitly; Revelation...hopefully. All things would be answered in time.

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The disembarking process was short, as the Dark Jedi were always prepared. All three Jedi Hunters had already gathered their weapons and donned their armor, and quickly made their way off the ship. Now that they were ready to proceed, they needed to find out which direction they should take. After a minutes debate, they decided to head north; it seemed as though that is where they had seen the temple as the ship had come down to the surface.

It was morning when they set out, around 0830. The landscape was nice, and the day was pleasant. The land was relatively flat, and the Hunters could see the land all around them. Legorii's keen Anzati eyes picked up a slight incline in the distance, but he paid no attention to it. They traveled at a fairly slow pace throughout the day, enjoying the weather and each other's company.

In late afternoon they stopped to rest, and slept a bit. The sun was already setting when they arose, so they decided to make camp there on the plains. The grass was high, and there were very few trees around. Legorii rolled out his bedroll beneath the tall grass, slipping into it in full battle armor. His katana was unsheathed at his side as the three friends spoke in low tones as the light faded into darkness and they drifted off to sleep. Tales of the old days in Arcona, together, and now of Anubis' new life in Ektrosis of Taldryan, and the life of Arcona these days.

Soon everyone fell silent, and soft breathing could be heard. Legorii thought of the beauty of this lush planet, and the scars that decorated its past. Lehon...Rakata Prime. The ancient Rakatan Empire, so massively powerful, and here is where it was centered according to the annals. Legorii thought of what the galaxy must have been like under such a dynamic force...and then of what the galaxy would be like under an empire ruled by the Dark Jedi Brotherhood...

Before long, the Obelisk warrior rolled over in his bedroll and drifted off to sleep, beneath the light breeze and the waving grass.


The Anzat was awakened by a thud and a grunt. It was dark, but his keen eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness. He saw the shapes of figures in the grass, rustling through the blackness with what looked like weapons in their hands. Anubis seemed to be on his feet, moving back in the grass. Talos was still lying down, being kicked viciously by one of the figures.

Legorii reached for his katana, grabbing the blade and scrambling to his feet. He held the blade in front of him, taking cover. He quickly analyzed the situation. Legorii counted about five or six of them, humanoid shapes. Probably human, but he couldn't pin that down quite yet. It wouldn't be surprising if they were, as Lehon seemed to be crawling with scavengers, thieves, and looters.

The Arconan slid through the grass, coming up behind one of the attackers. He drew up, gripping the hilt of his katana with both hands, utterly silent. He thrust the blade forward, and its cold steel ripped through the enemy's back and poked out the center of his chest. The body shuddered, and then hung limp as the heart stopped. Legorii pulled his katana out as the body fell to the ground, moving on to another target. These men had obviously sought to take advantage of the slumber of three rich looking victims, but they had overlooked the armor and weapons they possessed.

The combat was very heated for a few moments, but soon it turned into a slaughter. Three trained Jedi Hunters were not about to be beaten by common thieves, the filth of Lehon. Talos finished off the last of the thieves, rubbing his side where the armor hadn't quite warded off the kicks. It was the early hours of morning, they soon learned, and the sun had not yet come up. They decided that they weren't going to get any more sleep, so packed up and headed off north once more.

They made their way across the plains again, and they encountered no more thieves or scavengers. The sun rose, and made its journey across the sky. The warriors approached the crest of the hill, beginning to climb its gentle slope. They had their weapons ready, for they did not know what to expect on the other side of the hill. They had traveled for a long time now, as it was well past noon.

“You think we have almost reached the temple?” Legorii asked Talos and Anubis as he checked the safety on his blaster. It was off, of course. His armor was gleaming in the sunlight, as he had polished it aboard the Lizard’s Hold shortly before they had set out in search of the temple.

“Well I reckon we are damn close.” Anubis replied, staring off into the distance. He too had his weapons ready, his armor in near perfect condition. Legorii looked closely at his friend, and saw that he was not the least bit tired. Talos didn’t appear to be either, but with him you could never really tell. They all had their eyes set dead ahead as the slope of the grassy hill began to climb a bit more steeply, now dotted with rocks that they had to step over.

The slope was ever increasing, and soon it was to the point that they couldn’t walk upright. The Hunters leaned forwards a little bit, taking meaningful strides and paying attention to their balance. The footing would be horrible if an enemy attacked them at that moment, and they picked up the pace as they unconsciously felt that they were on bad tactical ground. It took about fifteen minutes at that point to finish climbing to the crest of the hill, and by the time they got to the top they had resorted to using their hands and the rocks as handholds.

The three Dark Jedi reached the top of the hill and stopped to catch their breath. They had moved very quickly, and despite being in top shape it had tired them out due to the strange atmosphere and different living conditions. The men turned and looked down the other side of the hill, into the valley below. There they saw their destination, the ancient ruins of the Rakata temple that they had been searching for since landing on Lehon. The temple looked like it must have been a magnificent structure, but now it had decayed and was nothing but a dilapidated old building. Rubble littered the ground, and the majority of the interior structure appeared to have crumbled. Legorii shrugged to his companions, and they began to descend the hill.

The land all around was beautiful green grass, lush grass that seemed to be a comfortable carpet in which to lie down on. The tall grass was behind them, and this grass seemed to be groomed by herds of wild beasts. The occasional tree dotted the landscape, but provided no shade. Lehon was a truly beautiful planet, even more so than Anzat. Legorii tore his eyes away from the planet’s horizon as he began the climb down.

This time the descent was agonizingly slow, as they were in no hurry now that the destination had been reached and they could see any potential enemy approaching. It was late afternoon when they reached the base of the ruins, and saw the men camped there. There were probably about three dozen, maybe more. Humans for the most part, but the occasional alien. Pirates.

Legorii and his friends did not immediately reach for their weapons, but they were always close at hand. Instead they advanced with their heads held high, and a burly human male stepped out of the ruins to meet them. He had a scraggly black beard that tumbled out over the old armor that he wore. The helmet that he wore covered his facial features, but the Dark Jedi could feel his beady eyes on them.

“What do you want here?” the leader asked, stepping forward and crossing his arms across his chest. Legorii and Talos looked over at Anubis, who immediately stepped forward to speak. Legorii hoped that he wouldn’t say something cocky or rash, because he wasn’t really in the mood to fight off three dozen pirates right then.