Seek And Destroy


26-02-2008 18:19:12

Callus sat in the cockpit of the small fighter orbiting the planet of Corellia, he looked off to his right and saw his apprentice holding position next to him. He activated his comlink.

"Alright, all information points to our target being somewhere on Corellia. He might be difficult to track down, but if he's here we'll find him." Callus said calling up the information he had on their target.

"Yes Master." Was Strats' reply

The information on their target had all of the standard information

Name: Jher-ic Ulgo
Age: 49
Height: 5' 10"
Occupation: Smuggler/presumed Jedi Knight
Relevent Biography: He is the only suspect in the recent bombing of a Sistros Aquisitions and Holdings office building. It is presumed he knows the true function of Sistros AandH. He must be eliminated quickly and with prejudice. He was last seen on Corellia, he may try and expose us to the republic, kill him before he has the chance.

Callus loaded the information to his datapad and transmitted to the Corellian control system.

"This is Captian Advant, of the Advant Edge. Reqesting docking for 2 Z-95's" Callus told the controller

"Roger captain. Advant Edge 1 and 2 cleared for landing in Bay 31, south imperial hangar complex. Safe arrivals."

"Confirmed control, Advant out." Callus killed the comlink and locked onto the navigational beacon from Bay 31.


27-02-2008 18:48:28

"What did he say?" Strats inquired, speaking through his COM link. Strats had forgotten to switch his radio on.

"He said we're clear to land," was Callus' reply. "Just follow me; I've locked on to the dock we are supposed to land in."

Strats slowed up a bit, signaling his master to move in front and lead the way. The beautiful city lights of the Corellia illuminated the skyline. Though night had not yet fallen, the timers on the lights were scheduled to start a bit before sunset, allowing aircrafts to travel safely. The Omwati re-devoted his attention to the matter at hand, just in time to see Callus slowly coming to a halt. Strats reduced his speed likewise. The letters ‘31’ were painted in white on the front of the metal hangar.

“This is us.”

The voice of the Templar was clearly heard over the COM link. Strats brought his ship to a stop right beside the Z-95 of his Master, Callus Bo’Amar. Strats exited the cockpit and turned to his master, who was already walking towards the hangar exit. Strats jogged to catch up.

“This is a big planet to cover. How will we find him?”


04-03-2008 03:18:50

ooc: just to be clear this is for your trials, and we need to see if you can handle yourself in a situation like a Run-On. So I'd like to see some better work.

"Well magic obviously." Callus said with a sideways glance at his student. "We ask around. There are only a few places a Jedi can really hide. Right now he's definately going to attempt to get in touch with the republic, luckily for us, Corellia's not a big fan. So he's either got a contact here, or has a reason to belive he's safe."

Callus looked down at his dataPad and got the adress of a dive bar where they we're going to meet their informant. The place was called the iNceneraTOR Callus could imagine why their spy would want to meet there.

He turned to look at Strats. "This place is actually pretty close to the hangar complex, lucky us. Lets go."


05-03-2008 21:57:10

Strats followed his master to the iNceneraTOR, all the time pondering the real purpose of this mission. Strats couldn't help but wonder why a Jedi would care anything about Sistros; few knew what really occurred there. No matter the cause of the mission, the Omwati was eager to find this alleged Jedi Knight; it would be ample opportunity to express his hatred of the Jedi while also proving his loyalty to his master, his house, and his clan. Jher-ic Ulgo… Strats thought to himself. The name sounded familiar, though Strats couldn’t place it.

The pointless pondering ended when the two walked into the building; it was identified by the flashing neon sign that said “iNceneraTOR” in bright orange and green. “Here we go… Ladies first.” Callus opened the door, as if beckoning Strats to enter. “You aren’t funny.” The Hunter informed his master, walking through the door.

Callus approached the bartender, who happened to be a Gran. “Where might I find someone with knowledge of a Jedi?” Callus asked the busy bartender. The response came in such a garbled fashion, it was hard to understand what the man was saying. Strats could pick up on the words Jedi, Republic, and Unwelcome. Callus detached his saber from his robe and activated it, holding it close to the man’s face. “I didn’t say I was a member of the Jedi Order. I said I need some information.” Callus was now becoming agitated at the man. Grasping the bartender by the neck, the Templar lifted the man off the ground. “Now, I’ll ask you again. Where might I find someone with knowledge of a Jedi?” The bartender, now gasping for breath, managed to raise an arm and point towards the table in the far corner of the room. “Kel-Dor…” whispered the man’s raspy voice. Callus relinquished his grip, catching the Gran off guard. His limp body fell to the floor. “Thanks,” Callus said, “Take it easy.”

Strats followed Callus, who walked with utmost arrogance in his step, to the Kel-Dorian man who was seated at the identified table. The Obelisk sat down and instructed his apprentice to do the same. “What do you want?” the confused Kel-Dor asked. “We are here to talk business.” replied Callus. “What do you know about an alleged Jedi by the name of Jher-ic Ulgo?”