The Search For The Dark Side


15-12-2007 17:15:00

"So it's settled, Davin."

"Sure is."

Davin turned off the holo-tranciever and motioned towards the cockpit of his fighter. The red Eta-2 was kept in good shape by the pilot, as well as his astromech droid R2-X5. The Guardian was on his way back home to Dantooine, to meet his friends Anubis and Kairus.

"X5, prepare the fighter for launch," called Davin, climbing into the fighter.

*beep op bop*

The canopy closed, and Olar buckled into his seat, taking the controls himself. He piloted the small fighter out into space, leaving the space station with great haste. As he neared the hyperspace mark, he entered the hyperspace coordinates for Dantooine.


Meanwhile on Dantooine, Anubis and Kairus prepared to meet Davin. They had been waiting on the mechanic responsible for putting together the Valheru's new Eta-2. While waiting, Kairus ventured to Davin Olar's household, to retreive the Guardian's other Eta-2.

As he set out for the old farm, Wrath caught up with him, handing him a com-link.

"Use this if you run into any trouble."

Kairus nodded, starting to run. He ran at a constant speed, wasting no time for the sun to set. He ran around a corner, to see a young kath hound out on its own. He was cacious, trying not to alarm the medium sized beast.

The Human's looked for passage around the hound. His eyes gazed around, and the Guardian decided that the best way to avoid the beast was to the left side of the valley. With his mind made up, he removed his blaster from it's holster and began creeping along side the valley, trying his best to keep his breath light.

As he made his way behind the young Kath Hound, it's two parent's jogged up to it, sniffing the air.

Damn it all to hell. If they see me I'm toast. I need to continue on. By the datapad's instructions, The old farm was a few hundred meters to the north. He made a run for it, running as fast as he could, his mind racing as he thought of escape routes if something went wrong.

He arrived around another corner, to see some of the largest Kath Hounds he had ever heard of standing in front of him. The Human gulped, and looked them right into their dark eyes. He motioned backwards, trying not to alarm those large beasts.

The Guardian failed, as the large Hounds snarled, and started after him. It wasn't until they were within seven meters of him did he realize that he needed to start running. He twisted his body, and made a run for it. The noise of the large Kath Hounds alerted the others. Soon every Kath Hound in the area would be after him.

"Anubis! Come in Anubis! This is Kairus. I have Kath Hounds after me, lots of them. I need help!"

"Gotcha. When I say jump, I need you to jump or I can't help you!" blurted the Hunter.

Being as fast as he could, Kairus looked up to see a fighter heading straight for him. Inside the cockpit was Anubis, glaring at his friend as he opened the s-foils of the Eta-2.

"When you jump, grab onto one of the s-foils! Jump Kairus! Jump!"

Kairus leaped, and the fighter blasted past him. Halfway down the fighter's side, the Guardian reached for the fighter with both hands, preparing for the hurtful whip-lash that he was about to endure. His hands just barely grabbed onto the fighter, before his body was whipped forwards with the fighter. The Human's body ached, as it slammed head on with the metal ship.

Anubis fought the controls as he brought the ship up. The added weight of Kairus threw the ship out of wack.

"Hold on tight, I'm going to bring us back into the spaceport!" he yelled through the com-link. The Hunter slowly brought the ship around, smoothly bringing it into the spaceport. The Valheru slowly brought the ship down, powering down the engines as well.

Kairus rolled off the ship, and Anubis got out.

"Are you ok?"

"Hell no!"

"Let's get you to a medic," smirked Wrath as he threw Kairus over his back and began to walk.


Davin exited Hyperspace, his fighter jolting as he hit the accelerator. Dantooine, he was finally back home. A smile grew on the Human Guardian's face as he sped into the atmosphere. It was a short amount of time before he made his way through the atmosphere. He took his com-link and opened a channel.

"Anubis are you there?"

"Hello my friend. I have you on radar. When you arrive, come join myself and Kairus in the medical center."

"Medical Center? What happened?"

"It's a long story old friend. I'll be sure to tell you once you get here."

Davin set down the fighter easily, quickly getting out.

"Come X5."

*beep bop bop*

The little astromech droid popped out of it's socket and followed it's master into the nearby building refitted as a medical center.


15-12-2007 18:42:46

Davin walked into the medical center. He looked around the surrounding area to find which room Kairus would be in. The walls and floors were white with men and women walking through corridors as medial droids hovered and glided across the air. He walked up to the help desk and began to speak with the assistant behind the desk. "By any chance did a Valheru and a Human walk in here," the young Guardian asked.

The Twi'lek female looked at the man curiously and replied, "Yes, they are in Room Four." Davin nodded and began to walk off. He passed by Rooms Two and Three and saw one room with an opened door. He peered in to notice Anubis seated in a chair and Kairus in a bed.

Davin stood in the door and ask, "What the hell happened here?" Davin smirked and then walked to Anubis to give him a hug. Davin hadn't seen Anubis in a while and seeming the young Valheru's face brought back some memories.

"Well, it went like this," Anubis began. A few hours passed and Anubis and Davin were talking about what was happening. Now, Kairus was asleep and was healing. Davin was sitting in a chair by the window while Anubis was standing next to the door.

"Now that's why he was attacked," Davin began to say, "those Kath hounds have been there always. I got past there by befriending them. If you just waited I could have stopped this from happening." An hour or so past and Anubis left the room and walked outside. He was standing there and watching the sun set. He didn't understand the beauty of this nor did he understand most Human cultures. "I always loved coming outside when the sun's about to set," Davin had said, "I came out here every night and then my father would come out and tell me one day I can see more than this, and he was right."

Anubis looked at Davin strangely, even though Davin and him were like brothers, there were some things he didn't know. Anubis turned his head and continued to look at the valleys ahead. "Davin what was your family like," Anubis asked. He didn't get any reply. Anubis turned his head to see Davin on the ground shaking and sweating. Anubis exclaimed, "Hey, I need someone out here! Don't worry Davin, you'll be okay."

Everything was dark. Davin was standing in his dreams, in an abyss. "I saw him die, Davin. I saw our father die," Rav Olar said. He saw his brother in his head. "You could have stopped it, Davin. You could have saved him."

"Shut up," Davin whispered. His voice was low and he couldn't here anything. "Shut up, I should kill you! I bet you did it! I bet you did!"

Davin woke up. Anubis stared at him with his wide reptilian eyes. Davin asked, "What happened?"


15-12-2007 19:50:48

"You tell me Dav, one minute you were talking to me, the next I turn around and you're shaking on the ground.

Almost trying to convince himself, Davin responded, "It was a vision, a very unsettling vision", and he stared blankly over at his friend. "Since when do visions cause people to go into convulsions", Anubis asked quickly,

"You want to talk about it?" Davin shook his head, "Maybe later", and started to crawl out of what he discovered was not his bed. "Where are we?"

"WE'RE STILL AT THE MEDICAL CENTER", Anubis said loudly but somewhat jokingly, "Honestly I don't know how we're ever going to get off this rock if we have to stay within 3 kilometers of this building." Davin stood up and streched his arms wide "Well, let's go see if Kairus is fit to leave too."

The moment Anubis and Davin stepped out of the room, they heard a crash down the hall, and the voice of agitated orderly droid, "Sir, your recommended dosage has not yet been administered, please remain calm."

Kairus could be heard yelling something along the line of You' As the pair approached, they noticed that the tool used to inject had been clearly ripped off the droids arm.

"Guys", Kairus pleaded, "Please tell these people that we don't need medical attention like other..." he stopped mid-sentence. Both Anubis and Davin had shot him the "SHUT UP" look and Kairus concurred also that no one but themselves needed to know they were "special".

"Yes, well, you, droid, would you mind telling me where I might find my clothes. I never understood the use of these medical robes, they're itchy, form fitting, and they don't close around your bum."

Kairus dressed quickly and the trio headed out of the medical center. As soon as the door shut behind them Kairus punched Anubis in the shoulder. "Grab on to ship screeching by, ingenious, how about next time we skirt by a black hole I tie a cord around you, tell you to hold your breath, and see how close we can get to it without losing you!". "Hey, Anubis said laughing, It was that or get intimate with a pack of Kath hounds right?"

"What's even more funny, Davin said, "is that if you had just waited for me, those hounds wouldn't of attacked at all." Kairus shot Anubis a surprised look, but Anubis shook his hands in front of him, disavowing all knowledge of this.

Kairus looked at Davin, "Right so you're here, did you get everything that you needed from your place? "No, Davin responded quickly then grinning, I haven't made it there yet with you causing all this trouble" Anubis piped up, "Hey, you were lying in a medical bed too, so don't blame just us." Kairus looked puzzled, to which Davin replied "Later." "Right then, said Anubis as he pointed in the direction of Davin's house, Let's get going."


15-12-2007 23:05:46

"Ok. Lets go," said Davin, openiong the canopy to his Eta-2. Anubis did the same, climbing in a moment later.

"Uh, what am I supposed to do?" asked Kairus. Anubis smirked. Davin knew exactly what was going to happen next.

"You get a ride with Davin, of course. Sit on his lap, its only a short ride."


"You heard me," said Anubis, closing the canopy to his fighter while smirking. Davin and Kairus frowned at the idea, but accepted it as the only way. Kairus climbed into the fighter and sat on Olar's lap, disgusted. Davin closed the canopy, sighing and priming the engines for launch. Beside them in the other fighter, Anubis looked over and laughed. The Valheru started up his fighter, and looked over to Davin once again.

The two nodded at each other, lifting their Eta-2's into the air. As soon as they reached ten meters above the air, they pushed the accelerators a quarter of the way down, and the fighter's blasted forward. They flew across the field with a medium speed. They passed valleys upon valleys before seeing a large farm in the distance.

"There it is. Anubis, follow in behind me."

"Roger that, Davin." Davin punched down the accelerator, and Wrath followed in behind, trying not to get too close.

"Whoa," said Kairus.


"Nothing, just didn't know that these things could go this fast."

"Well get used to it, because pretty soon you'll be piloting my other Eta-2."


"Yeah, now hold on, I'm about to bring us in."

Davin lowered the speed on the fighter, and brought it in slowly into the Olar Farm's hanger. As both men got out of the cockpit, Anubis was no where to be found inside the hanger. Both Guardian's sighed, and Olar got on the com-link with the Hunter.

"Anubis come in."

"M'hm, Anubis here."

"Where exactly are you?"

"Just circling the farm. It's huge man."

"I know, I grew up here remember."

"Yeah. Hey, do you keep any good supplies here?"

"Sure do. Land inside the hanger and we'll talk."

"Gotcha, Anubis out."

Anubis finished circling the farm, and lightly pulled into the hanger, setting down the fighter with ease. The Valhery exited the fighter, and looked around the large hanger.

"Nice place."


17-12-2007 16:34:30

Davin searched around the hangar. He walked over to a door and next to it was a panel. He lifted the flap and pressed a button. Suddenly, the hangar was closing up and lights began to come on. "We'll spend a night here, just so we can get some things settled in," Davin had said, the glow of the dim lights making his appearance look menacing. He signaled the two to follow him through a door. The three looked in the complex, noticing the tapestries and scrolls scattered across the house. Kairus and Anubis were in awe as they passed by statues and paintings of disturbing images of combat. Davin pointed down the hallway, "Anubis, you take the room to the left, Kairus the one on the right. The room in front of you is mine, so please knock because I feel very personal. If you need more clothing or you need ammunition for weapons, please go upstairs and look in any of the four rooms for the correct ammo."

The trio split up, each going into their rooms. Davin closed his door and locked it. He walked over to his closet and grabbed a durasteel box sitting in the corner. He typed in a passcode and the box opened. The Guardian grabbed all of the items in the box. It consisted of a sapphire, a crystal of some sort, and a holocrons. Davin used the Force to power up the holocron. The image that was shown was that of his father. The image then began to speak. "Greetings either my sons or a Jedi who wishes to learn my training. My name is Turion Olar, a Jedi Master. I will teach you what I know. I am not like ordinary Jedi in which I teach both the light side and dark side of the Force. Both sides are like that of a blaster, both sides have to be the same. But each side has many differences. The light side of the Force is to help as an ally while the dark side is used as a weapon." Davin watched his father as he continued, "I wish that if you want to continue my training, you will stay and listen," Davin had just shut down the holocron. He then picked it up and threw it at the wall. The holocron shattered into pieces and Davin just lied down on his bed and fell asleep for a few hours.


17-12-2007 20:52:59

Kairus wasn't entirely in the mood to settle in for the night. He was in quite the opposite mood, still thinking about the medical center, how they were trying to make him do so many things he didn't want to do. "It's not my fault that the force can make recovery so much faster", he said angrily. He heard a small squeak, and realized he had bent the medal door knob down slightly. Correcting it with the force, he slowly closed the door as to not disturb his companions. "Weapons upstairs you say Dav, well, lets just go take a peek." He quietly ascended the stairs, anxious to see what kind of stores the Olars had stockpiled.

The first room wasn't exciting, well, at least not to Kairus. He looked around at all the different wardrobes, and guessed he could appreciate the number of disguised that could be thrown together. Cloaks, tunics, pants, boots, gloves, hats, robes, there wasn't much that wasn't present. He shut the door and proceeded to the next room. "This is more like it", Kairus said greedily as he walked by shelves of blasters and ammunition cartridges. He even found a belt of thermodetonators, which he began to put around his waist, then concealed by pulling his shirt over them. "What good will blasters do us where we're going", Kairus snorted.

He began to open the third door, and as he reached for the door handle, he felt as though he could feel the smallest presence of the force. He didn't know what to make of it, it wasn't the dark side that he was so used to feeling, but almost neuteral, stagnant. "What's up", Anubis said and Kairus wheeled around quickly to answer. "Just poking around, great place huh?" "Yeah, we should be able to get everything we need", the Hunter said eyeing the doors as Kairus had minutes before.
"Knock yourself out, Kairus said as he headed for the stairs, "I don't know quite what to make of that door though". He pointed to the door he had previously been standing in front of. "We should probably turn in soon, I'm sure Davin will want to leave as fast as we can, we're a day behind as is."


17-12-2007 22:16:29

"Yea I guess you're right. I'm just going to check out the supplies first."

"Right. Well, see you tomorrow morning Anubis," said Kairus, taking his leave and walking down the stairs. The Valheru smirked, and searched the rooms with the force, finding the one loaded with blasters and ammunition of all types. He entered the room, smirking at the collection.

The Hunter gazed around the room, eyes searching for the perfect weapons. His eyes came upon two light repeating blasters and Anubis reached for them. He had also grabbed an ammunition belt, and an ammunition vest to wear under his robes. Grabbing his hydrospanner, he sat down in the middle of the room, and started working on the blasters.

By the time he was done, the blasters had twice the accuracy, firepower and range. With his new blasters modified, Anubis left the room, and ventured down the hall to the third room. As he reached for the handle, the feeling of the force inside his hand had faded. This was odd to the Hunter. He left the room alone, sensing nothing of value inside.


"Anubis, get up it's time to go."

"Wha," Wrath said, yawning as Davin's figure appeared in front of him. Davin took a pillow and threw it on the Hunter. The Valheru moaned, and got to his feet. As he showered and changed, he could hear loud noises from the hanger.

Anubis met Davin and Kairus inside the hanger, with a large duffel-bag at his side.

"What's that?"

"Just some stuff. So what's for breakfast?"

"Nothing at the moment, we can eat once we get to the next planet."


"So Anubis, where exactly are we heading?"

"Telos. There is something there that I need to pick up."


"I'll prepare the fighters then. Once we get to Telos, Kai will be taking my Eta-2 into his posession."

With that said, the Valheru threw the duffel bag over his shoulder, and walked out into the hanger, carefully putting the bag into his cockpit. Using his com-link, the Hunter contacted his two companions and told them to get their asses in gear. Each of the men had an Eta-2 to pilot, and so took off.

Kairus had some slight trouble with keeping control of the Eta-2, since it was still new to him. After ten minutes of flying, he had it down pat, and was ready for flight in space. Anubis blasted out in first, with Davin close in behind. Not knowing what to do, Kairus pressed random buttons, and ended up activating the light-speed sequence.

"Uh, Davin how do I disengage the light-speed sequence?"

"Oh man. Kai, speed up right now and get out of the atmosphere! If you make the jump while inside, the atmosphere will rip you to shreds!"

"Ok that seems motivation enough," the Guardian said, punching the accelerator once he finally found it. The countdown was nearing it's end, and Kairus was only about half way through the atmosphere. As the countdown entered the last ten seconds, The three Journeyman burst through the atmosphere and engaged their hyperdrives.


As the ships dropped out of hyperspace, the Valheru took the com-link,

"Hey guys, it's time to follow in behind me. When I give you my mark, I need you to punch those accelerators, because this ain't going to be a nice smooth ride."

"Roger that."

Anubis punched the accelerator, and gave the signal. Both of the other Eta-2's formed a line behind the Valheru, and the three ships blasted through the rough atmosphere. It wasn't long before they were through the atmosphere, and we're flying through a heavy wind. Anubis himself had trouble fighting the controls, and he had his Valheru strength on his side.

The others wern't faring to well, and had to fly a lot lower. Anubis did the same, bringing the ship down on a gentle angle until at just the right height.

"So where is this estate of yours?"

"We're almost there," replied the Hunter, slowing down the fighter. As it started to come to a stop, Anubis decended straight down, a metal door opening. Puzzled, Davin and Kairus landed, their Eta-2's lighting up the hanger.

As Anubis stepped out of his Eta-2, a soft computer voce could be heard.

"Master Anubis, I see that you have returned."

"Yes Korta."

"How may I be of service to you and your companions?"

"Have some hot-coco ready for us in the kitchen, along with a large meal."

"It will be done."

Davin and Kairus got out of their fighters. As they looked around the hanger, they saw a TIE Hunter hooked up to a bunch of wires.

"Is that what you wanted?" asked Kai.

"Of course. That is my pride and joy. This Eta-2 here, is yours now," the Hunter replied, grabbing his bag. Kairus shrugged, and got into the new fighter. It was so much different. He climbed back out again, to see Davin and Anubis walking away.

"Hey wait up!" he cussed as he ran to catch up with his friends. They entered a large Dinning room and Kitchen.

"Wow, it's as big as my place."

"Yeah, but mine's underground."

Anubis walked over to what looked to be a large fridge, and removed three plates with the food warm, and already on it.

"Dig in," he said as he sat down and started ripping at his meat. After the three had finished eating, Davin had to ask Anubis something.

"Anubis, how where you allowed to keep this place?"

"I got it after I joined the brotherhood." Davin and Kairus were shown to their medium sized quarters, while the Valheru took the usual large one. Inside each rooms were some combat weapons, as well as grenades. The three spent the night, each getting a lot of sleep, accept for Davin who had another one of his visions.

This time it was worse.