Unlocking The Future..

Ylith Pandemonium

24-11-2007 18:45:13

Dlarit Spacehook - Orian System

While the last of the True Brotherhood invaders were sweeped clean from the Dlarit Spacehook,
Ylith made his wat to the research chamber. Marcon and himself had a special experiment waiting

The Sith moved throughout the chamber and began checking up on the machines that were stationed
in the small hall. The True Brotherhood was too hasty in taking over the galaxy, that they forgot a
treasure worth everything to the Battlemaster. The machine to unlock the potential of the Valheru. First
used upon himself by Macron to ensure his survival, now it is to release a brother Valheru from his human

Anubis Wrath, a Jedi Hunter of House Ludo Kressh, a student of Ashia Keibatsu, and partially Valheru. Soon,
this will change.

Ylith prepares his machines before Anubis' arrival, and prepares to teach Anubis in the ways of the Valheru.


26-11-2007 17:37:59

The Hunter strapped his belt around his hips. He thought about many things, but mostly about Ylith Atema and his invitation to his quarters. If there was one thing he knew, it was why the Battlemaster had summoned him.

Wrath sighed, placing his Shock Whip in it's holster. Ready to go, Anubis stepped out the door and out into the corridors filled with life and the smell of fresh pine. The wonderful scent filled the Half-Breeds noose, his senses tingling. He had not left his room in a week, and so he was slightly under dressed for the meeting.

What do you think his actions are, my master?
he asked the Arch-Priestess.

That, I do not know, came the reply of her soft voice. Anubis showed no emotion to the response, keeping his body at the ready for anything. The Envoy gazed down the hallways, moving towards the turbo-lift at the south end. He approached the end of the radiant corridor, the door to the lift sliding open at his command.

He entered it, making room amongst the four people already inside. The turbolift descended, the noise of the lift at work. The commlink in Anubis' arm started beeping, and he answered the call.

"What are you doing? Where are you going?" asked Davin Olar, the other apprentice to Ashia Kagan. Anubis sighed, and replied to the Guardian.

"If you must know, I am on my way to speak to a friend, nothing more," was all that left the Hunter's lips, before he ended the connection with his friend. The bell inside the turbo-lift rang. It indicated that they were approachng the next floor.

The door slid opened, a new scent of organic flowers flowing into his noose. Wrath slightly looked down at his datapad, to see that the Battlemaster's room was located on the right end of the hallway. The Envoy walked off the lift, slowly making his way down the hall. He came to a halt. This was the place. The Half-Breed turned his body towards the door, and knocked.

Ylith Pandemonium

27-11-2007 16:21:32

The door swirled upon and the scent of flowers and pine was immediatly swept away by
a sharp scent of sterile equipment. The Hunter entered the room and stared at the back of the
Valheru, who was making the final preperations to a large tube, like a medical bacta chamber, only
modified for something different.

"You sent for me?" Anubis said and Ylith did not move a muscle.
"Yes, yes I have, please, be seated."
"I'd rather stand"
"Defiant aren't we? very well." The Sith said with a hint of amusement within his voice as he turned around
to face the Hunter. His Lizard like eyes examining him.

"You know what I am, and I know what you are. You are one of my kind, or part of you is. Do you know
anything of our people?" Ylith asked calmly and Anubis' eyes shifted to the side.
"No memories at all Battlemaster, I know what I am, and that is all."
"Then what are you?"
"I am Valheru!"
"And what is the legacy of the Valheru people?"
"I...do not know. I wish I could learn from them." Anubis said and his eyes turned into a serious tone.
"Why have you sent for me Atema! On with it!"

"You dare defy a Battlemaster? You got guts kid. I sense that my faith in you was not in vain."
"I have been keeping my eye on you from quite some time Wrath, I have watched you grow, evolve, and
suffer. I see strength, resillience and power. However, those feats do not make a Valheru. I saw that you
acted with Honor, naturally like it was a sixth sense. That is why I will grant you the possibility to become a full blood."

Anubis stood baffled by the Sith's words but bowed shortly after.
"I would be honored, but if I may ask. Why do you want to do this?"
"Simple...I need you."
"Need me?"
"Yes, I represent the Past and the Present. Here and now I stand before you a broken Valheru. His powers only
gained from a figure from the past and from the science of the present. You however, were born Valheru. You
represent something I cannot. The Future."

Anubis turned himself around and gazed upon the floor, trying to get the Sith's words through his mind.
"So you're saying I represent the future of the Valheru?"
"My task is to teach you the ways of your people. I will not be your master, but I can be your teacher of Valheru Lore.
I have all the knowledge of our people within my mind and will share them with you. I fear my life will soon be
in danger. If I cannot continue my search, you are the only hope for Salvation for our people."

"The Valheru are still out there?"

"Yes, though most of them are rumors, you being a half-blood is a living proof itself. There are Valheru out there,
maybe thousands, millions on a world hidden from everything else. We need to find them and have them return
to the galaxy, where they belong, on our side." Ylith said, he walked towards a chair and he sat down to recompose

Anubis walked to Ylith and bowed.
"I'm ready, lets begin."

"Good, go to the chamber next door, there is a suit there. When you have put on the suit I will put you into the tank and
inject you with DNA altering chemicals combined with the Blood of a pure blood Valheru. This will take a few hours
and may cause nightmares due to it's side effects. Do not worry young one. I will keep my eye on you."

Anubis nodded and moved off, thoughts lingering in his mind.