Survival Of The Fittest

Seth En-Saeur

17-11-2007 21:49:28

So it had happened again...Seth had woken up in a strange shuttle being in a room full of people from the Shadow Academy and had absolutely no clue as to where he was. He looked around suspiciously feigning blindness to fool his peers into thinking him harmless and below their notice. While in practice he was near blind, sometimes his vision cleared...but why give away his little secret when he could use it to bring down one of his rivals later on. Seth examined the cold mechanical interior of the shuttle, his hands making their way along the walls and the electronics. He could feel in the Force the faint beeping and sending of electronic pulses around the ship. And for a moment...his eyes clicked back on. Just in time to see the giant gaseous planet below them out of the view screen.

So this is where we must be headed.... he thought as he plotted what he would do in this next test. He had been an up and coming student in the Shadow Academy, a promising martial artist but still...he felt...over shadowed by the other students. But it just made him hate them even more. One day my blindness will be an advantage...and you will all kneel in respect... he thought as he clenched his fist.

Just then the alarms went off, red lights and beeping sounds. The shuttle groaned as it resisted some invisible force that threatened to pull it down out of orbit. People looked around nervously all thinking if this was real...or perhaps another sadistic test. With one final groan the ship sputtered and died. The ship without means of propulsion spiraled down into the atmosphere of the small moon. Seth acted immediately, he had not come this far only to be destroyed in some freak accident...he had power to achieve and goals to be accomplished.

The muscular teen shouted above the mass chaos as student panicked. "EVERYONE! LET YE WHO WISH GLORY AND HONOR COME AND SURROUND ME LET US USE OUR MIGHTY POWERS TO SURVIVE THIS! If we consolidate ourselves into one place and project a cumulative Force shield around ourselves we may survive. And if shall have died with honor and glory." he said loud and authoritatively. Those fools, they will provide the buffering that I need to survive this impact. he thought as the crowd looked at each other and seemed to agree glory and honor were not bad ideals to die for and were most certainly attractive to them if they lived as they all crowded around Seth. When Seth was sure he was in the middle of the crowd he smirked venomously as he shouted once more. "SHIELDS! NOW!" He felt the surge in the Force as every student bonded their strengths together and formed one consecutive strong Force bubble. Seth smirked All too easy.... he thought as he consolidated his own shield not contributing to the group shield. There was a surge in heat, a stomach churning drop....and a bright explosion.

Seth's eyes opened wearily, they saw a mass of bodies...right ontop of him. He panicked and quickly swam to the top of the pile pushing bodies aside and finally bursting forth for a gasp of fresh air. Seth's eyes adjusted to the sunlight of the moon. He looked around and saw the shuttle wreakage, the dead students and the flames of the shuttle burning. Quickly Seth freed himself of the student's now inanimate corpses and stood on solid earth. He looked at the mass carnage and should have felt regret....but instead...he was thrilled. "I offer to thee my fallen comrades a eulogy..." he cleared his throat "Honor is a fool's prize. Glory is of no use to the dead. These wise words were spoken by Darth Revan, perhaps if you had been true Sith you would have survived....but death you have served a greater purpose than you ever could have taught me that those who are weak perish...and those who are strong survive. Farewell my once rivals..."

And with that Seth proceeded to loot the wreakage for the emergency foodstuffs and water. He quickly put them into a bag he found in the wreakage. And with that Seth En-Saeur turned his back on the wreak and continued on into the forest, his tattered Obelisk robes trailing behind him and his black hair blowing back behind him as he walked onward into the unknown... Nothing will stop me from my quest...

"Now to find a way off this rock...."