Within The Vale Of Darkness

Ylith Pandemonium

12-03-2007 17:25:30

Tyren moved quickly through the halls of Ragnos Cathedral, he was supposed to
meet his brother an hour ago but was caught up by an assignment for the Herald which
had to be finished in time. He moved quickly through the hallways and finally reached
the Aedile's office. He knocked briefly and walked inside, to see an empty chair behind
the desk. The sudden touch of cold steel in his neck made his lips curl and he sighed.

"You're late."

"Herald stuff, now lower the sword brother, what was it you wanted me here for?" Tyren said
as he felt the cold steel removed from his neck and sheathed again. Draken moved to his
desk and Tyren took a seat.

"I am planning on an expedition to my homeworld Shi, heard of it?" Draken said and Tyren
shook his head.
"It is, or was, the homeworld of the Valheru and it still holds treasure's of my lost people. I
intend to find them."
"Mind of I bring a friend?" Tyren said with a smirk and Draken raised an eyebrow then smirked
"I don't mind brother, be sure to be ready in two hours, we leave by shuttle." Draken said as he
walked to the door and Tyren followed him out of the door and while the Valheru moved towards
the hangar bay to prepare the shuttle, the Guardian moved to the nearest comm link and
contacted Plagueis.

"This is Tyren, I'd like to be put trough to Mayda please.."


12-03-2007 18:02:51

Mayda showed on the hologram, clad in her black robes.
"Mayda my friend! I`m going on an erand with my brother. I need a person of confidence on this one so I`m calling you."

After the conversation Tyren walked streight to his quarters, packed his things, the Noroi, a blaster and a bag of equipment.
An hour later he was in the Hangar joining his brother near the shuttle.
"Everything ready?" Tyren asked
"Youre quick!" Ylith replied
"I know brother. Now is everything set?"
"Yes almost done. The droids are loading it and its beeing fueled."
"Good, we are to pick up Mayda in the Jusidah system. Figured it was on our way to the Unknown Regions so."
"Fine!" said Ylith "Can you trust her?" he asked
Tyren looked at him and nodded
"With my life! She saved it. I owe her. Big time!"
"Ok brother. You trust her, I trust her."
The two grabbed each others wrists just like old times.
"Lets go. We have a long journey ahead."

Mayda Ferium

13-03-2007 13:29:13

Mayda showed on the hologram, clad in her black robes.
"Mayda my friend! I`m going on an erand with my brother. I need a person of confidence on this one so I`m calling you."

"TYREN!!!", she squealed with glee, "How are you? Good to see you. I hope all has been well for you since your transfer." Since he had left her Clan, both of them had been put in charge of Battleteams, but that only gave them something else in common.

"Of course. I am at your service. We've been able to depend on each other before, and I know you wouldn't go out of your way like this unless you needed me specifically. I would be honored to help you out, and I will keep your confidence. Let me clear a few days leave. I'll be here on Aerun." With a slight bow of her head, she made the appropriate arrangements and packed an overnight bag with her blaster and whip.


Mayda waited on the Visitor Landing Pad near the Diadem Fortress on Aerun. She was unsure of how to be with him, since they had been close, but awkward, before he left Aerun. While he was gone, she thought on it, and figured it was best that they be apart, for a time, as their feelings could only weaken them, and distract them from their duties and studies. The Brotherhood came before all else, and they were merely journeymen, under the watchful eye of their Masters.

Since then, they had written a few times, but were both so busy with their duties. Whatever was between them had never been spoken of, discovered or resolved. But above all, she was a loyal friend to him, wanting to help him. After all, he had asked her, and not his clansmen. She wouldn't turn down a request from him, and it would be nice to be around him again.

Their ship landed, and she went out to the ramp to greet Tyren, with a warm handshake. "Hello again, Tyren. You look well. I look forward to meeting your brother, and hearing of this mission." A warm electricity went through her body, at seeing him again. He smiled at her. She wondered if it was the same with him. But... now was not the time to ask.

She followed him into the ship and introduced herself to Ylith, "Greetings, I am Guardian Mayda Ferium of Exar Kun", she told the devilishly handsome man with the striking white hair.

Ylith Pandemonium

13-03-2007 20:08:39

“The pleasure is all mine miss Ferium, my name is Draken-korin Elariël Atema, but you may call me Ylith, as all friends do.” Draken said and he bowed graciously, slowing her entrance to the shuttle.

“As Tyren may have told you, we are bound for the planet of Shi, if he did not, I apologize, but that’s where we are going. My brother will fill you in on the details, as for me, I need to the helm and fly this vessel.” Draken moved away from the other two and moved towards the cockpit where he punched a few buttons and took off swiftly, heading towards planet Shi.


The trip itself took a few hours and Draken even took the time to chat a bit with both Tyren and Mayda, getting to know Tyren’s friend. She was a Guardian, just like his little brother, and showed the same spirit as him, determined for greatness and this was something Draken had come to respect during his time among the Dark Jedi.

While he spoke with Mayda, Draken told about himself, for the Guardian quickly noticed that he was not human, noted by his lizard like eyes.

“I am a Valheru, a species thought extinct millennia ago. My human name, and the name of Tyren’s brother is Ylith Atema, my name is Draken-korin Elariël. I survived by alchemy, the sword I carry stores my spirit until I found a suitable host. Ylith was the host I was looking for, and we are now symbiotically linked. “

“He is one of the Dragonlords! Hah! Never seen you ride a dragon though!” Tyren said smirking.

“Maybe for the better brother.” Draken said smiling and he rose again.

“If you two would excuse me, I must retreat for now.” Draken said and he moved to the cockpit.


Draken sat at the helm once again, not that he was flying, he hated flying, he was resting and checking out where would be the best place to go. They would reach the Emerald Nebula soon and even though Draken knew how to fly through it, it would still be dangerous as the high toxic levels of the nebula ran high within the danger zone’s.

The Valheru marked a spot at the southeast on Caria Isliana, the larger continent on the planet. The Place itself was once a grand city of the Valheru, called Silivren Rai, translated into Silver Fire. The city was placed on the slopes of a large mountain and was surrounded by a large ruby coloured wall. The city itself was clear white, and levelled, following the slope of the mountain. The mountain itself was named Agrator Amlug Saliël, which translates into: Heart of the Dragon’s nest. Reason for this name was that the Valheru hollowed the mountain and opening the roof of the mountain. This way, dragons could fly into the heart of the city without troubling civilians or causing harassment.

The City was surrounded by vast green grass fields with a small river flowing past the mountain towards the west, heading towards the great sea. This city was once one of the seven capitals of Valheru Lore and was considered to be the most advanced city of it’s time, until the Old Republic waged war with the planet and devastated most of the great cities. Now, even Draken didn’t know what it’s state was, but he hoped to find treasures from his kind, and maybe even a path of knowledge on any Valheru survivors like himself.

Mayda Ferium

14-03-2007 10:48:25

Ylith gave a very nice, but confusing introduction. Mayda would have trouble remembering all those names. But he was extremely polite and very ... out of the ordinary. What struck her most was his unusual eyes - with a slit instead of a round pupil. And yet, Tyren didn't have those eyes or that hair, but they said they were brothers. Though Mayda didn't assume that meant blood relatives.

Shi? Mayda had never even heard of that one. She strapped herself in the seat next to Tyren, glad to see him again. Her scarlett hair was pulled back in a bun, and she opted for more civilian-type clothing - dark pants and boots, and a purple ruffled shirt, as this was more of a personal mission for the brothers. Her cloak was in her bag, which she stored under the seat.


“I am a Valheru, a species thought extinct millennia ago. My human name, and the name of Tyren’s brother is Ylith Atema, my name is Draken-korin Elariël. I survived by alchemy, the sword I carry stores my spirit until I found a suitable host. Ylith was the host I was looking for, and we are now symbiotically linked. “

Wow. Mayda sat in curious wonderment at his explanation. Fascinating. Though previously an assistant to New Republic Representatives on her homeworld, she didn't get the chance to meet such alluring species.

"Well, I'm just an ordinary human, but raised on Utapau by my father. I didn't meet many other near-humans until I took a job in Pau City at sixteen."

A Dragon? Mayda couldn't wait to hear all the stories these brothers had in their repetoire.


They reached Caria Isliana, the larger continent on the planet. A beautiful and bright white city on a mountain - would there really be dragons around? Mayda had heard tales, but never thought she'd see such things.

She hoped they would go over the plan for the mission, even if details and reasons were kept from her, before they reached their destination - wherever that was.

Ylith Pandemonium

14-03-2007 11:43:25

Draken watched the mountain and the devastated city that lies in it’s shadow. In silence he watched the ruins of the once great city, the blackened walls overgrown with plant life was a disgrace to what it once was, a great city.

Draken looked over his shoulder and nodded at Tyren, who took out two oxygen masks and gave one to Mayda. The Plagueian looking questioning at Tyren as she received the mask.

“Oxygen levels are too high for normal humans, the Valheru are more tolerant to these high levels, it even enhances their senses and strengths.” Tyren said and Mayda nodded silently, returning her gaze to the Battlemaster who threw away his outer robes and placed his hand on a large stone spire, who stuck out of the ground.

“This used to be a beacon to all the Valheru, that they were safe from Valkyri now. These days it is nothing more than a dead relic.” Draken said, a hint of sadness in his voice.
A growl erupted from the Valheru’s lips and his hand turned into a fist and slammed into the spire, which fell over and moved a few meters away, like it was nothing more than a wooden door.

“Is he angry?” Mayda asked and Tyren shook his head.
“He is agitated, if he was angry that spire would have been at the other side of the hill by now, lets go, we need to do some searching. Brother, what are we looking for?”
“A shield, it was said that my shieldbarer Reshu, took my shield long ago and moved it into the city, hidden from the common folk and now I want my shield back. “

Tyren shrugged and Mayda followed both himself and Draken as they moved into the city, the walls were blackened, ancient scorches of blaster fire was seen everywhere, and skeletons, some even dressed in armour, were littered over the entire city.

“Maybe I should take one of those armours, they look cool.” Tyren said with a smirk and Draken turned to Tyren, his eyes almost shooting rage.
“It is believed that if you take away the armour of a soldier fallen in battle is to dishonour it. It would be a great insult if you just pried an armour from a dead Valheru.”

Tyren nodded, knowing that his brother had a huge sense of honour, and that this was somewhat emotional for him, as he sees his people dead, an entire species wiped out. Draken moved up the first level and made the other two Dark Jedi stop. The Sith sniffed in the air, and his eyes homed in on a black blur in the far distance, further than humans could see.

“By the Gods.” Was all Draken said and Tyren grabbed his shoulder.
“What is it brother?”

“Vong, everywhere…”


14-03-2007 12:36:16

"What?" Tyren whispered "Yuuzhan Vong? Here? You must be mistaken brother!" he said in disbelief. Ylith turned to face him.
"I`m not wrong about such things Tyren, the Vong are here." he looked about.

Tyren grabbed the hilt of his katana. "How many do you see?"
"Four, maybe five...for now." he answered "We cant go that way now." he looked about and saw a road heading left "Lets go. We take the long way round. Keep yur guard up, there could be more and they could be anywhere."

Tyren didnt like this, not one bit. Ylith could smell them coming he and Mayda had no way to see them or feel them. This worried him. But what troubled him even more was that in these situations Voron tendts to take over.

This was bad.

Mayda Ferium

14-03-2007 13:39:57

Mayda was thankful for the mask, once she heard the explanation. Ylith was clearly upset by the deterioration of his city, and she empathized, thinking of Utapau's occupation by the New Republic. She picked up his robe for him.

Ylith could destroy a spire? The Battlemaster surely had strength and great power in the Force, attributes the young Guardian did not possess, and thus admired greatly.
Her first thought was that it seemed trite to come all the way here for a shield, unless, the shield held some special power. But, this seemed important to them, and she enjoyed the company. Seeing Ylith's demonstration, she wasn't even overly concerned about being in danger. So, she followed them through the city. With the destruction, it wasn't the gleaming white that it seemed from the outside. Rather, it had the stench of death.

Now something else caught Ylith's attention- the Vong. Mayda had heard whisperings about those vile organic-only creatures. It disgusted her frankly.

Ylith Pandemonium

13-04-2007 07:15:52

Draken glances at the two younger Dark Jedi and smiled slightly.
"There is a small group near us, we cant avoid them. I will go and kill them. If I get overrun,
dont try to save me, just go. If I win, I'll be back in a second, then we will hide the bodies here and
lay low."
"Brother, thats suicide! There are five of them!"
Draken simply grinned and moved into the darkness, a flutter of his cape all they saw and heard untill
the darkness of night overran him.

"I hope he'll be alright."

"I would rather worry about the other guys..."


Draken neared the scouting colonne, about five men grunted silently as they were obviously bored. Though
the Valheru couldnt sense them through the force, he could see them perfectly. His vision turned into light
contrasts of grey and silhouettes were clearly visible. Draken could see enough detail to spot the commander
sitting near a camp fire, with another member beside him playing some dice game, or so it looked.

Suddenly Draken felt something on his shoulder and turned his head to see a small lizard sitting on his
shoulder, gazing at him questioning. The Sith smiled and grabbed the little creature and spoke some
alien words to it, in a whisper so only the lizard could hear. Then Draken released the smaller critten and
watched it move to the Vong.

The Valheru grabbed his Sword of Darkness, it's blue flames swirling around the blade as it gasped for air.
The Blue flames, as fiery as they were, were dark enough to stay unnoticed in the dark, yet bright enough to lit a path.

Suddenly one of the men cried out, reaching for his back and Draken couldnt help but to laugh, as his
little friend was crawling underneath the Vong's armor, creating a diversion.

The Captain and the soldier next to him rose, and a whistling sound seared through the air, decapitating the first
and slammed through the chest of the Captain. The Vong, now fully in dissaray, grabbed their weapons and fired
into the darkness. Draken ran, his footsteps swift and quiet and leaped into the fire, kicking flames up into their eyes.

Some of the Vong howled, but were quickly silenced as their neck were snapped by the Valheru. Draken rose from
the ground, seeing the last one craling over the ground and reaching for his weapon. Draken raised his left hand
and held it in front of him. The Vong fired, the blast hitting the hand palm of the arm, yet Draken showed no pain
nor any emotion and just walked towards him. He was shot again and again, same place, and his skin was torn off
showing a metal hand underneath it. Draken grabbed the Vong's head by the face and turned it into a bloody pulp
an act of blood vengeance.

The Sith smiled, satisfied of what he accomplished and geplaced his sword onto his back. As he looked to the ground
he saw the little lizard on his shoulder and patted him on the head gently.
"Thank you my friend." Draken said and he hid the bodies and moved back to Tyren and Mayda, who were probably
still waiting for him to return.