Resolving The Unresolved


01-03-2007 14:55:13

[Runon between Vladek and Corin, no other posts.

Gallo Mountains, Naboo

Vladek and Corin sped down from space into the atmosphere, after their scuffle with the Mandalorians one Eres III. Vladek wanted to stay a while longer, but Corin insisted that he come and meet the rest of the family. The Knight didn't seem particularly bothered either way, and came peacefully and in silence.

Vladek's ship, 'Solander' - was an Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing, Assault Gunboat wheras Corin owned a Enhanced Jedi Starfighter, which was dubbed Falcon II. The contrast in ships through into relief the contrasting personalities of the brothers. Corin was far more jovial than his brother, but felt pity for Vladek's sad childhood all the same. As the ships landed in the appropriate and obvious hangar, Corin contacted Vladek on the comm.

"Stay in the ship for now, I want to surprise Megan." Corin said happily.

Varkain Athanas

01-03-2007 18:28:00

The two ships slowly came to a halt as the landing instructor waved his hands to and fro, signaling for them to land in a designated area.

"Will do, but don't be too long, ah?" Was Vladek's answer.

Corin replied, "Don't worry, it will only be but a minute. Might as well get out of your ship, the air in Naboo is relaxing, and we both could do with a bit of lightening up."

Vladek silently exited his ship, and walked toward the Falcon II, happy to be on solid ground. Corin stood beside him. "Feel free to explore the shops, but be back here within the hour. Alright?"

Vladek nodded, all the while scanning the picturesque horizon. "See ya."

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

It took Corin a little bit, but he was on a transport in a few minutes after departing from the hanger. He was excited, and nervous. What would Megan think of Vladek, and what would they talk about? Would Vladek enjoy seeing Megan, or would Vladek's hatred for their father show? Corin didn't care to think of that part, but it was still a possibility.

As the transport swiftly sped past numerous towering buildings, two small boys caught his eye. They were playing a game in the street which involved jumping and running around to tag each other. He thought of him and Vladek. How he wished his father hadn't gotten rid of Vladek; they both would have had fuller childhoods. For the first time since he was a young teenager, Corin felt in his heart a deep hatred for the acts of his father. He cursed his father's name, and turned his face away from the window, staring at the floor of the aircraft as it sped deeper and deeper into the Gallo Mountains.

Five minutes later, the transport quickly pulled beside the Naboo Transportation Services building, and Corin knew that it was his stop. He quickly jumped to his feet and exited the ship. The air in Naboo was already changing him. His mood was beginning to lighten and he felt much better.

He strolled over to the front desk of the Transportation Services, pulling out some papers. They were his identification papers, without these, he was as good as a thief in this region of Naboo. The officer behind the desk nodded. "Good to see you again, Mister Liwa..."

"It's Solander, my name's Solander." Corin quickly interrupted.

"Of course you are, but it says here that..."

"Solander. That's my name now."

The officer placed the papers on the desk. He was wearing glasses, which he slowly took off his face, folded them up, and placed them in his front shirt pocket. "Alright, Mister Solander, you may go. But think about officially changing your name, you get people confu..."

Corin snatched the papers up from the desk, and ran off at a quick pace.

((Vladek, maybe you could go buy a droid, seeing that you don't have one))


02-03-2007 18:08:05

Vladek walked by the shop windows aimlessly, thinking about his life. His remaining eye revolved, watching everyone who he caught sight of carefully. His suspicion of people came from a lifetime of neglect and betrayal. Now he had found his brother, and found peace.

But still, Vladek could not find solace from his past. He could not stop the evil that he was. Was he now a danger to his brother and remaining family? He could kill them all. But there was something that stayed the Knight's hand. It was a emotion unknown to the Sith. Care.

Vladek passed an elderly junk dealer on the street, and noticed a compacted Pit Droid sitting on his grubby table. Without a word, the Rollmaster picked up the droid and slipped it into a robe pocket. The elderly man was outraged, and yelled;

"You'd better pay for that!"

Vladek seized the dealer by the neck, and with a crack, broke his neck. The limp form of the elderly man fell to the floor, hopelessly dead. The Knight turned and headed towards his ship where he was to wait for Corin - this Pit Droid would be useful for repairs...

Varkain Athanas

02-03-2007 20:08:11

As Corin sped off with his I.D. papers, a small grin appeared across his lips. He was a Solander, not a Liwaen, and it felt good to say it. Already he was feeling power over the name, as if it had an air of command in it.

As he ran more and more, he began to enter the residential area, places where he lived most of his life. He slowed his pace a little and scanned the horizon. He saw familiar faces staring at him, wondering who the mysterious cloaked man was. One man was fixing his land speeder and looked up at Corin. It was Corin's long time friend, Jacen Granyt. His eyes narrowed and, as he realized who it was, he quickly strolled over to Corin.

"Cor, it has been long, my friend!" Were his words.

Jacen held out one hand, and Corin accepted it, shaking it vigorously. "Good to see you too, Jacen. Hey, have you seen my sister?"

Jacen thought for a moment. "I saw her by the farm, but you might wanna check down by your old garage, she has been in and out all week. I wonder what she's doing in there..."

Corin shrugged, "Probably getting her self into a project that's way over her head." Jacen laughed and Corin smiled in return, and turned away to the direction of his old childhood farm.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Corin's quick footfalls carried him nearer and nearer to the farm. As he approached, the smell of burning metal filled the air, and random bursts of light emanated from the garage next to the hut. Corin slowly strolled over to the garage and peered in.

The room was filled with smoke. Hunched over a workbench was a short figure wearing overalls and sandals. It was his sister, Megan, and she was fixing something. Corin slowly crept up to her, but the boards underneath his feet gave a squeak, and alerted Megan. She quickly spun around and stared wide-eyed at Corin. A big smile shot across her face.

"What are you doing here?" She dropped the tool she was holding and ran toward Corin. She embraced him in a loving hug. "You weren't supposed to come for another month!"

"I have a surprise for you..." A small grin shown on his face.

"What is it?" She laughed as she said this, for Corin's half-grin was amusing to her. "Cor, please..."

Corin shook his head, and grabbed her by the hand. "Follow me!"


05-03-2007 16:41:30

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Vladek returned to the hangar, disappointed to find that his brother had not yet returned. He watched people in and out of the hangar, as they all left and entered. They were insignificant, but then; everyone was. Him, Corin, his unknown sister and uncle.

The Rollmaster noticed a Theta-class T-2c shuttle landing nearby. Several men come out, leaving two Battledroids outside. A grin flickered over Vladek's face. That ship was very impressive, but upon thinking of Corin's face when he discovered his brother destroying droids and stealing a ship, his grin vanished as quickly as it had appeared.

He'd try and talk to Corin about it, and see what he thought, but for now, he was going to wait. After about fifteen minutes of aimless boredom, hurrying footsteps approached, and Vladek turned; to find Corin, beaming as he waved.

Varkain Athanas

06-03-2007 14:23:26

Corin and Megan shared few words as they quickly ran from the farm, heading for the shuttle transport.
"Corin, please! What is this all about?" Asked Megan one they reached the shuttle, trying to catch her breath.

Corin only shook his head and said, "Meg, I can't tell you right now, but you'll soon find out. Now, what was it you wanted to talk to me about at the farm?"

Megan silently deliberated whether she should tell him or not, but she couldn't wait. "Corin, I'm..." She paused for a moment, suddenly reluctant to reveal whatever it was she wished to be known.

The shuttle pulled up beside them and the impatient passengers within were quickly unloading themselves from the shuttle. Now it was Corin's and Megan's turn, along with the small crowd in back of them, to board the ship, and Corin and Megan quickly did so, sitting themselves in the first seat they found.

"Megan, what is it?" Urged Corin once they were both seated, eager to hear what his sister had to say.

"Corin, I know this may come as a shock to you...and I know I'm not married, but..."
The roar of the shuttle's engines interrupted her, and she was forced to stop. But, as the ship sped on it's way, it became quieter, and she had no choice but to resume.
"I met a very nice boy about four months ago," Megan slowly began, "and we began to become close friends..."

Corin smiled lightly, "Well that's great, you need a good friend...someone you can rely upon." But Corin sensed something deeper than just that. He urged her to continue.

"And in the last three months we've become closer and..." Megan stared aimlessly at the floor, her mouth half open as if trying to speak. But the words did not come out.

"Megan, it's alright. What is it?" Corin asked her to continue, and she did so.

"He got me pregnant, Corin. I'm pregnant with a baby boy..."

Corin's emotions halted as this startling news reached his ears. Megan was pregnant? And this boy he didn't even know was the cause? Corin slowly opened his mouth, trying to keep his voice calm, not wanting to upset Megan. "How far along are you pregnant?"

Megan's expression lightened a little. "Three months..." Was her answer.

Three months? And she was just telling him now? Corin did not know what to think...He was indeed happy that he was to be an uncle, but her carelessness was not fitting of their family. Never had a Liwaen or Solander gotten pregnant before was just something they didn't do...

"And when were you planning on telling me this? When I came next month?"

This hit her like a sword. "Indeed...I'm very sorry for this Corin, I didn't mean to hold it off, but I wanted to wait until I talked to you in person..."

Corin didn't like this, but it was best he put on a cheerful attitude around her. "I am happy for you Megan...I am...Congrats...." But underneath this was a resentment that Corin did not wish to reveal to her. They both dropped the conversation immediately and silently awaited their stop at the hanger...


06-03-2007 15:31:03

Vladek approached his brother confidently, and shook his hand enthusiastically. He was going to help Corin's surprise for Megan. The Knight's one eyed gaze fell upon his younger sister. She was like most women, but several years younger than Corin and Vladek. She seemed far more jovial and kind than both of her brothers.

Under the cover of here kindness, however - The Rollmaster sensed a deep sadness and regret. Something had clearly come between the two siblings. The Knight bowed politely to the younger women, as was common courtesy.

"Good Evening, Megan; I presume?"

The women gave a silent nod, and Vladek continued.

"Of course. It's a great pleasure to meet you. Please don't be afraid to speak. Allow me to introduce myself; I am Vladek Kazikli Voyvoda -"

A long silence followed. Deciding to finally reveal the truth to their younger sister, Corin winked, and Vladek uttered the final word of his sentence.


Megan's kind eyes suddenly widened, and she turned to Corin.

"What is he talking about, Cor? He isn't... You haven't found your broth..."

Megan burst into tears of joy, and jumped into a hug with Corin, then an un-expecting Vladek, who returned the embrace happily, and grinned, looking down upon his sister.

"Hello little sister." he said quietly. Corin made a noise like a cat, which told Vladek that he was irritated with Megan. Vladek looked up.

"What's up, Cor?"

Varkain Athanas

09-03-2007 13:25:59

Corin supressed his anger, clenching his fists. "Nothing..."

Vladek knew he was lying, but dismissed it. "So, Megan, has Corin told you much about Sepros?"

Megan, not having heard of this planet before, answered, "No...Cor has kept much of his life secret to me, much to my disliking." She gave a disapproving glare at Corin.

Corin returned the glare with even more intensity, making Megan shrink. "Sounds like both of us keep secrets..." Corin was hinting about the fact that Megan hadn't told Corin that she was pregnant. Right now, Corin wished he was somewhere else, so his anger could flow from him instead of being bottled up like this. Trying to change the subject, Corin glanced at the crowd that was congregating around the shops in back of them. "Wonder what's happened there..."

Vladek smiled, "He was old..."

Corin arched an eyebrow. He opened his mouth to say something, but instead his mind seemed to reach out to Vladek, and his thoughts suddenly became clear to Vladek. You killed someone?

Vladek was a bit startled at the breach of his mind, but was used to this kind of strange thing. "How did you..."

Corin shook his head, "I don't know, it just happened..."

Megan stared at both of them, dumbfounded. "What are you talking about?"

Corin tried once more, Vladek?

"Yes Corin?" Vladek answered, talking instead of communicating through their family force-bond.

"What are you two talking about?!" Megan's annoying remarks were bugging Corin and he snapped back at her.

"Meg, quit it!"

Megan backed away from Corin, "I'm sick of you giving me the silent treatment! You never tell me anything!" Her anger was now matching that of Corin's.

"Now you know how it feals, then, huh Meg?"

Megan's eyes began to water: tears were welling up as she spoke, "This should be a happy time for me! I'm pregnant, not dieing! Would you just show me some gratitude! All you've cared about is yourself!" Megan was wearing a necklace which she quickly yanked off her neck. "You can keep it!" *

The necklace was flung from her hand into the dirt below. She placed her foot on it and dug it deeper into the ground. She quickly turned on her heals and ran away toward the transport shuttle.

Corin swallowed hard, he yelled out after her, "You think I give a [Expletive Deleted] Megan? I never have!"

Vladek stared at Corin, seeing the Solander anger in him. "What's this all about, Corin?"

*: A few weeks after the death of their parents, Corin gave Megan a necklace with their family crest on it, promising her, "Whenever you are alone, I'll be here." Megan charished it and kept it on her all the time. It reminded her that everywhere she went, someone loved her; someone alive and well unlike her deceased parents who she sorely missed.


10-03-2007 08:36:00

Vladek turned to Corin and signaled the necklace in the ground, his frustration now burning as it had done before.

"Get that out of the ground now!" he snarled.

He pursued the hurrying Megan, his dark robes billowing behind him. Catching up with his younger sister after about forty seconds of running, he found her sitting on a bench wiping the tears falling from her eyes. Vladek's hazel eyes glared at her.

"Megan! Unless you get up and come back to Corin and explain what is going on, I will kill you like I killed the old junk dealer!"

The young woman made a disbelieving noise.

"You doubt that I would?"

Vladek ignited his emerald saber, and flourished it brightly, his eyes darkening. Megan's bright eyes widened and she wiped her tears.

"Come, quickly."

Megan began walking back toward Corin, and Vladek followed behind her, his Saber still ignited. Contacting Corin in their bond, Vladek said; She's coming back.

Varkain Athanas

11-03-2007 11:47:00

No...Don't you dare bring her back here!

Too late, she's already coming... Vladek answed, despite Corin's pleading remarks.

Corin closed his eyes, trying desperately to clear his mind, but his anger was clouding his thinking more and more. Where was this coming from? Since he joined the Brotherhood, he had never experience such rage as he was experiencing at that moment.

His robes ruffled in the wind as he squatted down next to his ship, waiting for his brother and sister to arrive.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Vladek still held his saber, pointing it at Megan.

"What did I ever do to you?" She asked, tears beginning to fall down her soft cheeks once more. "What?"

Vladek kept his mouth shut, unable to answer. Instead he asked her a question, "Has Corin told you anything about the Brotherhood?"

"Not much, but I've been to Sepros when his back was operated on...What else is there to know?" Megan inquired, a confused frown on her face.

The Knight shook his head, "He has been keeping secrets than...Haven't you wondered where you're brother has been for so long?"

Megan shook his head, "On Sepros, being trained.."

"Aye, but beyond that...We are both part of an order called the Sith...Are you familiar with this name?"

Megan halted, almost causing Vladek to cut her with his saber. "Sith? What do you mean the Sith?" She continued walking at a slow pace.

"The Sith are a band of Dark Jedi, and I'm sure you're familiar with that term?"

When Vladek said Dark, Megan stopped altogether, turning around to face her brother. "What? You're lying! Corin is not a Dark Jedi....He's not!"

Vladek was amused by this, and said it again, "He's a Dark Jedi of the Sith. You know it to be true Megan, you just can't deal with the reality...."

Megan was left to ponder what Vladek said as they quickly walked on, reaching the hanger in no time.


12-03-2007 14:51:23

Vladek took great pleasure in revealing this revelation to his little sister, and noticed tears falling down her face steadily again. Vladek frowned.

"Wipe your tears! I want you to look respectable for Corin, at least."

Corin's figure came into view.

"So, ready to talk sense Megan?"

Vladek's eyes darted from the siblings, waiting for an explosive outburst from one of the two.

"Vladek just told me. He said you were, a Dark Jedi... Is that true?"

Corin nodded almost instantly. Megan burst into tears.


Vladek grinned slightly.

"Evil is a point of view, little sis."

"You... You stay out of this!"

"I'd rather not."

Megan started breathing slowly. So Vladek took up a pompous tone again.

"Something I was wondering though, I can see that you are pregnant, Megan - but who is your partner, and what is his profession?"

Varkain Athanas

13-03-2007 11:58:53

Corin looked up at his sister, “I have not been helping Megan, I am a Sith! Besides, like Vladek says, evil is a point of view, you can’t argue that.” Corin quickly stood up and brandished his hilt, unclipping it and showing it to Megan. “This saber is quite new, but it has already cut down more jedi’s than you have met in your life…”

“NO! That’s a lie! What have you done with my brother? Besides, Cor, I’ve met many Jedi…” Megan thought this would intimidate Corin, but it did the opposite…

“A lie, eh? Not so, Megan, not so. I’ve always been like this Megan, you’ve just been to ignorant and stubborn to see it!” Corin ignited his saber, showing his light blue blade. He quickly spun it in front of him, but retracted it quickly.

“You never answered my question, Meg…” Said Vladek quietly, interested to see what her answer may be. “Who is he…the one who got your pregnant…”

Megan hesitated to answer, but in seeing both her brother’s powerful weapons, she decides to cooperate, “His name is Wei Penin, he goes to the Academy…”

“The Academy, Megan?” Vladek inquired, knowing perfectly what she was saying.

“The J-J-Jedi Academy…” Stuttered Megan ever-so-quietly.

Corin looked straight into her eyes. “Words can not describe how much you have failed me, and your whole family…You got pregnant with a Jedi a sworn enemy of mine! Now get! I do not wish to see your face any longer! LEAVE US!”

Megan let out a loud cry and followed Corin’s orders. As she slowly turned on her heels, she called over her shoulder, “I was going to name the baby after you, but no more shall I even think of you…consider this relationship nothing… I hate you…You’ll never again be a brother of mine!”


13-03-2007 14:39:50

Vladek watched Megan walk off into the distance, and then began cackling uncontrollably. Corin turned to his brother, a horrified look on his face. He was shaking with indignation, shock and anger. Vladek smirked.

"Your sister is easily shaken, Corin. But I have had an idea. An inspiration, as you could put it."

Corin's face was still white with shock.

"-the Solander line is strong with the Force. Megan's pregnancy is not coincidental. Megan, despite her betrayal, is our flesh and blood. Combine that with a Jedi. Take their child, mould him to hate his parentage; and the Solander line lives on."

Corin began laughing just as his brother had done.

"Brilliant, Vlad. C'mon, we've got some work to do..."