The Hunt


11-02-2007 11:34:49

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Vladek stood among the ruins of the orphanage where he had grown up. Memories began to flood back into the Knight's mind. The Sith stood aghast, gazing at the slowly setting sun, blazing down onto the Xoxin Plains of Eres III. A tear trickled down Vladek's face as he began to remember why he had been forced to grow up here.

"His father had paid for him to be abandoned here. He had been sold by his own parents, for some unknown reason."

Vladek blinked back his tears, turning his sadness into an outburst of anger, and kicking a table in two in a rage. As the Rollmaster turned toward the exit, he paused to stare at the surrounding environment: it all seemed to be the same as when he had grown up here. Miles of grey-green grass, jutting up like a jungle. They were filled with volatile Xoxin, and the slightest spark could burn for weeks, along with the blazing sun Vladek had always hated, it was a hot planet, and sweat dripped down the Knights brow...

Varkain Athanas

11-02-2007 19:48:30

Earlier that day...

Corin awoke from his usual deep slumber and immediately switched on his lamp beside his bed. He was in his primitive room, set in the academy on Sepros. Around him lay random scrolls and books, sprawled out on tables and chairs. It was dark out, and the sound of his Astromech unit, R3-N4, resonated through the empty chamber. It's beeps and whirs were interrupted by the light, and, as the unit sprang to life, Corin got to his feet. He was half dressed, so he slipped on a black robe, and fastened his shoes to his feet. As he tied the front of his robe, he strolled over to his table and grabbed his com-link. He slipped on his pants under his robe, and fastened his knife to his side. His blaster was slung over his shoulder, and strapped across his back.

In his usual way he finished dressing and departed from his room. In his mind, still clear, he remembered the dream he had had earlier that morning. He had been having these dreams more and more lately, and he had gotten used to forgetting them and dismissing them as nothing of importance. But, nonetheless, he scheduled a meeting with his Master, Rasilvenaira. She was in the area, and decided to visit Sepros.

It was still early morning when Corin strolled into the mess hall and ordered a drink from the droid bartender. He thankfully received it, and began to drink. He was half-way through when he sensed something watching him. He spun around and drew his knife. It was his Master. She smiled at his long knife.

"Good morning, my Apprentice. How are you today?" She said in a business-like voice.

Corin relaxed and sheathed his knife. "Sorry Master. I'm well, today. My leg is sore; must have slept on it the wrong way. But either than that..."

"You wanted to speak with me?" She inquired, having received nothing but a note requesting her presence.

"Yes Master. I have been having those dreams again. About my father and brother. They have become so real, it's as if I am really there. I had one this morning. My brother - or at least I think it was - called for me, requesting that I come and help him. He seemed like he was in danger. Do you think I should heed this?"

"First thing," she said as she ordered a gin and tonic, "Is this all you saw this morning?" He nodded. "And where exactly is your brother?" He shook his head, and looked down into his glass.

"I don't know." Corin said, swishing his drink around in his cup. "That's the thing."

"Than, I suggest you follow your heart, Corin. You have a connection with your brother. We all have connections with our families, but it takes a Jedi or those with matched skill to actually sense it, and know how to use it. Let the force be your guide in this search, not your eyes or your mind, but the force."

He closed his eyes and yawned. "This I have heard from many of my friends and mentors. But how can I channel this power?"

"It's not something you learn, it is something that takes time. Given enough time, you will adapt and receive the knowledge to use this connection. But for now, I suggest you start where you know your brother has been."

Corin looked up at Rasilvenaira with a smile, "Eres III..."

Sepros Atmosphere...

"Set course to Xoxin, R4, we are heading to Eres III." The astromech droid beeped in response to his Master's command. The ship, Falcon II: an enhanced Jedi Starfighter, jumped into hyper-space, and was gone in the blink of an eye.

Xoxin, Eres III...

The Falcon II suddenly appeared next to a small group of planets. It was the Xoxin system, and the specific planet the ship was headed for was Eres III.

Corin slammed on the reverse thrusters, making sure to stay out of the gravitational pull of the planets. He slowly changed his angle, and let his ship glide toward Eres III.

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12-02-2007 16:10:57

Sighing heavily, Solander began the long trek back to his ship. His dark boots crushing the blades of grass under his feet. The plants died quickly under such force, and squeezed out a colorless liquid. Vladek picked up the pieces of the dead plant, and crushed them in his gloved hand, a grey dust spilling out from his fingertips.

Grinning to himself, and imagining his fingers around his father's throat, Vladek walked on, a momentary red glint in his remaining eye. Vladek saw his ship in the distance, and began into a half-jog. Pulling his hood down as he neared his ship, Vladek heard the booming of a ships engines behind him, and turned - reaching for his saber instinctively. He let his voice boom as the stranger exited his ship, a R4 unit in his wake.

"Who are you?"

Varkain Athanas

12-02-2007 20:57:46

Corin leaped from his ship and landed on the soft grass floor. He unsheathed his vibro-sword that was slung at his side and held it ready. "No one of importance." Was his reply as he slowly crept toward the hooded figure. "I am in search of some information, and if it is not given quickly and without hesitation, there will be trouble." Corin gave a whistle and when he did so, a large six foot tall battle droid unfolded from the cock-pit, and climbed out of the ship, aiming it's blaster cannons at the cloaked man. (Check my profile, in the droids sections. You'll see what I mean)

The figure grunted in response to this new threat. "One swipe of my blade will end both your lives. What is it that you want?"

"I am looking for anyone who can tell me anything about this place. I need answers, and I need them quickly."

Again the figure grunted, clipping his hilt to his belt. "I see you are a Jedi. Are you light or dark? For your plain robes tell me nothing of your origin or..."

"I'm the one who will ask the questions. Can you tell me anything about a tribe of Wookies that lived here?"

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"There have been few tribes here on the Xoxin plains. Even fewer Wookies. But what you speak of interests me. Would you care to join me in my hut?" The figured man motioned to a small abandoned hut to the left of them. "It's not mine really, but no one owns it."

Corin eyed it carefully. "Striker, guard the ship. N4, stay in the ship, prepare to take off at any moment." Corin turned to the figure once more. "I shall join you on one condition. That you and I both lay down our weapons right here, to ensure no blood-shed." Corin stared at the man with careful hidden eyes, waiting for a response.


13-02-2007 15:38:32

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In the Hut...

Both men had laid down their weapons before entering the hut, and Vladek shoved a seat at the stranger, beckoning for him to sit down. The hut was a wreck, and was fraying at the edges. The door had been destroyed, so a hole marred the wall. Reaching for a moulting cupboard, Vladek pulled out two glasses; pouring Juma Juice into each.

"This area has been deserted for some time. The Wookies you seek-" started the Knight.

"Get to the point Jedi," interrupted the Stranger.

Taken aback by the intruder's rudeness, the Rollmaster retorted back-
"Watch your tongue! The Wookies you seek were either killed by the Mandalorian Raiders who destroyed this orphanage," waving a hand around the dismal hut. "Or simply moved off-planet. Why do you seek them?"

The stranger's mouth stuttered.

"I am Corin Liwaen, here on a search for my brother, who was abandoned here at birth and raised by Wookies. Do you know anything of that, Jedi?"

Vladek's eyes widened;

"Perhaps, stranger. What is it to you?"

Varkain Athanas

13-02-2007 20:09:05

(Oh, I'm aware. Just showing Corin's ignorance to that. Oh, and you don't know that I'm from Ludo Kressh. I suspect that's why you said "interrupted the Kresshian." You just think I'm some random Hunter.)

Corin eyed the Jedi with curious eyes. "I do not wished to be questioned whenever I question you. I just need information. That is, if you can help me..." As Corin accepted the glass of Juma Juice, he randomly picked something from his teeth. He flung it to the ground, grinning as he did so. His ignorance was apparent, and the cloaked man made no attempt to stop it. Corin knew that the Jedi did not have his weapon, but if he were to procure it from outside, he would be in trouble. So Corin decided to stay on his good side. "I am grateful for the information you have already supplied. But would you be abliged to reveal some more about this hell hole?" He took a sip of the juice.

The stranger motioned to the chairs that lay on the ground. Corin picked one up, and immediately sat there. In front of both of the men was a sturdy wooden table that had managed to escape the effects of time.

"The Xoxin plains have been deserted for many years, my friend." He put a twist on the word friend, meaning the exact opposite. "I can not tell you much more."

Corin laid the glass of Juice on the table. "I am a disciple of Sadow. I'm sure you are familiar with him? You know my name and affiliation. May I now know yours, Jedi?"


14-02-2007 15:54:12

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Vladek looked aimlessly round the room, trying to escape the intruder's question. He knew that this man was his friend; both men were servants of Sadow.

"Indeed, Sadowite, I have heard of your master. In my journey's, I have heard much. To start my life, I was born here. Or more so, abandoned."

Corin's eyes widened rather tremendously and he beckoned for Vladek to continue.

"I, like yourself, serve Sadow. I frequent this planet often, and you are the first visitor I have had since the Mandalorian Raiders whom I slaughtered. To clarify on my birth, I was born on Naboo, in the high Gallo Mountains."

Corin's eyes began to fill with tears of joy, and Vladek stopped, noticing the development in his visitor.

"What is it, my friend? Why do your eyes let tears fall?"

Varkain Athanas

18-02-2007 14:13:05

Corin looked into the mans eyes. "My friend, I too was born on Naboo in the Gallo Mountains. When I was born, I was born as a twin. My father took my twin brother, and abondoned him here on Eres III. Don't you see, brother?"

When Corin said brother, Vladek slowly stood up, suddenly realizing the truth. "Can it be?"

Corin nodded slowly, also standing up. "It can. And it is. Where have you been all this time, brother? And what's your name?"

"My name is Vladek Solander. I don't know where I got my name, but..."

"Solander? That was my fathers last name! Necro Solander was our father."

"But you said your name was Liwaen."

"That was my mother's last name."

"Wait...You said was... Are our parents..."

"Yes Vladek, they are dead." He bowed his head for a moment, deep in thought.


19-02-2007 09:37:23

Vladek sighed. His longing for revenge would never be fulfilled. But this was his brother! Vladek had gathered much in his years of searching, but the fact he was a twin was somewhat of a revelation. The Ragnosian pulled his brother into a hug, and smiled.

"Welcome home, Corin."

Corin grinned.

"It could do with some fixing up, this place."

Vladek sat down happily, taking a glass of Juma.

"Are all the family dead but you, brother?"

Vladek stared fixedly into Corin's eyes, awaiting a response...

Varkain Athanas

19-02-2007 16:19:10

Corin grinned and shook his head. "No, there are a few others. We have a younger sister, for one. And an uncle!"

Vladek's eyes brightened a little, hearing that there were more to his family. "What're their names?"

Corin strolled over to the doorway. He thought he sensed something, but with the flurry of emotions in the air, he dismissed it. He walked back to where he was before and said, "Uncle Judys is dad's brother. And Megan is our younger sister. She is 24. Those are the only family members I know of..." Corin quickly ran to the doorway once more, this time drawing a hidden knife. It was Dregon, the knife that his father gave him.

Vladek eyed the weapon with apprehension. Corin had said to leave all of their weapons outside...

"I didn't know if I could trust you." Explained Corin. "And besides, I think the time has come that we use our weapons. Danger is afoot."


19-02-2007 16:42:22

Vladek hurried to the hole of a window, and saw the threat, more speeders had arrived, and figures were coming off them. Vladek recognized the masks, the long slits for eye holes, and a flesh of armor. The Mandalorians had returned to Sero Orphanage again. The Knight let a Westar-34 Blaster slip down his sleeve, and turned to his brother, a broad grin on his face.

"I didn't trust you either, Corin."

Corin smiled nervously, brandishing his knife.

"The Mandalorians will not hesitate to kill either of us. I know from past occurrences." Corin was assured.

"Kill them all. Kill them now." spat Vladek savagely.

Corin nodded slowly, and the two brothers moved outside, collecting their remaining weapons and facing the new foe.

Varkain Athanas

21-02-2007 20:53:31

As the threat neared the old hut, Corin sheathed his knife and drew his blaster. It was a plasma rifle, a formidable enemy to many types of armor. When the Mandalorians drew ever nearer, the packs leader jumped from his speeder and walked nearer to the two Sith standing there. The wind howled at the two Jedi's backs, and no one said a word. It was silent except the ominous howl of the wind. But Corin broke the silence and cryed out in a loud voice, "What do you want with this place?"

The Mandalorians were now dismounted and Corin quickly counted them: twelve trained scouts with one captain. He wore red armor with a golden symbol on his chest. Some wore blue while others wore green. They all had rifles across their backs, with ammo and various explosives laid across their chests. At their waists were strapped two blasters on each side, ready to be taken out at a moments notice.

The leader stepped closer. His helm-covered head cocked side to side, scanning the area around them. He then answered Corin in a low voice, "We have come from afar the area." His voice went lower as he stepped closer. He was only about six feet away and Vladek reached for his saber. He did not unholster it, but just made sure he was ready. The leader quickly stared at Vladek. "That wont help you, Jedi, my men are well equipped."

The men who had stood still for so long quickly unholstered thier weapons and pointed them at Corin and Vladek. Their leader chuckled and held out his hand. "Now, there will be no blood to shed if you kindly hand over your weapons...all of them." His hand beckoned to them, but they only stepped further away from him.

Just then, Vladek unleashed the power of his saber, and cut through the leaders wrist. His hand fell limply to the ground creating a thud. The wind blew even more as force-fueled energy from both Corin and Vladek was put into use as Corin unsheathed his sword and cut the leader in half.

The Mandalorians behind their fallen leader opened fire on Corin and Vladek.

Vladek deflected the laser using his saber, and Corin, with the aid of the force escaped the barrage.


22-02-2007 10:59:06

Now absorbed in the fray, Vladek was pleased. Corin was shooting bolt after bolt of green energy at the Mandalorians, and they failed to notice that short Dark Jedi Knight cutting through their ranks from behind, the one-handed Makashi making short work of their armor as Corin blasted from the front. Withing the space of two minutes, only three Mandalorians remained, and both of the brothers could boast an impressive number of Mandalorian deaths.

The three remaining outsiders took to the closest speeders and shot off into the distance. Vladek turned and smiled at his brother, who had just shot a dying Mandalorian in the head.

"Nice job, Corin! You made quick work of those Mandalorians I see."

Corin grinned.

"Yep, that should teach them to stay away from here!"

Vladek grinned as well.

"Speaking of this place..."