Dark Jedi Endevours


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Dismal Visutor al’Tor sat at his desk, staring down at a mound of paperwork. It was varied; everything from medal requests to clearance for better member rooms. Ever since Dismal got Aedile, his days were nothing but paperwork and summit meetings. As the Knight was about to sign a document, he saw a holographic image of House Exar Kun’s Quaestor, the Templar Ky Terrak.

“Dismal, you have any spare time?” the booming voice of the Equite asked.

“Of course,” the Aedile replied.

“Well, the Intelligence sources of Plagueis have found that the New Republic has set up a new training facility on the planet of Azot, not too far from here. We want you to pick a partner, and exterminate the threat. Understood?” Ky explained.

“Yes Sir!” Dismal shouted. The two exchanged a quick goodbye, and the image was gone. The Dark Knight knew exactly who to ask.


Guardian Tyren Zin sat on a mat in his standard issue dormitory. He was meditating. His deep concentration was interrupted by Dismal, Exar Kun’s Aedile, barging through the door.

“Up Tyren, Up!” Dismal instructed. The Knight explained the situation, and asked the Guardian to accompany him on this mission. ‘Dismal hasn’t exactly made friends with me. Why does he want me with him on a mission?’ Tyren thought.

‘I haven’t got to know this Journeyman. I might as well get to know him on this mission,’ The Aedile thought.

“Sure, I’ll go with you,” the younger Sith said. He thought he might make an acquaintance with his Aedile. The two then headed for Diadem Fortress’ hangar bay.


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It`s time to buggy. Tyren said to himself. He sheathed his katana sword, tuck a dagge in his boot and clutched two SoroSuub ELG-3A`s in the holders on his back.
Hmmm, first mission with Dismal. Wonder why he chose me? Tyren tought Well anyway I`m kinda glad he did, it`s getting boring in the office all day.

Packed and ready to go, Tyren followed the Knight down to the hangar bays.
"My X-Wing is in hangar 7."
"Mine is in Hangar 15. I guess we`ll meet in space."
"Seems like...let`s go!"

They parted ways, and soon Tyren stood in hangar bay 7. looking at Jet Black, his pride and joy.
"Well old compadre looks like you and me got a job to do." he said to the ship as if it were a living person.
"Kryatt, status report!"
A few beeps and squeals came from the astromech as Tyren jumped in the cockpit.
"I see. Everything`s fine except the stabilizer. Well fix it."
Another beep.
"We dont have time!"
And another
"The mission won`t wait Kryatt, do what you can on the way. Now lets get a move on."

Soon Tyren was, again, after quite a while airborne in his Jet Black.

"Breaking atmo. And...we`re...out! Now wheres Dismal?"


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"Dismal, this is Tyren speaking, do you read?"
All Tyren heard was snow in his speakers so he asked again.
"Dismal, this is Tyren, do you read?"
"...Yes...*snow*...read...*snow*...Yes i read you, there was something wrong with my communications device. My droid managed to fix it though."
"Bout time!" Tyren replied " Lets get a move on!"


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“Alright, all systems secure!” Dismal shouted in his comlink. He had a signals jam, R2-A2 had managed to fix the problem.

“Hey Dis, you got any idea where we’re going?” Tyren questioned.

“Yeah, it’s a planet not far from here named Acidu. The Republic found it and stationed a military base as I said earlier.” The Knight responded. There was a series of lively beeps from R2-A2, suggesting that they were leaving the Jusadih system. Dismal looked down at his radar on the dash, and saw a group of three triangles, meaning ships without clearance in the system. “A2, run a check on those fighters over there.”

The squad was circling the X Wing and the Eta-2 fighter, but at a far distance. On the screen, a picture of an A-Wing fighter appeared. The Aedile knew that the New Republic Defense Fleet employed this brand of spacecraft. “Tyren, you see those fighters to the far left? Should appear on your radar,” the Sith Knight asked.

“Yeah, looks like A Wings,” the Guardian replied.

“They’re Republic. Looks like we should have a little fun,” Dismal said, an evil grin creasing on his face.


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"May I do the honors?" Tyren asked with a grin

He punched his throttle to maximum.

"Kryatt once i lower the throttle i wantshields to full and lasers on ready."

And so it was when he slowed down the wings moved to x position and the shields were up.

"Ok. Show me a target K."

A red circle with an A-wing appeared on his screen.

"Gottcha." he pressed the proton torp launcher button.
The torp tear through the fighter just seconds later reducing it to melecules.
Another target came into his veiw. This one was already moving, dodging blasts. Soon he fell to to the X-wings blaster fire.

"Piece of cake." Tyren said. As soon as his ego jumped it went down again. A blast from the remaining starfigter tore through his aft shields.

"Took my shields down. K all shields aft." With a beep from the R2 the power transfered just in time for anothe blast.
"I cant loose him, Dismal where are you?"

"Right behind you boy." he heard his superiors voice. The third fighte was down, vapourised by dismals blasters.

"Looks like you owe me Tyren." he said with a laugh
"Right...ok lets go now shall we?" Tyren replied the same way.


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“Acidu is about three parsecs the way we’re headed,” Dismal said.

“Ah, short ride,” Tyren said, chucking slightly.

“A2, keep the shields up, in case we run into some more Republic ships,” the Aedile instructed his astromech droid.

“Same for you, K,” Tyren instructed his R2 unit.

“Okay, now we just enjoy the ride,” Dismal said, a sigh afterwards.


A lively set of beeps indicated the two fighters were nearing Acidu. Dismal turned off his game of HoloStrat, and turned back on his comlink, to hear a snoring noise. Tyren must had fallen asleep.

“Tyren! Up!” the Knight bellowed in his most superior voice. He heard a shriek from the surprised Guardian. “Scared were you?” Dismal asked, giggling.

“Very funny,” the younger Sith Journeyman replied sarcastically.

“Anyway, we’re breaking Acidu’s atmosphere. If you have a cloaking device, turn it on. Hide your presence in the Force,” Dismal instructed.

“Yes sir,” the Guardian replied groggily.


“Sir, sir!” a young recruit yelled. A man garbed in a dark green uniform strolled over, the heels of his boots clicking on the smooth concrete floor.

“Yes?” he said.

“We’ve picked up two fighter’s entering the atmosphere. Looks like an Eta-2 and an X-Wing,” the military recruit at the radar machine said.

“Eta-2, haven’t seen one of those in a while. How in the world did they find this place anyway? It’s not on any map, only in the Republic’s top secret archives,” the officer said, rather annoyed.

“I don’t know Sir, we’ll have to interrogate them when they land.”

“Send out a message to the camp telling them to prepare,” the officer barked.

“Sir yes sir!” the recruit replied. He leaned over to a microphone on the large machine.

“Calling all Republic Recruits and Officers, prepare for Code 44-2B, two intruders! Repeat, two intruders.”


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They landed 2 miles away from the base, on a small opening in the woods, and covered their starfighters with camuflage.

"The base is to the north-west." Dismal said. "Let`s go."

"Ok." Tyren replied and turned toward his ship "Kryatt stay in the ship if anyone comes near inform me at once." he got a single beep in his earphone-comunicator.

They walked off.


07-02-2007 18:02:53

After walking for three hours, Tyren sighed and spoke.

“Dismal why did we have to take the long way?”

Hush now. There could be Republic bugs anywhere. Talk through telekinetic means. I don’t sense any Jedi nearby. We took a long way to avoid a radar. Now, do you have some form of weaponry?” Dismal asked through the Force.

Yes, I’ve got a katana, a dagger, and two ELG-3A’s,” Tyren replied.

I’ve got a lightsaber and my Iron Electrostaff. Now, we want to kill all witnesses, leave no survivors, or else we could be traced,” the Knight replied.

“Sir yes SIR!” Tyren yelled, not thinking. Dismal raised his arm and smacked Tyren Atema across the face.

Shut up! Someone could hear us! the Aedile roared through telekinesis. A bush ruffled twenty meters away, and two young men, about 25 years of age, dressed in gray jumpsuits. They both pointed E-22 Standard Rifles at the two Dark Jedi.

“Halt, put your hands up and drop your weapons!” the two recruits shouted in unison.

“Well well well, what’ve we got here Tyren?” Dismal said smoothly.

“Looks like New Republic military recruits me,” the Guardian replied, following the Knight’s lead. Both of the men yelled, and dropped to the ground, as the two Dark Jedi called upon the Force to make pain rip through their bodies. Dismal ran to the writhing men, and put his boot on their chest.

“Don’t challenge people out of your league next time, Ensigns!” the Aedile roared as he ignited his saber, and settled into a Shii Cho starting position. He brought the crimson blade down as hard as he could laterally so that it chopped both recruits in half. He disengaged the lightsaber.

“Okay, talk only through telekinesis now, and lets get to this camp immediately, they’ve probably already started preparing,” Dismal said nonchalantly. The two started walking again, this time in bushes and in the forest.


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They walked on, cautiosly not to get detected.

"Sir, I think we should destroy the communications array on the base first, wherever it belocated. If we do taht they will be left to fend for themselves."

"Yes, I had that in mind. We`ll inspect the base from afar first though to see where the main structures are."

"Agreed! I brought electrobinoculars with me, just in case."

"Good, they will be of use." Dismal replied. "There." he pointed at a latrge hill with rocks on top. "Thats where we`ll lay low and inspect..." suddenly both Jedi sensed a tremor in the Force.

Tyren lept backwards, pulling and slashing his katana in one swift move. The recruit on the swoop bike that was just passing by got decapitated by the Guardians attack, the swoop bike stopped slowly farther away.

"Nice." said Dismal.

Tyren just sheathed his katana.

"Let`s go shall we?"


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