First Steps


24-01-2007 08:46:31

The Dark Hall. One of the few places in the Galaxy that actually awed StarLion. Though it did contain a lot of the lesser members of the Brotherhood, it also contained some of the most advanced knowledge tomes in existence. An amazing dichotomy, really.

It was also the only place in the galaxy that the Priest conformed to the standards of his robes; Where normally his face would be obscured by the hood of his robe pulled low, now the material laid on the back of his neck, his white fur standing as a stark contrast to the blackness of the robes. As always, he carried his walking staff, which had a faint power around it.

As he entered the Foyer, StarLion glanced around. Several of the younger members around, but none that he recognized. Not that untypical, really... most of the members who had good sense stayed away when they didn't have to be around. The surroundings were familiar enough as to be forgettable. Taking a deep breath, he started towards the elevators, intending on starting his research...

Mayda Ferium

04-02-2007 02:36:46

So much to learn in so little time. Sure, Mayda had hungered for knowledge about the Force and to be taught in its ways. But this was more than she imagined. Questions and quizzes and trials and so many people to learn about. Names and places, both within the Brotherhood and the Lore and History. Having chosen the path of a Krath, she would be expected to study and be scholarly more than most of the students here. She wondered now if that wasn't a mistake - and if the Obelisk had it easier - having more time to do physical activities. Although she knew that soon the time would come when she would have a Master and learn the combat skills, she had to study and pass tests before a Master would be willing to take her on. Perhaps it was simply her frustration at not learning anything oriented to Krath talents that was making her impatient. And patience was not one of her virtues. But the Acolyte was resolved to buckle down and do what was required, not wanting to disappoint her teachers.

When she was engulfed in her Clan, there were too many distractions for the intense concentration required. A Plagueis member suggested she visit the Dark Hall's Library. Not only id it provide the best sources of information, but the atmosphere was quiet somber and its visitors were of one goal. Sounded perfect. A few days there would be just what she needed to get through these exams.

Though she had been in the Main Hall on Level One before, its majesty still astounded her. With the keys to her room in hand, she dropped by a guest room on Level Two to drop off her bags. A short tour around the Lounge was a nice diversion before her studies would begin. May found her way to the back where the turbolifts led to The Library on Level Four. Clutching her bookcase in her arms, she waited for the Turbolifts. Brows furrowed as she noticed the numberpad that required an Access Code.

Frag! No one warned her about that part. How was a newer member supposed to use the Library? Curse all the time she spent on Aerun and her independent spirit to travel here alone.


04-02-2007 06:55:36

StarLion too had come to the turbolifts, though his mind was far less cluttered than most of those around him. One benefit to being of the equite ranks was that you no longer had to worry about tests or forced studies.... the natural gift for it provided enough of a tugging to ensure most Krath spent a good portion of their time studying anyway.

While awaiting the turbolift, and wondering idly why it took so long for a lift that only moved about a few floors... so much for "turbo"... he noted a young student, seemingly angry at the access pad in front of her. Sightless eyes glanced over her, assessing her to be a Krath student, based on the movements of the Force around her, and her robes dictated her rank, as they always did.

The Cathar's head turned towards the girl, looking down at her. remnants of instincts from his seeing days forcing him to 'look' at the person he spoke to. His voice rumbled deep in his throat, certainly not human. "Something the matter, Acolyte?"

Mayda Ferium

04-02-2007 18:02:18

The booming timbre startled her, even though he spoke gently.
"Uh argh", she stammered, almost dropping her bookbag and catching it quickly. Pulling it back to her chest, and hugging it tightly for subconscious security, the girl's head turned to see the gentle giant addressing her. But her eyes were at the level of his chest, so she first noticed the purple trimmed robes - a Krath- and scraped her brain trying to remember what rank that would make the... furry ... feline-like... humanoid? Amazing!

Trying not to concentrate for another moment on her fascination with his uniqueness, she forced out a respectful reply, "Greetings ... " What was his rank? Priest? Archpriest? Well he was an Equite regardless as his robe was of that type."Sir."
May suddenly felt unworthy of her promotions - not even remembering the Krath ranks or how she should properly address an Equite. But then it wasn't unusual for her to forget simple things under pressure. "Well, yes, I guess so. It is my first time here. I've come alone from Clan Plagueis and I didn't realize...", she raised her eyes slowly up his upper torso until reaching his face - beautiful white fur, "that there was restricted access to the Library ... sir". Hopefully it was a male she was addressing, but she just realized that it might very well not be, and she had assumed based on his voice alone. A small knot formed in the pit of her stomach, awaiting his/her reaction.


04-02-2007 18:14:44

It wasn't the first time his form had startled one so much; in fact, he'd gotten far worse reactions over the years. Still, she showed respect, if hesitant, and someone had to teach them. Another mental glance over her up and down before he responded.

"Plagueis, you said? Hmph... really should have a word with them about making sure the Masters accompany the students.... but to be succinct," he continued, getting back to the point of her statement, "Library access is protected to ensure that students do not go wandering off with ancient tomes of knowledge never to be seen again. Where is your Master?" he demanded to know, his unseeing gaze not leaving her as he mentally swept the room again for one who might be that Master.

Mayda Ferium

04-02-2007 19:14:23

The Feline spoke more, and Mayda found that his voice was not as intimidating. Maybe it was simply that way at first because it startled her and he was louder to get her attention. But he was asking questions, and ones that she knew if she answered, would probably get her in trouble, although she didn't intend to break rules. Trouble was that she still didn't know all the rules here yet, and had foolishly come on her own.

"Master? I haven't been assigned yet, as I am only an Acolyte. I told my Aedile that I would be visiting her for a few days to work on my exams, but I didn't realize that the Library was off-limits," she blushed and hoped that this honest explanation would appease his curiosity and keep her out of trouble. Was she supposed to have a Clan escort at all times? Ah, she probably was in trouble now.

May looked up to gauge his reaction to this, and finally noticed his solid purple eyes, matching his shirt precisely almost. What a beautiful being!


04-02-2007 19:35:27

As the girl spoke, StarLion's brow furrowed . Though she would not know it immediately, his emotion was directed towards her clan leaders rather than her herself. He considered this for a few moments, reading everything he could from her body and mind. When he could sense no dishonesty, he felt he should explain.

"The purpose of the Master-Student Program is to provide a mentor who guides the journeyman Brethren on the path to receiving their saber and becoming a Knight." He sighed, as if still deciding what to do. "You should have been assigned one already in order to facilitate your studies.... I presume that is why you are here?"

The feline retained an open posture, so as to seem as non-threatening as possible. He did not stop watching the woman before him though, watching for signs of deceit.

Mayda Ferium

04-02-2007 21:06:32

"Well, Good Sir", she paused thinking of how best to explain and not get her superiors in trouble. Either way someone was in trouble, so best be her, she reckoned, sighing and bending her head to her shoulder. "I am taking these tests so that I might become a Protector soon and start in the Program. But my House leaders have been very attentive and helpful. And Yes, you presumed correctly." Mayda wasn't used to upper ranks even acknowledging her, she had mostly dealt with Dark Jedi Knights and below. But this one's interest worried her, since she seemed to have earned his attention in a negative light so far. Time to do some damage control. Apologize and don't waste his time, she chided herself. "I'm sorry, and I shall do my studying here in the Lounge, I won't even attempt to go down to the Library without an escort. Thank you so much for making me aware of the protocol on that." Though she couldn't think of more to say at the moment. But manners dictated she not take leave of him until he dismissed her or ended the conversation first.


04-02-2007 21:15:22

StarLion processed her sentence carefully. A hint.. not of untruth, but meaningful statement. She was hesitant to throw her elders under the proverbial bus. That was good. Her redirection needed work; he obviously knew where the cause for concern was in this one's case.

He smiled a little bit at her attempted withdrawal from the conversation. His smile was perhaps a little toothy, but that came with the territory with Cathar. He was used to most, especially the women, running at the sight of him. Another moment's consideration of her before he spoke once more, his tone neutral.

"If you desire, you may accompany me to the Library... on two conditions." He spoke with certainty, and complete seriousness. "First and foremost, you make no effort to damage, desecrate, or remove ANY materials contained therein. Secondly, you remain in sight at all times, and do as you are told in regards to your behavior."

Though it may have sounded like he was treating her as a child, he was merely stating what was expected of all apprentices to their Masters... which, effectively, he would be for this trip down into the depths of Antei, should she choose to accept..

Mayda Ferium

04-02-2007 22:38:48

An unexpected proposal was put to her. Mayda blinked, half worried and half relieved. Well at least she wasn't in trouble or questioned further. But he actually offered to take her in... but should she accept? Not that offers like this would come along often. And it would be good to have time with a Krath Equite, unless she messed up something with him. His rules were easy to follow, for her. For she was respectful, and not a rash fool, like some of these gung-ho Sith Novices that walk around like they own the place, trying to prove themselves.

"I would never dream of violating either rule to begin with. I hold all knowledge and tomes of such in the highest regards. And I would be most honored to be escorted by you, and stay near to you. Any disrespect in a Restricted Area would be sacriligous." She shook her head that it was even necessary for him to have to put in such stipulations. She couldn't imagine what some idiot Journeymen had done in the past to warrant such suspicions.

What did she just do? The words just flowed from her mouth before she thought of the consequences. She hoped that she wouldn't get in trouble for this. Was she allowed to confer with someone outside of her Clan? She hadn't been told that she couldn't. And he was an Equite, so he was trusted, not just a newcomer off the street. Well, trusted as could be. Actually, he was smiling and making an effort to be nice and helping another Clan's peon, so ... no, she didn't trust him at all.


05-02-2007 00:16:33

StarLion nodded, her statement appearing to be the truth. Reaching out past her, he quickly entered his access code to the turbolift, which would grant them access. "Very well." An odd feeling, but still... he could sense nothing inherently wrong. Stepping into the turbolift when it opened, he moved to the back and leant against the wall... part of being so tall meant getting out of everyone's way after all.

"So, tell me Acolyte, what you know of your clan, and what you desire to study in the Library of Antei?" He asked, seeking to find out just where this fledgling Krath was in her development.

Mayda Ferium

06-02-2007 02:07:30

Was that enough to sate him? Ah darn, she forgot to say that her Leaders didn't really know she was off on her own. Well maybe that could come up again later.

She followed him into the lift, choosing to stand on a side of it, to be facing him somewhat. Though it was hard to do that fully, given his height. As she had a moment of silence, she wondered why this Large of a man would have chosen to be a Krath. Surely his physical presence would be well-suited as an Obelisk. But then the way that his words just cut right through her, and the wisdom in his voice were revealing of far more than a killing machine. May noted to be mindful of her thoughts as he could probably read her like a book. But another question came quickly.

What did she know? Did he want a list? Very well....

"Clan Plagueis has a strong alliance with Clan Tarentum. The two consider themselves very similar in nature, idealogy, and goals. However, the two clans have not made a formal alliance. Plagueis does not consider itself to enemies or have hostilities with other clans, although it is very well known that it does not have the best of relations with Clan Scholae Palatinae or Clan Arcona. Clan Plagueis possess a small fleet which are utilized for economic and military purposes. Clan Plagueis has it’s own unique and different culture. Plagueis is well-mannered, friendly, and open to critiques, reccomendations and concerns. Plagueians are given great freedom to express their own enjoyment and leaders enjoy their interactions with any other Dark Jedi in Plagueis."*

She finally took a deep breath, ready to continue if she hadn't bored him already.

*quoted from DB Wikia


06-02-2007 09:08:31

StarLion actually laughed as the turbolift came to a halt, the sound like the rest of his speech definitely alien, and sounding deeper in his chest. He stepped out of the turbolift, motioning for the girl to follow. "An excellent response, were I a Shadow Academy Pedagog expecting a regurgitation of what I had told you." he moved over to one of the tables strewn about the room for studying, assuming that she would be directly behind him. "Come, sit, and let's expand on your understanding before you face the more advanced trials and we lose all original thought in your mind."

The Cathar pulled out a chair, his hand on the back of it. He didn't look at her, for he had no need to at this point.

Mayda Ferium

06-02-2007 14:33:30

May looked bewildered and decided that she best not continue with her diatribe, unsure how to take the Equite's reaction. Laughing was better than disappointment or more questions, she figured. Seems he wasn't looking for a literal answer. Besides, he had seemed to either forget or move on from his second question to her. Slinging her bookbag on her shoulder, they entered the Library.

Pausing in awe and wonderment, emerald eyes scanned the room for a moment, in appreciation of the attitude and atmosphere of the room. But the Equite was not waiting for her, so she scurried to catch up to him at a table.

"Expand on my understanding? I thought you were merely going to lead me around." Now she was pleasantly surprised. This was very generous of him... too generous perhaps. And she considered protesting about his comment on 'original thought', but then didn't want to seem defensive. She had plenty of original thought, but that just wasn't asked for or appreciated in her exams yet. Except when she got to submit creative writing, of course, which was her secret passion.

Before sitting, she held out her hand. Introducing herself, in hopes that he would do the same, "By the way, my name is Mayda Ferium, Acolyte of House Exar Kun".


06-02-2007 15:55:22

The Cathar nodded, likewise extending his hand, quite large in comparison to the human's, and shook it gently. He did his best not to let his claws touch her skin as he did.. most didn't appreciate that, human or not. "StarLion, Krath Priest and Sorcerer of Marka Ragnos." he left the extra little bit in as a segue back to his point.

Releasing her hand, he moved around the table, seating himself opposite the chair he had pulled for Mayda. Adjusting his Force Sight to better bring the real colors of the world into focus, he began his demonstration while she sat, if she so chose to.

"As you well know by now, each clan specializes in one aspect of the Force." he held his arm out above the table between them, palm up and hand curled into a fist. "Your clan, Clan Plagueis, are what I call the Illusionists." His fist opens, and a glowing ball floats upwards out of it. "While they don't solely specialize in creating images, it is something they do well..." his hand closes again, though the ball remained in the air above his fist, it became shrouded, darkened so that now it bore only darkness. "Also is manipulating the mind. For as I am sure you are aware..." his hand moved upwards, and he took hold of the black ball between thumb and fore claw. "That if the mind believes the illusion, that it can do amazing things..." he presses his claws into the ball, before dropping it. The object falls, bouncing off the table with a soft thud before returning to the Priest's hand. "And yet..." he blows across the table, the ball dissolving in mid air as if made of dust. "The illusion is just that."

He sat back once more, looking at the woman in front of him, noting better the striking colors in her face and hair. Something he rarely stopped to take note of, with the sight he had lost. "You are Krath. Your mind is your greatest asset. I advise you to be careful dabbling in your Clan's powers before you are deemed ready. My little illusion demonstration pales horribly in comparison to the power of one of equivalent rank in Plagueis."

Mayda Ferium

06-02-2007 18:58:08

She had forgotten that a shake might be difficult for the giant. But just like his demeanor, his shake was very gentle, deliberately so, and the feel of the fur somewhat tingled her hand, but she kept a stoic composure. It was nice to be introduced formally and respectfully. She wouldn't have expected someone of his rank - a Priest - to even consort with her beyond the first questions he had. The word 'Sorcerer' especially made her take note. She aspired to be a Sorceress someday also.

Then she wondered, How to address him properly? Priest Lion? Was Lion his surname?
"Nice to meet you, Sir." A small smile and she was seated.

"As you well know by now, each clan specializes in one aspect of the Force." he held his arm out above the table between them, palm up and hand curled into a fist. "Your clan, Clan Plagueis, are what I call the Illusionists."

Ah yes, this point she was aware of, told that briefly when she first joined. Though that force power had peaked her interest in CP. Then as he created a ball out of thin air, her eyes grew huge, in complete awe of the Priest now.

"That if the mind believes the illusion, that it can do amazing things..." he presses his claws into the ball, before dropping it. The object falls, bouncing off the table with a soft thud before returning to the Priest's hand. "And yet..." he blows across the table, the ball dissolving in mid air as if made of dust. "The illusion is just that."

Her subconscious sent the message to her mouth quicker than her judgement filter as she whispered, "Amazing", as if in a spell of some sort. But wait. Did what he just explain - apply to her? Was she just tricked by the illusion? Apparently. And funny because she had never thought of herself as weak-minded enough to fall for such things. But this was an expert in his Dark Arts.

"You are Krath. Your mind is your greatest asset. I advise you to be careful dabbling in your Clan's powers before you are deemed ready. My little illusion demonstration pales horribly in comparison to the power of one of equivalent rank in Plagueis."

Apparently so. And she figured that his powers stretched far beyond that parlor trick as well. She spoke slowly, as if coming out of a trance, "Thank you for the advice. Yes, although I am very curious and anxious to learn, I do not try to go beyond my rank."

All thought of study materials and following him around the Library were easily forgotten. This was the most interesting and mystical conversation she'd had since she joined.


06-02-2007 19:19:41

StarLion smiled. At least this one wasn't some mindless drone, as too many seemed to be these days. She would do well, he could tell. Perhaps another question, to properly gauge her mental strength. Leaning forwards, the Priest watched the woman's reaction as he asked the next question, his sight slipping back into the normal one he used - somewhat muted by the blur of the Force, but easier to read than the human face alone.

"We are the scholars of the Dark Side, and also the wielders of some of the most powerful spells and rituals in existence... in general, to do so, we require two things. Intelligence, and numbers. Few of the rituals we practice can actually be completed alone; some of the most powerful take several Elder Krath, or even several hundred voices to power them. In that regard, usually we have no problem; those dedicated to the cause are willing to put aside the petty squabbles of the Sith's starting to work together. The former requirement, however, cannot be taught. For example...."

He paused here, watching her and ensuring she had not fallen asleep on him before continuing.

"My Clan's power is that of Telekinesis. One of the most basic disciplines of all Force users; but tell me.. How many uses can you think of for such a power?"

Mayda Ferium

06-02-2007 20:32:22

Mayda's hands cupped her chin, as she let herself get swept away in his lecture. For that's what this was - the beginning of a lesson from an expert - and one she wouldn't get from any book. He was actively engaging her - explaining and questioning. Why such the interest in her? He seemed ... impressed even. Maybe she underestimated herself compared to the usual apprentices that walked through the Academy doors. But then she'd never had a chance to meet many other force users on Utapau.

"We are the scholars of the Dark Side, and also the wielders of some of the most powerful spells and rituals in existence... in general, to do so, we require two things. Intelligence, and numbers. Few of the rituals we practice can actually be completed alone; some of the most powerful take several Elder Krath, or even several hundred voices to power them. In that regard, usually we have no problem; those dedicated to the cause are willing to put aside the petty squabbles of the Sith's starting to work together. The former requirement, however, cannot be taught. For example...."

She hung on every word, hungry for the knowledge he was passing on. The way he summarized things so succinctly about the Krath, without bogging down in details, was the clarity she needed. But was he implying that many of the Krath students did not have the Intelligence required? Were the standards high or the talent low?

"My Clan's power is that of Telekinesis. One of the most basic disciplines of all Force users; but tell me.. How many uses can you think of for such a power?"

Still in SA Student mode, she gave a mechanical response, but was actually thinking aloud. "Tele...kinesis? Distant-movement of matter, including the organic. Yes, that is one of the most powerful skills one could learn. Oh, I dunno... could be used on oneself or another person - to levitate or fly maybe. As a weapon in battle - to hurl objects at an opponent, or to veer away objects hurled at you. And maybe even on a bigger scale, if like you said that many Krath together can effect the spell at same time - could magnify it to have greater impact upon larger masses - planets, anything." Gosh, she was doing fine until that last part, and now she just made herself sound like an idiot.


06-02-2007 21:47:32

StarLion's smile remained as she spoke. Excellant... she was able to see beyond the limits of the singular being. "Indeed..." a twitch of one clawed finger brought sailing across the library a book of quite a decent size, and slides it onto the table beside him. "The power of Telekinesis can be used in an infinite number of ways. From the rediculously simple as fetching a book, or..." another twitch of his fingers made the hem of her robe flutter, as if a wind had blown by. "... providing a distraction before a covert strike. Yet it can be employed by powerful members of the clan, and in groups, to an exponentially greater effect; some say that Tiamat's own attempts at Mass-Telekinesis led to the admittedly-failed ritual that darkened Antei's star..."

His hand moved over the book, flipping it open and turning several pages before he put his hand down upon one. "Read this. You will need to practice it soon." The power described on the page was one of the easiest for Plagueis' students to learn, and it was possible she'd already learned it.

He slid the book partly across the table, before sitting back again. "Of course, the use of rituals is restricted by rank... as there must be a center, or focus of the power, and that person must have the ability to handle it."

Mayda Ferium

07-02-2007 11:40:59

Fortunately, the Priest didn't laugh this time. So it's possible that Mayda wasn't far off the mark with her ideas. A sigh of relief emanated from her, and her torso relaxed. She wondered why his finger was moving, til her curiosity was sated as the effect of his motion was evident when the book hit the table. Then an immediate distraction as something was moving under her robes. A startled jolt to the side as her head looked for the perpetrator, but then StarLion explained, and she felt silly again. Was an excellent illustration of his point. "Yes, I can see", she giggled. "Oh yes, I read about that already. It appears that mass-powers can be hugely successful or hugely disastrous. "

His hand moved over the book, flipping it open and turning several pages before he put his hand down upon one.

"Well, I have moved small objects before, but nothing across a room. Of course it probably seems simple to a trained Krath Priest. I admit that I do worry that my lack of training until now will hinder me. I am starting at an older age than most."

"Read this. You will need to practice it soon."

"I'm sorry, sir. But may I ask what book that is? A Krath powers tome?"

He slid the book partly across the table, before sitting back again. "Of course, the use of rituals is restricted by rank... as there must be a center, or focus of the power, and that person must have the ability to handle it."

Mayda felt a warmth in her head, stuck between reverence and curiosity. "I in no way mean to be disrespectful, Priest Lion, but as you said earlier, I shouldn't go beyond my rank. In my Clan system, I have not been ready or been asked to start studying such things. And perhaps I am having to do so many tests on history, lore, force powers, and basic things because, as I said, I have not had the opportunity to learn much until I arrived here. I am perhaps behind the normal initiates.

I don't know that I should be reading anything extra until my Clan assigns me a Master or approves me. Although, that should be coming very soon, hence why I am here to study for my tests. But I am very flattered that you are sharing the basics with me, and I don't feel that interferes."
With another sigh, she awaited his reply, hoping he wouldn't be disappointed or offended. For some reason, she wanted his approval.


07-02-2007 12:21:06

StarLion lifted his hand once more, and the book flipped closed on the table with a thud. His demeanor did not change, however.

"Very good." Somehow it felt better to know there was a student in the academy, regardless of her clan, who showed such promise. "You show none of the haste of the Sith to grasp for power... and are not afraid to tell those above you that they are wrong. Blind obedience has its benefits for the leader, but rarely for the follower."

"What areas have you trained in thus far then, Mayda? And what have you come to study?" His eyes remained still, though he watched her carefully to ensure she was not trying something.

Mayda Ferium

07-02-2007 13:12:31

A deep exhale showed her relief. She worried at his use of wording - she had not intended to tell him that he was wrong, but apparently that's how it came off. She merely did not know if he was aware of her Clan protocol or her situation. And she perhaps felt guilty and undeserving of her quick rise in ranks. She hadn't done enough courses or learned enough, and that would most likely be transparent to him as soon as she answered his next question. Her heart pounded as she risked losing his interest in her once again. Though he was one of the few to notice that she was much more than anyone could tell from the outside, which was flattering to her.

"I have been concentrating on learning the basics of Force users, darkside and all the histories of such. Then there are the technical and software courses. And just learning the codex of the Brotherhood is a subject of its own. As is the history of the Clan and House Exar Kun. It's important for us to learn from the past and know where we come from. I've done duties for my House, like being a guard in the Ash Citadel, which I am assuming is an exercise in patience, just standing there and being alert all day. And we've started combat training. I had to learn more of the basics, before I was ready for specialties. As for anything extra, I have chosen for my electives to be in the lost art of writing and creativity. But now that I see what I am missing, I see that I should take the course on force powers. I am currently studying for the Krath core and Clan promotion tests. I'm anxious to begin my apprenticeship under a Master."

Every question from him seemed like a trial. Was she passing to his satisfaction? Or was he just changing his expectations?

And furthermore, would any of this get back to her House Leadership?


07-02-2007 13:30:32

StarLion pursed his lips for a moment, considering his response to that.. he hadn't truthfully intended to imply that her training was faulty. After a moment's consideration, he spoke. "The Krath learn many things, Mayda. We do not all learn the same things; another of our strengths. We are not as singularly-specialized as the Sith and Obelisk seem so oft to be."

He picked up the book with his free hand, and once more sent it sailing across the room, returning it to where it had come from. Once it was secured, he spoke once more.

"The Krath who becomes your Master shall be a lucky person, Mayda. You have great potential here, as I am sure you will come to realize and show. Whether you choose to be just a scholar, or a practitioner, or some combination of the two. The path is your own to discover; your Master will show you the first steps to take."

Mayda Ferium

07-02-2007 13:58:26

StarLion pursed his lips for a moment, considering his response to that.. he hadn't truthfully intended to imply that her training was faulty. After a moment's consideration, he spoke. "The Krath learn many things, Mayda. We do not all learn the same things; another of our strengths. We are not as singularly-specialized as the Sith and Obelisk seem so oft to be."

"Yes, and that is one of the things I like best about the Krath."

His sentiments were very flattering, and she was pleased that he was in no way disappointed in her. Though she found herself disappointed that the lectures from him couldn't continue. It had been very hard for her to turn down a lesson in Krath powers, but she had to do what was right. He seemed to respect her for it. She realized that she should express her feelings on the matter, not wanting this to be over.

"Priest Lion, thank you for your kind words. Please realize that this has been fascinating to talk with you, and I hope to continue that, even after today. I do hope that we can return to discussions about the Krath and powers, when I am ready and farther along in my training. Are you still able to give me a tour of the Library? I promise to stay close", she said coyly with a smile. Mayda didn't want to assume that he had the time and inclination to continue to be a guide to her, but it was worth asking.


07-02-2007 14:15:24

StarLion smiled. Perhaps she was just acting so that he would not send her out of the library... but whatever the cause, it was good to have a 'student', even if she were not his own. Standing once more, he nodded. "Come... it would not do to have you wandering aimlessly around."

He waited for her to rise, and then began to walk, speaking quietly amongst the stacks of shelves about what each row contained. Though his face remained forward, he mentally kept watch to ensure she followed him, and didn't make an effort to touch any of the documents. As they reached the midpoint of one of the Library's walls, he stopped in front of a door, illuminated by a hazy purple light, and turned to face her once more.

"Behind this door lies the Krath 'Practice room'. In here, more of the Krath order's focused studies take place, along with identification of some artifacts, as well as a stage and seating for lectures. The Sith..." he motioned to one of the walls to his side. "and the Obelisk..." shifting to point to the other side wall.. " also have practice rooms here, though theirs I believe are much more geared towards the practical aspect of their arts. Beyond the white door.." this time he pointed directly across the square library, though the door could not be seen for the turbolifts in the way "lies the artifact room. Access to that room is more restricted than the library itself."

He lowered his arm, looking to her to ensure she was absorbing all that he was saying... or rather, that he had not put her to sleep with his explanations.

Mayda Ferium

08-02-2007 01:56:38

As they toured around the tightly-guarded Library, Mayda realized why she hadn't gotten an accurate description of its purpose from the HEK Journeyman. None of them had ever gained access, most likely. And actually, it wasn't the hub of information sharing they had made it out to be, unless she was misunderstanding which Library they were speaking of. Oh well, she was here now and enjoying it. But it was unlikely that she would need to study from any of the important reference books on its shelves. Well, not today.

And he was the perfect tourguide, probably from having spent hundreds of hours in here.
As they walked through aisles of hardbound books, she was surprised to see so many old-fashioned or ancient books there, available for the use of DB members. Mayda assumed that there was a disk copy of every book, stored away somewhere safe.

The Krath room sounded like somewhere she would definitely want to visit as soon as she had the proper escort. How could any Krath resist? "Artifacts and lectures? Enticing."

Now she understood why there was so much security and secrecy about the place - it was the vault, holding the most valuable assets the DJB held - their knowledge and treasures. "This wasn't what I expected to find, when I attempted to enter the turbolift." She let out an embarassed chuckle, "I think that my informants must have meant a Clan Library. This place is amazing, but I can see now why the Journeymen aren't walking around freely." She paused to see if there was anything else he wanted to mention about the place, or if there was nothing more for them to do or discuss there. She was starting to feel uncomfortable being there, since she no longer had a purpose to be there, and didn't want to wear out her guide's welcome.


08-02-2007 02:14:28

StarLion chuckled. "No, that's true... those that are here are usually pages for or apprentices of the elders. There are deeper levels of the Hall you, nor I have yet seen... and perhaps never will; who can say." he shrugged, his shoulders making the robe he wore seem small. "In any case, this is the Library... books, scrolls, and artifacts, all waiting to be investigated, and each with something to teach us."

He paused, looking at her again. "I take it from your phrasing that you are ready to depart the Library... are you heading back to your clan?"

Mayda Ferium

08-02-2007 02:27:28

She nodded and smiled as he spoke, looking up at him, directly in the eyes. Then she realized why they seemed so perculiar - they had no irises - they were purely purple. How could that be? And he also undoubtedly had some special sight, never needing to turn back to see her following him. But now was not the time to be nosy and dwaddle. Since they were still in the library, she kept her voice barely above a whisper to answer him.

"This tour has been delightful and very thorough but I can't think of a reason to linger here longer, so we can go back upstairs now. And for my Clan - not yet. I had requested a day's leave, so I don't need to return to Aerun until tomorrow afternoon. I have a guest room upstairs already too.

I suppose that I have chosen to take a break here to study and have some leisure. At the Diadem Fortress, there are always chores or other things expected of you. Besides one off-world mission with my Aedile, I haven't had a day off."

They had reached the turbolift now and stepped in.


08-02-2007 02:35:44

StarLion stepped into the back of the lift, pushing the button to take them back to the Lounge. "I know the feeling. Ever since the Houses lost their ties to one particular order, it has been increasingly difficult to ensure that the members of each order properly train and instruct themselves." he made no effort to hide his eyes... if she were going to run, she'd have done so long before now.

The turbolift stopped, and the two stepped out again. "Though while I am here, I suppose I should eat. Best to work on a full stomach than be distracted by it for hours on end."

Mayda Ferium

08-02-2007 02:54:38

"Ah, is that the history of the House's multi-orders? Yes, I was surprised that I wasn't in a house of only Krath when I got assigned.

You are just visiting for the day? May I ask where you are going after you eat? To work... for a mission or for your Clan?

If you are staying a couple hours we can continue talking over dinner? Where is there to eat around here? Just the Lounge?"
She had offered quite freely, forgetting until after she said it that perhaps he had important matters to attend to.


08-02-2007 09:59:54

It took a lot to surprise the Cathar, and yet she managed to do just that. Had she just.... no, it was obviously some form of admiration or respect for his rank. Recovering his thought processes, he spoke once more. "Unless you feel like going out into the Death Lands to have a picnic, no..." he chuckles. "Antei is quite.... barren. The Cafeteria is usually sufficient to most of the Brethren's tastes... it has a bit of a reputation for it's cooking. A good one, that is."

A pause here, his free hand moving for a moment to a leather pouch on his hip. "I will be on Antei for a few days, I have some... research that needs to be done. But, dinner would be agreeable. Starving yourself does nothing good for your studying ability. Take it from one with personal experience." He nodded, more to himself than to the woman. His mind wandered for a moment back to the Cathedral of Loki... or rather, the Ruins of said cathedral.

Mayda Ferium

08-02-2007 14:58:20

"Death Lands? Sounds beautiful. But I don't get out here to Antei much. I'm on Aerun mostly. And despite my rank, I have not been here very long." She found herself telling him much more than she would have expected to an hour ago, when she was very intimidated by him. But now there was a comraderie, and a full respect of him, and even the beginning of trust. And not knowing when she'd have a chance to speak with him again, she figured it would be nice to talk a bit more, since things were going so smoothly.

She supposed that it wouldn't be beneath him to be seen in the Cafeteria with a Journeyman, though that wasn't the impression she was under about other Equites. Guess it all depends on the Individual.

"Ah, the Cafeteria would be fine. Yeah, I guess that as a Krath I will be so engrossed in my studies and research that I will lose track of time and physical needs?" Mayda wondered what kind of research he would be doing, to have an idea of the types of things that she could expect to be doing when she reached his rank.


08-02-2007 19:08:46

StarLion nodded. "Indeed, it is a risk... focus on the task at hand distracts from the necessities of life... or something along those lines." he chose not to comment on the research he had to do... mainly because he didn't know how best to describe it himself. The pulsing of the crystal against his leg reminded him of what... but why remained elusive.

His attention was diverted again. Something he would have to work on while studying, he decided. Bringing his mind back to the conversation, he focused his sight upon the woman once more. "Then shall we? No time like the present...." he turned back towards the turbolift, intending to descend to the Cafeteria.

Mayda Ferium

08-02-2007 19:54:20

"Yes, let's", a big smile erupted, being the most at ease she had been since arriving on Antei. Her bookbag was swung on her back again, and she accompanied him in. Besides, it would be nice to have company in this place, she didn't know anyone else outside of her Clan. And he was the singularly most fascinating person she could hope to have discussions with - he was wise, knowledgeable, and mystical. Maybe it was because he was not of her clan - that he could consort with her more freely, without pretense and keeping a distance.

"So, Ragnos is in Clan Naga Sadow, I believe? Forgive me, I don't know much of other clans yet", she said hoping to start some conversation and learn more about the Cather.


08-02-2007 20:28:15

StarLion nodded, "Indeed... Marka Ragnos is one of the two Houses of Sadow. We reside on Tarthos. Which I must say is despicably warmer than our original home." Mentally he rolled his eyes. Yeah, there was some pertinent information for her, confuse her with movement between planets.

When the turbolift stopped, he waited for her to step out first before following. "Still, one clan or another, though we study different things, we are both Krath, and beyond that, we are both members of the Brotherhood... so it's not that different, one clan to another really."

Mayda Ferium

08-02-2007 22:51:05

THey stepped off together and approached the line to order from. "Yes, though all of the members of my House are welcoming, I definitely find that I get along with the Krath best - I guess its a similarity of values and character. Some of the Sith are so loud and gung-ho, and go running around in a cyclone-like blur, constantly shifting their attention. I mean, I admire their eagerness and energy, but it just seems a bit ..." How to say this without offending? "over the top and empty?"

Taking a tray from the counter, she ordered a sandwich and side dish.


08-02-2007 23:22:42

StarLion laughed, getting himself a steak. "It's true. Very observant of you to notice that already. The Sith tend to be too focused on the end result, and the Obelisk are too hot headed for much rational thought..." he really had no cares about who was in the cafeteria; It was well documented that the members of different Orders rarely got along with one another anyway, excepting of course putting up with the members of their own house, and a lesser degree, their clan.

Moving further down, he got himself some milk (go go stereotype), and then moved off to find a table once she had gotten her food. "Of course, they have their uses... there is a reason for the Tripartite Path. Without the other two, no Order would be able to survive. Even the embittered Equites, when they are honest with themselves, have to admit it." By this time, they had reached the table, and he shifted his trey into one hand to pull out a chair for her.

Mayda Ferium

09-02-2007 21:23:06

Another benefit of her time with him was receiving his praise, something she had received little of in her life. She never thought she would want or appreciate such a thing, but somehow it felt fulfilling coming from such an esteemed member of the Brotherhood. "I am hoping that I get a Krath as my Master in Plagueis. We have a few who are wise and would be an honor to study under. And I have noticed how we all have our strengths and need the fighters and diversity. I've just joined a BattleTeam, and I see how we can each serve our part."

Reaching the table, Lion showed his manners, pulling out her chair, which she thought gentlemanly. With a polite smile, she sat and readied herself to eat. She realized that he asked her about herself, and she was starting to share her stories on her own, but didn't know much about him, if he'd be willing to share. "So, you like the food here?"


09-02-2007 21:40:37

StarLion nodded, agreeing with her hopes for a Master... to be assigned a non-Krath would be crippling to this one's development into her order duties. Perhaps he'd have to have a word with the Plagueis Envoy.

Her turn to ask the questions, he supposed... was only fair after all. He pushed her chair in gently before seating himself. "The Cafeteria food is more than satisfactory... It's not the best the Galaxy has to offer, but we could do a LOT worse." he cut a piece of his steak, and ate it. "It's certainly better than the food on Loki." He chewed his steak, thinking back to the old cathedral.

Mayda Ferium

09-02-2007 21:51:19

Having an opportunity to be the one listening, she took a bite of her sandwich while he answered. Yes, the food was more than acceptable. Scanning the room, it didn't seem unusual to any of the other diners that they were eating together and sharing personal conversation. There was a variety of races in there. It was good for Mayda to see the diversity of the Brotherhood. She hoped to get out more often.

"Loki? Hmm, while I admit that I don't know many of the Galaxy's planets. I haven't heard of that one. Is that where you are from?", she inquired of him.


09-02-2007 22:09:09

StarLion took a deep breath, remembering that place in depth, now that she spoke it's name. "Loki was less of a planet, more of an iceball. Literally. Methane Gas collected into a rough planetoid on the edge of the Phare system. An Imperial system... the Emperor's Hammer, specifically. Back before the Exodus, House Marka Ragnos had their cathedral there. 30,000 colonists, and 30 Dark Jedi, living on opposite sides of the globe." He paused, sitting back in his chair a bit. "Though you should understand when i say 'colonists' i mean 'an Imperial detachment plus servants and work labor, set up as a spy station to keep an eye on the system, and external threats." Obviously a large emotional component there, as he didnt seem to be talking directly to her. After a brief silence, he brought his attention back to the present conversation.

"Loki was never hospitable. Ever. And yet, it is home."

Mayda Ferium

09-02-2007 22:26:41

This was a fascinating story, but then, what about him wasn't? May was glad to be off the remote planet she grew up on, and out in the Galaxy with different types of people, types of species. Though some type of feline species, he seemed more human than the humanoid Utapauns. As he half-dreamily related the story, she wondered how they could stand to live there, in such conditions. But then people thought the same of Utapau.

"So the Imperials were on one side of the planet, and the Dark Jedi on the other? And you were one of those? Is that the homeplanet of your species?"

Another few bites as she hung on every word.


09-02-2007 23:25:01

StarLion smiled a little. Perhaps it was a natural question, but he had expected something along those lines.

"I was born on Loki, but it is not the homeworld of my race. I've never been there. As for who I was.. my mother was among the... less fortunate of the Colonists. Her suffering ended with my birth. The cycle would continue. Call it what you will, cosmic fate, the presence of the Krath influencing me.... whatever. I was born with a gift for the Force. Instead of being cast out into the ice, or raised to be yet another walking labor source, the priests of the cathedral crossed the planet, and took me in. So you can say I've always considered the former cathedral my home. I am a denizen of an iceball, living away from the home that was destroyed during the Exodus."

He sighed, pushing his food around a bit. "I'm sorry. I didnt mean to go off on a rant about my past." He tapped his staff on the floor lightly.

Mayda Ferium

09-02-2007 23:39:31

"I was born on Loki, but it is not the homeworld of my race. I've never been there. As for who I was.. my mother was among the... less fortunate of the Colonists.

Her smiling face fell serious as he revealed that. No wonder he said it how he did a minute ago.

Her suffering ended with my birth.

Oh my! It got even worse. How sad, but she knew he wouldn't want her to pity him, and frankly, her story was just as sad.

"I'm sorry. I didnt mean to go off on a rant about my past."

Her heart went out to him and she sympathized. "Oh no, please don't worry about that. I didn't know my mother either, and have anger about my homeworld. I'm sure that many of us have similar stories. Frankly, its nice to know that I'm not alone in that, not so unusual, as I am learning."


09-02-2007 23:53:14

StarLion nodded. "The rhetoric the Jedi spout... about anger, and hate leading to the Dark Side, like all good rhetoric, has its basis in truth. Though that isnt to say I sypathize with them, there is a good side and a bad side to everything."

He leant forwards, intentionally 'looking' her straight in the eyes. "All power has a price, Mayda. You have to be willing to accept the costs that will be presented to you, even if you do not know what they will be." He sat back once more, tapping his staff on the floor some more. "Don't let me disuade you, though. You are a true talent in the Krath; learn to use the anger to focus yourself, to give you the edge you need to continue on. As long as you can keep sane, that is." he smirked a little bit. "It's happened before."

Mayda Ferium

10-02-2007 00:52:21

StarLion nodded. "The rhetoric the Jedi spout... about anger, and hate leading to the Dark Side, like all good rhetoric, has its basis in truth. Though that isnt to say I sypathize with them, there is a good side and a bad side to everything."

His words hit her like a rock, so similar to what she had been taught.

"All power has a price, Mayda. You have to be willing to accept the costs that will be presented to you, even if you do not know what they will be." "Don't let me disuade you, though. You are a true talent in the Krath; learn to use the anger to focus yourself, to give you the edge you need to continue on. As long as you can keep sane, that is." he smirked a little bit. "It's happened before."

"StarLion, this is amazing", she said, wide-eyed. "This is just like what my father taught me and I've adopted as a personal belief. He used to say, “With the good, comes the bad, And with the bad, comes the good. And with the good gift of force-sensitivity came the bad – the burden of responsibility and control. "


10-02-2007 06:39:48

StarLion smirked a little bit. "A smart man, by the sounds of him." Pausing to drink some of his milk, he decides to let her ask any further questions she had.... there were always a few, certainly. Both his eyes and force-sight remained on her, awaiting what was to come.

Mayda Ferium

10-02-2007 11:58:06

"Yeah", a touch of sadness in her agreeance. She reminisced for a moment, but snapped herself out of it, knowing this wasn't the time or place to get upset, and not wanting to waste her limited time with the Priest.

There was a few minutes of silence while they ate, and she thought. What could she bring up for him to expand on? He had complimented her on being a talent for the Krath just now, but asking more about that would seem vain. They both grew up without mothers, and him without a father maybe.

"Well it sounds like you were fortunate to be taken in by the Dark Jedi so early", hoping he'd expand on that.


10-02-2007 12:51:03

"Indeed..." his reply somewhat hesitant, reflecting on all that had happened. "It wasnt exactly the most interesting place to grow up in, but it was certainly better than living on the streets of a makeshift outpost." He nodded. "Being 'adopted' by those priests was the first step onto my path. One I do not regret. Their teachings have led me to become what I am... which may be a good thing, or not...."

Here he sighed, and tapped his staff on the floor again. "Things change. They always do. Learn to adapt, and you will thrive. Resist, and be prepared to remain in the past for a long, long time..." he looked down at his robe for a moment, then lifted the staff, setting it down upon the table. "Some things..." he let go of the staff, and the world went dark around him. "... need a lot of time."

Mayda Ferium

10-02-2007 13:16:54

Not intending to, she was sensing out his emotions, magnifying them to empathize with him more and try to understand. It was still hard to tell what he was feeling, and as she realized she was trying, she stopped, not wanting to pry. They both had experiences that were best kept inside - and a certain depth and sadness within.

Her thoughts now turned to his staff, set on the table. She had just assumed it was either a mystical accessory, or used to aide him in walking - maybe an old battle injury in his legs.

Maybe it would help him to move focus off his story. "I was raised on Utapau by just my father. I had force sensitivities early on, but no one to train under. So this is all new to me. That's why I feel I am so far behind, and have so much to catch up on, to learn, to prove."


10-02-2007 13:37:02

StarLion smiled. It was somehow comforting to be surrounded in darkness, though her presence was comforting as well... it had been a long time since he'd actually had a conversation with someone like this. "The Jedi would say you're too old... but then that's because they fear you learning to utilize your power. The Dark Jedi doest not fear that, instead we encourage it. You will soon rival myself, I am sure. Such is the way with students like yourself. You are not behind."

His hand wavered over the staff for a moment, but then he moved it away again. Her reaction would be obvious enough in her response, he theorized... and besides, it would be beneficial to test and make sure he could still do it without the benefit of the staff. He had to focus a bit more of his energy into trying to make out her presence in the force.

Mayda Ferium

11-02-2007 03:47:10

Something she was noticing, ... if Mayda brought up doubts or insecurities, StarLion was reassuring and encouraging to her. Though she wondered if he were merely amusing her, she could tell how wise and experienced he was. So if he saw something good in her, it had to be true.

Alright, maybe it wasn't just a walking stick then. Her curious nature wanted to ask, but that would be rude. And maybe phrase it in a way to show her curiosity, but remain respectful if he chose not to discuss. What was it for?

Though not experienced much in telepathy, she made an attempt, like a thought, so that it wouldn't be a direct question. "Special Staff?"


11-02-2007 10:52:40

StarLion's smile returned. "Ah, so you do have power locked away in there as well..." a little jibe, to let her know he'd heard her.

"Yes, to say that Da'ruthar is special would be... succinct." he picked up the staff once more. "This item is a perfect example of what I meant about good and bad..."

He settled back against the chair, stretching out a bit. He figured that she'd be wanting to know the whole story. "This staff was recovered by House Marka Ragnos a long time ago... roughly 8 years." had it really been that long, he thought to himself... it seemed as though not that much time had passed. "As the Dark Librarian at the time, it fell to me to examine it. Within it, due to processes I still do not fully understand, lies the ability to focus the Force of the one who weilds it."

"However," he continues, knowing how students tended to get in the presence of such things. "it also has it's drawbacks. when first I claimed it's use, it summoned from the depths of Loki a... shade. A creature that warped and bent the Force around itself, negating everything within. It was drawn to the staff, and to me."

A long pause, the priest looking at the staff. "And that was the day that I died..."

Mayda Ferium

11-02-2007 12:15:41

Half-surprised that it worked, she made a small blush at his jest. She was happy to prove to him that she could, but also thought it attested to his great powers.

Happy to be hearing the story, she took the opportunity to finish her sandwich, as if receiving nutrition from both the food and his wise lesson he was relating. Focusing the force sounded like a good thing, but she figured that much power would be a responsibility. Then the part of a creature was told, and that was freaky. These things were not spoken about much, and she feared them because she didn't know them. His story of it just scared her more. Mental note was taken to never grab any strange staff. She took a sip of water and pushed her tray aside.

And then the next line.... her jaw dropped. Thankfully with no food inside, she was speechless, having no idea what to say next. She would simply wait until he chose to spoke again ... or not, but not ask further. Obviously a tender subject, and yet, here he was, alive in front of her.


11-02-2007 12:32:02

StarLion could feel the shock rolling off of her. Natural, he supposed. One did not usually speak with the dead... well, formerly dead, anyway.

"Most people describe death as being peace at the end of a long life of conflict." he snorts, gripping the staff a little tighter. "My... soul, spirit, essence... whatever you wish to call it..was *ripped* from my body by that shade. It left me standing, watching as the empty shell that was me fell to the floor and ceased all bodily function."

"I watched as my brothers and sisters fought the creature. I saw it all as swirls of the Force, being bent and broken in attempts to breach the creature's defenses." He shook his head. "Through their combined skills, they managed to defeat it.. or at least, to banish it back to the hidden realms underneath the Cathedral. As it left, it pulled... as if in a vacuum. Whether it was the shade, or the staff, I am not certain... but I was pulled back into my body."

He tapped the staff on the floor again. "This.. benefit had more reprecussions. It allows me to see, through the force.. remotely even... and yet it is worse than any form of spice in the galaxy... It is this staff that took my eyesight from me. I dare say that in time it may take more."

Mayda Ferium

11-02-2007 12:49:16

Hanging on every word, she was transfixed by his mystical nature. He held knowledge and experiences she couldn't even dream about. And he'd survived, maybe becoming stronger. But at the expense of natural eyesight.

"That's an amazing experience you went through. I can't imagine what that must have been like.

It pleases me to hear that your Clansmen fought so valiantly for you - it certainly is a true Brotherhood here. And yet another example of what can be accomplished when we Dark Jedi work together, as we spoke about.

But I don't understand. Can't you choose not to use the staff any longer? If the effects outweigh the benefit? Or are you dependent on it?, if that's what you meant."


11-02-2007 12:57:35

StarLion considered his response to that... "Oh I can choose to stop using the staff whenever i wish.... but it would be the last time i actually 'saw' the real world again. The best i could accomplish otherwise would be either perceiving the world in the vague blurs, or trying to apply my skills into prophecy, as some of the Brethren have done in the past. I prefer to be able to read, and study on my own... I suppose it is kind of like a dependancy."

Mayda Ferium

11-02-2007 13:18:52

"Ah yes, I can understand the need to be independent and continue with the abilities that you normally do. But still, it seems ridiculous that there is nothing that can be done to restore your sight - or have artificial eyes maybe. They have so many other medical miracles and abilities today. But this is dark powers, of which most people can't begin to comprehend.

You seem to be handling it well, I couldn't tell at all. Maybe why I sense power and wisdom with you."


11-02-2007 23:46:11

StarLion actually chuckled softly at her words.

"Thank you for the kind thoughts, but I'm aware of how i appear. Truth be told, it's preferable. There is a reason for all this..." he waved a hand across his face. " is not my place to question it. It tends to put fear into my opponents, as well... which is a good thing, being that I am at a disadvantage when I fight. Priests aren't Obelisk warriors. They're not meant to be. But that doesn't mean you should completely ignore your lightsaber studies, either. The skills you learn are more than just an expected discipline.. it is one of the cores of our Brotherhood."

Mayda Ferium

12-02-2007 15:52:19

"Ah, well, I can see your points there. I had my face worked on before I came here, but not the rest of the skin on my body." The words came freely, revealing something she normally didn't speak of, and didn't mean to now even. Divert subject back to him.

"But I really didn't know that your eyes were unusual at first. I just figured that was your species or affected by some power. Seeing everything here, all the variety, I've come to expect the unexpected.

So, after this you have some important business to attend to?"


14-02-2007 09:28:06

StarLion made note of her comment, but the diversion away from the subject was obvious; she didn't want to speak about it. "You're quite correct; expecting the unexpected in the Brotherhood, especially in the Krath Order, is a wise idea."

He reaches down to his hip, wrapping his hand around the leather-bound object there, feeling it's coolness.

"I have an object in my possession that requires further study as to it's purpose. Without trying to offend, the nature of such a thing is not for me to explain to you." He sighed, not liking to have to say that, but it was necessary. "It will likely take me several days to complete."

Mayda Ferium

15-02-2007 00:10:57

He told her more about his mission than she expected to hear. "Oh no, I'm not offended at all. As a Plagueis Acolyte I hardly expect to be in the know about any missions, nor do I wish to be, unless I'm part of them. I am sure I will be doing those kind of exciting things as soon as the core of my studies are over, and I am ready. From things I've studied, it is obvious that some things are best left unknown," she made light of it. "I just wish you a safe and successful research trip." Hopefully, she would hear that he arrived back to his House in safety in a few days, but she thought it would be silly to ask. Surely, he could sense her worry about him in her voice if he chose to.

Slinging her backpack on, she stood up and gathered their trays, took them to the counter, then returned to the Priest and prepared to go.

"Priest StarLion, I am so honored that I got to meet you today. I enjoyed getting to know you and I thank you for teaching me so much. I have to return to Aerun tomorrow, and I will remember all your advice and try to make you proud with my studies." She reached out to take his hand in both of hers, more of a friendship hold than a shake.

"So, until we meet again." Releasing her hands, she smiled warmly and took her leave of him, not wanting to keep him from his research any longer.


15-02-2007 16:13:19

"I just wish you a safe and successful research trip."

He could tell something was wrong, but decided not to comment on it; whatever problem she had, if she had felt like sharing it, she would have. He watched her take the trays, smiling a little bit. She showed proper respect, and that was good, but that was not necessary.

"Priest StarLion, I am so honored that I got to meet you today. I enjoyed getting to know you and I thank you for teaching me so much. I have to return to Aerun tomorrow, and I will remember all your advice and try to make you proud with my studies. So, until we meet again."

He inclined his head a little, and reached out to shake her hand when she seemed to. Instead she held his hand... interesting, perhaps a custom on her world... though she seemed more at ease now. It was good to see.

"In Darkness Serve, Mayda." he replied to her parting, making a mental note to keep an eye on her progression in the future...

Mayda Ferium

18-02-2007 14:22:25

Three days later, Mayda sat in her room in the Diadem Fortress on Aerun. She had passed her promotion test and was about to become a Protector rank. There would be a small ceremony for her and a few other promotions in the Clan.

But as she noticed the date, her thoughts drifted back to StarLion, hoping that his mission went well.


18-02-2007 15:12:26

StarLion was still on Antei three days later, his studies of the crystal in his posession far from over. He had seen many of the Academy's trainees wandering about in those days, and yet none of them had had the same spark or enthusiasm for their studies that he had seen in Mayda. Now as he sat in his temporary quarters on the Brotherhood's homeworld, her name caught his eye again: attached to a notice of promotion. It seemed he was correct; she was already up for her elevation to Protector.

The priest smirked to himself... he couldnt even remember his own Protector promotion, it had been so long. Still, she was rising quickly. If she did not burn out, she would be a very bright star.

He opened a communication panel on the terminal, and composed a message.

"Protector Ferium,

Congratulations on your well-deserved elevation. I regret that I will not be on hand to witness it. From what I recall of Clan Plagueis' program, you will shortly be assigned to a Master. Please pass along this note to him/her once you have been assigned.

To whom it may concern,

Congratulations are in order to yourself as well; You have been assigned a student with the utmost of potential. From the limited time we met on Antei, I can tell that she has the desire to excel herself within the Brotherhood, and will be an attentive and disciplined student to you.

Though I realize it is none of my affair, I would appreciate it if you would keep me informed as to your student's progress; it would be a shame to lose one such as her for any reason.

In Darkness Serve,
Krath Priest StarLion
Priest of Ragnos

He sent the message off, letting the Brotherhood's servers deliver it to the correct place. He then shut the terminal off, and decided to retire for the evening, considering his studies that would continue the next day.