The Reclamation of Kyataru

Muz Ashen

21-03-2006 19:19:49

Oshima winced at the third moon as it rose, the bright cornea of light seeming to rise out of the tallest spires of the Teito Castle. It seemed that his work at the forge had kept him from his drinks later and later, the lesser lords of the Nagahide streaming in and out of his forge all day.

Patting a full pouch, the man smiled, mirth perking up the mong wisps of his mustache. Plenty of gold for the barmaids. Stepping through the narrow door of the sake-house, Oshima kicked off his sandals, the quiet wood thumping against the pile of footwear that already cluttered the entryway. His toes sighed releif as he made his way across the mats and plopped down in front of a small table.

"[Haven't seen you here much lately, master Smith.*]"

"Hai." Oshima grunted, nodding at the bottle of rice wine that sat before him, bidding the keeper to pour a liberal dose.

"[I bet it's because of the wars.]"

"[Wars? What Wars?]" Oshima tilted back the small cup, letting the warm fluid sooth his throat before continuing. "[There hasn't been a war in this realm for ten cycles, maybe more.]"

The keeper smiled subtly, pleased with his own cleverness. "[I see the black crows coming in my dreams. War comes to this place like a divine storm.]"

"[Don't forget to keep pouring the wine while you tell stories, old man.]" Oshima gestured at the pitcher as he plopped a fat gold coin onto the short-legged table.

"[Stories?]" The keep laughed, the resonance absorbed by the wood and cloth of the small room. "[I hear many things in my line of work, master Smith. I think I can tell the difference between mist and rain, no?]"

"[I'm not paying you to entertain me, keep.]"

The keep nodded swiftly, his hand guiding the warm pitcher back to his patron's small ceramic cup. "[How about I tell you the rumour that will chill your bones?]"

"[My bones are already chilled. Why do you think I am here?]" Oshima wrapped calloused fingers around the china, bringing the aromatic sake to his lips. This one had been flavoured with a touch of Jasmine, rare in a Shinjo sake. His eyes raised to see the keep, a look of annoyance on his face. "[But since it seems that you must let it out, old man, go ahead. Just keep my cup full.]"

The keep smirked, leaning forward as if letting the Warlord's smith in on a secret. "[Outlander ships landed yesterday, North of Tokumaru's Camp.]"

"[Outlander ships come and go all the time, Keep. What makes you think...]"

"[I was just getting to that, Master Smith.]" Another steaming draught of rice wine flowed into the Smith's waiting cup. "[The largest ship had a lage crest on it. It was a rampant Dragon with a long sword.]"

Oshima slurped down his sake slowly, letting his mind create the image, trying to form a mental image from the Keep's words. "[Not the Nasarije...]"

"[No, no, no... the Keibatsu...]"

Oshima shook his head slowly. "[Stupid fool. That name is illegal, and you know it.]" He got to his feet slowly. "[I have half a mind to report you to the guard.]"

The keep bowed low, groveling with his hands clenched. "[I forget my place, master Smith. Please, I only tell you things I hear.]"

"[That line has been dead for nearly ten cycles, keep.]" Oshima sighed, his eyes rolling in his head in annoyance as he sat down. "[Now, enough fairy tales, and keep pouring the drinks. Say, where are the girls tonight?]"


The Fallen Spear spun slowly in the night air above Kuroshin castle, the newly burnished towers reflecting the fire of the ship's engines as it settled into the cliffside bay. Hydraulic landing gear cushioned the impact with the poured durocrete floor, and the Spear's maw opened.

Boots rang out against the cold stone as Nekura Manji smiled in the cold atmosphere. Tapping his sword on his shoulder, the one-eyed Dragon turned to look around the docking bay. Shikyo stomped out behind him, the heavy kimono trailing behind his thin form. Mononoke, the Sith Alchemist, smirked at them all as he followed suit, Shimura not but a step behind.

Shin'Ichi glowered from the bay controls, pressing buttons to convince the camoflaged doors to close before looking up at the assembled dark Jedi.

The whispering of shadows yet to be cast fell across their ears, and the dark form that could only be the Lion of Tarthos erupted from the stairwell.

"You all know why we're here, brothers." The words came measured from the Herald's voice, an undercurrent of Rage that they were unfamiliar with flavouring them in malice.

Manji smiled, the bloodlust building in his eye. "To take back the homelands, to avenge our fathers."

"To bleed our foes dry, and to choke their barbarian throats until they tarnish our lands no more." Shin'ichi added, his fingers toying with the garrote wire concealed at his wrist.

Muz nodded, activating a hologram and stepping toward them. The cerulean light showed rows of cloned troopers, garbed in black and purple armour. "May I introduce the Nihilgenia."

"The 'neverborn' are ours to command." Shin'Ichi added, pride in his voice. "Each of us will command five fire teams...fifty soldiers. The rest we'll have to conscript from the old servants of our line."

Nekura threw his head back, cackling with pent up joy, his mind spinning through the justice that would be dealt at his and his brother's hands. Death would be meted out to those that usurped their lands, and the poor sods will have never saw it coming.

"When do we start?" Sledge spoke up, the youth in his voice odd for the room.

"We start at sunrise, son." Muz smiled, his nightmare eyes glistening in the shadows of Kyataru's dusk.

* translated from Kyataran.

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Shikyo Keibatsu

22-03-2006 19:59:44

Shikyo walked around the halls of the castle, taking in the history of his family. He had never known them until now, and at one time, fought them. The banners of the Keibatsus held high in honor and dignity, signifying their former glory. In a matter of minutes, that glory would be restored to its peak, and perhaps more. The family gathered in the main hall for one, last discussion before heading off to different directions. Muz stood at the head of the table, with Manji and Shin'ichi to his right and left. Shikyo took his place beside Shin, with Shimura joining him, as Mononoke and Sanjuro sat on the side of Manji. Musashi's voice echoed through the great room.

"Welcome, brothers. Before we head out to reclaim these lands, I have the maps of the surrounding areas. To the North of us is a great mountain range, which is stretched between two different families. To the South lays a vast forest which is controlled by the Takumaru, and even worse, the Nagahide. Nekura, Macron. I want you two to take the South. Clear the forests of the scum that reside there. Shin'ichi, I want you to take the East. Find out what kind of resources we could use for our benefit."

"No problem, Musashi. I'll link up with the remaining forces after I do that."

The Pontifex nodded.

"Shikyo, there is a castle to the West. I want you to take it, and proceed South after you have captured it."


"Shimura and Sanjuro will proceed to the North. Gather as much information as you possibly can."

They nodded in unison, fires burning in their eyes, as the thought of war intrigued them.

"I will start from the Northeast and make my move from there."

Beams of light filled the hall, as the first sign of dawn was upon them.

"Go now. Today, we take Kyataru back!"

Cheers rang out from the great castle, as each warrior left the room. Shikyo proceeded to his position, meeting the Nihilgenia that he would be responsible for. He would guide them through Hell, but make sure that the honor of the Keibatsu bloodline was upheld.

"Alright, men. Let's move out."

The gates opened towards the mountain range to the Northwest, providing the first sights of Rurouni's home. They began their way across the bottom of the range, moving towards their target of a castle to the west.

Muz Ashen

22-03-2006 21:02:18

The comm static broke for a moment on the western path, Shikyo raising a hand to pause his soldiers' march. Raising a hand to his earpiece, the youngest of the Keibatsu turned slowly, looking at the column of troopers that stepped behind him, silently cursing the fact that they had no seige engines at their disposal like they would have under the flag of Naga Sadow.

"Shikyo here."

"This is Muz. Advance surveilance shows that General Misoshime is marching in your direction. Proceed with caution."

The communit blinked as Muz released the transmission. The youngest of them would likely be the first to encounter an enemy general, and he did not like the idea of that.

Manji's image lit up the holoprojector on Muz's arm, and he turned again from his troops, his son raising an eyebrow at the constant communication instead of attack.

"Muz, I'm headed for Father's house." Manji snarled at a flying insect before refocussing. "It's only two clicks from my location, and I'm going to try to fortify and make it a temporary base."

"Good call, bro." Muz swept his arm away from his eyes as Manji's image flickered off.

His eyes raised to the curious look on his son's face. The half zabrak stood askance, his young eyes inquisitive.

"Communication is more important than weaponry in many respects, son." Muz stepped forward, motioning his fire teams forward. "If you know where all your men are, and you can move them to the best spaces in battle, you lose much less."

Sledge nodded slowly, his eyes shifting back to the north, watching the dark armour of the troopers bob in line before them. This war would take a month, he thought. Maybe more.

Macron Sadow

23-03-2006 10:20:51

Macron stormed into the camp, eyes ablaze. He had caught an enemy spy, and had just finished interrogating him. Misoshime was indeed moving toward Shikyo. This was not good.

"Shikyo, Macron here."

"Be careful, enemy troops are definately moving your way."

"Copy. Thanks Mac."

He shut off the comlink with a puzzled look, and then re-opened it to his Nihilengia forces. "Commander, I want you to move my forces one kilometer southwest. We take that forested area, and then move to reinforce Manji in the old castle. If you find any of them in the woods- kill them mercilessly. If anyone has a motivation problem, I will see to it personally. Get Sweetums ready for me to ride. Mononoke out."

Macron felt strange here on Kyataru. The others truly belonged, and yet he still felt like an outsider.

Shinichi Endymiron K

23-03-2006 11:22:59

Silent hand signals flashed in the darkness. Two troopers advanced taking up a defensive position while five more scouts fanned out to recon the hilly terrain. Shin'ichi new the terrain was perfect for ambush and would not waste his men. He reached out with the force as well. Sensing nothing in the immediate area he advanced his unit another several kilometers, always staying in contact with his recon team. He knew somewhere in the distance lurked General Takahashi and his forces. His men advanced under cover of darkness, always in the darkness. They struck silently and drifted away back into the darkness. While others slept he would hit them and send terror into their hearts. Still he was troubled.

The Archpriest had received word that morning that Shikyo would soon run headlong into the forces of General Misoshime. He knew his little brother was formidable in singular combat, but held reservations about his ability to lead a force into heavy combat. Visions flashed in his head. The losses would be heavy. He saw his little brother in the midst of battle. The young Sith fought with valor...but...the vision was gone. He didn't know if his brother would live let alone be victorious. Trust in the Force. he told himself. Shikyo will be all right, focus on your mission man. Keep your men alive. He steeled his resolve and set out once more.

His team moved in perfect unison. Always surveying, covering, moving with stealth. They would not remain a stationary target for any artillery or snipers. Soon. Soon he would be met in combat. He knew the feeling, had felt it enough. He knew it was coming before his scouts reported enemy elements in the distance. A malevolent grin creased his face as he signaled the silent advance. His hand rested on the saber at his side and his heart became cold as the steel on his chest.

Nekura Manji

23-03-2006 12:24:38

The Nihilgenia behind Manji marched in double-time, their boots kicking aside low-lying vegetation as they moved under the trees. At their head marched the One-Eyed Dragon, also afoot- Manji would not ride while his troops walked. Branches overhead barely blocked the sunshine- as they walked under the eaves of the forest, Manji could stare out across a vast, rolling plain to the north and see the gentle curve of a river flowing back towards Kuroshin Castle. For a moment he simply breathed in deeply, savouring the scent of life in the air around him.

Then his communicator crackled, prompting the Epis to flip it open and lift it to his face. The sable eyes of the Lion of Tarthos stared out at him, warmed temporarily by the recognition of his brother and the imminent excitement of combat.

"Manji, I got word from Shikyo. He's also planning to head for Father's house. Do you want to meet up with him there then strike southward?"

Giving the Pontifex a mock sigh of disgust, Manji grinned.

"Sure. I guess I should look after the runt, or he might get killed out here. I'll meet up with him at Father's."

Nodding, Muz began to disconnect.

"Excellent. Good luck out there."

The image flickered out of sight as Manji looked up with a chuckle. The nearest Nihilgenia looked at him, a slightly confused expression probably crossing the face under the black and purple helmet. Glancing at the trooper, Manji grinned again.

"Good luck? Heh. The ones who need good luck are our enemies. Right, boys?"

A shout of determination rose to the heavens from the ranks of troopers, their feet pounding against the turf.

Shikyo Keibatsu

23-03-2006 14:48:54

Shikyo's forces moved like shadows in the darkness: swiftly and silent. A beep went off in the young Keibatsu's ear, receiving a communication from Nekura. Apparently, they were a bit worried that the he was heading towards the castle of Misoshime. The Knight held up his fist, holding his forces in position.

"Shikyo, how far away are you from father's house?"

"I'm about two klicks north of it, heading West towards Misoshime."

There was a moment of silence, as the information began to register.

"Musashi just said you were heading towards father's."

"No. I'm taking the castle up ahead for weaponry and to give us some breathing space."

"That doesn't make sense... Why would Muz tell me you were heading in an oppostie direction?"

"He wouldn't..."

Something didn't seem right. Muz was not one to give out misleading information, especially if it concerned his brothers.

"Stay sharp, brother. I have a feeling someone knows about us, and plans on sabotaging our plans."

"Indeed. Don't get yourself killed, whelp."

"I won't, Dokugan-Ryu."

The communicator clicked off, leaving Shikyo back to his forces. He turned towards his men and looked upon their faces. They were eager to fight, tapping their fingers just above the triggers to their blasters. A smirk washed upon the Sith's face. He would be proud to lead these men to battle. As he turned his head towards the path, the snap of a branch echoed throughout the air. Shikyo turned towards the direction of the sound, snapping his lightsaber to life. The Nihilgenia aimed their blasters in that direction, ready to fire. Rurouni called out to the sound.

"Who's there?"

Muz Ashen

23-03-2006 16:54:40

Nagahide smiled, the magics of his sorcerer's fading from his face as his eyes returned to their brilliant green.

"[It is indeed the Keibatsu.]" The warlord stood slowly, pacing the hall in long strides. "The Jedi and his brother have returned, and with others."

"Jedi?" Masafume spat, the word ill-fitting on his tongue.

"The eldest was taken for a Jedi many cycles ago." Nagahide paused for a second, pride flashing in his eyes at his own cleverness. "[Eojin Quon-shen was paid very well to take away their heir, and make him forget.]"

Rage flared up from inside the warlord, his fist slamming out and knocking back his throne. "[Yet another failure of that donkey-faced Jedi.]"

"[Another, master?]"

Nagahide rounded on Masafume, impatience worn plainly on his face. "[Must I explain everything to you, Commander? Have you spent so much time with the sword that you have forgotten how to read?]"

Masafume bowed low, his topknot bobbing as he apologized and excused himself from the warlord's chambers. Nagahide dismissed the commander with a wave of his hand, fuming over the events that threatened to unseat him.

The fact that the eldest was a Jedi bothered him very little. So many jedi fell fighting his Rival Koji. And while Koji's skill was well known, it proved that their mythical skills were not as impressive as Eojin spoke of. Nagahide stamped to his seat, slouching into the wooden throne with a sigh.

He had many armies at his disposal, and he coud always call in favors from his allies to help put down this rebellion. Reaching for a commpiece, the Warlord snarled.



Twenty rifles leveled at Shikyo, and a white gloved hand shot up as if to hold their trigger fingers back. The shadows parted slowly, and the white cloak stepped forward, the moonlight reflecting off of the fine garment.

Shikyo's eyes narrowed as he noted the markings on the armour of his assailants. Dropping into the Makashi form, Rurouni snarled a single word.


Another white glove flew up, and Shikyo's blade was stilled. Fighting furiously against the invisible force, the youngest Keibatsu growled in rage.

The white hood was drawn back and deep crimson spilled out into the moonlight, frosted eyes peering at the young knight.


The blind dragon nodded slowly, bringing a finger to her lips in warning. The enemy was nearby, and Sildrin knew it.

"What the frell are you doing here?" The coarse whisper flew to the Archpriest's ears, swimming through her mind and making a smile form on her lips.

"I was in the neighborhood..." Sildrin winked, an ironic gesture coming from a blind woman. "And my troops would protest if yours got all the fun..."

Shikyo looked them over again, his eyes catching on the broken infinity symbol of the Nihilgenia. " did you get to're not Keibat..."

Sildrin smiled as she moved away from the Knight, her mind releasing his sword arm abruptly, sending him off-balance to the snowy ground. "Be still, Shikyo. Now is not the time for talk."


23-03-2006 18:18:33

The white brokate of her robe rustled quietly as she stepped over to Shikyo. She held out a hand to him, whispering: "We need to hurry. A snowstorm is coming up. I can smell it in the air." He took her hand, his eyes still filled with curiousity. "Our enemy.. ", Shikyo began, standing up with her help and Sildrin continued "Yes, general Misoshime is already heading into our direction. But he splitted up his group. He knows an army is on the way to the castle in the west."

A frown appeared on her face. The white pearly eyes of the blind dragon kept staring far behind the horizon as she was trying to push aside the haze that hindered her to find out the general's intentions. Snow flakes began to fall down on them, covering them slowly with a white coat. A snow flake gave her red lips a silvery kiss and a soft sigh melted away the snow flake that had dared to touch them: "Ahhh - the river.. he is attempting to attack us there - from two sides."

Shikyo rested his hand on the hilt of his sword, continuing: "There is only a small path .. on the one side flanked by high walls of the mountain and on the other side flanked by the river. We need to be quick...intercepting them before they reach that small path."

... he is a Keibatsu indeed .. she thought as the young Keibatsu gave orders to his men.

Pride... strength... yes.. even kihar... His force essence stood out brilliant and clearly - it was such a particular thing about the Keibatsus. She ran a hand through the crimson hair that was covering her robe - a coat of blood. Finally her white gloved hands pulled up the hood over her head, protecting herself from the snow storm that increased in strength from minute to minute.

.. could it be...? It feels as if this storm was force induced... she wondered as they made their way to engage the enemy. Soon the virgin snow would be stained by the blood of their enemies.

Macron Sadow

24-03-2006 09:03:40

“My Liege,” the Nihilengia Commander spoke as he approached Macron.

“Yes, Sumai. What is it?”

“Praetor Shin’Ichi requests that you move parallel to his eastern approach to secure a border zone. Also, Sildrin has arrived.”

“Damn. Well, he is the expert, I suppose. Make your move to the east, and send scouts ahead to check the area. According to our friend Satochi here, there may be enemy spies in the area,” canted the alchemist as he gestured to the human strapped to his apparatus. He wondered how Sildrin had come to be involved, but relished the help. She was very good to have at your side.

“Yes, it will be done as you say.” The Commander moved away with alacrity, organizing the troops and preparing to march. Macron admired his efficiency. Muz had done a good job on them all. This was cool.

“Well, Satochi. And you call yourself a ninja,” snickered the madman. “Trained to resist torture, supposedly. But yet you broke on my rack like a whiny snot-nosed little child. Why is that you suppose?”

“Because you are a Sith, my Master,” replied the brainwashed man. Macron had been inside his head, both with the Force and literally with tools. He was truly a servant of the Keibatsu now. Between the telepathy, neurochemical manipulation and surgery this was now a meat puppet of the invaders.

“Correct. You learn,” spat Mononoke as he undid the straps binding the hapless agent to the portable torture rack. It was similar to Vader’s design aboard the original Death Star, but altered.

“Now go and set up that meeting like I told you with your handler. He will listen, as they do not know me as a Keibatsu. The way of the Sith is treachery, and I will kill him. Then, you shall be rewarded for efforts.” The thought of the double cross made Mononoke very happy.

“Master, will you take care of me?”

“Oh yes. You will be taken care of,” said the Keibatsu with a gleam in his feral yellow eyes. He smiled, which was a bad sign. “Well taken care of.”

Shikyo Keibatsu

24-03-2006 12:42:45

The storm rushed around the troops like a pack of wolves, biting and clawing away at their energy and bodies. Fatigue seemed to appear in the eyes of the men, but the fire continued to burn strong for battle. Shikyo's cloak flapped violently in the wind, knocking his hood off occassionally. Sildrin stayed by his side, using the Force to scan the area around them. They had planned to take the castle by force, but this storm would delay them a good while. A ring of beeps filled his ears, as the communicator on his wrist showed the image of his brother, Shin'ichi.

"Hey, little brother. What's your location?"

"I'm about a klick away from the castle, stuck in the mountains. I'm gonna have to hold until the storm comes to pass."

"Good. You're gonna have to hold anyway. We just learned that General Mieji is inside awaiting you, along with General Misoshime. You're gonna be walking into a trap. Hold position until Manji can link up with you."

"Alright. Understood."

"Once you and him join up, give them hell."

Rurouni gave a slight chuckle.

"I'd be happy to do it."

"Hold position, ok?"

"No problem."

"Good luck, Shikyo. May the Force be with you."

"May the Force be with you, brother."

The communicator clicked off, leaving Shikyo to decide the next course of action. He would have to set up camp from the harsh temperatures of the snow. He looked back at his Nihilgenia and gave them their commands.

"Men, set up camp. We will wait here until General Nekura arrives."

They started to prepare their quarters, working quickly to get out of the cold. There was still some preparing left to do, and he would need Sildrin's assistance with.

"Once we have everything up, please stop by my quarters to discuss our next step, ok Sil?"

A smile flashed upon her rose-colored lips, as she moved back towards her own troops. Shikyo picked up the equipment needed to set up camp, and began to work.

Shinichi Endymiron K

25-03-2006 03:19:36

Blaster fire flew between trees and explosions rocked the ground as the 2nd Nihiligenia engaged the enemy for the first time. Clone troopers garbed in black and amethyst ran to and fro shoring up positions and pulling the wounded back. Runners communicated movements and dispersed supplies, radiomen relayed orders. Above the din of battle one man’s voice could be heard. Shin’ichi Endymiron Keibatsu stormed through the chaos and kept his men focused and fierce. “Reinforce the left flank now!” he yelled to a squad of heavy assault troopers as they ran by. He cursed the sudden storm that had blown in from the west and covered everything in ice and snow. He had too few men and it seemed as if the force itself worked against him with this bloody blizzard. He looked about for his personal communications trooper when he heard the whistle of artillery.

An explosion tore apart a tree meters from where he was standing; yet he acted as if he hadn’t even noticed. Truth be told he knew where the round was going to hit before it landed and adjusted his position accordingly. His troopers were performing admirably, but the losses were mounting and far too quickly at that. His communications man stood by ready to relay any information his general needed. The Archpriest turned to him and spoke. “Send a coded dispatch to central command at Kuroshin have them relay it directly to General Macron.” The man nodded an affirmative and Shin’ichi continued. “Tell him he is to move his forces double time to our southern flank.” The communications trooper looked up but Shin’ichi cut him off. “I know that General Musashi ordered his forces to support Generals Manji and Shikyo to the west however at this time we require immediate support. This is why these orders are to be coded with the prefix Omicron Charlie Foxtrot Lima. Do you copy?” The soldier nodded. “Good get to it.” With that the Krath ignited his lightsaber and moved towards his forward element. The snowflakes sizzled as they fell upon the charged plasma blade.

He joined the battle with his point men and ordered his banner raised on the spot. Here and now there would be no doubt for the enemy that they faced the Crimson Devil Tiger of the Keibatsu line. He felt the pride and resolve of his men swell as the violet banner rose and the silver medallion caught the first rays of the morning sun. With a ferocious cry the 2nd Nihiligenia charged the beleaguered enemy forces and rained fire upon them. Within moments the battle had gone from a shooting skirmish to a hand-to-hand bloodbath. Shin’ichi was glad for the personal training these men had received in secret at Kuroshin prior to the start of this great campaign. Blood fell upon the snow packed ground and froze to ice as his men tore into the enemy with bayonets, knives and even entrenching tools. The Archpriest himself waded into the thick of battle, his saber spinning in maddening arcs as he tore his enemies asunder.

The Krath’s mind remained focused in a moving battle meditation giving strength to his men. He thanked the Dark Side for its assistance knowing that if he did not possess the ability to command the living force, that his men would have been cut to pieces and devoured by the ingrained enemy forces. Slowly the 2nd advanced in a violent wave of hatred and gore. The enemy fell back to rally point after rally point until they found themselves pinned against a cliff face. Scout-demolition teams had destroyed their modest artillery and all that remained was a single company of infantry. When Shin’ichi strode to the front of his army the opposition threw down their weapons and surrendered. If they had known, truly known the man that lead the Nihiligenia that day, perhaps they would have fought on. Shin’ichi raised his saber high and then dropped his arm allowing the blade to point down.

Shin'ichi closed his eyes as he lay down to sleep upon a cot in his command tent. His first major battle was over and he was still alive, not only alive but he was the victor. He closed his eyes knowing that his brother Macron would be on the way to shore up their side of the southern frontier. Soon Kyataru would be theirs once again and then all those that betrayed the Keibatsu family would pay. For now the sweet lullaby of the crucified would be enough to send him into peaceful darkened slumber.

Nekura Manji

25-03-2006 05:55:49

The blizzard whirled around Shikyo's camp, icy wind biting into the young Keibatsu's flesh as he stared out into the obscured darkness. The clone troopers sat in their tents calmly, seemingly immune to the cold- or, if they did feel the biting wind and piercing ice, they ignored it with remarkable fortitude.

Sighing, Shikyo turned away from staring towards the south end of the mountains and shuffled back to his tent.

Suddenly his communicator beeped loudly. Flipping it open, the Knight squinted down at the blue figure as it spoke arrogantly.

"Yo, little bro. How are you doing?"

Grinning, the youngest Keibatsu responded with a smirk laced with irony.

"Oh, I've been better. Everybody loves freezing their nether regions off in the mountains in a blizzard, don't they?"

Chuckling, Manji nodded sarcastically then continued.

"I'm currently holding up in Koji's Castle and I was thinking. Although I could leave this position and move north to reinforce you, wouldn't it be much more effective if you and Sildrin attack the enemy from the north and I cut my way up from the south? They'll be hit on two fronts, and they won't know which way to turn. Then we meet up in the middle and cut through to their headquarters, mop up any opposition, then head back to rejoin the others."

Slowly, Shikyo nodded as his mind went over the plan. Then Manji spoke again, with a note of caution.

"However- we're not going anywhere until this blizzard calms down. So stay there and consolidate your position. I'll be in touch when it's time to begin the assault."

Grinning, Shikyo touched his fingers to his forehead in mock salute- but his voice was sincere as he spoke.

"I understand. May the Force be with you, bro."

"Yeah yeah. The Force'll be with you too."

The communication snapped shut, and Shikyo looked up slowly. Then he shrugged and moved back to his tent, rubbing his hands as he placed them towards a glo-lamp.

Shikyo Keibatsu

25-03-2006 12:28:56

The youngest Keibatsu was never one for cold. The increasing of the wind and snow only added more fatigue to his body. He lowered his body over the glo-lamp, allowing its warmth to wash over his body. At that moment, the blind dragon walked into his camp, coming to discuss the strategies for their next move. She stopped at the entrance and tilted her head.

"Cold, Shikyo?"

Rurouni stood himself up quickly, trying to hide any sign of weakness or vulnerability from Sildrin.

"Nah. I thought I saw something. That's all."

She smirked and proceeded towards a table towards the back of his tent. Shikyo follwed and activated the map within. A blue light projected the locations of all the enemy generals, as well as the locations of his family. Right now, it wasn't look too good for Shin'ichi, with projections of more troops on his position. Macron seemed to be proceeding to his position, moving as quick as he could. Muz seemed to be sweeping across the North, devastating enemies left and right. Manji was held up in the house of his father, Koji, with a few generals approaching him. Misoshime seemed to be coming from the North, hoping to crush Nekura. This gave Shikyo a bad feeling, but he could see Manji's plan of attack would be highly effective. He relayed the new strategy to Sildrin.

"Right now, Manji's pinned at father's house, with Misoshime coming from the North and Masafume and Tokugazu approaching from the South. Nekura was thinking of us taking out Misoshime in a two-front pincer. We would hit him from the North, and Manji would hit him from the South."

"Sounds like a plan."

"Our only problem is this storm. It's taking its toll on the troops."

"I know why."

"How's that, Sil?"

"This storm appears to be created by the Force."


The thought seemed alien to Shikyo. It had never occured to him that there might be someone on Kyataru who had knowledge in the Force, aside from the Keibatsu line.

"I felt it when we were making our way through the mountains."

"How are we suppose to counter against that?"

With those words said, the blind dragon exited the tent. Rurouni went out with her, watching to see where she would go.

"Sildrin, what are you doing?"

She looked back at him and smirked.

"Just watch."


25-03-2006 15:31:25

Sildrin stepped out of the tent, the cold harsh bit into her skin, making it feel as if thousands of small needles pinpricked it. A faint smile appeared on her face, she didn't mind the cold at all - the summers in the moutains of her homeplanet barely differed from this weather. Shikyo pulled his cloak tighter around him.

Her quiet voice sneakd up in his mind: "Remind me to teach you how to deal with the cold... it is something the monks of Nevarsin on my homeplanet were perfectly capable of. They bathed in ice cold water and then dried their clothes only with the heat of their bodies. For now.. bolster yourself using the force."

Shikyo nodded, concentrating on the powers that the force offered to him - warmth flooded his veins and his cheeks took a rosy color. Thick snow flakes whirled around them and the furious wind screamed into their ears. Sildrin closed her eyes, tapping deep into the force pool. The Blind Dragon raised her arms, the palms of her white gloved facing upwards. The heavy weavery of the force dropped on them. Shikyo took a deep breath - even the air that rushed into his lungs appeared to be thicker.

The wind ceased, losing in strength as Sildrin used Dissipate Energy on the storm. Warmth began to creep up from the floor as the leeched energy was used to heat up the ground and the air. The seconds passed by as she fought against the rising force behind the unleashed storm. Ocasionally the wind tugged hard on her slender form, grasping in rage at her with invisible hands. Finally this element of nature laid down to rest and only few snow flakes softly dropped down onto them.

"You made it!", Shikyo smiled. An illusion of the winding body of a dragonkin dropped into his mind, scales were moving covered in a shroud of shadows. Then the vision faded as she turned around to him. A small sweat bead ran down her forehead, piercing blue eyes stared at him. Her lips moved lightly, words indaudible for him were spoken. A shudder ran through her body and a curtain of milky white haze pushed away the blue in her eyes.

She blinked, then the corner of her lips curled into a smile. Nothing in her eyes or her gestures was left that reminded him of what just happened: "One thing less we have to deal with .. are you ok, Shikyo?" He nodded slowly in reply. "What are the plans?", she asked him.

Shikyo Keibatsu

25-03-2006 20:15:33

It seemed like perfect timing. As soon as Sildrin let those words slip through her lips, the distinguished beep of his communicator rang throughout the air. Nekura's cyan image appeared on the screen, looking extremely aggrivated, as he barked out commands to his troops.

"No. I told you guys to pull back. We're getting out of here."

The sound of desperation leaving Nekura's lips seemed like a nightmare. He never seemed to be in a crunch, or worried. This started to worry the youngest Keibatsu.

"Manji, what's wrong?"

"I've got a couple of nuicanses coming up from the South. I'm probably gonna have to leave Father's house."

"I understand. Listen, we're gonna have to take out Misoshime, if we can link up with ya."

"Yeah, yeah. I'm pretty sure we could do that."

"Ok. Once we do that, we're gonna take out Mieji, and take the castle for ourselves."

"Sounds like a good plan, little brother. Just don't get yourself killed."

Rurouni chuckled a little.

"You too."

"Alright. I'm outta here."

Manji's image left the communicator, leaving behind a black screen. Shikyo looked behind him, staring into the pure white screens of the blind dragon's eyes. He smirked at her, receiving the same gesture in return.

"Did you get all that?"

She gave a slight nod, as a smiled washed across his face. He called out to his Nihilgenia.

"Alright men! Let's spill some blood!"

A thunderous cheer echoed throughout the mountains. He could only hope that Misoshime and Mieji heard them.

Macron Sadow

27-03-2006 10:24:25

“The fool came by himself,” whispered the nameless Oyabun to Satochi as they watched through electrobinocs. “Your intelligence was correct. However, you allowed yourself to be captured. Although you got away, that was inexcusable. You may cut your belly,” he hissed as Satochi was dragged away by several retainers. This small advance party should be more than enough to kill one man.

The Force carried the whispers to Mononoke’s ears from the distance as clear as a bell. He resisted the urge to smile, and continued on his way to the meeting area. He had no weapons on him, and was not wearing the customary armor.

The leader stepped from behind the bush, clothed in the simple garb of a peasant. The disguise was good, although no peasant carried a sword like that. The tendrils of the Force energy of five others hiding in the nearby woods were felt as lights in the darkness.
Mononoke bowed, and addressed him.

“I have come here to parlay. Let us discuss this,” spoke the alchemist smoothly.

“You have come alone, and unarmed into our domain,” replied the Oyabun. “That was most unwise.” He fingered his blade, drawing it slowly with a ring of steel. His own information on this general had been good. He would die now, depriving the Keibatsu of one ally.

“You have no honor,” snickered Macron as he straightened up from the bow. He clenched his fist, and the Oyabun’s throat began to crush as invisible hands gripped it with an awful strength. “I don’t either, fool. To slay a devil, you must be one.”

The Dark Side began to grow within him, energizing his body and speed beyond that of a normal man. As the battle erupted, Macron shot forward with incredible speed, driving his stiffened hand deeply into the Oyabun’s skull. He removed his brain-drenched fist after he had completed the Echani strike, and turned to the two charging him. A wave of the other hand smashed a wall of invisible energy into them, scattering them like leaves.

No more came, as they were not stupid. Mononoke picked up his cloak and left.

Nekura Manji

27-03-2006 14:44:48

Glancing upwards at the sky, Manji frowned. Suddenly, as if lifted by a veil, the storm had ceased. The blizzard-wracked plains across which he and his troopers were crossing had suddenly become calm, the boots of the clone troopers crunching on freshly-fallen snow. Shaking his head, the Epis glanced around him at the snowfields.

"Hmm. Why do I get the feeling one of our side has something to do with that?"

Behind them, the spires of Koji's castle rose into the grey sky. Before them, as Manji turned back to face northwest, an enemy force emerged from the whiteness.

Instantly, the soldiers were on the alert. Raising his hand, the Epis roared orders, the troopers immediately scattering to arrange themselves in a line two-deep across the plain. Standing in the midst of his troops, Manji freed his sabre from his belt and awaited the onslaught, the silver blade sliding out to shimmer in the dull sunshine.

As the enemies drew closer the Nihilgenia opened fire- volleys of blaster bolts smashing into the foe's ranks. Slowly, they managed to draw ever closer despite the losses- despite two ranks of clone troopers alternately blasting their ranks indiscriminately. Some found the fortitude to raise their own blasters and fire back, bringing down several of the elite clone troopers. However, they were soon singled out and eliminated.

Then Manji raised his sabre and his voice above the commotion.

"Cease fire! Begin the assault!"

Knives and bayonets were brought out as the Nihilgenia broke into a charge, warcries echoing from their throats. With a blade in one hand, a trooper ran beside the Epis with the standard of the One-Eyed Dragon flying high, wind playing with the flag and causing it to ripple and snap.

Sabre held high, Manji stormed into the ranks of his foes, cutting a swathe through them. The shock of the charge could almost be felt physically- large numbers of the enemy falling dead from the first assault, and many stumbling away helplessly from the raging fury of the One-Eyed Dragon and his bodyguard.

Lifting his sabre, Manji brought it round to decapitate another foe, his good eye narrowed as he roared in exultant fury. These dogs would pay for their insolence to the Keibatsu.

Shikyo Keibatsu

27-03-2006 22:00:37

The echos of blasters firing off their ammunition filled the mountain air. Feeling his way through the Force, the youngest Keibatsu could see his brother engaging many enemies. General Misoshime was just below them, waiting for the Keibatsu brothers to challenge his supremacy. It would be a challenge he would deeply regret. The white eyes of the Blind Dragon followed him, peering onto the battle below them. Shikyo turned towards her, seeing the lust for battle making itself well known on her face.

"You've been waiting for this haven't ya?"

Sildrin turned and smiled.

"Of course."

Rurouni turned towards the West a little more, and could see the man known as Misoshime awaiting them. His time would come, but right now he had to assist Manji. He laid his hand on the hilt of his sword. It was special to him, considering it was the only present his father gave him. He turned back towards his clone troops, feeling their anticipation more now than ever.

"Alright, guys. You were here to kill. Let's give them a massacre!"

A roar of cheers echoed from their lungs, as they raised their blasters to the air. Shikyo and Sildrin turned towards the battle and rushed out first, leading the charge. The crack of a lightsaber filled the young Keibatsu's ears, as the Blind Dragon's lightsaber brought a demonic glow to the faces of the warriors. Thoughts filled Rurouni's mind, as he saw the first soldier appear in his eyes, but two stood out more than anything else.

This is for father... We're all gonna come out of this alive...

Shinichi Endymiron K

27-03-2006 23:26:20

Splinters flew everywhere when the shell hit the snow-covered ground and exploded in a brilliant orange fireball decimating the nearby plant life. The wind howled and sent a deep chill into the bones of the warriors. They might have felt it if the heat of their General's rage had not kept them warm and immune to the natural environment. All they need worry about is enemy artillery and blaster fire cutting them down before they could unsheathe blades and give the forces of General Takahashi what for.

More rounds whistled overhead and landed with similar explosions. Shin'ichi narrowed his eyes and felt outwards with the force. His men were well trained and intelligent, they knew what to do and so maintained cover in their makeshift foxholes and shelters keeping their heads down lest enemy shrapnel separate them from their necks. The last barrage died away and suddenly a voice could be heard loudly from the direction of the enemy. It was clear and spoke in galactic basic, it was a message meant for the troops. Shin'ichi growled as he heard the words spoken.

"Insurrectionist soldiers..." it began. "You fight for an unjust cause. You fight for men who care nothing for you and use you for their own aims. You are killing innocent people, men women and even children. Drop your weapons and leave this field and you will not be harmed. Join us and bring your commander in chains and you shall be rewarded. We have warm beds and good food waiting for you. Surrender now. You have already lost."

The Archpriest stood on a tree stump. He knew that a sniper might be waiting for him. He didn't care. He stood for all to see and he spoke. "Nihiligenia!...Look at yourselves. You who have never been born. You who know no family. You who some say are without souls. Look at yourselves and know that you have a family. Know that you have a soul. And know that because you were not born of some squealing wh0re that the sons of wh0res you now face have no hope to defeat you. Hell was your mother, I am your father and you are all brothers. Now fight! Fight for the mark that you bear and the family at your side!"

With a mighty roar the men of the 2nd Nihiligenia raised their arms, weapons clutched in tight fists and pumped them in the air. Shin'ichi lifted his saber and ignited the purple blade. The violet glow was a beacon in the night for the legion of the never born and they poured from their cover as the Archpriest charged headlong into the awaiting army.

Another hundred men hung on the hastily erected crosses in an otherwise peaceful grove. It didn't matter that some were dead before their bodies were nailed to the wood the message was the same. Defy the Keibatsu and your life was forfeit. The heads of the officers sat upon spikes placed in a circle around the crosses. Their eyes removed as a final insult. Another message. Rebel against your masters and you would be denied entry to the underworld. Shin'ichi kicked the lone survivor in the ass to send him on his way. Soon General Takahashi would have a first hand account of what he had done. If the blessing of the Dark Side was with the Archpriest the old general would be enraged enough to meet him, here, on his ground.

Shikyo Keibatsu

28-03-2006 00:54:34

Screams of pain and suffering were all that could be heard in the ears of the Nihilgenia. It fueled their rage, and brought perfect positioning of their aim. Blasters rang out from the trees, as the Dark Jedi fought around one another, protecting one another. Violet, crimson, and light blue seemed to move in a ring of light, slashing through soldiers left and right. Each of them wore a face of determination. Not a trace of fear could be seen on them, as they continued to push through the dense amount of corpses on the ground. Manji looked at his younger brother and smirked.

"How does it feel to kill so many men?"

Rurouni scoffed slightly.

"You forget, Dokugan-Ryu, that I use to kill Jedi before this."

Nekura chuckled slightly, as they proceeded towards groups of more men eager to meet their demise. The lightsaber blades spun in a poetic-like fury, stealing the lives of many men in a graceful kind of way. A trio of decent-ranking men raised their blasters high, and began to fire. The waves of color deflected the bolts back towards their direction, sealing their fate. With the last of the enemies dispatched, the Dark Jedi stood and looked around at the field of carnage.

Blood, gore, and death never seemed to leave their field of vision. It was a sight that would make a novice soldier have nightmares for the rest of their days, but for the fellow Sadowians it was a good day. It had been so long since they could test their prowess against living targets, and it felt so good. They looked at one another, smiling at their actions. The footsteps of many more soldiers approached their position, followed by a highly decorated man that could be only known as General Misoshime.

The Dark Jedi stood into their primary lightsaber stances, preparing to rush through them like a swarm of hornets. Shikyo sensed something coming up from behind them, unaware if it was friend or foe. He turned to see what was approaching and saw the Fallen Spear darting its way through the atmosphere to their location. The Knight's communicator sounded in his ear, as the voice of his eldest brother brought promise to thier situation.

"I brought ya some help, little brother. I hope it brings you some luck."

Nekura Manji

28-03-2006 03:59:27

And then the ground erupted.

Missiles sped from the Fallen Spear to gouge into the ranks of the enemy, throwing soldiers aside like toys before the wrath of a child. Mustering the Nihilgenia around them, the Generals of the Keibatsu ordered another assault- opening fire, the soldiers that were never born poured more destruction into the ranks of their foes. In Shikyo's ear, Muz's voice continued mildly.

"I was a bit preoccupied up here to pilot her myself, but don't worry- she's in good hands."

Banking round, the 'Spear delivered another volley of bolts and missiles to the enemy ranks, leaving them in disarray. Then it moved away, allowing the Keibatsu to attack. Brandishing their sabres with a combined roar, the three warriors- the Blind Dragon, the youngest Keibatsu and the One-Eyed Dragon- launched themselves forward, surrounded by the Nihilgenia.

Reversing his grip on his sabre, Manji threw himself into a vicious spiral of death, cleaving through limbs and flesh, hacking arms from trunks and splitting skulls with the glowing fury of his sabre. However, no blood spattered across the Epis- steam rose from the cauterised wounds of his enemies as they fell to the ground, screeching in fear. Raising his voice above the carnage, Manji shouted out a challenge.

"Have the warriors of Kyataro grown so soft that they cannot slay one man? Come, face me in combat- and face your death!"

Several enemies rushed forwards, slightly more skilled than their companions. Each brandished a katana, prompting a grin from the Epis. Whirling his lightsabre around to deflect one more stray blaster bolt, he deactivated the weapon- then yanked the Kunisada blade from the scabbard thrust through his belt, raising it to his foes.

No words were spoken- the sounds of combat raged around them before they lunged at each other, slipping into the realm of combat.

Macron Sadow

28-03-2006 10:36:35

“General Mononoke, we have reports of Shin’Ichi’s force engaged with some of the enemy ahead. The enemy general is named Takahashi.”

Macron nodded, using his datapad to read images relayed back by the earlier recon group. His copy of Sunzi lay open upon the table, on page 80. His forces had a few minor skirmishes, but remained relatively strong. The only ford over the river was nearby, and Mononoke’s forces sat on a high wooded slope overlooking the ford and river. He would use the terrain against the enemy, and deny them the movement afforded by the waterway.

The army remained in hiding, aided both by the forested terrain and the use of the Force to locate spies by the alchemist. They wore green and brown clothing with strips of cloth tied to their clothes, to break up their silhouettes as they hid in the holes and caves. The locals had become sympathetic to the Keibatsu cause, a few even joining the army. As well, Taka’s scouts in the area had mysteriously vanished.

Artillery could be heard pounding Shin’s position to the north a few klicks away, making Macron wince. “Damn, gotta make sure to take those pieces,” he muttered to himself. “We could use that.” He juggled the bloody eyes he had ripped from the vanished enemy spy’s head like pool balls. The General smiled at the realization that the ninja would no longer be keeping “an eye” on the situation as he carelessly tossed them into the woods for the vultures.

“Ready the troops. We strike them from the high ground and hit them in the flank when they are crossing, and engaged with Shin’s forces. It will cut them in two,” he chuckled to Commander Sumai. He could hardly wait for the upcoming slaughter. His fists clenched with the thought. He began to don his battlesuit. His saber was fully charged, and ready to split the flesh of their enemies asunder.

Nekura Manji

28-03-2006 14:42:06

Steel smashed upon steel, the blades grinding against each other as Manji pushed his opponent back, teeth bared in a vicious grin. The warrior gave ground slowly, his confident smirk fading swiftly as he realised the true power residing in the fighter he faced. However, at that point his foot caught in the entrails of a corpse. He slipped- and Manji flowed past his guard, ramming his blade into the man's chest.

Gore spurted from the wound, spraying across the Epis' face as he yanked his blade free and turned to face the remaining two warriors, grinning once again.

"Come. Whenever you're ready."

They looked at each other. Then both charged at once, roaring defiance in the face of their enemy. Smirking, Manji held his blade parallel to the ground before him and crouched, awaiting their attack. As both fighters hefted their swords into the air, intending to slash down and sever the Epis' head from his body, the Dark Side of the Force rose within him. Like a spectre of pure, unfathomable darkness it came to the surface of his consciousness, imbuing him with power.

Moving faster than their eyes could follow, the Epis whirled the Kunisada katana around his head and brought it into conjunction with the man on his left's stomach, the razor-sharp blade laying open his guts and spilling his insides onto the muddy ground. Before he had even begun to fall Manji twirled round almost gracefully and smashed an elbow into the second man's nose- before ramming the sword blade into his chest.

They died swiftly. Even more blood spattered against the ground as Manji whirled his katana around, shedding the excess blood, then wiped it on his kimono before slipping it back into it's sheath- completely calm, despite the battle raging around him. Then he drew his lightsabre again, the demonic grin rising to his lips as the rage once again consumed him.

"I will take your heads!"


The battle had turned against the enemy forces- from the rear, Misoshime could be seen waving an ornately-carved fan in a gesture of retreat. His troops disentangled themselves from the bloodthirsty skirmishing of the Nihilgenia and fled, broken and battered. But not beaten. Finding Shikyo amongst the chaos, Manji grabbed the younger warrior's shoulder as he began to pursue the fleeing general.

"Not just yet, bro. We'll get him eventually- let him run back to his castle and hide, like a rat in a trap."

The screams and cries of the mortally wounded and the buzzing of flies gorging upon the dead echoed his words.


28-03-2006 20:52:53

Her body swayed in a dance of cutting light and ferocity through the bodies of the enemies. Severed extremities dropped to the floor, cries of pain and anger filled her heart with lust and joy. For a moment she halted, listening to the song within her blood.

The Blind Dragon turned the head around, sensing a group of fighters approaching her, their swords drawn and ready for an attack. The lips curled into a light smile and she leaped forward. Her body arced and she brought down the crackling purpling blade of her saber down at the first swordsman. Her crimson hair trailed her motion - living flames framing a pale face with eyes touched by frost. The last breath of the swordsman was accompanied by a fading scream.

Rising a white gloved hand she pulled in the remaining enemies using the powers of telekinesis. Followed by a swift turning on her heel the saber within her hand was brought around in a half circle - soft flesh was cut and burned. Slowly the bodies dropped down, dead before they touched the snow covered white ground. White eyes blindly stared through the crimson strands covering her face.

Warm blood ran down her hand to her fingers, trickling down - the blood stained the snow, red flowers on a white meadow. She raised her right hand. For a moment she enjoyed the pain from the cut, but even the slightest weakness on this battlefield could cause death so she forced the cut to close. Her mind reached out with tentacles of the force, sensing the remaining enemy forces battered and fleeing. The Blind Dragon felt Manji's and Shikyo's presence nearby and she made her way to them through the dead or dying. She halted in front of them, lightly bowing her head. "A ves ordras, vai dom" [By your order, noble Sir]

Shikyo Keibatsu

29-03-2006 00:42:07

Rurouni smirked at the Blind Dragon, taking note of her handiwork. It was graceful yet brutal- a lovely combination. The younger Keibatsu watched the dircetions of the troops retreat. It was not towards the castle of Mieji, but back towards the Tokumitsu, and their father's house. The sight alone brought a strong uncomfortable feel to his stomach. Shikyo turned Nekura towards the direction of the enemy.

"They're not running to Mieji. They're running back to Koji's house."


His brother was not lying. Through his one eye, Manji could see the rats flee in shame to a house of honor. Rage could easily be felt by those who came into contact with the Keibatsus, more so from Dokugan-Ryu. Nekura's grip greatly increased on the tsuba of the Kunisada katana, turning his knuckles pale white. Rurouni felt a presence approaching them; a presence that was friendly. A zabrak appeared over the hillside with what appeared to be massive amounts of Nihilgenia behind him.

"Did I miss the party? You bastards know better than to start a war with out me."

It was the presence of Shimura Keibatsu, their cousin, that brought renewed spirit to the troops. The march began towards Koji's house, and it would be there that the Keibatsus would seek revenge upon Misohime and Tokumitsu for treading ground on the house of their family.

Macron Sadow

30-03-2006 11:30:23

"Sir, we report 400 men with Takamitsu," spoke the cloned trooper as he stood.

"Very well, hold your position and consolidate, Sumai. We await the arrival of the others," replied the General. "Set traps, mines, pits, improvised devices, anything you can do to slow their advance if they move. Dig in. That is all." Macron turned as the officer bowed, dismissing him with a formal wave.

The recon team of ten men had died bringing the vital data back.Those were overwhelming odds, and it was not yet time to fight them. They would wait, and hit them with 4 generals and their armies combined. The sweet smell of destruction would soon be taunting his brain.

He mentally went over the facts. Muz was on his way with Sanjuro, and Shin'Ichi stood across the river one klick. The Spear had arrived over Shin's postion, which had been reinforced. And the Western forces were surrounded by enemies along the front. Mononoke hoped they could hold out while the Eastern forces smashed Takamitsu.

The alchemist began to meditate, still hearing the occasional shell crash far away. A routine Teras Kasi movement ritual kept his mind sharp and focussed. He had become distracted with no spies to mangle as of late. As he swept his body through the empty space of no-mind, he wondered how the others were faring.

Shinichi Endymiron K

30-03-2006 12:24:11

The Communications tent of the second Nihiligenia encampment suddenly sprang to life when a single red light flared into activity. The letters EAW blinked in red announcing the transmission of an Emergency Action Message. Clone troopers dashed to their stations and began the process of decryption and verification. One trooper sprinted from the tent to find and retrieve their commander. The sounds of electronic and human communication mingled loudly in the tent and faded as the runner took to his task.

Moments later General Shin'ichi entered the tent preceded by the runner. He walked over to the flash traffic communications station and peered down at the trooper there. The clone looked up and without prompting reported. "Sir we have a properly coded and formatted Emergency Action Message from Central Command Authority at Kuroshin." The General looked to the trooper standing on the other side of the console. "General I concur it is properly coded and formatted." The Archpriest nodded and with a wave bade them to decode the message. What followed stunned the Krath.


Communique Encoded: Process Uniform






Emergency Action Message.
Message follows.
{tdstamp/authcode omitted}

General Shin'ichi,

At 1300 zulu standard large amounts of radiation were detected by scout teams embedded south of your position in the area of Takamitsu castle. Preliminary analysis has determined the source of this radiation to be low tech nuclear weaponry.

It is believed that forces loyal to Takamitsu plan to launch these limited weapons if their General is defeated in the upcoming engagement with your army. It is imperative that these weapons be neutralized prior to said engagement. General Musashi is less than two four hours out from your position.

Your priorities are as follows:
1. Neutralize enemy nuclear capabilities.
2. Eliminate General Takamitsu
3. Secure Takamitsu castle for use as a forward firebase.

General Macron has received the same.

Captain Blackwind,
Commander 1st Nihiligenia
Kuroshin Command

[communique ends]

Shikyo Keibatsu

30-03-2006 22:52:15

It seemed like Shikyo could do nothing but hear the cries and screams of his opponents. Many of his soldiers had perished, after the battle with Misoshime. Now they had another challenge in the form of Tokumitsu. It seemed that once the battle began, it never ended. HIs sword was stained with the tint of blood, and his lightsaber left many with severed limbs. The Dark Jedi had been fighting fiercely, but even they needed rest. Sildrin and Shimura were guarding thier position with their troops, as Manji went to check up on his little brother. He opened up the flap to the tent, finding Shikyo on his cot. He walked towards him and knelt down.

"How ya doing, brother?"

Rurouni rolled over and looked at his elder brother.

"I think I'm going crazy, Nekura."

"How's that?"

"Everytime I try to rest, I keep hearing screams and groans. It's almost as if the battle is right here in this very tent."

Dokugan-Ryu's one good eye seemed to smile at the youngest brother. It was unusual to see him in such a mood. He chuckled slightly, positioning himself in a more comfortable stance.

"Listen, war will have an effect with everyone. Some will never get rid of the screams, while others will wipe it away. You are strong, little brother. Have no fear. Rest for now, and know that those screams cannot break you. You won't allow it."

Shikyo nodded his head, as Manji took his leave to watch the mayhem continue. Rurouni rolled back over to face the wall of the tent, and closed his eyes. The screams commenced, but so did the prowess of his brothers. Dreams of victory filled his mind each time the screams got louder. As the Dark Jedi Knight woke up to a new day, he got his lightsaber and sword, proceeding back to the battlegrounds with a newfound strength within.

Nekura Manji

31-03-2006 02:36:43

Once again the screams and sounds of battle went up as Tokumitsu soldiers charged the Keibatsu position. Entrenched, dug in, and fighting furiously to keep the enemy back, Manji snarled in disgust as his lightsabre flashed across, beheading another enemy soldier who had made it through the hastily-erected barricades.

"Geez, how many of them are there?"

Sweeping his sabre across to hack another man's guts open, Shikyo responded calmly, although his eyes burned with an intense fire.

"As many as they need to defeat us. Which is going to be a lot."

"Heh. Well said. Time to strike back a bit, don't you think?"

Shouted orders rallied the Nihilgenia under their command, and a wave of black and purple armour crashed outwards from the barricades, driving the Tokumitsu back. Their assault quickly turned into another retreat, leaving behind enough corpses to feed the carrion for years to come. Sighing, Manji deactivated his sabre and checked the weapon before thrusting it through his belt- this amougn of killing was beginning to have it's effect on his weapon. He'd need to sit down and service it tonight, in case it failed him at a critical point in the battles to come.

Turning away from the sight of the Nihilgenia rounding up the remaining enemy soldiers and slaughtering them, the Epis loosened his shoulders with a sigh.

"Ah well. They'll be back. Fancy a sake, little bro?"

Surprised, Shikyo glanced up at his brother as they were joined by Shimura and Sildrin.

"You have sake?"

A grin flashed across the Epis' face.

"My own private stash, yes. Don't tell Muz."

Laughing and joking, the four headed off to the Epis' tent to drink and relay stories of the battles so far. All knew that they stood in the eye of the storm- a raging tempest surrounding them. Without their utmost skill, strength and courage, it would overwhelm them.

Muz Ashen

31-03-2006 10:16:41

We are living in this pale wasteland
while we are dancing amid strife
it's time for us to stay their hand
and give them the end of our knife.

Muz barreled throught three soldiers of the Shogun, his blades searing through the rolled silk of their armour. The Pontifex pressed on, his sabers harbingers of death and damnation for those who dared stand in defiance against the return of the Keibatsu to their homelands.

Sanjuro's voice seeped through the earpiece, the youth's voice soothing him as he tore another man asunder.

"Father, an army marches on Kuroshin, and We've lost grandfather's house."

Amethyst slid through the bushi before him, gliding down with the Herald as he froze in place, his eyes bathed in shadow.

Soldiers slowly circled the kneeling Krath, blasters and spears leveled, eyes wide in curiosity.

Muz placed the sabers on the ground beside him, the snow falling gently around him, heavy flakes ensnared in his net of dark hair. Anger bloomed from his heart, swelling as it found his way to his hands, the itch of bloodlust, the desire to rend growing in the garden of despair.

"[Do your surrender?]" The soldier spoke slowly, his voice quivering in wonder.

The Lion of Tarthos sprang at the speaker, fast hands battering aside the long hafted spear as his fingers sank into the soft warmth of the man's throat. Clenching tightly, talons blackened by rage retreived the soldier's larynx, tossing the bloody windpipe aside as he smashed his head down into his, the soldier's head flopping back and bathing the Herald in arterial spray.

A spear thrust forth, and was redircted into the earth, the haft providing the fulcrum for the Pontifex's spin, heavy boots caving in the bearer's skull, teeth and bone splattering forth into the virgin snow.

Turning, Muz punched a rifleman in the throat, gasping noises crackling in the ruined neck. Muz opened his hand, and his saber flew to his hand, the darkened chrome tearing through meat and bone of the soldier to arrive in the Sadow's waiting fist. The razor hum of ignition blared momentarily before the usurper's neck was cauterized.

"Father?" The radio chirped as Muz's sabers spun wide, their paths of smouldering doom erupting in the moonlight. Corpses and glowing embers fell where men once stood, their forms still in the blanket of snow.

"I am here, son."

"What shall we do?" Sanjuro's voice trembled slightly, his worry about the possible failure of this campaign resounding through his voice. He bore more weight than any child should have to bear. Muz cursed his situation, his mind racing through the potential solutions.

"I'll call the Spear to our location. Whatever troops you can spare will ride back to reinforce Kuroshin." Muz paused, sniffing the brisk night air. "We'll press on to Shin'Ichi's position through the night. We have to take out that southern army before they launch their missiles at our base."

Macron Sadow

31-03-2006 12:56:46

"It is believed that forces loyal to Takamitsu plan to launch these limited weapons..."

Macron read the report as he sat at the card table. This was an interesting turn of events. He was sure he could disble such a device- that is, if he lived to get near it. Muz was fast approaching Shin's position, and the time was almost right to hit Taka.

"I'll be damned," he muttered. "Where the hell did they get that?" He whipped out his holopad and began to study the known forms of nuclear devices. The alchemist surmised that the device in question was in fact a radiological weapon, and not a true fission or fusion device. "Thank the Dark Lords for that small help," he chuckled.

"Your priorities are as follows..." It was almost time to begin the slaughter. He twitched with anticipation.


31-03-2006 22:03:22

The world drowned, melted away from the alcohol of the sake. Confused Sildrin ran a hand through her hair and put back down the sake. No matter how often she tried, but her body couldn't get accustomed to the alcohol. .. am I really a member of this clan? .. she wondered. Doubt crept into her heart replacing the joy and enthusiasm once again. Once more she dropped into the broody mood that tightened it's grip on her yet again.

... this is a strange planet. It reminds me very much of my homeplanet... she thought. Shikyo's nudge pulled her back into reality and she sensed his smile at her. He scooted a bit closer to her, whispering: "What are you thinking about?" The Blind Dragon lowered her head lightly, letting strands of crimson hair cover her face. "About my homeplanet... this planet reminds me very much of it." Shikyo nodded, listning to her as she continued with a chuckle: "Although the weather on this planet is much nicer. The winters are...were quite hard on my planet."

Shikyo leaned closer: "Tell me more about your family, Sildrin-dono. I would like to know more about you." Though blind, her eyes appeared to rest on him for a moment. Sildrin leaned back: "Ahh my family... an old family on Cottman.", for a moment she felt uneasy as she added: "A family with a long tradition. Although many claimed there had been ... a taint. They said we were not pure bloods, saying one of my ancestors came from a different planet." Her eyes flashed with anger. "My people were quite sucpisious towards foreign people ... Ahhh this is not the time to talk about this.", she felt very uneasy at this topic. Soon they started to talk about strategies, stories about ancient sith relicts and jedi jokes.Finally she got up, lightly bowing her head, still feeling like an intruder to the Keibatsu family: "Excuse me, but I will attempt to get some rest."

The Aedile retreated into her tent, letting herself drop onto the camp bed. .... how long since you had some sleep? ... Sleeping without any nightmares ... But who can decide what to dream... and dream I do ... The heavy lids slowly closed over those white eyes, eyes that successfully were able to shut out the world beyond them, but not the world within her. Screams and a mind numbing fear filled the black dreams of her, and she didnt know if those screams came from her or from the realm of her dreams.

Had there been a cool hand touching her cheek? Letting her head move to the other side, flinching away from the touch only to touch the second waiting hand on the other side? She didn't know if the cool fingertips across her forehead were for real. The Blind Dragon gasped as her mind drifted to the surface from the depth of dreams, a sweat bead ran down her forehead. Was there someone in this room? She reached out a hand, searching for a hold, but she slipped back into the oily cold consistence of dreams - shivering, drowning. Then screams interrupted and pierced the darkness, waking her finally. She cursed, knowing that Tokumitsu had send in another wave of attack. With a grim expression on her face she stepped outside the tent.

Shikyo Keibatsu

01-04-2006 00:40:15

The Blind Dragon seemed to be in a bit of a panic, as Shikyo awaited her outside the tent. He chuckled a little to grasp her attention. She turned around and looked on the young Keibatsu, confusion filling her face.

"I see you're up and ready to fight."

She smirked and slowly approached him. She still had questions on her mind, but the sounds of war always drownded out whatever thoughts someone might have. An explosion occured a few meters away, seperating the two of them. They clashed against the forces of Tokumitsu, sending bolts back to where they originiated, ending the lives of their makers. Saffron and crimson danced around the multitudes.

The enemy seemed to be more like a swarm of ants than an army of men. They never seemed to stop, causing many nuisances for the Keibatsu troops. It had been a constant fight since they met Misoshime, but their skills were greatly improving as many men under the Tokumitsu banner fell under that of the Keibatsu one. Manji and Shimura were disposing of a couple of Lieutenants, as Shikyo and Sildrin entered the field.

Blasters sounded extremely close, as a squad of snipers seemed to eliminate a few of the Nihilgenia. Shikyo looked around for the source of the blasts, using the power of the Dark Side to extend his senses. He found one with his scope pointed towards Sildrin's head. Rurouni dashed towards the Blind Dragon just as the shot went off. The bolt barely missed the sniper, but the blade of Shikyo's saber didn't miss. Sil looked at the young Keibatsu, as her defender called out to his cousin.

"Shimura, let Manji know that we have snipers. Help me take them out."

The Zabrak nodded, and moved towards Nekura's position. She looked at the Knight, as he smirked at her.

"I got your back, Sildrin-dono, whether you are sleeping or awake."

Shikyo jumped back into the heat of war, as the Blind Dragon placed her hand on her cheek. The generals continued to slash through the drones of Tokumitsu, as the sun began to set on their position.

Nekura Manji

01-04-2006 12:05:22

"We've got WHAT?!"

Spinning away from one enemy as the man splashed down into the mud, steam trailing from his mutilated face, Manji's eye narrowed angrily as he stormed through the dirt to Shikyo's position. Behind him, the Nihilgenia continued to push the Tokumitsu forces back, their blades flashing to and fro to claim lives.

Reaching Shikyo and Sildrin, the Epis stared around him furiously.

"Snipers. Let's go."

Drawing deeply upon the well of the Dark Side, Manji let his sight expand- he was one with the living Force, floating upon it's surface. Then his gaze was caught by one lifeform aiming a long-barreled rifle at one of his clone troopers. Snapping back to the present, Manji's arm shot out.


Breaking into a run, he headed for a nearby hill, upon which the glint of light upon metal could just be seen. Reaching the top of the hill, the Epis leapt into the air and crashed down upon a soldier's fingers, boots smashing the man's hands into the ground. Confused, the man could only look up as the silver sabre flashed round, severing his head from his body. Beside him, another soldier fell back from the rifle propped up on the hill before he was hacked in two.

With a grimace down at the two bodies, Manji turned back to the battlefield and sought out the other snipers. The Epis hated snipers. The only way to truly prove yourself in combat was to face an opponent in the melee, your strength against his. Sitting on a hill taking potshots at the enemy cheapened the art of battle.

Sighing, Manji headed back down the hill. It seemed that Shikyo had discovered several more snipers.

Shikyo Keibatsu

01-04-2006 17:59:50

With a swift swing of his blade, Shikyo finished off the last of the snipers. They had taken many lives, but they would take no more. The battle slowly pressed on, as the Dark Jedi began to push back the forces of Tokumitsu. Limbs and corpses from all armies laid dormant on the ground, creating their own horendous mosaic. Night was upon them, and moans and screams could still be heard from all around. Shikyo extinguished the crimson saber, looking around the ground. It was disturbing to see so many dead, and in so short an amount of time.

Shimura came up behind him, and patted his shoulder once.

"Don't worry, cousin. Images like this are gruesome in the beginning, but they'll soon fuel the war within ya."

Shikyo nodded. The Zabrak went back to patrolling the camp, as Manji and Sildrin headed towards the tent. The Blind Dragon stopped and looked at him, a concerned expression on her face. Rurouni mearly nodded, and continued to walk around. He watch the placement of his footing, surveying the carnage around. An unusual feeling filled his mind, as the thought of killing more men and creating more images like this excited him. He was ready for the sun to rise and battle to commense.

He could feel something sinister and diabolic fueling his anger and rage. It seemed to strengthen him more and more. As he approached the camp, Manji met him with a bottle of sake in your hand.

"I can see that you have found the darkness of war."

Shikyo nodded.

The One-Eyed Dragon smirked at his little brother and handed him the bottle. Rurouni took a sip, and handed it back. Nekura slapped him on the back once and chuckled slightly.

"The enemy should be more cautious now. It appears they have awaken the demon within all of the Keibatsus at last."

Macron Sadow

06-04-2006 19:14:15

"Aww, you can't be serious," mumbled Macron as the servos in the electrobinocs whined. He was focused in on a bunch of troopers, with some cloned clod dressed up as a high ranking officer. There was even some chick in a tight outfit posing as a liason, and a old protocol droid.

"Hmm, not bad. Pretty convincing," he thought as he watched the group appear to be an exhausted recon team. They even looked raggedy and worn out, adding to the impression that they had traveled far.

Perhaps the ruse would draw them out, and lead Taka's forces into a brutal trap. Shin and Mononoke had been entrenched and prepping the field of battle for days, while Muz and Sanjuro had joined them recently. He surmised the main attack would fall upon on the combined forces of the other 3, and then he could execute his crushing flank maneuver. Macron's troops remained hidden in the warrens and burrows.

He motioned to Commander Sumai to ready for the upcoming assault. He was excited, knowing full well the advantage a rested army had meeting troops that had been marching. It was time to find their fates in the entrails of these vermin, like Dark Side haruspexes. Mononoke hoped to answer many questions himself, personally.

He was certain of what the future would hold for Takamitsu. The future held annhilation, and if Macron was lucky the enemy general would be captured. Then the real fun would begin.....


07-04-2006 20:34:17

Disgusted she rolled over a dead sniper with a foot. A swift move and the tip of her saber pierced the snipers eyes - one after one. The Blind Dragon growled: "Dirty ombredin.... " Of course she was somehow used to the fact that people used blasters, but snipers... On her planet every ranged weapon was against the code of honor. Only cowards who would not dare their own lifes to take another one's used them.

"They are retreating!", a voice crackled over the small earpiece. "Victory... for now", she whispered, taking a deep breath. How she longed for a hot bath, to soothe her aching body, to wash away the blood that stained her hands and robe. ... but those stains of darkness on my heart will stay forever....
The Nihilgenia merciless followed some of the fleeing men of Tokumitsu, slaying them. And with glee she sensed her purple saber cut through the soft flesh as she joined them. A black purple wave spilled over Tokumitsu's men, burrying them beneath the pure will of the Nihilgenia and the sharp edges of their blades. The last few remaining men either commited suicide or joined in Tokumitsu's cowardness.

Reluctantly she told her men to not follow them, they still had to stay close together. Still her heart cried out for more, a strong feeling she sought to tame. Her force vision blurred, covered by a crimson curtain, the rage seeking for control. Right behind her she sensed Shikyo. Ripples of the force warned her - a movement of a crippled hand, the glance of the cold metal of a muzzle. Swiftly she turned around, pushing Shikyo out of the way with the force. Her force vision blurred for a moment as the rage surged up again, just in the moment as the purple blade left her hand - flinged at the sniper.

... no...!.... she knew immediately that something went wrong. In shock she sensed how the fire of the blaster hit the hilt of her saber that was thrown at the wrong ankle at him. As in slow-motion she nearly could "see" how the laser hit a very vital joint, causing the hilt to burst apart. Brilliant sparkles rained down on the sniper, silvery shrapnels digged into his skin and the explosion finally killed him off. She was struck with silence. .... great...

Sildrin scowled, then helped Shikyo up: "Sildrin-dono.. I.. I am sorry! Your.. your saber!" She muttered: "I have to get a new one. Don't worry. I will. At least you are ok.. aren't you?" Shikyo nodded.

She bend over the last remains of the sniper, but not even the crystals had survived this. ... he must have hit the power core... maybe the force was with this one... but at least he is now part of the force... This thought partly soothed the anger within her.

Hours later they found themselves back in Manji's tent, drinking sake. Many of the wounded had been taken care of and new plans had to be done. To the east an enemy army was marching towards the castle and to the east yet another army was awaiting them. Manji grinned in a jovial way, slapping her shoulder: "Come on.. I am sure you will soon get a new saber.."

Sildrin quietly laughed and replied: "Ohh I will.. don't worry. This time I think I will take the Seraph design ... mmh.. maybe with a blue blade... or the Orator?... " Just at that moment a Nihilgenia entered the tent, whispering into her ear. "... ... delivery .... arrived... " The others were only able to make out a few words. He carried a small mahogany chest that he handed her and retreated again. Shikyo leaned in: "Hey.. what is this?". The small chest bore the sign of the Herald and she ran her slender fingers over it. Her voice was a mere whisper: "I do believe I... know what this might be". Slowly, trembling in excitment she opened it. Her fingers wrapped around the ornated hilt of purple, black and gold. Then she ignited the purple blade of her own custom saber. She whispered: "Damn f*cking awesome!".

Sildrin's saber

Shikyo Keibatsu

09-04-2006 14:41:47

The elegance of the saber was a bright moment for the camp, but the exhaustion of the continuous fighting was taking its toll on the troops. For once in a great while, they could rest and relax. It wouldn't be long before the battle would ensue once more, but the relaxation was well deserved.

Shikyo left the tent and stood outside, looking up at the stars. They seemed to shine without a care in the world, providing an unusual kind of tranquility to the enraged soul of the young Keibatsu. He found a patch of grass not stained by blood and layed down in it. It felt so good to lay down and relax without fear of being shot at or fighting once more. With his eyes closed, Shikyo began to fall asleep.

Thoughts of the battles filled his dreams, recreating the sounds of screams and blasters only a little more amplified. The visages of his family and Sildrin appeared, cursing him and abandoning him. Rurouni tried to run after them, but they seemed to move at god-like speeds. Anger and hatred filled his body, as the "dream" Shikyo began to thrash about randomly, striking at random objects. The Keibatsu shot up, lightsaber ignited and pointed towards Sildrin's throat.

He disengaged the energy blade and layed back down. The horror of almost killing his friend seemed to put Shikyo in a state of shock. The Blind Dragon sat down beside her young friend and looked towards him.

"This war is taking its toll on you, yes?"

He nodded.

"Yeah, but I can't let it do so. I mean, Manji, Shin, and Muz seem to be so calm and powerful in battle, yet here I am panicing and hallucinating. I just wanna make them proud, as well as Father."

Sildrin smiled.

"You helped to route two generals consecutively. You have kept your men alive as well as the rest of us. How can you not say you've made them proud?"

A smirk appeared on Rurouni's face.

"You're right."

He looked back up into the sky, watching the stars sparkle once more.

"Come on. We're not done yet."

Nekura Manji

09-04-2006 15:21:03

A voice floated towards the two- they turned their heads in slight surprise before the low, gravelly snarl of the Epis registered in their ears.

"Fine words, kid. Can you back them up?"

A twirl of smoke drifted up into the air. Legs crossed, his back against the grass as he stared up at the sky, Manji took the long-stemmed pipe from between his lips and glanced across at the Knight. Blushing, Shikyo looked down as Sildrin cast a disapproving stare at the One-Eyed Dragon. Ignoring her, Manji pushed himself up with a grunt, brushing down his kimono as he moved towards them. As he looked up, Shikyo found a hand thrust into his face. Grinning widely at the younger Keibatsu, Manji grabbed his wrist and yanked him to his feet.

"Yer doin' good, kid. I don't say this often, but... you're a damn good fighter. You've got my respect."

Grinning back, Shikyo shook the Epis' hand, seeming to stand a little taller. The Epis continued, staring out at the ravaged battlefield.

"Muz, Shin and me have spent far too long fighting. We've seen too much bloodshed and carnage... we've hardened our souls in the fires of battle. You'll reach that stage at some point- although trust me, you don't really want to."

As he leaned closer, the Epis covered his mouth with a hand and hissed to his younger brother.

"I mean, look at Muz- he's going a bit cuckoo, y'know what I mean?"

With a chuckle, Manji turned away. His feet crunched against the blasted turf as he moved back towards his lit, warm tent, turning his head to deliver a last, parting remark.

"Anyway. Keep up the good work, kid."

The raven kimono whirled around him as he moved away, the pipe once again moving up to his lips. Glancing at Shikyo, sightless eyes nevertheless picking up the Epis' departure, Sildrin smiled slightly.

"Posy git."

Chuckling, Shikyo sat back down on the grass as he responded.

"Heh. Maybe he is... but he's also the One-Eyed Dragon. And he's my brother."

Muz Ashen

17-04-2006 11:43:38

"{Kiru... look at that.}" The scout whispered at his comrade, his voice trembling with trepidation as he pointed at the black and violet armour of the Nihilgenia. "{There's only 8...and that looks like an officer...}"

Kiru grunted, his eyes narrowing as he reached for his communicator.


Laughing resonated from General Masashime's tent as he thanked his luck. The Keibatsu, no doubt marching southward to intercept Takamatsu's nuclear device, had exposed their flank to him. A most auspicious turn of events for him, as the ruse, the threat of the device had opened the door for his attack on the new castle.

Masashime grunted, laughing at the interlopers unfamiliarity. Since Makaro had brought the outlander science, many things had changed... new armour, new weapons, new ways of making power. All of these things the sons of the Lost would not understand or know about.

And he would look even better to the shogunate if he were able to rout the Keibatsu Army before he took their castle for his own.

"{Rally the troops, Seargent. We march through the night, and crush the barbarians in their sleep.}"


Muz spun his saber widely, the arcs coruscating in the dusk. The young half-bred mimicked his father's motions, copying the violet course with the pale blue of his training saber.

Shin'Ichi leaned back, his eyes watching the display, letting his mind drift away. Macron stepped out of his tent, the razor hum of the sabers drawing his attention. Seeing the friendliness, the Alchemist plopped down next to Shin.

"Hey, I got a stupid question."

Shin grunted, his mind slipping back to the fold. "What's the deal?"

"How old is Muz?"

"Eh. Twenty seven cycles, I think."

Macron ran the numbers through his head. "So, Sanjuro's his son...and he looks to be about twelve." Macron scratched his chin. "Muz was pretty young, eh?"

Shin chuckled softly, his eyes reflecting the saber dance. "No, Sanjuro's very young. There was some sort of thing where he was raised, some sort of accelerated aging like on Camino."

"So he's even younger?" Macron let it seep in. "Dren, the kid's good. He's already a Jedi Hunter."

"Well, with a Keibatsu for a father, and a Nightsister for a mother..."

"She's a Nightsister?" Macron let the words slip out in surprise. "She didn't wear the paint...and wait a minute... Sanjuro had horns, didn't he?"

Shin nodded slowly. "She's a Zabrak, all right. Just prematurely born or something. The horns never quite got so big. She told me the story once... her mother gave birth on Dathomir, but got killed and the Nightsisters took her as their own."

Macron leaned back against a tree. The winter had more or less ended, the snow receding as the green approached. The scents of spring had started to come, and Macron breathed easier. With his retirement, he had time to enjoy things a bit more, persue his research. He had already managed field expirements on some of the crystals they had found, reporting the findings back to Antei. And, so long as they managed to survive the next few weeks, everything else would be fine.

Shikyo Keibatsu

21-04-2006 18:45:35

The arrival of spring seemed to revive the fires within everyone, enemy and friend alike. Troop strength seemed to multiply over the course of the winter in Kyataru. Shikyo looked towards the horizon, catching a glimpse of the castle that his men were preparing to conquer. The time to conquer the Western Front had arrived. Katsuhide, Shikyo's most trusted and decorated Nihilgenia, stood beside his friend and commander with news to deliver.

"Sir, Mieji doesnt seem to have made any change to procedures or movements within the castle. It's as if they don't think we're coming."

"Yeah, but they know we're there. I know they have something in mind for us. I'll send out a group of scouts to continue observations, however I would like you to remain here."

"Understood, sir."

Shikyo chuckled to himself.

"Katsuhide, ya don't have to keep calling me 'sir'. You could call me Shikyo, if you wanted."

"I know, but it would seem more appropriate to call you 'sir' as long as the battles ensue."

The thought made sense. It would seem unusual for one trooper to ignore ranks while the others had to follow them.

"Alright. That sounds reasonable."

Shimura approached the two warriors, a smug grin was on his face.

"It's about damn time the snows cleared off. I was starting to get worried that I wasn't gonna be able to fight anymore."

"You and me both, cousin. Katsuhide was just informing me of Mieji's movements."

The One-Eyed Dragon and the Blind Dragon made their way to the hillside, listening to the conversation. Manji was the first to speak up.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's pack up and move out."

Each person nodded their head to acknowledge his words. Shimura, Nekura, and Katsuhide took their leave. As Sildrin began to make her way back towards her camp, Shikyo stopped her for a moment and stole a kiss from her. It seemed akward for a Sith to show compassion, but for Shikyo, it was a joke.

"Ya know what the old legends say. A kiss from a woman always provides good blessings for warriors."

A tint of red filled her cheeks, as the young Keibatsu prepared to fight once more.


03-05-2006 09:39:47

The faint touch of Shikyo's lips still lingered on hers as she followed the Keibatsus. Indeed the first scent of spring was in the air and she took a deep breath. Everything was surrounded by the embrace of spring except for her heart, it remained a place of winter. A frozen place that she purged from those emotions she felt uncomfortable of.

… and you are willingly crippling yourself, why can't you stop? ...

… I don't know …

... You cripple yourself, crushing and battering the heart that beats to live, ripping out the feathers of hope when it dares to feel and leaving behind a crippled bleeding heart ...

…Because it may not be, it is not allowed what I crave for …

Her blind eyes stared hard at the horizon - into the direction of the castle, forcing herself to silence the inner conflict that had risen again. … good blessings… we truely need that… , she thought, focusing on the battle that was to come.

Something told her that Mieji was a dangerous foe and that there was a storm raging behind the calm aurora that surrounded the castle. It felt like a constant tingle of the force, trying to warn her. She laid a hand on her saber, a calming feeling. … this land will soon wear the banners of the Keibatsu family again... Sildrin approached Shikyo, lowering her voice: "When do you expect your scouts to return?"

Muz Ashen

07-05-2006 15:22:55

{"General, we've lost the Western wall, the soldiers are panicking..."}

Meiji looked up, his eyes dim at the prospect. "Hai."
Gripping his short sword, he stood slowly. "Mou oshimai da. Gon gotoku kaishaku."

Eyes widened in fear at the words, but the young sergaent found his head nodding despite himself.


Manji Snarled as his blades tore through the stream of foes. He had warned the fools to remove the castle from his family's lands the last time he was here. And the blood of the clones that soaked his boots was a testament to his word. No pitiful army of southerners would slow his anger.

Explosions wracked the stone before them, the dull roar of the Fallen Spear swooping through, the turrets igniting flesh and armour as it carved it's path on the battlefield.

"Manji, the north tower!" Shikyo's words floated over the din, empowered by the Living Force as he evaded another Kyataran's blades.

Manji's eye sought the tower, his hand flipping up the tsuba that covered his injured eye. The general crouched on his knees, his face a steely mask as the young soldier stood behind him, his sword raised high.

Manji felt his lip curl up in disgust. He had hoped to end this fool's life himself.

The general's arms moved, and his steel plunged within his stomach, drawing a cruel path of self-destruction, the twinges of agony piercing his mask of quiet.

The boy beside him struck cleanly, the General's head flopping down to the stone beside him.

Xhedias laughed, his fist smashing into another soldier's maw, throwing him to the bloody soil. "The day is won."


Masashime was thrown to the ground, his hands bound behind his back.

{"Did you really think that you would survive against the Keibatsu?"} Muz snarled in his native tongue, the words dripping with animosity. {"Your men have been killed, down to the last, for your folly. Your lands will fall to us now. Your honour is forfeit"}

{"What knows a shugenja of honour?"} Masashime spat. "Oni..."

Muz delivered a kick to the general's face, blood splashing up from the man's split lip and broken nose. Crouching down to grasp the foe by the hair, the Lion of Tarthos lifted his head.

{"I will show you the work of demons."} Muz laughed, stepping away, motioning for Shin and Macron to begin their tortuous ways.

Masashime roiled, pulling his arm away from Shin'ichi, his eyes wide as he spoat in the Krath Archpriest's face.

Shin'Ichi moved as a blur, a fist snapping the bones in the general's shoulder like celery.

Shin'ichi grabbed the rebel with an angry fist as Macron readied his apparatus. "Tameguchi kitten ja ney o."


"Muz, this is Nekura. How goes the eastern front?" The commlink crackled in the dusk. Muz raised his arm, acknowledging his brother.

"We destroyed the force that was marching on Kuroshin. How did the seige go?"

"We took the bloody castle, but at heavy loss. We need some more troops. Can you spare any?"

Muz paused. His brother must be seriously in trouble if he felt the need to actually request reinforcements. "They're on the way, brother. Good work on the castle."

Shikyo Keibatsu

07-05-2006 17:28:06

The stains or crimson and charcoal covered every inch of the walls of the castle. Blast marks and corpses littered the pathways and roads, as Shikyo walked around the area. The victory had cost them so much but the deaths of the fallen would not be in vain. The Western Front was slowly bearing the warbanners of the Keibatsus, a sight that the young Keibatsu was sure would please his father. Rurouni went to the castle gates, watching as Manji impaled the head of Mieji onto a pike.

"Heh. This should show the rest of the front not to mess with Dokugan-Ryu."

Shikyo chuckled slightly.

"The peasants of this area will quickly spread the word. It won't be long before the news reaches the Southern territories. Then, the real fun will begin."

"The real fun, little brother? Hell, it started as soon as we stepped off of the Spear."

The two Keibatsus laughed slightly as they walked back towards the castle. It was truly a sight for sore eyes. Grand halls were filled of banners from former warlords, armor of previous owners, and a grand table that sat right in the center of what could easily be called the "Great Room". It was here that the Keibatsus, Sildrin, and honored Nihilgenia sat and ate. Nekura was pouring down sake as if it was air, Shikyo continued to gobble down food endlessly, Shimura seemed to be doing a little bit of both, as Sildrin and the Nihilgenia watched the chaotic meal unfold.

For the Sith Knight, the meal was one of his most cherished. He was with family and he was enjoying actual food instead of some miniature meal that came in a plastic packet. The beds were made as soft and as comfortable as could possibly be. It seemed like a luxury that seemd only fit for the late Emperor, but tonight it was fit for the warriors of the Western Front. Shikyo closed his eyes and strayed away to another reality, as thoughts of upcoming battles danced through his head. The Western Front was slowly coming under control. The only thing left would be the South.

Macron Sadow

09-05-2006 21:14:00

Masashime groaned as the IT-3 droids probed him. It had been an entire day of indescribable agony, and the infernal outlander machines would not let him die honorably. The tendrils of drug-delivering tubes were snaked into his organs and veins. Shock probes, sonic cutters, syringes, and forceps knew his most intimate secrets.

As well, the one called Shin'Ichi had used some sort of sorcery on him, keeping him alive and increasing his pain by several magnitudes. His brain had been sifted like a contraband sack of rice, and the infidels had drained him of his knowledge. The insane one had even taken tissue samples.

{Mercy, let me die with honor} asked the humbled General. Shin’Ichi turned his back, ignoring the words as the ultimate insult. Mononoke tittered and spoke. Masa’s eyes widened, realizing that the alchemist spoke his tongue fluently. A howl escaped his split lips as a particular stimulator hit a cranial nerve.

{You fool. I am a Sith, and that concept means nothing to me. There is only those who live, and those who die in miserable pain. You are at the mercy of the many –layered Hells now, and the Keibatsu send you there.} replied the Sith. The job was finished shortly thereafter with a gurgle. A human body could only take so much.

Macron connected the mutational machine to the cloning vat and inserted the tissue sample he had extracted from Masashime. The vat would be taken aboard the Spear and grown into a horrid semblance of the general. Well, that was the idea anyhow. The last few times he had tried this the clones had died. Horribly. He was pretty sure it would work this time.

Later, Muz sat with Shin’Ichi, Sanjuro, and Macron in the mess tent. The others ate with gusto, and Macron merely smiled. His gustatory pleasures had been sated already. He remembered Masa with fondness. Especially his heart.

“Did you guys get the information?” asked the Herald.

“Hai. I drained it from him with Krath arcana. Here are the details on this chip,” replied Shin.

“Macron, did you get the DNA I requested?”

“Yes, I did. The construct is even now growing in the vats. I think he will be able to do as you need,” Macron said with a bow. “Thank you. I love my work.”

Muz grinned. “Sicko. Good job, everyone.”

Shikyo Keibatsu

10-05-2006 21:59:04

As the sun rised over the mountain side, the anticipation of seeing Father's house once more brought an anxiety over Shikyo. The Nihilgenia were equipping their weapons and preparing their packs, when Shimura slammed his arm on top of Shikyo's shoulders.

"Take a look at this, cuz. Hundreds of battle-ready demons, all of which are at our command. There's never been a better sight, huh?"

Rurouni smirked.

"I don't know. You get a couple of dancers around me, Human or Twi'lek, and I'll get back to you afterwards."

A roar of laughter filled the morning air, when Sildrin walked out of the castle. She seemed to have caught the conversation and it could be shown by a slight look of disgust on her face. Nekura entered the castle grounds through the front gate, with twenty troops running behind him. He went out earlier to look around the surrounding area. There appeared to be no sign of battle or any missing soldiers. Shimura was the first to speak.

"So, how's it looking out there, Manji?"

"Not bad. There are a number of troops around Father's house, but it's nothing we can't handle."

Shikyo and the Blind Dragon nodded at the same time, grabbing their equipment. Each of the commanders seperated their troops from the rest of the divisions, talking to them one-on-one. The Knight approached his troops, every one of them standing at full attention. A word did not pass through the young Keibatsu's lips. He looked at them all and smirked. They knew what that meant: a chance for them to bring death. A roar of excitement left their lungs and blasters were held in the air.

They left the castle under the protection of trusted locals, as the time had come for them to take back the house that Muz, Manji, and Shikyo were born at.


18-05-2006 18:40:15

Sildrin walked silently behind Shikyo and Manji. Her senses briefly turned to the scarlet ribbon tied around Manji's right arm - a token as a sign of devotion from Sakura Saishoku, Toranaga's daughter. Her thoughts wandered back to the charming princess, almond-shaped dark eyes. A graceful yet strong person who quickly overcame the death of her father - the ever presenting patriarch of that land. This woman heired the strong will and devotion of her father, but obviously not the bad sides of him. Sildrin's memories traveled to the moment of department.

Sakura's face showed no emotion when Manji left with Shikyo, Shemura, Sildrin and their army. Her small hands tied the scarlet ribbon around his arm and she lightly tilted her head. Small pearls and crystals weaved into her hair tinkled with the motion as he renewed his promise to soon return to where he laid his heart home.

Shikyo slowed as he realized that Sildrin had fallen back and he whispered: "Is something troubling you, Milady?". For a few heartbeats she didn't reply, slowly her thoughts wandered back to reality - to the now. Her head turned to him, eyes of frost stared through him: "Oh. I was just thinking of Manji and his beloved princess. They seem to be happy."

Shikyo scoffed slightly, with a hint of a chuckles to his voice.

"Well, a warrior's gotta find love too. Ya can't go out onto a field of battle and kill senselessly. Eventually, it'll take its toll on a person, like it did on me. Manji's finding a reason to fight and I'm glad he found it."

Sildrin's head seemed to lower at the sound of love. More thoughts of her past ran through her head, bringing back the scars of her former lovers and of her unborn children. Rurouni was unsure of what had sparked the Archpriestess' mind, but he knew that it was causing her great pain. On a battlefield, there was no time for sorrows, only fighting. However, Shikyo couldn't help but do something to brighten her mood. The Blind Dragon turned her head away from him, hiding the tear that strolled down the snow white eyes of the Blind Dragon. He gently turned her head to him, lifting her head up. He was more than certain that it was love that was hurting her.

"Don't worry, Sildrin-dono. You'll find love someday."

Those words seemed to trigger something in the young Knight's body. Without warning or hesitation, he leaned in towards the Long and deeply embraced her. Sildrin's eyes seemed to widen, as the feel of his warm lips met hers. Slowly, her arms found their way around his neck, as she relaxed into the kiss, sending him the same in return.

[in cooperation with Shikyo Keibatsu]

Shikyo Keibatsu

18-05-2006 19:51:23

It had been a few days since Shikyo laid his lips upon Sildrin's and they had just finished reclaiming the house that once housed Koji Masarao Keibatsu and his family. This was where Muz, Manji, Shikyo, and Shin'ichi were born. The last of the rodents were scattering away, as Shikyo and Nekura finished off a Lieutenant together. Their rage had turned to power when they arrived to see the tainted area. Now, it was pure again, claimed under the colors of a Keibatsu warbanner.

Troops had been coming in stronger than before. The news of the Keibatsu victories rallied more of the planet's inhabitants to their side. The Northern territories belonged to the Keibatsu family and soon they would have to begin their match to the South. The house had been severly destroyed because of the fire set by the Jedi, but construction was being made on it by the locals. Manji nodded at the progress done to the structure. It was coming together quickly and it was staying strong. The army would stay there for the night and proceed to take the South at daybreak.

Nightfall shrouded the sky, providing a cooling serenity on the Keibatsu stronghold. Shimura was out like a light, dreaming up his next battle, with Manji reliving his childhood memories, and Shikyo laid outside in the grass. Sildrin came out to the fields where the Sith Knight resided. There was a question in her mind that she wanted answered. Rurouni could sense her presence and was the first to break the silence.

"It's late, Sil. You should be resting."

The Blind Dragon placed her hands on her hips in a disapproving way.

"I'm not a child. I can sleep when I desire."

"True. I'm sorry to imply that you were-"

She began to laugh lightly, ending the serious mood.

"I know. Don't worry, Shikyo."

Xia continued to close in on her subject, sitting down beside him. Her white eyes could see through the stars that the Knight appeared to be admiring. The young Keibatsu turned toward Sildrin and then back to his stars.

"So, why have you come to sit by me?"

A smile washed upon herface.

"I was wondering why you kissed me..."

Rurouni lowered his head, remembering the sequence of events that had taken place during that moment.

"I'm not sure. Something inside just wanted me to kiss you, even if it would be the one time. My question to you, though, is why did you kiss back?"

No one had to look at the Quaestor's face to know she was blushing. The Sith chuckled. He turned back towards her, feeling the same urges as before. As he turned toward her, it appeared that she was starting to feel the same. With their timing just right, the two kissed each other once more, just as soft and as deep. The kiss broke slowly, leaving the two of them to blush with a deep red color. They looked at one another, then turned away quickly, not wanting to let in on the feelings they had. Shikyo stood up, putting out his hand to the Krath female.

"Shall we head to bed?"

She looked up at him, as he stuck out his other hand, pulling her up off of the ground. He walked her to her room with one hand in hers, before turning and heading back to his room. That night, Shikyo Keibatsu slept in peace, as the day arrived for them to leave the home of the Keibatsu brothers.

Ashia Kagan

21-05-2006 23:54:42

Aeotheran, Orion System 2100 Antei time
The moisture from her breath froze against the windscreen of the ship, Ashia's eyes as cold as the space beyond. At least it was quiet up here, something the Krath needed and was in short supply among her clan-mates below. Kagan leaned back, relaxing herself as the ship floated, faint music drifting from the speakers of the ship.

She had begun to worry about them again. The war initiated by her master, the Herald of the brotherhood had pulled all those who bore the name of Keibatsu back to their homeworld, the place of their genesis. Ashia's son numbered among them. War was no place for a boy of six years old, even if the monks had accelerated his growth. The only thing that kept her tongue in check was the fact that he would be fighting at his father's side, one of the most devastating warriors the Brotherhood had seen in recent times. Ashia snarled. She'd rather be there with them, fighting alongside the bloodline's soldiers, but Muz had sent her back, reminding her of her duty to her clan, and the training she received there. The idea still rankled within her, irritating her motherly instincts.

The music paused mid-riff, the familiar tone of a communiqué signal interrupting her thoughts. Ashia's fingers darted to the console and a blue holograph appeared before her. The face of the Aedile quivered in the resolution, his eyes focusing as the connection steadied.

"Ashia, I thought I'd find you up there. There's a communiqué from Antei for you. You want me to forward it to you, or you want to take it at the base?"


"The Authcode says Antei, yeah..." Malisane rubbed his chin. "Muz?"

"Muz is on Kyataru, attending to family business." Ashia muttered, absentmindedly. "Yeah, patch it through."

"All right." Malisane's face distorted, then faded from view as his connection ceased, the symbol of the brotherhood playing large across her eyes in it's stead. The symbol blinked to the cruel ideograph of the Herald's Office, then to the black lion crest she knew so well. Her mind recalled the first time she saw that symbol, painted across the floor of the Fallen Spear's bay, the majestic and yet somehow ominous shape solidifying her emotions at the moment, having recently found her son and his father after so many years. Ashia shook the memory from her mind's eye, focusing on the communiqué before her. The Lion dissipated, and the form of the Herald rose, his warcoat flaring from his ankles in the Kyataran wind. He placed his hands on the sabre hilts at his waist, leveling his black stare at the recorder.

"Ashia, I have a mission for you."

The Zabrak nodded silently, a braid falling from her shoulder forward before she brushed it back quickly.

"You are to fly to Kuat, and give some information to my contact, Ral Viscera at Seinar Fleet systems. He knows me by my 'other' name." Muz paused, turning to look at something off to his left before muttering to himself in the melodic tongue of his homeworld.

"After you're done on Kuat, you'll need to see Vara Suu on Kamino, and deliver some data to him for me. When you're done with all that, meet me at Kuroshin castle."

"Yes, master, but what of my clan duties?"

"I've already cleared this mission through the appropriate people, Ashia. If your ship is fully fueled, you'll be able to leave now."

The communiqué clicked off and silence filled the ship. She leaned back and let a long sigh out. The mother in her wanted to ask, but she figured she'd be able to go to Kyataru and see them herself in a few days. Her fingers danced across the datapad as she pulled up the information, Muz had sent her. Her azure eyes scanned it briefly before going through a few system checks.

She often sat in the Persephone in orbit over Aeotheran. To most, the Z-95 was small and cramped, but to her lithe frame, she found comfort in it. The recent Clan Feud had been a bit of a shock, when training maneuvers turned hostile. Clan Naga Sadow had come out on top at least, but she had had her hands full managing her battle team. They were currently on furrow, ordered by her to relax and get some rest before the imminent Jedi war that loomed on the horizon. Rest, however, didn't seem to be in her agenda as she geared up the Headhunter and set a course to for Kuat. Her loyalty to the Keibatsu was strong and she'd do what she could to help them reclaim their land.


Ashia woke with a start, her mind taking a moment to get her bearings as she realized she was aboard the Persephone. She stretched as much as she could and looked out the cockpit window. The ships navigational system stated they were near Kuat. The Zabrak stiffened. She had never been here before and she didn't know what to expect. She punched at a few keys on the console as she came out of hyperspace, the mottled blue and black veil lifting to show the stars and planets. The ship yards emerged in front of her, large vessels floating in orbit around the planet. Though she could sense no life forms on any of the ships. The mere site of the massive fleet before her was a bit unnerving, coupled with the stillness of the grave.

She moved through the fleet silently for a bit before being hailed.

"You have entered the Seinar Fleet Systems Shipyards, please identify yourself."

She punched the code that Muz had given her into the computer and waited for clearance with a lump in her throat.

"Persephone, you are cleared for docking bay 9. Please proceed."

She sat the ship down with ease, the thrusters making a final burst before settling. She grabbed her Tiger katana and settled it on her hip as exited the ship. Making her way inside, she found a myriad of people, ambling about the causeway. As she entered the main chamber, a droid escorted her into a room.

Moments later, the door swished open and a dark gruff looking man entered, framed by two security grade protocol droids.

"I am Ral Viscera, what can I do for you?" He gave her a wan smile that didn't reach his eyes. She sensed irritation coming from the man so she got right to the point.

"I'm here on business for Maxim Fastblade." She looked him dead in the eye as she flipped one of her braids back over her shoulder; her hand coming to rest on the hilt of her katana.

"Maxim Fastblade." he rubbed at his chin. "That's a name I haven't heard in a while." He eyed her suspiciously as she handed the data pad to him.

He examined it carefully mumbling as he did. "Planetary defense fleet IDII-TI2k-RT28k-VA20-ST40-AT10-LS11k-A510-TB500-SPC10-LCS10."

He looked up at her and met her eye. "This is gonna cost him. You're his agent?"

"That's why I'm here." She sensed hesitation in him and wondered what was going on. "I can give you 200,000 credits as a down payment."

Viscera laughed darkly. "200,000! That's barely enough of a down payment for a tenth of this order. Does Fastblade have the credits to cover this job, or is he just trying to pull a fast one?"

She stood in stunned silence for a minute as Muz's words came back to her. 'Use whatever means necessary, but do not attract any unwanted attention. This has to be kept quiet.'

She quickly sought out his mind, "Maxim is good for it. 200,000 will suffice for now." Her words floated melodiously on the air.

He blinked in confusion a moment as she wove the thoughts through him.

"200,000's good enough for now." He agreed absently. "Maxim's good for it."

"You will contact us upon completion at which time we will complete our transaction." Her words continued to glide through him.

"I'll contact you when the order's filled. You can pay me the rest then."

She nodded to him as he left the room, transferring the credits and codes to the droid that entered behind him. A nagging feeling that there was more going on then the usual greed aggravated her senses... He was too distracted by something else. "Droid, are there any other customers here today?"

"That information is confidential, ma'am." The voice was tiny and cold, much as she had expected. Ashia would just have to have a look around on her own.

"Well, then, I'll be heading back to my ship. Thank you." She slipped through the doors, pulling her hood up as she slunk through the corridor, eyes darting out the window at the construction slips. A number of small transports littered the field, but curiosity drew her further.

She rounded a corner, slipping from shadow to shadow, the dark fabric of her coat helping conceal her from any eyes that chance swept her way. Ashia froze, her vision locking on a massive ship, dozens of slips attached to the sides.

This had to be it. The massive ship had a staggering array of gun emplacements...and the familiar wedge shape. Ashia's mouth worked in shock as the symbol along the fuselage worked its way through her mind. The New Republic was building Destroyers.

Ashia turned, pulling her datapad from her side pouch to snap a picture of the warship. The New Republic building massive warships bothered her. True, The republic likely had no idea of the Brotherhood's existence, and would likely never even attempt going near Antei or Sepros, but still she wondered.

Muz would want to know about this, that much was certain. Ashia snapped a few more shots before returning the datapad to her belt pouch. Now, to get back to the Persephone and head for Kamino. Ashia was anxious to get these errands over with, to return to Kyataru, to her son.


Kamino was wet and cold, an uncomfortable place on the outer rim. Ashia shuddered within her cockpit, cursing the fact that the facility seemed to have no covered landing bays. Water sheeted from the windscreen as the Persephone set down on a circular pad, connected to a building by a narrow walkway. Ashia sat there for a moment, hoping that the rain would relent for a moment...just long enough for her to get to cover, but the weather didn't care for her input.

Sighing, the Krath unlatched the canopy, pulling her hood up as she climbed from the cockpit. The rain pelted her, running rivulets down her coat as she ran for the door. A quick swish and she was inside, shaking the water from the leather. She looked around as she lowered her hood, the stark white of the walls cold and despairing.

Ashia shuddered slightly before turning to find a tall thin Kaminoan woman before her. She bowed slightly as she spoke, "I am Taun We. How may I be of service to you?" Her slender frame straighten and her long arms gestured with a certain grace as she spoke. She had a calming presence about her.

"I'm here to speak to Vara Suu on behalf of Muz Keibatsu. My name is Ashia." Ashia strained her neck to meet the Kaminoan's soft eyes.

"Vara Suu is busy at the moment, but should be available soon. Would you like a tour of the facilities while you wait?"

Ashia was a little surprised at this, but had wanted to see it. She had heard about Kamino and was curious to see the operation for herself. She agreed and followed Tauun We to the observation windows of the training rooms. Tauun We was very thorough in explaining each stage of development that the clones underwent. When she explained the aging process, the Zabrak's thoughts drifted to Sanjuro and what the monks had done. If only they hadn't, then he'd be too little to fight in the war and might be safe at his mother's side. She tried not to think about it. She knew Muz wouldn't let anything happen to him. Still, war was war however you look at it and even the great Muz Ashen wasn't capable of controlling everything.

The Kaminoan floated down the hall, her long legs taking slow, even strides so her guest could keep up with her. She entered a room and gestured towards a chair.

"Please wait here. Vara Suu will be with you soon."

Ashia nodded her acknowledgement as Tauun We left the room. A few moments later and the door swished open, Tauun We re-entered with another tall, lengthy Kaminoan behind her.

"Ashia, this is Vara Suu. Ashia is here on behalf of Muz Keibatsu."

"Thank you, Tauun We." She bowed to him and left the room quietly. Vara Suu sat down in the chair opposite the Zabrak.

"I've been wondering how the Keibatsu were doing. What can I do for you?"

"The Keibatsu are in need of 16 legions and two regiments of the Nihilgenia stock. We will only be able to assume delivery of 4 legions ourselves, so we will need to make arrangements for the rest to be sent via transport to Kyataru."

Vara Suu sat thoughtfully for a moment. "Muz understands that this will take time. Even at the accelerated growth rate, we won't have most of that ready for another year. Right now I only have one regiment ready."

Ashia thought about this, knowing they had taken Kuroshin castle and needed all the help they could get she said, "I'll take that regiment now via transport. The rest we'll make arrangements for. He does realize the time frame, but I know he would want whatever you have ready."

Vara Suu nodded to her, "Very well. I'll go get things ready then."


Ashia sat aboard the 'Persephone'. She keyed in a link to the 'Fallen Spear' and waited. A minute or so later and the familiar sight of the Herald appeared before her.

"Ashia. What news do you have?"

"The Kamino have agreed and will start work on your order promptly, however, they only have one regiment ready. I can bring them back, via transport."

"Great, I was hoping for more, but we'll take what we can. When can you leave?"

"Within the hour, I believe."

"Great, I'll see you in a few days then. Be careful, Tiger."

Ashia smiled at the nickname. "I will, see you soon. Ashia out." She clicked off the communiqué and sat back. Her mind began to drift as the silence filled the air. She was glad she'd be with them soon and was eager to get going, but was also thankful for the time being. She wouldn't be able to get a moment to herself for the next few days.

Her comlink went off, it was Vara Suu.

"Ashia, we are ready for departure."

She acknowledged the Kamionan and hit the button to open the hatch of the Headhunter. She had already secured it aboard the transport unit, and she went to join the captain on the bridge for take off.


Nothingness. The stars flew by as short streaks of light as they flew through hyperspace.

"We're coming up on Kyataru, General Kagan." The captain announced. Ashia stiffened, finally she'd be with them again. She held her breath as they dropped out of hyperspace, the planet looming infront of them.

From the control center, she keyed in a link to Muz and waited.

"We just dropped out of hyperspace outside of Kyataru."

Ashia keyed her commlink, trying to reach the surface again. "Muz, we're here..."

The radio snared into static. Hopefully she wasn't too late, that the war hadn't gone poorly. She knew that they had expected stiff resistance in the fortified southern areas.

"Good to hear you, Ash." Muz voice sounded haggard somehow, like he had been run ragged the last few days. "Make landfall at the coordinates I'm sending..."


Ashia leapt from her ship, boots finding purchase in the grassy plain as the transport Hovered, the pregnant bulk looking for a sound place to land before the regiment began to disembark. Ashia smiled as she saw the familiar dark grey and purple plastisteel armour of the Nihilgenia.

Ashia flicked open her commlink, the Kuroshin holonet spreading the signal to all the Keibatsu. "Honey, I'm home... and I brought back-up!"

Shikyo Keibatsu

22-05-2006 00:52:05

The castle was just on the horizon. It wouldn't be long before they would have to engage it, and take the two generals inside. They had already encountered Tokumitsu once, and now they would have to deal with a General Kamateru. This would be the first time that they would have to deal with the strength of two generals in one area, at the same time. Looking back at the Nihilgenia, they were eagered to wipe out the area, blood smeared across their armor. They were the demons of Kyataru, and the warlords were seeing it all too clearly.

A ring echoed from Shikyo's commlink, coming from Muz. He stepped away from the group for a moment to pick up the transmittion.

"Hey Muz, what's going on?"

"Nothing much. We're sweeping the Eastern Front, moving in on your location."

"Sounds good."

"Yes. I have a present for your forces."

"What would that be?"

"Gather the family and Sildrin together. They all need to hear this."

"Alright. Shikyo out."

The communicator blinked off, as he turned back toward the rest of the forces. He moved throughout them, gathering up the Keibatsus and Sildrin, bringing them to an opening where they could send a link to the Easter Front. Manji set up his commlink to that of Muz's, seeing his brother's face appear, along with the visages of the rest of the Keibatsus. Nekura would be the one to start the conversation.

"Ok, Muz. Whatcha got for us?"

"I have a present for all of us. Something I asked Ashia to pick up."

The female Zabrak appeared in the image, poking her head between Shin'ichi and Macron.


Shikyo nodded, smirking lightly.

"Hey, Ash. What kind of goodies did you bring us?"

"Check them out."

The image swirled around to an area ahead of them, revealing a massive force of Nihilgenia. Rurouni's jaw dropped, as did the jaws of all those around him. This was more than a gift; this was a gift sent by the Force. The awe washed away into a feeling of pure excitement, as the idea of more chaos and destruction filled Shikyo's mind.

"Ashia, don't ever say I don't love ya."

A chuckle came from the Zabrak's lips, as the image zoomed back to Muz.

"I figured this might be enough to finish this campaign. What do you all think?"

A word of approval came from everyone's mouth, as a smirk passed on the Pontifex's lips.

"I thought you all might like that. I'll be sending them your way soon. Muz, over and out."

The excitement was so thick that a blaster shot couldn't penetrate through it. The Western Forces held their position until the new recruits joined their ranks.

Macron Sadow

22-05-2006 11:34:57

“Hell yes,” Macron chortled as he saw the video feed. “Now that is cool.” Things had been slow during the days after the awful execution of Masa. The various armies had shuffled around a little, like a pack of old worn cards. A recent massing of troops to the south had Macron concerned.

The Nihilengia were arriving at the campsite a few hours later. The clones began to detail themselves to differing units, and the camp was a buzz with activity. Weapons were handed out, and battle plans made. Drills were carried out to keep the soldiers sharp.

Muz, Macron, Shin’Ichi, Ashia and Sanjuro were in a deep discussion over a simple paper map. Holographic representations of the others stood on top of discs set upon the wooden table. Each had their own ideas, and sometimes getting strong-willed Dark Jedi to agree was difficult.

There was one general consensus. It was time to begin the annihilation of their enemies.

Shikyo Keibatsu

26-05-2006 00:21:44

Crimson and Violet blades hacked and slashed through hoards of enemies daring to rush the Keibatsu family. Shimura lifted a hopeless soldier of Kamateru, impaling him with his crimson beam. Manji's face was constntly sprayed with blood, as he would quickly draw his Kunisada katana against decent ranking officials. They should have been honored to taste Keibatsu steel instead of his saber. Sildrin's grace with her saber left countless soldiers to peer down at their stubs, as cries of rage were emitted from Shikyo's lungs.

Beams fired from the Nihilgenia lit up the skies of Kyataru, as their targets were quickly sent to their afterlives. They were earning their titles as "demons," sweeping through the field like locusts on a plain. You could hear no screams come from the fallen Nihilgenia, only the regrets that they could not pull their triggers once more. The Dark Jedi continued to push on, pushing the castle defense forces back towards the walls. Their objectives could not be met, as they began to retreat to the gates.

Shikyo held his hand up to end the advancement of his troops. The crimson armored warriors ceased firing, answering the command of their leader. Rurouni took in the sight of the cowards running from their fate. It wouldn't matter anymore. Sooner or later, their death would come, and it would come in the form of swift wings. Looking off to the right, the young Keibatsu could see the sun rising over their victory; their glory.

Distracted by the feeling of dominance over the ants that plagued his homeland, Shikyo did not hear the scream of a lonely foot soldier who had just joined the enemy. He wielded a sword that was not his own, but one that had belonged to his commander. Without warning, the Blind Dragon disected him from the top of his head, walking through the corpses sections as if she was walking through a doorway. Rurouni smirked at the Quaestor.

"Thanks, beautiful."

She nodded her head to the Knight to acknowledge his gratitude. Nekura walked up beside his brother, followed by the ferocious Zabrak, peering down at the castle. It was time to take the strong hold and let the winds wave the banners of the true rulers of Kyataru. Dokugan-Ryu's lips opened wide to bellow out the final command he would have to give the Nihilgenia for this battle.

"Kill them all!"

Macron Sadow

26-05-2006 09:29:13

"... Dogs of war!" Macron heard Muz's prognostication from afar. The battle raged around them as the eastern armies encountered a huge group of the enemy. Clones and warriors hacked, shot, bombed, and beat each other everywhere like insane wind up toys.
The air stank of ozone, blood, and filth. It was fortunate that Macron’s battle suit had an air filter.

A group of particularly tough fighters had killed several Nihilengia from Macron’s group in a flanking maneuver. Shin'Ichi had mentioned a group of assassins,and Mononoke had moved to address this personally. As he stepped into the wooded area at the edge of the skirmish, he could sense the essence of those lying in wait. His two clone bodyguards paced him, providing more bait for the trap.

This was fine. He had brought his latest pets, recently culled from Malachor. The Hssiss could literally make themselves unseen and unheard with the Force, and had been play toys of the old Sith. The Two Darkside Dragons stalked by Mononoke as he walked nonchalantly into the area, looking as if he was seeking a place to relieve himself.

Assassins in camouflage robes with hidden faces sprang up from the ground. They had lain in pits covered with debris, and now intended to slay the General as ordered. Blasters and steel whipped everywhere as the dozen Shinobi attacked. The clones were cut down almost instantly.

“Ninjas?” laughed Mononoke as he drew upon the fear he felt emanating from them to fly above their attack with a gliding leap. He had discovered this ability, studying the Clan Naga Sadow powers in secret. The power of telekinetics was a Sadowite specialty, and the Keibatsu intended to prove that to them. His armored boots lit upon a high rocky boulder some five meters above the fray with a click as he spun and palmed his custom blade.

“Get real,” he sneered as his Corusca-powered orange blade erupted from the emitter with a crack and throbbing hum. Several red blaster shots were deflected with Soresu twirls as the alchemist threw a wave of Force Energy, smashing bones and rupturing organs. One Kyataran dropped as his brain was crushed in an invisible iron fist, and two more took reflected blaster bolts to their torsos. Rocks rose to intercept arrows, and a dagger leaped from it's sheath only to be buried in it's owner's neck.

The Dragons became visible as they attacked, sensing weakness and hesitation in the assassins. Soon, horrible shrieks emanated from the area as the sound of crunching bones could be heard. Macron emerged from the woods a few minutes later, spritzing gore from his armor with some cleaning product.

Shin’Ichi nodded as he approached the command tent. “You get ‘em?” he asked simply.

“Yeah, the scumbags met their ancestors just a little bit ago. They are in the many Hells now,” replied the alchemist. “And my pets got a nice breakfast. Lots of vitamins in these grounder folk.”

“I understand we move on that castle tomorrow, so you may want to prepare,” replied the Krath.

Muz Ashen

26-05-2006 10:51:01

The rythym of battle swept across their minds, their bodies dancing the blades through the flesh. Shin'Ichi and Macron tore up the southern flank, their newly reinforced troops casing them in.

Any other day, and Muz would have reminded his brother that doing such a thing would resign the enemy to fight more fiercely. But today, he was beyond thought, beyond tactics.

His mind was quiet.

No barrier of self-control, no sense of composure to still his hand, he was as an avatar of war. the fear bloomed in those who the Lion of Tarthos swept across, supping on their roiling emotions before breathing in the fumes of their released souls.


Shin'Ichi smiled as he carved his way through the General's men, his eyes locked on the artillery pieces mere meters from him. Macron spun through another foe, his orange blade searing through the mandibles to light his eyes.

Something stirred in them, their breaths taking pause as they deflected the odd attack.

"Can you feel that?" Macron seethed, the words sliding through clenched teeth.

Shin'Ichi nodded, his eyes shooting across the field. "They've broken."

Macron's eyes widened as he stepped forward, the soldiers scampering from him, feeble attacks covering their retreat.


"Bishamon..." The whispers flowed from the mouths of those who fell before Ashen, his nightmare eyes following the men as they retreated from his gaze.

Muz stamped forward, his blades spinning in the tight arcs of Sokan.

A hand caught the Pontifex's arm. "Father, stop..."

Muz turned, his eyes drifting over the form of the half-breed. Coated in a thin paste of blood and soil, the young jedi hunter gazed up at his father.

"We want to lead these people, don't we?"

Muz spun back to the general's men, his eyes cold and black as night. He had come here to leave his fear, to find himself among the ashes of his Father's house. To search for innocence in this place where it all began. And yet, something deeper brought him here, far more than just a need to remember, nor to regain the favor of a ghost he never knew.

"Bring me the general."


Shin'Ichi watched Nagahide's general move forward, his sword carried by the saya, hilt forward in a show of surrender.

Muz dropped to his knees, his sabers flung from his hands, the dark metal sliding along the trampled grass. The general froze, his eyes deciphering the Herald's actions.

"What is he doing?"


Muz looked up at the general, meeting his eyes in a cool stare. "[Your men called me Bishamon.]"

The general nodded solemnly, his eyes never raising from the Krath's.

"[You've found another god instead, a god of suffering and tears.]" The Kyataran words rolled from his tongue, their tones stoic and hollow.

"[I'll scorch the earth until it bleeds, rain ashes from the sky. Raise a monument to darkness, to kill something that will not die.]"

"Jihi..." The general slipped his hands cautiously up the saya, thumb reaching for the hilt.

Muz leapt, hands wrapping around the general's head and neck. The adrenaline rush of fear and hatred coursed like fire through him, seething through his muscles as he bellowed his silent rage to the heavens. The sick snap of shattered bones echoed behind limp muscles, then gave way to the liquid rip of torn flesh. Flames of spirit loomed behind sable eyes as he tore the head from the general's shoulders, throwing the body to the soil.

Muz spun the trophy around in his hands, bringing it up to gaze into the general's eyes as the life faded from them.

"[Mercy exists for no one.]"

Muz tossed the head aside, the skull bouncing along the ground, leaving a trail of splattered crimson.

Shin'Ichi cleared his voice, turning to the mass of men, herded together by the Nihilgenia. Power seeped through his throat, strengthening his voice as he spoke.

"[Your General lacked the conviction to protect his people. And so, he died.]" Shin'Ichi spat in disgust. "[Go home, all of you, and tell them that the Keibatsu have returned.]"


The campfire crackled in the chill night air. Shin'Ichi collapsed upon his bedroll, hands clutching his hilt close. Muz stared blankly into the flames, his hand cradling a small flask of sake.

Macron moved silently to the Pontifex's side, stepping deftly around Sanjuro's sleeping body. "Are you alright?"

Muz paused for a moment, his eyes searching his kin for a moment as he sought the right words. "I did not come here for this. I only came here to find peace." He paused, sipping from his bttle and letting the alcohol slip down his throat. "I was losing sight of what and who I was again."

Macron nodded, the chemical madness in him subsiding in favor of the wisdom he bore. "And you thought that this would help you feel at peace."

"I've found that the conflict is deep inside myself. And I can't fight, losing control in ways I can not change."

"There are ways to overcome..."

"Nothing can change in me these things that I beleive. I just don't know what happens now." Muz stood abruptly, walking off into the wood, the shadows embracing his form as Macron watched, his response too slow and quiet for the Herald to hear.

"We just fear that you came to leave."


Kyataru Campaign Desktop

Shikyo Keibatsu

26-05-2006 23:56:20

The walls were no longer the safe havens for Generals Tokumitsu and Kamateru. Blood stained them with the lifeforce of the fallen. The essence of fear could be felt from all dircetions, inside and outside the castle. Shikyo followed the path that lead to the Great Hall, which contained the two generals, ready to make their last stand. Two hands layed on his shoulder, one belonging to Ashia and the other belonging to the Blind Dragon. They halted his movement momentarily, before following him into the Great Hall. Tokumitsu stood in full battle armor, his sword drawn out and ready to strike. Kamateru wielded a spear with a giant, curved blade. He wore battle armor as well, however he did not bother to wear a helm. It would not matter with the "energy swords" the Dark Jedi wielded.

Rurouni layed his hand on the hilt of his sword, unsheathing it with ferocity and rage. He rushed out towards the man he believed to be Tokumitsu, following the pull of the Force. It seemed as if it was telling him to strike at the masked dog and he followed the commands fully. Steel of the swords sang out through the hall, filling the ears of all that were present. Ashia and Sildrin ran out at Kamateru, positoning his spear into an offensive position.

The battle was over before it could actually begin for the owner of the castle. Kamateru lunged forward with his weapon, leaving Xia to destroy the weapon with her own, as Ashia lunged her Tiger katana deep into the general's throat, pulling it across to sever his head more than halfway. The Blind Dragon finished the job, as she pulled her purple blade across the Kyatarian's neck, removing his head for good. The Huntress picked up her enemy's head, as the Quaestor looked back to watch the Knight fight his battle. Neither of the Kraths interferred with the duel. It was meant for him.

The Sith clashed his blade against his opponent's, not bothering to use the Force on him once. He wouldn't need it. His mind had been washed in the blood of his victims, driving him to a state of mind that desired only war. Tokumitsu went to slice down through Shikyo's head, as the young Keibatsu pushed forward, bringing his blade up through his arms. The sword found the weakness in the general's gauntlets, severing the limbs from the rest of the body. Crimson splashed onto Rurouni's kimono and face, as the older man stood in shock.

Tokumitsu bellowed out a pitiful scream that was music to the Sith Knight's ears. He allowed it to fill his body, bringing him a sense of excitement that one can only get through the death of someone who is deeply despised. Shikyo grabbed the dog up by his armor, lifiting him high into the air. A clatter of metal on stone echoed, as the Sergeant unclipped his saber from his belt. With a flick of his thumb, the burning red blade howled for its master, anticipating the taste of human flesh.

He ran the blade slowly over his legs, increasing the sound of his screams, bringing his mind to the edge. Tokumitsu's nerves gave out on him, putting him in shock. Too bad he couldn't feel his head being removed. Shikyo watched the orb bounce on the floor, slinging the torso across the hall. The castle was taken and the duel was over. There was only one thing left to do and that was clear the area of the rats. His crimson beam was laid to rest, as he took his leave of the castle.

Ashia stood in shock at her friend, never seeing this side of him. Sildrin watched him take his leave, taking note of his actions. The surrounding territories could feel the despair and chaos of the reclaimation, seeing its end coming close. To some, that would be a day of liberation; others would see it as a day they lost all their power. However, it would be the day that the Keibatsu family took back what was rightfully theirs - their home.

Ashia Kagan

27-05-2006 16:03:36

Ashia wiped the blood from her katana and looked up at Sildrin. The Blind Dragon was battle worn and exhausted. Her attention was on the young Keibatsu as he drifted out of the castle; having been aged by battle, the young Keibatsu looked older then he was. Ashia's thoughts drifted back to her son. War was no place for a boy that young and even as strong as he was, she was concerned.

"Why do you fight?" The words fell from the Quaestor's lips abruptly bringing the Zabrak out of her reverie. She looked up and met her empty gaze.

"Everyone that dies by my hand, won't have the chance to harm my son. This land belongs to him as much as it does the rest of them, therefore I fight. Love, honor...loyality."

Xia nodded her acquiescence as they both moved to leave the castle.


28-05-2006 20:15:53

Sildrin's head turned to one of the half dead on the ground, and she clenched a fist, twisting the flesh and bones. Gutural sounds came from the quivering mass on the ground. Sildrin kneeled down next to the pathetic creature on the ground: "And you wish for death... to let the pain end. But I won't give that as I am also denied any peace."

Ashia watched her, then asked in return: "And why do you fight?".
... and why do you fight? ... Sildrin remained silent for a few moments, searching for an answer. She murmered more to herself as her slender fingers caressed the cheek of the poor creature in front of her: "Yeah.. for what do I fight...?"
White eyes turned into Ashia's direction: "If I wasn't here, I would have died from boredom in my office. Love... ", she lightly shook her head: ".. an emotion that escaped me. Honor... yes, but only to a certain point."
Her lips curled into an evil smile and she got up: "I am sure that one day someone tries to kill me for prestige.. for power. Maybe I die by the hand of a clansman that wishes to rise in power. Maybe one day I might die by your hands, or maybe Shikyo's... or Muz's?"

Sildrin smirked as the Jedi Huntress opened her mouth in protest, only to be silenced by a finger of the Blind Dragon that rested against Ashia's lips. "I am aware of the loyalty and honour in your family. I doubt anyone would do that. Still... I will watch my back." She lowered her tone: "We are darksiders after all. And hey ...not every day you have the chance to conquer a planet."
She continued to walk, then turned halfly around to Ashia: "And I would die for anyone of you in this battle. But not because of loyalty or because you call me a friend. It is for the blood to be spilled and the battle to be won." Her face was showing sadness and she whispered: "And if I least this neverending struggle of life is over for me. A life that chokes me slowly, but never till the end, expanding the pain and agony." Then her thoughts turned to Shikyo, thinking: .. but sweetness lets me forget about that for some time.. I wonder for how long.. then they both left behind the castle and the winding body.

Shikyo Keibatsu

29-05-2006 19:28:51

Shikyo walked back to their quarters, resting on the ground. That was the first time he desired pain and suffering on an enemy. Granted he slaughtered them alongside his brothers, but he was only thinking of the glory of the family, not the excitement of watching his enemies suffer and die. This new line of thinking was beginning to concern the young Keibatsu, having never experiencing it before. Before his mind had a chance to think on this new development, Manji walked into the camp, wiping the blood from his face.

The one-eyed warrior was chuckling about the screams of his victims, as he looked down at his brother.

"Hey Shikyo! You alright?!"

The Sith Knight looked up at his brother, unsure of a reasonable answer to the question.

"I don't know, Manji."

"What's up, little bro?"

Rurouni sat up and looked in the direction of the Dokugan-Ryu.

"Well, I finished fighting Tokumitsu..."

"That's a good thing, Shikyo. You helped end this war that much quicker."

"Yeah, but... I was excited to kill him... I enjoyed listening to him cry out in agony."

Nekura took a sip out of his sake, sitting beside the Knight.

"Little bro, you're just going through what each of us has gone through before. Each Keibatsu has a lapse of sanity during a battle. It's kinda proof that you're of our bloodline."

The Epis let out a chuckle, slowly being followed by his younger brother. Manji passed his bottle to the Knight, allowing him a sip of sake, as the Blind Dragon entered the camp. She walked in just as the two Keibatsus were raising their spirits, siping on the liquid fire. Her eyebrow cocked itself a little bit, her gaze at Manji. The Krath samurai was still chuckling as he stood up and walked out of the tent, giving Shikyo and Sildrin some time together.

The Archpriestess could tell that something had gone wrong with the Sith, something she had not seen in him before. Sildrin sat beside him, looking into her eyes, her face showing her concern for him. Shikyo smirked at her, nodding his head lightly to show that he was alright.

"Don't worry. I just had a lapse of sanity... Keibatsu tradition."

Sil let out a scoff; her version of a laugh. Rurouni looked over at the Quaestor, catching a look of concern on the Krath's face. She was thinking of her past and the pains that occured. Shikyo put his arm around her waist, pulling her towards him a little bit. The two of them just sat there, resting from the day of fighting.

Ashia Kagan

31-05-2006 22:36:56

Ashia sauntered into camp as Manji exited Shikyo's tent. He nodded in her direction and held up his bottle of sake. She took it and plopped down next to him taking a draught of the elixir as she did. She looked up at the brillance of the night sky; the sounds of the forest surrounding them. The castle loomed behind them, an ominious monolith casting eery shadows in the glow of the fire. The smell of decay and death filled their nostrils leaving them yearning for more bloodshed, even though their bodies forebade it.

She turned to see the Epis watching her, a small smile played along his lips before he lowered his head, the patch over his right eye hiding his face in the shadows.

"What is it?" She looked at him quizzically.

"'s just...Sanjuro...he looks so much like you, but I see a lot of Muz in him too."

She smiled. "He has his father's sense of duty and honor. But Muz..." She trailed off.
Manji looked up at her then, prodding her to continue.

"Muz has his own demons to face. I just know there's no escape once it's set it's eyes on you." She sighed heavily as she stood up and walked towards the fire, fanning it with the Force, allowing the flames to climb higher for a moment before releasing them.

"He has faced many a foe and won victoriously." Manji stared hard into the flames. "But what about you? What of your demons, Little Kagan?"

She turned towards him, the light behind her casting an adumbration that hid her eyes. "I'll stand my ground and not give in. I have to face it and not hide the truth inside. And if I don't make it....someone else will."

Macron Sadow

01-06-2006 10:10:58

Macron watched over the camp, needing no real sleep. The drugs and light meditation were enough for now. He was sure to pay later, but for this night his friends could get some sleep. He had unusually removed his armor, and wore black Sith robes that almost drank the light. A simple hood covered his head, hiding the scarred and tattooed countenance beneath. Mononoke reflected on this treatment of the native Kyataran silk by Alchemy. "This could be useful," he thought.

As he listened to the insects and night birds, he began to get a feel for the planet. It was nothing like Coruscant, and not as vile as Yavin Four. He sat upon the stump of a tree and considered his actions. He wondered that he had no qualms or compunctions about being totally ruthless, unlike some of his friends. However, his dual nature implored him to ask the others to consider asking some of the foe to surrender and be spared.

“Always the creature of duality, my scion,” came a wavering phantasmal voice from the deepening darkness.

Macron returned to full awareness from his light meditation with a start. Boot steps resounded on the grit of the path in the sleeping camp, and Muz came into sight. Obviously, he needed little sleep as well. Sometimes it was hard to sleep when the killing never stopped in the theater of your mind.

“Did you just say something, Muz?” asked Macron as the fireflies flitted about them both. Eerie blue lights added to the surreal aspect of the midnight meeting.

“No. But I did sense an unusual presence over here. It woke me up. It seemed old, and faint but yet powerful. Who has visited you, little brother?” replied the Herald.

Mononoke’s eyes widened. “Malak,” he spoke with fear. “He torments me even here. It is a sign. There will be more slaughter soon.”

“Undoubtedly. If they do not surrender,” said the Keibatsu heir.


05-06-2006 16:29:25

The zabrak no longer slept, but rather put himself into a deep meditation like the one he was in. Except in this one, it was more of a nightmare, he saw himself striking down Dark Jedi to his left and right. He had been seeing visions of himself during the 5th Great Jedi War. He would have rather forgot about that and the images seemed to penetrate his state of tranquility, something only caused by a great spirit...something that was forewarning him.

Stepping up and out of his meditation, he seemed to forget where he was, the people around him, the planet he was on and what his objective was. The blood began to bubble in his veins as he let out of deep bestial bellow. His head flailed around until he caught a glimpse the comm link on his wrist. Immediately he pressed group button.


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Shinichi Endymiron K

07-06-2006 17:17:43

As a breeze blew the blades of tall grass back and forth a warrior sitting astride his mount adjusted his helmet. “I hate wearing these things.” He spoke to his younger brother, seated beside him. Shikyo Keibatsu looked at his elder brother and nodded agreement. “So do I, but it completes the uniform, and you know how these lords are. They’re sticklers for pomp and tradition.” Shin’ichi checked the lightsaber hanging at his side and the katana sheathed and tied beside it. “Are my ribbons straight?” he asked the younger Keibatsu. The Knight smiled. “Yes, are mine.” The General could not help himself as he said; “Yeah both of them are straight.” Shikyo frowned.

“Don’t worry yourself little brother. You are still new to this. In time your honors will rival mine, and who knows perhaps even those of the Heir to our line.” The young Knight nodded as a soldier approached them.

“Lord General the cortege is assembled and ready to depart on your word.”

Shin’ichi looked down at the trooper and spoke. “Very well sergeant. Signal the advance and notify the scouts that we are on the move.” With a salute the soldier turned and departed.

The speeders began moving forward, and columns of troops on either side marched in unison. Banners fluttered in the breeze. The sword wielding dragon of the Keibatsu together with the broken infinity of the Nihilgenia that had become Shin’ichi’s personal sigil waved majestically in the wind signaling the significance of the delegation.

After several months of constant war with the feudal lords of Kyataru the Keibatsu had decided to sue for peace. The time has come to unite the people of this world and turn the planet into a galactic power. For this mission they had chosen the architect of the initial victories of the Keibatsu forces, and the drafter of the communiqué that called for the ceasefire to allow for negotiations, Shin’ichi Endymiron Keibatsu. The decorated hero of the Galactic Civil War, the War of Succession, the Great Schism, and now the Kyataran Civil War, along with his honored younger brother, the Knight Shikyo Keibatsu, were on their way to meet with delegates from opposition forces.

The Archpriest’s mind kept coming back to the battles that raged over the homeworld he had never known. The devastation and loss of life was nothing new for a warrior of his experience, but the fact that it had been happening to his people weighed heavily upon his heart. He had never known a true family until recently and now he had been vested with the duty of defending an entire world in the name of that family. He saw each and every citizen of this society as his family and swore that no more would die to satisfy the corrupt cravings of a few madmen. So here he was, on an open road heading to a peace negotiation in the now neutral village of Pan’sun-ri.

As they arrived his entourage of soldiers formed themselves into an impressive array on the northern side of the one room building in which the delegations were to meet. A soldier dressed in the purple and black dress uniform of the Nihilgenia opened the door of the speeder. Shin’ichi placed a well polished upon the ground and stood upright. His medals gleamed in the sunlight and his helmet reflected the rays of the sun off his head as if he were a god. Behind him came Shikyo, perfectly manicured and looking every bit the gentlemen warrior. His helmet shone in the light, and the plume atop it denoting his status as a commander swayed as he walked. Two more soldiers held open the northern doors of the building, their rifles resting butt down upon the ground beneath their legs, their heads held high. The Keibatsu brothers entered followed by four Nihilgenia all perfectly polished and identical in appearance.

The four delegates of the opposition forces stood as the Keibatsu and their honor guard entered the room. Their eyes fell to the lightsabers dangling upon the belts of the brothers. Slowly their eyes drifted up and met the stony glares of the Dark Jedi. The brothers approached the table and slowly removed their helmets, setting them gently upon the finely finished dark wood. The Nihiligenia guardsmen positioned themselves behind their charges and clacked their rifles to the ground in unison as they assumed a parade rest position. For several moments the men stood and stared at one another in silent appraisal. Even the Nihilgenia seemed to glare at their counterparts on the other side of the room. Then in a calculated move to earn the respect and trust of his opposites, Shin’ichi bowed first followed by Shikyo. The opposition delegation was taken aback at this act of humility and failed to return the bow for several seconds. Then recognizing their error bowed low in a sign of respect.

As the six men took their seats the negotiations to determine the fate of all Kyataru and her people began.


07-06-2006 20:18:18

Confused she stumbled out of the camp bed, the nightmare clouded mind seeking a way out of the pitch black haze. She remembered where she was, but where had those screams come from? Her hand tightly gripped the hilt in purple, black and gold. She felt the embossments of the carefully worked out dragon on it, a light grin appeared on her face. The Herald had adviced her to carry gloves to avoid welts and cuts, an advise she hasn't always followed. Once in a while the pain was a welcomed company to the rage and lust that came with the battle.

Only dressed in her under-robe she ran to Shimura's tent. She was the first to arrive, sensing Shimura's body spasming on the ground. Hastily she shoved aside the flap of the tent and entered it. "Shimura..!"..., she carefully approached the writhing body. His lips were dripping blood, having bitten down on them, spittle ran down his chin. The Quaestor frowned, halting, and she sensed something within this Keibatsu that reminded her way too much of the Herald. She cursed quietly, as wild eyes met hers. Eyes without a hint of recognition.

She felt like a prey, shifting uneasily then she slowly approached him ... damn, is every Keibatsu that crazy?... Is it in the blood?.... A whispered word tried to reach his mind: ...Shimura..?..., something snapped close within him and he leaped forward. The Blind Dragon had felt the shift of his psyche, a shadowy premonition having warned her. With a swift move of her fingers on the right hand, a small needle was ejecting from one of the several rings that adorned her fingers - one on each finger, 10 together. The two fell to the ground, the sting of the needle unnoticed by Shimura untill the world melted around him. Gasping, she moved on top of Shimura, glad that this strong sedative had worked. Gently she ran her thumb along the ring and the needle withdrew back into the ring.

Voices approached, and Manji stormed into the tent staring at Sildrin who was leaning over an unconscious member of the Keibatsu family who just had cried out for help via the com system. .... damn... why do I believe that saying these words wont really work: It's not what it looks like!..., the Quaestor thought, slowly turning her head into Manji's direction, sensing his grim expression. She felt a sweat bead running down her forehead. ... uhh oh...

Macron Sadow

07-06-2006 20:51:06

As the Kyataran delegation returned the honor-bound bow, a pregnant silence filled the room. A slight buzzing sound vibrated below Shin’Ichi and Shikyo’s ears. Someone was checking in.

“Shin’Ichi, Shikyo, this is Macron.” The subdermal microphone conducted the sound into their bones, like many Sadowites were known to use. “The third general of the delegation, Kazahide intends to try to assassinate you and disrupt the process. They are Suukou Bodai. The others are probably sincere.”

“How the hell did you know that?” subvocalized the General.

“Don’t ask,” replied Macron. The sounds of whimpering and drawn out groans could be heard in the back ground faintly. The faint whispers of scrabbling fingers resounded from durasteel gurneys. An IT-3 droid could be heard humming in the background.

“Right,” mumbled Shikyo as he imagined the interrogation scene. No answer was really necessary. The real question was how they would handle this and keep the situation under control while allowing the enemy to save face.


07-06-2006 20:55:19

Shimura was beginning to have an out of body experience. He saw himself as a rabid animal, twitching and clawing at his neck like a spice fiend. He wasn’t sure what made himself snap but it wasn’t pretty. It might have been that spirit, but that was a distance away, had the great warrior been suffering from post traumatic distress? Was that what made the Sith snap into an animal unable to control himself? What if it could be harnessed…what if it could be called on and hidden when he wished…the Battlemaster continued to think as he watched himself jump at the Krath.


He screamed, roared and commanded himself not to attack her but it was to no avail. He could see the rings penetrate his skin and into his neck, his body quickly dropping to the ground. His out of body experience began to fade as the edges of his vision started to be consumed by a shroud of darkness. He would have to apologize later…but his final thought before the complete blackout was a concern on how long he would be knocked out.

Manji stepped closer and noticed the dropping heart rate of the Sith, so dangerously low that he could barely feel his presence in the force. He looked to her and shook his head.

“What have you done?”

I had no choice! He attacked me! He could have killed me!

”You nearly killed HIM! Who knows how long he will be out, if the cease fire gets rejected, he won’t be conscious for our fight to reclaim Kyataru!”


Manji snorted in frustration, not knowing whether to be angry or confused. “I’m glad your ok, don’t worry about it, he’s a tough kid, he’ll come around.”

Macron Sadow

08-06-2006 23:03:02

Soon, the treaty would be signed and they all would have to cavort like pretty marionettes before the Kyataran delegation. Mononoke knew the insurgents wanted to trap Shin’Ichi and Shikyo. If the gaffe fell the wrong way, all would be lost. They needed to catch the minds and hearts of the populace. Most wanted peace, and only the stupid wished for War. He looked at his hololink with anticipation.

Manji was hidden, and Sildrin sought him with no luck. Of course, the Krath Witch saw all. She knew where to find Mononoke, easily.

The Archpriest mentally discovered a rendering of an accounting of Macron’s struggle and weakness. His flesh twitched and writhed as he removed his sacred bits of armor. “Dammit! I am so- naked!”

“Without my armor… like a new born suckling pig,” Mononoke thought as he neurotically fingered his saber hilt obsessively. “I Hate that. Hate…Fear…Anger… Hatred…HATE!!!”

“Arrgh!’ Macron gibbered as the full weight of the Force smote him soundly. “I summon Thee, My Lords and Masters,” he canted in insane Sith runic chant. A remote droid helped him to re-assemble his garb. Another one shot him full of Sith meditational ichor. He slobbered as he fell to his hands and knees.

"Oh yes!” the alchemist screamed as he discovered an unholy epiphany. “I hope that the Lords of the Dark Side heard me. Of course, my telepathic abilities need a lot of work,” he mused insanely. “ In fact, I suck.”

He and the Blind Dragon were fated to work together in this matter. The alchemist had barely sensed Xia Long’s presence, until he caught her full emotion in the ripples of the .Dark Side. He coveted her ability to see the Force. “ I trust you, Blind Dragon”.

“Do,” she sent with a sibilant sending. The Black Guardsman remained resolute.

Sildrin allowed her presence to be known as they both prepared for the treaty. The Krath Witch glided out from the shadows, completely masked in Macron’s abject fear and hatred. Her presence reassured the Sith Black Guardsman as he sought his inner fury, and her modal quixotic ideas. They moved as a twin essence toward the treaty site. The Archpriest and the Battlemaster sought the insurgent foes. Both needed to know what would transpire in this meeting.

The situation in the meeting honor chamber was tense. The Delegation from both sides had exchanged face, and the treaty could now begin.

Shikyo Keibatsu

09-06-2006 16:45:36

Shikyo stared into the eyes of the delegates, even more uneasy after receiving Mononoke's news. He could feel Shin'ichi's nerves shout out warnings of danger, as the two brothers focused on the meeting at hand. Kazahide poured a couple of glasses of sake, pushing it towards the Keibatsus. Shin'ichi looked down at it, closing his eyes to sense Kazahide's intentions. Shikyo looked at the sake, sending a message to Endymiron.

"Brother, did Kazahide mess around with the sake?"

"No. I think he's trying to kiss our ass. He's ready to end this war too."

The Knight nodded, as the two Dark Jedi took the glasses, sipping them lightly. A very light smirk appeared on the warlord's face, barely visible to anyone around. They lowered their beverages and nodded to the warlord's hospitality. Shin'ichi would be the first one to speak up, using the language of the area.

[So, shall we get ready for business?]

Another lord under Kazahide's command raised his eyebrow.

[Are you sure you would like to speak in our tongue? Would you not prefer Basic? It seems your brother does not understand our language.]

Shikyo smirked at the lord.

[I know enough. Let us continue.]

The four delegates looked at one another and looked back at the Sith, nodding slightly and beginning the discussions. Kaza would be the first to speak.

[We have received your conditions of surrender and have agreed upon them, however we have some conditions of our own to discuss, if you don't mind.]

Shin'ichi looked over at his brother, a disgusted look upon his face.


[Our soldiers are strongly devoted to this country. They have only known battle and for us to ask them to join your ranks would be too much on our parts. We ask that they stay under our command.]

[You do realized that you're asking us to allow you to keep your armies without concern of another uprising, yes?]

[We do not have the resources to continue fighting anymore, Lord Keibatsu.]

A scoff slightly passed by a delegate's lips, catching Shikyo's attention. Shin apparently ignored it, wanting to end this war more than adding to it.

[Whether you have the resources or not, you don't hand the fangs to the tiger and expect him to not attack.]

Kazahide's head lowered, as the thoughts of his men being shamed filled his mind. Shikyo looked over the eyes of the delegation, catching those of the third member. They were filled with cold, dark emotions. Macron was definetely right. This guy would attempt to end the negotiations in Keibatsu blood, but Rurouni would see to it that the only blood to be spilt would belong to this 'Suukou Bodai'.

Muz Ashen

12-06-2006 11:52:16

Kazahide bowed, his eyes drifting from the Keibatsu. Stories had been told of their ruthlessness in combat, that their blades were made from the gods' own fire. He worried about his own neck, as he wondered the reaction of his master, the Shogun Nagahide.

"{I will bring this message to the Shogun, and will send response immediately.}"

Shin'Ichi and Shikyo bowed, the strands of hair and ribbon flowing from their shouldersbefore they straightened to leave.

As the pair moved through the castle, the tide of mind rose and fell between them.

That went too easily... Shikyo glowered at the samurai that escorted them out, his mind searching for the trap, the catch of the situation.

Yes. Kazahide is a reasonable man, though. Let us hope he's smart enough to know better.

Smarter than what, Shin? Shikyo watched Shin'Ichi rest his hand on the sword with a relaxed demeanor, raising his own hand to emulate.

Smart enough to realize what he is up against.


Kazahide rode to Amahara castle, a small group of his finest Samurai at his flank, all bearing the mark of his line, the tall red banners flapping in the Kyataran winds. The castle stretched out in the center of the capital city, the stone shining in the early afternoon sun. The general pulled back on the reigns, slowing the steed as he neared the stairs.

The stablehand stepped forward, grabbing the steed's bridle as he led the General's horse to a stop. Kazahide sighed, swinging his leg back over the saddle, stepping to the ground below.

Staring up at the massive castle, Kazahide paused. Today was going to be a long day.


"{Was the general they sent the Jedi?}" Nagahide snarled, his eyes slivers of cunning rage.

Kaza shook his head. "{not that I could tell, sire... but forward reports say that all of the Generals have the fireswords.}"

Nagahide stroked his short beard, turning toward the window, gazing out across the plain. Kazahide's castle stood out starkly along the plain in the distance, and he could make out the odd shadow of the Keibatsu armies.

"{Master, my men are scared. Too much has been lost already, and more...}"

Nagahide spun on his heel, the fback of his knuckles careening into the general's jaw with a crack. "{Your men should be more scared of me, Kazahide.}"

The general rolled his face back toward the Shogun, bowing quickly before raising a hand to wipe the blood from his lip. Nagahide sniffed, stepping toward a stand where parchment ink and brush waited.

"{You will give the Keibatsu Jedi this single message...}" Nagahide dipped the brush, letting ink soak into the hairs. Splashing the ink onto the paper, he moved boldly, without compunction. The symbols danced from his brush. He stepped back, admiring his work as the ink dried.

"Kuso o taberu na."

Kazahide contained his reaction, the words burning into his mind as he wondered how to proceed.


The general rode into the Nihilgenia camp under banners of truce, his own standard, paled white on the spears of the samurai. Riding to the centre of the camp, Kazahide dismounted, his helmet coming off before he bowed in the direction of the commanders' tent.

Nekura and Shin'Ichi bowed in return, the brothers sending the mental impulse to the others to alert them.

"{Noble sirs, I have brought word from the Shogun. He has commanded me to deliver it personally to the Jedi.}"

"Jedi?" Shin'Ichi muttered, his eyes wondering what he meant.

They know of Muz being taken at a young age. The words came quickly into the Archpriest's mind, Manji's response measured and wondering.

Shin'Ichi grunted disapproval, his hand reaching to his back to seize upon the saber hilt that lay there. Manji stilled his hand, stepping forward. "{Play this false, general, and you will face worse hells in this camp than you will find after the grave.}"

Kazahide nodded, his face dour with understanding as they led him to another tent. Their eyes adjusted slowly to the den within, a small table in the centre where Muz glowered over a datapad at the General.

Kazahide immediately bowed, his eyes dropping to the floor at the sight of the Herald's ebon eyes. "{Master Jedi...}"

Muz stood slowly, bowing in return. "{General Kazahide, welcome to my camp. I assume that you have brought word from Amahara.}"

The general dropped to his knees. "{I did, indeed. But his word is not what my men share.}"

Muz watched the man, curiosity perking up his eyebrow as Kazahide slowly retreived a curl of parchment, offering it up with two quivering hands.

Muz bowed slightly as he took the scrip, his back straightening as he unfurled the scroll.

"{My armies pledge ourselves to the Keibatsu, And my sword is yours to command...}"

Muz's knuckles cracked as he read the words, the paper darkening with his rage. Macron stood up from beside Sildrin, his eyes watching the Herald for signs that the other would emerge.

Muz lowered the paper slowly, curling the paper back up and stuffing it inside his dark robes.

"{...As my father served your line, so shall I...}"

Muz lowered his vision at the Kyataran, banishing the rage to the shadows of his soul. "{Stand, General, and drink with us.}" Muz managed a smile as he turned to the table, blinking back the fury from his eyes. His hand wrapped around the chilled bottle of Shinjo sake, pouring the clear liquid into small china cups. "{We drink to renewed life, and to the health of our people.}"


Maji and Shin'Ichi turned back from their patrol, the brothers discussing the ways in which they would bring the Kyataran people together. Schools, hospitals, museums, all the things which would help the people and keep their identity secure in their mind. Their wristcomms blinked in the dusk and they shot each other a foul look.

"This is Muz, I want you all to meet at the command tent. There is something to discuss."

Shin smiled in anticipation. "I guess that insult isn't going to go unanswered after all."

Manji chuckled, a stream of smoke from his pipe as he turned toward the tent. "Guess not."


Muz watched Shikyo follow Manji into the tent, the glowlamps and incense making the tent feel quite warm and less like a temporary structure outside a city.

"Good. We're all here." Muz sipped from his cup, tasting the brisk sake as it swam down his throat. "You all saw the Shogun's reaction to our offers of peace, yes?"

Nods went around the room as Muz continued. "And as we saw, this is not the opinion of most of the men...just a loyal core of the Shogun's troops. So fullout war would hurt everyone and be unnecessary."

Shin'Ichi nodded, his mind pulsing down the path he knew was coming.

"Kazahide has told the other generals of the Shogun's madness, yet they are unable to leave Amahara due to tradition and honour." muz sipped again, waiting for the others to take their cups and join him. "So, the only reasonable thing to do is for us to remove the madman surgically."

Sanjuro turned his head to the side in curiosity. "How will we do that?"

"We'll take the Spear in and all of us will storm the castle of Amahara." Muz smiled darkly. "And we kill anyone who tries to stop us."

Manji slurped his sake, his eyes glimmering with the premise of the old days, when the brothers infiltrated and destroyed K'hamer'an installations.

"But..." Muz paused the building excitement with a gesture of his hand. "Nagahide is mine."


They slunk away from the obscured insertion point, the dark robes of the brotherhood absorbing the twin Kyataran moonlight. The razor hum of sabers snarled the air as Manji carved his way through a nearby wall, the dimly lit hallway within washing across the platform.

Shikyo felt along the wall, peering around the corner to check for guards, his eyes adjusting to the dim lamplight.

A huge beak and black feathers filled his vision, the squawking surprising the knight as he fell backwards in shock, the monstrous bird assailing his face.

Shin'Ichi acted first, his hand deftly drawing a heavy tanto and pinning the creatures head to the wall beyond. The creature screeched, and another blade silenced its throat. Shin'Ichi strode forward, his hand seizing the handles of his knives.

"What the hell was that?" Shikyo gasped, getting to his feet, embarassed by the fact that he was caught off guard.

"Tengu." Shin muttered, wiping the foul blood from the pattern steel. "They're all over Kyataru." Shin resheathed his blades, looking at the knight. "Quit screwing around."


12-06-2006 13:57:55

Shimura lay on his cot in his semi unconscious state, once in a while you would find him tossing and turning. His dry mouth complimented his dry and cracked lips, an audible groan barely came out of the parched throat. The guard standing outside of the tent picked up on the sound and assumed the worst. Leveling his rifle he took cautious steps inside the tent and stopped a half a dozen steps back. The guard looked around and picked up a rod and poked the Battlemaster. Shimura groaned as he began to reveal his cat like eyes to the world once again.

”Oh god….not again…please not again.” The guard said out loud to himself before he picked up his comm. link. “Back up requested at the zabrak’s tent. Condition conscious. Friendly or not unconfirmed.”

“Copy that, patrol 3 enroute.”

The guard poked Shimura in the ribs once more, not knowing if he was going to kill him or not. The Sith growled this time and lifted his wobbly body upright. The Keibatsu rubbed his eyes then ran his hands across his face, hoping to massage the rest of the grogginess away.

“Poke me again and I will tear your throat out with my teeth, then backhand you out of this tent and into the castle.”

The guard’s mouth dropped as he looked at the rod then back at the pale zabrak. Tossing the rod away he placed his rifle across his body. Patrol 3 rushed into the tent with rifles draw and up to their shoulders. Shimura looked up and eyed the leader before putting his head back down in between his knees.

“Other than all of you fools standing in my tent pointing rifles at an unarmed Keibatsu, what is the condition of the cease fire?”

”From what I’ve heard sir, Nagahide refused the cease fire but the majority of the Generals support the Keibatsu. The Keibatsu line, except yourself, are currently entering the castle to assassinate Nagahide.”

”WHAT!? Without me?”

“So it seems General Shimura.”

”This is unbelievable, fighting without me? What were they thinking?”

Shimura quickly stood up and looked for his robes as he was only clothed in his under shorts. He found his robes piled in the corner of his tent along with his saber, zhaboka and litch blade.

“Leave me, I will make sure your assistance is well rewarded when I return.”

“Thank you sir, and what if you don’t return?”

“I’m a Keibatsu, you should’ve known that we always return.”

“Indeed, spread fear and carnage, dark one.”

The Sith nodded as the four guards exited from the tent. Proceeding, he put on his robes and his outer robes over him. Snatching his lightsaber he clipped it to his belt, wrapping the sheathed litch blade around his left upper thigh, the zhaboka was already taken apart and sheathed. He finished off his arsenal by strapping the zhaboka to his back and snapping a few poison grenades to his belt.

Shimura brought both hands to his hood and placed the dark veil over his head. His grogginess had almost worn off as he stepped out of his own tent and headed towards the castle. Shimura knew that he would have to contact Muz sooner or later, but it was best to keep silent now. He would have to sneak past many sentries then gain access to the castle. The warrior was ready to shed blood.

Nekura Manji

13-06-2006 05:46:24

Around them, the night waited in hushed silence- ears strained to search for the sounds of shouting, pursuit, alert. But they waited in vain- no voices rose into the air, proclaiming the presence of intruders. Grinning, Manji jerked a thumb towards the other end of the corridor- towards the throne room of the castle.

As they set off, their heavy boots exchanged for straw sandals muffled with cloth in order to remain silent, Muz moved to the front of the group and glanced across at Manji. His mind calmly pitched a thought to Manji's, the need for silence understood.

You know your way around, bro?

Nodding calmly, Manji responded with a thought of his own.

I came here several times when I was young, before everything went wrong. When we ruled this planet, this was our summer residence- Kuroshin was our winter home. I've walked these halls before, with father. In fact, I've even met that scumdog Nagahide here before, when he was just a lowly general. I didn't like him then, either.

As Manji spoke, the pictures formed in Muz's mind...


His brother, very young, clad in his childhood robes and with an ornamental mamori-gatana by his side, staring down from the dais alongside his father at the young, kneeling Nagahide. Beside him, Kyoudai also stared calmly at the general, his hand resting calmly on the shira-saya mounted blade beside him. Delicate patterns arched across the surface of the bamboo- this was not a sword without full mountings, this was a sword designed to be wielded in the shira-saya mountings. Around the hilt, the carvings carefully formed an ergonomic pattern designed to make holding the blade much easier. These carvings Kyoudai now caressed absentmindedly, as if contemplating whether to leap up and slay the general.

Nagahide's eyes rested greedily on the sword for a moment before he remembered himself and bowed again.

"{My lord, I must apologise once again.}"

Stroking his chin, Kyoudai snorted.

"{Yes, you must. Your failure has made this campaign against the barbarians much more difficult than it would otherwise have been. I should have you immolate yourself in shame right now.}"

At this, Nagahide stiffened in shock, staring wide-eyed at the tatami mats before his eyes. Then Kyoudai continued, grinning.

"{However... I believe in extracting every use from my retainers before I order them to kill themselves. You have one last chance, Nagahide. Do what you must... or taste the edge of my blade.}"

In a flash of movement Kyoudai whipped the blade from it's scabbard- the tip of the weapon hovered in front of Nagahide's eyes before he could even utter a squeak of fear. Kyoudai's eyes burnt with a cold fire, his voice deep and harsh as he drove the point home.

"{Now, get out of my sight.}"

Bowing rapidly, Nagahide scuttled away, his fear turning to anger as he moved down the corridors of Amahara castle. Sheathing the ornamental blade, Kyoudai turned to the young Manji and ruffled his hair with a grin.

"{That's how to do it, son. Remember, compassion is not the virtue of a warrior.}"


The vision faded. Blinking, Muz found himself staring at the dark corridors of the castle, Manji's thoughts in his head silenced. Then the Epis chuckled silently, adding one more thought.

I believe Nagahide stole that blade from my father's possessions when he was killed. I would give a years supply of sake to recover it.

Teeth glinted in the half-light as Muz clapped his brother on the shoulder, a wide grin splitting his features.

Don't worry, brother... we'll have it. Nagahide will finally receive his comeuppance. I swear it.

Suddenly, the silence of the procession was rudely broken- a screen door slightly ahead of the Keibatsu and on the left side of the corridor slid open swiftly and several shrieking tengu poured out, claws searching for the Dark Jedi's throats. At the front of the group, Muz and Manji instantly called their sabres to hand, the blades igniting as they rushed to the attack.

The twin scarlet and violet blades of Muz's weapons slashed through one tengu's throat, severing it's head from it's body. Manji's silver blade thrust into another beast's chest before he tore the weapon up, bisecting the creature from the waist up. The remaining two tengu slipped past the brothers- but were instantly cut apart by Shin'ichi, Shikyo, Macron, Sanjuro and Sildrin. Mangled corpses thumped to the floor heavily as the Keibatsu looked around- only to hear shouts in the distance, alerted by the horrible screams of the tengu. The need for silence now gone, Manji glanced around with a dark grin.

"Right. Time for a killing spree, huh?"

Macron Sadow

13-06-2006 14:04:50

Macron hissed with glee. A killing spree was just what he had in mind, and Manji knew him too well. “What do you get when you cross a Tengu and a Tu’kata?” he joked as the footsteps pounded closer. All the invaders readied their gear and abilities.

“Nothing. There are some things a Sith Hound won’t even do,” he laughed crudely as the first of the attackers burst into the hall from the same door the Tengu had come from. They were rapidly slain by the twin patriarchal terrors as silver, purple and red beams of plasma lanced their quivering flesh. Chunks and giblets lay everywhere, covered by blood and black feathers. The two brothers moved ahead, and the rest followed.

“Crap dudes, leave some for us peons,” joked Macron as he and Shin’Ichi carved several Kyataran warriors. Their primitive weapons were chaff before a hurricane as the Darksiders slew them. Mononoke stood back and Force-gripped a nearby Bushi to death. The man’s heart burst in his chest like a rotten tomato as he flopped to the floor.

Macron dropped his guard to retrieve a Tengu bio-sample. Sildrin blocked the blade that whistled for his neck with the Force, saving the alchemist in his moment of hubris. She shook her head, knowing his brilliance was tempered by stupidity at times. The blade was turned on it's master, burying itsself deep in his chest.

Sanjuro and Shikyo had their hands full repelling several flankers that slipped in from the side corridors. Shikyo’s blade made eviscerating loops of blood red as Sanjuro smashed a man’s head with his tetsubo-staff. Even so, the mass of Jedi were still making their way toward their goal with alacrity.


13-06-2006 18:03:14

The Battlemaster growled as he came to his senses and realized how far away the castle was. It would be a complete waste of time to run for an approximated ten miles; he would never get to see battle. Shimura dived into a roll that ended with him on his stomach; reaching into his robe he extracted his comm. link. Pressing the black button on the side it crackled to life.

”Captain Blackwind here, over.”

“Shimura Keibatsu here. I need a pick up immediately.”

“Copy that, what is your location?”

“Charlie sector, sixty three fourty.”

“Copy that, Fallen Spear enroute. Hold tight.”

Shimura sighed as he knew he was missing out on a battle somewhere. His mouth salivated at the sight to see blood slicking halls again. His body twitched at the imagination of the bloodshed then noticed the ion trails in the sky. The Fallen Spear was almost there.


The Fallen Spear landed nearly thirty meters away from the castle, the boarding ramp lowered and Shimura trotted down to Kyataru. Captain Blackwind saluted to him as he headed to his destination. Shimura nodded and kept a look out for anyone that maybe looking for one of the warriors carrying a sword made from god’s fire. Shimura smirked as he noticed the hole in the side of the wall and began his way towards his entrance while the ion engines roared over him.

Shikyo Keibatsu

15-06-2006 17:16:35

"Why is it that whenever we try to do something quietly, we only end up making the most amount of noise possible?"

"Maybe it's because your mouth is running."

Shikyo was put in his place by his nephew, as he impaled the next unfortunate Kyataran that met him face to face. Sanjuro's skills with his staff were unbelievable, but then again he was the son of Muz. Tengu and loyal guards alike were beaten and left for the slaughter, as the Keibatsu family closed in on the throne room. Surely Nagahide would be awake by now, however it provide him with no saving grace. Muz, Shin'ichi, and Manji took the lead, while Sildrin, Ashia, and Mononoke covered the sides. Ashia would occassionally fall behind to protect Sanjuro, only to find that he was handling himself quite well.

A bushi from the loyalists of Nagahide prepared to bring his sword across Sanjuro's back, only to meet the scarlet blade of his uncle's saber. The metallic weapon was completely destroyed, as was the owner's head, as Rurouni brought his saber around to seal the warrior's fate. The Knight turned back around towards the front, checking his distance to their last stop. Muz and Manji had already arrived, with Shin'ichi catching up. Everyone else started to gather around the doors, when a loud crash came from their flank.

Shimura had blown a hole through the wall surrounding the room, using the explosives in the armory of the castle. His chest was heaving uncontrollably, as he tried to catch his breath.

"Do you realize how hard it is to catch up with you all?"

The zabrak joined the rest of his family, as the Herald turned back towards everyone.

"I'm taking Manji with me, but Nagahide's head belongs to me. Do not interfere."

A wave of nods came from everyone there, as the two brothers entered the room. Shikyo smirked at the approaching group of loyalists. He knew they were dead and made sure that they knew as well. The Sith held his saber in Shii-Cho, as the rest of the group gave Muz and Manji their well deserved space.

Muz Ashen

17-06-2006 01:35:56

The double doors of the Shogun's reception hall slammed open, the brothers revealed to the eyes of the usurper. Nagahide rose to his feet, his eyes wide in anticipation. Not surprise, nor fear, the warlord was no fool to expect anything other than this result.

"{And lo, the great Jedi of the Keibatsu...}" Nagahide snarled, his hand resting on the hilt of an ornate Yoshihara Kuniie daito, his eyes gleaming as he lowered the masked helm over his head. "{Come to claim the honour that he thought his family had.}"

Muz said nothing, the veil of darkness drawing across his face as hedrew his stance lower, throwing his hip back to draw the Nagamichi.

Manji stared at the Warlord, lifting the tsuba from his injured eye to gaze with both orbs. The one-eyed dragon rested casually, his fingers tapping across the hilt of the Kunisada blade.

"{And obviously, you have not found honour here among our people, fighting two against one...}"

Manji smiled. "{No, I'm just here to watch him rip your guts out.}"

Muz rolled his head back, the glare of incessant rage settling behind dark eyes. Muz dropped his hand, the sliver of steel catching the lamplight as the Herald drew the blade out, a wide arc of steel slashing the air as he moved forward.

"In the face of grave defeat
heard cries for mercy
deep below the ego's cries"

Nagahide bounded backwards, more nimble in the armour than they would have expected. His own blade sang through the air, the slick sound of air rushing across the bo-hi in the blade calling out in tones of combat. Muz ducked below the counterstrike, centering his weight lower as he reached toward the Shogun's thigh with his blade.


"{Daijo, Master Quon-Shen has arrived.}" The page bowed low as he stepped through the open shoji screen. Nagahide looked up from his papers, seeing the shadow of the Jedi on the paper walls.

"Hai." Nagahide dropped the scroll, reaching down to lift his sword as he rose, tucking it behind the sash at his waist. "{Send him in.}"


Nagahide spun sideways, the Herald's blade rushing inches aside as he brought his own retort down. The Krath evaded, rolling to the ground away from the strike that cleft tatami a moment later.

"{You fight well, Jedi.}" The Shogun cackled as he spoke. "{Your family was always strong. But politically, quite narrow...}"

Muz rose from his roll a pace away, raising up to his full height, levelling the point of his blade at the foe.

"never was my call
the duty is the mountain
my will shackled to"

Nagahide sneered, his mind seeking to unseat his foe. "{See, right there... You have gone mad.}"

Muz seethed toward the man, his slashes drawing lines of ruin across the chest plate of the Warlord. The elder Kyataran barelled backwards his mind spinning as he defended himself.


The Jedi stood in front of him, so many years ago, the long hair untied in an odd manner. Such power held restrained under peasant robes and a monk's tongue. The Jedi would have made a cunning general here on Kyataru. Nagahide cared little for outlanders, but where there was purpose and opportunity...well, that, he could always respect.

"{So, you say that you can send others back later, eh?}"

The Jedi looked back, his eyes calm. "{If what you say is true, of course. I doubt that the Jedi would want an unchecked cortosis mine even this far out.}"

"{Of course it is true. You've seen the 'nobility' of that line firsthand...their ways are anethema to our world.}" Nagamichi watched the jedi dissect the words in his mind. He could almost see the consciousness snaking through the ideas.

"{I have felt that there is a great disturbance in the Force wherever they have been}" The words came slow and steady, Eojin taking his time as he weighed the options in his mind. "{And what of their eldest?}"

"{Take him with you, for all I care.}" Nagahide restrained a sneer, his lip twitching. "{If he remains, he will be as cruel a beast as his father.}"


"{Frell...}" The sword splashed crimson at the Shogun's shoulder, a wide panel of rolled silk clattering to the floor. Nagahide stepped backwards his eyes locked on the sable pits of the Herald. "{I should have killed your line myself...}"

Manji bolted upright, his hand drawing the Kunisada in a flash as he reached out, a thick tendril of the Force wrenching thoughts from the Shogun's mind. The realization slowly formed in the Epis' mind, the points in history connected by strands of will he had not expected. "My god..."

Muz dove to the ground, his weight crushing tatami as he slipped aside the strike of the Shogun. Muz rolled to his feet, the darkness still across his face, but somehow, a tranquility in his feral intensity.

Manji stepped forward, his sword drawn and low. "{You're the one responsible...}"

Nagahide smiled as he followed the Herald with his daito. "{More than you will know, little dragon.}"

The nickname rushed across Manji's ears, the words of his father echoing through time, freezing his step, interrupting his battlemind.

Nagahide drew back, and plunged his weapon forward, the kissake of the blade driving through the leather greatcoat, from this breast to poke through the back of the Sadow's form.

Soundless screams rose from their spirits, the fear and hatred resounding through them all, coursing through their veins and flavouring the air as the first drops ran from the Shogun's sword.


"{It is done, my lord.}" The samurai knelt before the Daijo, his eyes glinting in the afternoon light.

"{Good.}" Nagahide grunted, his face hiding his giddy joy. "{Have the Jedi left?}"

"{Those who survived, yes.}" The samurai nodded, thirstily eyeing the pitcher of sake at the Daijo's hand. "{We razed the house. Even the boy fell within.}"

Nagahide could not conceal his pleasure any longer. With the Keibatsu destroyed, only his line would ascend when the childless Shogun finally perished. He poured the sake liberally into a cup, raising it to his lips as the samurai watched. "{Let us drink, to the Keibatsu, the dragon finally slain.}"


"{Ha. A Jedi is no match for good steel, see?}"

Muz winced in pain, looking down to watch a river of ruby flow through his war-stained robes. Fingers dropped the Nagamichi blade to the floor, the treated steel rolling away, dragging a crease in the flooring.

A heartbeat thundered in the pontifex's ears.

He felt Shin'Ichi's rage explode, the Force telling him that the Archpriest had crossed the threshold behind him. Manji's eyes glazed over, watching the pool of blood grow at his feet.

Another heartbeat.

Muz's hands drew up to the blade, fingers finding the steel as if they expected that it wasn't really there.

The swell of emotion grew, bloated in the twisting ether of this place. Muz let his eyes close, letting the Force glide over him.

Another heartbeat, another gush of blood coursing along the blade.


The shade snarled at Muz, behind his eyelids. He felt the world slipping away, his fingers growing numb. The dark one, the Ashen roiled in terror, in hatred...and maybe even fear.

Muz looked to the spirit of wrath, the unspoken understanding passing between them.


Muz's eyes slammed open, the twilight setting on the Shogun as the Herald's fingers closed around the steel, drawing himself up the blade, torrents of blood cascading down slicked leather like a demon rain.

The fist collided with the Shogun's jaw, bits of teeth spraying from the impact as steel fingers wrapped around the mandible, prying the lower jaw down with a sickening snap. Releasing the blade, Muz slammed his other fist into Nagamichi's face, the Force slamming his muscles as he struck.

Nagahide fell backwards, an arc of clumpy blood flaring up as he whipped to the floor. The jaw dripped detritus from the Herald's hand, tapping the tatami in tempo with the groaning screams that issued from the Shogun's ruined throat.

Muz stepped forward, the sword pushing from his chest, the invisible hand of the Force pulling the hilt from him, the sharpened arc sliding out with a steady stream of blood. Muz called the Shogun's sowrd to his own hand, driving it down to impale the writhing Kyataran.

Dropping to the floor beside his foe, he wrapped his fingers into Nagamichi's topknot, yanking his head forward as the cruelty in the man leaked out into the floor with his blood. Muz drew the Shogun's jaw across the back of his neck, sawing at the warlord's spine with his own shattered teeth as he howled.

Focus guided Muz's hand, the crude saw grinding through the spinal column through a symphony of screams that gradually became a sputtering whimper. As the ragged breaths fell silent, so too fell the Lion of Tarthos.


"{Wake up.}" Manji slapped his blood soaked face. "{Come too, you dirty ***********, I ain't letting you go now.}"

Heavy lids slowly parted, the black beneath tinged with the violence that they had seen.

"{Is it over?}" The words came slow, as if he had to relearn how to speak.

"{Don't frelling move. Sildrin's trying to heal you, dumbass.}" Shin'Ichi grunted. "{And yeah, with that bastard dead, I'd say it's over, right guys?}"

Shikyo Keibatsu

17-06-2006 03:10:21

Macron and Shikyo smirked at the three brothers, nodding their heads in unison. Sildrin's hands slowly retracted the white light upon him, repairing the laceration dealt to him by the daito. Ashia stayed by his side, stroaking his hand and smiling at him. Her concern was no longer on her son, but now the man who was his father. Manji and Shin'ichi knelt by his shoulders, smirking at the devastation their elder brother brought upon Nagahide. Shimura observed the ruined corpse, letting out a whistle.

"Damn.... I never thought I'd see Muz tear somebody up THAT badly..."

Manji turned his attention to the zabrak; half serious, half light-hearted.

"Well, the bastard deserved it. At least father's spirit can rest well now and we can carry on his will."

Muz began to raise up from the ground, moving slowly to ease the pain. He nodded to the statement his brother made, relieved to end the bloodshed at his home. With the assistance of his brothers, the Pontifex stood on his feet, staring them all in the eyes. The Herald could see the relief deep in the eyes of everyone in the room. A smirk was drawn upon his face, as he basked in the same relief that they felt.

"This is our home once again. Take what you want from Nagahide's personal fault. I don't think he'll be needing any of it in Hell."

A roar of approval and cheer filled the throne room, as each person scattered to rumage throughout the area. Nekura began to make his way to the cellar, before a hand stopped him in his place. Dokugan-Ryu turned his head towards his brother, peering into his obsidian eyes.

"On the wall, behind the throne. There's something there that you should have."

Manji walked towards the decorated seat, bringing his gaze to the extravagant design of the background. There, he found a highly decorated sword. The Epis' jaw hung low, as he brought the sword into his grasp.

"Muz... this is..."

"Father's sword..."

Nekura held the weapon close to his chest, smiling brightly. He turned back to his brother and bowed his head.

"Thank you, brother."

"You deserve it."

The one-eyed warrior smiled at the Krath once more, as he proceeded towards the area he remembered to be the cellar. Surely, there was extravagant sake waiting to be enjoyed at the lips of the Epis.


Manji proceeded down the brightly light stairwell, watching the flames dance across the stone walls. The end of the flight was just a couple of steps away, when he caught the sound of someone already awaiting him at the end. The samurai flicked across the tsuba with his thumb, preparing for whoever it may be awaiting him. Moving swiftly to the side of the hall, the Krath found his youngest brother beating him to the stash.


The Sith jumped at the echo of his brother's voice.

"Dammit, Manji. Don't sneak up on a guy when he's looking for sake."

"Junior, you don't even know where to start when picking out sake. Allow me to assist."

Nekura moved towards Rurouni's position, noticing a set of well ornamented swords resting on his hips.

"Where did you find those?"

"In Nagahide's vault. Warlords like him are easy to predict in the case of their vault locations, especially for a sneak thief like me."

Shikyo grinned at his brother, as Dokugan-Ryu took a closer look at the swords.

"They're Yoshimitsu Toshiro blades..."

"Is that good?"

A palm strike found itself right on the back of the Sergeant's head. The Knight bellowed out a sense of unawareness more than pain.

"I guess so..."

"Yoshimitsu blades are very good. I guess it's to be expected for scum like Nagahide to have fine blades..."

Manji lifted up a bottle of sake, observing the writting on the front.

" well as fine sake."

Smirks formed upon the lips of the Keibatsu brothers, as they loaded up on their personal collection of the rice wine.

Nekura Manji

17-06-2006 07:30:14

Several days later...

The Fallen Spear powered away from Kyataru's surface. Onboard sat the assorted generals of the Keibatsu along with their friends and allies, as well as several crates of fine sake and the rest of the loot pillaged from the former Nagahide's fortress. Staring out into the depths of space, Manji let his chin rest on his right hand, his left playing with the ornamentation of the sword resting in his lap. Suddenly, his attention was pulled away from the aether by Shin'ichi's presence, the Archpriest settling down next to him.

"So, it's finally over, huh?"

"You betcha. We've liberated our people from that bastard Nagahide, restored the rightful reign of the Keibatsu. It's just a big shame that we got called back to Sepros, with all these inter-clan struggles and tension breaking out. I was looking forward to a summer on Kyataru."

Chuckling ruefully, Shin'ichi nodded.

"I was looking forward to getting to know my home planet a bit."

With an exaggerated sigh, the Epis grinned.

"Ah well. Once the wars are over, we'll be able to return triumphantly. Triumphantly..."

His mind slipped away from the conversation, memories rising unbidden to the forefront of his consciousness.

The evening sun glowed fiercely, shining into the polished bamboo, wood and paper of the throne room, glinting off the ornamental suits of armour arrayed around the walls, reflecting off the wooden pillars. Light glowed in the cheeks of the princess as she looked up at the One-Eyed Dragon, his harsh face relaxed into a real smile for the first time in many years. Sighing, she lowered her gaze and laid her fingers against the Epis' chest, pushing his kimono aside slightly.

"You're going away, again?"

With an exaggerated groan, Manji looked down at her.

"You know why... the Clan needs me. But trust me, once it's over I will return for a longer period of time- and then we'll be married. I promise. Okay?"

Smiling, Sakura Saishoku nodded then pulled away from the Epis.

"I'll await your return, 'Dokugan-Ryu'."

Grinning at the playful comment, Manji turned away. Then a thought struck him and he turned back, calling out to the departing princess.

"Oh, Sakura! One more thing... I want you to take care of things while I'm away. I'll leave my contingent of Nihilgenia, and I'm sure a few of the other generals will as well. If anything begins, send them out to crush all opposition. I suspect that members of that group, the Suukou Bodai, will try something as soon as we're gone."

Bowing slightly, Sakura nodded.

"Hai, Manji-sama. I shall do as you command."

Then she turned again and moved out of the throne room, kimono fluttering gracefully about her lithe, feminine form.

The memory of her smile washed over Manji, prompting a wide smile from the Epis. Then, suddenly, the Epis realised that Shin'ichi was staring at him with one raised eyebrow.

"Er... you okay there, dude?"

"Oh? Uh... yeah... I'm fine. *cough* Sorry, dude, got side-tracked."

Chuckling, Shin'ichi stood and clapped the Epis on the shoulder encouragingly, moving back towards where the other Keibatsu were laughing uproariously amongst each other, the sake flowing freely.

Once again, Manji's eyes were drawn to the stars outside. Strangely, they seemed to coalesce into the shape of a face- the face of his father. A smile lit the face of Koji Masurao, his eyes like shining supernovas. Bowing his head slightly, Manji whispered to the spirit of his father.

"We did it, father... we've avenged your murder and restored the Keibatsu."

Like the whispered explosion of a dying star, he heard Koji's voice in his head.

"You have done well my son. Now, relax..."

The 'Spear continued on it's journey through the stars, ferrying the Keibatsu back to their homes on Aeotheran, Tarthos and Sepros. The campaign was over... they had emerged victorious.