Smugglers path


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((new one...continues where The Hangar has ended))

Tyren sat in his matt-black X-wing looking at the controls and adjusting systems for flight. Kryatt his R2 astromech droid sitting in his designated place behind the cockpit whistled slightly. Tyren read the translation on one of the monitors infront of him.
"No Kryatt we wont be long on this one! And no you wont be disabled like last time!" Tyren replied. Kryatt whistled scepticaly.
"Just do your job!"
~I asked for an astromech but all got is a philosopher.~ he thought.
A moment later the comm crackled and Rage told him they have clearence. Tyren put on his helmet as he saw the bulks of Rages and Noktars shuttles fly threw the magnetic filed which seperated the hangar from the vacuum of space. He was next. Slightly adjusting his throttle he punched the repulolifts forward and exited the hangar. a safe distance away he cut his repulsolift engines and punched the throttle full forward gliding in a half-circular motion toward the two shuttles stationed 3 clicks away.
"Gentlemen, let us be under way shall we?"


26-10-2005 02:41:37

Rage checked the moniters
"Turning on sublight engines" rage said flicking on some switches
"Nav computer has coordinates"
"Rage where are we going?" asked noktar
"coordinates 0-0-0"
The Hyperdirve activated and they were off
as the starlines came Rage unclipped his seatbelt and walked off to make some food and to sleep for a bit.


26-10-2005 10:53:49

Well, this is a slight vacation from normality, Noktar thought. His ship flew through hyperspace towards Coruscant. Rage and Noktar had agreed to split the cargo, in case of boarding and Tyren had agreed to fly cover. The had their angles planned, according to human standards, but Noktar felt underprepared. He had shrugged it off when they had decided to leave, but it ate away at the back of his mind now.

At least we have decent air cover, he thought. Tyren's X-wing was far better than a TIE fighter or, in Noktar's opinion, a TIE interceptor. He liked the perfomance of an X-wing, but he didn't like flying fighters. Still, he thought again, the Republic should be more friendly to us upon seeing a X-wing. Hell, Rogue Squadron uses them, so they practically see any X-wing as a friendly.

A sudden beep issued from his navcomputer. He checked the readouts and frowned. Their isn't a mass shadow any where near here...unless.

Two seconds later, his fear was realized as all three ships reverted to real space. An Interdictor cruiser lay in their path, with a dozen TIE fighters boiling out of the hangar.


26-10-2005 11:19:04

Tyren wasted no time. He knew that the shuttles had no chance against the TIEs.
"Kryat gimme a count!" he said to his r2 while preping the ship. Kryatt beeped and the monitor showed 12 TIE Fighters.
"A sqadron?! Of TIE fighters?! This is gonna be practice!"
He punched his throttle to 2/3 and moved to intercept.
"S-foils locked to attack position. Proton torpedos are green. Shields are go. All we gotta do now is wait for them!"
After a few moments a voice from the Interdictor came threw the comm.
"This is Imperial Navy Interdictor class cruiser "Bloodhound" what is your cargo and destination! Comply wihin a minute or you will be destroyed!"
He looked at the comm and switched on the private encoded channal.
"Rage! What do i do? Attack or comply?"
"Attack...they must not gett our cargo!" Rages voice crackled threw the comm.
"As you wish!" he said and punched his throttle full. He was 3.2 clicks away from the TIEs. This was suicide for any other fighter pilot, but not a Dark Jedi. He passed threw the TIE "wall" without a scratch, evading every shot, destroying 3 TIE in the process. He adjusted hes speed to 1/3 throttle and broke to starboard. That put him behind one of the TIEs. Not much was left when he passed by.
"Scratch one Eyeball! Ooh yeah!" his voice sounded thrw the comm.
But for all his joy he was in a bad position, 3 fighters were on his 6 tailing him. He dodged every bolt that they fired but was unable to evade them.
"Kryatt, prepare the flares! All of them!" he heard a positiv sqeak behind him
"!" all the flares the fighter had, set loose in the HUDs of the TIEs created a wall of light beyond which they couldnt see. That gave Tyren a chance. He breaked to port then up and did a spiral which brought him behind is victims. He pushed the button on the stick and lolloed left-right. The bolts blasted threw the central balls of the TIEs turnin them into fire and space dust. Flying threw the inferno he looked for the last 5.
"Kryatt?" a whistle sounded almost instantaniously. And as he read the translation his hand allready adjusted course toward the shuttles. They were under major ratling.


26-10-2005 16:58:05

"Tyren coming in behind you"
Rage put his droid at the controls and he went to his turrets
He fired at the 5 and got 3 of them
"Looks like i have a chance to test my new toy, hehehe"
Rage told his droid to evade only he ran towards the cargo hold and jumped into a cockpit and the sith fighter came out from under the shuttle
"Tyren lets go"


26-10-2005 17:15:56

"We cant dumbass! Thats an Interdictor. See those little bubble like domes on its hull? They generate a gaviton field the size of a small sun! We aint goin anywhere anytime soon."
He dashed starboard and down making an almost immposible position for the 2 TIEs to follow him. He made it to their tails, fired and got one, the second one was hit by something above him. He looked up and saw Noktars shuttle.
~Good job man!~
"Interdictor class cruiser "Bloodhound" this is Guardian Tyren Zin of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood why did you attack our convoy!"
"Hah, you think im gonna believe that a Sith is sitting in an X-wing...*khhh*" he started to choke and fell on his knees.
"Is that enough to "ensure your trust" captain?"
A couple of silent moments passed then the captain sounded over the comm.
"You are free to go as you please sir. Forgive me for the inconvenience!"
"Good!" Tyren said
A minute later the "Bloodhound" flashed into hyperspace
"Now, we can go!"
His comm shattered with static.
"This is Bloodhound leader, I formally submit my surrender. Shutting down power as long as you boys back off. Please comply,"


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((DAMNIT! You must've posted while I was writing Tyren. Probably my fault, no worries. Ok, whose do we keep?))

Oh, wonderful. They think I'm stuck in a slow moving ship, while they have their toys, Noktar thought with a hint of amusement. He brought his shuttle in a line with the remaining TIE's and prepared his twin laser cannons. He had scrounged them off of a crashed TIE, years back. Many enemies had thought he was just a defenseless shuttle, and all of them died from their mistake.

Burst after burst of pure energy lashed out at the remaining TIE's, thier explosions sending shrapnel flying throughout space. Noktar grinned as he counted three, four kills under his barrage before the remaining TIE grew a brain stem. He pulled up and away, heading back for the cruiser.

He never made it. The cruiser had just recieved Noktar's little 'package' and had turned to jump into hyperspace. With a flash of light, the cruiser disappeared. Noktar watched as Tyren and Rage made short work of the other TIE's that they were on.

Without warning, his comm unit flashed to life. "This is Bloodhound leader, I formally submit my surrender. Shutting down power as long as you boys back off. Please comply," a deep, bellowing voice issued out. Hmmm, he sounds very calm over his predicament. Time to find out why, Noktar thought.

"Bloodhound leader, you are to stay where you are until we decide what to do with you. DB one, out," Noktar issued through a general channel. He then tuned the comm to his partner's frequency. "What do you think guys? He's only one man."


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([Expletive Deleted F-word] off with that)

"Blood hound leader you are to dock with DB ones shuttle and you will be transferd to the nearest imperial base...probably!" Tyren said
The TIE docked with Noktars shuttle.
"Now can we leave?"


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Rage suddenly dies from having more than 3 run-ons going on his dead body falling on the improababilty drive and he is nowhere to be found...


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Rage comes
"Im here"
My evil twin dead yet? :P


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So this is dead?


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Noktar yawns and looks around. "Man, what a great sleep! I must have slept for a whole year!!!