Huntin' Jedi on Uvena Prime


10-10-2005 23:05:09

this run-on is about killing Voolvif Monn a clone war jedi on Uvena Prime
since me and caine talked about it in the lounge we decieded to make it a run-on
email me at: if you want to join

The Doors to the hanger opened as Two Sith and a Obelisk came strolling in.
"ok this is what we are doing" the shistavanen dark jedi known as rage said as he gave the other two known as Caine and Macron a picture of their target

"He is the same species as me so it will be kind of hard to find him since we all smell the same,He was a jedi commander during the Clone Wars"
Macron Smiled andCaine nodded in understandment

A droid came by and said that Rage's Pitch Black Heavily Modifeid Theta-class T-2c shuttle was prepped and ready to go
Rage Put His hood up over his eyes
"Any Questions?" he asked as he,Caine and macron went over to the shuttle
He put in a computer that if anybody wanted to join them, it had the coordinates of where they were goin


11-10-2005 06:42:15

(Revenant has joined too)


11-10-2005 07:00:54

"Is there room for one more on that crate?" Rage and Caine turned round at the newcomer's voice. Macron didn't bother, he already sensed who it was. He and the Jedi Hunter known as Revenant had shared a few adventures together.
"Well," replied the adopted Keibatsu, "we arehunting Jedi, and according to your rank that's what you do." He gave a chuckle and the Jedi Hunter moved to the boarding ramp.

Once the four of them were on board, Rage calculated the coordinates for the hyper-jump to Uvena Prime. As the engines warmed up Revenant removed his cloak and hood, revealing the deathly white eyes and starkly contrasting facial skull tattoos they were becoming used to. He drew his ancient Sith vibro-katana and examined the engravings, in the Sith runes that were unknown now to so many, once again. 'The light shall find death in the glory of the Dark Side'. Appropriate, considering the blade would soon be used to slay a Jedi.

Macron Sadow

11-10-2005 10:24:23

Macron rubbed his hand together in anticipation. Killing Jedi was one thing he relished in a life of misery and combat. Hopefully this time he would get to interrogate the fool before he died.
Or until he died. Either mode was acceptable.

The Sith looked about at the Theta class vessel and smiled. "Not bad," he thought. A quick swipe at his comlink ensured that R3 and the Silooth were slaved to this vessel in case Macron needed other transportation. He trusted no one. Except perhaps Revenant.

His datapad brought up other data as well. "If this guy was about during the Clone Wars, he must be pretty old by now," spoke the alchemist. "Rage? Caine? Your thoughts?"


11-10-2005 10:53:41

"well i am pretty old myself" said cain "around 2, 300 years if i am right." everyone looked at cain in amazment cain looked up "he will be dangerous non the less so dont underestimate his power." bowing his head again he went into deep thought....


11-10-2005 14:25:45

As Rage engaged the hyperdrive macron asked his question
"Dont know but when i went Nar Shadda i saw him their and i asked around till i got the info we have now, gah these starlines always give me headaches"
"and dude cain im only 24" he said as he saw him smirk
"You cant even do that with alechmy can you macron?"
He said while he put down his hood and went to the food processors put in what he want and started cleaning His Krath War Blade.

Macron Sadow

11-10-2005 23:14:58

"Well, you could." Macron raised a tattooed eyebrow at Caine. "However, you'd have to be awfully powerful. Or able to transfer your essence. He is not that.... Caine may have been in stasis sleep or something like that. How very, very interesting. I would like to know more."

The alchemist eyed his case of syringes and autosamplers as his IT-3 droid purred nearby. Revenant and Rage laughed and opened a drink.

Caine gulped nervously, realizing that he was in an enclosed space with an insane alchemist.

"Well, perhaps we'll discuss it sometime over a beer my friend," chuckled the Sith as he turned back to the comm readouts. "Be careful what you say around Dark Jedi. it is fortunate we are all cohorts here."


11-10-2005 23:24:21

"Cain must be scared he is surronded by Sith" :P
Rage drinks some of his whiskey and reads his copy of The Dark Voice.
They Come out of hyperspace with a jolt
"Damn havent been able to fix that yet"
As Two Republic X-wings come in view
"Someone take the controls, Caine come with me to the turrets"

Macron Sadow

11-10-2005 23:32:05

"I got it," hissed Macron.

He keyed his link. "R3, execute delta seven nine oh five, provide covering fire for us from the Silooth."


11-10-2005 23:33:54

"How did they find us? were they waiting for us? I should of killed that guy who gave me the info
He looked at the other dark jedi
"Looks like more bloodshed"
he saw macron smiling


12-10-2005 10:50:32

Cain sighed "yes i was in a kind of statis sleep." he powered up the turrent "i hope i can still do this". he fired and took out one of the x-wings "hey marcron you want the second one" cain laughed they weren't even to the planet and already they were killing things.
But why was the republic here he wondered. Oh well it would have to wait.

Macron Sadow

12-10-2005 12:22:31

Macron clenched his large stinking cigar in his teeth as he flew. The Rebelllion scum must have been secondary flyers, and did not seem to posess much skill. As well, their Incom X-Wings seemed old and battered. However, the last pilot had just gotten off a proton torpedo.

Chut! Chut! rage and Caine shot red bolts of blaster fire at the missile, but it was too close.


The proton torpedo scored a near miss on their transport, and the interior lights flickered and went out. The red emergency lights came up.

"Revenant! You have to get the power up to the shields and weapons! We still have flight..." Macron twisted his face with anger as he jerked the yoke hard and yelled.

"Bastards," replied his co-pilot as he manipulated the shield and weapons controls. "Got 'em up,"
cheered Revenant.

"You Shutta," thought Macron as the X-Wing zipped by. He focused on the mind inside the vehicle, feeling the power of the Dark Side rip through his body. The weak-minded pilot suddenly saw an asteroid appear in his flight path and veered off as Macron tricked him. Rage quickly shot up the belly of the overturned vessel and blew it to space dust.

"Alright, the second one is vaped guys. We are in the clear for now," spoke Rage. "But we got major damage back here."


12-10-2005 15:44:05

damn cain muttered that was to close. he went to the cockpit "damage report can we get to our destination with out making repairs" said cain he was hoping so but he knew it was too soon to tell as he waited for the damage report he collasped into the co-pilots chair. "This is going to be a interesting day" he muttered.


12-10-2005 17:14:29

"We are still about 14 par-secs away" said Revenant " Re-engaging Hyperdrive"
"Wait Caine gimmie that hydrospanner"
"Here ya go"
Rage disappers for a while a few noises and a
[Expletive Deleted]! can be heard then comes back and says now you can
engage the hyperdrive
As the starlines came, rage and caine went in the back room to Spar

"well isnt this going to be interesting story when we get back to the lounge" he said while parring Caines attacks.
"Tell ya what when we get back drinks are on me"
Rage Then Lights a deathstick and they continue fighting.

Acara Rayden

12-10-2005 20:29:47

Acara had returned to Adumar to see a few old friends when he had recieved Rage's messege, never before had that part of space, sounded so appealing to him. With no hyperdrive capable ship with him on this trip to see his old friends he had found it a problem getting back in time to join the group before they left.

Luckely, Once and Admiral always an Admiral, as the Preator had stated when he had asked for the services of the old cruser he had helped build. Onboard the Prototype, the Honor, a blade 32c had been made ready for Acara's use. A blade looked a lot like a stealth bomber, they had no shields and weak weapons, the c type was also fitted with a hyperdrive, though not as advanced of fast as the Honor's.

The Captain of the Honor sent a messege out.

"Dark Jedi Rage, This is the captain of the Adumarian Vessel Honor. We have Guardain Acara Rayden on Board as a passenger to Uvena, We will be arriving shortly, where we will leave Rayden in your hand while we attend to buisness elsewhere. Honor out"


12-10-2005 21:14:40

Revenant heard the message. So, his Adumarian friend and Sapphire Squadron winmate would be joining them, this was going to be an interesting trip. He made the jump to hyper and grinned savagely at Macron. "Nothing quite like knowing that a light is about to be extinguished. Especially when we have the game of the hunt."
Macron looked at him. The Jedi Hunter was definatley developing a brutal streak. That was good. The Equite was, however, slightly edgy about meeting up with the Adumarian. If he knew him as well as he thought, and he was sure he did, Acara would try to get into melee combat with the Jedi at the earliest opportunity, but here was a great chance for 'interrogation'. Ah, torture, he thought dryly to himself. It's been far too long since those muscles have been flexed.

Macron Sadow

12-10-2005 23:49:30

As he held his chin in an inquisitive pose, Macron wondered about this deal. It seemed far too convenient that Acara would show up now. This must be the will of the Force. The Dark Side moved through them. He would prepare for any possibility.

And, the Warrior would stake his claim that there may interests aboard the vessel that worked against them all. It was far too convenient that the Adumarian ship had shown up right after they blew through the X-Wings.

The Sith nodded to the crew, sealed up his battle suit, and prepared for extra vehicular activity. His leering helm snapped up from around the collar area, and shut with a hiss of positive pressure. The alchemist made his way to the airlock. The audio sensors sounded weird to him, like hearing things that you shouldn't.

"No way I am facing some bastards with proton torpedoes and not in my ship. The Silooth can fly rings around an X-Wing, take a beating, and hit hard too. I am EVA, and then give me a minute or two to get oriented. Revenant, you got the helm? Rage, Caine? You guys got the turrets?”

“Roger.. Frelling Go….. Aye Aye,” came the responses.

The escaping air came from the lock as Macron grabbed a repulsor belt and spun toward his assault gunboat. “Dark Lords, this is dangerous. R3, docking procedure twelve-niner-sigma," came the weirdly modulated helmet comlink. The Star Wing moved closer by a few meters as Macron climbed aboard. The cockpit glass shut over him in the silence of space as the lights came up.


13-10-2005 01:33:57

((Who ever is posting the next one we should be like 1-2 posts to Uvena Prime))

Rage Out

Acara Rayden

13-10-2005 02:28:01

"Captain?" stated Acara as he walked on to the bridge of the Honor.

"Admiral Rayden," the captain responded in a dry manner, "We have just dropped out of Hyperspace in the Uvena system. Your friends ships are not yet within the range of our sensors."

"Our sensors are very limited captain, they are not far. Can we see what is waiting for us?"

"Of course sir. there seem to be at least 3 X-wing class fighters and two Repubilc owned TIE Fighters awaiting the arrival of the Silooth and the vessel belonging to Rage," the captain replied with a grin.

Acara walked over to the communications console and set it to send a messege to Rage and the Silooth.

"This is Acara Rayden to the Dark Jedi Rage and the Silooth, I have arrived at the Uvena system. Our sensors are limited but we have detected at least 5 ships awaiting your arrival in orbit of Uvena Prime. They will take no action against an Adumarian vessel. I recommend you stay as close to my Blade as possible. Poseing as my 'escort' you will be able to get close to the fighters and eliminate them, the element of suprise as it were. Guardian Rayden out."

"Captain, as soon as my blade is launched you may leave for the experiment," Acara grinned and walked to the hanger bay.

The Honor jumped to hyperspace leaving behind Acara in the Blade to await the arrival of the Dark Jedi group...


13-10-2005 03:10:24

((Ok after this their wont be more republic scum for a while shistavanen tend to keep to them selves so the biggest threat are big ass wolf-men :P and of course Voolvif))


13-10-2005 03:43:05

"rodger that acara we are almost there"
They came out of hyperspace in front of the planet
Everybody ready to kick more ass?
"Ok rev you got controls, caine turret, and Macron well who needs to know?

He ran to the back and opened a hidden hatchway
(Remember my post HEAVILY MODED)
And he jumped into a open cockpit
"and me my sith fighter"
As Caine was On the turret and rev flying it
Rage, Acara and Macron were in their respective fighters
((Someone can fill in the fight in the next post))

Soon The Republics fighters were eaither disabled or gone
Rage and the others were on to shistavanen customs
Rage started speaking the shistavanen launguage of barks and growls
"Whats he saying?" asked Caine
"asking what are names are and bisness seeing the trouble we just had, im not telling him"
Rage commenced talking to the customs officer and he waved his hand around [MT]
"what he say?"
"Greetings Mr.Sivrak"
(Lak Sivrak was the Shistavanen that was in The Mos Eisley Cantina When Ben and Luke first met Han, He later joined the Alliance and was killed at Hoth, history brought you by Rage!)

And they walked passed him rage felt his gun holsters
having his trusty twin B22 imps and his Krath War Blade.

Macron Sadow

14-10-2005 21:42:05

" I copy, Acara," came the voice over the crackling comlink as the Adumarian stared at the console of his Blade fighter. The Honor jumped away to hyperspace on his left flank.

"This is Mononoke. Our group is inbound on your position and will form up on your six. Your 'escort' has arrived," the disembodied voice chuckled.

"If we encounter heavy resistance, cover me from the fast fighters. I have a few toys aboard that will make short work of a small capital ship. I am a match for any X-wing, but perhaps not for some more advanced ships," spoke the Warrior as he adjusted his flight controls.

"I copy that Macron," came Rage from the Sith fighter.

"Copy, roger that," responded Revenant as the shuttle came about.

The group landed with no problems, and shortly they were encountering Shistavanen customs.
Rage had mind tricked the officer, who stared dumbly at the entry hatch awaiting his next subject.


15-10-2005 08:11:13

Now that they had made it past customs it was time to begin the hunt. "Rage," asked Revenant, "where do you suppose we start our search?"
"He was known to hole up in the industrial sector, I say we check that out first." They Dark Jedi left the spaceport and hailed an air taxi. It was a few minutes ride to the industrial sector and the journey was quiet, save for the taxi droid's usual chatter.
"Stayin' on world long?" It asked. They glanced at each other. It was Caine who spoke.
"Just long enough to finish our task."
"What are ye, some kind of bounty hunters?"
"I suppose," Macron added, "you could say that. But we're not here for credits."
The inquisitive droid continued it's questions. "Ah, personal is it?"
"It's about to get very personal, if you don't stop talking and drive," Revenant growled.

Macron Sadow

15-10-2005 12:47:30

"Shut up you bucket of bolts," growled Macron as Revenant assailed the droid.

He clenched and unclenched his fists in anger repeatedly, and wanted desperately to crush the annoying pudu can with the Force. Only an effort of will kept him from causing them all to wreck.

"Frelling chatty droids," he sneered as the bot chirped and dropped them off.

They were in the industrial sector. Mononoke felt right at home, and inhaled the stench of pollution and chemicals with zest. He loved the rotten underbelly of society, and had found some of his most promising material there.

Caine and Revenant fanned out, and checked the local data kiosk. Acara stood nearby, looking quizzically at a Holo ad above them all. Rage pointed to a scummy bar.


15-10-2005 22:10:11

"There" Rage pointed out
"an old buddy of mine runs the bar"
Rage and the others walk into the bar.
All of the sudden everything stops
"Its all right their with me" said rage in shistavanen
Everything goes back to usual, a Big One with scar goin diagonally down the rightside of his bare chest walked towards Rage lookin bewilderd
"Rage? is that you?"
"Lak ol' buddy! yes it is me"
"I didnt see you since we were scoutin' for the empire"
"Ah yes In The Core worlds right?"
'Yeah was Corellia"
Macron cleared his throat
"Rage we have bisness here"
"Ahh right, lak we are lookin fro the neigborhood Jedi"
"Not here"
"He is in the old Incom Corp building, four blocks east-west from here"
"Thanks and uh...where is Blade?"
"oh...He is The Senator"
"Well thanks, well lets talk about old times later"
"See you then"
Rage and the others walk out of the bar
"Old friend huh? said Caine


16-10-2005 16:35:26

Revenant pulled out a datapad and brought up a holomap of the sector. He keyed in instructions to point them in the direction of the Incom offices. Incom had supplied the rebellion with most of their ships during the Galactic Civil War, and were continuing to do so now. It was little surprise that a Jedi had holed up there. If truth be told, it was a little tooconvenient, still there was nothing he could do about it until he got there.

It wasn't a great distance to walk, but the four of them, dressed almost entirely in black, didn't look what one might call inconspicuous. One of the local drunkards had taken it upon himself to give them a hard time. A huge Aqualish, built like a heavy gravity weightlifter, he approached with a staggering gait, obviously having imbibed far too much of whatever bogslime passed for the local tipple. "A funeral, is it?" He slurred.
"Yes," replied Revenant. "Yours, if you don't step aside." He was in no mood for this. He knew he shouldn't attract anymore attention to himself or the group but he couldn't help himself, he had been feeling incredibly irritable lately with no idea why.
"Haw!" the alien laughed. "Little man thinks he's all that. Let's show him what we do with showboaters, guys." With that, nine of his comrades, all dressed in similar stinking rags, stepped forward wielding blasters or improvised melee weapons.

Macron Sadow

16-10-2005 20:01:58

This was a bad scene. Attacting attention was exactly what they did not want to do, and Macron knew it. As the goons advanced on them he hit upon an idea. He could mind trick a few of the drunkards, but if each one of them applied their skills, this would be much easier.

"Guys. Use the Force to trick them. I'll bolster you," spoke a quiet voce in each person's mind in the group.

All their eyes met, and each one reached deep into the core of the Dark Side. Mental trickery was part of Dark Jedi training. Every one of them raised a hand and waved subtly, using the simple gesture to concentrate their focus. Macron pulled Force energy from the life around them to bolster the group, and several rats dropped dead nearby. The potted plant on the street corner wilted and died, turning brown as it fell.

"These are not the ... guys you are looking for," came Rage's voice as the group concentrated.

"Now go about your way," spoke Acara as the darksiders chuckled. The bleary eyed buffoons looked confused, and staggered off in search of more synthohol. Caine and Revenant moved swiftly ahead to walk point as the crew moved toward the Incom headquarters.


17-10-2005 10:55:53

((sry i havent been on my internet was out thks for useing in the posts will post more later cain out))


17-10-2005 17:35:27

((Ok since caine internet is backon, nobody post till he does since he hasnt posted in a while thanks))


18-10-2005 10:55:39

"wait" cain said stoping "something isn't right" he closed his eyes "weird i felt it a second ago." cain started to walk again "we're being followed." cain pulled a shrukin out of his cloak and turned around and thew it, there was a soft thud on the ground. cain turned around again he knew there was moreassassins around them but they wouldn't attack just yet. he knew thier style perfectly, but they had a task to finish first then he could have some real fun.


18-10-2005 17:40:35

As they drew nearer Rage was in deep thought
"Why are their so many people attacking us? are they using Voolvif as bait?"

They arrived at the Incom Corp. Building
"There he is!" said caine always alert
"Get 'em"
They ran in the building all of a sudden countless republic soldiers popped out of nowhere
"Ill chase after Voolvif! you guys take care of these soldiers"
Rage ran off as he heard revanent calling macron to him

Acara Rayden

19-10-2005 01:54:11

Acara smiled as the soliers advanced, fun time. behind him Macron and Revenant were already dispencing with their targets, Acara couldnt see caine but knew he was also attacking the Soldiers. The republic soldiers were firing back but were finding it hard to hit a moveing dark Jedi.

The sound of Loud cracks filled the air as Acara introduced the Republic Soldiers to his Blastsword.

"At least there is some entertainment," Acara spoke as another soldier made contact with his blade. " Its a little in our way though, how many do you recon there are?"

The screams of a soldier filled the air just then as one was quite painfully killed by Macron


19-10-2005 04:13:30

Rage ran down a hallway always seeing voolvif run down another corridor
"Rage what are you doing" asked voolvif suprised
"Im taking you out....father"
"Why do you want to kill me?"
"im...severing my ties..."
"But im your father"
He ran off to a window as a transport came
"Think my son...think" he said as he jump into the transport
Rage threw a tracking device n the transport
"AHHH!" he threw his sword at the wall
He then sat down at the wall and was thinking
after a while he got up anger in his eyes
He then started back to the others who were still fighting and hopelesly outnumberd


19-10-2005 10:56:19

hmm interesting caine thought as he sat on the top of the transport Voolvif was on. "so he is rage's dad eh should be fun." he grabbed the side and looked into the transport there he was sitting looking very Troubled all the more fun cain thought he smashed the window out and jumped inside holding his sword in one hand "you thought you could just get away from me how very sad." cain laughed "hold still so i can have your head" cain lunged at Voolvif. Voolvif ignighted his lightsaber and blocked cains blow. "so arrogant you are to think you can defeat me" said voolvif. "you are the arrogant one you fool" cain growled "thinking you can beat the universe just because you are a jedi, when in fact your just an old dog who happens to have a lightsaber" cain threw a Shrunken at him and hit him in the chest, gasping for air voolvif grabbed a side rail
"give up you fool" cain laughed "you were going to die someday just turn off your lightsaber and throw it away


19-10-2005 17:01:08

"Wait where is caine?"
Rage looked at the transport
"Im the one to kill my father not him!"
"Your father?" asked both Rev and Macron
He took one jump using the force and caught up with Caine
"Dont you hurt him"
"Why you brought me along"
"I brought you along to help ME find him"
"Dont let your relanstionship with your father jeperdize the mission"
"It wont"
"Son...think what you are doing"
Rage picked up his sword
"No if you are going to kill me, kill me with a lightsaber"
"Im not allowed to use on"
"NOt allowed?, i taught you how to use one"
"The DB wont let me until im a Dark Jedi Knight"
"Use mine then" Voolvif said as he threw his lightsaber to rage
The Green blade hummed as Rage turned it on
"Good Bye father"
As Rage swung down Voolvif brought another lightsaber to block himself
"Rage Do you honestly think i will let you kill me without a fight?"
AHH! Rage swung around his father blocking him again
"Dont do that, you would open yourself to your enemy for a finishing blow?"
"Shut Up and die father!"
"Anger is not the way, it corrupts you in the end"
"The Dark Side has made me strong, and i see it as Nobody lives forever so who cares if it corrupts in the end?"
Voolvif cut off a bit of his sons left ear
"Ow that really hurt"
He swung at his dad bought he blocked it barely it knocked him off the transport, Rage looked down at him and jumped off too
He Landed on the ground
"Time to become one with the force, father"


20-10-2005 07:28:19

This was an interesting development. Rage had brought them on a mission to assasinate his father. Oh well, Revenant could identify with that. He couldn't afford topause for reflection, however. He, Macron and Acara were surrounded by scores of Republic troopers. Macron, as usual, was where he liked to be - right in the middle. He was, however, facing overwhelming numbers. Revenant decided to even the odds a little.
He had been dabbling with alchemy lately, after Macron had introduced him to the basics. He reached into a belt compartment and pulled out a small vial with some unknown red liquid. He tossed it to Macron, who looked at it suspiciously. "What's this?" he asked. He probed Revenant's mind with the Force, checking for malicious intent. It was, after all, in the nature of the Sith to betray their superiors. That was not Revenant's intent, as was revealed by the Equite's mental probe. He drank the liquid down in one smooth draught. Then it began.
Macron's face began to twitch and contort. His eyes changed from the typical yellow of the Sith to a solid sanguine red. He threw back his head and released a bellow of sheer, unadulterated rage. He howled with such ferocity that the teeth rattled in Revenant's skull. Macron quickly set about the Republic soldiers, moving with a speed and bestial nature more commonly associated with the giant cat-like predators known as nexu.
It was all Revenant could do to stand and watch. He had figured his concoction would be potent but nothing had prepared him for this. Within a few short minutes his Quaestor had taken care of almost one third of their assailants.


20-10-2005 10:51:54

"Rage wear him down that knife in him is poisoned" rage looked at him and nodded. Cain sat down "exausting this day has been" he said to himself as he watched rage and his dad fight as he went to close his eyes a lightsaber hummed past his head enraged he drew his sword he attacked voolvif with inhuman speed "now isn't this classic" cain laughed" two dark jedi against one jedi ironic is it not." Vollvif was starting to weaken as the poison started to really flow into his body.
only a couple more minutes cain thought and he would die.

Acara Rayden

20-10-2005 17:19:24

Acara was impressed with the effects of his battleteam commander's use of alchemey. Six cracks filled the air as Acara swung his blastsword round. He was getting tired, he loved dueling but there was just to many people, at least Macron was getting rid of most of them.

It was quite interesting that Rage's father was the one which was being hunted but Acara coudn't help but wonder why Rage wanted hm dead. Acara made a mental note to ask Rage about this later.


20-10-2005 19:41:54

Voolvif force pushed caine and rage down and ran into the transport that set itself down when the fight went to the ground, it lifted off at alarming speed
"Dont worry i put a tracer on it"
He looked at caine
"Look i got a lightsaber"
He ran off to help the others, the lightsaber humming with his swipes, the screams of the soldiers falling to his might.
((I did this to prolong the run-on a bit))

Macron Sadow

20-10-2005 23:09:34

"Bastard got away," panted Macron as he finished off a few of the last stragglers. "What the hell was that Revenant? Uber Stim?" He grinned as he finished disembowling a human with a stroke of his blade. "That beats the hell out of coffee in the morning."

A flick of his gaunlet tossed a small phial into the air before the rest of the attackers, popping with a puff of thick acrid smoke as a cover. Macron was beginning to look tired.

"Bet the come down will suck. I'm feeling it already. Guys, we have to get to our vessels and pursue. This job isn't done yet. Your father eh, Rage? I see. Well, that is a classic sith maneuver. Let's get the frack out of here."

The group began to run as the pursuers coughed. They had all done a fine job, and the warrior was impressed. He knew full well that given enough time, Voolvif could detoxify that poison using Jedi disciplines. the time to strike was soon, while he was at a disadvantage.


20-10-2005 23:38:16

"heh he is at my old gang's hideout" rage said looking at the device that was tracked the transport
"They probaly let him in since he is my father, im not going to tell you why im hunting my father looong story"
He looked at the lightsaber in his hand
"I..Have a lightsaber to use, when we get back i have it in my possesion till im DJK"
He turned it on with a snap-hiss and it hummed while he twirled it around then he turned it off
"You guys want to get something to eat first?, i dont want to kill him while he is weakend it will take the fun out of it"


21-10-2005 10:51:12

"the poison will never heal i made sure of that" cain said" it has the reproducing power of a virus." "if he heal himself it will only come back" if you want to wait fine i am going to eat a little" cain reached into the shadow behind the ship and pulled out a struggling assassin "you know they havent gotten any better" he bit into it's neck and drained it of blood. tossing the body he sat in one of the benches in the ship and sighed "wake me when your ready to go kill him" cain closed his eyes and fell asleep.


22-10-2005 01:13:49

"That was....odd caine"
He looked at the others
"I was thinking of going to my friends bar again"
He and The others walk to the bar which was named after the old gang ((Cant think of a good one atm))
He opened the door and at these hours it was slowly emptying with a few shistavanen and rodians littering the bars tables
A Burly looking Dashade got up a knocked into Rage's shoulder, he used this as an excuse to start a fight
Rage smiled and threw a table at some rodians who got up and took out their Guns and starting to shoot at everybody Rage and The Dashade Went and taged team the other bar patrons
((You can if you want, extend the bar fight in more detail))
"Good to see you Kal" he said to the Dashade
"Always a pleasure to stir up trouble with ya Rage"said the Dashade known as Kal
"Lets get something to eat"
Rage, Kal and the others went to a table and called of a bar droid

Macron Sadow

23-10-2005 20:04:10

Macron looked up from his table as the fight was nearly over. He had masked his presence somewhat, and had avoided the fight- mostly. One Rodian had tried to shoot him, and Macron had ducked. He had spilled his beer, however and ruined his sandwich. That irritated the Alchemist tremendously.

He was finishing Force Gripping the Rodian to death with a look of hatred on his face as the brawl came to an end. The green alien slumped in front of his table with a gurgle, and Macron chuckled. He waved his still outstretched hand, and the Rodian's cred stick flew slowly from his pocket into Macron's fist.

"Must've been something he ate," he laughed as the others came and sat down. "Poor fool. If he only knew the Power of the... anyhow." He eyed the Dashade with Rage as they all found seats.

The servant droid came forward, and Mononoke gestured toward the body on the floor.
"Dinner's on my friend there," he sneered. "Use his creds." The meek droid scuttled off, unconcerned where the money came fron as long as it was good.

Rage and Caine laughed as Revenant opened a bottle. Acara lit a fine cigar from his blastsword,
and the group relaxed for a second. "What'cha got there Rage?" asked Macron as he eyed the lightsaber Rage carried. "Hmm, green blade... most likely Adegan crystal from Ilum. Usually Masters used green during the clone wars, I seem to remember from my research. Is your father a ...*gulp* Master? If so, he was just playing with us all back there."


23-10-2005 22:32:34

"Yes he was, he was one of the jedi that survived the battle of Geonosis
Voolvif Monn
"So, Kal would you like to join us?"
"Ill follow you just like i did in the old days"
"We should ask the others if they want to"
Rage ordered a steak
and they sat their talking.
Rage got out a holomap of the sector
"My friend Lak mapped this out when we were kids"
"What were you doing?" asked caine
"Looking for safehouses to stash whatever we were smuggleing at the time"
"DIdnt your father know?"
"Nope i left the family when i was 16, me and the gang became a family"
just then Lak came up to join them
"You werent about to do some crazy [Expletive Deleted] without me were you?"
"Of course not, your always welcome my brutha" Rage laughed
Macron looked around
"Two Shistavanen and one Dashade, Rage do you have any humans?"
"Nope but"He looked around "There was that rodian, Sly, is he still around?"
"He left to join Black Sun"
"Oh well, We need to think of a plan, Kal we will need your strength"
"You always do" he said with a laugh
"Lak your scouting abilities,Macron your knowledge of arcane sith alcemy, Acara your skill with weapons as with caine, Revenant your ski-"
"What exactly are we doing" interrupted Lak
"We are killing my father"
"Ah" said Lak obviusly more interested now that he heard what they are doing.
Acara remembered what he wanted to ask rage
"Why do you want to kill your father, Rage?"
"Long Story"
"We have time" he rebutted
"No we dont" defended Kal "Its complicated, i know i lived thru it too"
"I will tell you more about when we get back, now for the plan.."


26-10-2005 17:04:07

cain was trying to listen to rage's plan but for some reason he couldn't focus on anything around them he saw everyone nod and get up as he tried to get up he collasped what was happening last thing he remembered was seeing a white light. When he woke up he saw everyone looking over him "what happened?" cain asked. "A bad attempent to kill you i think" said marcron. "what but how" "i think the question is how did you survive" everyone was looking at him again. "i... dont know" cain got up slowly. "hey rage what was your plan again i couldn't hear you"

Acara Rayden

01-11-2005 19:29:01

The fight had caught Acara's gaze, he was in need of a decent challange. On Adumar he had been too busy. Either that or just a random killing would do.

Caine clapsed, and got back up a bit later. Macron finished speaking.

"i... dont know" cain got up slowly. "hey rage what was your plan again i couldn't hear you"

"I'm not sure on some of the details myself Caine," Acara gently put it, "and on that matter is there any decent challanges ahead, i am a little bored."


02-11-2005 04:57:55

"well did anybody actully hear my plan?"
"i did...yeah...yep...uh huh" was the answers he got
"Well lets reveiw then" rage said as he turned the holomap back on
"Lak will scout ahead and put detantion charges around the complex" he said talking diraclty to Caine and Acara
"Kal will occupy the front guards while the rest of us come thru the hidden accesway thru the sewers"
"What are the detanation charges for?" asked Acara
"To distract the droids that they have" piped in Lak
"Isnt it your hideout"
"Yes it was but the gang fractured after a few years and we went our seperate ways"

Rage magnified the holomap to the sewers.
"We will follow the main sewer tunnel for about a half a mile which"
The holomap had dotted lines that would trace their steps
"We will turn here to left going down about 2 clicks then turn right going back up then their are two ways into the compound we will be splitting up Macron, Revenant and I will go to the right while
Caine and Acara will go to the left we will meet at the lounge in the middle of the buildings be careful in the sewers its probaly guarded when we leave the main tunnel"
"What are we doing when we get there?" Revanant asked as they walked out of the Bar
"We will improvise" said Rage as he mounted his swoop "we have a whiles to go to the sewer opening we need".
Kal and Lak left while the other asked their Questions.

Macron Sadow

07-11-2005 21:59:40

Macron glowered. "Sewers? Who said anything about... Sewers? No way." The Sith grimaced at the thought of lowering himself, a Sith, to that level. He had crawled in plenty of them during his ganger days back on Coruscant, and had vowed never to do so again.

"I'll be well hidden. As you guys strike and they react, I'll come in the FRONT way when they turn to deal with you. Kal will already have distracted them out front. " He fingered his lightsaber hilt with a demented look of anticipation. That was obviously his idea of a door key.

"It'll be unexpected, and a classic pincer move. I can hide myself well until then," he planned out loud. A flip of a switch killed the blinking red lights on his flat black armor, and with the visor up he was very hard to see indeed. The Battlesuit had advanced nightvision optics as well.

"Just drop me off a few blocks out, Rage if you would. I'll just jump right off the swoop," said the warrior with an relaxed and calm grin. "Won't they be surprised."


08-11-2005 17:00:25

((Hmmm....well there goes that idea :P))

"Got it huh...lets go then" said rage as he throotled the speeders
Soon they were at he opening
"Macron hers is your stop" he said as macron jumped down
The Speeders took of into the sewers....


11-11-2005 13:47:40

((well i got nothin to say ))


17-11-2005 01:43:33

((Well..if you want the run-on to progress you should post))
Caine:Wow thats the smartest thing ive ever heard of rage
Rage: Heh, do it then :P


18-11-2005 15:42:24

Cain watched as they left smiling slightly, he saw anouther way into the base one that only would be able to get to turning he walked into the shadows he couldn't let anyone see him.
((heh there i posted now get on with the story :P))


19-11-2005 22:11:04

((Uh..nope cant do that ive mentioned the ONLY two ways...sorry caine >:P ))


20-11-2005 16:40:26

((well i tried))
Cain watched as marcon jumped off and sighed "damn stubborn sith and thier pride."
Focusing back on what was in front of him he caught up next to rage
"So why do want to kill your father besides he is a jedi." Rage glared at him then yelled to the others "There it is" while pointing to a large tunnel....
(( i will leave it off at that))


21-11-2005 00:27:03

Rage had gunned his bike faster and he zoomed thru the tunnel the others following at his heels.
"If Kal and Macron succed most of the members will be in front giving us easy access to my father..."
"So why do you wanna kill your father, rage?" asked caine
"and dont say it was a long story"
"Fine, Fine, Fine ill tell ya i was taught by a sith holocron...made by darth bane and he said i wont be complete till i kill my father...and by then i had some "arguments" with him" Rage explained.
they started to go down the longest and smallest strip of serwar tuneels....the were 1/3 the way there...


02-12-2005 21:52:03

((marcon rev or arcara please post ....))

Macron Sadow

08-12-2005 23:51:10

"By the Dark Gods," snarled Macron as he began to cleave his way through the general scumbags that covered the front. Kal was on the other side, shooting his way toward the door.
The two flanked and closed upon their enemies, and soon found themselves side to side.

Macron deflected shots with his form Five style, occasionally plowing one back into the shooter. Kal blasted away with a heavy blaster carbine, shredding bodies. More and More of the defenders began to swarm to the front. The way was clear for the infiltration team. Macron hoped they could hold on.

"We have to hold them here. We must stand," he snarled. Macron took a second to thumb his comswitch, bringing a new terror into the game. Back at his shuttle, a hold opened that revealed an actual Sith Battle Hydra. The poisonous armored beast shot into the air and flapped toward the fight.

It arrived just as the two began to become overwhelmed. All Hell broke loose.
"Bane," came a stray thought from Rage. Macron spotted the clue like a bloodhound.


16-12-2005 20:10:28

Ok, will somebody instead of Macron, Cain and me please reply, if you have RL stuff going on please tell you are out so we can keep this going in.

Acara Rayden

05-01-2006 03:34:19

Acara Walked through the sewers, after first having stowed his cloak in a bag, hed probably need new boots after this. His blastsword hung by his side, and Rage couldn't miss the three daggers there as well.

"How interesting, Darth Bane." Rage picked out a note of complete anger in Rayden's words.Rage put the anger to the effect Korriban had on people and continued to listen. "How much longer?"

Rage watched Acara lift a small bottle to his mouth and take a drink. He signaled over and caught the bottle and took a drink almost spitting it straight back out. Stronger flavour than he had expected.

"What is that?" he asked handing the bottle back.

"Hard." was the simple answer. Acara continued, "An Adumari drink. Like a kind of whisky but stronger. You need to be a little drunk to put up with this smell. like some Caine?"

"Not too far now," stated Rage.


11-01-2006 16:44:53

As Rage and the others trudged on ahead, Kal and Macron had a pretty eventfull time
Kal had been reduced to dodgeing bolts and smashing heads
He wheeled around and smashed a rodians head with two droids and used the resulting sandwich to toss at armed humans who got knocked against a wall Macron had already gone thru the door and was moving foward a little to fast
"Slow down, sith your going abit to fast!" he yelled and he took a blaster and started to shot the others
"Dont worry im taking my time"
"Just get them bantha fodders away from that entrance!" he yelled
"Bane taught me how to suck the life out of my eneimes and add too my own, so the more i kill the more powerful i a- then Rage heard thumping
"What the hell was that?" he said as he the lightsaber sprang to life in his hand the green blade casting a odd light in the dark sewers, he walked ahead abit.
"There here?" asked acara


18-01-2006 17:45:47

"Good, I was hoping for some action." cain growled twriling the sword in his hand. He was ready for whatever was coming.


23-01-2006 17:28:45

6 humans were starting down the ladder with portable EWEBs in their thick fingers.
Rage looked back at the others he held up his hands he started to three of humans, letting the lets sey "lore" of the lightsaber do the work he killed two of them before they came to there senses
he snarled "NOW!" as they rushed towards the enemies.


29-01-2006 03:52:18

Someone post, please! im itching because i have something nice to write and nobodys posting!!!!!

Acara Rayden

31-01-2006 00:41:45

One of the humans jumped down from the ladder to the ground. The humans slowly came to his feet and opened his eyes. Standing right in front of him with a look of complete calm about him was Acara. Smiling Acara thrust a dagger into his chest as the human raised his weapon.

With Acara’s laughter now filling the area the other humans became slightly disorientated and confused. Flicking his wrist slightly Acara drew his blastsword, activated it ad brought it down to strike the tip off another of the humans. A loud crack and the smell of burnt flesh filled the air. Laughing still at his stupidity, Acara watched his opponent fall slowly to the ground.

Turning round Acara noticed anther of the humans obviously more skilled than the two he had just taken out. He was avoiding becoming a kill for Caine quite well. Still laughing he tuned round and watched what Rage was doing

Macron Sadow

31-01-2006 22:42:40

"It's been real fun killing these dogs with you Kal. Let me remove this piece of bantha pudu from our path," yelled Macron as he clenched his fist in hate at one of the door guards some meters away.

The Shistavanen trooper gagged as his insides were crushed and rearranged all at the same time, by means of the Dark Side of the Force. Pulped guts and bloody tissue spewed from his mouth as he fell. It was well known, that Sadowites had extraordinary skills in the area of Telekinetics. And especially the Clan Alchemist.

Several ripping blaster shots tore into the other door guard, dropping him to the floor not long after his compatriot. The Sith was already at work on the door, shering slowly through the metal with his scarlet blade.

"You coulda picked the datalock," shrugged the Dashade.

"Yeah, but I like this way," replied Macron as he nodded and finished the cut. The circular line carven by the plasma blade still glowed and dripped red molten metal.

Mononoke shut off his saber and raised his hands as his compatriot readied his blaster. "Arrrhhhnnngg!" screamed the Warrior in rage as he channeled the Dark Side.
A wave of power ripped from his outstreched fingertips, smashing in the circle of steel with pile driver force.


03-02-2006 01:59:10

Rage and others had Climbed up thru the man come up..just to see a gap in a wall and Macron with Kal on the other side.
"Group up again?" rage laughed
"I think not, we did good this time" Rage said he looked around
"I want Macron,Kal and revanent with me, The others shall group up"

They split up after a while and started searhing the coumpound, They Went up a few floors and started looked at the random rooms. Then Kal said something
"I think i found 'em"
"Riv, dont do this the dark side kills" said his father with his other lightsaber at Kal's neck
Rage walked into the room
"Yeah? well the way i see it....we dont live forever even with the power of the darkside and i will live my days how i want it dad"
Rage then ignited the lightsaber


03-02-2006 03:00:17

Ok i want the next three posts to be about the lightsaber fight against me and my dad ( i know my grammer sucks right now :P) dont make me look bad. ;)


19-04-2006 04:57:38

(OCC: Ok i will)

Rage neared his father with a Djem So stance...his lightsaber held over his head, he took a leap as his saber connected with his fathers newly activated saber and pressed him back.
Rage looked into his eyes "Not Bad for an old man"
Voolvif pushed him back "Dont forget who taught you"
Rage swated away his fathers saber with a downward stroke of pure power and parried again up by his left shoulder and pressed on the attack.

"Ive fought during the Clone Wars, One of the Few to survive Geonosis,Muunilist, Clakdor VIII, and countless other battles till Coruscant, and The Jedi Purge, Reclaimed Uvena Prime so you would have a safe home when you were born"
"Wha?" Rage said as he stabbed as this father
"I forsaw your turn as i went back to Coruscant after Geonosis, all i could do was prevent what year you were born"
"Whats that supposed to mean?" He said as the son probed his fathers mind
"You would have been born around Yavin, but i couldnt do that...i thought i could change the outcome"


12-05-2006 05:11:24

(OCC: I hope we can finish the before my birthday on the 21st)


24-05-2006 17:13:03