'Blinding Light, Deep Shadows'

Gaidal Dupar

05-09-2005 11:01:51

Welcome to 'Blinding Light, Deep Shadows',

this is an official and approved run-on competition hosted by Korras and Gaidal. There is a group of six writers from CP that volunteered to participate and they're the only ones allowed to post! Others may watch and read, but may never post! Thank you for your co-operation.

This is the set of rules:

1. This is a run-on competition that will last for two weeks, additionally with another extra week. This is a competition ONLY for CP members. There is only place for 7 (!) members.

2. There will be a strict post order, which will ensure that someone has to post every day. In the end everyone will be posting three times. In case you can not post when it is your turn, you can still participate. It will be more difficult in that case to win a medal. The timelimit to post will be approximately 24 hours after the latter.

3. When it is your turn, your post has to be around one page long, like in Word. So it has to be around one page long in Word, with size 10 Times New Roman. It may never be less than half a page or more than two pages.

4. There is one main storyline, keep that in mind all the time. Additional storylines are always interesting, but only when they fit in the story and support the main story. In case they do not, your post will be edited. Korras and I will always have to authorisation to edit posts, if necessary, at all times.

5. There are three suspects, but keep in mind that they are only suspects. There is something like a presumption of innocence: DO NOT make assumptions too fast. We want you to investigate the disappearance of Gaidal Dupar and discuss the possibility whether or not a suspect could be behind this.

6. Korras and I (Gaidal) will post every now and then to fill the gaps in the story and lead you through the main plot. In order to easily write in this competition it is advised to read the RPG ‘Abandoned Ship’ and the run-on ‘Search for Darth Revan; A tribute to one of the greatest Sith’ for additional information about Gaidal Dupar. The dossier about him is also an option (#4910).

7. Remember that you are writing this story together, DO NOT cause anything horrible to a colleague writer of yours, when this person does not approve such action. Discuss this with one another to avoid problems in the competition.

8. There are three medals that can be earned for a good writer, a better writer and the best writer. Korras and I will judge your post together and will decide who deserves these medals. There are four major requirements: language, style, grammar & plot development. Every writer will be judged based on these requirements.

9. The run-on competition will be located on the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Forum, where you will have to post when it is your turn. For the rest, the official run-on rules need to be followed by the participants.

These are the competitors (in the strict postorder):

Old postorder

1. GRD Syrus Korodin
2. OT Warhunter Arawn
3. JH Aabsdu
4. JH Virulence Saj Bezatyne
5. PRT Lorien Sinclair
6. SBM Godo Nurok
7. DJK Drodik al'Tor

NEW postorder

1. JH Virulence Saj Bezatyne
2. GRD Syrus Korodin
3. OT Warhunter Arawn
4. JH Aabsdu
5. PRT Lorien Sinclair
6. SBM Godo Nurok
7. DJK Drodik al'Tor

Our apologies, but we had a late entry of Drodik al'Tor. He begged us if he could still participate. Korras and I agreed and so we've seven participants and remind you that he'll definitely be the last!

One of the hosts will try to write a starting post tonight (European Standard Time + 1h), so that Syrus may begin the first round. Keep an eye on the postorder and the rules. Good luck to you all and may the Dark Side feed upon you!

I was convinced that Syrus would go first, but he corrected me and said that I esnured him the second starting position. I negoticiated with Virulence and he's willing to start as first now. Syrus, Warhunter & Aabsdu moved a spot. I hope this will cause no further trouble. I'm sorry for the confusion Syrus and for the delay.


Gaidal Dupar

05-09-2005 14:36:37

(OOC: This is the official starting post, which means that the competition starts immediately. After the remark of Syrus and talking with other participants, Virulence was willing to start as the first one to post. Syrus, you'll be the second one as requested. As soon as Virulence posted the next participant has approximately 24 hours to post. Once more, good luck to you all! Let us begin!)

'Blinding Light, Deep Shadows’

Not so long ago:

Godo looked up from behind his desk and monitored the doors of his luxurious quarters. He became a Quastor only a few months ago and after that he could afford it to live like a king. It made him feel satisfied and pleasant, but not tonight. He was expecting a message from his pupil, any message. It had been over three days now since Jedi Hunter Gaidal Dupar last contacted him about the progress of his mission. Somehow Godo expected Gaidal to appear in front of him out of the blue, but the doors remained closed. The Battlemaster stroked his fringe of whisker and decided he could not sit behind his black desk any longer.
Slowly he stood up and walked over to the dresser and filled an elegant glass with wine from a stylish carafe. While nipping from his wine he heard a loud beeping sound. It meant there was an incoming transmission on his computer. Rapidly the Sith walked over to his desk and placed his glass of wine nearby. He easily clapped his hands, which dimmed the lights in his chambers. After that Godo nipped once more from his wine and opened a communications channel. A holographic projection of Gaidal appeared on his desk. The Jedi Hunter looked at his Master and grinned.
“Good day to you, my Master” after which he bowed humbly, “Enjoying the luxury of well-bottled wine, I see.”
“Good day to you too, Gaidal” The Battlemaster responded, “what took you so long, my friend? Do you have good news, any news for me?”
“Well” Gaidal started to answer, “it has been seven days since you sent me with a fellowship to the planet of Korriban. All my associates were well-disciplined and loyal members of our beloved Brotherhood. As the 'unofficial' head-archaeologist of a small team it was difficult to get passed the other official teams. They have official clearance from the DC to investigate every rock they would like, leaving only the smaller breadcrumbs for us. Fortunately enough, we were on our way to the hidden temple of Darth Revan. I was the only place of interest for us, because we knew we could only find relics of him there. Even after the last incident there, none discovered it afterwards. I remembered when I was close to the temple before and was afraid that all was lost, but not even the Jedi tried to destroy it. My fellowship had to try their best to keep it a secret, but we succeeded in the end and made sure that none will find it soon, thanks to a couple of thermal detonators. More importantly, we found a serie of interesting relics and some ‘other’ things. Everything is stored in the back of the ‘Dark Phoenix’ and I already dropped the other archaeologists off on Antei. I should be back in one day and then I’ll give you a full report. Satisfying enough for you, Godo?”
Godo looked at his pupil and just laughed: “I think that will do, Gaidal. You made me proud once more. See you in one day. Over and out. I’ll continue to enjoy my precious wine.”
The Battlemaster cut off the transmission and clapped with his hands. Immediately the lights turned on and Godo went to his comfortable chair. He sat there, laid back and drank his wine. It felt good. The success of Gaidal’s mission was like a small victory. It would give him the advantage he had been looking for. They would know his wrath, although he would carefully plan it. According to his personal philosophy an obvious enemy was an already defeated enemy. It was time to use that advantage in favour of himself and accomplish his goals for the higher cause.
He celebrated the success of his student a bit more and drank a lot of wine to maintain his good mood. After five glasses it felt like the world was upside down and he had a pounding headache. After feeling agitated because of his upcoming headache he fell into a deep and restless sleep. Godo was almost immediately in a certain stage of equilibrium and would not leave the chair until morning.
A small device, hidden under the large and black desk, started downloading recent files and conversations from the secret database of the computer. With the Sith out cold, none would ever detect it. A small camera kept monitoring every movement of the sleeping Godo, in order to prevent that he would detect it.
A dark figure on the other side of the doors controlled the device. He looked on his datapad and saw the incoming information. He knew that was precious and very valuable information.
“Good, very good” he whispered, “this is exactly what I need to know. You thought you had an advantage Godo, but not any longer. My superior will be pleased.” After he completed the downloading he sabotaged the device with one slight push on the button. The device imploded and the unknown person walked away into the darkness of the corridor.


Two days later:

After the shuttle safely docked in the spaceport of Byfrost castle, Korras walked through its interiors towards the Library. His ship ‘Vaevictis’ remained in orbit, because it was much too large to dock. Although he was a member of the Dark Council he visited Byfrost every now and then. He kind of liked the place, especially because its’ Library had a wide variety of Krath books. Korras van Dratio was looking for a specific Krath book named ‘The Origins of the Sin’, which could only be found on Byfrost. Here was the only known copy of it.
The member of the DC walked through the hallway and nodded towards any person he saw. He was in a good mood, so he did not mind when some of the new afraid pupils forgot to salute him. He was about to study a special book and that was all that mattered to him right now.
Korras turned left and walked through a corridor towards the dark Library. When he arrived there the entire Library was dark, so he switched on a few lights to study and to see where he was heading. He walked to the Krath section and his hands were touching the books. After searching for a while he finally found the example he had been waiting for. The DC member walked to one of the long tables in the room while he studied it and suddenly bumped onto a large object with one of his feet.
Strange, Korras thought, what could that be? He looked on the ground and saw a large red object. The Krath grabbed it and took a closer look at it. It was a battered red Royal Guard helmet. It reminded him of a certain someone. He remembered that someone from the Brotherhood wore such a helmet from time to time. What was this helmet doing here? Korras investigated the crime scene a bit more and saw that one chair was cut in half by a sword. Once he examined the chair more closely, he saw the burning marks of a lightsaber. All over the chair were pieces of a red cloak, while on the down on the ground laid the backing of the chair, a few drops of blood and a small sword. Carefully the DC member touched the sword and out of nowhere another blade appeared from the other end. This was a Kyandrian 'Chatka' and could belong to only one person: Gaidal Dupar. It seemed like someone attacked him by surprise, wounded him and took him somewhere in a hurt condition. But why would someone kidnap a Jedi Hunter?
He knew he had to inform Godo Nurok about the disappearance of his student and the man would not be pleased about it. Godo would immediately want an investigation team to inspect the crime scene. Korras was shocked, because Gaidal was a 'personal friend' of his and he never expected someone would kidnap a member with a lower rank than Dark Jedi Knight. In his eyes there was no use for it. In the end Korras decided that he would send an investigation team as well. It would be unofficial and none would know about it, not even Gaidal’s master. But the Krath would make sure that his investigation team would fall under the jurisdiction of the Council, but they would have to work from secrecy. Let Godo’s team do the dirty work, he thought, and my team will find the right clues. Korras would wait and see what Godo would do next and that would give him the necessary time to think of three members from Clan Plagueis, whom would become his team. Who would be a good lieutenant to lead his team?



06-09-2005 23:48:39

Blistering winds raged across the northern ice plains of Byfrost, as yet another storm gathered strength and began to move south, rapidly advancing on the dark stronghold known as Castle Frost. As the wind and snow began to batter the outside of the gigantic fortress, the occupants within paid no attention; these storms were a daily occurrence, and there was no storm that nature could create which could threaten the mighty Castle. Dark Jedi of all race and rank filled the halls of the massive complex, working and training in the dark arts, but one dark warrior moved swiftly through the cold, dark halls with more purpose than any around him.

As Godo Nurok marched down the large corridor leading from the turbolift, to the Castle’s library, he had a look of pure business on his face. A look that made most of the younger members who happened to be in his way, quickly move out of his way, bowing slightly as they averted their eyes from the Battlemaster’s glare. The Quaestor had just been interrupted from a much needed glass of wine by an urgent message from Korras. The Obelisk High Commander requested Godo’s presence in the library, and something in his voice told the Sith it was something serious.

As Godo rounded the corner, entering the large library which housed thousands of ancient texts on the various arts of the dark side, he saw Korras standing in a back corner with his back to him, discussing something with Warhunter. The pale Sith quickly maneuvered his way around several small tables and chairs, and approached the pair, nodding to Warhunter and looking at Korras.

“So what’s all this about?” Godo said, trying to remain respectful to the High Commander, while hiding his current lack of patience. Korras looked Godo straight in the eyes, and handed Godo the battered, dark red, Royal Guard helmet he found under the table.

“I found this also.” Korras said, pointing at the severed chair and blood stains on the floor, as he saw Godo recognize the helmet.

“What happened here?” the Sith said looking at Warhunter, clenching his teeth, as his eyes flashed from a light green to an icy blue.

“I got here about three minutes before you did.” The Templar replied in a concerned tone.

“We need to find him immediately.” Godo said with an urgent tone in his voice, which suggested more than a Master’s concern for his student.

“I suggest forming a small investigative team made up of Plagueis members, keep Castle security out of this, and handle it as quietly as possible.” Korras said to Godo, looking over the Sith’s shoulder at a small group of young darksiders who had noticed the trio in the corner.

“I’d like to be a part of the team if you don’t mind Godo,” Warhunter said to the Battlemaster, “Gaidal is a promising young Plaguein, and a good man.”

“I don’t mind at all, I would appreciate the help in fact, but we are going to need some assistance with this if we are going to find him quickly and quietly.” Godo replied.

“Naturally I wish you the best of luck gentlemen, unfortunately I have pressing matters that require my attention, keep me posted on your progress though.” Korras said, placing his hand on Godo’s shoulder, sharing the Sith’s concern for Gaidal.

“I will, thank you Korras.” Godo replied, as the Obelisk nodded to Warhunter and quickly exited the library.

“Who are we going to need on this?” Warhunter asked Godo, bending down onto one knee, and examining the small bloodstains on the floor. The two discussed what would be required for such an investigation, which members of Plagueis would fit those requirements the best, and quickly came up with a list of five names.

“All right, let’s round them up then, time is wasting.” Godo said, as the pair simultaneously pulled out their communication units, and one by one began to contact the team.

Syrus Korodin

07-09-2005 21:24:33

The quarters of Syrus Korodin were rarely, if ever, brightly lit. He liked to stay in a state of twilight where neither light nor darkness predominated. It helped him focus during meditation by placing his brain in a state of limbo. It was not dark enough to begin the sleeping process but not bright enough to exactly discourage it. He spent most of his free time meditating in his dimly lit quarters, letting his mind travel vaguely through the great expanses of the force that encompassed everything. He would sit for hours touching and knowing the outlines of prophecy and the ways of the force. Every day he grew stronger as he focused the century old raw energy into something tangible that he could mold and shape. He was close to the dark side and it was close to him, a symbiotic relationship.

As he sat meditating on his bed he felt a tremor echo through the force. He felt strong emotions coming from deep inside the castle. He could feel worry, anger, desire, and maybe a bit of hatred. Something was wrong. Syrus fell out of the state of meditation and immediately began to rise. He stood up for a moment and suddenly fell straight back down as he felt a sudden surge of dizziness. He tried again and this time was stopped by a twinge of pain in his right knee. Syrus sat down on the edge of his bed and sighed. Being old was not particularly pleasant when one was surrounded by a myriad of lively youth. Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted as his comlink beeped irritably. He snatched the thing off of his belt and activated it with a flick of a switch.

“Syrus Korodin here. What can I do for you?”

“This is Godo Nurok. I need you to report immediately to the library. You’ll be briefed when you get here.” Godo’s voice sounded more worried than Syrus would have expected. Something important must have occurred. Maybe death was involved. Lovely.

“On my way,” said Syrus smiling softly at the prospect of a possible adventure. He rose from his bed and this time the pain did not accost him. The comlink floated back onto his belt and reattached itself with a dull click. He turned towards a small table upon which his Energy Sword and Blaster rested. He sheathed the sword and holstered the blaster, enjoying the reaffirming knowledge of their weight. With the smile still on his face he exited the chambers and turned left, heading for the library.

And within five short minutes of relatively uneventful walking he finally reached the entrance to the venerable library. He rounded the corner, as Godo had done not too long ago, and entered into the vast library. All around him were endless shelves of arcane and archaic texts that stretched far back into darkness. He ran a hand lovingly over the spines of the many books he passed as he approached the conglomeration of dark Jedi. He noted that aside for Godo there were quite a few other people. He didn’t understand exactly what was going on, but the expression on some of their faces was worrisome to say the least. For a moment Syrus pulled back and just stood there, enjoying the scent of the ancient books. It was a musty but nevertheless pleasing scent that implied years of usage and not years of storage. But it was the Dark Side energy that emanated from them that was the true source of his attraction to them. They released so much of it that he could feel it when he inhaled and could feel it entering his bloodstream.

A Jedi could go insane here.

A smile flitted across his lips as he stepped past a few small tables and joined the group of Dark Jedi.


09-09-2005 17:15:38

As the whispers and low voices of shock and greif echoed quietly throughout the large complex from the small group of Journeyman that surrounded the crime scene, Obelisk Templar Warhunter Arawn stood silently to the side of the group leaning on a section of books that he made no claim of caring about, as he waited for the remaining candidates to make an appearence. While few journeymen knew of Warhunter's disregard for writings and anything Krath related, the Templar knew well enough that any mention of him today was not directed towards his disrespect he was showing by bending the spines of those articles that he leaned upon but of his entire presence today. While the news of his return to Plagueis had been spread throughout Byfrost and it's neighbouring planets, there were still those that had not heard the news or were untrusting of him now that he had the mark of Arcona placed for him, even though it had been only for a mere few days.

"Let the children imagine what they wish, they do not know that they are the pawns of today nor do they understand the full meaning behind the events of today." He thought to himself has he recalled upon the words that Korras spoke to him while the two were alone. As the High Commander informed him, the young Jedi Hunter Gaibal had recently been exploring Korriban on orders from his Master; Godo. Upon his return to Byfrost it has been suspected that the young Jedi Hunter stopped in the library for some unknown reason and had been murdered or seriously injuried and dragged away. Why this would happen to should a young student, and within the safety of Byfrost castle was unknown but Korras suspected much more at work here than a simple moral-wounding murder, even though the current state of the Brotherhood was at war under the banner of the High Commander himself. Whatever the answers were, Korras informed the Templar that he suspected that they would only be found while retracing the tracks of the young Gaibal and that whatever secrets were discovered would be their answer. However, as most Dark Jedi think while they are in power, the High Commander hinted at the possiblity of betrayal lurking within this mystery and had informed the Templar that he was summoned to serve for the will of the High Commander.

"More political bantha [Expletive Deleted]." The Templar has thought, but given that the murder had been within the Plagueis complex itself he knew that it was a possiblity. He knew he would have to get Godo's approval to assist and would have to make sure that he was teamed with members he could trust, however given the state of the brotherhood the Templar knew that any Equite or Elders of the clan would be busy conducting battle plans and developing combat techniques. The Templar smiled as he recalled the Journeyman roster from his Proconsul days, Virulence and Lorien would be prefect given the house bond Warhunter shared with Virulence and the time they spent together on the House summit and the bond between Master and Student that Warhunter shared with Lorien.

With that thought, Warhunter noticed that two presences of those individuals as they entered the room, filling the last spots within the group. With a total of seven Dark Jedi assembled within the room, Godo turned from Drodik whom he had been speaking privately with and asked the group to gather about him. While the Templar watched the group close in on the Battlemaster, he felt do desire to stand amoung them. Not just because of his higher class within the brotherhood, but given that he had all the information he required. The journeymen would learn of what had happened by their feet, and be informed of their mission. In exactly 3 hours the three selected by Godo would leave with him by shuttle to the planet Korriban to begin the search for what Gaibal discovered, Eight hours after that Warhunter would be leaving Byfrost with his two selections in several of the clan's TIE Defenders to retrace the tracks left by Gaibal between Korriban and Byfrost and use any information gathered by Godo's team at that time. However, as Godo informed the group of his plans, Warhunter calculated his plans of attack; he knew that he would discover nothing if he would be leaving after Godo and knew that if in fact Korras' concerns were correct than Godo was possibily behind the crime and may be able to discover and hind the secrets Gaibal unearthed before Warhunter left atmosphere on Byfrost.

"No," The Obelisk thought, "In an hour, three of Satal Keto's TIE Advance will be recorded transferring to a new hanger but none of them will materialize there. If I am to do the High Commander's bidding, then I shall have to be the first to land on Korriban."

As the group around Godo dissolved and the participants made their way to their rooms to prepare, Warhunter moved quickly to intercept his two teammates and begin his mission.

"Maybe I will even have time to teach some of the Krathlings stationed on Korriban what really is a Dark Jedi..."


10-09-2005 10:26:22

Godo Nurok was short a member. He had already decided to take Drodik and Syrus along with him to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Gaidal, but he wanted one other, and knew which one he would chose.

His last follower was his student, but a new one. The jedi hunter had already been trained by two masters, both of whom died in battle or some such, so now Godo was his master.

He was a good student, and would follow orders. He was also skilled in piloting craft, so it was common sense to bring along Aabsdu. Godo Nurok turned and set off down the hallways to fetch Aabsdu, after all, he only had three hours.
Jedi Hunter Aabsdu sat on a woven mat in the middle of his room with his eyes closed, completely absorbed in the living force. His goal was to try to levitate for a few seconds, something he had never done before in his life as a dark jedi. Therefore, he took a calm breath, and concentrated, making sure not to focus too hard. Then, after a few minutes, Aabsdu felt his feet leave the ground, and he rose from his Indian-style stance right into the air, not two inches above the mat.

He held it, and relaxed as he tried to stay there as long as possible. He found himself rising higher and higher and soon he though in his mind he must be at least a few feet above ground.


Aabsdu lost all focus as his door's bell chimed, and he fell to the ground hard with a thud.

He got to his feet and rubbed his head to try and get rid of his dizziness.

"Who in the hell," he said as he walked to the door, "thinks they can just walk up to my room and..."

Aabsdu cut his sentence short as he opened the door to find his master, Godo Nurok, standing with a stern face and his arms crossed against his chest, as well as his right foot tapping fiercely in the leather boots he was wearing. Aabsdu gulped, and bowed to the high standing sith.

"Very sorry master," Aabsdu said quickly and respectfully, "I wasn't aware I had visitors today."

"None of us were," Godo said back, "but there's been an accident and I want you to help me with it."

"I'll do whatever you wish master," Aabsdu said while bowing again.

After getting a bag of clothes and a few other necessities, Aabsdu turned to the door and let his master lead the way to their mission.
Godo, Aabsdu, Drodik, and Syrus still had around two hours before they were to leave, so Master Nurok decided to investigate Gaidal's ship, Dark Phoenix. Syrus and Drodik checked on the hull while Aabsdu and his master went inside to look through the interior.

It was an imperial shuttle. Finely made, but battered and black with electric sparks coming out of the exterior. There were also the personal touches Gaidal had put into it. Aabsdu would have loved to fly such a vessel of war, at least to ride in it.

The jedi hunter slowly walked down one of the interior hallways, looking on the walls for any scorches and such. Aabsdu became so engrossed, in fact, that he failed to see the puddle of water existing in a poll outside of a door. He walked right through it, and when his foot stepped down on the slippery water, he, of course, slipped backwards.

Aabsdu got back to his feet and rubbed his head again, this time feeling his now soaked backside as well.

"How many times can I fall in one day," he said to himself.

It was at that moment the Godo appeared behind him and asked, "Find anything?"

"I did master," Aabsdu told him, and he pointed to the puddle of water.

The two of them walked inside the room to find that it was the heater room, and that the cooling instrument was still running.

"How do you reckon that happened," Aabsdu asked his master while looking around the room.

"I'm not sure," Godo replied, "but right now we have to take to the sky. Let's go."

As Godo and Aabsdu rushed out of the ship, Drodik and Syrus ran up to them as they closed and sealed the main hatch.

"Find anything," Godo asked them.

"Nothing that might help us," Drodik said.

"There were some scorches," Syrus finished, "but without testing they could have been there for ages."

"It doesn't matter for," Godo told the three, "We have a plane to catch."

-- Korras Edit: the Vaevictis is my command ship, a VSD. you'd have a long walk to check out the exterior. :P

I've edited some things around, after talking to Gaidal. --

Lorien Sinclair

10-09-2005 12:23:42

Lorien was in the Meditation Chamber when Godo found her. The Protector's idea of meditation was a bottle of Corellian whiskey and an antiquated device that blared out the strangest sounds the Battlemaster had ever heard. The Protector saw him, sighed, and turned the device off. She nodded to Godo, and motioned for him to join her. The elder Jedi remained standing, a baleful gaze in his eyes.

Lorien got the hint. She leapt to her feet.

Godo spoke in grave tones about what was known - Gaidal had vanished, albeit not without a struggle, if the library were any inkling. Lorien was one of six people chosen to investigate the matter, and find Gaidal, whether living or dead.


Lorien nodded absently, remembering what the saboteur in the hangar had said before he vanished.

"We're all around you."

"Something wrong, Protector?" Godo asked, snapping her out of her reverie.

Lorien started to to answer, but cut herself off. Gaidal had to be found first. She'd inform Makhael of the situation later.

"No, sir," Lorien said, her tone hard.


Godo gave her a look that said he was tempted to order her to tell him, but thought better of it.

"Very well, Protector. Join your team."

Lorien bowed, surprising Godo. The woman was not known for her dedication to the formalities. If anything, the shadowy kinseth was known for treating everyone shy of the Council as though they were comrades in war, staring at their last moments of life.

The Protector grabbed her gear, and made for the door. Godo followed, noticing that she had shattered the bottle in her grip.


Lorien found the others waiting at the ship, each one of them looking eager to solve this, and be done with it.

She couldn't blame them. If she was right, though, it was only the beginning.


10-09-2005 19:06:17

Castle Byfrost was filled with thousands and thousands of the gifted and skilled, some were old and consumed by the dark energies. Others were new to the intoxicating powers of the dark side, Plagueis was a Clan born for supremacy. But on this day of terrible tidings, something previously unseen moved through its prestigous halls. A shadow born of the void flowed through the network of passageways, lecture halls and even the dark library. Even the oldest and more powerful of the Clan stepped instinctively out the way. Some even gazed at the shadow, before turning away and dismissing it as a trick on the eyes. Even if you could perceive it you would see nothing but a hole in the force, a dark fiend which consumed the light and expanded the darkness. Onwards it went, turning this way and that until it found what it was looking for.


Godo was finding it impossible to concentrate on the task at hand, searching for his student was of importance to Korras but there were far more pressing concerns. Indeed, when he had been informed of the mystery of Gaidals dissapearence his thoughts turned to the artifacts he had recovered. His plans it seemed were momentarily thwarted. There was one benefit to these ‘tragic’ events, few were looking into his affairs and had the Dark Council become aware of his agenda he would not be alive now. Two possibilities presented themselves either the ‘other’ had become aware of his plans or some other force was hoping to benefit from the recovered items.

There had been little time for reflection on the recent events but already a shuttle had been prepared for Godo and his team. There had been another advantage to being placed in command of the search, it meant he could control the investigation, prevent certain truths being uncovered and so long as the ‘other’ remained ignorant so much the better.

With their transport now fully prepared he led the team onboard, each taking a seat and doing their best to make themselves comfortable for the tedious journey. He decided to speak, set the tone for the trip. Calling upon all his power he began.

“One of my trusted and loyal students has been attacked and perhaps even slain within our very sanctuary. Though it comes as a personal loss we must not lose sight of our true goal this day.” Godo watched eached member carefully, all gave the desired response of indignation and some measure of sorrow.

“We have been bestrayed my friends, another seeks to learn our secrets! They managed to infiltrate our deepest and most well protected places of power for Plagueis. I have reason to believe our rival Clans seek to bring about our downfall and loot our corpses for knowledge, indeed they committed such a gross atrocity in our own library.”

Godo allowed a minute or two for this information to sink in, he could feel their concern and curiosity fade and replaced with defiance, rage and need for revenge. He decided to press his point still further.

“It is of urgency that we unmask the real culprets, that we silence them and those that would dare strike at Plagueis. Once we reach our destination I want you all to look into any contact that Gaidal may have had with the other Clans. Look for any abnormal interest in my students movements. I shall co-ordinate the search for clues from our base camp.”

All showed signs of respect and approval and each in their own different way began preparing for what they felt would lead to vengance for the insult committed against Plagueis. After giving a few brief instructions to the pilot Godo took his seat and though outwardly showing signs of stress and rage, inside he felt confident that he could use this to his advantage.

Aabsdu sat opposite and watched his master carefully, he too had felt the power in Godo’s words, the same feeling of anger and a thirst for revenge but his training had progressed far and he felt a wrongness to the situation he could not explain. He was also beginning to doubt his own senses as he felt certain that he spotted a dark entity about Godo, but before he could truly comprehend it, it vanished from sight.

Drodik alTor

11-09-2005 01:04:29

-- The night sky over Byfrost fell quickly. Within a matter of a few moments it seemed an entire day had gone by. But as always, it was nothing out of the oridinary. Just...a regular sunset. Cold and crisp the air remained. unpolluted even by the planets new inhabitants. The cold grew even stronger as the night continued on. There would be no hope for any being to stay upon the surface. Castle Byfrost itself creaked within the cold bitterness that was the night.

Deep within the castle's hangar the determined team that was to find their companion, who as of late had gone missing. The team comprised of Godo, Drodik, Aabsdu and Syrus were to leave soon. It would be smart to have left immediately to search the last place Gaidal was at. But it was more logical to investigate the happenings....Which they did.


The shuttle hummed and lifted off the ground. Gently soaring to the hangar doors they awaited clearence and passed through the doors. The hangar doors opened up to a tube through which was underground. The ship tilted and flew through the tube. The end of the tube had another set of doors which flashed opened revealing the pitch black that was the night of Byfrost.

Elevating toward the upper most atmosphere the ship began to rattle. "How old is this junk?" shouted Syrus. "Old enough, just sit tight already." Replied Godo. Drodik flipped a few switches on the panel in front of him and. The glass that was their front window turned static green and all was visible. The outer stars of the nearby celestial bodies became even more clear due to the fact there was no atmosphere. Even so, the stars were least of their worries.

They had a companion to search for and they couldnt forget about him. Even if he was to be dead at this moment. It was what he discovered or found that was most important.
A green light was blinking brightly on an upper panel just above Godo's head.

"Whats the matter?" Asked Co-pilot Drodik. "Ugggh. We have a gas leak" Said Godo.

"Will we make it past hyperdrive?" asked Aabsdu

"We should, but first we'd need to stop at Haven for some quick repair." said Godo

"Why Haven?"asked Syrus

"If we go back to Byfrost we'll be grounded for the next week." Said Drodik

"What do you mean?" Asked Aabsdu

"Take a look out towards the Eastern Hemisphere. That big white drifting cropping is a storm. And the Castle is directly in its path. And it is going to be a Big storm." Announced Godo.

"Set a course for Haven Space Dock 8 Drodik" Commanded Godo

Setting a few knobs and pushing some ergonomically placed switches Drodik placed his hand on the hyperdrive clutch.

"Setting throttle to a third" Said Drodik.

The ship pulled up to a hyperdrive buoy and flew past it.

"Hit it now!!"

Drodik pulled back on the cutch and the ship seemed to grow longer as white and black streaks appeared to grow infront of the glass. And not even a matter of seconds the ship burst at full speed and entered hyperspace.

"Good Job Drodik!" Said Godo

"No problem Godo. Done it a thousand times." Responded Drodik

"Im sure of it" Said Syrus

Drodik sat back with his hand on the hilt of his saber. and closed his eyes while positioning himself in a reclined position. And began to think of his friend. Gaidal Dupar. The two had become the best of friends during adventure aboard the Usitan Overseer. (Abandoned Ship). The two helped each other in the most perilous times. It was once again another rescue attempt. Drodik was sure that he would do whatever was in his power to help his friend.

Under his half asleep voice Drodik whispered

"Im coming Gaidal.........."

Gaidal Dupar

11-09-2005 18:39:17

(This is the official starting post for the second round. It means that Virulence will be the first one to post again. By the way, Korras and I have an important message for all of you: because the story is developing itself quite well and you all seem to like it, we have added an additional third round to make sure we'll have a proper ending.)

Meanwhile on the ‘Vaevictis’:

Korras walked through his quarters onboard of his VSD ‘Vaevictis’. It would take less than a few minutes before his three investigators would arrive. He felt a bit worried about the fate of young Gaidal. Partially because he was somewhat of a close friend, but mostly because of his recent discoveries back on Korriban. What in Krath’s name could he have found that made someone else snap? So he kept walking through his chambers and thinking of possibilities and writing strategies down to handle the situation on his datapad.
When he heard the beeping sound coming from the door, he opened it by using the datapad he still held in his left hand. As soon as the door opened the proud Warhunter entered the luxurious quarters of the High Commander, being followed by Lorien and Virulence.
“Templar Warhunter Arawn reporting, milord” he said with a calm and gentle voice, “as well as Jedi Hunter Virulence Saj Bezatyne, on my personal request, and Protector Lorien Sinclair.”
Korras van Dratio smiled a bit and began to explain the current situation: “Well, we all know what happened back there on Byfrost. I requested your presence, because I’d like you to investigate the missing of Gaidal. I want to know why anyone would be interested in kidnapping a Jedi Hunter, this Jedi Hunter. I have serious reason to believe that the one, who is behind this, knew of his findings as well. I’m counting on the possibility that it’s the main reason for his abduction. I want you three to investigate the last few steps of Gaidal before he was overwhelmed. The official investigation team will be sent in to check the working area of our Jedi Hunter on Korriban. I’m quite sure that they will find not a clue. The three of you will form the unofficial investigation team under the jurisdiction of the Dark Council. You’ll work in secrecy and act from the shadows. None may know of your investigation. That’s also one of the reasons I want you to follow Gaidal’s movements from Korriban back to Byfrost. If there is a clue, you’ll most likely find it along that route!”
The three members of Clan Plagueis nodded. Warhunter stepped forward and waited one moment before talking: “That’s why I brought Virulence along. He and Gaidal know each other for quite some time now and they watch each others back every now and then.”
“True” said Lorien, “Although I don’t know Dupar very well, I do know that he works together with the Barabel. It gives us a bit of an equal starting position, because Godo’s team has one man advantage and another personal friend of Gaidal onboard; Dark Jedi Knight Drodik al’Tor. Another person, another story, but still a close friend of the Jedi Hunter. So my Master was correct to ask this Jedi Hunter to come along.”
"I believe I can be of some assistance here" Virulence mentioned, "I know Gaidal quite well and I might be able to understand his thinking patterns, although he even remains a bit of a mystery to me in the end. But what I do know, is that his attacker had to be one of two steps before him. There are only few who surprise him."
The Obelisk High Commander looked at the three individuals before him and smiled once more. It pleased him to see eager and loyal personnel like these three. He clapped his hands and walked towards his desk. Korras unlocked the control panel and pushed a large button. Immediately the lights dimmed and a holographic projection emerged from the floor in front of Korras’ desk. The three CP members stepped back in order to see it properly. One could easily identify the two planets of Korriban and Byfrost. The Obelisk stepped away from his desk and started his final monologue: “Well, we don’t have a lot of time, because the others are already on route to Korriban. I made sure that their transportation was ‘delayed’ a bit. The maintenance droid 45BK was very helpful. They’re not your concern for now. So, this was the rout Gaidal Dupar took…”


In Haven Space Dock 8:

“This transport has been successfully sabotaged” said the repair droid in Space Dock 8, “you’ll have to wait for at least another three hours, sirs.”
“Fine, fine”, grumbled Godo and signed the datapad in order to pay for the necessary repairs, “at least we’ve some time to socialize and intermingle with one another.”
Aabsdu was standing close to his Master and his remark made him sneer in the most devious way possible. Syrus investigated the gas leak and said with loud voice: “It seems like we have more players around the table and they all would like to win this game.”
Drodik was still leaning on the shuttle somewhere in the shadows of the dock. He kept thinking of what could have happened to his friend. It reminded him of a personal loss he suffered a long time ago. The Zabrak kept touching his lightsaber and was sure that he would have to use it in the end. He had to save Gaidal. The DJK stood up and walked into the light. While looking at Syrus Drodik declared: “I’ve to agree with the hybrid here. There’s a lot more at stake than meets the eye. We should be careful, because we could be endangering Gaidal’s life. The one who kidnapped him has to be a professional with a lightsaber and on a short timeschedule. So that's why he didn't clean up the crime scene and why we were being sabotaged.”
“At least, so it seems… Like you said, there is more than meets the eye. We can’t trust on what we see, as well as we can’t anticipate on what we can’t foresee” Godo responded, “what do you think, my student?”
Aabsdu was surprised by the sudden question of his Master and felt himself a bit stunned. With a bit of stuttering he answered: “I… I… think we should go to Korriban as soon as possible, but we are stranded here for another three hours. So we should make the best out of it and could discuss what possibly happened to Gaidal, what the motives are of the attacker and what exactly Gaidal found on Korriban. Is that a satisfying answer, Master?”
“Splendid” Godo laughed out loud, “so that’s what we’ll do; killing time by doing something useful. Anyone who would like to start with the attacker’s motives?”


Somewhere on a remote and hidden location:

Finally! He was successful! It took him more than six months to find his target and justice would prevail now above all other things. The Force user looked at the large bacta tank, where a drugged and sleeping member of the Brotherhood was being held. That man never knew what hit him. It took a lot of time to enter the castle on Byfrost without being detected.
The other man smiled, because he caught Gaidal while reading one of his books. It was one of the things he learnt while studying his past and occupations. The small gathering of Jedi on Dantooine had some sort of database where there was still a file on the outlaw Padawan named Gaidal Dupar. Reading books, manipulating others and dueling were all hobby’s of the Sith.
The individual looked at his captured prey once more and walked away. He realized that the Jedi Hunter did not even have his lightsaber yet! The Force user ignited his own saber and a tall yellow blade emerged from the hilt. He would awake Gaidal as soon as possible and fight hem. Such ‘errors in the Force’ as Jedi Hunter Gaidal Dupar should not be allowed to continue their lives of misery and suffering. The man turned off his lightsaber and walked out of the medical bay, leaving Gaidal Dupar behind in his bacta tank.



13-09-2005 03:27:18

As Korras began outlining the most likely route Gaidal would have taken from Korriban, Virulence’s eyes locked on a tiny planet in the hologram, and his mind began to drift. The reptile began to consider the various parties involved, and as he stared intently at the small planet, he tried to decide where he stood in this whole affair.

Barabel’s were ferociously loyal by nature, and it was this sense of loyalty which began to tear at the Jedi Hunter’s stomach. Gaidal was a close friend, one of the first members the reptile had met when he first joined the Brotherhood, and the Sith had saved his ass on several occasions. Godo had been someone whom Virulence could go to for advice since the barabel was a Novice, he was a good man, and Virulence had a great deal of respect for the Quaestor of Kun. Warhunter had enough faith in the young Jedi Hunter to give him the Aedile position he now held, and the Krath was very thankful for that. Virulence did not know Korras, but the High Commander was held in high regard, by many of the people the reptile had come to respect. The reptile decided on a way to move this investigation forward, while possibly revealing the motives of one or two of those present. Virulence’s eyes never left the small planet, as all these thoughts raced through his head, and Korras picked up on this, stopping in mid sentence, and turning to the Jedi Hunter.

“Is there something we’re missing?” the high commander asked, in an obviously irritated, but somewhat intrigued tone.

“If Gaidal found something on Korriban, why didn’t he take it to Godo the second he got back to the Castle? Why was he in the Library? It doesn’t make sense.” The Aedile asked, trying to pry his gaze from the small planet not far from Korriban.

“Maybe whoever took Gaidal, took what he found.” Warhunter replied.

“I don’t think so; he wouldn’t just be lounging in the library with an ancient Sith artifact in his pocket, especially if his Master was waiting on his report. I think he knew he was in danger. He must have hidden whatever he found away somewhere, before returning to Castle Frost, but the only reason he would do that is if he didn’t trust someone in the Castle.” Virulence said to the Templar.

“So where do you suppose he would he have hidden it?” Korras asked, cocking his head to the side, and folding his arms.

“Ziost.” The barabel answered, returning his gaze to the mysterious planet, namesake of the first House Gaidal and Virulence were stationed in, back in the days of Clan Exar Kun.

“Ziost?” Lorien asked, arching a brow, for she had also been a member of House Ziost.

“Not the House, the Planet.” Virulence said. “If my memory serves me right, he’s been there before; it’s out of the way enough that you didn’t even consider it in your scenario Commander, so the chances of any lightsiders or non-force users of figuring it out are slim. As you know, the planet courses with the Darkside, so hiding an artifact of great Darkside power would be easy on such a world. I know Gaidal, and for some reason, Ziost feels right. Of course, if I’m right, I probably won’t be the only one who figures this out.” The Jedi Hunter said, glancing at Lorien.

“True,” Lorien said, “Both Godo and Drodik have known Gaidal since the days of House Ziost, they should eventually come to the same conclusion.”

“Then it seems time is of the essence.” Korras stated, unfolding his arms, and turning off the hologram.

Syrus Korodin

13-09-2005 17:57:16

As the other members of his team began their discussion Syrus took a step back from them and retreated into the sanctity of his mind. He had no intention of sharing his views with them. He mistrusted Aabsdu and Godo, both were members of the Sith. He liked the personality of Drodik but found him to be about as intelligent as a log, that being the same distinction he provided to most of the Obelisk order. These warriors were not of his ilk. He would let them sort out this problem on their own with their farce of a “discussion” while he did some serious thinking. He would think until he was called upon and then he would see. For, after all, he was Krath and his mind was his weapon. Syrus closed his eyes and tapped into the mystical movements of the dark side, letting the gentle hum sooth his aching body and refresh his mind. The hum persisted, drowning sound to the point that he could barely hear Nurok and the others. Beneath his lids his eyes darted to and fro as though searching for something only they knew existed.

And so, standing on the metal floor of Haven Space Dock 8, Syrus began to contemplate this strange turn of events. His mind first turned to the events at the library for they troubled him deeply. The crime scene itself looked like a set up, he thought. The placement of the helmet, the mutilated chair, the blood spots on the floor. It was, overall, a sloppy job. The use of the lightsaber implied someone of Equite ranking or higher but the attacker displayed an ineptitude that appeared to be unmatched. Perhaps it was, as they said, someone on a short time schedule? No. That did not seem like a plausible theory. Someone on a short time schedule, as Syrus had been many a time during his bounty hunting days, did the job quickly and silently. The possibility remained, however. This was either the work of an idiot, a fanatic, or a lunatic in general. They were equally dangerous in their own right.

His mind turned to something even stranger about the crime scene. The use of the lightsaber itself was an outlandish thing. Gaidal was a Hunter and although he was strong in the force anyone with an Equite rank should have been able to knock him unconscious easily. Why use a lightsaber to incapacitate someone? The very idea confused him. He had never tried to knock somebody unconscious with anything but the hilt of a saber. It was strange indeed that the chair had been mauled by the attack. This again reassured his belief that it was either an idiot or fanatic that committed this crime. There was no indication of a carefully planned attack. It seemed like a spontaneous strike by someone rather deranged. He wondered why the attacker had not simply used a blaster. Syrus found that the blaster was the easiest tool for knocking somebody unconscious with relative ease.

And then there came the problem of Dupar himself. What in Krath’s name was Gaidal Dupar doing in the thrice-damned library when he should have been reporting to his Master? The idea that he was reading a book seemed ludicrous. There was something deeper, more complicated about this affair. What was Gaidal doing, then, on Korriban? Searching for an artifact, it seemed. Yes, that sounded just right. Syrus doubted, however, that Gaidal was holding an artifact of such power as to be found on Korriban in his possession at the time of the attack. He doubted, in fact, that it was on Byfrost at all. Dupar must have known something and hidden the artifact or else he would have made a report to his Master. Everything about this damned event disturbed him. It was all so uncouth, so…spontaneous. Nothing seemed to be occurring as planned.

And the last thing that troubled him was the man standing naught a few meters in front of him: Godo Nurok. When they were together aboard the shuttle he had listened to Nurok’s little speech with but a small fraction of his mind. The other parts were focused on his face, scrutinizing his every movement. What he saw displeased him greatly. He understood that Nurok was putting on a mask of grief and anger but that inside he was wholly something else. The eyes told everything. Godo was acting and, judging by the reactions of his fellows, doing a good job at it. Syrus had displayed the necessary emotions at the proper moments but inside he didn’t particularly care. Gaidal was not a close friend to him and whether he lived or died was inconsequential. The speech full of pomp and bravado was recognized by Syrus for what it was: propoganda and fodder. He doubted this was the work of another Clan. He thought that it was more likely an insider within the ranks of Plagueis. To him, though, the topic was negligible. The task at hand was not to find Dupar but to find the artifacts he had uncovered and return them to Byfrost. The honor and power of the Clan was worth more to Syrus than the corpse of a Hunter.

Deep down in his heart of hearts Syrus Korodin felt much more anxiety than he displayed. For a moment he let his thoughts wander into the Dark Side.

The sun played and danced on the waters of the small pond near the place where Syrus buried his Son in a grave of earth and stone. He looked up into the night sky and howled.

The chill wind tore through his clothes and made his skin prickle into gooseflesh as night fell on Korriban. The ancient holocron vibrated softly in his palm.

The screaming thing looked up at him from its pathetic position, blue eyes glinting fiercely. It’s bruised and battered body wept red tears from a thousand tiny eyes as it shrieked at him. “The Son of the Suns is nigh! You shall be destroyed! Destroyed!” A yellow blade removed a head with a quick swipe.

“And what do you say about this, Korodin? I can feel your mind pulsating with every thought.” Nurok locked eyes with Syrus and for one brief moment he saw something dark, something cold swirling around him. Syrus narrowed his eyes and straightened his ancient back with a savage crackle of old bones. Let them come to their own conclusion.

“Let those that knew him best come to a conclusion. I say we go to Korriban and glean what we can from those stationed there and from the places Gaidal was exploring. Everything now is mere speculation. We must have facts. Facts shall bring about greater knowledge of the situation so that we may plan accordingly.” Syrus nodded to the assembled Dark Jedi and took a step forward, rejoining the circle.

And still, in his heart of hearts, in the place where everything was instinct and everything was true, he felt the disquiet wrap around him.


15-09-2005 22:24:25

(Gaidal emialed me and told me to go ahead and post, so here you go)

Jedi Hunter Aabsdu sat in one of the ship's small chairs, straped in securely, and tried to concentrate as the bucket of metal they were flying in vibrated severly as they took of from the space dock. They had decided that there best course of action for now would be to go to Korriban and investigate there. If they were lucky they'd find something useful to them, but if they weren't then they'd just be wasting time. It had been Aabsdu's idea to go to the planet so engrossed in the dark side anyways, he had been the one to submit the idea.

Aabsdu felt his master was going to like him more every day. It seemed as if the trust and respect, the over all connection, between them grew by the minute. Godo was different from Aabsdu's other two masters because Godo didn't treat Aabsdu like a youngling who dreams of building his lightsaber, but he treated Aabsdu like a man building his lightsaber. Aabsdu would do great things under the leadership of Godo Nurok.

Then, there was Syrus' strange behavior while they discussed plans. One of the things Godo had taught him was to watch everything and everyone at all times. This was easier for Aabsdu because he was a sith and a pilot, so he could easily divide his mind into sections and do more than one thing at once. It had been a piece of Alderranian pie to tell that Syrus was hiding something, and that the man was coming up with plans of his own. It was easy to see that Syrus didn't trust Aabsdu and his master, and Aabsdu didn't trust the krath slime just as much. Still, nonetheless, they were working as a team, and Aabsdu would not let order get between finding the student of his master.

Another question came to Aabsdu's mind, What about the artifacts? Shouldn't we be trying to find them as well? Of course finding Gaidal was important, but was his life so important as to forget about artifacts that may change plagueis history?

What am I saying? Gaidal is Godo's student, and a dark jedi's life is more important than pieces of junk. No!, I'm talking like I care for Gaidal, I'm talking like a jedi, but I do like the man, he is a fun guy to have a few drinks with. He is a great fighter and has never let anyone down.

Thoughts clouded Aabsdu's mind and he started to lose his train of thought. He couldn't tell one thing from another, nothing made sense.

Aabsdu walking up to his parents and killing them in cold blood

Blood, murder, and crying!

Aabsdu was lost to reality and became engrossed in darkness as pictures of his murdered relatives and his mom flashed through his mind. Nothing was separate from everything; even his mind didn't make sense. Everything started to shake and roll and tumble.

Then, Aabsdu opened his eyes to see Drodik shaking him by the shoulders and saying, "You okay? Huh?"

He pushed her back gently and said, "I'm fine."

After she left, Aabsdu sat up and looked out the small view port. Blue light and stars flew past at billions of light-years a second. They were obviously in hyperspace, which meant he had been in his dream state for a while.

Godo Nurok looked into the room and at seeing his student, came and sat down in the cold metal seat next to Aabsdu. For a moment, Godo only sat there with his eyes closed as if meditating. Here, another question came to Aabsdu from watching Syrus. The entire time Syrus had been staring at Godo, and he had also been staring at the battlemaster during the briefing aboard the ship. Syrus had been watching Godo ever so closely, as if looking for something specific.

Aabsdu would never betray his master, not for all the money in the world, but if he was hiding something, or had anything to do with Gaidal's disappearance, Aabsdu would report him faster than a lightsaber can ignite. He took this moment to look at the sith as Godo mediated, and Aabsdu looked as deep as he could for anything relevant to the mission.

There wasn't much there, but Aabsdu saw Godo and Gaidal bowing and parring and Godo's last report from Gaidal before he disappeared, and then there was...


A brick wall slammed into Aabsdu and sent him flying across the room, but only in his mind. When Aabsdu came back to reality, Godo was now the one staring.

"Trying to find something," he asked with a bit of sarcasm and a smirk.

Aabsdu grinned and replied, "No, master, terribly sorry."

Aabsdu turned away to looked out the window at the swirling mass of blue and white, but Godo kept staring at the hunter's back.

"Is there something troubling you," he asked Aabsdu.

Aabsdu turned around to say, "No, master, I'm fine."

The two weren't that close yet, but if they kept at it they soon would be. He turned back to look out the window, and soon enough, Godo fell asleep.

All throughout the ship speakers blared, "Arrival in five hours."

Aabsdu sighed and fell asleep against the glass of the window.


16-09-2005 14:29:11

(My apologizes for the late post, settling into university and my new apartment has been tougher than i thought it would be.)

As the High Commander's words hung in the air within the breifing room, slowly echoing into silence, Warhunter hung his as he processed the events and words that were just releived. While he had wanted to go to Korriban to begin the investigation, Korras believed that it would be little use to them and with Virulence's thought made a good arguement that whatever was there was gone by now, most likely taken and hidden by the young Jedi Hunter Gaibal. Nodding his head in acceptance to the orders of Korras, Warhunter looked up at High Commander and hissed quietly the Obelisk's pact of honour and then turned towards the door. The motion left his robes to glind through the air and twril behind him to follow and as it did so the Obelisk Templar heard the sharp clicks of heels on steel as his party followed him through the exit.

As the trio made their way through the giant vessel towards the turbolift that would deliever them to the hanger, Warhunter's mind revised the conversation within the High Commander's breifing room as well as tried to remember what history he knew of Clan Exar Kun and its planets. As both his followers had stated, Virulence and Lorien were once part of House Ziost and were stationed upon the House's planet, giving them an advantage over Warhunter on this mission fore he didn't even know how to get to Ziost, let alone know the enivorment of the world. Pausing before the last turn before the turbolifts, Warhunter turned to his party and concluded his thoughts on the matter.

"Virluence, I want you to proceed to the hanger and begin the preflight lists on all our crafts, also make a request to the control room for a launch window in half an hour from now. Make sure the coordinates to Ziost are programmd and have our flight suits ready for us when we arrive in the hanger." The Templar stated quickly and then turned to his young apprentice. "Lorien, I want you to go to the nearest terminal, and log in as myself. Use my normal password to the Satal Keto hangers, it'll give you clearance to use the ship's encyclopedia amoung other things. Download all the data you can on Ziost and it's nearest planets and send it all to my datapad, feel free to include some of your own personal views of the planet if you have time. Then make your way to the hanger and assist Virulence."

"Yes, Master." Lorien said gently as he bowed his head in respect to the Templar. "May I ask where you will be?"

"Aye, I'm going to make my way to the armory and med-bay and grab some supplies for us. Don't worry about your robes, leave them in the locker you get your flight suit from, I'll pack some envirormental suits or other clothing depending upon the information you give me, so be quick with the data."

"Yes, Master' Lorien stated again, gently and then turned to search for the nearest terminal. As Warhunter watched him disappear from the corner, he began his march to the armory. While Virulence already was aware of Warhunter's survival training, the Templar had to wonder if his own student was aware of this, it was not an important matter at the moment but it would be something the Templar would have to bring up and possiblily past on. As for now the Templar had other things to worry about, including running a mental checklist of necessary items that would fit into all the cargo bays of their vessels.

Lorien Sinclair

18-09-2005 03:59:09

{OOC: Apologies for the lateness of this post.....I'm trying to get my affairs in order before I leave for boot camp. Hopefully, I will be able to continue this story, but if not.....well, as it comes.}

Ziost held a lot of memories for Lorien. She knew where everything was, and felt, oddly enough, at peace in these walls.

The terminal had granted her access in Warhunter's name easily enough. She hooked up the datapad, and began the download, then crossed the hallway to another terminal, and entered a slicer encryption to gain access to the fortress' mainframe.

Since their arrival, Lorien had been plagued by the possiblility that what had happened to Gaidal had been an act of her 'friends' from the Hangar five months earlier. Her guts wrenched at the possibility that that saboteur had been right - that she was a danger.

There was something else. Shortly before Grand Master Long had taken control of the clan, Lorien had overheard a conversation between her first Master, the traitorous Talon Jade, and an strange looking being clad in a cloak and armor.

"Her power is surprising. It is not tied into the Force as the rest are."

"How many others are this way?"

"A handful of others. They can be easily dealt with."

"See to it, Master Jade. The Mistress does not want the likes of your apprentice joining Makhael's ranks. They are broken. See that they stay that way."

"As you command," Talon had said coldly.

Lorien wondered if Gaidal was one of the 'handful of others' Talon spoke of. If so, why wait until now to neutralize him?

Be mindful of the shadows, young Lorien, Makhael had warned, They move when you're not looking.

The datapad beeped, signalling that the dump was complete. Lorien unhooked the pad, and walked out of the terminal alcove.

She found Warhunter in the medbay, rifling through the remains of the provisions for any useful components for the medkits. He saw her coming and motioned for her to help.

"The download?"

"Completed, Master."

She knew how she must have sounded when she spoke.

"Something wrong, Lorien?"

She cursed. Subtlety was never something she had come by easy.

"Master, what do you know about the artifact that Gaidal found on Korriban?"

The Templar shrugged.

"As much as you, I'm afraid. I have to assume it was why he was attacked."

"What if it was for another reason?"

"What do you mean?"

"What if someone viewed him as a threat, and needed him out of the way?"

"I suppose that's a possibility, but why leave a mess behind? Why not make it look like an accident?"

Lorien knew she would have to tell somebody about that night, and about Makhael and the Resistance, eventually.

"When Talon was my master, I overheard him speaking with someone about certain people within the clan. The stranger said that it was important that they not make contact with.....certain individuals."

"You think Gaidal might be one of those 'certain people'?"

"I don't know, Master. But given the things that have happened recently, I wouldn't rule it out."


18-09-2005 17:07:19

Godo hated Korriban, it was dull lifeless rock filled with crumbling ruins and Sith spirits who to this day remained restless. Where many Dark Jedi would sight this planet as something important, a testiment to the Dark Side and many generations of powerful Dark Jedi. Godo concluded this was a perfect example of failure and lost glory.

The planet was now a playground for the rich and for the lost. All came here and played at being an Archeologist, digging into the rocks and numerous tombs scattered about the surface. Infact it had become a booming industry, with people of all species and alliegances coming to the planet for one reason or another.

The new Jedi Order looked at many visitors to Korriban has thrill seekers but always remained very wary of any Dark Jedi hoping to claim some lost glory. It was for this reason that the Shuttle landed several leagues from the main valley itself. Which meant a long and less than pleasent treck through treacherous paths around and through mountain passes.

Finally, with Godo leading the way they emerged onto a wide plateau, still high enough to give a commanding view of the main valley itself. The Dark Side was strong, but far from what it had once been, it was said in the ancient texts that the Dark side was like a raging wind through the valleys. No longer.

He addressed him team. "I want you to all fan out, make your enquiries but I urge caution. I don't want to advertise our pressence to the Jedi if we can help it."

There was general murmour of approval but many were in awe of this most sacred and ancient of places.

"Spread out, keep your eyes and ears open, try to establish if any our rivals were operating in the area. I will..." Godo paused for a moment, as though finding the right words.

"I will remain here, I should be able to co-ordinate with the Summit from this plateau."

The others began the slow and careful descent into the valley floor. Once Godo was sure they were far enough down he turned eastwards and began a new journey.


22-09-2005 08:45:38

[insert gong sound here] third round staaaarts.. NOW![insert applause here]

Korras was overlooking the planet. House Ziost had been built here, abandoned not too long ago. The Vaevictis had just arrived in orbit, and Korras had already noticed there was definitely something non-native to the planet, with force power radiating from it.

The whole planet was bathed with energy. But this could be compared to entering a room full of lights, with one in a slightly different color. Anyone with an untrained eye for it would be overwhelmed by all the other lights. But one trained to recognize it would find it.

“Contact the team on the surface, get them to prepare to leave the structure. We’re going to investigate forest outside.”, he ordered the comm. Officer. He was instantly obeyed, and he could hear the chatter as he left the bridge, going into his adjacent quarters. His lightsabers were already at his side, but he had a feeling he’d be needing a little bit more then that. Around both his lower arms, he strapped a small device. Shedding his outer robes, he grabbed a couple of small containers, and put them in pouches in his inner robes. That done, he made his way to the hangar, commandeering a Lamda-class shuttle.


‘Excellency’.. The usual term of address for him. He was fine with it in formal proceedings, but here and now it only served to annoy him. That, and the bows. “No time for such nonsense now. Gather yourselves; we’re heading into the jungle.”

He saw Warhunter grin at the sight of the two others getting up again. He had heard of the High Commanders preference for no nonsense, and had merely nodded. Virulence and Lorien, however, had acted as if they were on the parade ground. And this, a forest, 4 jedi ready for combat, and a lamda behind them, was far from that.


“We’re being.. hunted.. it seems like.”

Lorien was spooked. Korras could see it on the faces of the others as well. The Protector was right, however, they were being hunted. A pack of animals had been following them, but the Primarch had no taste for slowing down because of it. He wanted to find the artifact, and was well on his way to it.

A trio of hounds suddenly jumped out of the foliage in front of them, snarling, ready to attack. Lorien jumped. A snap-hiss of a lightsaber igniting next to him. Korras simply raised his arms at the predators, and out of both devices on his arms, a trio of small, spinning blades flew out. Three out of each arm, six in total. Two into each hound. One into each jugular.

“What the...” he heard Virulence mutter. He hardly managed to catch what was going on, until he saw the circular blades sticking out of the spasming creatures. Korras clicked two new containers into place, putting the emptied ones back into his robes. Grinning at the surprised Virulence, he made a quick remark of the use of the things were normal weapons or lightsabers were not practical, and kept walking. They would not be hunted for a while to come now, and could safely go on to the artifact.


The search on Korriban didn’t yield results. The tomb of Revan was in an area recently put in heavy guard. They wouldn’t be able to get to it. Godo was angry, they would now have to find another way of finding Gaidal..


23-09-2005 16:12:47

Virulence brought up the rear as Korras lead the team through the thick, dark forests of Ziost, followed closely by Warhunter and Lorien. The planet held many memories for the reptile, some good, others not so good, but the barabel tried to keep his focus on the task at hand, if they were to be successful on this mission, they could not afford to mess around. Korras seemed to have honed in on some source of dark energy, because although the path he made through the still darkness seemed erratic, the team was making their way slowly south, towards the giant mountain range that rose above the forest, and split the northern hemisphere of the planet into two sections. Korras led the team into the foothills of the great mountain range, and stopped, glancing over at Warhunter as he aproached the High Commanders's side.

"You here that?" Korras asked in almost a whisper.

"The low hum which has been getting steadily louder as we get closer to the mountains? Yes I do, however it seems to be coming from all around us, I can't pinpoint the specific direction it's coming from." Warhunter replied, trying hard to use all his senses to determine the source of the hum.

"That sound didn't used to be here, did it Virulence?" Lorien asked, the tone of her voice indicating she was on edge.

"No, I've never heard a sound quite like it." Virulence sais, using his natural thermography to scan the thick forest behind them.

"I have a feeling if we find the source of the sound, we will find answers to some of our questions, let's keep moving." Korras said, heading up into the foothills with Warhunter right behind him. Lorien and Virulence exchanged nervous looks, and followed the pair of Obelisks up the hill, towards a large valley which shot straight up the side of the mountain. As the team penetrated the valley, and began to make their way up towards the upper reaches of the mountain, the hum grew louder and louder, until they could barely hear the sound of each other's footsteps.

"Look." Lorien said suddenly. Her three companions stopped, and turned to look in the direction she was pointing, locking their gaze onto a cave approximately 30 meters up the mountain, which had a strange greenish glow eminating from within. "How much you want to bet that's what we're looking for."

"You may be right my apprentice," Warhunter said, "keep your eyes peeled, this is giving me a bad feeling."

As the team silently inched their way towards the cave, they could feel an overpowering sense of dread forcing it's way into their minds, Korras seemed to be the only one completely unaffected by the feeling. Even Warhunter seemed to tense up a bit as they reached the mouth of the cave. They cautiously peered into the cave, and froze, each member of the team trying to rationalize the horror which lay before them.

"It's as I feared." Korras said, reaching down, and grabbing his lightsabers off his belt.

Syrus Korodin

26-09-2005 16:13:45

Syrus hissed irritably, displaying his sharp teeth to several tourists that were directly ahead of him. It pained him greatly to see what the Valley of the Dark Lords had become. He loved Korriban and in many ways it was a second home to him. He had spent years of his life on this long dead world, studying the runes and inspecting millennia old crypts. He had spent long nights on the wind scorched surface of the planet, piecing together mysteries untold. To see the place filled with thrill-seeking tourists made him sick to his stomach. Anger and rage filled him, threatened to overwhelm him. He stopped and took a deep breath. His anger dissipated. He opened his eyes and gazed down a small pathway leading deeper into the Valley of the Dark Lords. Now…what to do?

The tombs that they had planned on inspecting were under heavy guard. Jedi swarmed around the tombs and New Republic soldiers kept watch for people asking awkward questions. There would be no opportunity to find anything on this rock. It was time to leave, he decided. Syrus turned his sharp red eyes at the silhouette of Drodik, just visible as he spoke to a shady looking Gamorrean beneath a stone outcropping.

Come hither.

Drodik paused and turned his head away from the Gamorrean, noting the presence of Korodin. He turned back and finished the conversation before approaching Syrus. Aabsdu followed him and within a minute the three warriors were huddled together in a small ring, discussing their options.

"There is nothing to be found here, Comrades," said Syrus, his expression somewhat haggard. Drodik nodded.

"From what I can tell even the smugglers can't get any souvenirs off this rock. Its too well guarded." Syrus licked his lips as a burst of dry wind whipped past him.

"Same thing here," said Aabsdu, shrugging apologetically.

"Something else tells me that there is nothing here. The force beckons. The Dark Side is calling. Can you hear its song?"

And Syrus knew they all could. It was a strange tug at the edge of their conscious minds that told them to go, go and not look back. Syrus turned to Drodik and narrowed his eyes.

"And Nurok?"

"His comlink is down. Some sort of energy storm is reacting with the upper atmosphere. The signal is full of static and nothing more."

Syrus cursed under his breath.

"Then we've got to go get him. I think we may find a few interesting things awaiting us at the ship. Now, hold on just one moment. Stay here."

Syrus stepped away from his comrades and stuck a hand into his robes. There was a slight hum and suddenly…he was different. The hologram emitter swathed him in a different image. His skin became a pale white, his eyes green, and the horns disappeared. His robes became brown and flowing and he now had a full head of hair. Black hair, to be exact. He was Jedi. The others gawked at him from the small corner where they had been speaking. Syrus winked and approached a fancy looking gentleman obviously here for touristy reasons. The fellow was wearing an aesthetically pleasing black suit and he was resting his pudgy fingers on the top of a SoroSuub Model T-9 Landspeeder. Syrus approached him.

" 'Scuse me sir, but how much did you pay for that speeder?"

The gentleman looked flummoxed for one brief moment but, with the true mentality of a businessman and a proud executive, decided to respond with a slightly higher number than the truth.

"Thirty thousand galactic credits. She's a beauty, ain't she?"

"I quite agree. I will pay you seventy thousand. Done?"

No sane man could resist such an offer.


Syrus smiled and took out his datapad, preparing for the transaction. A smile flickered across his face.

About five minutes later…

The landspeeder sped through the desert, hovering about a foot above the ground to traverse the rocky terrain. Syrus was putting his skills to the test as the craft accelerated past 200 kph. Beside him sat Drodik and directly behind was Aabsdu, both of them recoiling a bit from the biting wind. But speed had its advantages too.

"Here we are, comrades!"

They had arrived at the plateau but Godo was nowhere to be seen. Syrus leapt out of the vehicle and quirked and eyebrow. He took a quick look around, scanning for footprints. The wind had washed them all away. Syrus spat on the sandy surface of the plateau and approached the shuttle at a run. He inputted a code into the security datapad and the ramp slid open, the hydraulics hissing softly. He could hear them behind him as he approached the control room. Syrus took a seat at the controls and activated the superluminal comlink system.

"If we can't reach Godo using this thing, nothing can. We'll just burn through the [Expletive Deleted F-word]in' atmosphereic disturbances."

The computer beeped and a message appeared on the screen directly in front of him.


"Alright fellas, this is it. Godo Nurok! If you can hear us, get back to the shuttle as soon as you can. The Valley is too heavily guarded and there is nothing here for us. Get back here as soon as you can, I've got a second target for us to look at. I repeat, as soon as you can!"

Syrus laid back in his seat and sighed.

"Now…we wait."

Aabsdu looked down at the Krath with a frown on his face.

"What do you mean by second target?"

"Nice of you to ask, little Sith."

Syrus rose and rummaged through his robes for a moment. He pulled out a small silvery rectangle and jammed it into the dataport of the shuttle. He grinned and motioned to the viewscreen just as an image began to appear on it.

"Feast your eyes, my friends, on the dark ingenuity of a Krath."

They all looked at the screen and Aabsdu's respect for the Krath rose a little. Just a little.

TARGET: Lorien Sinclair


27-09-2005 12:54:00

As the Templar stood at the entrance of the cavern beside his comrades, his eyes felt a slit sting as they adjusted to the shadows and low glowing green light that was being projected out by huge light-fixtures hanging from the ceiling. Since he had already pieced together much of what his senses had told him earlier, the Templar was still confused as to why this was here. If anyone was to take up living on this thick, dangerous place he would have thought they would have taken safety in the abandoned complexs that formly been used by House Ziost. Instead, as the Obelisk stood glaring at the scene before him, he knew that the person or persons responsible for this opted instead for the cool, dark refugees of this cavern.

As the group stared at the plain of death before them, Korras who showed no fear of the scene, moved to slide down the slope before them all. However, but he was able, Warhunter grabbed the High Commander by the shoulder and held him back. "I wouldn't do that if I were you." He said as he quickly released the Elder Obelisk's shoulder and bow his head in apologies.

Below them on the ground further into the cavern, laid dozens of bodies rotting under the low glow of the green lights. Some of things were not human or alien at all but animals as well who each showed a different stage of decomposing.

"What is this?" Hissed Virulence as he was striken by the scene.

"I don't know if you can see it, nor sense it like I." The Templar began as he crouched down and pointed down the cave. "About 500 metres down the tunnel theres a huge structure blocking the tunnel. My guess is it leads down underneath these mountains to some sort of complex that was responsible for the sounds we heard eariler."

"But what is with all the corpses?" Lorien asked looking down on his master with a puzzled look.

Without saying anything, the Templar grabbed a large cantin from his pack and hurled it down the cavern. As the cantin struck the ground about 50 metres from the group. Before the object even had time to bounce, it was struck by several red blasts that dematerialized it. As the sound of the blasts echoed off the walls of the cave, Warhunter looked up to his apprentice and grinned at the shock on the Protector's face.

As the Templar stood and nodded to the High Commander, his words were hissed quietly to the other pair. "Stay here, we'll deal with this."

As the pair slid down the slope and advantaged into the threat, Virulence and Lorien watched as blue and orange blades were ignited to defend against the turrent system. As the two younger Jedi watched in awe as the others disappeared out of sight, they were left to lsiten to the sounds of blasts being let off and being deflected. Within moments, they heard the strong voice of Warhunter calling them to come forth.

As Virulence rapidly slid down the slope and ran to catch up, he saw what Warhunter had spoke of. At the end of the cave, both Warhunter and Korras stood before a huge giant metallic door that was surrounded by smoking structures that must have been the automatic defense system.

As the two pairs met once again to form a group of four, Virulence was about to ask about the door but was cut off by Warhunter.

"Do you think we should knock?"


27-09-2005 16:09:36

Before you complain; :P ; my post is very long, but Gaidal allowed it.

"We're going to Ziost?"

That had been a very great surprise to Jedi Hunter Aabsdu. He knew the planet and its' origins, seeing as he was of that house, but never did it occur to him to investigate there.

"That's what it said," Syrus replied, a bit of a smirk on his face.

Aabsdu's respect for the man may have rose a little, and he did applaud his superb tracking, but his trust hadn't changed one bit. For all any of them knew, it could be a trap. It could be another scandal Syrus was using to simply keep them farther from finding Gaidal. That wouldn't happen, though, not as long as Aabsdu was alive.

Aabsdu and Gaidal had known each other for a very short while, but in that time they had become great friends. Aabsdu had become such a friend that he started to sense the hunter more than most. Aabsdu was nowhere near as strong in the force as Godo or others, but he was strong enough, and knew Gaidal enough, to know that he was alive. He was alive, but just barely, and would need rescue very soon.

Aabsdu raised an eyebrow at Syrus; Drodik had already gone off to prepare the ship for takeoff, but Aabsdu stayed and asked, "Why there?"

This question took Syrus off guard. It seemed he had thought no one would question his actions. He thought for a second, trying to decide how to put it, but that few seconds of thought answered Aabsdu's true question.

Still, Syrus said, "That's where the others are, so they must be on to something."

It was clear now; Syrus obviously cared more about finding the artifacts than he did Gaidal. What Gaidal found wasn't here, so Korodin must have thought that there was something on Ziost. There was no way to explain this to anyone however, he couldn't even tell his master, Godo. Godo's disappearance had only expanded upon Aabsdu's suspicions. So far, it seemed that the only trustable one here was Drodik.

Should I tell him?

Drodik didn't seem to care much for Gaidal either, more as if he simply enjoyed flying around the galaxy and such.

By the force, I am surrounded by villains!

Aabsdu had to sit down and think about what was happening, but he could not do it here with others around him. He needed to go somewhere quiet and secure; a place where no one would disturb him. Aabsdu needed to go to the cargo hold.


The ship had taken off hours ago, so Godo must have returned and agreed with Syrus' plan. Since then, everything had been very quiet. After entering hyperspace there had been no disturbance at all, no one had even come into the hold.

Aabsdu sat cross-legged on the cold floor, his eyes closed and his hands palm-up. Above him was an empty box that would have been used for medicine shipments, but at this moment was being held in the air inches above Aabsdu’s hands. It wasn't easy either, but the stillness and silence helped. Nothing was entering or leaving Aabsdu's mind, it was simply empty.

It was a good felling, very refreshing. So refreshing that Aabsdu was completely oblivious to everything around him.


What the...

The sound had disturbed Aabsdu so much that he lost all emptiness he had, and the box fell from the air, right on top of Aabsdu's back.


Just as easily as the box and fallen, it was picked up and thrown against a wall, landing with a thud on the floor.

While rubbing his back, Aabsdu looked up to see Godo Nurok sitting on top of a box, a wide grin on his face. Aabsdu walked up and jumped onto the box directly in front of the battlemaster. Aabsdu sat perfectly still, letting his legs hang over the side of the box, but he would never make eye contact with his master. Keeping a secret from his master was one of the hardiest things Aabsdu had ever had to do.

Godo, however, stared at Aabsdu, more specifically his face and eyes. He watched his student's brows tighten and forehead wrinkle.

"Are you hiding something," Godo asked, there was curiosity in his voice, and concern for his student.

At last, Aabsdu looked up and said, "No, nothing."

Now Godo grinned and raised his hand up into the air, "Don't lie."

Aabsdu's neck started to tighten, not enough to kill him, but enough to let the boy know what was happening.

"Nice try," Aabsdu said, and the grip stopped. He had to find a way to put his question without letting his master know his suspicions. He needed to know, but didn't want Godo to know that he needed to know.

Then, the right words and question came to the jedi hunter, "Master, being so strong in the force, you can easily sense life forms miles away. You can even tell who the form is at times, and with students like Gaidal or me, you could do that?"

"I suppose," was Godo's answer. He was obviously curious as to what his student was trying to ask, and listened intently.

"If so, then why is it that when Gaidal landed his ship at Castle Frost, and quiet possibly even walked to the library, why did you not sense him in the castle? The hangar is far from your office, yes, but he would have walked right past your office to get to the library."

This question took Godo completely off guard, and he had to think for a minute just to realize what Aabsdu was asking.

"Do you suspect me of something?"

"You didn't answer my question."

For a moment, Godo thought, but his thought could have been trying to remember what had happened.

Please give me an excuse. I don't think you did anything, but you have to prove that to me yourself.

Finally," Because, my suspicious student, I did not sense him land on Byfrost. Nor, did I sense him walk past my room or in the castle at all."

You didn't................sense him at all?

"So, you have no recollection of him being in the castle that day?"


Then that means that Gaidal might not have even been on Byfrost, and that it wasn't him who landed his ship.

Aabsdu perked up and looked directly at his master, "I need to see something."


There were three dark jedi in the ship's communication room now. Syrus had decided he should "stay and watch the controls", but Drodik had agreed to listen after being shaken awake. Godio Nurok sat at the computer terminal, while Aabsdu stood behind him and Drodik stood to the side of Aabsdu.

"Can you access Castle Frost's security cameras from here?"

Aabsdu master replied, "Should be able to. Let me see... got it."

"Ok, access the five inside the hangar where Gaidal's ship landed at fast forward to fifteen hours before we found the crime scene."

In a matter of seconds, the cameras were aligned in a row across the screen. Aabsdu took the place of Godo at the seat, and Drodik and Godo sat in chairs on the other side of the room, playing some game with their hands while they waited on Aabsdu.

Meanwhile, Aabsdu placed all five cameras at fast forward, and his eyes darted back and forth as they replayed the events. The hunter didn't care taking in everything happening, but he did pay attention to every ship that landed and took off. The three of them sat there for at least ten minutes before Aabsdu perked up and stop the tape. The cut-off caught Godo and Drodik's attention, and they got up and walked over to see Aabsdu's findings.

Aabsdu looked up at his master and said, "Watch the middle of the hangar. Luck for us, Gaidal's ship landed in the view of four out of five of the cameras."

Aabsdu rewound the tape and played it back for Drodik and Godo. The three of them watched as Gaidal's ship landed and the ramp lowered to the ground. It stayed that way for a few seconds before a figure in a black robe walked down it and out the hangar.

Aabsdu stopped the tape, "It's definitely a man, but there was no way to tell who exactly, so I watched the tapes from outside your office, master..."

"Wait," Godo interrupted with a smirk, "You broke into the cameras outside my office?"

"Um...," Aabsdu hesitated before answering, "Well, it wasn't as hard as I thought..."

"Braecen and Aerick taught you the wrong things."

"Sure, now back to business. I watched the tapes from when the ship landed, and Gaidal never walked past your office, nor did he enter the library..."

"Perhaps we should keep the secret of breaking into the system from Lucien," Drodik asked sarcastically.

Aabsdu sighed and said, "In fact, the only figure that walked past any camera in your office or the library was this one."

Aabsdu played a different tape this time, and it clearly showed a strange zabrak in a black cloak walk past both cameras, his hood now down. Even Aabsdu, who had watched the tape hundreds of times to double check, was still short of breath.

"The cameras didn't catch the crime scene, but it did show this humanoid walk in."

"Then that means...," Godo whispered.

"That Gaidal was never on Byfrost, and that he didn't fly his ship there," Aabsdu finished.

"Then where is he," Drodik asked, "and who's on Byfrost?"

Out of the shadows a voice said, "We're there."

All three of them turned, Aabsdu shutting off the tape along the way, and they stared at Syrus.

"I said," Syrus repeated, "We're at Ziost."

Lorien Sinclair

29-09-2005 01:45:43

Lorien watched as Korras and Warhunter dealt with the door. Something felt odd about this place.....

A sound behind them, up against the cave wall.

"Master....," Lorien growled.

"What is it, Lorien?"

Virulence looked at her. The Barabel hissed. Whatever it was out there set him on edge.

Suddenly, a burst similar to one of Malaerosa's screamed towards them, glowing like blood illuminated. Lorien knocked Virulence to the ground, the stream impacting the wall.

"We have unwanted guests," she roared, drawing her half-staff. She let a barrage loose in the direction of the attacker's last position.

As the cave was illuminated by the burst, she could plainly make out the figures as they dove for cover.

"Master Korras! They're dressed like the saboteurs from the Hangar!"

Lorien flattened herself against the wall, reaching around to fire off another burst at the creatures.

Korras nodded.

"Seems they're tired of simple sabotage. Lorien, draw their fire. We'll deal with them."

The kinseth nodded, opening up on the attackers with her half-staff.

The dark-clad warriors hit the deck, but returned the attack with one of their own, making Lorien flatten up against the outcropping.

Then she heard the welcome retort of a Merr-Sonn, and realized they had new guests. The welcome whine of lightsabers made her grin.

She came around the corner, joining her Master on the floor when a burst came their way.

"It's Godo's group," The Templar said, letting loose a shot that caught one of the enemy in the head.

Lorien winced, a gallow's smile on her face.


She looked up, noticing a formation above their attackers - all sharp stalactites. She grabbed Warhunter's lightsaber, pushed off with her feet into a reverse somersault, and hurled the energy blade toward the formation.

The attackers saw it, and tried in vain to shoot the saber down, but it was in vain. The blade cut cleanly into the rock sending the stalactites raining down on them, impaling more than half.

From then on, it was the Dark Jedi that had the advantage, and within ten minutes, it was over.


With the battle over, the two teams worked on finding out who their attackers were, or on opening the door.

Lorien found Warhunter's lightsaber, and sheepishly returned it to her Master.

"Sorry, Master."

The Templar sighed as he took the saber, and clipped it to his belt.

"You saw the opportunity. Next time, pray you have a lightsaber to carry it out with. Mine's off-limits."

She nodded.

Virulence walked up, a patch in his hand.

"They all bear this patch on their uniforms."

The sigil on the patch was an incomplete circle with a dragon through the middle. Around the patch were glyphs that obviously befuddled the others.

Lorien sighed.

"The glyphs read 'Death of Destiny, End of Dreams,'" she said, rubbing the bridge of her nose with her thumb and forefinger.

Korras and Godo looked at her.

"How do you know that?" Nurok asked, his tone cold.

"Same as I know that these guys aren't finished by a long shot," the Protector growled.

Warhunter looked at her.

"Care to explain, my apprentice?" he said, a warning tone to his voice.

Lorien nodded.

"They're assassins. They belong to an order called The Void's Hand. An' if the last time I met them is any indicator of their intentions, we were right to kill them. They'd have eaten us if it had been the other way around."

Korras scoffed.

"These pathetic cretins? Spare me."

Lorien fixed the elder man with a withering gaze.

"The only reason I saw them coming was because I know the sound of their masquers. If I had to guess, they've been following us since we entered the forest."

Warhunter looked perplexed.

"Then why not kill us earlier?"

"Damned if I know. They eat anybody Force-sensitive. Gives 'em a high."

She nudged one of them with her boot.

From the door, Aabsdu barked out, "We're through!"


Inside the chamber, the bones of dead bipeds lay strewn about.

"Oh, yeh.......real damned cozy," Lorien grumbled.

A dead kthaelas lay off to one side. Warhunter checked the carcass.

"It's been decapitated."

Lorien walked over.

"Master, I think this was an execution chamber."

"I think you're right."

They walked over to where Godo stood, a glowrod aimed at a wall.

"They're like the glyphs from the patch."

Lorien muttered out the translation, then paled.

"Out! Everyone out now!"

Warhunter looked at his apprentice.

"What's it say?"

"If we don't get out of here, it won't matter!"

As they made their way to the door, Lorien heard a disheartening sound. She blanched.

"GO! GO! GO, GO, GO!" she roared as thousands of odd-looking insects tore forward.

The Dark Jedi got the hint. They bolted.

Once outside the cave, Lorien could hear the insects skittering towards them. She drew Malaerosa, and fired at the mouth of the cave.

"Help me, dammit!"

Virulence let loose with the Merr-Sonn, and Korras used a concussion rifle to help Lorien seal the cave, mere seconds before the insects reached the mouth. More than a few were splattered.

Lorien plopped down in the grass, staring at the cave with a haunted expression.

"Beware the hykhas - the Swarm of Death, bane of the Ancients and devourers of the souls of the living."

The others stared at the cave in horror.


29-09-2005 05:53:43

Godo propped himself up against a near by tree staring absently at his numerous cuts and bruises. It had been, for all intense purposes a bad day. The trail had seemingly gone cold, they had almost gotten themselves killed and Gaidal was still missing. Though, Godo considered, it had not been a complete failure. His little wandering off had yielded something of great value, something he could use to deal with his 'personal problem'.

But this merely clouded the issue, there were other artifacts collected but none of any real value. From his conversation with his student he could glean that they were more common items for the most part, though some would indeed yeild interesting avenues of exploration. He got what he wanted, but the mystery only deepened.

Most of the team were now getting to their feet, examining themselves for injury or inspecting weapons. Increasingly, more were looking to Lorien who clearly had knowledge beyond her.

None had time to consider what had just occured when Blaster fire errupted from the tree's, tracing across the ground causing vapour to rise and bodies to scatter. Using his tree as cover he tried to get a view of the encircling attackers, but in places the folage was too dense. Rising any further glances would result in a blaster shot between the eyes.

Crouching down low he tried to delve into the force, sense out his opponents curiously he was having trouble. Looking about him it seemed the rest of the team were having equal trouble. A well laid trap, it was clear that the cave was intended as our tombs.

With lightsaber in hand Godo used what little strength he could draw from the force to dive into the nearest heavy follage. He immediately came into contact with one of the attackers, dressed in the same manner as the cave assassins. A few deft swings of his saber sent his opponent to the floor in pieces. The sound of battle joining could be heard all about him, the fight of their lives had just begun...

Drodik alTor

01-10-2005 11:22:17

Amidst the nearby trees the rustle of movement echoed. Assasins of all the same stature began to appear. All clothed in black and carrying an assortment of weapons. Razor sharp Vibroblades glistened in the moonlight.

Stepping back the team withdrew their weapons. The three thad had sabers ignited them without hesitation. Blue red and yellow blades sprang from the hilts and hummed in the air giving off a radiant glow that pulsated in steady rhythms.
The rest of the team took out their weapons and readied themselves. A slight wind picked up which only added a more dramatic feel to the events to occur.

Looking up in a patch of clearing Drodik could see more assasins high in the treetops.

"Drodik, Warhunter" announced Godo, "You two head up the front, I'll take the rear."
"What of the others?"asked Drodik
"......They'll have to survive." answered Godo
"They're more than capable of defending themselv..." said Warhunter
"And I'm sure they can" replied Godo.

Charging forth the assasins came and attacked. "Stick close together!" Drodik yelled while parrying off an attack.
The sight of lightsabers whizzing through the air in the darkness and the valiant effort of the team almost made them feel euphoric.
The dark assasins attacked with broad leaps and stabs downward at attempts to stab into the cranium of the team.

In an elongated swing Warhunter's saber went through a small nearby tree which sent it toppling over onto a few assasins. Shifting his footing Drodik lunged forward and stabbed into the midsection of an assasin, then continued to roll forward while bringing his saber over head, decapitating an assasin. Gruesome at best but the Assasins skill was no match for that of a Dark Jedi.

Soon the smell of blood filled the air and the ground beneath them was soggy and wet with the volume of blood from the assasins bodies. After a slight pause, the team noticed that the assasins were no longer there. It seemed that for the quick moment they were there....they had vanished.

"Where are they!?" asked Syrus, "Did we kill them all?".
wiping blood from around his hilt Godo said "No, they're still there...Waiting."
"For what?" asked Syrus
"Gaidal....Till we find Gaidal."

Everyone doubted whether Drodik even cared about Gaidal, or why he even joined this team. Drodik had been quiet the entire trip with the a few exceptions. The truth was, that when Drodik heard Gaidal had been lost, kidnapped, whatever, Drodik stepped up to plate to rescue his friend. They had known each other since their first days in the DB.
There was nothing that would stop Drodik from finding his brother.

(Sorry this isnt the best and that it's so short but I was a little pressed with time. Sorry.

Gaidal Dupar

03-10-2005 09:27:29

(OOC: Our humble apologies it took a while, but this will be the starting post of the final round for 'Blinding Light, Deep Shadows'. Afther discussing this with Korras, we came up with the idea of the best four (!) writers to participate in a fourth round where there can still be only three winners. The assignment is simple, we want each of these four writers to write their own post with an ending. So everyone will write his own personal ending of the story, which has to be around two pages, 10 TNR. You could see it like a death post in ACC, everyone still writes his own individual post. Based on the results, Korras and I will judge the four remaining participants.
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2. OT Warhunter Arawn
3. JH Aabsdu
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Gaidal fell on the uncomfortable ground in front of the bacta tank. He was still very sleepy of the stasis they put him in. After coughing several times, it felt like his head was about to explode. With his sight still blurred, his mind tried to reconstruct the recent events. The young Sith found it impossible to connect all the loose ends. What happened to him and where was he?
He slowly rolled on his back and looked at the ceiling. He turned his head around and it seemed like he ended up in some kind of laboratory or perhaps a medical bay. Meanwhile his breathing became more controlled, although he was still soaking wet and extremely cold. The Kyandrian smiled for a moment and was slumbering into another dreamless sleep.
The Jedi Hunter already closed his eyes again, when two pairs of hands grabbed him at the arms and raised him on his feet. By doing that Gaidal realized he was still very dizzy and was afraid he would throw up in less than a few minutes. He tried to focus his eyes on the two persons who helped him, but was somehow unable to do so. Another hand grabbed his face and the Sith looked in all to familiar eyes.
“So we finally meet each other” the man in front of him smiled.
“Well, good for you, I suppose. May I go back to sleep now?” Gaidal mumbled ironically.
“Sure, but not for too long” the man concluded, “we don’t want you to miss the appointment you’ve with me. Guards, take him to his cell!”
The two men easily dragged the still drugged Gaidal towards the sliding doors of the medical bay. Nemo looked at the appearance and grinned. Finally, he had the chance to get even. After months of searching he found him and it was so easy to plan the assault on him. Although it cost him a few of the hired mercenaries, it was all worth it. Gaidal had been fighting like a rancor on a diet and killed three of them, but was still much too inexperienced to compete against a full-grown Jedi Knight. The Sith did not even have his lightsaber yet, what a laughter!
Nemo only hoped he had enough time to face Dupar. He knew his Jedi Master, Nolan, would come after him to explain all this. On the other hand the mercenaries were no common thugs, but evolved cannibals that loved the taste of Force sensitive flesh, which was a disgusting idea according to his own opinion. He had to make certain they would not eat him, because Gaidal was his! Last but not least, there were the so-called friends of Gaidal, a large bunch of corrupted Force-users which had more issues with each other than a group of common politicians. No, he did not have a lot of time, especially because the searching teams of the Brotherhood were already at the gates. It would take them at least another day to reach the core of the underground complex, but the idea of them bashing at the doors was a very unpleasant one.
Once more he ignited his yellow lightsaber and studied it. He would get the chance of finding his answers in less than a day. The thought itself made him smile and would grant him the opportunity to find out what exactly happened to his father. Gaidal knew it, had to know it, because they both fell to the Dark Side and turned against their Masters. He would never do such a thing to Master Nolan, but had to disobey his orders for once. This was a personal matter, although Nemo knew it was not the way of the Jedi to solve problems this way. On the other hand, now he could deal with his problems and his past at the same time. After that there would only be harmony and serenity.
“Well, well Gaidal” he whispered, “it’s almost time for me to face you, my dearest cousin. Only you can tell me what happened to my father and after that I’ll end your misery!”


The two guards, who did not say one word, threw the weakened Gaidal into a dark and cold cell. He saw in a glimpse that they closed his cell door and the darkness surrounded him completely. The Kyandrian was still too tired to get on his feet all by himself. He laid down on the floor and started thinking. He remembered the eyes of the man, but why? It was like looking in the mirror. Mirror!
Immediately Gaidal opened both his eyes. This man was not any man, but was related to him. It was too obvious. He saw the strong chin of his own father and the cold eyes of himself. The dark hair had to be of the man’s father or mother. But who could it be? Fortunately enough, he knew that it could never be a brother of his, because all of his brothers had blond hair. All thanks to his old man, Ullus Dupar. So it had to be a cousin, but his father had only two brothers. Mikhal was the oldest of the three and only raised daughters. So it had to be Darius Dupar, the uncle Gaidal never saw. Uncle Darius had a son?
Darius was also around the age of twelve when an old Jedi Master took him under his wings. Ozarrio Vacul ensured the parents none would ever harm the child and that the Galactic Empire would never get him as an Apprentice, nor as a trophy. They hid on Dantooine, close to the old Jedi Academy. According to the records none ever heard of them again, like they vanished in thin air. The Jedi Hunter still remembered his last night on Kyandria, when his father told him this exact story. After that, he never spoke to him again, because Gaidal went to a small Jedi community on Dantooine the next day.
There were a lot of rumours about the disappearance of the Jedi and his student. Most said that Darius was already corrupted by the Dark Side when Vacul started training him, because he never had proper guidance during his early childhood. Gaidal tried several times to find information about the whereabouts of his long lost uncle, but there were simply no files concerning Darius Dupar. None ever heard of the man again, although it seemed like that. At least he lived long enough to beget a son, but it still did not explain what happened to the man himself.
The whole situation puzzled Gaidal. He knew he was still much too weakened to use his Force powers. Due to the strong drugs he received in the bacta tank, he was unable to sense whether or not his cousin was Force sensitive. He expected as much, but was not sure about it yet. And why did his cousin kidnap him? Was there a reasonable explanation for it? Perhaps related to his uncle Darius? Gaidal decided to close his eyes again and hoped to sleep for a little while longer. Maybe this was all just a bad dream…


Syrus Korodin

05-10-2005 16:07:37

The sun is coming down, Lord Darth help us, the sun is coming down!

Syrus looked up as the glowing orb settled behind a tree, progressing closer and closer to the horizon, to darkness. His red eyes twinkled and glowed eerily as the rays of light disappeared. He suddenly noticed that he was covered in blood. His blade gleamed in the dying light, the blood dripping from it like morbid raindrops. His gloves were soaked through to his skin with blood and his robes were spattered with the liquid. The only consolation he had was that it was not his own. He sheathed his sword and turned to the assembled Dark Jedi who were looking about aimlessly, unsure exactly where to go.

"Warhunter, we need to get in there now," said Syrus with a hint of urgency in his voice. Warhunter nodded and they all turned back to the sealed cave.

"I agree, Syrus, but what about those…things?" Warhunter smiled a trifle more nervously than usual.

"You're an Obelisk. Get out your toys, my friend, and lets finish this. I sense our friend Gaidal is in danger."

Warhunter nodded and a few concussion grenades materialized in his hands. Syrus nodded approvingly at the man who he still so disliked and slipped his Launcher from its holster. With a snap he rammed a clip of explosive shells into the weapon. The laser sight focused on the debris blocking the cave, brighter than ever in the dying light.

"May I," said Syrus with a smirk, "Do the honors?"

Warhunter nodded.

"Set projectile velocity to point five kilometers per second. Maximum impact." Syrus turned to the Dark Jedi as the Launcher beeped twice, the computer showing that it was ready.

"Step back and expect shrapnel." The assembled Dark Jedi stepped back obligingly.

Syrus fired. There was a deafening explosion and the debris blocking the sprayed all across the forest, the shrapnel embedding itself in the trees and, amusingly enough, in Aabsdu's forearm. Aabsdu hissed and pulled the inch long piece of stone out of his forearm. He grimaced and threw it to the ground, a single drop of his own blood sinking into the soil. Drodik was the first to speak.

"No hostiles sighted. The bugs must have gone back."

"Let's get moving then," Warhunter roared, "we've got a Sith to save."

Ignoring Lorien's mute signs of protest they entered the cave and proceeded into the depths. The assassins were gone, but they could feel the bugs. A hostile and primitive force presence somewhere in the cave. And then, suddenly they were there once more. Thousands of the bugs tore out of their hiding spots and rushed towards the Dark Jedi. This time they did not run.

A concussion grenade landed on the ground and exploded, scattering the small creatures to and fro and killing thousands. Yet more came forth from the abyss. Another grenade, another thousand dead. Drodik was launching plasma grenades at the menace and Warhunter was sifting through his Bag of Toys for more explosives. And still, even as thousands of their fellows were laid to waste, the creatures continued in their terrible swarm. Explosions filled the chamber, the retort of Korodin's launcher. Fiery explosions cast dust and stone into the air and still they kept on coming.

"We have no chance!" screamed Lorien.

"To hell with chance! Everyone run!" Syrus yelled.

The Dark Jedi all began to run down another, separate path leading deeper into the confines of the cave. Virulence began to run but he stopped, sensing something behind him. He turned and saw Syrus trying to fend off the creatures, buying time for them to put distance between themselves and the swarm. He could see the strain on his face as Syrus fired round after round of explosive shells, filling the room with an acrid stench. Virulence would not leave him. He came to him and they stood side-by-side, battling the swarm.

Hours had passed since the Incident, as they so fondly called it, and the Dark Jedi could no longer sense the presence of Syrus and Virulence. And the unspoken word, the unspoken betrayal was that they were dead. Warhunter himself could not see how they could have survived, but he respected them for their dedication. Now they would find Gaidal, all would be well. He could feel the presence of life not too far ahead and he knew that they were approaching the entrance to this underground compound. And suddenly there it was, a gleaming metal door with strange symbols carved into its front about thirty meters ahead.

"Destroy it," said Warhunter.

Drodik unclipped a thermal detonator from his belt and obligingly threw it at the door. There was a loud bang and the door was simply vaporized. Screams of rage were heard and before they knew it a bevy of assassins leapt toward them. Battle was joined once more, but this time they were greatly outnumbered. Even as the lightsabers sliced the air and the blasters burned through flesh, the Dark Jedi understood that their fate was sealed. Death was theirs, and theirs alone in this terrible place.

For fifteen minutes the battle raged, corpses filling the passage and the acrid stench of burnt meat permeating through everything. The Assassins were winning and they had already built a makeshift doorway in the place of the one Drodik had so conveniently vaporized.

"Fight to the very end!" Godo cried even as he was hit with a blaster bolt to his shoulder.

And then there was buzzing. The Insects were coming. The Assassins fell back behind their makeshift doorway knowing that the attackers were now to become food for the fiendish little creatures. Korras turned and readied his concussion rifle, preparing for the worst. Then they heard footsteps, loud and ominous through the omnipresent buzzing. Syrus and Virulence turned a corner and appeared in the passage looking worse for the wear, yes, but still very alive. Floating behind them, caught in their telekinetic grip, was a massive ball of buzzing insects. Tens of thousands of them held together by the will of the two powerful Krath.

"Did you miss us?" said Virulence with a smile on his face.

"Out of the way, comrades, we have a gift for those scum," said Syrus with a savage grin.

The ball of insects hurtled through the air and collided with the makeshift doorway, throwing it to the floor. The creatures ignored the Dark Jedi and entered the compound, swarming over the assassins and tearing at their warm flesh. Screams filled the air as the feast began. Syrus smiled and motioned to the others. Together they entered the compound using the force to render them invisible to the swarm for a few crucial moments. They entered into an atrium-like room and noted that the room branched off into eight different paths.

"One for each?" said Korras with a chuckle.

They each took a path for their own and fervently began to search for Gaidal.

Syrus took the path that his intuition told him was best. A strong feeling told him to head in this direction even though the sign said "Kitchen". And, after a few minutes of walking, he realized that it wasn't a kitchen at all. He had entered into the Prison Ward. The guards came at him with the fervor of zealots. A quick slash from his glowing energy sword ended their pitiful lives. He turned to a computer and entered in a search for cell occupants. Convenient, he thought, theathere was only one cell occupied.

He took a short walk down the hall, dispatched two other guards, and was about to round a corner when he felt a force presence. A Jedi, of all things! Syrus slipped his left hand into his robes and brought out a small canister. His right hand gripped the hilt of his blade forcefully. He rounded the corner and was face to face with Nemo Dupar. A fist flew through the air and collided with his face, and Syrus fell back.

"Nice of you to come, heathen. I shall make your death quick so that the Force may pass judgment on your soul."

"I disagree, Jedi."

"Really? I don't."

The hiss of a lightsaber igniting was all he heard and then there was naught but the silence of battle. They joined together in battle, their blades clashing together and filling the air with sharp scent of ozone. Again and again theirlades came together and Syrus realized that he would be unable to defeat the Jedi. He was far too skilled with the force and he was using it to augment his blows. Time for plan B. Syrus brought his blade down in slash that his foe blocked easily. As he did so he brought his left hand forward and let the canister fly. It exploded, and Nemo screamed.

He fell to the ground and screeched as blood began to pour out of his pores. Savage bruises appeared on his body and his skin began to lose its color. He looked up at Syrus with twinkling blue eyes full of hate.

"The Son of the Suns is nigh, heathen! You will all be destroyed! All!"

Nemo's lightsaber appeared in Syrus' left hand, reigniting with a hiss. The yellow blade shone fiercely.

"[Expletive Deleted F-word] you, Jedi. May Lord Darth show you the way even in death."

The yellow blade hummed as it cut the through the air and beheaded the whimpering fool. His head rolled on the floor for a few feet before stopping, dead eyes looking up at the ceiling. Syrus finished the walk to Gaidal's cell and unlocked the door. He smiled at the sleeping figure on the floor and entered the cell.

"You're in good hands now, my friend, good hands."

((A bit long, forgive me, but there was too much to write about in two pages.))


06-10-2005 17:44:54

As the cool night breeze tossed and pulled at Warhunter’s robes while he stared from his place on the edge of the small clearing the group had found he listened to the annoying noise the group was making as they are had come to rest here just on the cleaning’s edge hidden by the underbrush and the shadows of darkness.

The night have come annoyingly hectic for the Templar as he and his team lost control of the situations time after time again and information had been foolishly held back from the groups leaders. Before Warhunter had come to stand here staring into the realms of space while he held his jaw tightly bit, the Templar had gone to his young apprentice and given him heck for withholding information. The Protector had shyly replied for his master’s forgiveness but the Templar was not in such a mood tonight and had harshly turned to processed to his current position where he waited for morning’s light and for a plan of some sorts to strike his mind.

As he stubbornly remained standing with his arms folded across his arms, the Templar let out a slow sigh as he noticed the presence of the High Commander processing towards him. While he acknowledged the other Obelisk’s presence with a slight nod as the High Commander came to stand beside him and rest a arm on his shoulder, the Templar refused to turn and face his superior, however he did try to speak to Korras but was cut short.

“Silence,” The Exarch commanded, “You had no prior knowledge of the events tonight, nor did you act in any manner that I would not have myself so save your pitiful words for someone that cares we have a more pressing matter.”

“Aye, Commander.” The Templar stated as he finally turned and faced the Exarch. “I’ve been examining our situation and I have yet to think of anything that worthy of consideration.”

“That’s understandable given your ignorance to this planet, but you need not worry. I have been examining our surroundings while the others have foolishly wasted their time resting on the forest’s floor. It seems you were correct about the complex’s structure; it runs underneath most of the mountain range connecting old facilities of the former House Ziost. Most of it has gone unused since it’s construction due to the House’s decline which lead as one of the possibilities of the merge. This gives as many options to enter the facility, however I have no knowledge of where they may be keeping the young Sith.”

“…if I’m not mistaken, it sounds like splitting our numbers would serve as the best means to quickly search the complex for Gaibal.”

“Correct, I’ve informed Godo of all this already and informed him where I want him to enter. I want you to come with me, as I have had some strange senses about this facility and I may require your blade by my side. However, do to some misunderstandings and mistrust about our previous split of the members, Godo does not want your choices to come with us.” Korras stated briefly, and before the Templar could respond he noticed a figure stepping forth from the shadows into the fading moonlight. As Templar fought hard to see the face, it became clear to him as Drodik raise his face and sent a nod of acknowledgement to the Templar.

While the selection sat uneasy with the Templar, he made no argument about the young Knight as he knew very well he could handle the JedI easily. With the acceptance of the selection, Warhunter did not bother to raise his opinion to begin immediately as he already begin to fall in step with the High Commander as they started out into the clearing as the moon faded into the twilight.


“Be quiet, you fool!” The hissed words from Korras’ mouth shot through the air duct back to the young Knight who have been noisily following behind the High Commander and the Templar. As the noise had now stop, the party continue moving into the complex as secretly as possible trying to avoid redoing the mistake the group first made trying to enter the facility.

As the Templar lead the group through the tunnel and came to the end, he pressed his face against the screen to see into the next room. Unguarded, the room seemed to be some sort of control room which struck Warhunter as odd being as there was no one in sight. Bashing the screen until it broke off, the Templar quickly exited and assisted the High Commander to the ground but coldly ignoring the young Knight.

As the team moved slowly throughout the room with the two younger Obelisk moving to the exits to keep any watchful eye open, the High Commander moved throughout the terminals looking for one he could access. Within no time at all Korras had access and was looking for any reports of their young friend. As it were though there was nothing but old Ziost records and strangely enough odd jawa pornography listed as Khan’s. However, as Korras saved the material to a disc as something to amuse himself later by tormenting Khan upon the Dark Council, he discovered a detailed map of the facility. Noting that the best possible place for the young Gaibel to be held was in the House’s former combat chambers as beasts and others were held there in cages for the members to fight against. As the party made ready to depart for the chambers, Korras suddenly turned to Warhunter and gave a dreadful look.

“We not are the only ones here that can use the force it seems”. The High Commander said with a puzzled look.

“Heh you forget about Godo team?” Drodik said playfully at the Commander without realizing his mistake.

Striking with the speed of a Corellian Vine Snake, Korras lashed out at the Knight and gripped him by the throat. “Don’t you dare mock me nor my intelligence, Knight. Otherwise you may find yourself having a horrible accident.”

“Who do you think it is?” Warhunter asked, as he watched Korras release Drodik and make his way to the door.

“I don’t know, but we better make haste to our friend.” He stated, and exited into the corridor heading towards the combat chambers. In moments, the party made it to the doors before the chamber having met no opposition on the way. While the matter was concerning, the team ignored it has they tried hacking the door. But as the young Knight worked silently on the door, Korras started to walk away from the two. Noting the concerning look on his face, the Templar confronted him about it but was informed that he and Drodik must carry on alone as Korras sensed not only but two signatures not of the dark side. Informing the Templar of this, he stated clearly that he was going to make his way to the hanger bay where we sensed a new figure of great strength entering the complex. Warhunter was to go with Drodik and assist him with rescuing Gaibel as he expected the other force sensed individual would be coming after them.

Knowing best not to argue with the Exarch, the Templar bowed and turned back to the door. As Drodik was struggling with the wiring of the door, Warhunter asked him to stand aside as he ignited his orange blade. Digging the saber deep into the steel, Warhunter watched as his blade turned the metal to melted puddle by his feet. Stepping through the now opened door, he commanded Drodik to begin searching for Gaibel. As the two moved quickly throughout the chambers, Warhunter had the yell of Drodik stating he had found the Sith. However, as he was stirred by the shout, so was the figures standing in the darkness watching the Templar. As the figure lashed out quickly towards the Obelisk, his movement was enhanced by the force as he ignited his blade and slashed a deep gasp into one of the individual and then destroyed the weapon of the second. Holding the individual at the tip of his blade, Warhunter shouted for Drodik to hurry and bring the JedI Hunter to his voice. However, the impatience of the assassin was unleashed as he tried to avoid the orange blade and tackle the Templar. With a swift motion of his blade, that idea was ended quickly and painfully for the assassin, who was his discarded as Warhunter ran to meet up with Drodik and a slightly unstable Gaibel.

Ordering, the Knight to carry one side of the Hunter while he did the same with the other side, Warhunter lead the group towards the exit he was instructed to take. As the party moved, quickly however no so silently through the halls, Warhunter noticed the continuing lack of guards which we thought were possibly dealing with Godo’s group.
Rounding one of the last corners of the corridor before the exit, the group met an unwanted individual who stood in their way. Nodding to the Knight, Warhunter informed Drodik of where Godo’s group were suppose to enter the complex and how he could get Gaibel to them quickly. While both Drodik, and a now almost stable Gaibel complained, the Templar shook his head to inform them that they must make haste towards the others. As they turned and slowly went their way, Warhunter shouted a last command for haste as he approached the individual before him.

The human male before him playfully introduce himself and the entire ideal behind this to the Obelisk Templar as the two of them came within metres of each other. However, the sharp snap from Warhunter to shout his hole left the individual quite startled after he had concluded his story.

“I don’t give a flying Bantha’s [Expletive Deleted] if your name is Nemo, or whatever you may be doing here. You have brought an awful lot of annoyance to me and have caused a lot of trouble for Clan Plagueis and it’s members.’ The Templar stated as he discard his robes to the side of the corridor and pointed his saber’s hilt at Nemo’s face. “I should probably inform you that this master of yours is already here and is being dealt with by my superior and Gaibel should be coming into the safe hands of the rest of our team by now.”

“That just leaves you and me to bring the final conclusion to all this, and finally I am going to be able to add that five hundred kill count to my name.” The Templar explained as he paced around the corridor with Nemo matching every move he made.

Leaving the words to hang in the air, the Templar ignited his orange blade and struck at the JedI playfully who was quick to catch each of Warhunter’s attack with his yellow blade. The sparks created from their blade, jumped out and danced in the air as Warhunter and Nemo processed to push their passions and skills into the battle. Using his knowledge of the saber Form IV, Warhunter struck blow upon blow against the Jedi, knocking the yellow blade left and right as the Templar fought viciously to open up the Jedi’s stance. However, as the Obelisk was gaining his ground in the battle, he began to notice a strange result from the young Jedi. With each bit of ground the Jedi had to give up, Nemo’s passion began to take more and more control of the Jedi as his logic was being driven out.

A pity, Warhunter thought, as he knew that with this essence of darkness that was becoming within the Jedi could be modelled into the being of a Dark Jedi, Warhunter knew very well that he would never be satisfied with this battle if he did not seek revenge for the annoyance he had endured during this mission. Striking hard at the young Jedi, Nemo was knocked completely off his feet and fell to the ground . As the Templar saw the end of the battle, his senses informed him that the High Commander was standing at the end of the corridor watching the Templar’s conflict, however this did not bring hesitance to the Obelisk as he lashed out at his opponent‘s legs; completely cutting off the man‘s left limb. As the Jedi screams from the pain fell silent as he passed out from the pain; Warhunter deactivated his blade while crouching beside his foe and gripped Nemo’s skull and quickly twisted it to the left leaving a sharp cracking sound to echo throughout the corridor.

As the Templar stood up and stared down at his victim, Korras approached him and informed him of his encounter with a JedI Master and of the mission’s success. Nodding his head in acknowledgment of the information, Warhunter spat on the body before his feet and turned to follow Korras to the exit.


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Eight dark jedi of all orders stood in a circle, huddled, trying to decide on what to do next. While only four had lightsabers, the other four were still recognized as dark jedi in the eyes of many. The attack had been a bit of a surprise, but they all had expected the retreat. Godo, Korras, Warhunter, and Drodik had fought for their lives and the lives of the "younglings", while the "younglings" had done what they could by throwing rocks. Aabsdu and Syrus had managed to grab hold of two of the assassin's blasters, and still held on to them as they decided on a course of action.

"I saw blast in," Korras noted with a smirk.

"That wouldn't work," Godo shot back, "They know we're here, so we have to take the hard ways in."

"Pardon me master," Aabsdu said, "but these men are smart enough to steal Gaidal right out from under our noses. Maybe we should take the front door, seeing as they'd expect us to take the hard way in."

The group thought for a moment before nodding, and they set off towards the door a few hundred meters ahead. Aabsdu and Syrus walked together, blasters raised, but they still never looked at each other for a second. Godo walked with Lorien, Drodik walked with Virulence, and Korras walked with Warhunter. In four teams they stretched for at least one hundred yards before ending at the door and grouping up again.

"Well," Warhunter said, "Here we go."

With a shove of the force, the door blew inward, and all eight rushed in, quickly covering the room. It was a large hangar that was currently...

"Empty," Lorien murmured.


Back on Planet Byfrost

Clan Plagueis Consul Lucien Triadus Isradia slammed the stone cold metal door behind him and sat down at the table across from a strange zabrak. The man's icy blue eyes gleamed in the light from the single hanging bulb, and his jet-black hair wavered slightly under his frustration.

All they had told him was that they had caught this zabrak sneaking around the castle without access, so they had thought it right to disturb Lucien in the middle of meditating to tell him. He personally thought it was just a stranger who had found his way here by accident, but the moment he sat down and stared at the alien's dark red eyes, Lucien knew it was something much bigger.

"Ok," Lucien started while he drummed his fingers on the table, "I want to know who you are and what you're doing here. That's all; I'm not going to waste my time with you, so tell...me."

Lucien's icy eyes grew darker for a moment, and the zabrak seemed to weaken a bit before saying, "I'm only here as a distraction for the kidnapping."

He had said it as if he was in a trance, and indeed, he was.

"What kidnapping?"


"Tell me."

Again, Lucien's eyes grew dark, but this time the zabrak closed his eyelids.

"Tell me!"

Again, silence.


Lucien abruptly stood to his feet and slammed both fists down on the table, but there was still only silence from the zabrak.

Lucien sat back down and straightened his shirt before saying, "So be it. Kill him."

A dark jedi slipped silently behind the zabrak, while another went to stand f to the side. The zabrak only smiled.

"You think a jedi I can see will kill me?"

There was pure sarcasm in his voice, and a touch of fear.

Lucien grinned right back and said, "No," there was a hum as a red blade appeared through the zabrak's back, "I expect the guy behind you to kill you.

The zabrak stared down at the blade before looking back up and saying, "Everyone has to make a living."

He fell limp, and Lucien got up and left the room. Exar Kun Quaestor ran up to him as he stormed down the halls and tried his best to keep up.

"I want the body burned and the room decontaminated," Lucien told Esca, "and I want someone to tell me where Godo went off to. I need him for something."

"We were wondering the same thing, "Esca told him, "We haven't seen him for days."

Lucien stopped suddenly, and Esca had to take a step back, "Fine, do the other tasks. I'll find Godo."

"Yes, sir"


The group of eight dark jedi walked slowly through the halls of this complex they had entered. Everyone was now armed thanks to the two guards Syrus had killed and stolen their blasters. They had walked for a good distance now, taking turns here or staying on the straight path here, and they had encountered no resistance thus far. No one even knew they were there!


Everyone stopped in their tracks and searched for the source of the noise.


Godo stood still for a second before reaching for his comlink and grinning at everyone.

"You brought your comlink!" Korras yelled as quietly as he could.

"Here," Godo said and tossed it to Aabsdu, who caught it in two hands, "Do something."

"What do you mean do something!"

It vibrated again in Aabsdu's hands, and he fumbled with it as he searched for a place to put it.

"Um... um..."

Quickly, Aabsdu threw it as far down the hall as possible, but after hearing it clink against the floor he only sighed as it beeped once again.

"Come on!"

Aabsdu ran down the hallway and jumped, landing right on top of the comlink and crushing it under his foot.

"'Bout time."

He was about to turn and go back to the group when he heard another beep, and something decompressing.

"That wasn't..."

Aabsdu never got the chance to finish as he saw a door not five feet in front of him open, he had just enough time to jump behind an old rusty knight's armor on display. He peeked cautiously around the metal helmet, and noticed three very muscular men walked into the hallway. Behind them, they dragged a limp, but small, figure. It was easy for Aabsdu to realize who this figure was.

"Gaidal, "he whispered.

The three opened another door across the hall and proceeded to drag Gaidal into the room. Aabsdu started to take off after them, but a crash down the hall made him stop and turn his head. He gasped as he noticed Godo, Warhunter, Korras, Lorien, Syrus, Drodik, and Virluence fighting with what seemed like at least fifty well-armed guards.

Aabsdu reached right for his blaster and started to run to help them, but a laugh behind him made him stop once again. He turned to see one of the guards dragging Gaidal pointing and laughing at his friends, who were losing terribly.

"Um...," Aabsdu murmured.

This was one of the hardest decisions Aabsdu had ever had to make. Aside from joining the dark side in the first place, this was very nerve racking.

As quickly as possible, Aabsdu made up his mind and slipped through the door after the guards just as it closed shut, leaving the other seven to fend for themselves.


Two guards threw the drugged Aabsdu onto the ground, right beside Gaidal's still imp body, and right in front of a strange man he had never seen before. The man was very powerful and leader like, and by the strong force connection running from his veins, he was probably a jedi.

"Bring the others in," he said to the guards surrounding the room, "and get these two off their feet."

Aabsdu felt himself lifted up into the air, and then he stood on his feet, still staggering against one of the guards, beside him he saw Gaidal open his eyes and puke.

"At least you’re alive, "Aabsdu mumbled.

The strength quickly started to return to the jedi hunter's body, and it seemed Gaidal was gaining strength as well. By the time the guards returned with Aabsdu's seven companions, they both were standing on their own.

"My dear cousin Gaidal, "the man said to Gaidal. Aabsdu still stood to his right, but the other seven had been kept in the back of the room.

Gaidal perked up, looked at the man straight in the eye, and said, "You are?"

There was nothing but hatred in his voice, it made Aabsdu a little scared.

The man straightened and looked around at the room as a whole, "I am Nemo Dupar, only son of Darius Dupar, and the man that swore to kill the one who killed my father."

"You wasted your time then," Korras noted from the back of the room, "you and your idiotic self hasn't even realized that Gaidal is still very young. He hasn't even been on too many missions."

"Knock that man out, "Nemo screamed, and sure enough, Korras was unconscious on the floor a few seconds later.

"Now," Nemo continued, "who is this fellow?"

He was motioning to Aabsdu, and after the guards realized this they said, "We caught him following us. Very easy to capture."

"Go suck something you bumbling ass, "Aabsdu said and spat on Nemo's shoe.

Nemo only smiled and said, "Funny. Now, as I said. I would find who killed my father, and went to such lengths that the jedi order abandoned me. Not that I had anything to lose, besides my lightsaber everything had been destroyed in the fire that you started!"

He had pointed at Gaidal that time with anger in his face. Behind them, Aabsdu noticed Godo shifting and thinking about something. His master looked very scared, as if he was trying to remember a name.

"Do you have proof," Gaidal asked. Even after all of this, he was still calm and respectful.

"Yes," Nemo snorted back, "I have everything I need, and have been hunting you for years trying to tell you. You should really think about getting better guards at that temple of yours, they're much too weak, but anyways, you'll never get the chance to try and prove me wrong, because you won't live to do so!"

At this Nemo pulled a small blaster pistol from its holster on his hip and aimed it at Gaidal's head. Everyone but Gaidal shifted, only to be kicked to the floor, but Gaidal stayed calm.

"That's what it was," Godo said from the back. He pushed the three guards off his with a flick of his hand and continued, "I'm the one that killed... well...killed your dad. My mission was to kill the jedi there, so I just lite the place on fire. Yes, because I remember calling out to you as he burned...well...it was quick...in a way."

Nemo stood dumbfounded for a moment before pulling back and kneeing Gaidal in the nose, there was nothing but hatred on his face.

"I was hoping for a better solution than this, "Godo said and reached out his hand, pulling the other pistol from Nemo's other hip.

As Nemo raised his blaster and screamed a war cry, he fell back as five, and than six, plasma shots hit hard against his chest. Afterwards, another seven hit him in the chest, and finally he fell onto the floor, his face masked by anger.

"I was hoping for an easier solution, "Godo remarked as he threw the pistol to the side and flung his arm around. The guards had all been staring at their dead leader, so they shrieked when an invisible hand threw them into the air and out the window.

"Nice," Aabsdu commented.


After getting everyone to their feet and attaching a few detonators, the nine of them had boarded the ship Korras came on and flown away. They hadn't left, though, before watching the castle crumble under them after three very large explosions.

Gaidal had seated himself in the kitchen, and hadn't left since take-off. He seemed to be in a trance, as if he was trying to decide on something important.

"O well," Aabsdu said to himself, "He'll get over it..."


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With a quick snap of his wrist, Virulence sent the blood covering the titanium blade of his katana sailing onto the already crimson stained ground, and slid the hand forged weapon back into the onyx scabbard locked into the harness on his back. He knelt down, studying the corpse of one of the attackers, and noticed a peculiar amulet hanging around its neck. The reptile grabbed the small circular piece, and yanked hard, lifting the lifeless torso a few inches into the air before the chord snapped and the bloody mess landed back onto the gore soaked ground with a sickening thud. The barabel found himself puzzled by the strange pattern within the circular piece of silver, but before he could ask anyone what they thought, he sensed more movement in the trees around them. The Krath shoved the amulet into a small pocket within his robes, and scanned the forest around them with his extraordinary night vision.

“They’re waiting for backup.” Virulence hissed. “This has to be a distraction; these warriors, ferocious as they are, are no match for our skills. Someone doesn’t want us to find a way into the complex.”

“Which means we’re close.” Korras said. “Let’s move before reinforcements arrive. Godo, take Drodik, Aabsdu and Virulence down that valley, and see if you can’t find another way in. The rest of us will search for another entrance higher up the cliffs.”

“Alright, my team…….” Godo began to say before he was cut off by blaster fire from the trees. “MOVE MOVE MOVE!!!”

As Korras’ team ducked for cover, Godo sent his team scrambling down the steep valley walls, bringing up the rear and gracefully sending blaster bolts back at their attackers with his saber. After his team was safely on the valley floor, the Sith shouted for cover, and dove feet first, sliding down the rocky side of the valley, as Virulence and Aabsdu unleashed a massive barrage of fire at the assassins behind him.

Sliding to a stop beside the two Jedi Hunters, Godo leapt behind a gigantic rock formation where Drodik was taking cover, and pulled the young darksiders in behind him.

“We’re going to have to make a run for it.” Godo whispered, noticing there were rock outcroppings similar to the one they now crouched behind, scattered every thirty meters or so, all the way down the valley floor. “Drodik, go!”

Without hesitation, Drodik leapt out fro the behind the rocks, making a mad dash for the next, as Aabsdu and Virulence laid down cover fire. Once the Dark Knight had reached the next set of rocks, Godo yelled for Aabsdu to follow, and ignited his saber as he stepped out from his cover, bouncing blaster fire back, while Virulence continued to pour on cover fire of his own.

“We’re going to have to move together.” Virulence rasped, ducking back behind the rocks alongside Godo, as an unbelievable amount of fire tore across the rocks and ground around them.

“You ready?” Godo asked with a look on his face which hinted he was enjoying the ordeal.

Virulence grinned, exposing the rows of razor sharp teeth which filled his mouth, and dove out from behind the rocks with Godo right behind him. Aabsdu tried to lay down some cover fire, but the sheer number of assassins taking shots at them was overwhelming, and Virulence took a shot to the back up towards his left shoulder. The force of the blast spun the barabel around hard, but the reptile somehow managed to stay on his feet long enough to dive behind the next rock formation. Aabsdu and Drodik quickly grabbed the Krath by the robes, and dragged him the rest of the way behind the rocks, as Godo dove, and rolled behind him.

“You ok Vir?” Drodik asked the reptile.

“I think so.” Virulence replied, sitting up and putting two talons into the large burn hole in his robes, checking his shoulder for damage, and only finding some minor scoring on his hard, keratin scales. “I just bought this cloak though!”

“Good thing you barabels have such thick hides, otherwise, you’d be in trouble my friend.” Godo said, helping Virulence to his feet.

“If we’re going to do something, we need to do it now!” Aabsdu shouted, as he took carefully placed shots at the several assassins who were now making their way down into the valley.

“We’re not going to make it to the next set of rocks.” Drodik said nervously to Godo.

“”We may not have to.” Virulence hissed, as he made his way into a large depression in the rock outcropping. Godo and Drodik watched as the reptile ran his hand over a strange mark carved into the rock, and pulled out a small, silver medallion, which bore the same markings. Virulence inserted the small amulet into the rock, and turned it to the left, stepping back a bit as the amulet and the rock it was in, continued spinning on its own. Suddenly, an opening at the base of the rocks opened up, exposing a small staircase leading down below the valley surface, as sand and dirt slowly poured in from the sides.

“Go!” Godo spat, pushing Virulence and Drodik into the shaft. He grabbing Aabsdu and threw him down the first few steps, before turning, and yanking the amulet out of the rock. The door to the shaft began to close again, as the Sith darted down through it, but before the door fully closed, a small vibroblade shot through the opening, impaling Godo in the back.

Aabsdu immediately shoved the barrel of his blaster through the opening and pumped four rounds into the assassin on the other end of the blade. Godo stumbled forward, as the door finally crushed the blade, and sealed shut. Virulence reached around, grabbed what remained of the blade sticking out of Godo’s back, and gave a look to the Sith to ready himself. Godo nodded to the reptile, and Virulence yanked the blade out of the Quaestor’s back, as a thick stream of blood shot out from the wound.

“It’s bad.” Aabsdu said, studying the gash in his Master’s back, “There’s no way we’re going to be able to force heal this all the way.”

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll be fine.” Godo replied proudly. “We need to keep moving, I feel Gaidal.”

“Me too.” Drodik and Virulence said in unison.

“Good. Vir, you lead since you can see in this darkness. Drodik stay right behind him, Aabsdu will help me bring up the rear.” Godo stated, trying to hide the amount of effort it took him to speak and breathe.


Korras and his team encountered the same amount opposition as they made their way up the sharp cliffs of the mountain, but had managed to find a large exhaust shaft, hidden behind what appeared to be a rockslide. After making their way down the shaft, they found themselves with two choices. Either continue fighting the noxious fumes and try and work their way farther down the shaft, or drop through the large mesh vent they were currently peering through which led into what looked like a small storeroom.

“I can’t take this exhaust much longer, I’m getting really light-headed.” Lorien finally said, after fighting the urge to pass out for some time.

“Storeroom it is.” Korras said, swiftly punching through the mesh, and yanking the vent inwards, to avoid the sound of the vent crashing to the storeroom floor. “Go.”

Warhunter dropped in first, landing silently, and immediately went to the door, using the force to ‘see’ what waited for them on the other side. The Templar was hit with a very strong force pulse, and could immediately tell that not only were there a lot of hostiles on the other side of the door, but there was a powerful force sensitive as well. Warhunter turned to tell Korras what he felt, and found the Commander standing right behind him.

“I’m surprised this is the first time you felt his presence.” Korras said before the Templar could speak. “I must admit however, this place seems to throw off force perception, I didn’t think there would be this many warriors.”

“We should try and continue down the shaft, running headstrong into this fight will only take time we don’t have.” Warhunter said, although his desire to kill them all was bubbling just below the surface.

“I agree, once we find Gaidal and regroup, we can worry about exterminating this pathetic rabble.” Korras agreed, as a subtle yet ominous sound came from the braces holding the shaft, with Syrus still in it, against the ceiling.

Lorien began to tell Syrus not to move a muscle, but before she could get out a single word, the entire section of shaft holding Syrus collapsed and went crashing to the floor, almost crushing Lorien who was forced to dive out of the way.

“I’m ok!” Syrus’ voice came out from within the bent and battered section of shaft.

“Silence!” Korras whispered, closing his eyes, and stretching out with the darkside. “We just announced our presence.”

Just outside the door, a strong voice was heard saying “Kill them now! I go to guard my prize!” just before the horde of assassins began their assault on the door leading to the storeroom.


Using the bond they had formed with Gaidal over time and through battle, Virulence and Drodik had managed to locate the cell block which held the Kyandrian, with little resistance. They assumed everyone must be busy with the Korras’ team, and moved as swiftly as they could with Godo’s wound far more serious then he would admit. Although he said nothing, Virulence could smell the blood flowing from the Sith, and was quite worried about the man.

At the entrance to the cell block, Virulence convinced a reluctant Godo to stay with Aabsdu, while he and Drodik went in and retrieved Gaidal. The two Dark Jedi crept into the cell block, silently dispatching the two inept guards who stood watch, and found Gaidal sitting on the floor in the corner of his cell.

“So nice of you to show up!” Gaidal smiled as he recognized the two faces before him through his drug induced haze.

“We weren’t going to let you have all the fun.” Drodik replied as his saber flashed to life, and cut through the crude lock on the cell door. Virulence went in and helped the woozy Gaidal to his feet. As they exited the cell, a voice came from an open cell down the hall behind them.

“Excuse me, but I believe he’s mine.” Nemo said, stepping out of the cell and igniting his lightsaber.

“Not yet he’s not!” Aabsdu yelled, coming around the corner at the Jedi. Before he got within a meter of the lightsider however, he was hit with a force push from the man, and went sliding across the hall and into the open cell. Using the force, the Jedi closed the door of the cell and sealed the lock. Just as he turned back to the other Dark Jedi, the crimson blade of Godo’s saber arced in front of him, and he barely managed to deflect it with his own blade.

“Get Gaidal out of here!” Godo shouted as he started to hammer the Jedi with one ferocious combo after another. Before Virulence and Drodik could comply however, Godo’s wound got the best of him, causing him to falter just briefly, but enough for the Jedi to capitalize. Nemo quickly spun and shoved the yellow blade of his saber through the midsection of the Sith, smiling before extracting the blade and letting the Battlemaster slump to the floor.

“NO!” Drodik screamed, and charged the Jedi, pouring every ounce of hate and rage he had into his attacks. Virulence gently set Gaidal onto the floor and charged in, rolling under a swipe from the Jedi’s saber, and picking up Godo’s saber from its resting place beside the fallen Sith. With a snap-hiss, the Jedi suddenly had two blades to fend off. Although Virulence wasn’t very proficient with the saber yet, Drodik’s anger gave the Knight enough strength to make up for his Jedi Hunter companion’s inexperience. The two Darksiders, slowly managed to drive Nemo back farther and farther, until he was almost on top of Gaidal who was beginning to fully regain his senses.

In a flash, the kyandrian reached his hand out, and using the force, pulled two locust knives from the pouch which was always strapped to Virulence’s forearm. The small razors flew to Gaidal, and the Jedi Hunter took one in each hand, as he rose to one knee behind his cousin. Gaidal shoved the blades into either side of Nemo’s lower back, and pulled upwards with all the strength he could muster. The Jedi shrieked, and his arms shot outwards to the sides as he arched his back in pain.

Virulence immediately took advantage of this, and swiftly cut off the man’s right arm, which held his saber, just before Drodik’s blade severed the man’s head clean from his neck. The head and body collapsed to the ground, and the head rolled to Gaidal. The kyandrian picked up the head and looked into the fading eyes.

“I wish it could have been different cousin.” The Jedi Hunter said softly, and gently placed the head back on the floor. Virulence and Drodik exchanged confused looks, and picked up their friend once more.

“Come on, we have to get to the others, they might need help.” Drodik said.

“We most certainly do not!” Korras barked as he rounded the corner, followed by Syrus, and Warhunter who were helping a wounded Lorien along.

“You are not going to leave me in here!” Aabsdu shouted from within his cell. Drodik went over, and opened the cell the same way he did for Gaidal, and as Aabsdu went and stood over his fallen Master, Virulence approached his side.

“Hold onto this for him.” The reptile said, handing Aabsdu Godo’s saber.

“What do you mean?” Aabsdu said, looking at the saber with confusion.

“Its hard to keep a Sith down.” Virulence replied with a wink. “Lorien, you ok?

“I’ll make it.” Lorien replied with a strained and pale smile.

“All right, let’s get out of here, we’ll figure everything out once we’re aboard the Vaevictus.” Korras said. “Everyone move out.”

Gaidal Dupar

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Well, before we'll give you the final results of the competition, We'd like to thank all particpants for their contribution to this competition. In fact, we couldn't have done this without you! After thoughtful consideration and a small discussion, we came with these results (numbers 1 to 4):

1. DJK Virulence Saj Betazyne
2. JH Syrus Korodin
3. JH Aabsdu
4. OT Warhunter Arawn

You all did a great work and should be proud of yourselves. Hopefully you'll be willing to participate in a future competition of one of us! We'll esnure that all of you three get your medals as quickly as possible.