The Training Room

Langis Gyn Histop

25-06-2005 16:51:11

Langis entered the training room, carrying two swords and two DL-18 blaster pistols. The room was shaped like the inside of an egg, the ceiling stretching up three stories. Four platforms were arranged in a diamond shape around the room and each platform stood ten feet high from the ground. She smiled as she studied the place. Another woman entered the training room, anger evident in her eyes. Langis turned to find Rayne looking at her. The door behind Rayne whisked shut with a crash and the sound echoed throughout the room.

Reaching for one of the swords, Langis tossed it to Rayne. She then did the same with one of the pistols. "There, now were even," she said. Langis pulled her sword out and got into a neutral stance. "Winner gets Gaidal, agreed?" Rayne said. Langis simply sneered. "I'm not fighting for Gaidal," she said. An expression of confusion ran across Rayne's face. "Then why fight me?" she asked.

Langis twirled her blade and charged at Rayne. The Acolyte got into a defensive stance just before Langis swiped at her head. The two swords clashed together. Langis pushed her face up to Rayne's, anger flowing through her eyes. "I'm fighting you, because I don't like you."

Gaidal Dupar

26-06-2005 05:44:23

(Sorry, I consider my character part of the conflict, that has been the main reason to post. I'll not intefer on the other hand, so don't worry. Nothing worse than spoil a good fight!)

Gaidal sneaked into the room, just catching the last few words the two women spoke with each other. Like predicted by himself, Langis was not fighting for his love. That was a completely different subject. Neither was Rayne, he foresaw, it was more like a test for Langis. So that Rayne would know with what kind of motivation she would go into this battle.
Langis had locked down the room, so visitors were not allowed. Gaidal made sure that it remained locked after his entry and absolutely none would be able to get in. Because it was possible that his presence was not desired, he kept a low profile. He was still in no condition to fight after the shootout with the assasination droid. He remained in one of the many shadows of the training room and used the Force to hide his Force powers, potential and presence. Gaidal would wait and see what would happen next. He saw them on a level above him.


26-06-2005 20:08:50

Rayne using her muscles held the sword lock for a few seconds before pushing Langis back and bringing her foot around for a spin kick hitting Langis in the chest. As she staggered back a little bit from the hit surprised that Rayne was stronger. "Why don't you like me? Is it because I started a relationship with Gaidal first?" Langis seemed angered still but didn't respond.

The Zeltron rushed the other woman who now realized that she would have to use her speed to keep from being hurt really bad by this Acolyte's powerful blows. Rayne drew the blaster and didn't partically like it so she threw it at Langis which distracted her long enough for Rayne to tackle her and as she was on the ground Rayne stuck the sword through Langis's shirt pinning her to the ground, before the Zeltron got up and slowly backed away, while drawing her scimitars as she always carried them. "You have your two swords. And I have mine."

Langis Gyn Histop

26-06-2005 21:47:54

Langis seethed in anger at Rayne. The Acolyte was really starting to get on her nerves. She pulled the blade from out of her shoulder and grunted in pain. Blood dripped down to the floor as Langis leapt to her feet. "Fine by me, just try not to cry too much when I smash you down," Langis spat. The Zeltron scowled at Langis and threw herself toward her. Langis sidestepped and struck downwards, attempting to strike her calf. Rayne swiped her scimitar, blocking the sword's blow. Both of them sparred for a full minute. The Acolyte's blows were powerful, but Langis had the advantage of speed. And Langis used that advantage for all she was worth. Finally, tired of sparring with Rayne, she kicked the Zeltron in the head and leapt up towards a platform. Pulling her pistol out of her robes, she sighted on Rayne and prepared to fire...


26-06-2005 21:53:34

((OOC Langis. When Rayne had pinned Langis to the ground the sword didn't go through her shoulder but just her shirt pinning her to the ground until she either pulls the sword out of her shirt or rips her shirt.))

"Fine. Go ahead shoot me. Why should I care anymore?" As Rayne said that Langis fired and hit Rayne squarely in the shoulder as the Zeltron had moved slightly. Spinning around and hitting the ground, blood flowing now from left shoulder. Slowly standing up now she realizes that Langis wants to kill her and why shouldn't she. Rayne just stood there slowly losing her will to fight.

Langis Gyn Histop

26-06-2005 22:04:58

Confusion spread across Langis' face. 'Huh, didn't think she would give so easily. Oh well, easy pickings,' she thought. Langis slowly raised her blaster and prepared to fire...only to be hit in the face by a fist. She turned and found Gaidal, lowering his fist. "I'm sorry dearest Langis, but you can't kill her," He said.

"And why not?" she replied. Gaidal grinned and said, "Because she is useful to me. Because you don't really want to. Because you don't want to explain to the Justicar about killing an Acolyte. Am I correct?" Langis looked back at the fallen Zeltron. Shaking her head, she replied, "Your right on all three accounts. Damn, I shouldn't have been so stupid."

Jumping down and walking over, she gave Rayne a look of peace. "I let my anger take me over. I know now that I have to harness that anger. Please accept my apoligy." Langis reached out her hand toward the Acolyte.


26-06-2005 22:08:56

Rayne was surprised at what happened as she figured she could have taken a few more blaster shots before really giving up but she shrugged her shoulders. "You should have fired. But I accept your appoligy." Rayne accepted Langis's hand and shook it. "But you have increadible speed."

Langis Gyn Histop

26-06-2005 22:13:08

"Thank you, your power is actually what threw me off guard. I'll have to train more to actually get up to your strength," she replied.


26-06-2005 22:15:30

"You really don't know to much about me do you." Langis shook her head. "Not really." Rayne held her shoulder knowing that was a bad wound but she could have taken more of them. "Yeah I have alot of strength and endurance because of back in my day as an Imperial storm trooper."