Talisman of power(ACO tyrus and NOV Revenant)


22-06-2005 16:38:51

Revenant arrived at the catacombs and found the body of the dead Republic pilot. He could see the blackend hole of a cauterised wound in the pilot's chest. This had to have been done with a lightsaber. He searched the corpse, which was still warm, for the artifact the Republic scout had spoke of in his dying transmission. It was nowhere to be seen. Evidently his comrades had heard the distress call and got there first. He would have to find them. He had a suspicion that he knew what this artifact might be, but he didn't want to speculate until he had more details.
He stretched out with the Force, sending tendrils of dark energy in all directions, trying to determine which direction his quarry had taken. If he was right about this relic it would leave a trail that only those blind to the Force could fail to see. What he found was both reassuring and disquieting. He could find no trace of the artifact but there was someone approaching, someone powerful with the Force. And he could feel the familiar presence of the dark side.

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22-06-2005 16:45:45

Tyrus saw the Novice standing staring at him while he walked into the catacombs.

"Hello" Tyrus said in his usual one-tone voice. "Um..hi" the Novice replied.

Tyrus looked at the Republic Pilot who had been killed. He walked over to the pilot and examined the body by looking in all of the side pockets and the leg pockets.

"We're gonna go find that talisman, and you're gonna help me." Tyrus commanded. "Yes sir" The Novice yet again replied, for he was outranked by the Krath. "I've got a Fira and six thermal detonators. What do you have for our little trasure hunt?" Tyrus asked with a glare.


24-06-2005 09:11:59

Revenant could feel his blood boil at the way the Krath was looking at him, like something that might be scraped off the sole of his boot. "I have a pair of custom vibroblades and a few trip mines, sir." This last word was more spat than said. He did not enjoy having to play the servile subordinate, but it suited his purposes for now. They would have a greater chance of finding this talisman if they worked together. "I would start by checking this way," he said, pointing to the east."
"What makes you say that?" asked Tyrus.
"Because you came from the west. The chances are, you owuld have seen evidence of our quarry if he went that way, now let's go." The two Dark Jedi headed off towards the east, not saying much. Revenant hadn't counted on having company for this mission. In theory this would make it quicker to complete but he couldn't help but feel that this Krath would slow him down. He would have to wait and see. There was something about Tyrus. Something he couldn't quite put his finger on.


24-06-2005 19:28:25

Tyrus and Revenant walked out of the catacombs and started searching for evidence of what happened to the talisman. Tyrus unsheathed his fira and the novice followed form unsheathing one of his vibroblades. Tyrus then sat down with his fira in his hand and closed his eyes.

"What are you doing?" Revenant asked.
"I'm looking for him." Tyrus replied.
"There." Tyrus opened his eyes and ran out into a small clearing. As soon as they both got there they both intook what they saw. A republic pilot in an orange jumpsuit was holding the Talisman and was walking towards his Starfighter.
"Get him!" Tyrus growled.


25-06-2005 03:37:35

"Quietly," hushed Tyrus as they edged across the clearing. Evidently he intended on taking the Republic pilot by surprise. This wasn't going to cut it. He only had a few more strides until he reached his ship, then he would be gone.
"No time," answered Revenant. With a roar of "For Naga Sadow and the Sith!" he threw his vibroblade like a javelin at the fugitive pilot's leg and ran forward at a speed only possible when totally immersed in the Force. The Sith Novice grabbed his prey by the throat and waist band and threw him backwards into a wall.
"Damn it!" cursed Tyrus, and threw one of his thermal detonaters into the open cockpit of the Republic starship. Revenant sensed the Krath's intention and grabbed the Republic pilot and position him between the Sith and the doomed ship. The explosion ripped the ship apart and threw both it's pilot and his attacker across the clearing. Revenant, having been protected from the brunt of the blast, was the first to recover. He picked the pilot up from where he lay in an almost fetal position, only to have his hand stayed by Tyrus.
"My turn," the Krath Acolyte sneered. He reached back with a massive gloved fist and drove it into the face of the Republic officer, who crumpled into a heap on the floor again. The pilot got up, but instead of attacking, or even preparing to defend, he turned and ran just as a white light, supernova bright in its intensity, flashed seemingly all around them. He must have planted a flash mine earlier. This one was crafty. Revenant was going to have some fun with this.


25-06-2005 10:47:19

Tyrus screamed "Move!" and both the Acolyte and the Novice jumped to the left and ran. The flash mine exploded and sent a blinding flash of light all around the clearing. They both went flying and with a thud they both hit the ground.

"Are you ok?" Tyrus asked as they both stood up. "I think so." the Novice replied. "Where's my sword?" Tyrus looked around. "Oh well." The Acolyte said as he put two gloves that had many small circles on them. "What's that?" the Novice asked. "I use the shockboxing form." Tyrus replied."Enough talking, let's go."

They both ran back to where the ship was. And by was I mean "was". The thermal detonator had ripped it apart. Smoke filled the clearing and pieces of metal and debris littered the ground. Then, on the other side of the clearing, the pilot stood staring at the both of them with a Prax-Arms AXM-50 at the ready.

"Move, I will take him." Tyrus said. "Leave the Novice, you filthy republic puppet. Fight me, a true wielder of the dark side." The novice backed away and stood with one of his custom vibroblades and gave it to Tyrus. "You're gonna need a weapon." The novice said.

Tyrus took the blade and went into his own ancient form's battle stance. He then ran forward with the utmost silence, blade bent towards the pilot.


25-06-2005 12:48:40

Revenant was now unarmed. That, however, did not mean he was defenceless. He remembered his training in the ancient art of Teras Kasi and steeled himself for the conflict to come. Tyrus, on the other hand, propelled himself at the Republic pilot, who swiftly knocked him to the ground. Revenant saw his opening and ran at the pilot, spinning on his left heel and driving his right boot into the ribcage of his quarry.
The Republic officer recovered quickly and delivered a swift jab to the novice's throat. The two Dark Jedi were going to have to work together for this one. The Krath Acolyte circled slowly around the Republic pilot and threw a snap punch at the ribs that Revenant had attacked. This time he was rewarded with a wet snap. The crippled pilot sunk to his knees, his face twisted in a rictus of pain and defiance as he tried to regain his feet. Revenant landed a hammerfist on the back of his foe's skull, knocking him completely to the floor. He sensed the vibroshiv before he saw it and pushed Tyrus out of the way of the lunge from the downed officer, while simultaneously stamping down hard on the wrist holding the concealed weapon. A kick to the jaw from Tyrus soon knocked the pilot out completely.
Revenant started searching the Republic officer's pockets for the relic they were trying to retrieve when a look of horror crossed his face. Tyrus had obviously had the same idea because Revenant saw his own thoughts morrored on the Krath's expression. "The ship!"
"He had it in his hand," replied Tyrus frantically. Revenant risked a hesitant glance at the ship and saw a bright metallic gleam coming from the charred wreckage. His heart jumped, both with relief and trepidation at the same time.


25-06-2005 21:26:49

Tyrus went over to the wreckage where he had seen the gleam of light. He picked through the debris and found it. It was so beautiful. So powerful. And it was all his. Tyrus felt a jolt of jealousy as he held it.
"You wanted it too. And so did the dark council. But you can't have it, it's mine." Tyrus screamed.
"We have to get that to the council." the Novice replied.
"No, it's mine." Tyrus once again screamed. Tyrus got in his hapan boxing fighting form, both feet up on toes, and prepared to eliminate the threat.

Revenant replied in his Teras-Kasi form stance. Then, they both ran at each other. Revenant threw a shattering punch at Tyrus and the Acolyte moved to the side to dodge it. Then, Tyrus lunged a side punch at the Novice. Revenant went flying back and hit the ground. Tyrus stood there laughing.

"You can't have it" He said.


26-06-2005 04:15:00

Revenant had had a feeling that this would happen. But he wouldn't allow the delusions of a power hungry acolyte prevent him from completing his mission, even if he had to dispose of a fellow brotherhood member. "Tyrus, you don't want to do this," he said levelly. "That talisman is too powerful for either of us to wield. If one of us has it we'll be consumed and eventually destroyed by it. But if we can get it back to the Dark Council then the brotherhood as a whole becomes more powerful, and we're the ones who reap the benefits of finding it." His stare seemed to penetrate the Krath even though his eyes were long ago clouded over with a milky white by the ravages of the Dark Side.
"Don't you see?" asked Tyrus, and held up the talisman. Now Revenant could see it clearly for the first time. Truly it was a thing of beauty. The gold medallion shone brighter than any star and the ruby had innumerable tiny facets, all perfectly cut. It was engraved in some strange, archaic script that Revenant could not read. He was so transfixed that he almost couldn't hear Tyrus as he continued with his futile powerplay. "One of the most powerful artifacts in the brotherhood's history and it's mine to wield."
It looked as though the young Sith was going to have to inflict some pain. He reached back with his right fist clenched and swung a feint. As the Krath went to block, Revenant sank to the ground and struck out hard with the flat of his hand at Tyrus's breastbone. Immediately afterwards he cartwheeled to his right and picked up the vibroblade he had thrown at the Republic pilot earlier. The vibration cell had been damaged in the explosion but the weapon would suffice as a regular sword. He swung left at the Krath's chest, then down at his knees adn brought the blade around in an arc that would have cleaved Tyrus's head in two had it connected but he was too fast. Revenant rolled forward and lunged straight out with his sword. He caught the chain of the talisman and pulled it from the Krath acolyte's grasp, catching it in his left hand.
As he held it he could see why Tyrus was so reluctant to let it go. His rage intensified to a point that threatened to blind him. He could feel the talisman's effect on him. His vision seemed to somehow be enhanced by the Force. He could see Tyrus, but he could also somehow see his thoughts. Or his intentions, or his mood. It was a sensation he was unfamiliar with but the Krath seemed to be glowing with a deep red anger.


26-06-2005 10:55:46

Tyrus's anger flowed through him and he jumped forward to retrieve the Talisman. Tyrus lunged forward and punched the Novice in his nose. Blood squirted out of his nose and soon the ground was filled with blood and tissue.

"Give it back." Tyrus demanded. "No, we must take it to the council." The novice replied as he lay on the ground bleeding.

Tyrus yet again jumped at the novice and this time the novice used the leverage of the ground to kick Tyrus with both feet blowing him back two yards.

"It's mine." Tyrus screamed. Tyrus ran forward with rage on his side and went for the blow that would end the Novice.


26-06-2005 12:07:27

Revenant sensed the Krath's intention almost immediately. Tyrus lifted his leg and brought his boot heel down in a blow that would surely have crushed the Novice's skull. At the last possible instant the Sith grabbed Tyrus's foot and twisted, rolling away at the same time. He felt the foot twist more than was natural, as the Krath Acolyte's knee dislocated. That would slow him down, but not by much. There was a murderous glow in Tyrus's eyes now. Truly this talisman was powerful indeed if it could turn two people so violently against each other - especially when they were, only a matter of minutes ago, working together as a unit.
Revenant grabbed his opponent by the throat and stared into his eyes and beyond, deep into the Krath's soul. "I don't want to destroy you, but I've been given a mission. I am not about to allow you to prevent me from completing that mission." Tyrus slammed both of his open hands into Revenant's chest, forcing him to release his grip.


26-06-2005 12:19:45

Tyrus kicked the novice in his stomach after the chest blow and the talisman flew from his grip. The talisman landed 3 yards to the acolyte's right. He quickly jumped on it and held the talisman in the sky.

"Finally, I have you back." Then, the light came. The talisman blew a blinding light into Tyrus's face and everything, to both the novice and acolyte went blank.

Revanant awoke with his eyes on a ceilimg. A nurse came in and said "Oh, you're finally awake?" Revenant asked "Where is Tyrus?" "Tyrus, there is no Tyrus here. You were alone when we found you. By the way, the council expects you in the inner court. They're going to reward you for finding the talisman single handed." The nurse explained.

Revenant walked out of the room and headed towards the inner courts, never to forget the one who walks the shadows, who lives no life. The wielder of the Talisman of Power......

The end