Talisman of Power. (DJK Uzbad and Guardian Bucon)


18-06-2005 18:07:54

Uzbad and Bucon were on a patrol mission when suddenly a strange transmission filled their cockpits. A rebel. Asking for assistance. He found an artifact. Uzbad listened closer. A Dark Jedi had made contact with him. He quickly radioed home.

"This is Uzbad. I've recived a message on my com-link. A rebal has a valuable artifact on Coruscant. Permission to investigate with Guardian Bucon"

"Permission granted Uzbad. Be carefull"


Uzbad set his hyperdrive for Coruscant and blasted off into space.


24-06-2005 20:10:47

Uzbad bl;asted out of hyperspace and into the Coruscant system. He landed his ship and disembarked. It felt good to be back. He needed to locate this Talisman. He knew the Rebels would be after it as well, after all it was they who had found it. But he knew exactly where to go.

Seconds later Bucon landed. Or at least he tried to. He came in too fast. he missed the platform, and things went downhill from there. The fool then crashed into the Jedi Temple. Uzbad shook his head. These non-Krath types tended to be alittle slow.

Uzbad headed down to the lower levels of Coruscant. The easiest way to accses the catacombs was through the lower levels, though few headed that way. Gangs were never nice to the casual passerby. Nor were the nice to the fighter types either. They would be nice to Uzbad though. For he had been one of them. Hell, he had lead one of the larger gangs for a time. back before he was a member of the Brotherhood.

"Stop!" Someone yelled from behind Uzbad.

Uzbad turned, lightsaber ignited.

"Or what?"



"long time no see man!"

"Too long, Dazzax."


24-06-2005 20:21:11

The two old friends finished there "catching up" when Uzbad told his friend the reason he was on Coruscant in the first place. Dazzax nodded.

"I know where you need to go."

"Will you show me?"

"Of course!"

Dazzax led Uzbad through back alleys and down rough lower level streets. The only reason they were left alone was that Uzbad was tricking people wioth the force to stay away.

Eventually Dazzax stopped.

"This is as far as I will take you. The opening to the catacombs is through that grate."

"You arent coming with me?"

"Me? No. It's far to dangerous."

"Dazz, your with a Dark Jedi Knight. What could go wrong?"

"Evidentally something did, that other Dark jedi got killed."


"Look, Uz, it's not that I--"

"I said it's fine. Goodbye Dazzax."

Uzbad walked away feeling betrayed. He reached the grate and cut through it easily with his purple lightsaber. The thick metal covering clanged to the ground bellow. Uzbad jumped in after it.

He searched the area first with the force, and upon finding no one, began walking, his lightsaber guiding him.


25-06-2005 17:56:08

Uzbad came to his first choice. Shoul he head left, or go to the right? He searched both paths with the force, finding no one. Not even the signature that signified some one had walked this way recently. Strange.

He chose the left. His gut told him to do so.

He followed the dank, dark, gloomy corridor onward. Searching for soemthing that would give him a clue. Anything. Something. Nothing. Where to go? He didnt know. He was lost. Utterly alone. Where was he to go? He walked onward.

Uzbad wasnt scared, but he was a little biut worried. Had the transmision been a trap? No, it coudnet have been. The other Dark Jedi had existed. The brotherhood and verified that he had been sent after the talisman. They didnt reveal who he was however. Only that he was MIA.

Left. Left. Another Left. Then another. Never going right. Each turn was to the left. Why? He didnt know, but somehow it felt right.


26-06-2005 17:46:26

Every so often Uzbad would stop and check his surrondings with the force. He wanted to know if someone was tailing him. This was one of those times. He stopped and concentrated on the hallways leading off in all directions. All were empty, svae one. Behind him, two turns behind, someone was running. Running right for him.

He switched off his lightsaber and pulled out his blaster. He hid himself inside a conviently located niche someways up the way, and held the blaster out in front of him.

He searched again. The lifeform was growing closer.


26-06-2005 18:36:32

A shadow passed the niche and Uzbad jumped out from his hiding place.

"Stop!" He shouted. The person whelled around. A bl;aster held in his hand. Uzbad dropped his balster and in one swidt motion ignited his lightsaber. The person cowered.

"Who are you?" Uzbad asked.

"A rebel."

"What are you doing here?"

"retreaving a Talisman."

"Do you know were it is?"

"No." A lie.

"Where is it?"

"I dont know." Another lie.

"Do you have it."

A moment of hesitation. "No."

"Give it to me!"

"I dont--" The rebal never finished. Uzbad had decapitated him.

He fished around in the rebals clothing and found it. The Talisman of Power.

He walked away, having done no work at all, and exited the catacombs.