Questions For The House Summit


13-06-2009 22:37:21

This is for anyone in House Caliburnus to give your input about anything related to the House. Questions, comments, ideas, suggestions, anything you would like to see happen.

First of all, I know we don't use the forums that much. We're going to be changing that. We want to know what else you think.


16-06-2009 21:45:56

*pretends to be an Apprentice*

How can I contribute to the House and the Clan?

*stops pretending*

Zin Zalabim

06-07-2009 02:18:04

I have a good inquiry about that how can i be of assistance in the matter of help or general information or lending a hand to the house or the clan. I am active and plan on continuing my career with DJB.