Nominations For Csp Senate - Hc Representative


22-09-2008 13:22:30

Greetings Children of the Sword,

This forum topic is to be used to nominate members for election to the CSP Senate.

Each House will have one Journeyman Representative and one Equite/Elder Representative.

The criteria is as follows:

Must be a member of the House to which nominated.
Must not hold a Summit position (QUA/AED/RM)

The nomination process will be open for one week. Nominations end 11:59 Eastern Time, Friday, September 26th, 2008

You must nominate one person for each position.

Post two names.


22-09-2008 15:54:59

damn, sorry about this.. ignore this post


23-09-2008 05:16:30

My Nominations are:

Asani and Impetus

Asani Vosa

23-09-2008 11:37:14


I would like to nominate

myself (if that is allowed) for the journeyman position
and Impetus for the Equite position.


24-09-2008 08:41:30

Equite / Elder : Eludajae

Journeyman: Asani


25-09-2008 16:29:15

You people planned this, didnt you? :P

Eldar/Equite: Ludy

Journeyman: Rayne


25-09-2008 17:06:23

Totally in agreement ;o)


25-09-2008 23:11:31

Equite/Elder: Impetus

Journeyman: Rayne

Yadar Shyk

26-09-2008 19:42:18

Rayne n Lude