Hc Star Wars Quote Quiz 2


20-01-2008 07:40:40

Remember to send your answers to rasilvenaira.stormraven and yzarcrellik@gmail.com.

Points will be given for correctly identifying who said each quote, bonus points for correctly identifying the movie the quote is from.

This week's quotes:

1. "I should have known better than to trust the logic of a half-sized thermocapsulary dehousing assister."

2. "Hey, I knew there was more to you than money."

3. "I see it. Oh, this is going to be easy."

4. "His fate will be the same as ours."

5. "Well, looks like I'm stuck here. Trouble is, I don't know where here

6. "It is you! You little womp rat."

Good luck and have fun!


27-01-2008 09:24:28

Here's this week's set of quotes:

1. "Offhand, I'd say this mission is past the negotiation stage."

2. "The ability to speak does not make you intelligent."

3. "You do have your moments. Not many, but you have them."

4. "I am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further."

5. "Why do I think you are going to be the death of me?!"

6. "They'll do their job well, I'll guarantee that."

7. "So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause . . ."

Good luck and have fun!!


04-02-2008 21:50:29

Here's the quotes for this week:

Good luck and have fun!

1. "I don't mind flying...but what you're doing is suicide."

2. "No. No problem. Why?"

3. "It's a very long drop!"

4. "I gotta get you outta here."

5. "Feel, don't think. Trust your instincts."

6. "I'm hit! I can't stay with you."


16-02-2008 18:56:01

This is the final batch of quotes for the competition. I've added extra since I was unable to get quotes posted for last week.

All answers must be sent in by the 20th.

Good luck and have fun!!

1. “What a desolate place this is.”

2. “The Republic doesn't exist out here...we must survive on our own.”

3. “Someone to see ya, honey. A Jedi, by the looks of him.”

4. “You're far too trusting.”

5. “You must be anxious to inspect the units for yourself.”

6. “You'll find I'm full of surprises.”

7. “Under the circumstances, I'd say the ability to pilot this thing is irrelevant.”

8. “I'd be more concerned about her doing something, than him.”

9. “Not as clumsy or as random as a blaster. An elegant weapon for a more civilized time.”

10. “We will not survive this.”

11. “Everything's going to be fine. Trust me.”

12. “Why don't you outrun them? I thought you said this thing was fast.”

13. “You're gonna die here, you know. Convenient.”

14. “Wait a minute, how'd this happen! We're smarter than this.”

15. “I hope so, Commander, for your sake. The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am.”

16. “His death was a necessary loss, which will ensure our victory.”

17. “There isn't enough life on this ice cube to fill a space cruiser.”

18. “Mentors have a way of seeing more of our faults than we would like.”

19. “Perhaps you think you're being treated unfairly.”

20. “You're a feisty little one, but you'll soon learn some respect.”