House Caliburnus Trivia


14-09-2007 08:12:58

House Caliburnus is starting up a new run of message board trivia. The questions will be posted here each week, generally on saturdays, and members will have one week to submit their answers. The first two people to answer the most questions correctly will win Legions of the Scholar, but even if you don't win, I encourage you to participate because that still counts.

This is open only to members of House Caliburnus, and this event will run a total of six weeks, starting on September 15, and will end on October 20.


15-09-2007 02:22:20

Here are this weeks questions. Remember to send your answers to Rasilvenaira ( and Scyrone (

1. Who bought Han Solo in his carbonite?

2. How much hair can a Neimodian grow?

3. What language do the Wookies speak?

4. Who was Revan’s Apprentice that ruled the Star Forge?

5. Luke Skywalker was the twin brother of what female?

6. When was the first Galactic Republic formed?

7. What species ruled the galaxy before the Republic was formed?

8. What is the name of the Ewok that met Leia first?

9. Hutts have a specific gender. What gender is it?

10. There was once a Wookie on the Jedi Council. What was his name?

11. Who is the current Justicar?

12. Who is the current Grand Master?

13. Who was the first Grand Master?

14. What was the split from the Emperor’s Hammer called?

15. How many people died in the bombardment of Thor?

16. What special award are the most active and knowledgeable members of the Clan given for their service?

17. How many Maalraas does CSP have?

18. How many Boma does CSP have?

19. What rank is Rasilvenaira StormRaven, HC’s beloved Quaestor?

Good luck and have fun =)


23-09-2007 11:02:47

Here are the questions for this week, have fun and good luck. Remember to send your answers to Rasilvenaira ( and Scyrone (

1. Which species loves vampyric species loves there “soup”?

2. Which species can get intoxicated and eventually die because of salt?

3. What four armed aliens hail from Ojom?

4. Which species reproduces through technology and DNA?

5. Which species will declare an “Ar’kai”?

6. Which specie possesses a heart on top of their brain?

7. This species gained their skin color from their rich oxygen atmosphere on this icy planet?

8. Prince Xizor was this reptilian species?

9. These sharp-toothed pigs served as guards to Jabba?

10. Which mathematical species does not have to breathe to live?

11. What species was Jar Jar Binks?

12. Which species are bi-gender slugs?

13. Which species has two mouths and four throats?

14. This tall, thin species can see colors in UV light that no one else can.

15. This species originally inhabited Alderaan?

16. This species has a long tail, very hairy faces, and four arms?

17. What species is also known as the Sand people?

18. What species was Darth Maul?

19. This species wears a suit so they won’t be crushed in normal gravity.

20. What is the name of Yoda’s species?

Bonus question: What species of animal is Rasilvenaira's pet, Kiassa?


02-10-2007 08:41:14

Here are the questions for this week, have fun and good luck. Remember to send your answers to Rasilvenaira ( and Scyrone ( Deadline for these questions is October 6th.

1. This planet is the home planet of Admiral Thrawn.

2. Naga Sadow built great temples on this planet that would later serve as a Rebel Base.

3. This planet was the base of the whole Old Republic.

4. This planet was the home base of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, but it fell to the Yuuzhan Vong.

5. This planet is the home base of Scholae Palatinae.

6. This planet used to be lush, but was turned to desert by the Rakata, according to Tusken legends.

7. The Jedi had a massive Jedi Library on this planet (the biggest Jedi library yet).

8. The alien species who declare an ‘ar’kai’ are from this world.

9. Revan met Bastila Shan, Carth Onasi, and Davik Kang on this world.

10. This planet has a core of water instead of molten lava or metal.

11. The Shadow Academy from the DJB used to be stationed on this world.

12. This world features the illustrious Cloud City and is famous for it’s Tibanna Gas.

13. The species who worship mother nature, who live in Clan Ships, and were removed from there home by the Yuuzhan Vong lived on this world.

14. The ‘walking-carpets’ live on this world. They are incredibly furry.

15. Sebulba the Dug is from this planet.

16. This world was the home world of the Emperor Reborn.

17. Jaden Korr fought and defeated Marka Ragnos and Tavion on this world.

18. The deep space pilots say ‘angels’ come from this planet.

19. Lightsaber crystals are commonly found on this icy planet.

20. This planet has a dark, icy side, and a fiery, bright side with a medium, warm side in the middle of it. It is home to the people who use their Lekkus for talking.

BONUS QUESTION: On what planet was Aedile Yzarc Rellik born?