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Thran Occasus

11-05-2007 02:06:27

Hey guys! In a discussion with Tyno and others in the clan channel, some interesting points were raised about the status of LucasArts and the games they produced. Battlefront 2 has merited a PSP only sequel like game. Force Unleashed comes out soon. Among these games, there are sure to be more in the future.

Now, I have never considered myself to be a gamer, but we all have favorites. Aside from the original movies, the Game TIE Fighter really built my love for Star Wars. Games have become an integral part of the Star Wars community and brings George and company lots of money.

In this thread, feel free to post anything you want about Lucas Arts and their games. News on games and updates are definitely desired! Discuss things you like, comments you have, or any gripes or complaints you may have. We are the defining group of fans for Lucas Arts, so lets post our comments!

I will kick it all off...

As I mentioned, I loved the TIE Fighter, XWING, And X Wing Alliance games. Now, I am not much of a gamer, but I always found flight simulators fun. I even enjoyed the Rogue Squadron games on Nintendo64 and Gamecube. Starfighter was another fun game. However, I was so terribly disappointed with the flight in Battlefront...I mean, the angles are weird, the controls are strange, and it was just poorly executed.

Since the last true flight simulator, X-Wing Alliance, which came out long ago (before episode 1) the field of starships has increased by a vast number. Am I wrong to think that creating a new Flight Simulator game would be awesome? Think of all the different types of missions and things you could do! With the continually growing Star Wars Universe, you would think there would be an appeal to fans of every domain. I just think that Lucas Arts is after the $$$$ and not the vision.

George Lucas independantly produced Star Wars...Because the Studios were F**kin up his vision. Should it not be the same way with games? Hell, after BF2's flight fiasco, I thought, why even bother putting that in there if it sucked so bad? I think people would agree, even BF2 fans...the Flight in it sucked the big one. Honestly, if it comes down to the money or the integrity of the SW universe, I hope someone has the jewels to protect the awesomeness that is Star Wars.

Back on to the gaming...I think it would be bad ass to have an Aethersprite (jedi fighter). If I could design a game myself, I would create some sort of moding system for vessels in a flight simulator. I am not sure how you would come up with it, but credits for missions or something along those lines would make a basic flight sim much more fun. Computers in general have come a long way since XwA...Think about what they could do! I guess it is the Sith in me that is really calling for it...But I find no greater thrill than lighting up the shields of an enemy fighter from the cockpit of a TIE.

Before I open the stage to you all...I have one more comment...

Wii + Lightsabers...Think about it...

Kalak Ragnose

11-05-2007 07:50:30

I have heard they are doing a Wii starwars game. I really like the Kotor games. The story on the first one was excellent.

Fionn dan LocutHal

11-05-2007 11:36:11

Id love to see a SW simulator game based on the Elite series.

Imagine it, you manually flying into Coruscant's atmosphere , setting down anywhere you can on the planet, loading up, and flying off again. to maybe transport Coruscant Ale to Tatooine, or lightsaber crystals to Yavin IV

imagine having a custom navicomputer that lets you set your own Coordinates on a galaxy scale, and punch in the Hyperdrive yourself. possibilities are endless. as well as the ships at your disposal.

Thran Occasus

11-05-2007 12:11:43

Definately, that would be awesome!

With MMOs and the like, you could practically create the SW galaxy! While I don't really care for MMOs, If a wicked Flight sim was made, I would probably consider purchasing and regularly subscribing to it.

Kalak, Rumor has it, the Star Wars Wii game is only a distant rumor. However, I think Wii would be an AWESOME platform for a Star Wars Game!


12-05-2007 22:24:24

I would definately love to see a new game out that isn't so ground based. Empire at War and Forces of Corruption are okay, but they aren't flight based. They still leave a Sith wanting a lot more as far as action goes. :)

It's one thing to destroy the enemy ships, but it's more fun to be doing it from the cockpit of a fighter and watching them get blown to bits. ^_^


14-05-2007 01:31:35

I know most of you hate SWG, but they are bringing stuff back to some extent like CH/BE, camps, major buffs, skill points.
also there is upcoming KOTOR 3 and KOTOR MMO


15-05-2007 04:16:08

I know most of you hate SWG, but they are bringing stuff back to some extent like CH/BE, camps, major buffs, skill points.
also there is upcoming KOTOR 3 and KOTOR MMO

I'm just going to point out that KOTOR 3 will be made by obsidian and is going to happen.
A KOTOR MMO is a rumor yet to be confirmed/denied as the MMO project that Bioware is currently developing.<------ Remember to pray to the force this is true every night and support the cause :D

For my veteran opinion on the state of SWG see this post:Click here

Kalak Ragnose

16-05-2007 08:20:20

Whats an Mmo. I heard that they cancelled the Kotor 3. I had an Obsession with Kotor 3 rumors :P


17-05-2007 19:09:02

Whats an Mmo. I heard that they cancelled the Kotor 3. I had an Obsession with Kotor 3 rumors :P

MMO stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Game.

KOTOR 3 rumors of cancellation have been going around since KOTOR 2 came out...They're all fake.
It was in a lucaarts press conference with Obsidian recently that they said KOTOR 3 will not be abandoned and that Obsidian will be handling it.<--- I will look for the link to the page when I have time.

Kalak Ragnose

20-05-2007 14:17:00



28-06-2007 21:53:31

As for me, I'd really like an old-school tactical/strategic game. EaW was decent, and I did get a kick out of it, but I want more of a like a in-depth game where everything is tracked. For example, units can gain experience by training or by participating in combat, but they can also die and also lose their edge by not training or being in combat. You can equip them as you see fit, ships have entire individual crew compliments, each with their own skills (Wait until your bridge of your flagship is wiped out and the ship is commanded by your less-skilled backup crew in the alternate bridge!), each ship able to be custom-built and individualized, etc., etc., etc.

But it'll never happen. At least not from LA. ;)

My NDA prevents me from saying anything else. ;)