Ro: Cethgus And Fionn Only


07-03-2007 13:22:53

Cethgus read the data pad about his mission orders which he was to take Fionn on. As he looked at the data pad it read:

' Cethgus and Fionn you are required to search an abbandoned temple on Korriban, You should start this task right away'

Cethgus lowerd his arm and slowly walked down towards Fionn quaters. The Knight smiled to him self wondering how his apprentice will find his first mission.

Fionn dan LocutHal

08-03-2007 11:09:31

Fionn quickly stashed the Holocron he was playing around with as his Master entered his quarters.

"Goodday my Apprentice, we've been given a mission to accomplish by our Summit. If you'll follow me into the briefingroom I'll give you the full details"

Fionn quickly got up and followed his Master, the Obelisk Knight Cethgus, to the briefingroom, still pondering the knowledge he found in the Holocron.

"Sit yourself down" Cethgus said, as he prepared the holo-emitter with Inteldata for the mission.

"We are about to embark on our first mission together. That must excite you a bit, surely?"

"Yes Master!" Fionn spoke rather enthusiastically, as he looked up from his thoughts.

"Our mission may seem a bit simple, but the reality could prove quite the contrary" Cethgus spoke, as he ignited the holo-emitter. "Our goal is Korriban, we are to investigate an old and abandoned temple, situated within the tomb of an old Sith Lord, Darth Cirulean. Lord Braecen thinks there might be some interesting artifacts left in the temple, despite the fact that Korriban was raided long ago." Cethgus continued, trying to suppress his almighty excitement for a bit. "The artifact Lord Braecen refers to is an old Chalice, used by the Ancient Sith in their meditation rituals."

"What opposition can we expect along the way?" Fionn asked.

"That's not exactly clear I'm afraid." Cethgus replied. "There have been sightings of mercenaries on the surface of Korriban, but they shouldn't be too much of a problem I think, they're not anywhere in the vicinity of the mission-goal."

"That's good!" Fionn said ecitedly. "When do we leave?"

"The shuttle is being prepared as we speak, you return to your quarters and grab whatever things you want to take on this mission, ad I'll meet you on the launchpad in 1 standard hour from now." Cethgus ordered as Fionn made his way to his quarters.

"Hmmm, Korriban, it has been long since I returned to the place where I spent most of my life" Fionn reminiscensed "luckily the exact spot is halfway round the planet from where we're going, although knowing the area, it worries me that the only remote presence to be found in that area are mercenaries, there's bound to be more..." Fionn thought, focussing on the dangers that might be ahead of him.

As he entered his new quarters, across the compound from his old quarters from when he was with Clan Arcona. he prepared his weaponry. "My katana will surely come in handy, as will those explosives I prepared a while ago..." he thought out loud as he grabbed his sword. He took one last look around his quarters for anything that he may have forgot, but seeing nothing he closed the door behind him and made his way to the Academy launchpad.

"Ah, finally! There you are!" Cethgus yelled out with an unmatched enthusiasm. "Are you ready?" He asked Fionn excitedly, who was having some doubts about the Intel that Cethgus got about the mission.

"Ready as I'll ever be." Fionn replied.

"Good! then let's board and be off to Korriban!" Cethgus spoke with excitement, as he lead Fionn up the ramp of the sturdy looking Lambda class shuttle.

"Ready for take-off pilot, do your best!" Cethgus ordered the shuttle-pilot, as he took the shuttle into the ar, accompanied with a thunderous roar as he increased the power output of the Ion engines.


08-03-2007 15:35:39

Cethgus sat down beside Fionn and simple looked around as the shuttle came out of the atmosphere. The pilot started to press things in the co-pit before he engaged the hyperdrive system. They sat there patiently waiting for the ship to come out. As they waited Cethgus looked at his apprentice and smiled at the thought of there first mission together which was bound to be interesting. Cethgus then looked at the pilot as they pulled out of jump and the shuttle faced the planet.

“Well there is no turning back now,” Cethgus said.

Fionn only nodded as they slowly entered the atmosphere of Korriban and headed towards there landing point. The pilot landed the shuttle at the location that the pilot was given the rest of the way they would have to walk. As they stood out side of the shuttle and just looked around at the sight which was in front of them Cethgus only smiled to himself.

“Come on Fionn we should get a move on” Cethgus said.

Fionn followed Cethgus as the walked towards there objective keeping an eye out for anything that may be lurking waiting for the right moment to strike. The Knight caught something moving in the corner of his eye and quickly looked in that direction but saw nothing at all moving.

“ I hate this place gives me the creeps” Cethgus said

Cethgus continued walking and looked at the map as he slowly started to get nearer to there objective. Fionn followed again as they saw the entrance to the temple by the steps down into the entrance someone had dug up before them.

Cethgus started on the first step and looked at Fionn then started to go down to the entrance of the temple. As the steps stopped it when into a big round room with five doors and what looked like old writing on the wall but it was hard to tell.