Caliburnus Trivia

Yadar Shyk

23-02-2007 18:50:29

this is were i will post the trivia but dont post you anwsers here

Yadar Shyk

23-02-2007 20:30:41

This is round one. Hve fun and good luck finding the anwsers :)

1-Who is the most well known Sith Lord

2-Who is Darth Sideous really?

3-Who was Darth Sideous’ first apprentice?

4-Who was Darth Sideous’ master?

5-Who is Darth Vader really?

6-Does Jacen Solo become a Sith Lord?

7-Who creates the Rule of Two?

8-Who is Darth Bane’s apprentice?

9- Who is Darth Sideous’ second apprentice?

10- Lord Kann used a thought bomb to kill whom?

11- Who was Qui-Gon-Jinn’s master?

12- Who were Mace Windu’s first masters?

13- Who was Palpatine’s third Apprentice?

14- Kit Fisto’s apprentice was?

15- Who is the Iktotchi master not to take on a padawans?

Yadar Shyk

23-02-2007 21:59:46

please include you names or dossier

Yadar Shyk

25-02-2007 15:27:05

Week one is over

First Place- Xen'Mordin Vismorsus
Second Place- Lucius d'Tana

Yadar Shyk

02-03-2007 21:21:25

heres week two

1-Who is the only known user of a Great Lightsaber?
2-A Lightwhip’s core consists of what?

3-A forked Lightsaber has emitters were?

4-a shoto is?

5- Who used a Lightwhip during Darth Banes time at the Shadow Academy?

6-Kit Fisto’s Lightsaber could operate where?

7- Mace Windu’s lightsaber hilt is made of what?

8- Which Jedi Master used a Lightsaber cane?

9- Banes Heart is what?

10- Why are crystals from Hurikane so rare?

11- What form of lightsaber combat did Mace Windu master?
12- What is the form of combat did Kenobi use against Count Dooku in Return of the Sith?
13- Yoda and Yaddle use what type of lightsaber?

14-Was Qui-Gon Jinn a master of lightsaber combat?
15- Was of lightsaber combat was mastered by Count Dooku?

good luck and good search

Yadar Shyk

03-03-2007 08:00:24

Week two is over

First Place- Xen'Mordin Vismorsus

Second Place- Selene d'Tana

Yadar Shyk

10-03-2007 15:49:42

1-Who was the last Grand Master?

2-Who is the current Grand Master?

3-Who is the current Head Master of the Shadow Academy?

4- Who is the current Herald?

5- Who is the current Dark Voice editor?

6- Who is the current Wiki Tribune?

7- Name a former Grand Master Other than Jac or Sarin?

8- Who is the current Star Wars Galaxy Tribune?

9- What is date of the exodus?

10- What type of lightsaber does Corran Force use?

11- Who is the current gaming tribune?

12- What is the highest rank attainable in the Brotherhood?

13- What is the lowest rank in the brotherhood?

14-Name the current Master At Arms?

15- Name all the clans in the Brotherhood?

Yadar Shyk

11-03-2007 16:38:15

first place - Rasilvenaira Stormraven
secind place - Xen'Mordin Vismorsus

Yadar Shyk

16-03-2007 20:49:00

Special edition RoS questions
this week is only 10 because I am lazy

1- Who is the judge of the fiction competition in the RoS?
2-Where do you start in the fiction?
3-What is the title of the winning clan?
4-The second place clan?
5- WHat is the round one debate title?
6- Who will be first clan?
7-Which house will win in the Clan?
8-What is the award for the first clan?
9-Who are the judjes for the fiction?
10-Final question is a riddle, whoever gets this right gets an Extra credit point making it possible to get 11/10. I am a vendetta, but I am not the RoS. I am oover for now, but my start again in the future. What am I?

Yadar Shyk

17-03-2007 08:08:30

We have our winners of this special edition
1st place = Tyno who got the extra credit
2nd place= Xen'Mordin who got the extra credit

the exrtra credit was either clan feud or GJW
I was looking for either

Yadar Shyk

23-03-2007 16:35:10

1-What is a parsec?
2-What is hyperspace?
3-What is a sector?
4-What is a planet?
5-Who discovered hyperspace?
6-What sector is Rodia in?
7-What sector is Kashyyyk in?
8-Name a planet in the outerrim?
9-Is Coruscant a core planet?
10-What Rim is Rodia in?
11-What is the sector Coruscant is in?
12-What is the system Trandosha is in?
13-What sector is it in?
14-Name a mid-rim planet other than Rodia?
15-What sector is Malacor V in?

Yadar Shyk

01-04-2007 09:59:38

This week we only had one submission fom HC. That was Tyno so Tyo gets the only LS.

Yadar Shyk

01-04-2007 10:00:17

I am also not running any trivia this week.


20-04-2007 15:28:12

House Caliburnus is getting going again, this week the questions will be by yours truly *evil grin*

Now, the questions!

1. What artifact did Obi Wan Kenobi take to Dexter Jettster that led him to Kamino?

2. What flying reptile is located on Endor’s moon and what is its average wingspan?

3. Who was the producer of the EV-9D9 droid?

4. What illegal equipment did Sebulba have on his podracer?

5. What planet was Mace Windu originally from?

6. What is Grand Moff Tarkin's home world?

7. Name the species used as mounts on Kamino.

8. What is the name of the bartender in the Cantina on Mos Eisley where Obi Wan and Luke meet Chewbacca and Han Solo?

9. How many treads does the Jawa Sandcrawler have?

10. What are the natives of Dantooine called?

11. What kind of creatures carries the Gungans' shield generators?

12. What is the name of the ship belonging to the bounty hunter, Dengar?

13. What is the name of the project which created IG-88?

14. What does “Bossk” mean in Dosh?

15. Which leader of the infamous Black Sun was killed by Darth Maul?

Send your answers to me:

Good luck and have fun!!


22-04-2007 20:47:49

This weeks winners: Archangel and Scyrone, good job!!


28-04-2007 01:46:09

Here we go with a new set of Trivia questions!

Send answers to and

1. Name the unit that served as the special forces unit of the Imperial Army.

2. Give the model number and manufacturer of the most common jetpack used by Mandalorians.

3. What is the name of the Imperial Remnant's Flagship after the Chimera gets mauled at the battle of Bastion?

4. Which world was first destroyed by the Death Star?

5. How much was Fendel Ramison offered to obtain a thresher egg?

6. Who followed Dupas Thomree as Diktat of Corellia?

7. Who consistantly placed within the top ten of the Gungan's Big Nasty Free-for-all?

8. What military tactic is seen as tantamount to murder in Chiss culture?

9. What is Ma'ar Shaddam?

10. What was the first starfighter designed by Incom after it was nationalized by the Empire?

11. While the Millenium Falcon is resting inside the Space Slug during ESB, what key part of the ship is missing?

12. How many AT-ATs were carried aboard the Death Star?

13. What was the name of the fuel tanker that Myn Donos blew up inside the Iron Fist's Hangar?

14. What was the name of Jango Fett's adoptive father?

15. What is Lando Calrissian’s personal ship?

Good luck everyone!


05-05-2007 00:19:42

Okay, here we go with another week's trivia. Send your answers to and

1. What was the name of the droid which got sucked into the engine of Ody Mandrell’s podracer during the Boonta Eve Classic where Anakin won his freedom?

2. What species made use of the Radiation Bomb?

3. Who was the last Bothan Ambassador of Bothawui to the Galactic Empire?

4. What were the Koorivar Fusiliers, and who employed them?

5. What is the title of the 7th volume in the Star Wars: X-Wing series of books?

6. What lightsaber form was inspired by the Mynock?

7. What was Lumiya’s original name?

8. What planet were the “Spice Lords” from?

9. As the entire surface of Manaan was covered with water, what was the name of the only above-surface city on the entire planet?

10. What species was Mas Amedda?

11. Name the CSP Clan Power which allows you to transform into an animal?

12. Does the power "Summons of Nature" give you the ability to control animals and why or why not?

13. What are the requirements for Level Eight Clan Powers?

14. Name two Dark Paladins

15. Which three symbols represent CSP

16. Name the two moons of Ptolomea

17. Name the four Proselyte's of the Souls of Darkness and their titles.

18. What are the requirements to be allowed to use Niman as your lightsaber form?

19. Who was the most famous adherent to the Trakata form?

20. What is the name of Thran's personal ship?


What is the name of Rasilvenaira's favorite pet?

Good luck and have fun!


12-05-2007 21:19:34

Yay for more trivia! This week's questions focus more our our House and Clan, with a few SW questions mixed in. Good luck, have fun, and remember to send your answers to me, (

1. Which Sith Lord split off from the Order and formed the Sith Cult known as the Prophets of the Dark side?

2. Who formed the Modern incarnation of the Sith Cult called the Krath?

3. Who was QUA of Caliburnus before Thran?

4. What was Caliburnus’ former motto?

5. Who was HK’s owner after Revan?

6. How many different versions of the T-47 are there?

7. Which of Ptolomea’s two moons has an atmosphere, and what is peculiar about it?

8. Which of Ptolomea’s moons is home to a small outpost?

9. The Cocytus system contains four planets and one other feature, what is it?

10. Combined the four planets of the Cocytus system have how many moons?

11. Which of CSP’s planets is the furthest from Cocytus?

12. How many Varactyls are in the Clan’s possession?

13. What animal in the Clan’s Menagerie is considered the Royal Steed of Naboo?

14. Which species of animal held in the Clan Menagerie is the smallest in size?

15. What species were also commonly referred to as “Wraiths”?

Bonus Question:
How many Astromech droids does Rasilvenaira have, and what are their names?


19-05-2007 12:48:50

Okay here are this week's questions, good luck and have fun. Remember to email your answers to me:

1. What species brings about the demise of the Imperial Admiral, Thrawn?

2. What species was Dexter Jettster, proprietor of Dex’s Diner in EP2?

3. Boba Fett's daughter was Ailyn Vel, what was his granddaughter's name?

4. Jedi Knight Pablo-Jill was a member of which species?

5. What is the name of the elite all female human group of mercenaries?

6. What was the name of the Jedi Praxeum ship that crashed on Dathomir in 340 BBY?

7. What was Jango Fett’s homeworld?

8. Jango Fett had a ship prior to Slave I, what was it called?

9. What was the “Firebird Society”?

10. What planet were the Memory Moths native to?

11. What is the name of Rasilvenaira StormRaven’s personal starfighter?

12. How many levels of Clan powers are available in CSP?

13. What is the name of the level 9 Clan power?

14. What type of vessel is the Valkyrie?

15. How many Vibre-class Assault Cruisers does the Clan own?

Bonus Question: Where is Thran Occasus from?


26-05-2007 15:10:00

Here are this week's questions, good luck and have fun! Remember to send your answers to me (

1. Who is the owner of the Mos Eisley Cantina?

2. What were the Five Brothers of the Corellian System?

3. What mutant creatures lived in the Undercity of Taris?

4. Who is the oldest known ancestor of Jango Fett?

5. What species was Kud'ar Mub'at?

6. What could Jawas not stand to listen to?

7. Where did the sport Grav-ball originate?

8. Among what age group was B'ssa Nuuvu popular with?

9. Name the only known YT-1200 light freighter.

10.What is the typical shape of a Sith Holocron?

11.Where was Quinlan Vos born?

12.How did stormtrooper 0716 die?

13.What was signed to form the Rebel Alliance in 2 BBY?

14.In what year is IG-88 created?

15.What is Wynssa Starflare's birth name?

Bonus Question: How many Snuzzleguffs does Rasilvenaira have currently?



05-06-2007 08:56:36

The HC trivia will be on hold until further notice due to a lack of participation.