House Facility Components

Thran Occasus

17-12-2006 00:54:22

Hey gang! I am trying to map out our House's facility...What all should be included in it? Obviously a bar and the basics of a Dark Jedi Base...But...What else? Toss some ideas in the pot and lets make a marvelous stew!


17-12-2006 14:16:59

Maybe an animal bit housing a small section of the Clan's menagerie?


17-12-2006 14:17:54

Ummmm ship hanger........ Duelist training area..........ummm let me think of more


17-12-2006 14:18:41

Yea and of course a little place to practise space combat light two simulators that would rock


17-12-2006 20:06:12

Major features should include a main admin type building which houses the QUA/AED offices, as well as RM office, BTL offices, ect. Also needed are dormatory/housing buildings for the House members, Medical facilities, kitchen and food storage facilities, storage areas for ground vehicles, hangars, flight simulator facilities to train pilots, training halls for other training.

We should also consider meditation or recreational gardens, a facility for the House's animals, and yes, a House Cantina is a must :P

Thran Occasus

18-12-2006 11:50:50

I was thinking a Statue Garden with all the promenient Dark Lords. Exar Kun, Ragnos, Bane, Vader, Chi-Long, the whole crew. Phoenix is helpin us out, he is drawing up a basic map. Major props to the PCON.


18-12-2006 13:12:49

also a barrack, firing range, training range, mass facility for the "militia"


05-01-2007 06:49:07

Pritty much quaters for everyone in HC that would be good lol. I also think we need everything on the list so far but we also would need somewhere like a force arena to practise in the force


05-01-2007 07:05:27

meh quarters for the leaders only, you guys can sleep with the horses in the stable ;)


13-01-2007 08:45:03

Na quaters would be needed. All we have to do is make a standerd quater and say everyone has. Apart from QUA,AED&RM