Caliburnus Battleteams


11-08-2006 16:16:08

When I start to assign leaders to teams, and accept applications to be in the teams, one team will be gaming one writing. Which one will be which? Your choice.
The reason for this is the elite, middle and training teams never did work, and we need a re-sort.


18-10-2006 05:54:54

OK then i was looking and i found this Impetus why is this still running?


18-10-2006 09:13:09

to make you able to raise your post count ;)


19-10-2006 10:38:30

It's still running because it's not doing anyone any harm and I don't expect anyone to reply to a 3 month old poll.
Except you Cethgus :P.


19-10-2006 11:14:09

we replied too!!!!